The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 2
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TWO TEX DAILY HEWS, FBEDEEIOK. MD, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBSB 30, 1931. All-White Frocks And Ensembles To Lead Style Parade. Reel's Mil! Man Arrested By Federal Agents. HELD UNDER 81.000 BOND A c:*»t stained with ^Qjor nta^h .«: Eci:? O a=-.t 30 f R^l * M.U. temaea. Su-oseQ-ient events resulted in she seizure 3f a T5-g^Ilcn still and s Quantity cf wiiiikey in a ccmcr.b sear O"Bn?n's home. b-. :-tr f»ceral ag-nts . under Harcl= B Hall Arrs-^nec before U S. Comm-ii--»ner . H Noel Kaller aDO-t 5 ocloci -n '-he I aftersocn. O Br.en i-as n;.-i unoer Sl.OOQ bond far action of the t"n-:r! ' States District C^irt tn Baltimore on charges of mariwfaeture and posseis-on _ ot Uquor. He west to ;all tn default Agents Kail. Lis='-b:urn Ta ?S and _ CushTa. hearts reports tiat O Br.ea ·ras man-ifaet-ir-r-s -S-JT. deciced to ' look around in the v.ctr..t..' Tuescay , afternoon About 200 ard» from she ' ho'_«se, near a ipr-r-s they found t a o · mash p:ts set up, cortta.Bini aoout 650 gallons cf mis-i ar.c all the , jiecess--rv ecu~?merit f^r a si-.. liow- ever. no still was -- evidence, although ' :no:cai-ons were that one had recently j been movec. _ j * rncaur.ted. the arer.ts moved up a ' '- wagon pa:h to O'Brien's home and he · met them a short a* ay They . ~ tol-d htm of tr-e-r finding; but he iis- ' · claimed any ^ncw ledge of the .'t.11. He · even inv.tei them Into the house ar.d - this was a fatal step Thev quietly . * located a mash-sta:r*d In the · kitchen and then a5i«J O'Brien to lead _ " them to the still- ; * Without further delay O'B.-.en walk- . '- ed to a corncr.b nearby and showed , ; them a 75-Ra'Jon still which he said I *· h»d recently been moved there. The | ? agents found about e.ght gallons of j liquor in tne coracrib and about a ; gallon in th* house. O'Brien -*as ar- j rested and brought to Frederick, along , with James A. Bowie, colored. who was · nearer when the agents arrneo. Bo-Ale : claimed thai ne ·fas worilntr f o r , O'Brien and haa no part in the spll I · The evidence was sot sufficient to hold : him ani he was released. Before the ·- ajeats left the stili they destroyed al! · th* liQ'Jor. paraphernalia, including · loegs and jars, in addition 10 "he still ' and inash. ; In Trouble Before. O"Bnen JSrst figured largely in a !i- · quo- case on Novembbr in. :924. -srhen " -srttli * snotgun he held oft agent* who · sought to enter his home at « Beels MiU. F^ing from a. second- · Kory windOTic. he held a number ol cf- · fleers and even reinlorcements at bay : -jntsl a builet icocfeed the gua from i. ins hand and the window fell on top of He was tried that time fcr rc- .^^, agents and received a sentence *, is understood that he was released Jrorn prison this past spring and came bacS to the county. WINTER REFUSES 10 SETTLE {·Breather bureau in Washington that the year »as the warmest on record ja nearly pvery state. There also ·fas a noticeable lack ol disturb^j ani !-rosily -aeatner pnenttrsena. such as lae drouth of 1930, se-.ere trop.- storms ana tpmadoes ana floods | J B. Kinder, metiorc-logji. termed (tie exoeit.-.e ·aaraiui ine otitj 1 ,-feature or :931 He traced .: '.j a I/onion. th_s soph~st.caied story own adapted lor tbe screen by _al. and .r. its mol.on picture form features a cast headed by Paul Luias, Fox and Lewj S Stone. Also. original rotes. included in the list erf players are William RiecUr4i and George Meeker. *j»»» appeared ia tSe Sew York productkarttl o: the play. zjid are here teen in theirsb ··to* ·*r^^S i-t - iiiiS?2--^** o. jtjx"--^3i~fei£*ujr6 i Abnormal Temperatures For "«*« ~ . :he ^f~ ff.l^f^-T-'^ I? j areaj «, .2K oc^^i, »«*,_ -«. TM. »A_-- ' » Season Still Prevail. ."^ "^ ^-^^ w "* a I i ^ } i Theater News i|^ J SHORTAGE OF RAINFALL; :ely r«-f_ses to «tt!-e ! v«xd T.^ida;. *as placed .n rec- ^rcis cf tn«- T.tat.ier b^reai as 'one /f '."? rr-ijdest De-^moer 29's on rec- ' o-d" and accorc.r^ t/ :ne forecast for i " t.-^in inase Tuescty SiJfcs ·a t.1 t» cloudy anl tnere a a chance ' tnat i^rce ram »-- falZ ton^at. ai- ·thou?r. not enj-jh to put D*ce=iii«r and 1931 tae top -- precipitation. ; The laci cf ra.n continue* to plaj ha-.^r ^.:n :ne city's water supply in ' :r.e Fisr».r:j Cre«i receiier. Caretaker I Frank Wtdcle said Tuesday -hat the ' csily SO'A jnto '.he dare is aboJt 750.*000 gillor-s, is about 500000 ' gallor-s less than the c.ty ccnvjmea 7-er d-. The va'.T level dropped tiro T-fedd}, pegtjci at 24 -fee'. ' T«:rnperai-rci rtm^-n aoo\e normal .r. Ca.iac.i ir.d m-ist of th* Cn:ted S'a:e, and a-.-xh aaove from 'c-T.:ral Canada tr.e frcatwt i:obii. Tempera.".jrcs ha'.e fallen 12 to IS cejreo Hi Xe.ada and L":ah and have risen from 14 to 16 ciezrecs in M_^ourL Rairii continue to soak the Hociy Tne rr.a\.murn Ump.rature here Tuesday -Aai 49 de- Sre"-i and tae mmirr;-ni 30 decrees. i OfEiial rev.oris of the government Maryland. B-Sut^p £ \ W..CA?'. «Ie group % v . ^»^^n lane tola;. Tne entertainers presort a varjet; of sau^, oanc^s an; no.t.- The Ti\oli. srre broash". to Fre-c.rr-ck t^_: is«rxi b; Jfanager G^srge N P.S. e-tV. Jr , j* :..c T.-iol. and Optra Ht,-_», as a =va:^ of osserving his sr-rond sala "Appre- c.a:.on W«» " Th* first of tries* ruua Beery J^:^.e Cooper and IrenT Ft.:.TM. ·A.".J:.I a as presented yr. Monda;. r;d Today ani Thursday, th* feature li Pax, Paul Luias, Lea^s Stone asc c:n- ers The Xe* Years sni Sat^rc_y , ' Gavncr 2nu C.-arl« barrel, in the Child'* Addition Eeduced. t-ons here -A.thin one »trk. as "sell as tn; O.T'rji Hj^se Mar.ajer ?a:-c::e ..r.- ' espec.-illy Tr_s has been a rs_j: - :jn of the pr."C of children's acirr~cj-cri ture. he s'atti. i -Strictly D-shoneraole," or;« of the . cDmfcv cramps, o"?cns ..^ ?1. S A3^--*-'--· . ' a " the Tivcli toda... j a record of nearly thrte :· c 2r. en the Xe'.v York stage, ani a seas^r. j t Join Our Christmas Club The Family's Christmas Problem Solved! Have Money When Wanted. Club Now Forming Start Now and Have Money When Wanted Most. Clubs to fit Everybody's Pocketbook. Start -with 25c, 50c, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or more. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK No. 1 North Market Street IVhere Banking Is a Pleasure FASHION PLAQUE bouiuu .1 . i.i.'--!'.ttuu.» typirjl y and a blouse in hr-nnr rrcpe dc ohlnr. is fashioned of heavy white Jprcrepe. BY JEAN PATOf \Vntten for NEA Service. Paris. Dor CO--Tr.e Tsarar-xx: of a woman who .ntcr.ds to spcna all or part of the -..r.t'^r at sinie report should be composed or. abolulc!y tne same pri'-.- ciple as that ruUr-g her to^n clothes By thus I mean that it should Inclui-' etcry kind of dress or ensemble su.ted to all occar:orj; that can present thcm- Thrrc arc the ineutab'-c and very appropriate m"rr.!!'S drcs*t.\ formal ar.d Informs! afternoon clothes and the usual number of evening KOSIIS The latter, just as the rcrt of the coUectio.'i of drcssr.". are much l.ghtcr arsd ca^ i r of hup than tn^ pcr.pral run of town clothM. but apart from this color QU' ·?- Uon. there is no single feature to l!s- tingu'h from the current stylt- It is in the catr^ory of li^ht dressr r that perhaps a slight addition car. be i found, but rcrtainly no dJU-reuce in cut Ar.\ -.rm.s:i ;o:::c to Palm Beacli or t!ie R.\:pru 'Ail! alvcivs add to I;?r collection of cloth"^ sc - .oral white or colored frocks of *he "sports" typ- Thc'r \crj- colors stamp them as ha'.- . :^:-...5 paj^ma (Irft) has trousers f ifl" !i,:irU of ^ xraiurj «h:!r «o«l fabric uilh 3. red. white and blue belt. A ten lus drev, i r i s h l t . -il--o ir«v.tcd by Patou, fcr southern wear. I ir.g been created for the th's The sole sports feature about :vie of dreis 1= !!!· desh-e t- juh.i".·- .··ojr.ethlng ))ra.t!ra!. ^iiiih r. cd not. hc' engender IDC great a s mylu - ' ity These drciscs are nfCfi^nr:!" Mmpic. but a slmphc ty not u:terl\ dev.iid of : fantasy, as the absence of It '.vould only con'.py a paucity of expression. ! I ha\e noticed when '..omen select j tlicjr wardrobe f»r the South that they ' SCTH to prefer the simple morniiiK suit. ' composed of a skirt and lacktt and com- pl' ted try a blouse They like a touch of fantasy in th«- skirt, but usually the ·irip!-"'. xague jacket is chosen. The clothes that CA dei.c^ ,i ·.rry d^* tir.ct. Palm Beach or Rr. :tra idea arc oi cours" all the ah'.te drosses and ensenib-^ les They are characteristic and not. as orne people ttv.nk. jj^t .in amaipama- '· t jn of sports a:id r'"n:-IornMl afer- m«t: itjlcs As an i'"-t i'H.r. loc' at tf"vo dresses which arc knoa; as "rob; ' do irr.nis " While the" mav actual!? be « TII for tennis t h t y iutflcle.itii ;:-2rt and becom ng to be worn on other'.:.g or Lvnrh 7, imas are an- ctfcrr irrjj-r'art '.'· rn ot the southern v.ari-scbc'-:jh ti'ey started out aa a pur.- fr.nt.i-\. ti.^y h.ive their ···ery cirtt r:ns:; d plac^ to_.\;. Tne first rule to k"cp HI rrh c! v .th these pajamas Js that ar.y s.r.s^- feature too obviously cr!g:r,'.l ni^t be ':'. a;ide as synonymous of baa t:\5-o A'.SD they bear eloquent e 1 of th" to escape bfir.s bar.j;! at all costs A pajama's chief quality w the look of outh it bestows or. the v.eart-r r-.nd nothing must be nllov.-d ·-. di't-o-. this I tn::u; ilu- :d i! ; .ichtins eiiscmble sl'ould be cjaDc-rt J '- re^sonaoly wids tro-i^rrs, pr'fi.r.i!/.y fis!uoneil of fine flannel a:: ' .1 * .c':c-.-i blouse of hoa'.y creiH-. ).ho.t-!le i ed cr slee\eleio, ss pr.-ferrt'J O\L: ti:i.s can be worn Ecm -dark {las nrl ja^'ict in a light but w.irm fabri- v.ith a b'r.-t to match if cjf-,.:ea An;, t h i r j mo-- : ^ i'.htul and smart than sucJi ait · n-^n^Ve would be clfD- cult t" fi".cl t .; i:^ utter simplicity :r.u-:t n^t bo n-°rri.d b' r:;v extra decor- rtt:on w h u h :r irnm '-nfcin5 original would oily " s p ^ l the v rule effect. Annual Chriitraas ' M.iry Abrccl-.t rcc.ti'ion j \ o u trsed to jav you would never marry A capacity crowd w.tnc^ed the an- v -crocl Barter: addrc.v Kn Jjhn a ivan less. i"?n s:\ '-t tall . . . . * . _ \ValiCrrv-.r.e rr-i-a-^ Arc 1 -."- D ; Dr ,^ntcr Oh. I V.o-. B-.t I s^^d^ihr^^tn^ --r- *«^-^-- --^, .« , to U.- c a m p e r censor aub^Th, Gospel Mission. The follo.ving tntere.-t- °' E '" ! . tiu--or^.. :ng pr^Hjrani v a= prcsrn'eG. np.iaj.c "St Luke." Erlr..-x D"t-ter. er~-" i'.~^ ' C jthenr.c Wel:e: excrrise. V- Try Chrutms 1 ;" Vjrjrtn a Dieter P t -crv Pickir^. Catherine Wcl:y. Hut:-. Abrc--'-.' Mary Jane D^'cr: rect'^'.or '\vi.v Do Be"---! Rins""" Anr.i Lacv. rf-r:t.i'i~i "My G^:." Marj Abrcch:: c \ -- c s r '"Christmas Lull.Voy" ^.S.'.rired W.-l'\ ! sr 1 '.?. D.v-jv KufT'-r. ror-.tit.^u. · Kr.o jKinjle." Lincoln Stall. reci:-.t:cr. E'.v.e v*omir« j^tnr* c\'^rcif. tt/.^r- ·* t "nc.i! ' MsrTiing." Lu-r.le R-r.f \V.lti. Daisy Poo'e Evelyn Un-l'biver M.-r\ , Abrccht. Hcn Wc'.'y. Coo May Klir.c. Edna Dei-t'-r A;-r.» P-^'c rec.tat.-n. "Al" M^ Hcsrt " Ani-.a Po v ' · recitation. ' Sh."..r? HO..V " C'-. c- , Marti, exerc--"" B.r'hdij of t v? K'.-.c ' Catherine W-ir?. M/l c K.r.;. V«- _ _ Rhinehar' T:r.y C-'. LX^i Aor -". Three armiriture doughnuts cut froir . recitation, "C'rris'm* B'-.l.- ' F.-i - 1 roefc crystal, are the newest thing in Dceter- rec.ta':.-r. '\ S.n- -.- r.".Ls Paris sport jewels They are worn as Bcatr.ce C^^ i-cir-.v · \Vr". r^ .'-. » pendant strin? between calls of back Bc'is n^-c" B .s ~ Jc-r."- B'-tj !-:--n- ocyx and hung on a silver cord mar.. E-.-ljr. H;" T--T.-S M ·" Brsyere is respons-ale for this r.ew Uu-'n M.'.'.er. O-vr;» H ·"--ar E - ~ . fashion. tine Hoffmar. r^c.tit.Dr., A C."~^'.i"..- r..t.:«r. Yo'i ?.re c .rt; t n:a-rv tl-at ; The r.ew Ital . r. lnv:r. "Rex." may i-.tiniUcant httsc fellow. Pcrc;.! \V.i\ pro'.e to be the fastest a'lo-.»t. I I ; t The Officers and Directors of the Commercial Bank extend to its patrons, friends and the public, greetings for a happy holiday season and the wish that the New Year may be a radiant and prosperous one for alL U l i P T i j U M H i T II! ,ii! !;;:!imi !i Krmp'i Will Be Cioird Nrw Yrars Dart Stepping Out Is A Lot Of Fun When You Wear Smart EVEN SLIPP --Like These ? S · - - - ; - - * . - - V . :vr . c- r a -I -s.- ' T '- f ^ ., _ . _ _^_ c - - $7.85 z ~ -- " ' s r " ^ ., ., p .,.,. ,,, j;n-2 -.-.i;_. S6.85 r V Smart To Hare Slippers Tinted To 3/:,Y/; Your Fn.-k . KEMP'S CHIEF ENGINEER OF BYRD ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION CONDUCTS POLAR TEST! M O T O R S T A R T S A T 2 9 ° B E L O W F R E E Z I N G 1 THE P L A C E . . . Refrigeration room or The Seaboard Terminal Company T H E C A R . . . Ice-covered for 12 hoaez at 29' below freezing T H E G A S . . . . N e w Winter Gasoline S T A R T I N G T I M E : I/ o becona W I N T E R V E E D O L P E N N S Y L V A X ' A T- * ft-n o f VESIX5I* Mot.-** O* ^s* frcrr-* sc" '-. th s cake cf :ce« sr.d kt^t tb'^c for \2 '?·-,,-- t ~^" 'bcTc-TC' freer ri£. Evsss i^tdrr tru estrrr^c c __ tc:t» X'S.HI^CL. yraa rca^v to £·-- "^ insta- 1 :"-. tc c k try Icar- *S£S~ -^ ' "ct a ^TT'ScuTr-s rrctcr c-J ru r. « fast st^r 1 -^ ^ , J - «J--i-rt-= s TYDOI, t THE NEW WINTER WITH TYDOL GASOLINES USE VEEDOL MOTOR OIL -"TYDOL Gasoline gave me lightning service at the South Pole on the Byrd Expedition" . . . says Lieut Thomas Mulroy. "But \vhen my stop-watch clocked this I 2 second start... "At 29 C below freezing... after 12 hours in this refrigeration room ... '"Then I was convinced, from my own experience with Polar cold, that here was a new v.-orld's starting record." We believe that such smashing proof has never before been given you. But we will let you and your car be the judges Try it. Try it in the coldest weather. Ar.d you will prove its starting speed to your own lasting satisfaction. Always super-power, high-test, antiknock- Now--split-second starting at no extra cost. Tide Water Oil Sales Corporationi 1400 Moreland Avenue, Baltimore. GASOLINES HEAT-PROOF. . . COLD-PROOF

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