The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 27, 1969 · Page 40
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July 27, 1969

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 40

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1969
Page 40
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Page 40 article text (OCR)

MRS. DOROTHY RICKER JI-W nF,S_MOINKS Sl'NDAV REOtSTER July 27.J1M How to Avoid Temper Tantrum Dorothy Rkker's TTfrS FOR TKKNS D O YOU SOMETIMES blow your stack — and end up either making enemies or feeling foolish? Quick-tempered outbursts create complicated problems for some te^n- agers. When your temper pops out of control, it nearly always adds up to new troubles for you. Of course, everybody has reason to be angry at times. When somebody Is mean to you or takes advantage of others, it is normal for you to feel righteous indignation. But temper tantrums are not good, and if temper happens to be one of your problems, learning how to control the pop-your- cork feelings can make your life much happier. I'anse and Count T HK MOST OFTEN recommended cure for temper is to pause ami count to in. II doesn't always work, though. Sometimes you may feel so angry you could count to 100 and still blow up. It is time, then, to do more than count. The first step is to try to understand the real reason you feel so angry. Are you steaming because the cupboard door slammed on your finger? Are you furious because someone in school said something you didn't like? Are you all shook because someone failed to call you as they said they would? And perhaps you may even be. mad at yourself for flubbing some opportunity or for not doing something you know you should have done. O NCE YOU PAUSE for a moment to decide what it is you are really mad at, you may already be on your way to restoring your cool, as the saying goes. If it is somebody else who has aroused your temper, stop to ask yourself why they have acted this way. Was it pure meanness on their part? Was it stupidity? Was it just a lack of understanding? Of course, a fit of temper only adds to the problem. Try to talk out a situation with the other person. Perhaps both of you may be wrong and a little understanding will clear up the problem. When you cannot. taJJ< over a situation with other persons or if you feel you are'absolutely and unchangeably opposed to their point of view, it is often wise to avoid a head-on collision and drop the subject for the present. Most arguments do not have to be settled on the spot. They'll keep — and chances are a better solution will be found when you are not so hot under the collar. Write Yourself n Letter A T TIMES YOU MAY FEEL completely frustrated he- cause you cannot deal directly with the cause of your aggravation. When you are unable to talk it out. the next best thing is to write yourself a letter, and never mail it. The process of organizing your thoughts and putting them on paper often helps you see the cause of the problem more accurately and once ypu have gotten it off your chest, even on paper, you feel better. By this time your emotions will be under better control. Perhaps your temper has been inflamed by some family situation at home and there seems to be no way you can change the situation or win an argument or do anything about it at all. When you feel completely blocked, it is sometimes better to get away from it all; take a walk, go to another room, visit a friend — just take yourself out of the picture until you cool off. When you feel that you are about to explode, get busy on something which requires active, muscular effort, such as mowing the lawn, cleaning your room — anything which will keep your mind occupied for a while. Loss of Hair I In Children j Sudden hair loss, or Alopecia. | areata among children, may be caued by emotional crises, report doctors at the Children's Hospital Medical Center in Boston. Temporary or permanent loss of hair may be triggered by things like weaning, abandonment, birth of siblings, or traumatic accidents. CLEMENTS IEACH O> l*ke MM OkoMf BMMHUI MtcfNM •*- eanmatuUtm. Site, SIM! Bcw* — Ptar- tround — WlMI miHHC — Deck* <M bMW. «lt«W, (MM* MM TV i new Bertf»lto» Hill. Unit* Araltabte Now. HI. H, Spirit Ute. I*., Ph. 7U-137-14M FREE VACATION AND LIVING GUIDE 80 pg. SUNSHINE ANNUAL,.,; your guide to a *-'*" Florida vacation today £ and permanent home tomorrow. WRITE TODAY I O. R. O'HARE, DEPT. 7.27 Chamber ot Commerce St. Petersburg, Florida 33731 LAKE OKOBOJI'S Largest Recreation Center Arnolds Park, la. has markets, cafes, shops, laundramats, etc. FILLENWARTH'S guests have free ski, sail and speedboat rides, largest docks, sun lounges, playground, outdoor games and new recreation building on the lake. S3 new glass front units of all sizes lor rent, 8 built 1968, 16 built ^^MMiMn best lake, ™ Ponut^.^eserve. NEW BEACH COTTAGES TREAT YOURSELF TO THE UNUSUAL FROFCSSION4UY CONDUttfO COPINHAGiN-J NIGHTS BERLIN—2 NIGHTS MADHIO-2 NIGHTS HOME—1 NIGHTS VCNICE-2 NIGHTS IUCERNE-2 NIGHTS PARIS-] NIGHTS LONDON-! NIGHTS ' IRELAND-1-NICHT PLUS I-DAY SIDE TRIP TO SWtOIN Ntw Low Group forts Cuoranfttd FULL PRICE from Des Moines $111 M Includti: ill Ihjhti to and from Europe and bihmn abo»« Europun cltits, MM- fully ulictid hotels (ill rooms with privatt bilh). bifiiEt hindlini, tipi, tnnsftrs, strvict charges, sigljtstoine, multilingual guidis, most mials, full- lim« protisslonil tour umiiger, ek. GROUPS DEPART DES MOINES Eviry Two W««lri Until Nov.J»,TH» TWA/AMERICAN- INTERNATIONAL c/o V. C. Johnson t Co. Jewett Bldg., 4U 9th Street Des Moines, Iowa 503C9 Please send itinerary and facts. WAU TNMUKK THE MCN OF IVORY ON A KNSIM W( TWO HUGE ELEPHANT TUSKS -I 112Lkt.EMh-EiitMriM Strut CHOICE DAIfS MUING FAil' FOR FAST ACTION PHONE COLLECT 515/243-6986 Questions From Young Travelers By Dori Lundy f> Th* Lai AngelM Timtt LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Letters full of questions from young travelers are piled high on my desk again. Here are a few of them with some answers. Q. My draft classification is 1A. Does this mean I cannot leave the country even for summer travel? A. Selective service law requires that you report any change in your personal status —including location. You cannot travel outside the Continental United States and its possessions without first obtaining permission from your local draft board. Q. How can I arrange to live with a family in a foreign country for a few weeks? A. The experiment in International Living is the oldest and largest exchange organization and has a variety of programs for persons 16 to 30 in 50 countries. Each features a one-month slay with a family in a host community abroad, followed variously by a few weeks spent in travel or in a work or field study project, or by a semester in a study program. A summer language camp is offered to teen-agers — five weeks of intensive language study in the United States followed by a three-week home stay with a family in a foreign country. International Career Training is a 12-month program, which includes home stay and work experience abroad to Atop Lookout Mountain Spectacular view here is of Lover's Leap and High Falls at Rock City, a 10-acre tourist attraction atop Lookout Mountain (2,091 feet), near Chattanooga, Tenn. A new feature is Mother Goose Village, located in the Fairyland Caverns. In September Louisiana — Morgan City's Shrimp Festival and Blessing of the Fleet Sept. 1. New Jersey — Miss America contest at Atlantic City Sept. 2-6. Michigan — Old Car Festival at Dearborn Sept. 6-7. Oregon — Round-Up and Happy Canyon Pageant at Pendleton Sept. lO-ll Georgia — Water Skiers Tournament at Callaway Gardens Sept. 13-14. Wisconsin — Fall Festival at Wisconsin Dells Sept. 18-20. California — International Jazz Festival at Monterey Sept. 19-21. prepare graduate students for administrative careers with international organizations. For details write to Inquiries Secretary. The Experiment, Putney, Vt. 05346. Youth for Understanding is another international exchange program. Teen-agers 16 to 18 live with western European, Mexican, South American or Japanese families for two months. For information write Youth For Understanding, Inc., Teen-Age Exchange Program, 1930 Washtenaw ave., Ann, Arbor, Mich. 48104. Q. I have heard so much about all the discounts for Njiolclers of an international student identity card. Who is eligible? A. Until recently only students attending college and students in college within two years prior to application : ware eligible. Now a new international pre-college student identity card is available to American high school students for $2 from any NSTA office. Q. I plan to spend the summer in France and Belgium. Beyond bonjour and merci my French is nil. Can I take a short course abroad? A. An excellent idea. American students planning to spend two or three weeks or longer in a major European city can inquire upon arrival about foreign language courses — some very inexpensive — at the local Union of Students office. Tourists Save Tombstone TOMBSTONE, A R 1 1. Known as "the town too tough to die," Tombstone today owes its life to the tourist. It was teetering on oblivion's edge — almost became a ghost town — until the Tombstone Preservation Sdciety.was formed and started to work assembling old landmarks like the O.K. Corral, the famous Epitaph, Tombstone's newspaper, and Schiefflin Hall, known as the largest adobe building in the U.S. The front page of the Epitaph is printed in the sa^e format used in the 1880's. News of today's world is reported in yesteryear journalistic style. The Epitaph received its name after the founder-editor, John Clum, said "every Tombstone needs its Epitaph." The name Tombstone came about when prospector Ed Schiefflin was told by cavalry in the area that he would find .only his tombstone in the region where he proposed to mine. What tourists always look at in Tombstone: Wells Fargo Museum, Wyatt Earp Museum; Rose Tree Inn Museum; the Histororama in Schiefflin Hall; St. Paul's Episcopal Church (oldest Protestant church in Arizona, built in 1882); Bird Cage Theater with original 1881 fixtures: Camillas Fly Studio with Old West pictures, 5===S=5S= PANORAMIC RESORT DOC'S LODGE ON STONY POINT OF LEECH LAKE NEAREST BEST FISHING SPOTS FISHERMEN FAMILIES 'Modern collages, BIG BOATS, motors, harbor, level grounds, beach. Everything for the fishermen, enjoyment for families. Phone (218) 547-1772 ' Gordon & Bena Erickson, Walker, Minn. 56484 At th« nerfh enfranee t» ai ^--Devil's Lake State Park. Modern heuiikMpinf eettMH,,, aeeommodat- ini 1 to I people. Playiround fa- cifltiit. irocerv store,, bar iei. premises en f Go", rV »i«re-horsys, and • Reservation In- . , »• swimmlni n«irb». quiritt, C/O Pinor«mle «ewrt, iox 45, Biraboo, Wi*. BEAVER DAM RESORT "Vacation Spot of Southern Minn." German and Jefferson Lakes Modern Housekeeping Cabins Lakeside at Lake Level Equipped Playground & Picnic Area Camping: Trailer Parking Baits; Refreshments; Motors Info., write: Super's Beaver Dam Resort, Cleveland, Minn.: 5MI17 Phone: Cleveland, Minn. ! 3331 Next weekend, take the kids on a trip in Iowa. (Doesn't that sound more interesting than what you did this weekend?) For information on where to go, write: IOWA DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION Tourism Division, Dept. R-1, 250 Jewell Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa Welcome the list Annual "SONG OF HIAWATHA PAGEANT' Pipeslone, Minn. July 16-19-20-25-M-27 Aus. 1-2-3 Write: Chamber of Commerce Box 551, Pipestone, Minn. 56164 FOR FISHING AND FAMILY FUN LONE LAKE RESORT, AITKIN, MINNESOTA 125 mi. from Cities. Hskp. cabins for 2-10, J50 and up. Bo-its, beach, playground. Walleye, northern, bass. can fish. Rates for pastors. W. & C. Shodean, rtoute 1, Ait kin, Minnesota, AC 21S-6/B-?486 BEAUTIFUL IOWA'S FUN VACATION CAPITAL .'• AWAITS YOUR PLEASURE You'll have the happiest time ever at Iowa's Famous Fun- Vacation Capital! It will be a time to remember. With the endless list of things to do, you'll remember vour slay long after you've gone. Get complete details on Iowa's "Family Approved" vacation spot! PINE CONE LODGE ^ For Family Fun ofld Finest Fishing American or. European Plan. Carpeted cottages available. Excellent food—daily maid service. Planned recreation programs. Finest bathing beach. Movies. Outdoor sports and water skiing. Golt available. Write Jeff Brand tor folder or phont 732-3021. Pine Cone Lodge, Dept. 22 • Park Rapids, Minn. DEN PUB—tail— walvr iki—ttnnii. The comfortable rooms und coliagei art all air conditioned. Writ.: Madden Inn, Bo< 317, Iraintrd, Minn., IM ctlor folder, tr call IL'Ifl) 02B-;'8II lor •mrvKtrrii: tastnCnriirTncfir ZtbraCoflMTilfc-KM.yi, Africa Mail coupon today for free tour guide packed with exciting facts on the great greens of N.E. Oklahoma. See the olives and emeralds of lakes and trees. Dip into sea greens, play on the golf greens, walk barefoot on moss greens. i Qreen country P O. Box P Bartlvsville, Oklahoma Name City State- .Zip Cod*. We can't take you to the moon yet. How about Europe or Japan while you're waiting? When moon travel becomes possible for all of us we'll be glad to take you there. In the meantime, why not join us for a leisurely holiday here on earth, Fill out our coupon. We'll send you free color brochures with complete details and itineraries. And ask about our economical pay-later plan that lets you see Paris or Hong Kong for a few- dollars a week. But hurry! The southern Europe holiday departs in September/the Orient tour leaves in October.. Come to think of it, with great tours like these the moon can wait. Let's see the world first. — — — .. - - -a _ - _.._ SOLIDAY'S HOLIDAYS 1202 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Yes; I would like more information about CJ The Southern Europe Tour. n The Orient Tour. Name Address Soliday's Holidays a division of Warren Travel Agency. Inc. 13W Grand Avenue • Des Moines, lowi 50309 • 515/288-8969 Slatc_ • inttrtainrntnl • Ntw Fun Spa Wlilt lit Colorful Iroihurt Vayij«ur, In 317, Irainttd, Minn. PHONE 3II-839.6936 STANflON'S MOTEL 931 N. Capital Street Wisconsin DelU, Wis.-Phone 1S4-7M1 15 modern units in quiet downtown residential area. Family groups Invited TV's in 8 rooms. Spacious lawn . . shuffleboard . . . city pool privileges. S6.00-SIO.OO per couple . S12.00 tor four . . . $15.00 for ilv^ mm HOLY LAND -TOUR For $90 down and less than $40 per month, you can walk in the toot- steps of Jesus In the Cradle of Civilization for the total cost of $898 — complete and all Inclusive. Relive past history and experience it first hand in the area dominating current world attention. Experienced leadership ACT NOWI For further information write: Rev. Raymond W. Fechner . 4010 First St. DCS Mointi, Iowa 50313 Ph.: (515) 244-3470 Arrangement* by WHOLESALE TOURS INTERNATIONAL, INC. NYC. Sec-Travel & Transport for the Year's Finest Charter Tour Direct from OMAHA " HAWAII ; 569 15-day holiday to Hawaii and Neighbor Islands Nov. 9-23 per person twin basis plus tax •fa Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Kona, Hilo, 4 islands. * All first-class hotels. •fa Sightseeing in small group, personal escorts. •fa Charter air fare savings. No clubs to join. •fa Fly via World Airways 707 jets. See us before you aigti'np for liny Hawaiian vacation REPRESENTING BERRY WORLD TRAVEL, INC, TRAVEL & TRANSPORT Cedar Rapids 210 2nd 51 SE 364-1504 Council Bluffs Fort Dodge Warden Bunding S7*-ll»5 . Sioux City •••••••*..••••»•••••••••• Pleaia lend Hawaii foldtr. Namt Address City ..!.'. statt DMR 72769 The big surprise: TRAVEL a^td VACATION NEWS among them one showing the surrender of Geronimo; Boothill with graves of 180 characters, many of whom died with their boots on. Visitors also can take underground mine tours. LOW WATER Bad Water Pool in California's Death Valley National Monument is the lowest surface body of water in the western hemisphere (280 feet below sea level). All aboard for Alaska—Aug. 4. Nent tours — Maritime Island Sept. 23 - Oct. l§. $414. S«pe, Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, etc. GWEN OLIVER Williamsburq, Iowa 52341 Phone 319-6*8-1859 »-»»»»«» »»^«-»* »»•»»• »^ CALIFORNIA ....n JASPER n NEW ENGLAND., a I (wont, a MK»»M....n ptc.mmsr. a IFIMHU .. n E. GAUM .. .n nuwsnK. n I NUM..LI mUHEANS.n MJUOCKKS..M <tidrt!..'ffi»i>'mt'i'tmliricrittfffff. \ o ? TOURS 67 EAST MADISON ST • CHICAGO 60603 . MARK j ' TWAIN! CAVE. I M/j miles louth of Hannibal on* 'I scenic Highway Mo. 79. Visit thisj "famous cavern*and many other* points of interest in Hannibal. 4 READ THE WANT AD PACES IN THIS NEWSPAPER TODAY INVITES YOU TO ENJOY THE MIDWEST'S FAVORITE FAMILY VACATION LAND * RESORTS-MODEST TO LUXURIOUS * THE FINEST IOATINO WATERS * GREAT FISHING * GOLF * CAVES * ATTRACTIONS GALORE Missouri's Largest take-Truly the Ozarks "Fun-Tier" ONLY A SHORT DAY'S DRIVE FROM DES MOINES-1N MILES ' WRITI FOR FHH 72-PAftl COLORFUL MAP AND RISORT ftUIDI LAKE OF THE OZARKS ASSN, INC, BOX 2, UKE OZ1RK, MO. 65041 SMART COUPLE BOB AND LAURA ADAMS TOOK A 6 DAY, 5 NIGHT FREE-SPORTS VACATION * < AT THE ELMS MOTOR HOTEL FOR ONLY $89.00 • (AND YOUNG MIKE SHARED THEIR ROOM, FREE) Mike spent most of his time in our free day nursery while Bob and Laura played 18-hole championship golf, played tennis and badminton, swam in the pool and learned archery. They took steam baths and saunas, went dancing and saw movies—this was all free! All 15 of Bob's and Laura's meals were included, so the only extra they had to spend was for Mike's meals and a sitter the one night he wanted one. Do the same on your Elms Motor Hotel free-sports vacation, or add horseback riding, cycling and Tally Ho rides at reasonable rates. See your travel agent, or call our Kansas City Reservations Office:'(816) TH 7-4374. "From $8900' per person double occupancy, including 15 consecutive meals. Children's meals extra. Other plans including 3 days, 2 nights, $37.50 per person double occupancy, including 6 consecutive meals. ALL ROOMS ARE COMFORTABLY AIR-CONDITIONED Elms Motor Hotel EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MISSOURI Just 25 miles from Kansas City Limousine service available on requebt PHONE: (lit) ME 7-2181 . GOTHAM HOTELS «nd MOTOR INNS IN THE U.S.*. AND CANADA J kansas city citv of fountains w AUGUST FUN! ROYALS BASEBALL SPURS SOCCER . STARLIGHT THEATRE August 4-10 Damn Yankees August 1- 3-Cleveland August 13-St. Louis 15-17—Boslon 19-20--New York 22-24—vVashinslon 29 -Ballimore August 11-17 August 18-31 Merry Widow with Ann Bivlh Mame with Gretchen Wvter Wrile now lor your Kansas City Summer Fun J discover surprising kansas city THE CONVENTION & TOURIST COUNCIL OF GREATER KANSAS CITY* 1212 Wyandotte / Kansas City, Missouri 64105/1818) 221-5242 ? - J

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