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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Thursday, July 26, 1934
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'""^ ""*•' "-'* i" %:•>"'V^j .;- ',+.•**-* ^ ', 7f^- _t/.A^.^- .' f DDAt'S NEWS WHUS ITS FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA If Y*v Fm N*w« I* N«t Om Yw Porck By 5.1S ••dock. OH TW Nm Offc* fefor* «ry. 164 or 165. Full Attodateii Pr*»r Leased Wire Service CAND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local New* Coverage TION VOLLXVNO 23« PARIS. TEXAS, THURSDAY, JULY 2*, 1934 TWELVE PAGES ESTABLISHED 11 ITALY MASSES TROOPS ON BORDE Reach 30; Property Damage May Run High Into Millions Death List Pushed To 1212 As Temperatures I* Some Areas Moderate Giant Tidal Wave Sweeps Low Lymjt Area^ IT Are MOUSTOX, Tex. (.4*) — -From the 1iurHca.iie-devsst3.ted South Texis coastal region Thursday came tragic reports which indicated fatalities might exceed thirty and tJRtfc - crop and property damage •would amount to many millions- ! Th*r« wer« at least seventeen 5 persons missing from the low-lying I Sargent a-rea, where a. slant ti-..| dal \vave swept inland lor tance of six in lies. laying v,-aste rich farming section. Candidates End Race In Big Centers GERMANY NEUTRAL ON-ISAZI UPRISING Woodward I Minister to Austria Is .Recalled For Intervention Iii Vienna Final Shots In Major State Races to Be Fired In Cities (5*).—Germany offici- i i ally maintained a strict neutral j * course Thursday, struggling to | steer clear of any implication in i the Austrian Xaii uprising- | to By the Associated Press Heat deaths numbered 1*15 Thursday. A moderation of temperatures brought relief to some sections. Unofficial tabulations showed these death figures by states for the entire period of the present torrid, blast; Missouri $30; Illinois $16; Ohio 127; Nebraska. «O; Iowa. 72; Minnesota. 32; Indiana 54; Kansas 39; Kentucky 43; Michigan 2S; "Wisconsin 15; Pennsylvania 18; Texas 1$: Ok- lahoma 11; South Dakota 7; West Virginia 12; New York 4; Tennessee 7; Massachusetts 3; ' Connecticut .,4; District of Columbia. 3; Alabama 3; Maryland 3; South Carolina 1. and land 3; South Caroline 1, and Virginia 1. . Of the Illinois dead, »S perished Wednesday in Chicago alone, including 12 aged wards of the county at the Oak Forest infirmary, where 31 bare died since Sunday. Relief came Wednesday to most of the north central states and to scattered section^ of the central, middle and southwestern areas, where droutt* losses hare been especially Heavy- More relief in parts oJ the middle west and east was predicted for Thursday. Extremely hich temperatures dotted Wednesday's weather map. Kansas City had a high mark of 108: Indianapolis 1O4: Omaha 10O; Chicago 93; Springfield. 111., 1O2; Pittsburgh 96: Des Moines 10O: Cincinnati 106. and Emporia. Kans., 115. By R. AV. BARB.Y ; Associated Press Staff \Vriter Candidates for the Democratic nominations to the major off ices I assure the world that the his .unauthorized Intervention ui Vienna and the Austro-German frontier was closetL The recall of Reith was regarded as highly Indicative of how amclous Germany i*. in view of her difficult foreign posnon, to Third ^ ^ . . C of C Gives OnTrainingi SmokerHere For Members TWO MORE CARS OF CATTLE RECEIVED Finding Pasturage Now Problem For County Board and Experience As Lawyer Chief Need In Attorney General in T*-ias have turned their att^n- AA" the storm raged in from th* j tion to the lar^e vetiag centers In *ulf. the wicd howled at a velocity } thtir final appeals for favor. of SO miles an hour and. In at least the! .Hughes of Dallas. ca.ndi- i date for governor, addressing his community. displayed «-*- = bom-; town citizens cbstracterisdca of a torna.- legist, said, "The great question the people .t-- not one of 4o. At Moretos. In Jackson county, jbefore Reicn is not isvclTed in the triaii situation. In the same Hsnt was regarded the official announcement that the border lias been closed to all po- titica.1 fugitives from Atistria_ wrecked practically ever,- '. and kUled five Persons. Anotaer person was., dying" -from. .in- | juries Thursday- ? "The <lead at MoreXos were H«al{ :^*- ins any particular m^n T enlisting leadership to bat- 12: farm lit?or>art Handy Cook. ^Irs. KcaJ Lrexvis was tujured probaWy faiaJIy. The- L.ew- and Mrs. Georga were crushed the -wreckage of -Mrs- Ooerse*« The negro was fciiied while situation we tind s leadership in •»'* i he said "We are a.;with> drouth, iitat^disaster. W' Dillinger's Trigger Man Stressing the importance of a.bil- • iry and experience in fitnas a.} lawyer for the office of attorney general. Senator "Walter "Woodward of Coleraan, candidate for attorney ^ general of Tesas addressed .^Paris 5 voters Wednesday ni^iit. Introduced 1>y Judge sCl*. Myers of Paris who predicted tltat Senator Woodward would receive a niajoriiy" iOf .the votes in I^amar county. Senator Woodward's speech, was^ received- The spealcer asked voters to consider ocalifications only In selecting a iaw^yer to represent some l>O1lt ISO Present At Quarterly Meeting of T -T Local "While approximately 150 zntntclied saTidwicnes cold beverages and wnile not s. speech was mace, members of tlie Paris and I^amar County Ckajn- ber of Commerce "Wednesday nigiit enjoyed their third quarterly meeting in a. haze of cigar smoke the crowd:_ i ..wiili our ^ireat , " .prcit- dent Jo meet this great t-iaor^- ency. ' H* said he WSLS. "the «^oJy m<i.n T: this race wfa-j ; understai*di: ' th* president's 'broad program purposes," j sis•"..'mniion': people and ail depart- thaz bore out the name given the i ments of the state groverament-.; He ' - ipoimed -out the fact the attorney session-smoker. \ general is called upon by officers j The only program was a bit of 5 department heads almost: daaly | n^sic furnished. , b^ a quartex ^fpj.<-oniprisiss Earir^Daie,; Ciiarles Ga- "pell. As canning operations continue*! in full swiag Thursday at the Paris plant on South Twenty-third street It .was announced by Pat "Warner, Tj-pr' aT ' county administrator for the Texas Belief com- nzission» that an additional two cars o* cattle had been received Thursday and had been unloaded and turned into pastnre. At present there are more than 1,000 hea<i of beef cattle in I^amar i£ slaugh,- ample suitable pasturage now is zhe pressing problem of the I^amar County Relief Board- Mr. Warner is asking any persons having pasture lands near the abattoir and on the west side of Highway 24 to noofy him. Troops Are Mobilized By II Duce Starhemberg Succeeds to Ruling Post Civil War Rages In Some Provinces.. But Fascists Hold Reins PEACE OF EUROPE HANGS IN BALANCE New Chancellor *WiH Carry Out Policies Laid Down Bv Dollfuss Italy Adopts Attitude of j t high official -_of j ihe toreign ofiice told" tee Associat-" I ed Press a movement Thursday of s Italian troops toward the -Austrian j frontier constitutes an affirmatioa. i directed at Germany, that Icaly j will not tolerate foreign inter- j ference in Austria's domestic af- I fairs, " ~ The troon movement Included a Watchful Waiting As Austria Seethes transfer to froEtier o£ and sipp.e-i! county pastures ter and. finding ROMS, (ff)—Premier Mussolini j ± ^ &t tT , ft -_ OOD<: arrived in Rome Thurseay after a. U^e^o-d^r ^ from Hiccione and :' "~ Five Die As fast dash immediate indications were that Italy -will undertake no military j actions : because of the upheaval. At the same time, however, all F branches of the . military service were being kept In readiness for movement at any tzme. A^ the foreign office and in mll- ! itary circles it was dezdee there four army divisions, numbering In all 48,090 men. The spokesman said tlbe- government did not believe,, however. sitaa.- n bad become more calm_ that it the situation became, worse, parti- i cularly through further foreign. i interference, Italy would feet eal- i lea upon to send- her army rrtto i Austria. "Get "Baby Face r T Is Order Given to Federal Operatives experience'.. senator mentioned his ±5 years experience as a prac- his of lawyer which followed education in public schools Coleman and reading; law while George ! em ployed as a baggage- clerk and CHICAGO, Crt 3 ?—Get Ac L,uiins. iJeutcEaxit-<i*veEiHK-..| (Bab:-- Face) Nelson, the new No, | wfcile in, a bospitaL He said gar \Vitt said "Oey have- a»I f x public eaemy^ I completed eis- Saw study in Thursday ail along the coast, from Galvestoa to Corpus Christ! and ef- iort»- w«re: being, made r ";to open ccnun;stnlca.tion» witb the «trickea area in order to leara th« full «x- zent oT the disaster. Telephone and tn'Os* •a-erc still <»at. «>f to tnany-'coastal, towna. | * -where the center o' the dls- | tht re stroc-k—•Freeport. Port f ' OL: and Port O'Connor- A coast f --.-n ird radio truck was rusitc<s from. 11 r; 5 Ga-'v*ston into the area. Along the coast were strewn In- i = !:!!il small craft, battered in- taik me out of tht race! This was the order federal oper- j office of his father who served as Ivtch.- s atives were under Thursday and j^county attorney, district attorney. . xhe i they concentrated ail their pow- j j ers in'this'new man-hunt now that I JTphn DillJuger's body lies buried ] in the Crown Ki'* cemetery at In-j The, speaker said no man c^lanapolis. mute evidence that the ]| ever ^sfeed fcr the attorney gen- governjrsent "always gets its i^a-a." i era « s o * t -i ce Tvith less oblicatios ;o bSs business interests. He de- 5led charges by an opponent that they know thai tver one of tfcem seta irsiii-olf, none will hsvt * chance tr, w«u asionst me tc ia.-r aecnnU district aadge. The senator ^as also been elected senator times, having served 10 years. Grain an<l r th* ' baly ^t. SpC'GCH AV^T-^ t£l^ ITG— the wors of the past j by" BT WA3>3E WEEINER Associated Press Foreign StaW _ "VIEXlSrA, — A aevf Anstrisn. I had been any troop movements. It J g- 0 verninent Thursday smashed ,at pointed out that no shifting j-jjj sume, of seven or eight months. »«jt ^ng nxy years in putlic i- nzade many m tt acs u«: txtr *''—, '. ~V ~7 ""« r^«- 0 - M f e . .. >»eison. also known as i-es^er it.. i v s;ate, and the yreat ^^^] G;lli ^ is a produc i of Chicago's t,i Texas—the imnKm^; %»i- | We< _ £ ^ de _ Although he was oae whv> are not GUI croak«a£ «-kt-| o£ the latest recruits to the Dilliner sstng. he soon became fcrsown i ..•» :«u^on -.--* ±fc £«o ae star Gas Bob Blanton. manager. - Mr. Slanton pointed out once more the work done by the organ- isation in the securing of fec.era.1 and state relief projects for Paris and Harcar county that have re- sulteji In much money beins^ turned into the county in the form of payrolls. Se pointed out that <iurins the time beef canning has ] plants in Texas were being cis- semble< : that the chansher of com- mercs was successful in keeping the Paris p-Iant intact. Now those that were dissembled are inop- «or som* favorite for c 't-^TC- ] ._, will gl^-e me a stto- = . in every prttcu: :J s »? See i fei^te." - . Page S. Col 2 to a-on.c the l»«ach. roof- | tancl^d commaiiica- |-" Hnes» wasth<i<} oat T>ridtres> | t: crops and muddy roads { o marked the desolate scene inland. Others rcp<?rtod d«ad were: Clint Small, in £1 Paso, said it o« 1» a, qaestioa o. r I will be in th* rurj-i>ft l;c%v large nay vote will &*. 'It begins to look like saying- that he has never | received one cent from the I-one j Star company. He charged that 1 his opponent was trying to avoid i discussion o£ the real issues in the •in f ach other to see whltii cuo wear Fre-?i>ort. ^ive .u.e the larger vote." tae &rii- >n. 40. drown<*d | a ; Ur from AmariKo said. ~"± »<«.r Texas City, |_ ; Mrs. K*d Howard, Bay-City, and ]~ Se» EJUECTION. Page 2. Co! 5 Oklahoma and Texas Area Are Terrorized By Youthful Gunmen The speaker charged that William McCraw o* I>alJas, one of his opponents, has never tried a civil cas» of any corssequjsnce and has never appeared in an appellate ccart nor briefed a case for an ap- | court. He also charged that and his law partner are erative while Paris* is operating beef canning arme^ , rebel province- ^oC" Tornado, Freak of General Storm. Wreaks Heavy Property Damage t tise -fact that arf estimated total of ] r>611zuss. driving: | 75,008 men are, and ba~e, been | forces out of the i stationed for sonae months so close | styrfa into ! to the Austrian frontier that they j nove^ment i could be psshed across ai any j .^ T^.^^V, • ; time withont preliminary rr - ove - opposition, in. the late aftemi j ments- , afternoon after th&- Na^is W*so bad. ! On arriving her^ 3Itissoiini went ' held the town for 24 hoirrs d.e- troops iately co the foreign otuce. •s-here he had a loi:g conference with Undersecretary Szivtcb, i An at^tospbere of cal^sness hac £ ive per- i re p.i acec : rr?^ ezcixeme—t of vTec- another In- | 7>=sca.v See AUSTRIA. Page 7. Col TTCTOSJA. Tex., (i5 sons were killed and icrec. probably laiall"^ in a tomaco f which wrecked the farsnlag- com-! PASiS. C^)—Premier Boumer( e-jj*» served a veiled warning - Ot muni^: of Slorelos, Jackson conn- ; ^^^g determination to safety. late vvecliiesca..*- j ^..^—ja **Austria's indepenSence" The tornado apparently was a ^ asrainst a Xasi revolution Th~rs- phase of the violent hurricane \ g^. ; n a of corscciences ; r ^^ which, sweeping Inland from rhe j -- or -j, e assassisaticB of Chance 1 - ; Snpplv After Three 5 Would Still Have gulf, -devastated a wide stretch ofl?,,,- br adopted sons, Harvey Thursday that Italy VllI defend*| likely baths, these days. See TALJK. Pasre 2. Col S iJrown<*<J . anidentifJ-pd no^ro*s. drotvn- rr:rrn. drownsd at Te-xas. O5d timers ;$t:d tho tidal wave j the worst the sec'ion had »ver | ktiOWTU The wind was blowing «0 \ TSTrilfe* an hour trh«n th« iprreat wave » rolled InJnnd. fl«>*>dlns; 2? tv*j» 13 mil«s in let rtj*?s«d o^-cr the six-mSl? stretch !n IS minuter Residents *t n depth *>f 3 and \-~ fe-ct. over" th^ imracoastal canal f Thursday c!| . M - 8 roundup xvilJ crunsbled »s th«r- hus;f wnu ot \ jj^j^ a ^ Powd««rlx - I"* vat*r .brash^J into it. AU crops :; oc Farts , Art $ th« W were levelled. < i>«, >,«!<! | a part, Observers said tJ»e brunt of ;he ] SpeAkera who have been storm «p»>arcntly wa» feJt be- Thursday At Powderly. Fridav In Paris t After having- jspent several I »efks in pursuit of th«» elusix-c ' vote. Larrmr county canUidatcs hold lh«ir last meetlnjrs Friday p u ruts *P) —After I siishtly wound ing: a Chickasba. I Okla.. officer "Wednesday after- l noon, two youthful bandits, link{ c<j in the robbing Tuesday ->r I-A--> •l.vroups of motorists here, I err or; 2- .' : ed north Texas and southern \ Okahoma ^.'ednesday night. They ; Collision I escaped once under a barrage of \ shots fired by Ch?s Estes. Whites- I horo city marshal. i Klee'Ins: into Texas after the | Oklahoma shooting, the bandits J -were encountered later in western . Grayison county and wer* fired I on. Several shots struck the ban- 1 dit automobiJe. Kxplainiru: they i could -not escape its an sutomobie * north ! Barked by srurs shots. ih»r »»a'»i win ! robbed the Rev. and Mr>. Uoy Parisians Are Hurt In Crash 24 hours daily c -n a . ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^^^ program. [miles in tire interior. | i£r. Blanton said tne organiza- j xiae dead: j tioa fsi- that througn its efforts | ^g^ T^xci^ 45, Wink, Texas. ] in^securins projects tirat contin- \ Sls ,. wo adopted sons, Harvey sally release pay checks in the j r^-^.-^ 13, a^.d Roland Letvis, 12. ] Austrian iscepesdence even, "more | cocut^.- that Efce city and county j 3Irs _ Sll9 A _ Georsre, 72. tie I strenuously in these exceptional j alilte will be spared the customary' ^QT^J- O f -iirs. Lewis. 1 a^d 'difficult times." \ summer business lull that business | Handy "cook, a negro farm | Mussolini's messase was sent as i men have corns to espect- 1 laborer/ " I ' K " ar ^ m ® sentiments came^ -o c^e, Refreshments and foodstuffs I Mrs, Xeal Lev,-is. 42. -A-OS report- i Ior . e ^ j"^ r * J,^"?. 0 J^°~*\ .^..f^ j ,. _-_^^= . -_ _ ^_= ,= = _,• -r- =.,,„,. i union of Germans and Au^^:a_; zor tne meenns were by John Barnes, i-ee Charles Delpheriis Grocery. Swift | treatment and Company. Paris Coca Cola! The negro lost his life ^bile { Sottling Works and the Southwest | working in. a. field, -w-'hile the olh- j | ers died in. the •R.-reckag'e of ilrs. 1 i George's home- j I Neal 1,-e.^is. his -wife and the j ' fwo adopted sons came to Jlorelos Drouth. Prerrder ilussolis* rec "ice Crtan cellar Starhem- 4 * of Austria by telesraa j freshing. So is your Data—or most Tour ceo! drink of water is re-. ec in Glasscock, i at Edtsa, where-sbe -was taken for | -=- r °°? s " n - ne " o --- w °-r - ^ Mr .j*Bak:ns company. " EJOECCXIOX STAY ROCK. Ark., t On North Main Victims In Local Hospitals ) —As- Justice T. K. Hunphrej of tine Arkansas supreme court Thursday granted a stay of execution for Mark H- Shank. Akron. Ohio, attorney, who was scheduled to die at dawn Friday for the poison murder of four persons. Wink, _ to visit Mrs. z they are not mads possible without work by some one. In this case the men back of it dl are the pumpers a.t the city aKe—Bd Arnold and T. &. ^£s,r~^ in. They work longr EOtirs- Jn -order your water pressure may be everv hour of. the day. s -~ " I 5"or instance—eaca mominar at ! 4 o'clock they fall out of^ th«r | beds and 15 minutes later the • b:^ pumps that rush Paris'" sup( ply of tc-ater to tovra are In actiozt. Twenty hours later the pump* * shut down anc tiie ptinrpers so I back to bed. The next morning -at 14 o'clock the story is repeated. - f Tlie second niomis^. howevex. S Campaign to Be ' one of the pumpers finishes, at ready to rnarch on short notice. Wheat Plan Is Changed Mrs. S. B. M. Ixjiis of 212 South Church street suffered a fractured collarbone in an automobile collision about S o'clock Wednesday evening; when the rear of car in which she was ridinsr | with Mr. Ixoujr and Miss Sallie MOOXEY ASKS PAKDCKS FRA XCISCO. (3*—Another J, Moortey, TEXAS. Pag*? 5. Col ABOAKD S. $» MAOt-O,—^ p thtngr you hear R&OUJ the Pa- of th* world te th« great »t Melbowrne. Australia. Jn October. lf» th« tourist*" next *re*t roundup. It's where that *r*at**t of all «ir T»C«S 1* to «i»d. Fifty thousand doIUtr priz^ to M*lbo«rn*. 13.00O , »ve ov*r a. «ioscT» of our erA«."k filers and over bait the xhip* will b« Arorrican m»d«, \Via)j the army *nd T»«.vy would T>«t A boy apt«c« in th*rs> Wiley I>o»t hop<-» to n1ak« It In SO hour*, fcecplnst the chttmploTi»hIp In Ok- Iithomw, T would #ho lov« to be wjth WH«y. I could b« hi* navi- Kalof. T hav« Hewn thai very »ame route 10,000 ot the 12 from SlngntV"** t<& tendon on th* Dutch line. HOJH- to •**• lot* of aviation on l*l« trtp. TourtC WIU* :«'>• F I^ec Usrhtfoot wiis struts s .>y * . ni£ht. Andrews, residents or west Gray- j colj p« drives by T. N. Rhule. -2S : i&kinR ?Cf>n county of >C4 and thoi? *'MH;>O. > ciarksvillc street st the inlcrsei:- j every effort to cottvinct voter* ot Tft<s o» n <J Jts ne3Ct appeared at f tionof ProvJne and ? their fitness for offic* wl!l mafc« Manson Park where they jt>jr,*-«l -« • streets. a final appeal Friday nlj?ht. j third and robbed two proups and i RhuJe was arre»led Thursday I Unlejw some on* candidate in » 4 xehanj:*<{ th^ir stolen car for on." ' morrans and held is Lansar county h«»lonirinsr to Floyd Schifflett of „ —— • Francisco prepared- j ness day bombing, attorney Leo ; Gallagher said here A man named Hoffman ordered! his family to lie on th^ floor of j - ^ he worfes 2& .^^ one ^^VSr^i^^rSSdS Revered As Drouth |day and ei?ht tlw But .^ th* roof and blew away the walls. Cuts Crop 1 ^ater s-ap pi y must be Sepc con- leavinsr the family uninjured. | ? stant. Mrs. George was :he widow o? i TT \SKINGTON. &«.— A sweep-i At present Lake Croos is down William B. George, formerly a!^,.'^^^ , n me ' ^AA's wheat* 1 - 3 fett from xbe spiUway. ..he wealthy landowner. | ^.^ o i ^c-ic^ was un^er consid- > ?^«Se reading: IS-" feet. This Practically every house in the} ^.^ Thursday as the drouth i means, roagrhly. that the la.^ is Mors-Ios coniKiunity was wrecked, | jj^v> t » n< ><2 j-s disaVtrous crip. i 500.00v.000 salons off its capacity! manV of thein being: leveled. j '"ilVtead *of olo*-ir4r under to cat I which is 4,00&.000.000 ; A survey o* hurricane da^asre j the crop, officials studied a plan i water. So really there is three county rac*s receives an unexpected majority, thcr* will be a rar«-o?r primary in August. There ar« «lx candidates for county school superintendent. fo«r for county attorney «nd th^fi? (or county jttdK*», A run-off t5 expected in each of thffswj- Mor« Interest than usual Is expected at each of the meeting to be held th*s week, who are thouipht to b« greater atuppe*^ are exjwctrvi to have supporters at ih* rVtf^jJrur!* trylnir to »cii!n more strength. It Is a!«o probable th»t mor*» peT*otialitIe» •will he tndclsed <n by upeakers tn tli«» last talks. To d*t* T there has b««>n llttJe "fire"* in speeches, though there is aT- w!ll e-p*»i flr« upon on* or more of ht» opponent* »t any tt'nc, >f»ny cititen* of Puriii a* well a* other eonnmun'Uw »r* expected t« attend tin« meeting »t Fow- See PARISIAN. Pajre 7. Co! « GtTARD i HAM^OKI> lnd-(J?f — Striking: | oil plant workers of the Shell oil ; 5-3^ company Thursday put a force of 40 union policen*.«c in the field { to sroard trainst violence or saba- j tase. Choctaw County Mass Meeting Is Held To Find Means To Aid Needy s.!5ons of ,-<•:..;^- ;<I studied a plan. : waser. so rea.jiy cnere is tjutie a. ro virruaily normal acre-; bit or \varer left, after all. that crops had been bard h:: an<J 1 a"ceV next year but with an ace' Snousrh. in fact, that allowing structural Josses misrht run as« ^ ti , e hole. If restricted produc- j for evaporation Paris would have as $1",000 in Victoria alone.. tiotl were fousd ~eces;«ury. part i plen;>- of water to drink if no rain houses were unroofed, a • o j. Iiie crop would be harvested '; iel! for three years. The average was blown down and two j w >,:]o. still srreen to be us^d tor ; evaporation at Lake Crook is J.-. were killed. The grandstand j s &rsts ^ > 500.'>0«>.000 Dillons a year and fair srrounds was unroofed, j Uncertainties in the wor!J wheat j ;>. s average cons-'tmption arouttd _ situation, as we'1 as lesion* learn-- • 40'j.rvyij.r.yy ira!ions«. M> rt v-;tn »«„• ed from the drouth, influence the | seen t >sat the sun ts the big-gesf plans. The new control idea would en- [ able the aatiou'ss farmers to har- ; Victoria section revealed i See FIVE. Pasts T. Coi \vat*r user Paris vest the crop on normal acreages j VTHSAT. Paste S, C-l S WEATHER —Choctaw coun- citixens came to th* HUGC. Ok!a,. t> f officials and th* reserwf of the and the drouth sufferers by £rora- jHinjR aid at a mass meetins <•«!!ed Wednesday niKht to consider ways and mean* af Averting; actual starvation of the destitute. Much of the i* attributed to th* fact that about 200 c**e« A* **onemployabl« anem- had been talked off the federal relief rolls. a«<5 turned owr tw tb*? county for aid. The county, without ais «xcts« ooard due to recent resignation of two member*, has no m*ans of appropriating funds for th* v*«r«««j*« until the district juds* and ".rh«» tax commissioner appoint new board nvemb«rs, Resolutions petitioning th« and <jommisa«ion to ntak« suv^ pointm«nU immediately and i«gr *pe«dv action in appropriating meat ^ inch the county FKHA now relief funds were adopted. A committee of fix-e. Ralph K. JCTJ- n«r. Claude Biard. M. W. Gross. Jim Bryan and Scott Ferguson was named to appeal to Carl Giles, state FERA director and Director Hopkins of th* national board for permission to us* about $1.000 of funds already allocated here for imrcha*.: of £Umr and meal. This wuuld t>« distributed with th* ha? in storage here. It was the consensus that extra mills of th« tax levy should be fixim other sovemTtieata.1 units if necessary to provide th« fuada for care of the needy and the county tax levy raised. Meetings wer* called for next ""»•« MEETING, X*c».*.--Col S NOTICE, CANDIDATES In fairwt*!« to all candidates for public office The News will adhere to its polk-y of pwst oampaigTis with reference to consrovers«Jal i»u<?*v >»«» st*tj*- mewt* or advertisewients bTlns- injr nc\v charic*ss a^a'^^t cat»d- will be accepted after e, W pt ««« th* opponent }| J«Jh «»J «* or opponents may be privilesed I ^ ^ ^ wariy Jn ||OrtJf to reply to any such charges ^^ porijo|te Tt mrs< tay in.c temp.-;ratuc^Si to ?& degrees We* j incrtrasing: ',-!'>udine<«w T 1 mornir-s br«--ught sorrt-i' "Z ! drouth r«-l;ef. Soi«* have «sprf;•*«*- ! e-i th^ hope that ctsts'tal stt>o:t* i *ill result ia. rain through. ti>> ) ar^:t, I OKLAHOMA: Partly e*«ii«J;K Iof*nl thwiKter > ?>h<*'w<?Tsk w* rri . i» th« desire. s*n»e Issue if they M> FtJBUSHKR EAST TEXAS: ittily scaWefto m night a*«t Frfaaj — I easterly winds on the

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