The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

Page A-2 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Thursday. September 7, 1967 Employers' Tax Bite Perils Jobs 'Federal Programs for the Development of Human Resources." Thurmont Riding Club Holds First Horse Show The Thurmont Riding Chn Favorite, Thurmont: 4th, Chip- T n e ux makes a noticeable dent committee is consi ic. held their first annual Iwrs? per-Kicky Favorne, Tnurmoui navc'ieck-and the fam- Security benefit ir low Sundav -\ug 27 at the Class No. II Open Barrel Kace ln lne P dv -- letK dnu lllt lal " - . low, aunudv, .iup, _ i , «i i r u..^n«« would aeam raise Inc show . Eykr Sable; Ground; in Thur- 1st. Rustv - ridden by Jay ily budget. mon' ' Hughes. York, P a . ; 2nd, Flicka- _ . . . m ,,,,. hine Harwood Watson of Bnms- Uusseh Favorite Sr . Tnurmont; But » hat about the matching wick wS the announcer. JudKes 3rd. Sparky - Roy Putman, lax P ald b y employers-and Us we.e Ed Tracey of Groencas- Ladiesbuig: 4th, Ben, Tex effects'.' Is it passed on the con- tie. Pa., and Arnold Kvans of Freeze, Thurmont. turners in the cost f goods'.' ivCKkville. Class No. 12 Pony Oorn Bar Does it affect management deci- Ribbons and prize money were rel Race ' ' sions about hiring ,r buying hand.a out bv Tom Ha. .etferson ' Class No. 1 Leadline The information in the report was compiled last year, after the inauguration of medicare had caused an increase in the WASHINGTON (AP)-Chanc- payroll tax. The subject is again ts are most workers know their veiv much a'ive, now that the Social Security tax is withheld. H'.".:se has passed and a Senate considering Social increases that a.^en ot is.. Sm .key-ridden by Buck machinery chat could substitute ^ l ^ nstitutes a near Haws, Emmitsburg: 2nd, Fury- OF men .' Is it approaching a *** ^."f of doing busi Pony Bill Keilholtz. Thurmont; 3rd- be-ond which it cannot be fid SmesK , t Barbara Peanuts Jreg Moser, Thur- raised without damaging lne n r e f o r e , e considere d ., therefore be considered an en- Favor- economy. couragement to employers to in- No one seems to know for .rodnce labor saving machinery ire. conclude specialists who but there is li tie tangible evi- reported to the Senate-House ('cnc° that the tax has had this An- 1st, K-jxie-rukk'n by S u e Eco nomic Committee an Social -ffect." Grossmckle; 2nd, Amoer-Susie s e c u r jt y and q variety of :ther The compilers noted some Pol Al- Ist-Silver-ndden by Barbara Peanuts .ireg Smith. Woodsboro: 2nd. Arch- nvjnt; 4th, Fury-Larry ridden by Craig Morgan. Fred- He, Thurmont. enck: o l d , Ginger-ridden by t'lass \o. l.i Knock Dawn And James Kerns. T h u r m o n t ; 4 t h , Out Peanuts-ridden by Handy ders, Tnurmon;. Horse trophies were given to Hokc the other entries in this class by class N "- 14 Western Mr. and Mrs Resell Favorite Bending j r ist-Rusty-ndden by Jay Hugh- Clas, No. 2 Cloverleaf Barrel es. York, Fa.; 2nd. Brandy- a c e ( M e n * wine-Marilyn Gilbert, Y o r k , 1st. Whiskey-ridden by Dennis "*·: ^d. Chip - Betty Hugrn-s, W_l.ers, Boyds: 2nd, Buddy- K l d r i - Boyds. ricdcn by Marvin Kidd, Boyds; Clas, No. 15 Horsemanship rd, Rusty-Jay Hughes, York, 1st, Poco Buck-ridden by Mir 1 -.; 4th. : "ha*n_e-ridden by Ro- cheil e Sweeney. Beallsville; ger Misner, Chambersburg, Pa. :'nd. Jandiilane-Carol S.rjcx Class No. 3 Ctove-leaf Barrel York, Pa.; 3rd, Roxie Race ( G r l s ) Grossnickle; 4th, Buddy is.-Poco Clarko-ridden by Cabert E ' ler - Thurmont rol Strock York, Pa.: 2nd,"chip- Mrs C a r o ! Brown donated a Betty Hughes. York, Pa.; 3rd- tr °P n v ° be 8 lven to the flr st G i b e r t, P lace winner of this class, xork. F a . ; 4th, "C. C. Ryder( las * *°: lfi ^P p le . B °5 b n . Cathy Callahan. Bovds. ^t. Whiskey-ridden by Dennis Class No. 4 Western Pleasure Walter, Boyds; 2nd, Rusty -Jay- Hughes, Vork. Pa.; 3rd, Dia- Ts", Fepe T.-ridden by Mari- mond-Frank Favorite . T h u r - lyn Miller Woodsboro; 2nd- rn o n t; 4th, C. C. Ryder-Boboy andiilane - Carol Strock, York. Walters, Boyds. Pa.; 3rd, Poco Buck-Michelle ( i a s s No - 17 K'^o" «ace i,,eeney, Beallsvihe: 4th. Blair.- Ist-Lola Long, Peanut Tracy, Bill Hallinshead, Greencastle, HEgerstown-Smithburg; 2nd ^ a Bobby Walters, Boyds, Dennis * Class No. 5-Egg Race Walters, Boyds; 3rd-Jay Hugh- lst-Fooo Clarke - ridden by es. York, Pa Carol Strock. Ca.-ol Strock York. Pa.; 2nd- Y o r k - ?a - 4 ' h -^^ Dayhoff- L-.ttle Red-Paul Seacrest, Green- York. F'a., 4th Buddy -Marvin castle. Fa.; 2rd. Whiskey- Den- Rock y Rld 8 e - R °y Futman, Lanis Walters. Bovds; 4th, Buddy- diesbuig. Mirvin Kidd, Boyds. ' ,^ lass No - 18 Wester. Trail Clasi No. 6 Harness Ponv Rlde 1st. Chipper - driven by Peat lst - Chipper-ridden by George nut Tiacey, Smithburg: 2nd- " aw \ Emmitsburg; 2nd Roc- Arch-George Haws. Emmits- k - v : Jol l nu Haws ' c Emmitsburg; burg,; 3rd, Smokey-John Haws- 3rd - Rhondas Star-Tom Buz- 2rrm^tsburg; 4th. Picaloe-John zars. Waynesboro, pa.; 4th, Jan- Hnke. Thurmont. dri ane-Carol Strock Class No. 7 Kevhole Race Class No. 19 Shovel Race 1st. Whiskev-ridden bv Dennis TTlst ' Alb ?I t Ey J^ r - Tnu.mont, Walters. Bovds: 2nd, ' Buddy- " arve y Ma y Thurmont; 2nd- Marvin Kidd, Bovds; 3rd. C. C. Russell Favorite Jr Thur- R-der-Bobbv Walters, Y o r k , mont. Harvey May, Thurmont; Fa.: 4th, Sugarfoot-Peanut Tra- 3rd Russell Favorite Sr., Thur- C9v. Smithburg. mont. Russell Favorite Jr., Class No. 8 Western Stock Thurmant; 4th- Bobby F o x , Ho-ye Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., Rus- 1st. Blain-ridden bv Bill se l' Favorite Jr.. Thurmont. Hollinshead. Greencastle, Pa.; ClasDs "°- 2 * Musical Chaiiy 2nd, F-epe T-Marilvn Miller, If.-Buddy-ridden by Albert Wo-dsboro; 3rd. Rhondas =tar- Eyler. Thurmont; 2nd - Barney- Tom Brzzars Waynesboro, Pa. Maurice Kline, Smithburg; 3rd- Class No. 9 P ck Up Race f 11 ^ 001 ' Peuanut T r a c e y , 1st. Champ-ridden bv Amos Smithburg; 4:h, Poca - John Blank Thurmont; 2nd, C. C. Lon 8' Hagerstown. Rvder-Bobby Walters, Boyds; "rd, Pace-LiH Long. Hasers- to"'n; 4th, Outlaw-Russell Fav- or'te Jr.. Thurmon:. Class No. 10 Sadd'e P.»ny 1st, D^nnv Bov-ridden bv would again raise the tax on employers and employes--a m a x i m u m of $44 each next · e a r . more later. ··Vc H(»ar consensus has the effect of the of the payroll the committee study said, icarly uni- business in might producers may be able to pass »he tax along in prices, and Iherefore have not had to come to grips with its effect. It presumab'y will be more difficult to pass on the tax as it increases. Even if the new Social Security bill were not to pass the tax--now 4.4 per cent each on employers and employ- es--would increase by stages to 5.65 oer cent in 1987. This is on a wage base of $6,600. The house-passed bill would increase the tax ultimately to 5.9 per cent on a base of $7,600. For years, a theory was prevalent among some high Social '-ecuritv officials that a payroll tax might become a dang rou~ -conomic drag if it exceeded 5 er cent each on employers and mployes. But Congress, when it provid- ed for financing of medicare, set up a tax increase schedule that would pierce that ceiling by 1973. Under the new Social Security bill, the breakthrough A'ould come in 1971, with a rate of 5.2 per cent. Late Scratches Charles Town Race Co rse Scratch?? for Truriday, Clesr and Fast First Race: Cisci^beo, Spanish Troian, Boston Jimmy, Flighty Lass Second Pace: Flaxeii Last, You Quii:. Medium Done, Beware Third Race: Silky Lass, Noire Guerre, Marijh, Paint Me Fo-rir Race: Mr Kev Sixth Race: Turn Rich, Lakh's Nothim Fl^m'ngo Man, The Shrew, Scartfen N i ^ t i R a c ? : G-ee: L^ver, Gre^-l Fir Some 8,000 Ophthalmologists (medical eye doctors) practice in the United States. A " award o f a western saddle . ^ $10 ° dollars was 8 lven J° Sheldon Cohen of Cas=ads. He chose the c s h . Impact - resistant protective 2nd. cyewear can be tested by drop- B"ttons - Ann Poffenberger. a 5-8" steel ball on them Wo"dsbiro; 3rd, Fury - Larry from a height of 50 inches. Prgqv Brown. Thirmint NO HKART FOR H l ' N UNCiTON -- Diane Brown Hartford, 25- year-o'd wife of m i l l i o n a i r e H u n t i n g t o n I .'art ford, 55. s ts during press interview in M a n h a t t a n Supreme Court, Mrs. Hartford f i k d a suit for divorce from the AP heir, and denied reports, thrr.ugh h r l a w y e r , t h a t she had !;ccn hold in cap- t i v i t y in Lond.n. 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