The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 15, 1948 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 14
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Tfce Md.. - July 13, 19«» » 1 Sbop Box Derby Entrants To Compete For Many Prizes Big Leagues Resume Today Entrants in the Soap Box derby local run-off, scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon, are due to win valuable prizes, as disclosea by Ihe prize coram:i:ee~s displays in two local sties' vriadows. Jade possible by Civ-tan. K:wanis. Lions, Optimist and Rotary clubs is Freaeriek. the Sen:or and Junior Chambers of Conferee and local merchants, the pr.zes. are currently on display jft Kemp's. W' of the local race vi :11 receive the coveted N;cko'.ss D:cy- stadJ trophy, and an all-expen-e trip to Akrcc. Oh-.o to_co-r:pete -n the national f.saU i^e tr-p 'o Akron will be rr.ade pow.b'.e sy the Fr^-ricK N«v *-?o:. «·· -lo ; r of the '-oca: derby Secer.c lion o£ the J^sst precision ir. bund- ing a soap-box racer. Latest added prize is a trip to a professional baseball -game at Wathinstos for every boy who competes, this to be made possible by " John R Cheatham, local Ccevru-et dealer. so award will be a Co'.inr.o.a b.cyc.e through co-operat:on of De'.pnej. = Sport *tore T^rc place v,.r.:;er w~ii v/*c^ivi» 3:1 P C A * '""'-^ portable radio, courte-y of Shipley's Sportzns Goaav ttorc A Meteor candid camera, case, f-asn attachment and one corer. .*as.* bulbs from the Pho:osraphv ar.c Sport shop \v:l! be given the fourth place driver, and a l.shir.s rod sr.d reel will go to the mar, f:-th place, from Delphey^ Champion* from Frederick Carroll and Montgomery county w '.'. eacS«ceive^ badrr.ii'ton set from Shipley's, co:r.p'.e:e w:th rackets. cet. posts ard shuttlecock T:J«TC will be in adchfor.. fanlight- for the winner of every heat in the first round of competition And the driver of the fastest heat v.-;H oe fiivea a baseball :-.utt from Shiplev's Technical skills in bui'din? the -little soap-box racing car- «:'.! be recognized by an X-Ac'.o rr.od*.-:- makers too! kit for the ben design, aiven by the Shell O-l Corr.oaiv {he best upho!«ery job -A '.! be awarded the Co'.'.irs a"d Askman award, a precision ber,ch-\-;-e The car hav n? 'h~ I-'-' *-c' : -. · · ! ! · i for its' builder a Tru-temper f:h- ing rod and that ore hav^r.*; : %w b*st steering ···ie~'-.=r -·"· v i" likewise garner a Hoof ga^ol'ne motor for mod*-! airpianes for it'* owner. The most sportsmanlike driver ivill be awarded a basebaii mitt, and in the consolation pr::e division, a softball and bat co to the driver who has the hardest luck. ·with a baseball mitt as recopni- Court Won't Disturb Religion Of Child Ba'ti-nore Jutv H J -- A Pj'.'.i- rivre 3'jd^c denied fxiny a divcrc- i"d man pds!:c:x that hi*- fiv?-y*»ar- olci daughter t a brought up in her Mobrew filth b'J* co::'P t-ti'.cd thf i.ttte KirJ cv!5 jrsake up her own rjjnd uh^n the ":r-^e come* Juosc Er'ory H Ni'e- -j"'ng . a circuit court custody Co-e. ;-asrf that he ^aw no rea^nn ' i n infant \ to c.'ii"'b ·.'»«· !"o"he: * M^'AOOsnt ·ha: the ch:".ci -hcusd be a Lutheran " A pica ths Mr- George Foanoke Va ·T a 1 : a Jevi K !'.7e:i-t the court compel D Clsrk. 'r . of u ras^e their daugh- was n-.ade by Han- Eiltsrnore Mr-- Clark --a:'' 'hroiiuh sn a t - torncv :!r". -ho had never been a mernbrr of *he J'-ws-h fa:!h, a!- thouch her daushtPr. Beverly Carl If'brev " !". rc2;-:er : ns her birth Bevetiv !:.i- -jncf bepfi bapti/ed 3 3 Lu:h"ran. :h* snotht-r -:-id Ju!;;e N'sles :iJ'o-Aed Kat7i-n-''-in ful! cii'Jodv of E^VTJV for ciijhl ·Ac-ek« a veas :Tid the t t ^ h t to vi-it h:« tiau.thtor at \,trious« time- T!ie n-othtr and father were divorced in 1045 GRANTED DrvORCr ! Bv a decree -i'-jned Wednesday ' in ECiUstv Com! b A-^f.ciate Jii'Je*' Pa'.rirk M Schnsuffer. Mr L Maude Speak- !22 South Markci -tree* wa«: graat^fl an absolute divorce fioni Raymond C Speak*:, this city, on ground* of de-ertion and separation She ie.-tified before a court examiner that her husband ''doe=;i!'t even know her on the street " The defendant, represented by Robert E Clapp. J r . way directed to pay the court co;-'s New York. July 14 X"--Major League baseball teams go back to %%ork tomorrow alter a three-day \acation for the all-star game And the schedules show they're trying lo make up for the loit rime in, a hurry. Twelve games are on tap including the season's 8irj.t twil.gbt- mght doubleheader and the first afternoon and night twin bill. Cleveland'* American League leading Indians and tHe second place Ath'et:cs tangle in the tw.i- 5ijjht--.:ght affair in I'niSadeiphia A- has been the ca.-e every other "me tnc A's arid Indians have met 'h.- season first pincc ii at *takc in the ^erle^ The New Yoik Yankct-j -A ho traii Cleveland by only 2 : z games. ·A ill be at home tomorrow ni^ht to ti.e seventh-place Ss Louis Bruv.ii Detroit and the Red Sox will plaj an afternoon game a::d a game in Boston -A hi!e Chi- lago ar.d tr.e Senators are billed for a tinsle nsght game s:i Waih- sn{ton. The National League v. ill ice ·A hat can be done about the Bostor: Brave* Billy Southv.-orth's ciub ope--.ed a 5'-4 game sap over the M-c--d place Pittsburgh Pir- jte.- before the all-star laycST Ii's the first time the leading club hai been that far ahead all " in trie senior circus*, -ffar Brave's open a western tour with u da\jiKht doubleheader in ;;o The Cubs, -'.rar.Ucd :n la^t place finished up their pre-vacal- ' ion bciint-ss v.-ith three b'.raight * decisions over She Pirates I Third place St. Loins w i l l be at home against Philadelphia in a nirfht Kaine Brooklyn plays an after-dark contest in Cincinnati and Nt w York visits Pittsburgh for an afternoon doubleheader. 1 Takes Most Honors In Legion's "Boys' State' i Fort Meade July 14 --Charles ' Sitter. 17, of Cumberland walked j ofl v. ith most of the honors today » ai the American i^efion "Boys" i State" wound up its practical traia- | ing in citizenship. The ten day encampment, which . ie* up model city and state gov- , ernment. broke up * jrughl with a 1 farewell party. ' Sitter made a landslide of the ! major political contest when he' garnered 67 votes in the election. ci two Maryland "senators" to re- ' present the rtate in a National' Boys' Forum sponsored by the' Lesson in \Va;-hington late this month BiH rfancock of Middle River, Baltimore county, got th other i«.-:iate teat with 31 votes. Some 150 boys participated in the elect- · 2o:, each voting for iwo candid- Sitter's triumph v,-as his third in the ten days of pohsicking. He first was -lected mayor of "Key City", one of the municipal governments :et _:p by the campers Then he was nominated and elected governor and inaugurated in ' ceremonies attended by relatives and friends of the campers on Sunday Hancock was president of the Key City" council and became its mayor when Sitter advanced to the governorship. The Boya" State senate passed ' laws" calling for sex education in all Maryland schools, equal privileges for all races at resorts arid amusement places, physical examinations before marriage, conservation of natural resources, elimination of the Declaration of Intentions which is a prerequisite for voting, five-year renewal ol motor j to LaVere Tallman vehicle operatic* permits, and an- ) county. $10. nual safety inspection of automobiles. wife, tT*mtrt x -* /Mf f Equity Kosx; C Corum vs Howard C Corum, bill oi complaint for an absolute divorce. Marriage Licences Harold T. Keeney. 31, 228 East Patrick street, and Mary E. Summers. 28. Monrovia. Johnnie Richard Green. 21. Ixiv- eitsville. Va, and Mary Caroline .Nuice 1JC Knoxville. Earl K. Adams. 20. Fairfseld. Pa . and Dons C. Weaver, 13, Getts- burg. Pa. Property Deeded H Clay Putman to Jsmes H. Trusstrll and wife, county S50 Will-am H. Goodie!! and w:£e to Frederick A. Green and wife, city. Elite Tavern. Inc. to Elmer R. Glass and wife, county. S10 Howard L. Buffer and wife !o A Edwin Sparks and v. :fe. et a! county. 510 Harry W. K-ilpatricK and wife FAKE It CENTS Washington. July 14 W---The Interstate Commerce CoEomission today authorized a straight 10 cent bus fare between the District^of 1 Columbia asd nearby Virginia ; points, including -the Pentagon, Navy Arlington Annex, Army Air Aaaex and National Air- tion of Upper East Tennessee to-t day as 840,000 pounds of high ex- {plosive blew half a mountain side into quarry rock at South Holston dam site near here. Project Manager George K- Leonard said TV A engineers expect to obtain 1,000.000 cubic yards of rock for fill at the it. L. ZENTZ port. j t a i so approved increasing from J3 , 2 cents to j 6 cents joint trips., ; j nvo i v j n g transfer to or from buses · or street cars of the Capital Trsn- s ;» ^o _ BKTMC MtttfBUTOt TtOUKP CALL CAST END GKOCCZY 1«57 ANYTIME icrcial D« Franklii 1M E. Ctk St. Electrical Appliaj»c« AI:TO I N S T A L L E D ,,, ^. ^ ». .. . o. f j - i , u^ ·33 North Market SL. Frederick, Md. EECORD Bristol. Va-Teon.. July 14 «-- The largest blast in construction history echoed through this sec- HAROLD U. FRUSHOL'R Do not hesitate to consult this of- fiet- on Fire. AusornobiSe. Compensation or any otner Insurance makers HAROLD U. FRUSHOUP. 25 Wess Patrick St. Phone !:55 Frederick. Md. ' DAVII) O. GRIFFIN WHEN WILL YOU BE SUED? At any time you may be the defendant sn a !i3b«!::y su::. if someone is injured on yotr residence premises or thru your parlicipaiion in any sport activisy or game Asic about Comprehensive Personal Inability Insurance. Low cost for this modern protection. Now IsThe Time For all carpentry work, repair- inr, remodeling, new construction. «ee Thomas Constr.En^. Co. 310 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J 1 Modern well equipped hwv. taurant tpfcolizmf in chicken " j dinners, modern, rest room*. i equipped kitchen, new oil (h. w ) be*t- | qtrs. with modern tiled bath. New »·- rage cold storage refrigeration room, few tourist cabins. Complete kitcben, and dicing »m. equipment «· fixtures included for quick sale. A quick start · - " T r y ! ConJuct--H. L. Zentz. REALTY. Taaeytown. aatzj "I ROOP 1 acre. 6-room frame house, electric ! good well water, front and side porch- · *s. concrete walks, nice lawn, chicken . and brooder houaes. garage, etc. This house and buildings are all nicely painted with good -netal roofs ia good repair. Close to stores, churches, etc., right along Route 26 between Tavlont- P. B. HOOP Phone 85-J New Windsor. Md. «»» *, M..* »v!ofs- · 5S,3XMB I MURRAY C. BOHN PEOPLES FINANCE CO. Mosses have been known Jo build sip deposit"; of limestone by becoming tncru -tf«.! with Isme, with only the green tip- .-hov.'inii. Avon Cosmetics offer housewives a Rood earainp opporiunity. Openings in Thurmonl and Frederick. IVrite AYOX DISTRICT MANAGER 71S Yirslnia A\ e. Maryiznd DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined -- Glasses Fitted 41 North Market SL Phone 835 Top Soil and Flagstones BLUE RIDGE BUILDING SAND AND STONE SUPPLY Stones for Roads and Driveways ALSO FILL DIRT FOR SALE CHARLES MARINO Care Rose Tavern, Phone 1614-J Dump Trucks for Hire E L E C T R I C A L W I R I N G Residential. Commercial and Industrial FECTtJRES OF ALL TYPES AND REPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Avc. Phone I6O1 FOR SALE New 6 room houses with all modern conveniences. Immediate ponentau. Cm be financed. Apply CURTIS W.THOMAS SlO Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J FOR RENT 5 Modern Offices Downtown location within a block of Court House and Square- Large parking area for occupants and their clients. All offices are modern and ran?e in size from 2 rooms containing: about 375 sq. ft., to 4 rooms containing- about 800 sq. ft. All liax-e private toilet facilities and excellent ventilation. Available in about 60 days. Apply: G. M. Chnplinc. Phone 1019-J. ELASTIC HOSIERY Comfort, taiforni prcssa.-* *s; long w*«r cxa b* cbt£m«d oc!r froni £)«xt!c Ho**«nr tt*«t i* sct«ntiSc*Uv constructed from trash, hr* mbber «nd th? but _ p:oc« of B*c;ic Hosiery ioH la ocr stcrcx it Rtanufac- ·spvcUHf for to, ocr own ip«ci5c«- «aii c»Ti«i cor of suairty fod Our con-pitta stock of coeuiti of; Ank- lafs. Ka*m CADS. . of 'silt and hn«n Er=»ri- »d flttcri al-ajr on if. No cha-g» for coi- SPOT PAO TRUSSES ASOOMINAJ. . ERACS WILLIAMSON'S Drug Store Want Extra i s CASH in a :-'· HURRY? Just Phone ^-l : Famish us -with s. few = rirnple fact?--tell u« how j much to set a=ide for you. · " The money most likely i ±* v;II be ready for you by \ | the time !t wilj tatrc you · to reach our office. " = $25.00 to S300.00 · LINCOLN 141 W Pa,r)clt St. Phone 1279 Get y«§r ( P. L. Hargettfc Ca We believe you will find here all the supplies you need lo do the best, easiest canning job ever. Below are a few special values you'll be interested in. COLD PACK CANNER Seamless steel kettle with porcelain enameled finish. Wire jar rack lifts out. Holds 7 quarts S1.98 2-QT. ! Rotary RICER '1.70 RED RVBBER JAR RINGS : DOT:. JAR WRENCH PRESSURE CANNERS A hish ffrade aluminum canncr for quick, safe, easy canninc of fish. meat, fowl, fruit. Heats Seals or open* anj fruit jar cap easily. Finished quickly, will not leak. in m^t resisting chrome. 21-qnart capacity S22.50 45 Complete with wire basket ALUMINUM JAR FUNNELS 15c ADJUSTABLE JAR HOLDER 49c QUART PYREX MEASURING CUPS 75c ALUMINUM LADLES . 25c Just Arrived--PICNIC BASKETS S1.69 $1.95 P. L HARGETT CO. 52-56 South Market St. Phone 182 Frederick, Md. Farm Pumps Installed And Repaired Pipe Fitting CARTER L.REID Phone Bradilock Ilfjts. C271 DAVID O GRIFFIN INSURANCE 27 N. Court St. Phone 600 Loans can be obtained here by both . men and women, single or married. ia all types of employment and all walks of Ufe. Anyone past twenty- ore with regular income and the ability 10 make monthly. semi-montn- Jy payments may receive a loan here. ' PEOPLES TIXAXCE CO. Phone 1473 11 North Court St(A home small loan Company) i 53-A. 6-rooca frsme house, electric. wat*r at house 3e barn, all bids*. UD- ·der meial roof, fair repair, some Urn* ber. good nneadow. 2nd. grade dairvl [ half hay crop and 2 acres tomatoes go with farm, early possession. Owing ' to age acd sickness this place has been reduced for quick sale to osily J6.50O. I Owner desires quick sale. -~ MURRAY C. BOHN Real Estat* Phone Union Bridge. Md_ S-J -NOTICES EXECUTOR'S NOTICE \ This is to give notice that the sub. scriber has obtained from the Or- , NOAH E. CRAMER^ 3^ SON CITY HOMES FOR SALE HARRY E. MOHLER 6 room brick house in good condi- al _ ,,. . Eight room brick dwelling, oil heat. Soors. garage, sieam heal, tUe bath! EMilA POPE BROVVX · bath - w es £ Third Street. Immediate ' concrete basement. N. section of town, late OS Frederick County. Maryland. ' possession, owner changing residence. \ ^ ck P°*S- deceased All persons having claims! Modern residence, six rooms o;I ,, . h moc e r n bungalow, steam against the deceased are warned to : heat, h a r d w o o d floors. Garage. ! o ' TM ^ . ±!?TM immediate poss. exhibit Ihe same, with she vouchers . Grounds landscaped with lovely a _^ vr/T' ' n «sern apt. house. 4 room ·hA--Anr iLrt^iii. m*^».vk».nHB«ri ·«. »M A c-i»-«*KK»^-I* inrt VH^UP- n......... in»..._t. a --Q p3Lfi Qii cacft itooir. n_ \v_ floors 45 bou-.n Market St BETTER HOMES, Inc. Hagerstown, Md. ' Johns-Manville 'BLOWN" ROCK WOOL HOME INSULATION ; thereof, legally authenticated, to me 1 shrubbery and trees. Owner leaving : : suoscnber. on or before the 18th day . city. Early possession. Western of January. 19-J9 next; they may oth- · tion. erwise D law be excluded from all " ; benefit of said estal- Those indebted ' to tne deceased are desired to make \ unmeuiate payment. ; Given under mv hand this ISth dav ' of June. 1948. " ' For further particulars, apply: NOAH E. CRAMER SON Realtors ALTON Y. BENNETT. · Executor i Alton y. Bennett. Attornev. \ dJe 17.2i-Jy 1.3.15 ' 114 N. Court St. w. floors. Quick poss. i 5 room modem frame house, steam heat, garage. N. section. Early poss. Green house property and contents well established business, well locate; 1 in Frederick. Immediate poss. HARRY E. MOKLER ?L Estate Frederick. Md.; 113 East Third St- Phone 207- NOTICES NO. 16439 EQUITY NO. 7621 EQUITY HOWARD A. GROSS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR FRED- ' IN THE CIRCUIT COURT r JA FREDERICK COUNTY. MARYLAND ; ERICK COUNTY. IN EQUITY. | : William D. Sparrow vs. Mary C. Spar ' John Francis Smith. T--jsiec under ! row. . the Will of Sarah A. Btown, de- j The ooject of this Bill is to pro- j ceased. On Petition. ! cure a diiorce A VINCULO MATR1- ! MONII by the Plaintiff. V.'illiam D. . . ORDER OF PUBLlCAriON .. The object of this proceeding is to ! Sparrow, from the Defetidan:. Mary · give notice that the parties ui interest in substance that resident of Fred- MEDFORD AUCTION Mcdford. Carroll County, Maryland. State Road Kt. 31, 3 miles South of Westminster on New Windsor Road, alon-f the Western Maryland Railroad. SATURDAY, JULY 17 At 9 o'clock sharp the following valuable Antiques and Modern, Furniture will be sold: CHINA, BRIC BRAC ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR GAS STOVES, GASOLINE STOVES, OIL STOVES DINING ROOM, LIVING ROOM AND BED ROOM FURNITURE BREAKFAST SETS A LOT OF BABY CHICKS WILL BE SOLD AT 1 O'CLOCK PLEASE COME EARLY AS THIS IS A LARGE SALE WINTER'S CHURCH WILL SERVE LUNCH HOMER SNTDER. Auctioneer. PAUL GREEX, Clerk. RAYMOND H. IfCGHES--Owner C- Sparrow. ! The Bill states | the Plaintiff is a ' erick County. State o'- tviaryiand and ' has resided for more than the Defendant that the trust has terminated and the proceeds therefrom are to be distributed to the parties entiUed thereto. FOR SALE B room, frame, slate roof, modern dwelling, well constructed, beautiful lawn, comar lot in residential section, of Brunswick on thru street to Fred-, ericic. Age and health is only reason for selling. Good purchase. Many other listings in and out of __ i Frederick. When buving or sellinz real in ij-.e State oi M^rvlan'j. j The petition states that Sarah A. estate be sure to consult -with, in one veai ias' past; that ' Brown, late of Frederick Coucty. nt is a n«n recent cf the I Maryland, died July 17. 1901. leaving · Tjo\riwn A ~T»ree HOWARD A. GROSS , Realtor Gilman Street. Madison. Wisconsin: - erick County, and recordea in Liber .use were ' C.E.S. No. I. folio 197. one of the Phone 877 _ . . . . . . _ _ ._ State of Maryland, whose last address i a will, which was admitted 10 pro- was "^ Thomas R. Ajnlie. 123 East ! bate by the Orphan's Court for Jfrcd- 9 Court St. Frederick G. H. MERCJKR SONS , that the parties to this t married in Burkittsville. Maryland, j Will Records for Freaer : cJi County, in on the 4th day of August. 19-J1. by j which she devised .» house and lot in | Rev. Clarence W MaGaha. a regularly i Frederick. Maryland, to h=r cbil- ordained minister of the Gospel. The · dren. Theodore ClinLin Brown, also B;ll further states that as a result I known as Theodore Clinton Robinson. . . . . , of the said marriage two chudrsr. , Frances Emma Broxvn. who married! , * room modern bungalow, cteam, 'were born, namely. Kc.mctb £.. Spar- John Lanzer. Nannie Louise Brown,' 1115 * 1 - immediate poss. 57,000. · row and Jovce K Sparrow, both of I who married a man by the name of ~ B ro °ni modern brick fiwg. in West. whom are in the ..-are and custodv ; Matthews, and Florence Ida Brown as er ?^ s " c i ltn - nardw^od - floors, steam of the Children's Aid Society of Fr»-l- j Jong ts they or any of them desired ! xnth SMKer. cement basement, garage. 1 erick Count-.-. Maryland, that since ; to live therein, but in the ci ent none ! . 4 room modern bungalow with the said marriage the Complainant : of them desired to iiv-e th-_rein sh* steam heat, hardwood floors, cement . has conducted himself alwavs as a j devised said propertv to J-hn Francis · basement. 3 imlss from Frederick. · kind, chaste, dutiful, faithful and af- i Smith, in trust, to manage tie same . ; Pnced for immediate poss. fcctionate husband towards the said j and pay over the net income there- ^,. poss. acre , improved with 7 room dwel- , Mt - «««»··«»*· Immedlite poss, , Defendant Mary C. Sparrow. The ! from equally to said ccultiT-en That , BiH farther alleges that on or about i said testatrix further provided that ^ , August 9th. 1345, the Defendant. ! af te» the death of all ol said children ! v.nthout any ju»t cause or reason, the property should be sold the ' abandoned and deserted the Com- j proceeds divided equally amor.5 the j plainant: that the said abandonment ' descendants of said four aiiMren. per i and desertion has continued uninter- : stirpes. That said real estate was i TM°, m dvrel " n S- Immediate poss. 58., ruptedly for more than eighteen | sold under a Creditors Bill and Ihe i " months prior to the filing of the Bill i net proceeds, in the sum of S343.4S. of Complaint, was final and deliber- j was paid to the said John Francis ate. and that the separation between j Smith, Trustee. That the Circuit the parties to this cause is beyond any ; Court for Frederick County, m Equity ' reasonable hope or expectation of re- I assumed jurisdiction of the trust. conciliation. The Bill prays that the | That Edward J. Smith was appointed · Plaintiff be divorced A Vinculo Matri- | substituted trustee January 21. 1919. monii. and for general -relief and pro- j That the corpus of the trust now cess. I amounts to $444.77. and the income , It is thereupon thU 23rd day of j therefrom on hand is $29.15. making June. 1948. by the Circuit Court for a total of $474.92. Frederick County, sitting as a Court o t: den Equity. ORDERED tfcat the Plain- That the said Florence Ida Brown died in 1918. leaving a son. William ' acres improved with 7 room mod- L dw £- 4 miJes west of Frederick. ^? 0 - ..' , ., 33 acres. ·* miles west of city. . 000. GRAYSON, H. MERCER «= SONS Real Estate LOCKS Insurance Pythian Castle Bldg. Phone 337 RALPH W. BOYfiR Modern bricfc dwelling on Military Road. Close to entrance to Camp Derrick and near city bus. 5 rooms and bath first floor. 3 rooms and bathl EXECUTOR'S PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE APARTMENT BUILDING AND ADJACENT LAND IN FREDERICK CITY The undersigned. Executor of the Last Will and Testament of G. Xevin Kcbert, late of Frederick County, Maryland, by virtne of the power and authority contained in the Last Will and Testament of the said G. Nevin Rebert. deceased, and an order of the Orphan's Court of Frederick County, Maryland, dated June 14, 194S. w i l l offer for sale on the premises at 1005 Motter Avenue in Frederick City. Frederick County, Maryland, on SATURDAY, JULY 17,1948 AT 10:00 A. M. (D. S. T.) four acres, three roods and thirty-six square perches of land, more or less, together with the buildings and improvements thereon, located on the West side of Motter Avenue in Frederick City and County. Maryland, known as 1005 Motter Avenue of which G. Xcvin Rebert died seized and possessed, by virtue of a Deed from H. Kieffer DeLautcr. Executor of the Last Will and Te: lament of Samuel A. Lewis, deceased, to G. Xevin Rebert and Naomi S. Rebert. his wife. !the said Xaomi S. Rebert having predeceased the said G. Nevin RebcrO, ·which Deed is dated the 6th day of May. 1937. and recorded in Liber 407. Folio 192. one of the Land Records for Frederick County. This property is surrounded on three sides by certain lands owned bj Hood College and faces Staley Park. It is improved by a larjce modern apartment dwelling: containing six apartments, fire of which arc now rented, the gross rentals from these five amounting to the sum of S305.00 per month: the S'xth apartment is the first floor apartment formerly occupied by the owner and has been reserved from rental by the undersifrne'd for occupancy by the new owner or for rental by such new owner. The five apartments now rented are well furnished, each apartment beinj: equipped with an electric stove and an electric refrigerator and other furnishings necessary for the renting of furnished apartments. In addition, a new automatic oil heating 1 plant had b«*tn recently installed by the owner which operates cheaply and efficiently and the entire property offers excellent investment possibilities. Details of the proposed sale may be ascertained by an examination of the complete advertisement published in The News on Thursday, July 15. I94S. At the conclusion of the sale of the real estate, there will be offered for sale one recently purchased Brings . Stratton power mower used in connection with the premises and one refrigerator and stove used by the owner in his occupancy of the first floor apartment, together with a few other miscellaneous items of personal property used by the owner in connection with the premises. For further information contact the undersiffned at 16 South Market Street, Frederick, Maryland, telephone 1927-IV. PHILIP NEVIN REBERT. Executor NULL and NTLL. Auctioneers ROBERT E. CLAPP, JR.. Attorney iff give" notice to the said non-resi- i Brown and a daughter. Myrtle Brown j apt 2nd floor with private entrance.! lent Defendant of the object and sub- j Healvey. as her only heirs at law and I Annual income from apt. S6OO. A new. I stance of this Bill by causing a copy t next of km, both of whom reside in privately built" Borne and good invest- 1 of the same to be published in some ; Pittsburgh, in the State of Pennsyl- ment. J newspaper published in Frederick ; vania. That Theodore Clinton Brown. Apartment houses on W. Pat St.! County, once a week for four sue- i also known as Theodore Clinton Rob- «- ^f arfc _ t ·» ,-,3 x- o~(i Street I cessix-e weeks prior to the 23rd day j inson. died March 18. 1929. leaving as I MarKet =t - ana *- -^ a street. . . . of July. 1948. commanding her to be j his only heirs at law and next of 1m, [ Building lots for dwellings or com- and appear in this Court in person i a son. Clinton E. Hobmson, who re- or by Solicitor, on or before the 9th ' sides in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, a day of August. 1943. and show cause, i daughter. Martha E. Snowden. ,vho if any she has. -ahy a Decree should . resides at Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. not be passed as prayed. ; and three grandchildren, the children ELLIS C. WACHTEH. i of Helen B-otro Hunt, a deceased Clerk of the Circuit Court ; daughter of the said Clinton E Robin- for Frederick Cour.ry. j son. naively. Marsr Hunt Mitchel. | Ed-arin F- Xikirk. Dorothy Hunt Burks and Albert E. | 1 Solicitor for Complainant. ! Hunt an infant under twenty-one i Filed June 23. 1948. ] years of age. all of whom reside m True Copy Test- ' j Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. That the ELLIS C. \VACHTER. Clerk. . said Nannie Brown Matthews, widow, die 24-Jy : died January 25. 1948. without leav- · --- ing any issue of her body. That the j said Frances Bro'^n Lanzer clisap- · peared from her residence in Newark, j New Jersey prior to January L 3912. { and has not been heard from since, although repeated efforts have been made to locate her. by her relatives and by your petitioner. That it is unknown whether she is li\-ing or ' dead, and if alive, whether she is a resident or a noiv-residcnt of the State of -aryland. and if dead v.-heth- er she left any issue of her bon. and mercial buildings, well located. RALPH W BOYER BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY Frederick Representative For Murray C. Bonn No, 1 N. Court St Tele. 2214 KEY HEV. SALES. INC. 81DD1E BANTERS BY ···RYLANDHfflCHERY FDANJflY.GALS. 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That the trust estate termin- ) ated upon the death of the said Nan; me Brown Matthews, who died Jan' uary 25. 1948. and under the will of ; the said Sarah / Brown the trust estate should be distributed equally among the descendants of the said Theodore Clinton Brown, also known, , . - --.- -T.-/-. as Theodore Clinton Robinson. Fran- , KE\ CHEVROLET SALES, INC., ces Brown Lanzer. Nannie Sro-sm , Matthews and Florence Ida Brown, j 106 E. Patrick St. · per stirpes. That as far as is known , I all of the parties in interest are noa- · residents of the State of Maryland 1 That the petition prays for the i following relief: That the Court will -»^..,--^ pass a decree adjudicating that the COUNTRY HOSoSS said Frances Brown Lanzer has de- ' Jefferson Blvd at Braddock He-.ghts. ; parted this life: that the Court will i beautiful elevation and valley view ' direct the distribution of the trust S rooms, bath, lavatory, large cioset . among those entitled thereto and pro- space, attsc, frame modem dwelling. tect the trustee in the distribution ' new automatic oil heat system. ^ car ' thereof, and for further relief. garage Dwelling papered and paTM-;; It is thereupon this 9th day of ed interior in past year. LOi SOxZOO June. 1948. by the Circuit Court for ft, a'.so extra lot Possession Sep^eci- · Frederick County, sitting as a Court her 1st. Priced for quick sale. In; of Equity. Ordered that Edward J. ' quire now for appointment -or in! Smith, substituted trustee in this ' s-^ecnon j cause give notice by Order of Publi- i Country home on Route 2iO. seven i cation, to Frances Brown Lanzer and , miles south Frederick, all modern 1^i to the next of kir- heirs and persona! · room dwelling, beautiful shrubbery, j representative^ of Frances Brown i good outbuildings. 3 acres of land. i Lanzer. residents or non-re«irtents or Possession to s^iit. . the State of Marvland. of ths sub- 12 room frame, all modern, au ; stance and object of the aforesoinc mafcc heat in country home a i petition, warning them to be and a-v 1 Woodsboro. good outbuildings, all pear in thts Court, in person or oy recently painted, excellent condition. solicitor, on or before the ISth day ·· House suited for 2 family occupancy of September. 1948. to answer the ! 9 acres of land with road frontage, aforegoing petition and abide by and VALLEY STOCK FARM perform such order and decree as 146 acres in upper MiddieiOwn val- may be passed herein, provided a 1 ley 31 cres in fine timber, balance copv thereof be inserted in some I in pasture and cultivation. 9 room new.-paper published in Frederick j Br house, large bank barn on County, once a week for four succes- ! milk market. S9.000 for quicic sale, sive weeks, prior to the 24th day of i Possession late fall or April 1st, 1949. July 1948. 1 Other fine farms and country prop- ELLIS C WACHTER. I erties, city properties, small country Clerk of the Circuit Co-irt for I home Inquire at this office. Frederick County. Maryland | EMMERT R. BOWLUS I *l Edward J. Smith Substituted Trustee Filed June 9, 1348. True Copv Tett- XU4S c WACHTER. dJe 2Wy 1,8,15,32 Real Estate--Insurance--Auctioneer 100 W. Church St. Frederick. M$ Phone 885 Salesmen Horace M. Alexander -- H L. Xelly Phont 885 or 2274-w Phoni --·' IV

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