Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 13, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1942
Page 2
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:IPAGE; FOUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Friday, March 13, 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avafonche-Journal Offices , """ " " O I "It " :is generally the idle who complain they cannot find time to dp which they fancy they 1 wish. * • * /CHINESE proverb: He who can\-> not smile ought not to keep a shop. * * * D EAR MISS TURNER: Please give us some information in regard to sugar. I have several friends who would like to have this information. 1 have a family of four and last fall I bought 100 pounds of sugar, I do not want to be a hoarder so what am I supposed to do with the sugar I have left? I had understood we were to sign up for what we had and not buy any more until all on hand was used up. But now so many are buying to hoard I'd like to be set right. A Reader. * * * D ' EAR READER: We talked to members of the Lubbock rationing board and learned the following: On the day that sugar rationing goes into effect, which will be sometime this month, you will be allowed to have on hand in your kitchen two pounds for each member of your family. Registration day is not far off so it was suggested that you take the remainder of the sugar back to the store where you purchased it and where your money will be refunded lor it. You will not be considered a hoarder if you return the sugar because there are many persons like you; persons who purchased commodities in large amounts last Jail before the war started. : Congratulations to you for being patriotic and earnest about the sugar deal and we are sure that you will be joined by many others in the approaching "Bring Your Sugar in" campaign. * + * TROUBLE, TROUBLE I F you are on the last pages of your income tax return you'd like a little fun in your reading this morning. We mentioned the ever lasting tilting between men and women in our Thursday column and this morning we offer •excerpts from the pens of two clever writers, Bud Kelland and 'Katharine Brush, to prove it. The theme of these little essays "is "The Trouble With Men" versus ;"The Trouble With Women." : * * * ' -Bud Kelland, writing on "Women ^-Trouble" says: •. The trouble with women is: •First, Hhey are too practical. If a •/woman comes out to help you look 'at the moonlight, you know she is 'mentally calculating how many :kilowatts the moon is wasting. If two horses are running in a •race, one named Security and one 'named Romance, you may be sure .her bet is on Security. When you 'meet a woman for the first time and she looks you over from top to ,toe, as she always does, and a soft C ubs Plan Future Socia s, Feature St. Patrick's Motifs Thu a- light of admiration glows in her eyes, it is not for your physique, but for your earning capacity. Second, they are too impractical. A woman will turn the thermostat up to seventy and then open all the windows to let in cold air. She does not perceive that this smacks o£ inconsistency. She is goddess of the installment system. Immediate possession outweighs a calendar full of days of reckoning. She would rather marry a good dancer than a good provider, and she would rather have a man jump f.o open a door than leap to open a bank account. The trouble with women is: You never can add one of them up twice and get the same sum. A ND now Katharine Brush dips her brush, pardon us, we mean her pin, in sarcastic green ink and writes: In the first place, men are noisy creatures — they are newspaper rattlers, and shower-bath singers, and door-bangers and snorers. And in the intervals between these uproars they say, "Can't we have a little quiet?" Men do not want to go out in the evenings, and then—once out —they do not want to come home. By the same token, they dislike to dress in evening clothes, but are enchanted with the way they look when you have finally talked them into doing so. They make fun of women for prinking in public, but they themselves cannot pass a mirror without a slackening of the footsteps and a glance at That Handsome Fellow. hibit in war and in sport is con- picuous by its absence when they are mildly ill in their beds at home vith one degree of fever. The per- onification of mortal terror, as a matter of fact, is a man removing thermometer from under his tongue and discovering that the mercury is even fractionally in the red ... Ah men! 1941 Club To Honor Husbands Wednesday For the purpDse of planning future socials, conducting bu5>ness meetings and featuring the St. Patrick's day motif in informal 1'eUowship hours, a number of organizations held meetings Thursday afternoon. Final plans for a social \vf:re made at the 1941 Needle club meeting with Mrs. Wesley Smith, 1309 Twenty-fourth street. After church services Wednesday night members and their husbands will *- he c! ' J b March 25 at 3 p. m. Special Guests Attend Loyai Sisters Meet Mesdames John Ha!), L. H. Shcltcn and O. V. Bagwell were special guests at the Loyal Sisters Needle club meeting Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. John Morrison was hostess. Members present were Mesdames L. R. Wood, W. H. Trice, Fred Rogers, D. A. Atkins, Roscoe Webster, B. E. Noell, J. G. Oslin, Ralp'.i Moore, Bruce Hendrickson, L. Walthall and D. A. Davis. Mrs. Oslisi is to be hostess to Today's Events. * * HE RE'S QUICK ' Try3-purpos«Va-tro-nol.It(l)shrinks . swollen membranes, (2) soothed -Tita- tion, (3) relieves transient nasal cou- 1 gestion... And brings great- cr breathing comfort. U i> vc You'll like itl Follow »'*** .directions in folder. VA-TRG-MOL Women's P-E Classes Contribute To Work The Works Projects adminis- xation recreation project, through .he Defense Unit, reports an active contribution on the part of the women's physical education department at Texas Technological college. Girls who are members of the Recreational Methods course at Tech college, composed of majors in physical education, will be in charge of a Game Night to be conducted Sunday night. Hub-ettes from the Major and Minor club at the college, also enrolled in the physical education department, act as dancing partners in a class in popular dancing which Miss Mary Ruth Diltz is conducting. meet in the Thelton Hamilton home, 2318 Sixteenth street, for an informal gathering. Mrs. A. E. Dietering will be co-hostess. Mrs. Weston Pottey became a new member at the meeting Thursday. Others attending were Mesdames Dietering, Gordon Douglas, C. F. Henry, Ivan Flynn, Meritt Clark, J. H. Jackson and Palmer Sime. Mrs. Clark, 2511 Twenty-sixth street, wil). be hostess March 26. Child Study Club Has Business Meeting For a business meeting, the Junior Sunshine Child Study club met with Mrs. Herman Bruckner, 409 Nineteenth street. Attending were Mesdames Rudolph Peel, Don Robertson, John Portwood, J. Ray Lee, A. R. McGuire, jr., Martin Graves, Heston Havens, Ralph Robinson, Wayne Martin, M. H. Porr, Max T. Davis and Lester .Cooper. A meeting March 25 will be held with Mrs. Cooper. Mrs. Velma Morris Is Homebuilders Speaker "Teaching Our Children Economy" was title of a talk given by Mrs. Velma Morris at the Homebuilders club meeting in the home of Mrs. J. D. Stalnaker, 2211 Twenty-sixth street. Mrs. Harry Stalnaker was a guest. Members present were Mesdames W. A. Lindsay, Weidon Strong, E. J. Dresser, Paul Ward, Bates Witt and Jack Ray. St. Patrick's Day DFD Club Pledges Are Initiated In Home Eleven pledges to the DFD social club were initiated Wednesday night in a ceremony in the home of Mrs. W. E. Humphries, 2009 Broadway. These girls were Misses Elizabeth Belew, Patty Thornton, Barbara Hale, Mona George Hamil, Dorothy M i s k i m i n s, Jo Ella Baumgart, Betty Diltz, Melba Bankston, Mary Frances Bledsoe, Jane Rogers and Jackie Wilkison. Luncheon Plans Made By Needlecraft Club Plans for a covered dish luncheon were made when members of the Needlecraft club met with Mrs. Ted Zachary, 2318 Nineteenth street, Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Buster Vaughn, 1912 Avenue K, will entertain March 25. Mrs. E. B. Moss was a guest and members attending were Mesdames Troy Phillips, Buster Vaughn. Buddv Hacker. Taylor Scott, E. L. Burdett arid Lloyd Bentley. Calvaiy Baptist Intrrmtdiate Girls aux- ilinry, 3:15 p. m., church. Woman's auxiliary of Locust Street chapel, 2 p. m., chapel; Bible study. First Baptist W. M. S.. 1 to B p. m.. Sinser Siwlug Machine company; Red Cross tewing. Etit Side Bible Stud; class, 3 p. m., Mn. J. G. Hufttfdltr, 1609 Ave. E; Mrs. W. C. Henly, te?.ch-r. Homemalcers cliss of First B&ptltt church, 12:45 p. m., activities center; luncheon. Friday Needle dub, 3 p. m., Mrs. O. T. Williams, 3112 iOth St. Chapter AK of PEO. 3 p. in.. Mrs. W. T. Fain, HIE 33rd St., election of officers. Fellowship club. 3 p. m.. Mesdames C. H. Hurmence an^ W. A. Dyfces hostesses it F. R. Friend home, 2005 Broadway. First Aid course, sponsored by K. Carter P-TA. 3:15 p. m., room 110. school; Milton Greer, instructor. Rome Nursing course, 1 to 3 p. m., Foursquare Gospel church: sponsored by K. Carter P-TA and taught by Mrs. C. L. Adams. Homecraft club, 3:30 p. m., Mrs. R. L. Oldham, 2903 20th St. Tech Ko Sharl club, 9 to 12 p. m.. Hotel I.ubbock; tenth annual presentation dance; Jack York and his orchestra to play. hamrock Motif Used At Bridge Club Meet Plate favors and bridge tallies arried cul a shamrock motif at he Rendezvous Bridge club meet- ng Wednesday night at Hotel Lubbock. Mrs. Eraser McGuire vas hostess. High scores were made by Mrs. Mary Arledge, a member, and Vlrs. Charles C. Watson, a guest. Other guests were Mesdames David Smith and Mrs. Bob Gre- :ory. Members attending were Mesdames Hop Halsey, Curtis Reynolds, J. D. Jenkins, Misses Lalla D'Spain, Winifred Hay, Minnie lazel Gore of Brownfield - and Margaret Turner. Mrs. V. D. McBride Honored At Shower Honoring Mrs. V. D. McBride of 1909 Avenue L, Mesdames Dex Vessels and O. B. Williams entertained with a miscellaneous shpw- er in the Vellels home, 2120 Seventh street, Tuesday night. About 30 guests called. Motif Featured A St. Patrick's motif was featured at the Energetic club meeting. Mrs. Jessie King, 2124 Twenty-sixth street, was hostess. Pink and green •were the colors carried out in the living room and dining room. Refreshments of sherbert and cake with green icing were Drew Warren Home Is Scene For Meeting Members of the Las Amigas club met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Drew Warren, 2122 Twenty-fourth street. Mrs. J. B. Morrisset scored high in games of forty-two and Mrs. C. C. Jones made low score. Mrs. Raymond Waters was a guest. Members present were Mesdames Morrisset, Jones, O. A. Cunningham, C. G. Bell, Joe Johnson and Dow Smallin. The club will meet at 2:30 p. m. March 25 with Mrs. Smallin, 810 Avenue J. Mrs. G. W. Foster Is Hostess To 1936 Club Refreshments were served to seven members and a guest at the 1936 forty-two club meeting Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. G. W. Foster, 1923 Broadway. Mrs. C. P. Cox was a guest. Members present were Mesdames B. A. Maddox, Pearl Sampson, S B. Hay, T. A. Hulin, Florence Sanderson, R. R. Holmes and W. E. Watson. Mrs. Holmes, 2516 Twenty- second street, will entertain March 26. served. Plate favors were miniature St. Patricks. Roll call was answered with Irish ballads and poems. Sewing was done during the afternoon. Those attending were Mesdames Tom Arnett, Creek Brown, L. W. Bullock, Roxie Crausbay, Flora Nutt, Frances Van Dyke, L. W. Walker, R. R. Holmes and a visitor, Mrs. H. O. Waters. Mrs. Crausbay, 2813 Twentieth street, will entertain for the club April 9. Knitting, Sewing Are Diversions For Club - Knitting- and- sewing -were the diversions at the Work-A-While club meeting in the home of Mrs. H. D. Keith. Mrs. B. F. Rivers ' presented members with an apron pattern. The hostess gave • the poem, "Father's Thoughts." A St. Patrick's day motvf was carried out. Members present were Mesdames C. A. Ferguson, Carl Reese, Rivers and a Mrs. Day. "Build For Victory" Is Urge Given Club Mrs. J. C. .Stamford was a visitor and Mrs. W. M. Dunlap became a new member when the Southwest Ward Home Demonstration club met Tuesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. W. M Gaston. Miss Clara Pratt, county home demonstration agent, told fhi group that "we can build for vie tory by learning to eat the righ food and seeing that our familie eat the right food. The correc vitamins and minerals and pro teins will help us." Miss Pratt told members tha poultry diseases can be controllec The president, Mrs. Paul Judah distributed materials for Re Cross work. Members presen were mesdames Judah, A. A. Nip per, E. A. Johnston, Bert Elam R. O. Corcorran, Con Carawa> Mike Fry, J. H. Aufill and O. " Snow. The next meeting will be March 24 with Mrs. Caraway. Square Dance Classes Are For Men At Base Announcement has been received from the Works Projects administration's recreation office hat Billy Nation will teach a class n western folk and square dancing "or men at the Lubbock Army Flying school. Beginning March 2X, the class | will be conducted on Saturday i nights in the Hilton hotel ballroom ! from 7 to 8 o'clock. Mr. Nation is volunteering his services. Misses Weeks And McCrery At Sessions Sessions of the state nutrition committee and the state dietetics association in Austin are being at;ended today by Miss Margaret W. Weeks, dean of the division ol lome economics at Texas Techno- ogical college, and Miss Johnnie McCrery, head of the Tech department of foods and nutrition Miss Weeks, as chairman of the sub-committee on education anc nutrition, will take part in a rounc table discussion on dietetics. Dr Helen S. Mitchell, principal nutritionist in the office of defense health and welfare service in Washington, D. C.. will be main speaker at the sessions. cepted a position as a civil service examiner. Miss Welmaker received a bachelor degree in architecture and a bachelor of science degree in architecture from Texas Technological college. Cuba now hps 20,060 private automobiles and 9,102 cars for hire. Miss Welmaker Takes Job In Civil Service Miss Josephine Welmaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Welmaker of 2121 Seventeenth street, is leaving today for Washington, D. C., where she has ac- ^To Relieve distress from MONTHLY^ FEMALE WEAKNESS Try Lydla E. FlnXham's Vegetable Compound to help relieve monthly pain with its weak, nervous feelings —duo to monthly functional disturbances. It helps build up resistance against such distress of "difficult days." Follow label directions. Presbyterian Leaders To Direct Program Kecreationai activities at the i Community Center will be directed by Rev. W. Jack Lewis and recreational leaders • from the First Presbyterian church tonight Irom 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock. The center is located at Sixth street and Avenue B. Young people between the ages of 12 and 21 are invited to attend. The group will be assisted by Mesdames A. M. Cowdrey, Fairy Holt and H. A. Beaty, WPA recreation leaders. S. O. W. Hostess Is Mrs. E. C. Pool S.O.W. club members were guests in the home of Mrs. E. C. Pool, 2306 Adams street, Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Cecil Chance will be hostess at her home, 2214 Twenty-third street, next Wednesday. Mrs. J. L. Badley was a guest. Other members present were Mesdames M. F. 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