Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 12, 1965 · Page 16
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 16

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1965
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

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Scientific Wheel Balancing Available. at Bears and Save Phone 762-2911 Main !• rl Around The Slate Valencia Sheriff Criticized For Too Much Time At His Bar LOS LUNAS (UPl)—Valencia,Woodward, secretary - treasur-l County Sheriff Medardo San- er of the state Medical groun r»Vl/»l* **.-MM MMlil •«!_.. J * » ^ „_«_.«• . .. _ . _ ° * chez was criticized Monday by a justice of peace for "spend- was in attendance at the 83fd annual mee tin g of the society Man Sentenced (UPI) - Dist. ing too much lime at his bar in Santa Fe. 9t nf T}nctl „ 4 . --and not enough at his office."! Meeting jointly with the new ?„' s ?l ° r knn for 81 * Sanchez owns a bar aboutjMexico Medical Society was the manslaueK four miles south of Los Lunas Rocky Mountain Medical Con- Ttrfound Montnv* m m be found in front of, or near" w nft rf«,-^ —I...* .,. —, of . lloswe11 his bar, "The El Nido," almost any time of the day or night. Several other persons, including Woodward received the award for service as the statewide coordinator for the Sabine oral in bars, confirmed Sullivan's char- t\gti^ LI j ges. wTficers Named Monday Sanchez' car was SA NTA FE (UPD- Officers parked in front of the bar in' for the Albert R. Thomas me- mid-afternoon. Denies Charges But Sanchez said charges he spent all his time at the bar Tuesday. morial class of Scottish Rites, meeting in Santa Fe through In another case, Reese sentenced Jimmy M. Garcia, 20, of Roswell to one year in prison for aggravated alt e r y, Garcia was found guilty of the charge in connection with the knifing of Lawrence Olivas of Roswell New Year's ov>rafci£ Names Officer* LOVINGTON — Max Wright, were untrue. The 7 member claw, which Sanchez also was asked about began meeting Monday, elected rumors that he was shot, or Clyde C. Moore of Oil Center servinp shot at, recently at a Blue! 3 * president; ,1. Randel Dock- «.L <h « . Cnrinr/c MILT V>««. or\i ft-nm AIV... „..___..- _. .... i"' 4s UIL .< Springs, N.M. bar. Wright, has been installed tor councillor of the Lovington chapter, Order of Demolay. cry from Albuquerque as vice ' installing S , .. . "I have no comment on that President.- Oliver L. 0. . hooting," Sanchez said. "A ra- brandt from Holloman A I r dio station here went on the air! Force Base as . e c r e t a r v; with a report that I had been George L. Brittain from Granl shot but I called them and told as treasurer; Louis E. Perkal them I was feeling just fine." from Albuquerque as or Sanchez said there was no : and Howson E. Wilmore from truth to the shooting report and Albuquerque a- the .32nd degree said the station had some candidate. wrong information. He said he called them to contradict that councillor; Jim councillor; Stan- senior deac o n; junior deacon; . senior steward; chaplain; Rill information. B..~I. *• c« j KCSOlUtlOn Signed things. I have g5od Job na '" " and Paul Trske. standard bearer. Morgan w a s presented the (- rm -ri.'c IT-PI A ' P '' IS( mast<lr>s . )in b >' his moth- S CRLCLS (( Pli- A res- or , Mrs. J. R. Morgan maimed at easing a stum-; j. C . Abbott, chapter dad block fur the proposed jpresontPd Demolay awards t C ", » al , Ana P ra ' NM " M'ss Jinny Walkup wa- Intro- signed MondayJjy the Do- (luc( ,,j as chapter s Set job to exist." Sullivan said he had received only seven cases in hia court so far this year and said "that s because Medardo and his joys don't like me around here, >ecause I am not afraid of them." Sullivan said only one of the seven cases was a traffic case Checked Officers SILVER CITY — A .,. t.-i P, f , u ~- >f lradition;i l Indian dances, at hi I'aso, first was submit- f.atunn:: about M dancers of commission three \ PW Mexico. Anona and Col- aWd , 1abiCd at - * c ™ !msslonors cou! " 0 " railroad ri'SS frf ] tjon vard i It is in t.'-.n n^ n'-w c!a^i Arapra arid orado. will lie held on the camp- 1!' "f Western \cw Mexico 1 n:\crMiy at 7.10 p m. Satur- T'lf program n sponsored by " <• ('aiunif'. Indian Hub on i ;in:;i:,. f> ;;i>c moncv for When reports were circulated ' of the alleged shooting at Hlue '' •" ' Springs involving the sheriff ^P 0 "^ *** <-<«in»y ^^nc:- aw enforcement officers in thr in ro ' CK ' atlon " f ">" >-'- r '^ '^' area were quererl by United pave the way for a roaf! Press International. :through th« port of rntry. i The sheriff of Torranre Coun- T!lp r( " io!uti « n ^™ «>at "i- ty said he had "heard there ls in the lxMit a r »> '•nls .-it universltios. b u t arc from the Pueblo. Na. AparhP. Hopi and Plains of Albuquerque was a shooting at B 1 u e Ana Count >' an(1 tfl thp Springs" but said that was out of Ih<? riti/rn<! of thft "^^ tha r f , of his territory. " ~ suc!l a P r °J^ c t be established." Socorro County Sheriff Willie Oil, Go$ Up Vallies said Blue Springs was s\\T\ FF ffl'I:- < in his county but said he had gas' production in New heard of no shooting. Statr Po- r ,,, (> ( j li; , n ^ ,-.,,. , ,,. t t lice also denied reports of any m(l!; :! i5 ' (J f \\^ year compared r>i U , , , t<> r<M, s rc'ii'i't from t;in StaN 1 Blue Springs is between ,,. : c lin s,Tv.v.i., n rommi.s.-n t•-.- Mountainair and Bernardo m , Jav v; , ,] Pri'duclinn was up 1" iiiilli-'o barrels of "ii and about 114 rtii!!:on MCF for £;is January through March : Tola! o.! and conden^ate pro- ramo to 29% nv.!::"n compared t>t .._. B dun;:.: t-i.- The hearing, originally set for flrst <) u artcr of H«M Gas p r 'i Saturday, was postponed Monday until May 21. Charged are Joe Ragsdale. 19. Paul Smith. 19, Manue! Smith 20. William Lacy 13. and Hobby Gates Hal! 19 Doctor Honored SANTA FF. ifl'l! - Dr Hugh B. Woodward of Albuquerque has been awarded the A H Ho- b«-.-n bins award for community ser- T!.e center, vice by the New Mexico Medi- gu-t. v..(- j.;i! cal Society z HIM::\ ('-. w The award came Monday as active to Ma> SANTA KK - The New Mex- o Supreme Court has ruled !;<* City of Aibuqucrqu* w a i •'"•>'" for damages caused by t-wa^e backing up into a re- Socorro County. Hearing Delayed ROSWELL (UPli- Five well youths, charged with naping and raping a woman. have been given a six-day delay barrels this year cr in their preliminary hearing -^ -•' millnm barreN I 'so !Uu'h c.v,;rt dfc:&:r>n up- 1 a IkTiiahll'J County Dls- i--' Court judgment awarding HO in damages to Mr. and :~ L. H. PCcider of Aibu- .erque. TJie Pfcidcrs' home at 3 Richmond Dr. S. K. was ,„.„ / * r !v ( ,.- - !1 "' lL "" l la " st<1 to df- back- mill: •iiiftion MCF C0!iv,.;irc;| f. !,!•-'. ;. e;r'- :M? G8 mil-ion M'"F Shopping Center Sold AHTKMA T-•••• '2n .I>T. Air. '(•' in" e h.r- !•• i-:, Dr Steve M'i:-', We th:nk the evidence »f- 'ii'.i iijiic b.'is s (or a rea- to l«» drawn if, a: tJ e ca'.;\e of ' , '.ase.J hv ant a^-. opened !a-« •• a--! (roin f ;v. t: ;i . sa !c re' STORE WINTER WOOLEN CLOTHING FREE Send your winter things to us to be expertly cleaned . . . and then wifely stored In our modern VAIKT where, the air is cool, fresh and dean. Our VAl'LT Is MOTH Proof, FIKK Proof, HI lUil.AH Proof, and completely I.NSI KK1) for your protection. Your clothing will be ready for your use any time in the Fall. FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY e'Lirit't negli- exercise re-a- n.iii'-e (.!•'• t» keep its sewer • >'•'•'' ''<•(• of ()!,-•;' riir'.ion " said .l.i- 1 .. .' ,)auie> (' Conifiton J . •' • e 1: -,* ,n > Moi>e d I s- -.i-'iied IM tr.e majority opinion Names Officers l.t)V!\<;n»N ~- The He \ <i'-:d >n F (i;ir!ir!i,'l!>:i Jr . pas- '.•:r "i !!,*• 1- i i s t 1'resbytenun Ciuirii;. ha-- U-en named presi- d e !: ! «•!' !!;e Lovi!u;!iin MllUs- 'cn.'ii Alliance I-;:e ted \ ,1-0 president was • .• Rev K ,1 )<rad«ihaw. pas•••- '-' the Kir.-,! Uaptist Church, .>!).! vei-retar\ treaMirer. the Kes Donald Hrent, pastor of t -c ,la< ksoii Avenue liap t i s t Cnurch CLOVIS STEAM LAUNDRY AND HYCLEMEIS money FOR REMODELING SEU THINGS FAST THRU WANT 403 7G3-.VXI9 00. ol Underpaas A VM7U

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