The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 11
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DAILY HBW8. FKBDE1XCK. MD, TKUMDAT. MAT 23.19». ELEVCH Hollywood Gossip BY DAS THOMAS P.-T. A, MEETING HELD William B. Gross Speak* To Orcsalx* lion's Members. B. Gross. Sew York. 3Say 26.--Your Hollywood j \vaUSersviUe Tiigh school, iras self' and his proper place in society. By joining a temperance society the individual can fet reformed: by j\)in- in|; a literary wciety he can be la. formed: by loinmj: a secret lodge he lean become umlorm; but only through of the 1 3Sdaca ., aa can he become trassform- s the _ and low mill Wednesday. be about iaffle as correspondent takes s look around New Ycri . . . Ple^-.y to see here . - - Bright Kghis . . . Broadway 5Ued *«£ people. all i^ a mad rush . . . Aad abreast as rr--anr ?* ^he mov.e crowd as one finds around Ho'iyuood. Lois Moran. FU1 D'Orsay, Dorothy iSackail!. "Buddy" Rogers, Lup* speaker at the ureekJy meeting of the i B'lrkittsvitte Parent-Teacher Asaocia- J uon heSd on Wednesday evening. Miss; Eleanor Highman is principal oj the school ! The meeting opened with the soag.' · America.." A business session iras :hen held, as »hich the present of- ; NEARLY HALF INCH RAIN Veler. Ecdif Lcwe. Victor Mcl^glen. . Seers i-ere re-elected for the easuicg Jira Tulir J-_-=e McCloy. Jiidith Wood. · year Miss Hightmin susjested that Zelaca O Nea! and Frances Dede among ;he Parect-Teaeher Association donat-e Thunderstorm Briec* City OB A "hard thunder shouer that over ihe city about 4 dav afternoon «cd tasted for about Vnusaal Accident. jutomoblles ti«?re involved In a peculiar accident oc East Patriot su-eet Wednesday afvenxwn. auJuvi- jues said. One automobile operator who had parked his car. smarted to pull tout into th« street again and hooieii i the rear buscper of his automotefe witis. geld bridge the front bumper of another parked covered *-hen machine, pulling the second car sUc car and crashed another paiked Little damage vis done and no were rcieroa. DvnfeU Office* BaMcd- Robbers are believed to ha\e the dental parlors of Dr. A K. Leon North Market street, some time Tuesday night and niide off s «i? Th« loaa was dis- the dta'.al parlors »e:e pea?d Wednesday n»mins Dr BV.'- .sto the street. Once the two cars j was vwre tn the street. ,. 'looked of ihe opinion that the rot!xr;j» s the bumper* u«- rnjgh; have entered ^tth a machine, which ' *a?y. Ke cabled Chief of Police Why Use a Bladder Physic To drite out imyunUw said excess acids that cause irritation »hlch results in setting uy night*, frequent dcv:n-. KETS. the bladder physic works ar.tly on the bladder as castor oil on the bo»'els. Get a «c test box from \our druggist. After four days if nx relieved to b*ck and get TOUT money You will feel better af-er this cVans.::s 1 and you get your regular sie*p. PeopV s. t Drug Stores. Williamson's D^-s 30. unoccupied, swerved across the li«n F Stemer OLD NEWSPAPERS TOR SALS. A DAY PAYS FOB A 25 PAYS Frigidairc No D«wa Payment No loslaltattea Chart*Potomac Edison Co. 26 W Patrick St. minutes t ailed to tool th« asercurys, _toward the transportation of stu- \ ardor and it cam«i on ue Cirwuon j dents to the field day "sports at the Fair ; ait a summer. Prodded by a bUzing i Grounds June 6. The association de- ' sun. :he mercury advanced up the of( oided to make this contribution. A .Mclal tube to a ma»irre:m ol 91 de-; " the I those dojjg one th^ig or another to $4 enliven Manhattan's night life. About the first thing one notices when starting o_t to sake the famous J oided to make this contribution. A .ficial tube to a ma»irr«:m of 91 ·-Gr*«' Whi-e Way" is thai Broadnay. ; musical selection uras given by Miss \ grees no tte the behest mark of ·ike Hollywood, has become more or I Mary Guyton and Garland Gaytoc. year. Ninety-one decrees was actain- iess just a name. Hollywood is known ! A talk Tras given by A. I. FJ1!n. on: ed oc May 7. The minimumt*oipera- 8Ls the film capital, yet the aa;ort'y of ' the advantages of education in Am- | tore Wednesday *as 55 degree*, pictures are made i Culver City. Bur- erica over that of foreign countries, i The shower laewed in tfce wwt af- bank. Cr-Sversal City and Studio Csty. : Refreshments were ^ened and the ier much peeiiuiinary ballyhoo a the Wher.e\er our cinema folk invade New ' meeting sixir=:eJ ] form of orn^ous black clouds and low York for stcge appearances, one hears In part Mr. Gross said" ! rombjes of thunder. While the rain of them s°-"? to Broadway. : "The s^.ts yearbook of the National! poured for about a half hour * -r * ! Education Association ^sts the foljow-' Where The Shows Are. ;he very peak as and was accompanied by thunder and l^htning. little damage was reported. T.ighsnrrig ar as :he !egl!.=jat« stsge is ccncemed. Yet in making a canvas of the 21 leg:tUEite shows noir ram.iiig in New York. I discovered that o:ily three actually are on Broadway. The rest are all on other streets near inis hub of activity. For:y-gf-h strert actually is the cen- i ^g as ihe objectives of education: Self-Knowledge: imoarledge of the affected the traffic semaphores hi the a or id, knowledge of society, know- ' c ;ty for the only VocaJ disturbance. The i ledge of God. Over the door of a j feather bureau reported the prec-pit*- pagjc temple is t^e inscnpeon "Know Thyself' yet -»e realize that today, people are more deficient in self- knowledge than in any other art. Education in Democracy must place not the mass ?sy- o bring about ir. the individual tnos« attitudes, aptitudes and appreciations desirable for , .^ good c:tizensnip." | t o "In the year 1671 Gov. Berkeley ; ^ ter of tni::js. having seven theaters ' *"°° JC - ch stress u P° n no-sr vpen. Ti» famous Z egfeld The- , chology b^t endeavor a'.er -.r.ere Z.cjw \Vlez rio^' is \vo'»vii!g '" """' """"' *em dsu-n i^ "Hot-Cfca" ^ o\er on Sisth £; enue. Others cla^nj^gr theaters are. 42nd street, one: 43rd street, t-.Yo; 44th street, cne; 4T:h street, one: 4Sth street, one; 52nd street, r.vo; 58th street, one: Seventh a-.enue, one ,y « y Lois Moran. 1 Of all the picture gang now floating i around tOTn. Lois Mcran. Pi5 D'Orsay ! and Ltipe Veles .seem 10 be grabbing : most of tie laurels. Lois has rrjde a ' b:g name for herself as the lead in the musical coaiedy. · Of Thee I Sing," which has been running for s some months now. And she is ear =S her praises with splendid performances. Whether or not she returns to Hollv- of Virginia issued a memorable state! rr.ent when he said. 'I praise God i t.-ere are no schools nor printing I presses in this Commonwealth and 11 I trust there will be cone these him-1 · dree years." No fair-minded citaen · " svoujc agree with this statement today. . ; * hen -Aith our improved methods o f , \ communication arid transportation we j ' are neighbors to the whale World. Whether the Japanese capture S-iang- hai. or Amelia Earhart Putnam Hies across ihe mighty deep to London- cerry. Ireland, a knowledge of the t:on to be .48 of an inch to boost the month's total to 6 60 inches. The normal for May is 380. A sluggish pressure distribution and rather general southerly wtnds helped the thermometer up ih* scale Wednea- day. The wind will continue in the southern quadrant today, according to ,^ wea uier bureau. Skies will be Oar partly cloudy and the warm spel: continue, with the possibUity nece ary tO laese ·nroocl ;or a picture or two this summe^ » ' The real function of education depends largely upon the success of the i ^^^f^.^^i Mm- ehow. sne tolc me. If it continues . inc-..cua- « - - * ·" ---·^ -^playing to capacity houses, she crobabiv : * : ^^ lil stay here. | '"Of Thee I Sing" aiso has another ! young actress who stands out quite dis- " tinctly--June O~Dsy. The way film . producers are scrambling for new talent. I miss my guess if she isn't in Kolly- ' wood before the year is out. Fifi Creates A Riot. If a. riot call for police reserves ts steep order among the crowds trying to Jam Into a theater is any satisfaction, Fifi D'Orsay, Eddie Lowe and Vic aicLaglen should be pretty well satisfied. On the day they opened at the Capitol in a skit from "The Cock-Eyed World." 30 cops haei to be called to ' keep order among the crowds. The , act in itself isn't anything to excite ! one although Fifi does draw a big hand | for her songs. ; Lupe Velez is over" in Ziegfeld's ' "Hot^Cha," -sritii all New York agree- | ing that she is the hit of -he snow. Her act consists principally of imper- i socations of famous *"»" loli. with an , especially good one on Gloria Swanson. j She wiii be home soon to resume her picture work. scattered thunder showers. The high JACOB RUPPERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP rtke IWlk of the TqwCl --WAKXES BEOS. THEATRES-T I V O L I Subscribe for The ATTENTION THE SEW D03IESTIC Buckeye Elec. Kefrigerator Is now on Display in the Wemberfi window 119 N- aiarkct street, for short whlle. ALBERT C. PALMER, Agent. Permanent Wave! For Graduation at Blue Grey by experts $5.00 and up assure you of a -rave, lasting in a.tialiiy and no trouble in the care of your hair. The highest standard of workmanship and material. All Waves Guaranteed Blue Grey Beauty Shop 10S West Patrick St. Phone 809. Frederick, Md. LILY DAMITA :ARLIE ROLAND C I T Y OPERA HOUSE give something different to the graduate this year permit berger's to aid you in making your selections. gifts books -- cards berger's book mart gift shop i m H5 north market strert FAMOUS FERGUSON JOAN BLONDELL A GODSEND for the Prudent Family Building and Loan Association shares stand out as INCOMPARABLE INVESTMENTS in hard times as well as in days of prosperity. Those of limited means have no right to take chances in speculative fields. Security is the first requisite for their investments. The 18th Series Starts June 4 The Fidelity Building . loan Assn. OFFICE AT FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITTJTIOK S TKe Federal Government Has Recognized Their Merits! The TeoVral Inrnine Tix T.AW profits from KnildJTir Asso^ia.- !-on sb»r« as follows: "The amount received by an individnal as dividends or interest from d o m e s t i c Buildins: and Loan associations, substantially all the business of which is confined to making loans to member*, hut the amount excluded from cross income nnder this paragraph in any taxable rear shall not exceed $308." Largo Size--23 by 46 inches BATH TOWELS 2 for 29 Here 'J a chance for all tarifty h-iaie»!ves to lay ir. a supply of :he*e fan-.ova Duixiee T^ncls Ea^h or.e is nrsl cl»«« and made of h.shij absorbcut ma'.cr'.al. lOc Cannon Wash Cloth* 4 for 29c Two Big Days! Friday Saturday Here is a sale that contains only popular everyday drug: store needs--all at special money-saving prices! Every thrifty home manager in this city is sure to lay in a supply of these well- known articles. Check this "ad" thoroughly . . . note the unusual savings ... THEN COME AND SAVE! Savings For the Entire Family! Extra Special! Bully Playing Cards 29c CIGAR Dept. Specials Eiectric Lighter and Ash Tray Set 29c ....7 for Complete 7ri:n cord. 50c oody Cigarette Case EXTRA SPECIALS 29c 29c 29c 29c 29c 29c 29c 29c 29c 3f French Milled Soap 50c Manner's Lemon Crram 50c Barnard's Lilac Veffeta! 35c Dame Xature Skin Improper 50c Cheramy Eau de Cologne . _ 25c Ideal Shavine Cream ..Z lor Cold Cream 25o Thompsons Castile Soap _ Z tot 35c Crack Shot For Roaches lOc Jergens Bath Tablets 6 for s*ap tablets produce a thick. -fv I-.-her ir.itar.Uy! Us* th«m 'or iath. lace or *hampoo. 45c Pint Extract of Witch Hazel ONLY FROSTILLA Alcohol NIPPLES Waldorf PHILLIP'S Bathing, Hubbing 50c Size 4 7 Adbee lOc Size Toilet Tissue . . 50c Size Milk Magnesia Tooth Paste 50c Tube 29c 29c 29c 29c 29c 29c 50c Tub* Ideal Tooth Paste Thoroughly c!e»a- tt» teeth without th Injury to the enamel. 5c KING EDWARD Cigars 8 for 29 MSId a-d raello-jr sren to the !«· p-^r oeca-aje «=ly p-orp. riptard tobaccos so :sto Kl^j Sdifards CANDY SPECIALS Del-Cara Filled Candies 29c 39c lib. Jar hmrS filled cand.»s !n a^ a»- «ort=ierit of co'.ors arid terspt^ij centers. 1 Oc Candies Including Charm Lemon Drops, 8 oz -- Charm Starlights, 8 oz -- Charm Froit Tablets 8 oz -- Charm Sour Ball, 8 oa 4 ^ 29c 15c Virginia Salted Peanuts 3 »» 29c 10c Spanish Salted Peanuts 4 n»». 29c 5c Candies int Lilies. CInstcr Pops. Beechnut Slints. Chuckles. Mammy Lou i a/amel Clips and Mammy Ixra Pcannt Bars I O for 29c 50c Dr. West Tooth Brushes (in carton) C 25c Nail Brushes 2 for 39c Cover-all Rubber Aprons 49c People a Rubber Gloves TOILET Flue for M»nh- Isg out dirt from tad nn- d-r the sills. Wooden backs. price for Dr. West'i Limit 10 Cakes to * Cnstomer 50c Midol Tablets ,, 35c Dethol Insecticide, 35c QnJx Corn Pads ,, 35c Aliens Foot IOC " x Baby Rubbei Pants 39c Auto Sponges People's Epsom Salts (5 pounds) 29c 39c Crib Sheeting 27 by 36 in. 50c Jar Manner's Hair Trainer 35c Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Caps . 50c DeWitts Pffls 35c Peoples Compound Catbartic 49c Superior Ram, pt 19c Typewriter Tablets, 100 I6c Stmw Canoed Heat 60c Wildroot Hair Tonic Tin Manner's Cold Cream 50c Williams Shaving Cream DOC Barnard's Shampoo 30c Hairpins 120 to box . 5 39c Mechanical Pencils .. -. 5c Writing Tablets . . 39c Assorted Stationery ----- 5?c Dressing Combs _ _ -- 4«c BobJwd Hair Combs, with case lOc Wax Paper 100 Sheets .... 2-DAY SALE! Friday Saturday

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