The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 29, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 4
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THE DAILY ftfiClSTER. HAtelSBUlfe"!^.. TOUKSUAY. J A N U A R Y 29. 1MB ington University in St. Louis before he came to Southern Jan. 1. Mrs. Lindegrcn has had 24 years laboratory experience in research on the genetics of microorganisms, and ii. co-author with her husband of some 30 articles for scientific publications on this subject. Mrs. Rafalko has completed «^__-------- Name Assistants lii SIU Laboratory CARBONDALE, 111., Jan. 29-Appointment of three laboratory assistants for Southern, Illinois University's new biological sciences research laboratory has been announced by President Chester,,TM,.^ F.'Lay. ,.,;ro I research. She also formerly work- 'Mrs. Gertrude Lindcgren wife ^J ch Dr . Lindc grcn. and collaborator of Dr. cai^ u biological sciences lab- "·"^agSsSSstSaSJS his experi- geneticist, is engaged in I . . . . _ . o £ Health Dep't Starts Education Programs On Heart Disease Sl'KlNGKIELD. Ill, ;, '-- The State Public Health XXV To be honest, though. I didn't think it would make much dif fercncc whether the police knew or not about Jeffs sitting alone in night wishing Avu was quite sure b had invcstijatcc his cai that e dead. thc possibility of Jeh , , { thnlk lhat Je f, wife, being the wife of Dr. ,, associate professor of »olog . ° a " uu Miss Kawachi, who has had two. } U\J tl liu*«c» »·«·" . . jus, timi iiiv.M^v.»s.^-, CT (ji, ypc Jeff liked me. lie mi^n* U. S. Public Health Service. · ^ ', . lo marry me now · . U Z A n « f~*e* M / * / \ t * C / \ f M r t t V * 3 I * 1 f l i _ . % A ^ .», -···*«* rtrtllt* . public Health. Servce. ; a p p v o i n a r r - m e no* L^JS' he American Cancer Society, and *J n °° TMP p j rcc to ma rry agair ] lrt»*rfr»»" SlAlin. Msw Spring Styles! New Spring Pai-terns High count, fcst color pcrcolcs . . . All expertly tcilorcd a n d clcrcrly styled. Buy scvcrol or this low price! 19c ¥a!aeS Fine combed cotton yams in assorted solid colors . . . Bwy Now . . . Save! table had been shattered by the ballets that had missed me. 1 he ^^^^^^^^^^^H d t '-- 1 I l V O l » H V * » · · * · · » · - - - ^ jnutmont today asked Illinois resi- s torn out..{i 0 ,itj. to observe "National Heait i i». ii,JiM-ams of education on heart dis- Slid that one out of every three Illinois deaths arc caused by lu'art ailments. In the first 10 months of 1847, he said, heait f c ions claimed 20.247 ives. lie urged local health and civic organizations to join the American Heart Association in educating the public about the advances medical science has made against heart disease. Ths Haily Kcgibtcr, 20c a week From where I sit... fy Joe Marsh Are You "Hobby Happy?" ^JSU'rtJ^te-lASllwl.hl.^.rtol.n-H^ ^ .. . * I. ^. fl nsv**i f It n f »·»» *\lit i --- --" ' '"· ~ IM 1 U I K MI11I1U£» p » \ - v * - ^ v- » - - - ....--»·- inv all over the floor; the frame, with about one-half of the mirror i lemaining in it still clung crookedly to the wall. I walked over to the mirror to examine it and there was the reflection of my shoulders and the «reeh suede jacket in the part of the mirror that remained and only a gaping hole where my face should have been: and it came over me that that was the way 1 would have looked if I hadn t slipped and fallen--a body, a dead body without a face. Like a little more snap in your catsup ... for its delicious, peppy flavor! S U I* I- i»« B ' ^V ***' · tmen now. I was no longer delib- I crately trying to fool myself where i Jeff Haverson was concerned and I 1 knew he was too cautious and loo selfish to ever do anything I violent that would upset his own 'comfortable life. I So that was that. Jeff was out of it. Except as a heartache. Of course, thinking 01 our mys ttrv brought me straight to wha. Id"been dying to think about all e\ening--aiid making a faint pre tense not to. About Bob Leiphan And about the things he haa saic. to me and the things he had 121. unsaid: about his gray eyes warm ng now when they met mine. P.O.. at all hard and cynical as I first remembered them, about his hanc touching mine, briefly but reassur · t -2s just like me to be ro- n-ncin? aoout a man--practically i. stranger at that--when my ver life hung in jeopardy. In utter disgust at myself. J jumped up and went into my roorr. r.nd changed into a short woo. b k i r t and a heavy pull-pvei s/.veater. put on a pair of walking oxfords and took a green suede w-indbreaker out of my closet. Sometimes when everything else fails, a good walk helps. $ i » I walked for hours, walked anti! I was ready to drop from fatigue. I was so tired when I turned home ward that I stumbled a coupU of times coming up the hill. 'ihe house was dark when l returned. Marie was evidently sleeping off her jag. I had a latcn Key to the front door so I climbed ihe steps from the drive to tht upper terrace and let myself into me small front foyer. Without, turning on any lights I went back ?!ong the upper hall toward m I.earcom. Ive explained before about the u ..c shallow circular steps just m - j s-ide the door of my room that.i lesd down from the hall to y the level of the room. I think it was Because 1 was so tired that somehow f missed the top step and fell and just as I fell there was a flash of light in my face and an explo qon as if the whole world nad buaclenly . ccqcked wide. . 1 nere 'was 'another 'explosion 4 as 1 rry face hit the soft fur' the Lase of the steps. The next thing I remember was a woman screaming hysterically. The lights flashed on overhead in the room and I groaned ano tried tc- move and sensed 'rathei |inan saw Marie Maloney kneeling | i beside me. ! , Consciousness came back, slowly, in waves. 1 became aware o: something cold under my right hand where it was flung out on the rug. I raised my head and looked. It was a gun that lay un- ner my hand--a short, ugly-looking revolver. Automatically f picked, it up I struggled to a sitting posi i tlon and looked at the gun in my hand and as my senses cleared i put it down very carefully on Oie t ug again and stood up and backed i av."a from it. I Mane was looking at me. bne v.a* snaking with iright and snt! Kept mumbling througn her white 1 and shaking lips: "You tried to kill ,yoursch. Miss Donn. Oh. Miss D °"bhut up." 1 said suddenly. ··Shut up. i didn't try to kill rny- , =elt. 1 came in in the dark anc ! lell down the steps here and just j as I fell somebody_ shot at me. The two French doors that open i onto the upper terrace that runs 1 along that entire side of the uppci 1 iioor of the house were closed l v.clkcd over and tried one ol .hem. It opened. H was unlocked.,I IWJ. CajiraflA And through that unlocked dooi -I |/OfK JdUiaMt; someone had come into this room.|| -» '-omeonc had come into this room; .r.d waited in the dark--waited ' w kill me. ,, . ' "Marie I want you to call the "oli~e Call Bob i^iphan of Ihc homicide oquad. Ask him to come SXTC rishl away." She started for the telephone b\ '""l took another look at 'the , French doors. They were lockcci r.c,\\. but a bullet might coir.t o«^ through them. I -\Vait a minute. Mane." 1 cried ··\\a-.t a minulc. Not in here. Lcli ro into the living room. ^ ou can tc'cphonc from there.' \Vc went into the hall together H-akd for the living room ano Mane screamed again. A ihroal i j\.sr-i»S scream this lime as if tftt Bishop Zuroweste Consecrated in Belleville Services Funny thing about hobbies... When Ed Carey started making a wodelofthe-FlyinKCtoud.-itwaH only to rest his eyes from reading. Hut now he spends every spare moment ship modelling! Some wives might have resented a husband suddenly shutting himself in the attic every night. B"t not Ed's Prudence. When she fouiul him working late, she brought him up some beer and crackers... showed a real interest in his hobby until finally Ed had her helping with the rigging. Wasn't long before tlu-) working Hide by side on KU's V1I sharing a common intt-rost. lnst W( j of keeping them apart, KU's hobb\ . hubb\ brought them more together. From where I sit, u husband's hobby can often be n wife's as vi In fact, I've got the missus csted in tying trout flies --and, along with that mellow gla^ 0 ( beer, it makes the evenings go by mighty pleasantly. Qoe, Coi)rigltt, 1'I8, United States llrewen 1'uundatitn sound and caught" at Marie's arm 2UU11U ttliu vfc*s»o"-» « and felt myself sliding to the floor, California Sunkist Navel--Large 150 Size Dozen Duffs 14 Oz. Pkg. j Tootsie Cake Icing or 8LbBas Fudge Mix . Borden's Instant Moft^s Apple Juice H. J. Heinz Products Baked Beans, 16 oz. en. 19c Heinz Catsup, 14 oz. 27 c Beef Steak Sauce .. 23c Texas Marsh Seedless ·efruit Worcestershire Sauce 23c Apple Jelly 22C Grape Jelly 27c Chili Con " Carne .-. r,u. S3.25--3 Lbs. Golden or Ked Delicious Northern Grown Cobblei 39c Salt Heinz Cooked Potatoes Macaroni HeirizrCodkefl' .29c s" South Shore Ripe White Large Heads Large Size. 40 Oz. Hot Roll Mix 27c 1 Lb. Box 25c 8 Oz. Pkg. Chocolate Mix 23c Lilly Brand Pink Salmon . No. 2 Can «|| 49c No. 2 Can 35c El Morro Crushed No. 24 Can Pineapple . 39c Dining Car Qt. Jar 13 Oz. Jar Choc. Syrup . 25c Hardy's Plain or Iodized 2 Boxes . . . . 15c Mince Meal . 39c Fraziers 14 Oz. 32 Oz. Bottle Borden's Eagle Brand 15 oz. Can 27c Tomato Catsup 19c Del Monte 1 Lb. Jar Plum Preserves 27c Radio Standard No. 2 Can Fancy Premium Rice . . 3 Lb. Pkg. .49e 1 Lb. Box Tomatoes ... 15c Brown Valley No. 2 Cans--2 For Lima Beans. 25c i oracns * * ju ' ·»"·» . 29c Choc. Cherries 89c Libby's Deep Brown Beans . . All Varieties . 15c Lg. 2'i Can Peaches-Pears 29c Fresh Ground Lb VEAL Libby's 2 No. 2 cans 25c: 46 oz. Tomato Juice 27c j.1 /\/\^ $1.000 Ixran. Small Pork Chops Lb. Lean Boston Butts Pork Roast Tcndcri/cd. Half or Whole Smoked Hams .tew, Ib 35c Roast, !b 49c Chops, Ib 59c Lean Breakfast Icscon Side or Half. Lb. 69c Cured 39c Frc«;h Kaltimcrc BELLEVILLE. 111. Jan 2.0- rri--The Rt. Rc v ^ss r - Albert K. rs; Surowcstc, Kas-l St, lxuis. a priest ;'"* for 23 of his 46 years. toda\ was "^ consecrated bishop of the Belle- villc diocese in ceremonies at St, Peter's cathedral here. r t Pastor of St. Joseph's church. f5 East St. Louis, since 1940, he sue""** cceds Bishop Henry J. Althoff. who died last July. Bishop wa^ consecrated by Bishop Joseph 11. Schlarman. Peona. aided b coonsc- craters Most Rc\. Joseph M, Mueller, coadjutor bishop of Sioux City, la, and Auxiliary Bishop John P. Cody St. Ixniis, All Popular Brands Lb. Oleomargarine , . 45e lYSTERS Standards, pint 89c Selects, pint 98c s d:'- -6 J H t * o A n r F U Z E S f Large Box Dinner Pancakes H^W Broadcast: January 31, I-/, 35,000 iri Cash Prizes in "OXYDOL SPARKLED ^····^·^····B OXYDOL Mcd. Box Box S:/C 16c Size 39c BLANKS HERE * 1 ^·j cup water _ ., .. Pu: pancake mix into bowl. *~~ gradually mixture of mil* ·-·· -^ Do no: beat unt.l * mool \ £«--«: bits of shortening arid will · rr i» the baking. Fold « «~-^] about '/4 cup for each. »»" c . greased griddle until b ubt? - c *£^ and edges arc cooiccd. Turn . a ' "'. other s.dc. Makes about »^' inch cakesnf desired, sc^c creamed \-cgctablc. *Bologna, wieners, . r a n k . u - ' . _ lunch meat, ham o. · cooked meat can be used. You Will Tfccd: PET MILK 2cS27e| Prepared Pillsbury's Pancake Mix. pkg- MEAT Uologna. Ib. Dclgado Hot Tamales. ^ COFFEE Manhattan, Vacuum 1 Lb. Jar or Can 2 Lb. Jar or Can Sweet DrinKir Golden Hour, S U. SPAPFRf

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