The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 12
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THE DAILY KIWI, ntEDZBICK. MD.. THURSDAY, MAT 26,19W. SPEAKS TO AT MEETING HERE Camera Studies Of New York's Mayor Facing Investigators Chairman Of National Executive Committee Praises Ritchie As Candidate. SAYS HE COULD "EASILY BECOME PRESIDENT" OF U.S. CarlM Wonnan. Albert F. Culler. George Shearer, Howard Banker, WU- *«m C. Krely. Ned Herm,«nn. C. H. Brish, Oeiv*e T. Schroeder, Jr, Oil* more R. FJautt. Jr, H. K. Del*uter. 14 TO GRADUATE Nones T* BneiTe Mptanu At Wta- ehester Hospital. Winchester. VSL, May 25---Pocneen nurses of Wmcbescer SSeosonal Hospital Trainicg School, who win complete tiieir course jcre sad afflliatkia - I - s"" ti» Mmfor o! "No; I don't rwDfinber »h»t I cars .»;· a . a ajee:i=« -.TO ·«*!£* »go." "I aisir that couswl not «a-Jfjr z this *»y aaJ P'Jt 2e ansrer a? vo me . . ." "I do"' br'*Ye you haw any A SIOO.OOO check from o= Traces History Of Political Con- ventions. Particularly That Of Own Party. the De=J?era:!; to- the presidency iz. Kcvrmber, lie could ·*-'«- Leadership in the par-y ? »*- ».:: soon be . . t the sple.-xUd r«.s;»r-« :· tne Democrat-' R« convention a a foregone. s:l -» !c ·.--ory f^-.d 'r«si all parts or :he ronclaiior. But :ne body o.' delegates j ^ r.eeded more greatly :hat Frederick count v »as *.:i .---nominate Herbert Hooter, ur.- -'or*, she said--meaning tne _ ·eal-ze its suta He spo** » Mindly and 3 u!n!y--because they | between utter rum and salvation. The j iS:e:i:u, and -o.irr.als '.ave no otn-r r-coarse " "The Demo- i present governmental leadership has j state and ' the rirst l Waiter Kim. Mr. and Mrs. George T be submissive, since !t teaches one ho» to be co"g»"'*' Hs own illness G. F Smith, Messrs C. Edward Sinn.; i taught him added respect and ad:cira- . Franklin N. Shipley. William A. Buck- ' :;on for the dociors and nurses uho ; ey. Eraa; K-^ni?. Jr. Walter H DuvaU.; sori tirelessly U rciiere sufier-jig ' Donald Raaisburg. Richard Graha The meet^ig *as closed ·a-.-.h the song. · -- · God Be W:-.h You Til We Mee:: Asain." ar.d ber.ei.ct:cn bv RT. S. A. G Hermann. The club «U no: ijnc- ::oa during the summer monihs and ::s | next ineerng ss listed lor Noreaiber work wich a Philadelphia hospital next month «1H receive ajpiomas ai graduating exercises in Grace Lutheran ! church. Jcly 5. it »as announced today | by **'«* L'"i»" Anderson, supennten- · cent. j They ar«: Misses Virginia CaiheniM . Allen, New Market, Va.; Vivian Edi mania Baiker, M:ddleoewn, Va.; Lav«ldz ' Mane Ba:t. Wmcheser, aebecca Ciri ______^__ , Shepherdstoi-n, W. Ya.: Margaret Sufi *~---- ---· ·· 'Ciuff. Marion, Vau. Martha KJzabeUi -Ko. I don": know that. )jdge, asd Culbert. Winchester, Margaret Loui« .-j know :ha: I coMlin : know :;." Eciard, Marunsburg, W. Va.: DortKhj ·Emma Gore. Front Royal. Va.; ECIM ---- ______ {Deaae Golden. Casileton, Va.: France: T ,- ,, ~ T^ 'carcelia Kaine. Wiachetter; Lelia La Rev. Dr. Henr: L. G Kafier. Dr ftag ^.^ 1Kluao ^ V a . jj^^ POK, Va.; Fear Blacksrone. Va Brook, Ya. faarylaad legislature. Mr. Shousr -xas | Qaeer.y bttodaced by Mrs. Cr.aries Roach, i two-thirds rule s^ ,, 0 M .H ^h. Mr Snot »ald he j ,,. , continued He said :he Democratic i parly tr.-ust ir.d v.-oiU;l :ncct '. coun dele.i'. -::e r r0 rri the . untry and "pul. the people 5 r3« ln-o »h:ch they have = Baltimore attended ! J«sse B Anders o^:golng prrsident ; Mr a: , d Mrs John H . Hankey. Mr r.-om Mor.t- »- '--e club, presided at tne meeting j ^^ Mrs Chester G. Clem. Mr. and un'v and other ur.iis or tne ' 3nJ in-.orat.on »as gr.en by Rev Dr | ilrs August T. Brust. Mr. anci Mrs. nTtaiteation K:effer. Sons* ^*re rendered, led by i La^renre E. Beniz. Mr and Mrs. Reg- Th- ballroom pres-r.tcd a ik-1'shtfu. ! A-j^ Rhoads. followed or recax'ks by j ,.,3;,, ^ B;se , M , and ^^3 E . R. rvlor the prei:der.:. the appreci- jcump. : tery of State, had nembers to Frederick county and paid l high tribute to their po:.::cni efforts, irttb. special reference to the work of The women of Frederick county appearance with a ·cheme named oat in baskeU of ins Henry Knmsor. -.11 1840 In yc.»r. , 3I5 d an orKaKlza:;o:i srai'.i^ily built up. I th* New Yorii-r ··b' a mijorltv · i ma*: confess -AC had :mmeasurao!e · b'u' fa:d of a i-Av-thirds \v'.e and , help from the \Vh.:«- Hous*." he said. { K PoU. Tennessee, ^ho had n o ] but \ve wore prepared to take ad\ant- j "in his opcnjas remarks. Mr. Shouse strength when the con\ent.on opened. I ns e of our opportunities" ; ·ferred 'o Gov Ritchie as a "real »as trijmpha!itl\ made me nomjicc T-.e prize In the comin? election, from j itional flgu-e who 'egardless of and eieci-d. Although Mr Shousc d.d a purely political Ue-* is retention i STICKLER SOLUTION ciatlon o' the club as a sho'.e for the ; Mr. and Mrs. H A. Herxig. Mr. refi national r.X ia\ so. s«. kr r-»! persons at the. unrh- "f ountrol for possibly 20 years over eon r»-m3r«.ea u:x:; tne possib.e sim:- ir.i federal j;o\crnniffnt. he said, b .'. ' larif. of that contort'. ion to the RCSM-- i this is not the most important phase { popular laror or disfavor has not hc.s!- tated to stand out ar.d preach the fundamental doctrines of the Democratic partv." He likewise paid homage to U. S. Senator Miliard E Tj-d- j convention in June ings and R»? Da-, id J Leu is Gov. Mr Shouse also explained th- people the kind o-f government they are iclt-Ritchlo .if the election · If the Democratic ( p irtv is supreme, they will give the Ritchie and Senaur Tidir-gs wer-? ex- | rule »herebj entire st.»t« ce!;a:.ons pected to be present at the mcctir.8 must vo'e AS a bod-. Sp»'.ik.n? of GOT and deliver addresses, but were urt- able to be present Rep. Lewis was a'jo uaaJle to attend. ntifed to Unless tnis is done .there, *·;: b" sra ^ e threats against the es- | '.aaiished i^'.'.t;i3.1 institutions of t h e . cept.on _ ne has Mr. Shouse commended the Demo- · strength than any other ca:-.d!cia:e " crattc ·Women's Clubs of Maryland as I For '.he flrh; ' the two major po- the firs: organization of its kind in! litlca! parties ail. »o'-d :hc.r conien- R.Mh.c I'.f said ' T.iro;:r5io-j*. the coun- '.jaiishrd ix»li' trv in c - .or. stav ·vitn possSblv o:ie ev- ' cfunt--.·--e\-n vlirea's agonist propcrtv ' second-choice rights " Mis'; Enele Speaks Miss Er.glr construed the questions hieh make up B political platform as The above shows how you can o«s ex-ay hne m the above daxiam. ooce only, viilhoat removing voui penal from the paper Tl« ^!sr is the start vtA the anow the (mall. ilrs Q. jr jj. Droneburg i-r.-ices rendered by the of the , M , s D M stauffer, Mrs J A. cnurcn during the past year ia pre- j j ones- Mrs. Horace Outsail. Mrs Ada paring and ser.'ing tne suppers. The · ^ Forney. Mrs. Ida Routzahn. Mrs. C. treasurer's report uas gi\en. , c ciemson. Mrs. George Summers. The ne-a. president. Aloert N. McCar- i Mrs s 53 Thomas. Mrs. C. I. Renn. dell, ·sas then introduced and he made | ilrs H Q. McLane. Mrs. Mary Ogle. sevi-ra! remarks. Rev Dr. Kieffer iras 5,1-5 R^a Cain. Mrs. E. C. Valentine. presented as tlie soeaker of tne evening ' £. K Miller. Mrs. Guy Wolfe ar.d he talked on the subject o! "Getting Misses M Mae Shipley. Clara Well " Mas-n; humorous references to | R aalso - i;r g. Blanche E Hildebrand. · his oivr: recuperation recently, he ad- j Elizabeth Heck. Thelma Bowers. Ella ' ded the thought that it is good '.o learn i E culler. Margaret V. Nusz. Eleanor i _ __ . -- · Martz. Sue Boyer. Grace E Lough. and other flowers tied with pink. | Ploy May Hitcshew, Helen Bjesing. la-.eader. green and yellow tulle, and Mary Louise Lo;hner. Miriam Rhoacs vi-.:h l.ghted preen candles in can- · El^a'oeth Rebert. Lola Rice. Dorotny delabro. The decorations were plan- 1 Ramsburg. Carrie D. Shipley. Wil'.ette r.ed by Mrs. Established 1868 Wonnan. Mildred Wachter. Katherine Dutrov. Elizabeth FREDERICK. MD. 4S-52 EAST PATRICK ST DeLashmutt. Peggy KieSer, Mary Auce brJl and Serena Hotter. i Mobley. Charlotte DeLashmutt. ii i'vin ii'iPil ii'... ·.·'''iffl'Vh- i:i"'iS-r-i' chairman, assisted ay Mrs. Cynis Gani- Hot Days Are Corning So Buy Now . . . Gliders in Our Incorporation Sale as low as $10.90 Awnings--Porch Shades 6-ft Stock Awning, Green and Orange Stripe $4.15 Rubberized Glider Covers $3.50 NEW LOW PRICES OX WESTINGHOUSE 'DUAL AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATORS C. C. C A R T Y INCO^fOKATED Buy Silk Hose for Summer AT THESE DOLLAR DAY PRICES $1.00 Mesh Silk Hose pr. 79c S1.35 Mesh Silk Hose pr. §1.00 2 Prs. Silk Chiffon Hose Sl.OO 2 IG DOLLAR DAYS Friday, May 27th and Saturday, May 28th A. B. C. and Marshall Field PERCALE PRINTS Yard-Wide--Fast Color Dollar Days only 14c yd. Sale Hand made Candle-wick Bed Spreads Double Bed Size White ground-colored wicks Dollar Day $ Special 00 eft Lowest Prices for Quality Merchandise in Many Years! LeVogue Soap (Made by Palm-Olive Co.) for Hard or Soft Waters. 12 Big Cakes with Cannon Mills Bath Towel--all for 59c LARGE ($1.35) CHENILLE RUGS Special 95c ea. Woodbury's Cosmetics and Shampoos all 25% Less LINEN LUNCHEON and BRIDGE SETS $1.OO Complete All 50c Turkish Bath Towels 3 for $1.00 Men's and Boys' Special Pajamas $ -f .00 Finest Materials, all sizes ·*· BOYS' LINEN KNICKERS, all sizes . ea. Sl.OO Men's Eclipse White Shirts, Collar Attached r\ i $ -| Buy for Memorial Day wear Vniy J. Little Brother and Sister Dimity Union Suits special 2 for 75c SCRANTON COTTAGE CURTAINS. 4 PIECE 85c pr. Beautifully made, regular Sl.OO pr. 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