The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 24, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1924
Page 7
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1924 _ THE HUTCHIN 55 O N NEWS SEEKING TRUTH ABOUT GOD PAGE SEVEN- Christian Science Lecturer Civet Discourse on God, Man and Universe. Wm. K. Brown, C, S. D„ of Loa Angelei, Culif., gave a lecture on "Christian Science," at tha DeLuxa theatre yesterday afternoon. His theme was "The Truth About (Joel, Man and the Universe." "Something over nineteen cell- turicH ngo," paid Mr. Urown, "a Iiotnan governor propounded to the Master of men the IHORI lm- Iiortant question of all time, name; ly "What is truth?" The bible does not record Jesus' answer to this question ami for eentiirles mortals have Been soaking ft satisfactory solution of Pilate's query. "In lalltlUB with his disciples Jesus declared concerning l!od and the real man, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Every afflicted mortal Is still asking with Pilate, 'What It truth?' and Christian Science bVings you the answer tonight. God the Only Cause. "Ill endeavoring to comprehend t!ie truth of being it will bo necessary to consider first the source and origin of all truth—a source that Is commonly referred 10 by Christendom us Cod. the creator, or ' First Cause. In the Christian Science textbook, 'Sclonco and Health with Key to the Scriptures.' Mrs. Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, defines Clod as infinite Mind, an all- pervnding Intelligence In which all things live, move and have their being. Since Cod ir. all, as the Scriptures Iterate and reiterate, It follows that Mind Is all, and this fact is the basic stone In tho founduMon of Christian Science. "As God, Infinite Mind, Is the only cause or eroaloi', it luslcaltv follows that all Cod creates must be like Himself, wholly and i.liangelessly ported. Spiritual Understanding, "nocause God Is the Infinite and all-Inclusive Mind there resides In this Mind all perfection, wisdom, beauty, culture, prosperity, harmony, abundance and joy. Since Ifilw Is true the quickest way to posse** these qualities is to become identified with this Mind. Salomon said In speaking of the blessings which come tu one who thus identifies himself; "Happy Is Ide man that flndeth wisdom, and II.e man that getteth understanding. For tho merchandise of it Is butter than tho merchandise of sliver, and the guln thereof than fine gold. She Is mora precious thau rubles: and all tha things thou can^t deslri are , ot to he compared Itnto her, length of days la in her right hand; and In her left hand riches and honour. Her 'ways are wny*_of pleasantness, and all her paths are pence. She Is a tree or llfo to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retalneth her;" and David said, "I understand more than the ancients, because** keep thy precepts." Salvation. "From what has been said of God and ills uulverse it will be scon that what Is called salvation is really a process of awakening to spiritual fuels, the gaining o. spiritual vision. Tho prophet declared, "Where there Is no vision, the people perish'" Tnere are many references In the Ulblo to this process of awake..Ing. The psalmist sang. "I shall be satisfied, when 1 uw-.tke, with thy likeness;" and Paul declared. "Awake thou that sleepest, . . . and Christ shall give then light." Healing and Prayer. "Much that I have told you about salvation wlll,rocelve assent from fhuse who do not yet know of Christian Science, and who do not realize that the healing ot sin, disease and all mortal discord is Inseparably linked with true salvation—Indeed thl» healing constitutes the proof nnd assurance that we are working out our problem along correct linos. It one Is In doubt as to the roundness of his spiritual convictions all that Is necessary Is to ascertain what the Master declared upon this subject In his final Instructions to Ills disciples, as recorded In the sixteenth chapter of Mnrk, Jesus said to them when speaking of the healing of sin and disease, "And these signs shall follow them that believe." Please noto that he did not say that those signs might follow, or may follow, or occasionally follow, but that these signs shall follow, Imperatively and unequivocally... These signs are. to follow them that believe. Now is It not logical that If such signs do not follow religious belief that there must lie something Inadequate or Incomplete about such belief? "This measure of proof established by the Master l» supplemented by a vigorous declaration of James who said. "Even so faith, It It hath not works, la* dead, being alone. . . . Show me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew theo my faith by my works," "Christian Sclenco has romo to re-establish the Christianity of. Josns with Its healing and redenrfi- tlve work. The proof that it is doing this is evidenced by the ever- Increasing numbers ot erstwhila suffering and discordant mortals who now rejoice In health and freedom. "Christian Science is now leavening thought in all the various acti­ vities of earth—In business, art, commerce and government.. It Is correcting and Improving all tho nffalrs or men, maktirg better men and women, causing them to conduct their lives In accord with jlvlne principle. In so ding Christian Science is not only benefiting tho Individual hut also rapidly laying a foundation for the universal brotherhood of man, a prolonged process probably, but after all the CROSSWORD PUZZLE This Is terrible! Definitions are grossly unfair! Some ot them aren't even serious- Steps should be taken to have the author ot these definitions disbarred from practice! But try it anyhow! It you can solve It, you're no 315 horizontal. Oil and Gas News ANOTHER OIL WELL FOR THE HUTCHINSON DISTRICT 8 HORIZONTAL I. Kternal. 10. Not firm. II. Kids detest it, when caBtor. 12. Where poets go down to In ships. 13. Pinch; also a small alcoholic drink. lil. Unruly gathering. , 17. A preposition. 10. A younpstor. 21. Mule rat. Sit. Part of the infinitive form of overy verb. 2a. A pass in' u mountain range. 27. To drink slowly. 2li. Eulogistic. H3. \By (From the Latin, frequently used with cent.) 34. A wing that does not fly, 35, To make baroly. 30. A person that thinks conductors sing In Carmen. 38. Singular or what Anthony (or was It Hriitus?) tried to borrow at Caesar's funeral. •10. Half ot on em. 42. Opposite, tliough frequently willi, a girl. 41. Illiud men don't. 40. He'll pay those Christinas bills. 48. A Hawaiian garland or wreath. BO. Epoch. 52. To reason earnestly. VERTICAL 1, Hebrew name for deity. 2. The front. 3. A word touud on rod-lighted signs In theater, 4. Behold. XK To point, as a weapon. 0. What you drop nickels in when telephoning, 7. Exists. 8. Mesh. 'J. Jail. (Particularly as Oscar Wilde spelled it.) 14. A stick used as a vehicle. 16. Usually the wife. 18. Integral part ot a staircase. 20. Not wild. 22. A very tiny insect. 24. Tl'j plural of the first digit. 2(1. Heap. 28. A fresh-water fish with a long, • pointed head. .10. A crustacean sldesteppey. 31. An exclamation expressive ot unhappiuess, 32. A hundredth pnrt of a dollar. 37. A game favored by the Prince of Wales. 3'J. A bobblnj also a section of a moving pi ;lure. 41. Open ipoellc.) 43. Opposite no. 45. Age. 47. What the turkey got. 4P. A renter pronoun. 51. A preposition. only way to permanent harmony In world affairs. I The Discoverer and Founder. ! . "The early ltf.> of Mary H:iK'-r Eddy, the discoverer and founder! of Christian Science, shows slop by I step how she was prepared through spiritual experiences to r ?lve the, revelation of whn.. she later named | Christian Science. Carefully reared • and educated in a Christian en-j vironnioni. -lie curly became an earnest MUIICUI or the uible. and; had ol'icti woniicrcit uliy its ;nn!n- lses colic,'I'lling hi.artn .i; were noi being fulfilled in tlii^ :i«r. "In after life, while snrft -riHR t from an accident pronounced by | the attending physician as fatal, she turned unreservedly to Cod and His promises and was instantly healed. This experience convinced Mrs. Eddy that, the principle of Christian healing Is over operative and needs but to ho understood tu utilize iL In tills and every age.'' sympathy of the entire community in their liereavnient. The Mlssc Mviiin and Anna Al- lolvhi and Mrs. Mary Sliickey H'ent last Wednesday nl. the hum,of Mrs. Kll Albright. Ml-s Clerlrucle Kaufman of \lnr- dock, spent a few days heir visiting hor cousin, Mrs. Ida Alloecltl and Kd Stm-k>. Mrs. John lloyd .spent IJI*' w«Mt, iO'sdav lieipoig Mrs. Kny S"dv: w w\, Willi h-r sewing. ' We arc glad to loam Mrs. John McCurry is gelling alone as well as could be expected after her operation. Arthur Ttroyles returned Wednesday night from Medont where ho iiad been to attend the funeral of his nephew. Mr. nnd Mrs. lilen Zimmerman of MePherfion and Mr. and Mrs. ('has. al the (leorge of Hutchinson y M. J. Poll home Similar. IVto Stucky and family were Kiiipmun vsiilors. F'idiiv, ; Mrs. Henry rfm. kv uud • •hiidren spent Tuesday « ;!b Mr.-. I'-le Stuck;.-. i There will b" a pi and box -upper at the old Preti> Prairie school house WYdne-dny night. Hie -I'.th. ; Also n Thnnksili lei• K\ ..'!•> Imily Welcoin. . Mrs. Kli Albrigln and ' lor and Jean, visli.'d j wilh Mrs. Pete Stocky. I John lloyd Is pulling | tho road south of Andy j house. j A wedding vlug lost 27 years ago J has been pushed up in n garden at j lludley. near Worcest,.r, by an i onion. Notice. Another big dance In Lyon* Kansas, Tuesday, Nov. 25, given trill" professional and business worn en of Lyons; Holaday Six playtn this Ilefreshments will b* served. Admission per ooupt Jl .r .0. extra ladles SOc. program. sons. Vio- Tlmrsday travel on Lambert's una urawaaen. . i-'atlier—I never kl <*«4 * |irt mi •11 I mot. your mother. Will jou be. able to say the jam* tu you Ron when jou become » married man? Son--Not. with suoh » ttralfh' face as you <vin, father.—Tlt-Btta. AETN'A-IZE NOW. Phone 42. Brehm 's. 8-m.w-t-9t Whales are ptsatlful along *• coast, of Oregon. SOUTH COUNTY LINE Mrs. .T. A. Lambert, received a. message Friday morning, that her son-in-law has passed away at his home In Hevol, Okla. Mrs. Lambert and her two children, Mrs. John RaveuB uud Frank Lambert left for Wichita to take the first train for Devol. They havo the Answer to word Pozzie: Yesterday's Cross- PIMPLY? WELL, DON'T BE People Xotice It. Drive Them Off With Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. A pimply face will not embarrass you much longer if you get a package ot Dr. Kdwards' Olive Tablets. The skin should begin to clear after you havo taken Ilia tablets a few nights. Cleanse the blond, bowels and liver with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the. successful substitute for calomel; there's no sickness or pain after taking them. Dr. Edwards' Oltvo Tablets do that which calomel does, and Just as effectively, but their action is gentle ami safe Instead ot severe and irritating. No one who takes Olive Tablets Is ever rursed with a "dark brown taste," a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no cood" feeling , constipation, torpid liver, bail disposition or pimply face. Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound mixed with ollvo oil; you will know them by their olive color. Dr. Edwards' spent years among patients afflicted with liver and bowel complaints and Ollvo Tablets are the immensely effective result. Take, one or two nightly tor n. week. See how much better you feel and look, loo nud 30c. A Very Special Opportunity! Sale of Shoes at $2.95 About 200 Pairs of Pumps and Oxfords are included in the offering. $5.00 to $11.00 Low Shoes on Sale at Effla [gas rsnra n QpGiujaHBiiDcis] ra JfinBnfl rana DO nus ones mra r- IN«TI i ir .ioiNin sera Kg m ® nun flBtaw nn ma mmrm $2.95 High grade Pumps and Oxfords marked down for clearance because there are broken sizes in the various lots. But there U enough variety in the different styles to girt satisfactory {1111115 in one style or another. Here is an excellent opportunity, «ho«t tot fTM* tical wear at a nice saving. Shoes will be arranged on tables grouped according to sixes DisritgTirdiniL;' former values—most ©( thett ihoet will be sold—it will pay you to_ make early lelec- t ioni. Conveniently grouped as to size* >o that selections can be made easily and quickly, Sale opens (Tomorrow) The Hutchloioo district Is to have another test. It It to be In the extreme eastern edge of Stafford county, just over the Reno county line west of North Hayes township. The location is to be In section 24-22-11w. 28 miles west of Hutchinson and four miles north. It will be Just tight miles from the turn In the New Santa Fe Trail pavement and therefore easily reached from Hutchinson. H. E. Randall of Wichita, oil operator, has let a contract to Oklahoma men, to drill the test. Work is to start, It Is announced, In thirty days or so. The contract calls for a test to be drilled to 4,000 feet In an effort to find oil or gas. Partly In Reno County There are about 6,000 acres of lenses in tho block, a part of this beiiiK In Reno county and a r»rt In .Statrord county. A Ktnndard cable tool outfit l-i to be used. Mr. Knndall has recently bought nt sheriff's aale tho Taul well In Hie Cheyenuo Bottoms and 1 B now drllllui: thai tost down about 2.000 feet. An entirely new outfit in to be used In drilling the new Slut- ford county test, the riK nt Ihe Taul well not' beliiB taken to the new location. The locution i.; six miles south and one inilo enst of the Slfera location In the Salt MnrsH country, and tho Kamlall well will be in the edge ot the Salt Marsh country. conference with Henry Rosenthal, drilling operator, about It. Therefore there is no decision, absolutely, to drill the test deeper. If the rlpht sort of a contract can be made the work may be done. O'HALLORAN DRILLING BELOW 3310 FEET NOW. The O'Halloraa well la getting to bo one of the deep ones, after »eeks of delay. The five inch cas- tli^ was set Saturday and the crews started drllliue; ahead. Tho bit is below 3310 feet today and is beaded for Ihe contract depth of 11600 feet. Everett Douglass nud IIIB crews nro doing the work. HOPE TO CLOSE UP SHORT DEAL SOON. Progress is beine made la regard to 1'iniiiiclng the Short well for PORT FLEEGER WANTS TO FIND SOME GAS. Port,Fleeter, oil mid gut* operator, in to make another try for gas and oil down In Kingman county, lie has a franchise from the city of Kingman to bring natural gas to that, city and he Is to renew past erforis In order to find the supply desired. Un is making preparations to re- sumo drilling on tho old Oraber well, two miles east ot Kingman alone tho Cannouball highway. /This test wan drilled to 2B60 feet by S. J. Haynes who promoted the acreago and the company. Haynes has a string of six Inch casing In the well which Fleecer hopes to pull and run In a string of his own. Rig buildcri! hive looked over the outfit and are to begin work soon, a Kingman paper says, on rebuilding tho derrick. Some oil und gas showed iu the Graber well, when It wus being drilled. There Is a sand at near the same dci'.b In the Win- trey well, six miles north ot the limber teal. Tho Ray!, about two miles northwest of the Graber, had Closed All Day Thursday Thanksgiving Day EVERETT'S 3 STORES For your Thanksgiving dinner, you will find everything fresh and appetizing and priced extremely low at Everett's. Free delivery orders of $2.00 or more.. Closed all day Thanksgiving. Order early Wednesday. Arizona Grape Fruit...5c Eatmor Cranberries, Qt 15c Large No. 3 Can Golden Pumpkin. ... 18c California White Grapes, 2 Lbs 25c Solid Crisp Head Lettuce, Lb 18c Mammoth Bleached Celery. . . 15c Florida Grape Fruit, 3 for 25c New Navel Oranges, Doz 25c to 60c Eating Figs, Pkg. 15c; Layer, Lb 23c Queen Olives, Full Qt .49c Chickens—Ducks—Geese—Turkeys—Oysters New 1924 Crop Nuts deeper drilling, according lu the of- i'» showing of gas and oil but there fleers <)f UIB company. It is hoped lo got things in shape lo make an uniiouitceineui of a uc,v contract i;i a day or so. There are great expectations at ^lic Short and the people interested are raising the L.iiney to go ahead wilh the work. PROBABLY START THE SALLEE WELL. .Matters are being shaped up now to work KOOII at the Sailee well, «e. ;i-22-liw, northwest of JIutcliinson In tho lop of the Sand"! Hills. Tho money is coining lu for continuing thin work. STILL NO DECISION ABOUT THE THIESSEN. Mo decision has yet been readied or announced in regard to drilling deeper in the Thleasen well, s\v. 25>21-5w, north of Mertorn. Some of the men most Interested in this test say the well Is to be drilled deeper but It Is believed no contract has so far been made to havo t^e work started. ., NO CONTRACT MADE FOR MOHR DEEPENING. , No contract has so far been made In regard to drilling deeper •t the Mohr well, the men Interested having been waltiug lo hrivo a were insufficient funds to coinpleta It! Fleegeu bus 5,000 acres In tha block but needs more to make It a po. If he can get this and get some titles straightened oui he says he will start una in to try to Ret a supply ot gas for the people of Kingman. Brazils, lb 20c Peanuts, lb ISc Filberts, lb 25c English Walnuts, lb. ...49c Pep corn, 4 lbs 25c Mince Meat, lb 25c Hickory Nuts, 4 lbs. ...25c Black Walnuts, 4 lbs...25c Almonds, lb. 25c Pecans, lb 25c Bulk Dates, lb 15c Eating Apples, 3 Ibi 25c Ginger Snaps, 3 Lbs 25c Baby Soft Shell English Walnuts, Lb., 25c 40c Can F. F. O. G. Fruit Salad 29c AN OIL INCREASE IN MID CONTINENT. . The estimated dally avow gross production of the Mid-Con tinont field. Including Oklahome Kansas. North Texas, Centra' Texas, North Louisiana nnd Arkan sas, "or the week ende I November ID. was 1,02C>,;I50 barrels as compared with 1.01S.5M barrels for the preceding week an incveuae of ?,400 barrels. BIG INCREASE IN TONKAWA WELLS. The 44 wells to tho Slick sand in the Toukawa deep field produced 80,078 barrels last Thursday, an Increase of 3.146 barrels over two days previously. Some of the deep wells were deepened a little lilt more. When an 11 operator in t'.'e deep field there wants a little more ho puta the,- bit in a few minutes, and another sand In found. There seems to be uo end to production in .Hiat doep field. THE NEW BUICSC COACH IS HERE November Sale of Rugs 20% Reduction on Entire Stock A List of the Rugs at 20% Reduction Royal Ka Shan Worsted Wilton Trewan Wool Wilton .t> 14.^5 S 22.50 S 83.50 $125.00 — 27 x54 810.75 — 17 x5-l — 27 x54 - $ 11.40 816.75 — 36 x63 — \(>.V - $ 18.00 863.50 — (i x 6 — (IN '.) - $ 66.80 886.50 -— 8- 3x10 -0 —. 8-3x10 -0 -- - $100.00 ^92.00 — ') xl-2 - $ 8.60 $13.40 $50.80 $69.20 $73.60 Royal Pamiria Worsted Wilton $125.00—Size 9x12 Rug Beauvais $ 4.75 8 8.25 848.50 $52.50 9 \xiniiiisici' ±i x5-l 36 x70 8-3x10-6 y xi2 ' - $ 3.80 6.60 $38.80 $42.00 8 4.2.1 8 7.00 840.75 844.25 Fervak Axniinister - 27 x54 — - : 36 x70 — - 8-3x10-6 — ~ 9 xl2 — .$100.00 $ 3.40 $ 5.60 $32.00 $35.40 ALL GRADES of Rugs are included in the reduction. An advance in the price of Rugs by the first of the coming season is the report from manufacturers. Making your purchase of th« needed Rug* during our Sa!« will save you over this mi' vance price soon to come- Also an additional 20% oil of the present price*. Small Bugs Washable Kinds Cotton Chenille $4.75 — 24x48 -- $311 $7.25 — 30x60 — $540 Oval Rugs Grandmother's braided kinds. $2.35 — 18x36 — $1.88 $4.15 — 24x48 — $3.35 $6.70 — 30x60 — $5.36 Rag Rugs t Extra Heavy S3.60 — 24x48 — $2.88 $5.65 — 30x60 — $4.52 $2.15 ~ 24x48 — $1.72 $3.25 — 30x60 — $2.60 Andsley Axminster $35.00—Size 9x12 Rugs $28.00 Several Rupfs in Heavv Velvet, T.uezeune Velvets, and Tapestrv HrusseK in Sizes 9x12 and 8-3x10-6 included in ihe sale.

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