The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 25, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 8
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y he tk fo io ta fo C£ ai Si cb ai T5 kt €( fc ti tT OS B b4 ir si t! ^ tl t< a- a zr 3? f* Jealousy Brings Death To Negro; Two Others Knifed Storm <Contln«ed .Prom LOCKHAKT HERE IN INTEREST OF RACE *".~- y"*" N |-' : S." ""• >> »~~13ii? jlfef V *~~ "S^^^^^^^^K^ -A* «. ^ Ttfe*~ a&JUC -^S^-J^ 1 -f i *j^** Ja^^SS?'-^ ^ ~~ ..%- x i^V-r^-^ %^,-"> -Xa.^^ff^Ffesr--^ -. '* •., -C- 5. _•>. -^*, -, - „, *. -<4VnMHHIAV> Heat -HOKET GROVE- — A single tfcruct of * Barlow knife in the fcarad of T^I** Battle, ue- -woman, ended the life of Al- ateta. Williams of Licksklllet settlement about S;SO o'clock Tuesday night when the dusky Hilda •aw' her husband. Clarence Battle. •walklEs: alons Sixth street near tbte tsesrro business quarter here. With Almeta. The blade of the knife -went atrai&ht to Alnietas heart and she zmir a few steps* stumbled and fell, while Clarence drew his own knife a* .Hilda, her rival disposed of. started in on hinj. A sw~y battle ensued, i.vimesses •aid.-and both Hilda and Clarence "were so badly carved up that they •were taken home for treatment instead o* to jail.- Examining trial has been, indefinitely postponed, pending: deve- lopements in their condition, officers", say; bur arrangements were completed for Almeta's funeral and it was held Wednesday r^orn- (Continued Frt>m Pace One> i school children. Bet these plans ! are not in keeping with our cons stitution or the resolve of our fore- 1 fathers to work for increasing op- 1 port unities for our school youths. i "The public school i* the poor j child's only hope. It must be kept iopen ." } Preposterous campaign promises I 3.nd radical ideas were attacked by \ Ma cry Hughes at I»ngview. who i said rne people would no longer be • fooled, I "The emergency of the- hour Is Otte> Charley Lockhart of I county, formerly of Scurry there Is 10:10. A fou«--toot tide i is in Paris Wednesday in the in- surged over the beach. ! terest of his candidacy for re-^ \ election to the post of state treas- Lockhart told The New* Wednesday he had no special pur- -Paris except friends and impress on them he still i* running: {Continue* 1 jPr*m One> Mustang: Island and they have no i way to leave. High water and | wind stopped the ferry service to pose in his visit to s Harbor Island Wednesday morn-i to visit with his fri falling: andj for office while, at the same time !ins. ; A steady rain was _ . ! heavy western swells were report- reoundinr every voter of led in the fr+* *»-«- - j proximity of Totuxc.time. i \ ictona. residents in crop is becinnlnj: to crack open. All cotton U said to be shedding profusely and reports- indicate the crop is already damaged by drouth. ife* heat. fi*r«r*l eiftteftt* »r* dry people AT* ftaiiHfcy water t Paris. Cattle ar* beetaninr .t*-. -* ler xome ..a* pavture* AT* dry an41 stock water lo»v J . JPATTOXVtLLE.—Almost everyone here is aaulinr water for and for stock. Readers' Views Only scattered showers, reach-; tgr a small part of the county July j <5\RRETT*S 1. have fallen since June 12. when dro^ continues here" and stock BL.UFP.- — The the last heavy rain fell here. I Reports from communities in this section received Wednesday the ? indicate that crop damage and loss water ** setting: scarce. To- Th* JKawa? We can't understand why it Is that the, proper authorities seem est number of worthless docs that Paris is -infested with the greatest number of worthless dcys that it has had for several year*. There is a reason. If tne situation to be left up to the citizens of lf there, reported I is general throughout the area. Re-1 needing rain. DIRECT-—Corn in this community is burned up and cotton is the that many Port O'Connor Prison (Continued From Page One) 3?olic£ at Denisors. near the Texas-Oklahoma. line. reported late Tuesday night that two con- Hies had been held up and robbed of more than S190 at a park in the outskirts of I>enison- **One of the victims ihorsiit. a photograph of Joe Palmer resera- bled one of the three robbers, who were traveling in a black sedan. Police Wednesday, however, discredited the theory that the rob- Ijers were Kaznilton. Palrrser and -BlaJckie Thompson. Police said the robbers were armed Tv!th machine s^=s- victims said the men were g fe a black sednrs or -coach <Ford V-Sl. Officers were investigating fhe possibility that it the same machine stolen MOTI- niszlit in Vemon by the iverson^ abandoned a. wrecked car in ditch.. It was identified as one belonging to Be. T. Ij- Goodnigr^t of Ca Id well. IBsrleson connrTr. arsd stoleT; Monday Tiigiht from where be had parked. It in froTJt of St. PauJ's "hospital in rtellas. He went to 3>aHas to perfornr: ar- operatioi:. T>aHas police were inclined to TSfnV -svhoever stole the car misrot isave been a Dallas s.ide is rfce let=7"s to CTDare. Hamilton's swe lieart. was held in jail at Ty azid officers had intercepted a ter Hasnilton wrore her two c "before his escape, proinisir-s Iser ia vTichita. Falls. "was ia "vTIcnita. Fa.Iis tc letter -was intercepted at ssd -was arrested, with a companion, when she ret •3. to her Tyler apartment M ler nEed Pros Page One) lion- Then the main group proceeded. to the chancellery, over- powerissr two sentries who remained oursids a2<i barricaded the Tlie police conimissiGncr said ' Aston Kintelen. Austrian minister to Konie, will take over tiie chaaceHorship. A Trooper, hewe^er, sa,i*i te come £rom Presicent Miklas to announce th,at Dr, 5viirt scr^us- .minister of justice and would over trie .eEt, and that all other reports were Sslsft. This threw the snruaticn ;n-.o confasior certain cii'" that of the yt&zl pirtsch ^embers prisoners It xfae ., withdrew Irpm the Ball- Jaasspiatz, 30 army trucks carrr- -1ns inaciisn* gxins, trtnch mortars, «ad other ec'-tiprr.ent appeared cr the square before the nearby Bnrsrfeeat^'- Two arrnored ca, -and s*v€3-3l arrbui&nces else were held in readiness- It wae ax this time that gov- *r2iirsent leaders net is the; haacs of the Nazis, gav* the pnrsch leaders ±© B=i="Jt« to The ' •iilticiatam was delivered by a Jfenst&dter Sta*raser ''n-e'w state storm trooper*. wh»r. Fey. for the first tJme, ap.p«are<J on a bslcorsy iu ». drlizHrLs? rain. started to s*pea.r: . Without to hear what Fey had to «ay, the srorm trooper dec:=tr«d: *1n' tbe isarce of the govern we give you 20 rrir.'Jtes to th* bxiildin.?"" Fey. pa1«, remain^ si lest anS. under the escort of three uniformed Xaa&e, turn*'^ back into the too grea: for them to listen to the empty promises and radical ; Ideas of «Kjme candidates for grov- i ernor." Hughes said. i- They know | that nothing but hypocrisy would ; :ea<i a candidate to promise to I build every man s. home when they } know he can't do it. • "1 s:asd tor the square deal ; for labor = for the rig-fat of collec- ! tive ba.rsa.inins wh s ch has sr'ven ! jobs to thousands. I stand for ies- ' islatios that wDl help the farrser ; 25.nd againsz ia_xes that will strangle ; b'jsiress, bis: or little, and throw i more out of •work." ; State rehai>i!itaticn on a per- I mazieni basis was advocated by C C. McDonald ai San Antonio- McDonald offered his plan as a ••substitute for federal relief- ilcDonald stressed his platform plank proposing state aid to in; crease home ownership. ilcDon: aid would extend state credit to i th© head of every family to enable ; Mm -o own a 54,900 home. The stats loan would draw five per cent interest and would extend over a 2& year period • The need for old z.^e pensions ; also •n.-as srresse-n by ^IcDor!aI4^ He ; said Texas should follow rhe lead ; of 26 other states Irs this respect. • A revi-sw of his legislative rec- ; ore was given t>y Clint SmalL He ; pointed to the part he played in ; enacting oil conservation laws. IT: I validating titles to river beds and ; to his defense of farnaers^ stock: men and dairymen. • "i believe that n>y legislative ! record is one that indicates I have • always bad in rniz-d the man 01" i si^all means, the little business ; man. tne ranclier &n<2 the Siiiail : farmer. As an attorney I hare ; r-ever corse any corporation prac- | tice." I Small declared the laws were ; aceorrate 10 conserve the state's -oil • resources, step bookmaking and ; cbeck lobbying- b:.t that AJlred • iisd iailec. to enforce tb.ena. I Torn F. Hunter at Mineola at; tackec the stand of his opponents i with reference to "big business." Hunter proposed to aid independent merchants fay a heavj- gross ; sa-3es las on tbe business _pi foreign oivned clsain stores and by keep: nig. in Tesas. as an added purchasing power, the profits from Texas* . lihundant natnra.1 resotirces. j Torn ConnallT, ca.£npaigr:Ing for : :-'_• n ami nation for vJnited States ; sc-nacor. lauded tb'a asricultural re; covery prograai of the federal g-ov- eriijnent and asked resonr.isation : or» the basis of his record- 'The only issue between me and | P ort » received from the various? iy opponents is they're out and | communities are as follows f I'm in." he remarked." Mr. I^ockhart is asking a second JBONEY GROVE.—The mercury term on the basis of his^ rec- soared to 109 decrees here Tues- by a. «ood breeze which sprang up during the ntsht and and Port i*vaca began moving out late Tuesday when the first. ported at Waco. Hillsboro, Bei- { ™ ^"office "andT'businesi "ad- | da - v but th * intense heat was raiti- ton. Temple^ Jefferson and in the ministration of the office, he said. ' " ' lower Rio Grande valley. Oae peculiarity of the twisters •was that in each instance, they succeeded extremely high local | temperatures, the storm at Wortham. droppias: the mercury 10 -degrees from a of 107 just before the storm struck. Waco had unofficial read- j Gulf coast town becaus» of the | storm, moved over the highway to ) Brazoria* early -Wednesday. Many ! motorists stopped here to aw»it | further ^eporrs on the gale's I course. J ccminued to blow Wednesday COMM.ERCE.— X light shower Continued From Pa«e One) here afternoon, cool• in? the atmosphere and a good Martin 2fetrkovich was the Indiana officers at the death scene, denied emphatically that Mrs. Sas« had any thins to do iaser trap. <Bras south of town a few miles CHICOTA. — Crops are needing rain badly, though, cotton is hold- ins up well. Feed crops are shorter than usual. Sonic aay is be- ins made. droutb is srettin* to be sefioas. Pari»; these . last about •• doc* would Ion« block of ice would in the center of oae of Farl»* i>aved street* one of the hot day* we are bavin? now. About all these dogrs are fit fr.: is to disturb people at niffbt with their continuous barking. We imasine though that the majority dog* bartc- of the people who own are not disturbed by their ing for they can stay up the rly everyone who does, not iuvre! 3. well is hauling water. Pastures arc dried up and farmers areTbav- ins to cut their jrreen corn to feed" cattle. .. as they Mrs. W. C Clark Talk (Continued From Pa^e One) This report farther declared thax. tne three prisoners were held «s 5iosta.^es on the threats they "be killed if the heimwehr Senator ^'ood'srard says he is -^^g: the race for s.ttomey grsn- ; era* solely or: his qnaliflcatio-is for ; ihe office- Ke asks 'or support ; because o; havzss- fo'jg'at or a. ; state iitiliry commission to safe. uL-ard the public; because of bav: inrr fa~en a leader In zie lrsv*stfsa- ; lion of use of stale relief fuses; : and :>*-casse of having- written . nia.n-y of the protective cla^isea i^ • tie state reHef bill, having- help- ei^in passing- the 23 orator! en bill. .the senator also says he is the author of the Is/w p^rzniizizss- j'zZS'&s to accept pieas o* grniltr in fejonv cases with oat ezn panel! r.g a Jori'. a la^r which has saved the state S500.003 a year in Jcr? fees. He also fo^^ht to give p«o- pK- of iejcas a chance to abolish tbe fee -system, which, has bees •p-'i-ie'y coaderssed as Ts^astef-ul an-3 extra, t?y snbrcltria-'' ^E sl>ci- jt:on to a vcte In the genera* elec- Ss-aatar ^'ood-ararc ciaiiTSjr 25 years experience in the practSce of c : .T-i! la— anc* 10 years in -he Tesas senate- He says vot€rr= ehould scppori fc:rn beeanse he Is "the b**st la.'»'y*r in the a.ttorn^y ^:ers- era!'E race, thoug-h not the best tlie Captain Thomas Duffy of the Sheffield Captain John — Blistering • • winds swept over Clarksville j 1 Tuesday, farther damaging the I Golf or the have to - A-few-days ago we were sitting, on. our front porch watchinx a little boy who was about eisat years old. as he was making: -a j-house-to-house delivery of papers. i As he threw a- paper on the porch °- bouse an old u •» t* •aforced Paris would har* about ** pvr cent leas do&s. , \. The season of th* year is neur when we*r« more likely to tmv* rabies amon« the docs. Why not use an ounce of prevention and save a pound of cure by cettiast rid of this pest before the editor its columns of some child. or- mayi> a do±en children bein^ 'bitten b a mad-dot:. T, JLRIOX- AI1 singers and lovers of group singing hare been tnvlted to attend a meeting of the Southeast District singing convention at Miixter Sunday July *9. An all-day meet- ins wi!l be held at the high school building:. Several visiting singers from out of the county. are ek- pected to attend the meeting as irel] as many from all parts of lii- mar county. Oectiparits of the automobiles j Mrs, Sage said the waier was at the top or | lurned over to the custody of t the six-foot levee at Freeport and \ federal agents Tuesday nighi, said ; , * dojr ran from tinder the house, at- In the semi-final match of t fce l tacked him. knocking: him down. but luck; would have it that sorr»e one was near "and kicked the d'»sr off and it. so happened that Mrs. Dudley Hubbard has returned to her home. 600 Hubbard street, • after having undergone >a tonsil operation at the Sanitarium 'of Parls. TV. C. Clark played Tuesday after- ng to cut corn Johnson on the eighteenth hole didn't set bit, The owner of this dog csnxe the house and said: "I don't ; Stege that Dilling^r came to her.] close round with neither]"ihink~datr dog aims to bite--no- obtaining much lead.j body: ahe jus* crazy 'bout hur Mrs. Clark and Mrs. { pups." ! Johnson had tied twice in playing? If we are not misinformed...we 1 this match. - - j have a city ordinance against doj;s — Everything | On Thursday the finals w«! be I runnias: at large. Also the- own- the same time have thesi tov»-ii. another theatre. And he said | | he wanted to go around the cor- ] _ _ 1 ner. , ! The towns of Ansielon. .t>razuri~. j .. We wa j ked otlt o f the theatre | and others In that section lost | and ^- ent southeast toward nay j their lights Tuesday night when j v, orise _ When we reached the Na- \ the power wen* off c^ie to the ; ^ O nal tea store, a big Taan posh- ! hurricane. j ed me or pulled me and stepped on ! On the island h oersons s.t the San Luis Pass • heard s. shot in front of me and I | t-oasi guard station. j iooked and , saw DOlinger on the 1 „, ,_ ,. , ,_ , 4 .,iJcroiind and 1 stood there and look- f The su!i disturbance had its;- omment in the interior oi Tex- ] ^ I , dl ° T 7- ^ n P " « fnend ) pulled me se west end of Galvestorx \ my foot and I looked around and- j heavy tides marooned IS I said "Say" and he had a gun. .£ \ as. where late Tuesday rreakish winds twisted about among cen- unroofins ns Sa3a .S<>t dernolisinnjc. rest- ^ ""^"e got on tfae elevated and I I was going home. We west to my 1 changed clothes and wem tral i buildings. dences and flat lines. One man. was injured at | - Worrnam near Corsicana, when A ! to tiie comer and every one was siied sear a cotton gin coliapsea j yelling that Dillinger was killed, and he was struck by falling bricks ; "1 did not know wrta.1 to think. and timbers. Dazsage at Wor- j Dillineer. Then I got scared. Then tfcam was estimated ac from f 50,- ' I went home." 0«0 to S100.000. ! : —— The twisters streak: at Worth&m. j in Freestone county; Kemp, K.auf- f county; Franklin, Robertson { county: a.n& BUS'JV. Palis eounry. I Hare snowers accompa.aied tlie ; ^ a sronsis E.nd raiiia were " TEACHERS' MONEY EXPECTED SHORTLY .Many JLamar Teachers Are ^r Salary Vouchers Teachers of jLsraar county -svao have been holding a- part of their salary vouchers may now receive cash for then:, according to Mrs. Mary Jones Zdndsay, coxinty superintendent. It is estimated tiza-t appropriately* 512,000 in teachers salaries will be paid within the next few days- Some tea-chers of tie cottnty have had to bold their seventh and eig'hth month salary vouchers since schools closed. Ftiads are cow on fcaud to pa— these, itrs. L^TSdsay said, and teachers are asked to present them at the bank for payment, Delay in payment o* the scholastic apjKXrtiCiiTnent 'rom the state aid a-ppcrtiouinents has nt aboct. the necessity for Rupert L. Ballard I -will apprecla±e yoar vote and influence for re-election, second term as your commissioner in PY«- cincc nassber I, asfcins- you to ns» n^y record for th* past eighteen months ELS your ^i:J(!e 5r: casting- yotir vote. - buy or trafi* tor yonr • StGre. Come in to see tia '•• best values in corae fur- I * H. Baker Furn* Co. j "The House Tha? Sell* r*cr Less~ ! MEN'S FINE Suits DR. F. L, WEAR WELL BE LION SPEAKER Dr. F. 1^. Wear. pa«rc<r of Centra- Presbyterian church -will b* the spea.ker at Thursday's weekly ivr!clj*"Dr of the Uons dab at the G-ibralta,r hotel. Jo*: ^". Wunfrch. president, will make a short report on the convea. tsoTj of L.:ons Inters Miss VTaiie Plnsc-s of Falls, fo-rrneriy o-f Pa.ri«. -arlJl render a, solo. Hear Attorney General James V. Allrcd Sp«ak <r\"er Radio Station: S3£U>. Dalla*. Tuesday ?ffg*rt, Jufy 24 Frosa 8:15 to 1O.1S er Attorney General Kobert I-e« Bobbltt will speak ; j%-er "WOAI. San Antonio the « same night from 7:3$ to S in b^liai; of Mr. Alfred's candidacy, A3I "the citizens around th<? •quare were tense and fea-rfcl SJE th* feocr of the •cltlsnafaTn cam* They expected firia^r to roornest, ForTVe vod Battery Strric* Street fipowi Fo«*offlce u« do your vulc&ciz!n« battery rech*r«ingr. VJ. «. T>. Bstwriem, I>e Tire* BiU's Tire and Bat- taiy Service W. Prop. The Weather Is Getting Hotter e3i tfce dawt stnd dirt Ja yotrr ««J±. nsafc* «n.^ it possible for tbe air to circulate freely, thus removing per»pfr*tloii. snalt- ir»g life eoo3er and more us YOCH sxxrrs DRESSES CITY STEAM LAINMY JI— 15 .79 Thk to $25 last chance too — to bt;y stilt* at thi* flu*: price — wait* that "30 m3on«" with yon «.n year-round. All size*, all raodelw ««d style*. Better harry In r^yw f<r*r v<>vr »el*^s- tionl I1*on» 14*4—Tlie IMVWC 9t<we of Pfurin. night, doing little damage. Ings ranging from 107 to 112. A! house last Sunday evening. _ _„ _ wi-d storm and shower at Luling. j Capt. Stege asked her. -After | her « including garden, truck patch- } played * wlth~3Ir^**I^nT Whftesidl i ers must pav a tax or these do^s i in the Sotitb Texas oil field, sue- you had your dinner Suaaay night. = ^ ar!<3 eori , ^ burning up, Peo- i meeting Mr" C-ark " ' - - • { ceeded a high temperature of 109. ; who suggested that you go to the - • : ' '..*"..: ' ; r . • j theatre?" ' - . KESU>EXTS FLEE' -DilUnger did." BRAZORIA. Texas, (.^.-A '^ «W»«rted that theatre?" streain of automobiles carrying Freeport residents evacuating the j __ reports indicated that the storm j move in direction i if you want jand courteous service m your new combined office of Assessor and Col'ector of Taxes, go to the polls Saturday and vote for Dorothy Latimer. (Political Adv. What will we have to go with it? It y s comparatively simple to choose the meat dish for a meaL Roast beef^ baked ham, chops or chicken are al- ways welcome. But what should be served with the meat to prevent monotony—that** the question* Of course you can turn to the cook-bookt for suggestions* For other timely ideas—food suggestions that are in sea- son and within your price range—turn to tfae pages of your daily newspaper- There you will find tasty, colorful fresh vegetables and fruits displayed; appetizing variety in canned and packaged foods; delicious desserts that are easy to make; crispy» healthful breakfast cereals, bever* ages that are appropriate for both young and olcL A's a matter of fact you'll be pleasantly surprised at tfa* variety of foods offered in this newspaper. By reading the advertisements before you shop, you will be better able to plan interesting meals* :/ \

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