The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 28, 1987 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1987
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

t>A THE BAYTOWN SUN Frt<Uy, M, 1§§7 Bridge Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 62 Abstract being Answer to Previous Pu«le 1 Variety Of cabbage 9 Conceits 8 Lnt totter - (Brit.) 12 Arehittct Christopher 13 Noel 14 Medical suffix 1$ In good t*ttt 17 Petroleum 18 Jepenese- American 19 Utterly 21 Speed contest 23 Sign at sellout (abbr.) 24 Sin* non 27 Whig 1 * opponent 29 MiW Mttt 32 Pronunciation mark 34 Set fire to 36 Most competent 3? Chalk remover 38 Smell spots 39 —bodied 41 Quenttty of coel 42 Garden DOWN I 1 Bridge on the River 2 Greek deity 3 Minus 4 Stage direction 5 Scrutinize 6 Drainage path 7 Mixture 8 Cults' 9 Studier of animal* 10 Actor Jennings 11 City, , Calif. 16 Gap 20 Field of action '22 Terra 24 Campus area 25 Center of shield 26 Clumsy (2 wds.) 28 Street sign 30 Polynesian god • AQJM V*» OKJS5 e>«7 VKQM4I • MI e>AJt> CAST • 111 • MS e>K«S3 SOUTH 4>K104 •J.A73 • AQ76 + Q104 Vulnerable: North-South Dealer: South West Nerth East Pass 2* Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Seetft INT 2V Pass Opening lead: •> Q 31 Actor Bruce 33 Fable writer 35 Hail 40 Actress Jacqueline 43 Weird 45 Pilfer 46 large book 47 Buckeye State 46 Direction 50 St. Laurent 51 Rules 52 Handle (Fr.) 55 Laugh syllable 1 11 1S IS I 3 4 44 of March 46 Wigs 41 Choreographer Therp 53 Electrical unit $4 Reckless 56 Tennis player '_ Lendl 57 Marble 56 Words of understanding (2 wds.) 59 Church seats 60 Dawn goddess 61 Diminutive suffix <c)1»S7 by NEA. Inc. Changes in midstream By James Jacoby Sometimes you have a choice of finesses to make your contract. If you play a card that a defender would normally cover with an honor, and that defender plays low, you may rightly judge that the defender docs not have that honor. So you might fall back on the other finesse. Here is an interesting deal in which declarer Larry Cohen, playing in the prestigious Cavendish Pairs in New York last May, used just such a strategy. Eut he then decided not to take any finesses. Larry's opponent was Canada's Joe Silver, winner of the event in 1985. Silver led the queen of spades, won by declarer's king. Declarer played a heart to dummy's king and a heart back to his ace, and then led his club queen. Silver followed with the seven without a tremor. Cohen trusted his opponent's demeanor and rose with dummy's ace. He now played out his remaining high hearts; discarding two diamonds from his hand. Joe Silver had to make three discards, and he threw away two small diamonds and then the eight of clubs. Of course declarer could now try a diamond finesse for his contract, but he felt that West was holding the diamond king. So he led the spade seven from dummy. If East put up the eight, he would cover with the 10. If East played low, the seven would lose to West's nine. Either way, West could cash out only four spade tricks before having to lead away from the K-J of diamonds to give Larry his contract. A new book by James Jacoby and his father, the late Oswald Jacoby, is now available at bookstores. It is "Jacoby on Card Games, * published by- Pharos Books. © 1»I7, NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. AUIY OOP ®m» Owe Oraue XK ftLeWMAirt WStTHBP.AL.' CAPTAIN EASY ®by Crooks 4 C*UM> WE HAP WARNEP YOUR. WHILE THE ™ GOVERNMENT IP OUR FELLOW NOW* TH« TIMBI WERC K1OT WPHIGHT tve ttouLP exf eyre ALL 9VWPATHIZ6R*. / THBV'VE tEPT HIM UNOUARMO. 50 THAT'S Mew' MR. MEN'- AND LITTLE MISS"* by Hargreevee A Sellers TICKLISH THG/A H<7vV MAMT Rt&S HAVE P Astrogroph Berhice Bede Osol TOrthday StMMMV, Au0. 30, 1M7 Your circle of acquaintances and business contact* will b« greatly enlarged in the year ahead. Everything will get started by someone new who you will meet soon. VMQO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You'll function better in a leadership role today than you will in a subordinate one. Step in and take charge of situations that are in need of direction. Major changes are ahead for Virgos in the corning year. Send for your Astro-Graph predictions today. Mail $1 to Astro-Graph, c/o this newspaper. P.O. Box 91426, Cleveland, OH 44101-3426. Be sure to state your zodiac sign. LIMA (Sept. tt-Oct. 21) There are strong indications that you can benefit today from a situation of a confidential nature. A trusted ally will help uncover the secret. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Hov. 22) Your dynamic presence will inspire others, and your humor will be contagious today. It will be difficult for people with whom you're involved not to have a good time. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Although you have a definite goal in mind today, your approach should be subtle. Success will i be achieved by guiding others rather than pushing them. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jen. 1t| If you're confronted by a challenge today, tall back on your faith. This will make you more than equal to the occasion, and you'll be abte to overcome adversity. AQUARIUS (Jen. lO-^eb. 1») Joint ventures of a material nature look more promising than usual today, especially if your offering is your ability and not cash. PISCES (Peft. 20-Me*cft ») Any agreement into which you enter today has a good chance for success and longevity, provided it is made with one whose ideals are closely akin to yours: ARIES (M*rch 21-Aprillt) This is not apt to be a day ol rest lor you as it will be for others. Your time will be productively utilized on a specific matter you have in mind. TAURUS (April 20-Mey 30) Move around a bit today rather than confining yourself to a particular gathering. You'll have too much bubble and effervescence lor just one group. GEMINI (May Zl-June 20) You might start puttering around on something today that appears to be a small task, but once you get involved you may turn It into a major project. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You'll be equally skilled at mental and physical pursuits today. Try to use your brains and brawn In ways that are constructive. LEO (July 2^-Aug. 22) Today, you may perceive something that may be an unusual way (or you to make money. It will be a pretty good idea that should be given serious consideration. © 1H7. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN KIT 'M' CARLYLE ^by Larry Wright SNAFU® by Bruce Beattie CEUEBRITY CIPHER , CH»ui ll| Clpfwr cry|H«nr«m *n uttKtt (torn mioHMon* 6y tcmoui p*Of>m. pMi tne pimnt. EKA NrtXr m m» #t**r MMM tor moirwr. Toety't Out: U fquH* T. 'MS Y U S I F S M M T J L I O - MAYYUM MODDOA — CTU H S Y U S MLPNM — MUPDUSI* UOX«DDttA.' - MtTNCZ WDSYHXPI. PREVKXIS SOLUTION: "The roed to the Mefl of Feme M peved wffh gvys wfw M nwr M«gue m strHte-eufe/; — 6oW>y vatentine. ' : t> TW7 br NEA. mt. : I Q-3JB FRANK AND ERNEST - bj Bob Th«»M PS* :/£=== X , i^ ^ <o OS I THE GRIZZWELLS- by Bill Schorr I HATE 5TTT1W'HERE EARN 1 AVQ1P 5ATURATEP FAT?,.. ARLO AND JANIS ' by Jimmy Johnson •UGS BUNNY -by Warner Broa. ROPE YOJ KBM I2EJ - WINTHftOP "by Ofck Cavelli I WISH J HAD A HOUSE MADE OF PIZ.ZAWITH DOORS OR WINDOWS. WHY NO DOORS OR WINDOWS'? WHAT'S WE POIMTOP HAVING A PIZZA HOJS& IF YOJ CAN'T EAT YOJR WAY OUT ? *&*> V fEK * MEEK 'by Howif VJEUL,IDCK WHO'S ...THE VU1LD / HCKJ ABOUT RKTlrOG SOMETHIUG 110 TH£ HAT. t3(G SHOT...

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