The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, September 7, 1967
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Weather Forecast Mostly sunny today with high temperatures 75 to 82. Fair tonight with lows mostly in the 50s some 40s at higher elevations. Tomorrow fair with little change in temperature. Lunch Boxes Feature Variety Of Designs Page B-l VOL. 84--NO. 275 Pntt Rim i News--11,000 Today i J ost--i3,sso , Total--24,S50 FREDERICK, MD., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1967 TWO SECTIONS 40 PACIES FIRST SECTION 5c SINGLE COPY 30c WIKKLV ·Y CAHHIBft Commissioners Want U.S. 40 West Dualized By EILEEN BURKE Staff Writer provements to Maryland 80 from U.S. 15 to Urbana, including a BALTIMORE -- The Fred- new bridge across the Monocacy erick County Commissioners Kiver. Wednesday asked for duahzation The decision to give the two of U.S. 40 west of Frederick to i roads equal priority was made Braddock as the num- after the two commissioners her one county project in a re- i present could not agree on which vised 20 year plan lor the State, road was more important. Roads Commission. During the first of a series of regional meetings here, the State Roads Commission invited Frederick, Carroll and Howard County otticials to update the 20 year needs study set by the SRC in 1C64. . Walter Addison, chief of plan- nine and safety for the SRC, told the county officials that the re-evaulation of the 20 year plan was a first step in a move away from rigid five, six or twelve Commissioner Russell Z. Horman favored improvements to Route 80. However, Commissioner Wallace E. Hutton said he preferred rout e 77 since it carried one third more traffic and is a major road Jinking Frederick to its neighboring counties. The commissioners included the addition of interchanges on U.S. 15 from FredencK to tne Pennsylvania line to bring the hignway up to freeway stand- year road building programs, i ards in the 20 year plan, but He said that by 1972 his i did not give the project priority agency hoped to establish a status. more flexible capital works pro-1 Jerry White, SRC coordinator gram which would stretch over for the 20 year needs plan, rcc- a five year period and include ommended upgrading U.S. 15 to yearly re-evaluations. [freeway status, but added he Addison warned the groups i didn't see any reason why rne that priority requests m a d e I interchanges could not be add- Wednesday would not be cons'.d-' ed after dualization of the road ered final until the SRC had 1 is completed, held hearings for all counties i n , The luture of 11, scheduled ur the state. completion during the current For their second choice, com- six year program, as well as missioners asked for improve- the secondary roads pro- ments to Maryland 77 from the gram for the county will be dis- Washington County to the Car- j cussed at a meeting of the corn- roll County line, including a missioners with the county leg- new bridge across H u n t i n g , islative delegation and a reprc- Creek near Thurinont, and im-' sentadve of the SRC Friday, a spokesman for the commission- ers said i In answer to a question on plans to bring U.S. 40 east of ! Frederick up to interstate stand- 1 ards, White said the SRC was planning to meet with Howard, 1 Carroll and Frederick County officials in the near future to By STAN GOLDBERG discuss the matter and then hold staff writer a public hearing on th e project. White said he would prefer to Roy L. Comer, th e 37-year- wa j t unt u gf^f 1972 wne n new old head football coach at Fred- federal funds might be av^il- erick High School and a three- ab i e before beginning any year veteran of the county cha nges to the highway. UAW Strikes Ford, No New i Talks Scheduled trucks. If the strike is a long one, Canadian production would be DETROIT (AP)--The United years, only token picket lines cars will still be shipped across Auto Workers Union struck the appeared at most plants. ' the border. He emphasized, how- Ford Motor Co. today, paralyz- Although the walkout brought' ,,,-_ thflt Vnrl t .I--. __» n\»n ing the nation's second largest Ford's asembly lines to a halt, e ^ er l * TM ~Tf AT^ r.utomaker and shutting off pro- the strike was not expected to to increase its Canadian produc- duction of its 1968 models in 25 cry up the firm's supply of j tion of Falcons and pickup state.?. new cars entirely. No new negotiation meetings A spokesman for the company were scheduled. In contrast to said that under the American- the mass picketing of former Canadian free trade agreement, , halted in about two weeks be~ ~ icause of a shortage of parts from Ford plants in the United States. The strike cut off all production in American plants, which normally produce some 8,000 cars a day and raised the possibility of severe damage to its standing in the highly competitive market that General Motors and Chrysler will continue to feed with their 1968 models. As it lengthens, effects of the strike could spread through the 'Astrobugs,' Surveyor 5 Await Launch Into Space CAPE K E N N E D Y , Fla. 70 hours aloft, the passenger list (AP)--A biological research la- Ir ay have swelled to more than boratory filled with millions of '3 billion, primarily through the bugs and plants is set to rocket ' a Pd reproduction of bacteria- into orbit as the first part of a cells, which may m u 11 i pi y ! space doubleheader. through as many as 20 genera- steel, trucking and railroad in- PLACARDS INSTEAD OF PAYCHECKS -United Auto Workers members distribute placards at local 600, UAW's largest local, as AP Wirephoto pickets appeared for duty after contract negotiations were stalled and the Ford Motor Company was struck at midnight Wednesday. The cargo of "astrobugs" is to llo _ ns durui ? t he . fll gh.t. , ,, rocket skyward today in the Som . e ml ? hut develop strange } dustries which Ford uses heavi- Biosatellite 2 spacecraft be- mutatlon s either m space or aft- j i y f or materials and transport of wteen 3 and 3:30 p.m. EOT. " they return to earth. Some of i its cars . Less than 13 hours later, at 3:39 rthe f , r , og e | gts ' TM r e , xam .Pi e ' TM \ The company, second in sfc* r.- .,,....._.. »- J....,-- ._*. *-.. l { o QM ^ the automakm g field) was last struck nationally in a.m. Friday, Surveyor's is' to ^allowed to develop into tad- Wast off from another Cape ? oles and then to Mi-grown f " the 13 experiments, biol- moon Biosateime 2 s to circle "gists will be able to study the - - - - - - - t U £ orm Q £ - _ , . _ _ _ 1961. Just 30 minutes before the Wednesday midnight expiration To County School Post Marines, North Viets Locked In Fierce Fight the earth for three days while ^[ owth and form of entire | of the old three-year contract, its soecimens grow, reproduce pla , nts ant £ anim als. structure' Fo rd rejected a proposal by end eat to determine what hap- and , « rowth ° f ?; lls and tissues UAW President Walter P. happens to biological processes when subjected to weightless, ness and radiation. i Aboard are such things as ·^a^asitic wasps, frog eggs, flour beetles, amoebae, vi n e ga r and basic chemistry of the individual cell. Surveyor 5 will pack a cam- Reuther for binding arbitration to dissolve the impasse. By then, and with no sign of SAIGON (AP) - American Marines and some 4,000 freshly mile from I plants, The battle raged less than a up from 125 reported killed and mold. .gnats, wheat seedlings pepper ments are there lunar soil to determine what ele- " many of the UAW's members at Ford plants bacteria and bread The spacecraft will attempt a difficult soft-landing in the Sea already had walked off the job i anticipating ihe strike. President Johnson has said he Earthquake Shakes 0 * . .Sail rraiicisco Open Housing T i TVT » T» i Proposal Not Ready (API -- An San Francis- a.m. There no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The police department, mo- Only business is meeting Aldermen of Minutes after the strike began, Reuther told newsmen at Ford headquarters in suburban Dearborn that he was "most disappointed." He had said earlier this year "this union is going to be tested like it has never been tested be- ^ ' . n i . i v i i i L i D v / i i i a i i v j i i i K i K i l . i i c J^a ' f i . *11 J the scarred field 1~078 wounded a week earlier. In all. there are more than 10 of Tranqui'litv near the Crate |fears . p to PP a 8 e W1 " damage school system, has been named fhe commissioners also asked equipped North Vietnamese re"- where 150 North Vietnamese Enemy casualties last week million things packed compactly Moltke. This is considered a i t n e nation's economy, to replace Dr. Warren R. f or priority consideration for a gulars locked in a fierce battle soldiers were cut down Monday were 1,507 in the previous week, in the spacecraft. When it re- likely spot for landing American Evans as supervisor of physical new bridge on Maryland 153 at over the blood-stained rice pad- and Tuesday. The Reds have The enemy total was the lowest turns to earth for recovery after astronauts. education. Eller^on, a new bridge across dies of the Que Son valley today lost 338 killed and 23 captuied in since the week ending last April The unanimous appointment the Western Maryland Rail- witn 188 Communist soldiers the valley in these two battles, 22, when 980 were reported of Comer, a native of Shenan- r oad tracks on Maryland 77 and 70 Marines reported killed, and 219 Viet Cong were killed killed. doah, Va., who was graduated near Rocky Ridge, improve- More than two battalions of and 16 captured in an abortive Action in the ground war had by Shepherd College in West men t s to Maryland 75 from U.S. Marines sweeping through the attack on the town of Tarn Ky ^en relatively light for about Virginia, was announced Wed- 40 to the Montgomery County paddies and bamboo stands earlv Wednesday. two mon ths until early this nesday by the Board of Educa- ij ne an d dualization of U.S. 40A west of Tarn Ky hit the Commu- Marine casualties in the Que wee k, when Communist forces tion acting on a recommenda- f r o m Frederick to the proposed nist force late Wednesday. The Son valley fighting now total 124 began showing signs of readi- tion of School Supermten- interstate 70 interchange. battle raged through the night kllled and 278 woLnded. ness f or renewed action in the ., dent Dr. John L. Carnochan. The commissioners accepted a with the Marines and the Nortn T^ battle 30 miles below Da northern zone defended by the Evans, who held the post for suggestion from County Plan- Vietnamese alternately charg- Nan g in tne northern war zone Marines. over 20 years, resigned in June n i ng Director Richard Crombie ing was the onl y significant fignt to accept a job as head of a for a relocation of Maryland Ihere waj frequent hand- listed in the da y' s war commu- special physical education pro- 153 to by-pass Myersville but to-hand fighting beneath the nique. A storm over North Viet- JJel*aulle Asks Foles gram at Trenton, N.J., State did not ask for priority consid- flickering yellow glow of para- n am limited American air College. eration for the project. chute flares. v , - Frederlck School Board officials said that Comer will remain as foot- fof th C e 0a rfmie F r r of e the k seS!; First Program Oct. 5 while his physical education classes will be taken over by other county personnel. Comer, a four-year Air Force veteran, who flew 28 combat missions as a member of B-29 and B-50' crews during the Korean conflict, will assume his post immediately, school board $62,400 Cultural Grant OK'd For County Schools strikes Wednesday to 64--the To Help Get U.S. leanest day in three months-but U.S. Air Force Thunder- Out Of Vietnam chiefs blew up tracks on the approaches to the Lang Con railroad bridge only 25 miles from the Red Chinese border. U.S. headquarters reported routine for ference: "I think Ford workers are able to stand the test." A city official said today that Henry Ford II, board chair- officials are still studying pro- man and grandson of the com- oosals for a municipal open pany founder, assailed the walk- ments later, reported receiving housing law, and that a dra f t cut as "totally unjustified and 15 or 20 te'ephone calls about of a suggested ordinance would , completely unnecessary." tne auake but no report of either not be retdy for consideration damage or injury. t-jmght WARSAW (AP) -- President Charles de Gaulle after a tumultuous welcome from nearly half { d million Poles called on his · 157 Americans died in action Communist hosts Wednesday ] last week and 1,588 were wound- night to join France in getting ed, about an average casualty the United States out of Viet- figure despite the lull in the nam. ,, , ,, , . , ,, . D , , , ,, . _ , -, , fighting during that period. B u t T h e 76-year-old French lead- The Frederick County Board Mrs Spiro T. Agnew, wife of eremy casualties of 1,035 killed er . a longtime critic of U. S. pol- bfficials said. of Education has received final the Governor of Maryland will were repO rted, nearly 500 less icv in Vietnam, suggested that Comer taught at Chestertown, confirmation that the Title III officially open the new Title III than the week before and the F f ance is ready to unde rtake a Md.. and Martinsburg, W. Va. Comprehensive Cultural Pro- Cultural Program series as a lowest enemy total since last hjgger rol · bringing peace to High Schools before coming to g ram has been a PPTMved for a special guest on Oct. 5, at 10 - - Bfi B · H - Frederick in 1965 He was an second year grant worth $62,- a.m. Miss Hole Casella will assistant to football coach Jack 40 °- T , T ,, . . open the second year's program Molesworth at Frederick befo.-e , Dr John ^ Carnochan Jr., series with four one-hour pro- taking over last season as head also received copies of the Con- grams at Governor Thomas coach when Molesworth moved gressional Record from Con- Johnson School Auditorium, on April. the Southeast The U.S. casualty totals were ground. Asian battle- to Thomas Johnson. While at Martinsburg, he coached the Bulldogs to t w o gressman Charles McC. Mathias Oct. 5 and 6. at 10 a.m. and 1 Jr. which included the Advisory Evaluation Report of the first p.m. An exhibit American Indian of historical items from 11-Poiiit Program Offered Tri-State Leaeue basketball I y ear ' s program. The Congress- New York and Washington mu- ^* . I rvt on yt/-\m rv»nr»*'1zir1 f Vi*» T3*-\o vr\ r\t «.^... w. _ , ..111 W A ^i;,-,.-.l^,.yv,-l ; *-. f^.^.^. championships. He also worked at Frederick as assistant basketball coach. Last year, Corn- Education, teachers, and advisory committee, for their in- commended the Board of seums will be displayed in con- 'unction with the program . Miss Casella will present er's football team tied for the terest and concern in making .. From Tepee to Totem Pole Tri-State League Championship. th ; s Program a meaningful and with stories and songs of the In other business, a Hagers- »uegral part of_ the daily edu- American i ndian . (Continued on Page 5) cational lives of the Frederick County students. (Continued on Page 5) Educators Name School To County Teachers Group The executive committee of ion wiih rpw teachers and main- the Frederick County Teacheis' tain a five per cent index. Association proposed a 11-point The program also has a ser- orogram, including plans for ies of personnel policies, in- 12 month employment, to the eluding business leave "to be membership at a special meet- established as a right." ing last night at Gov. Thomas These policies state that Johnson High School. there be a $20 increase in base FCTA President John Thomp- salary for each credit beyond son said the program, which 'he Bachelors Degree up to 30 vas presented to the school board at its executive session ,iours, $25 for 60 hours beyond the Masters and that all per- That new elementary school Emanon, which, the writer ex- o be built at the Shookstown plained spells "no name" back- md Bowers Road intersection 'inally has a name. It took the Board of Educa- ion three months of tedious de)ate, but on a suggestion by · ards. It was defeated. School Superintendent John L. received letters Matthews said that it was a- time that the board recognizes that Frederick is an Carnochan, who had favored historical county and we begin vpting on jt .-,, a , ater Hock Creek, said that he had naming schools after historical ing, he said, suggesting , places. But it was to no avail as the last month, is only a recom- -ons_ performing work of a pro- mendation of the committee. _ fessional nature. including It will now be up to the mem- summer and adult evening clas- bers to discuss the program fes - to be P a 'd at their regular 10 month hourly rate. This, as well as and make adjustments before teaching hours, teaching conditions, The program calls for the academic freedom and the like "development of a 12 month will be discussed with the recom- em P' 0 y ment program to include a full 12 month status with an- (Continued on Page 5) Mrs. Mary C. Hodgson, t h e Shookstown, Suburban, Mark _ oard voted, 5-1, Wednesday to I Twain, Shookers, Green Moun- . "" lame the school Waverley. ! '" ; " -*" 1 -* K -- Doara Waverley is a former name ;l the area where the school is «ing built. Suggestions came rolling into ' his suggestion included Roger vote for the winning name. be comparable to other jobs re- NEW YORK (AP)--The stock Board member Chris T. mendation and turned to Waver- iluaT le'ave.' Matthews, who favors histori- !ey. Matthews would not give The teachers would also get Stock Market «^al names for schools, said in as he cast the lone negative salary and fringe benefits to After it was named things quiring co'lege degrees. market made a small gain on he board after an article ap- Brooke Taney and John Hansan, wared in the News - Post that the first president of the United fter two meetings it cou'd not States in Congress Assembled- i n d a name. , B u t Matthews stuck b y h i s . . . , , _ ._.. ,_.. In a letter to Hallar Best, own recommendation of Bar- elementary should be kept in mends a 10-month salary sche- the start of a strike"acainst'the He called it "a b l u d g e o n against the public interest," and "tragic in its implications for the whole nation." The gap between the opposing positions was reflected in another news conference when Ford's top bargainer, Malcolm Denise, was asked if the two sides ever came close to a settlement. "I think I can answer that with a flat no," he said. looked like they might settle As an option for those who balance early today in active back to normal at the meeting might not want to teach 10 trading. until someone asked if the word months, the program recom- Ford was unchanged despite oard president, one party sug- f.ara Fritchie, which was de- Valley Elementary School, ested that they call the school feated last month. But that's another story. N E W SPAPEfifl fi C H i V E ® _ ,, dule that will keep Frederick companv by the United Auto County in a competitive posit- Workers Union. AP W,r«*toto HO HUM -- When you qre only six and going to school for the first time, it is exciting but the day gets a little long for little girls Barbara Shidelcr, a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Dean Shideler. was caught in this hig yawn in the first grade classroom at elementary school No 4 at Drexel, Mo. Teachers' Strikes (Jose Schools For 600,000 Youngsters By Th* Associated Press Classes have been postponed for more than 600,000 youngsters as several of the nation's school systems have closed because of teacher salary disputes. The number could increase to more than two million by next week. Detroit School Supt. Norman Drachlei put off indefinitely co- day's scheduled school opening for 300,000 youngsters. In New York a deadlock continued toward a Monday deadline. Michigan was the hardest hit of the states, with almost a half- million youngsters in some 17 districts on extended vacations "until further notice." Teachers picketed in some Michigan cities. In New York the Board of Education accepted a proposal by Mayor John V. Lindsay's mediation panel for a two-year. $125-million contract between the teachers union and the board. In a telegram to the United Federation of Teachers the board called for a membership vote on the proposal. The union agreed to the vote but predicted the rank and file would reject it as the negotiating team had earlier. The package would boost most teachers' salaries by $1,050 over two years to a starting 96,600 next S e p t e m b e r . The teachers had called for a c*l* l from 17,500 to $15,000. SPAPERf

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