The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 29, 1956 · Page 27
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 27

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1956
Page 27
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Thursday, March 29, 1956 Sun Classified 41. Houses For Rent PKOGY, :ii)!»— l.'nfurnlahcil two-bedroom home wlih KU «ge. $ Sjvirky Botld. !!«olU!r. 907 .H. Mnlii. 821S. TKXAS, 0(12 K.—Twci-tH>droom unfurnlftli- oU houa«. Nice locution. }6!>.0ti per munth. Sparky Bond. Kcultor. Uinl S248. WISCONSIN, 3312—Uirt-ir 5-ruom unfur- niKheil hot!**. Kecenlly redecoratptl tliruiiiilinul, 2 outlets for window alr-con- dtllunern. I'll. Highlands 4-IOS" nfier OlOO. WOOSTER, H2---New '^-bedroom un(ur- rflslied house. Oarw. J'h, 3-llSi. Apply 114 Wtxmpr. VVPJOHT. 2)6 K.—Modern 3-room house, hatil. tfflrufre. Newly ilecor.'iUtl Inside • ml out. Venetians, window /an, pouplp irnly. Apply 21S E. Wright. KO!'. HA1-K OR KENT—Wooflter. 109 Kurnt't St. Small 2-licdtoom house, rnr- prt'nK In living room nnd bedroom.^c K»t'ai;r. $•!"..W rnnntli. Wl!l fonaider irud« for equity. $3Ti::) tialancf. Phoni «T«-t. ON T BAY—Very nle* 2-Hedroom rurnlshed "brick liomt". Hwnitlfnl lot. GaraRS. Phone 591". 42. Bedrooms-Board AMELIA. 18H7--NI« tl«an ]• lv:ili! Bui- room tiW K :"•«£>••• I'riviilt eniran«. kUclli!!! l-riviiri;i>?. Pil. SA6^. ^ .CrtKCBRT~HOTELr- Clfsr.. quiet, home l!Ke. Qootl beds, uis hotUir.i. tub »nd shower bath*. Low rates, free parkins lot. PTlone ,2326, ILLINOIS. 3320 — Private bedroom with shower and gnraK". For Information dim 3-2M2. • __ 3-121 — yurnl.Hhed room. 1'anel- Vri. Prlvste entranrc, haih. Hilis paid, {20 mnnih. Ph. 3-2HB. 68. Lodge Notices li.P.O. ELKS NO. 1619, rejju- lar ineeiliu: »t 8:00 p.m. Thursday, Tilarcli M. :I95'I. Initiation, Kefre-itcmenls. Past Exulted Rulein nlslH. Chan. It. Porch, Kxaltwl J'.ulcr Carl R. Alarm. Secretary ans d 27 R«por* H^hUndi Ntwi To Mr«. B. B. T«f1«y fhon* 3.1541 Barrow Is In Wedding Ataton Rouge, U. J. R. Barrow of Highlands was In Baton Rouge. La.. Saturday to , .., CONCI..A.VB or Kencdy .'M Cotnmandery No. 8). KnlKlnii Ik,'-; Templar will be lieM In the !?:.* Asylum. Goose Creek Lodge Masonic Hall, Bayunvn. Friday. March 3d, IMS at 6:00 li.m. for worlc In the (V-er of Ui= Temjjle. Supper will be lervtril sit tj:00 I'.rn. All members art- jrKt'd to ati*nd. K. M. MUiier, Commander M. \VIKRCII, Rixo. <ler @ CA'U.RL> ASSEMBLY Goose Credit Council No. 339. P. i S M, Saturday, March 3). 1906 at- 5:00 p.m. for the purpose of worl: in tin: R It S M DcgrfC. Supper v.'ill be H*rvc<l at fj::15 p,rn. All member* are eU to attend. Sojourning Companions cordially Wfl^ome. P.. M. Miflter. T.I..V. K. C. ftea<l. Recorder LEGAL NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 321 * An ordinance J'egittating th*» tjjieriHIon of places used or nuiintiilntd us jur.K yards or tiumplnf: ground.-:, ur for . ilie wreokinj; or diHRcrnblir,^ u! automobile?, truck.-*. iriHTTOrs, scraji nu'tal uml pipe,, or rnsc/ilnecy of any kind, o.- of H.'I." of Hie pana thereof,' or for Jhi- ;<c.:»niu!ation of. riiliMxit of any tlescripiiGn: repealing ordinances Inconsistent ^fcrt'v. - ith; tjontaln- inK ;t f;nv!nxtf cla»3f: prescribing JL mnxl- inum ptrnaUy of tv;o hiajdred IS200> dollara; and providlnK lor the imbhcullon and ttUfd-sivr date hereof. March 2S. ::i. Business Rentals Al.UMIKi'M WAREHOUSE FOR-RENT— .vn South Mhbcl. For d«lall« phone 50. Help Wanted BOOKKBBPER AND OVTICE MANAGER --For ifflrvis'iQn and apftlUinc^ 5torf. S.-i't" «xptrltncf hflpfui. Kovar Appliiince. «!:ono 5004 or 7139. ORDINANCE NO. 322 An ordinance licensing Hie drilling of oil and ga* wells -.vsUiin the co porate S llrtiita of the City of Bayu>wn. Texas: } such wells within (he city; icpea'lnK ord!na.nce; Inconsistent herewith; containing a savings '.-iauss; prtscrlblnp a maximum penalty of two hundred (520(11 dollars: ami providing lor the publication and **'f»*ciive date hereof. March 28, 31. New P.TA Officers Elected Kew officers for the Highlands association were elected at a recent called meeting of the organization, with.the name of Mrs. B. E. Talley heading the slate as president. She will replace retiring president, Mrs. C. R, Dunaway, in May. Elected to serve with Mrs. Talley were Mrs. H. E. Lurnpkln, first vice preskfent;' Mrs.. J. H. Williams, second vice president; Mrs. C.'P. Bautnbach, recording secretary; Mrs. LaDelle Hillard, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Chester Cotter., treasurer; and Mrs. Dunaway, parliamentarian. These officers will accept their new duties after public installation ceremonies at the regular meeting in May. ' Visit Ranch Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Lynch and their son Fred were week-end visitors to a sheep ranch near Goki- thwaiie and guests of Mf. and Mrs. Dick Schunkc. They were accompanied to Golthwaite by a son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lyn- clen Lynch of Austin. Cub Den Gets Award-Best Attendance Den 10 of Cub Pack 87 was awarded a banner Monday night for having the largest percentage of its membership at the monthly meeting. Adult leaders cf this den , are Mrs. Clifton Adams and Mrs. Charles Payne. Program for the meeting was presented from the stage of the elementary school auditorium by Cubs of Dens 1 and 8. In keeping with the study theme for the month "Under Water," the skit featured 1 a bottom of the sea scene.. Songs used'.were ''There's a Hole In the Bottom of the Sea." and "Gone Fishin'." Scenery and props for the playlet were created by the cubbera. Mrs. W. I. Simpson and Mrs. Vance Randi are leaders of those two dens. Several cubbing awards were made at tie meeting. Highlands Television Glances FOUNTAIN HELP NEEDED—-At HurinK , Dnig Stort. W. Texns Ave. Apply In p* son, ^o Muden^s. please. "sSoTbo DAl'liY — S«l! Lvirnlnous Door Plat??. v.'rUf Htevtj. Atttttwra. MSM. Frte Sami'lc »nrt Details. 51. Female Help Wanted General Office Worker Alum I'.avc avfrccf '.vplni; speed »;i!l tak* shorthand. Apply S" if rjon. MISS KNOLERT T'HAD FELTON 603 West Texas Avenue HOL'SEKEEPER WANTED— 3 day* ptr w**lc. For appo!TVrn*r.t call 4Tlj art*r . r ,.-no p.m. • .___ _ .__ 0 !0 3.'.. Hourl 1:00 io 12:00 p.m, Must t>'. d*p«n<i»blf, Apply S'l N. Ctmrnrrct. _ __ ___ KXTERiEXCED SEAMSTRESS WANTED — App'.v in pi-non. Grand Clfnnfrs. 31u North Main Ssrtrt. Baylown. 52. Male Help Wanted F\»FPIENCEr> STKL'TTVRAL, STEKU I.'ATOI-T AND FITTERS WANTF.D- Contucl R. J. Frnnks. J. E. Cook Sml Co., Ui 1'oru. Texas. _ _ _ __ _ Established Local Agency Wnntj iwo men Tor imrnsivp Injur.inct iriinlns proitrnm. Promise har-J work but ccinA ir.cxmt. No collr-c'.ions. \vri1e Kr-'lnc •mploymcnt hlston'. thrff local rcrtrcnces. _p._ a BOXJ_IJ _ Tlllirrs~TKE~8MALLl!(«T AD but offtn. :!-.e prralrtit oiiportunllv. Contact v*. S. RoWnsnn, Room 1<)3. Woods BulMlne. 55. V^ork Wanted PEST CONTROL TERMITE*. ROAtUlfcS. ANTS All Work Gu.i!»m*td r'or Hut RnUlU Ph. 3-2S01 By WII.MAM EWALD NEW " YORK —UP— If you're | planning- a trip here this spring. ' you can Just about give up any notions of seeing Eel Sullivan. Perry Como or the Arthur Godfrey morning show. Tickets can't be nad. However, a letter to the networks right now will get you free seats io see Fhii Silver*. Siu Caesar. Steve Allen, Garry Moore and both evening shows o' Arthur Godfrey. In fact, IV tickets are available for just about everything except the few really "hot" show* and Charlie Chan movies. CBS says Sullivan and Godfrey in the morning are booked up for the nest six months. NBC isn't even accepting Bequests any more for the Como show this season. Skipping around the networks, the ticket situation here breaks down like this: CBS (485 Madison Ave.) — Godfrey tickets are available for his "Talent Scouts" and "Friends' 1 show?. .Tae.kie Glcasou is no longer shooting .his "Honeymoonors" films, but Phi! Silvers will continue shooting- until the end of April. Some tickets are available for Sil vcrs. "\Vhafs My Line," "Beat the Clock," 'I've Got a Secret" and "Two for the Money" are next most in demand, but can be hntl if you apply about one month in advance. "The 5&4.0QQ Question" is booked solidly four or five weeks ahead. This is the only show for which you must send a self-addressed envelope if you want tickets. NBC (30 Rockefeller Plazal— After Como. Sid Caesar is most difficult. Five weeks wait for this one. There is also a. long: list of customers for Steve Allen's Friday night show. The other four "Tonight" shows are not difficult, i About the onlv other difficult lick- charges. * .. .... TU,. i. There are rarely any tickets to be had for spectaculars either. ABC (7 West 66th St.'t — There are no more tickets for 'Super Circus" this season. Other tough tickets here are "Dollar a Second" and "Tlie Original Amateur Hour." Three weeks notice, however, should be enough.,Other tickets offered by ABC are "Break the Bank." "Masquerade P a r t y." 'Down You Go" and "Ethel and Albert." There are a limited number of tickets for "Voice of Firestone" telecasts and three weeks notice is necessary here. too. And perhaps one final note should be added on a telecast for which it is quite impossible to .set tickets. It's NBC's "Howdy Doody" which reports a waiting period of from one-and-a-half to two years. In fact, says NBC. the situation is so bad that women, who used to ask to be put on the waiting list when they gave birth, now write in as soon as they become pregnant. Jury Studies 51.5 Million Divorce Suit HOUSTON —UP— A distinct court jury resumed deliberations Thursday in a SI.5 million breach of promise suit brought by an attractive 36-year-old divorcee who claims a wealthy lumberman got her pregnant. Mrs. Gertrude Walters, who brought the suit, accused Hcnry M. Rockwell of fathering her six- week-okl daughter and 'promising: to marni her. He denied all her OtVE CHUIST1AN HOMK til'Kir'n. Ciill ni. 3-3KH for IN YOI:K HOMK OP. MINK. r.KKKKKNi'KS. PHONK ;i-3. 1 >«7. et her,' is "The Bis Surprise." but a .month's notion should suffice. Theiv ai-p no tickets available for "Your Hit Parade" because the show li:«s :io ;ii)tlienrc, I The applause nnfJ whistles arc faked). cnfolnet Free Sun Aids Motorist Beat Speeding Rap MADISON, Wis. —UP \Villiim \Mlliam McShan's Button Shop Custom Hells, tutton?. uuttnnholfi. Corner P.'arci «nd S. Third. •Lawns Cut rK\ SON.\HI-K PI ION K sipV;;:iAT,I£lNi;—In ropulrinic. r,r\v rtdilltlons, rtvrtfmj;. (.Irll n-ork FHA Improvement 1* «t!ma:r«, Ciii 1-- A. sutur. t>h. 2S16, j M. Harrison of Sun Prairie. Wis.. 1HH NfAvJcrjfy. j ( . a i| oc | ^po,-, t) 10 slm | 0 help him MOTilKitS. for one or two ilnys a wrl;. I )»at a Speeding charge. .:i' tt ..,;; ll 'f,m p »'.""'' 1 " ml 3Kf r " k 1 "" C "I Harrison was arrested at G:.V> p.m. and was accused of exceeding She nighttime 55 miles-per- hour speed limit. He pointed out to the court thai the sun sot nt G:flf> p.m. that day Jack & Jill Day Nursery - piny. Kvery fliiiil i>anld»a',f« 1" i:ro«P c;^y moilfllnc. rtiyii'.m hnnil. rrst I'ero. rnlor i-r^yvui \vork. inirst-ry rhythms nrnl »onEa. Hot ninchP!" nt nO(in--P»i' mirt- mnrnlnK ninl mlrt-nficrnnoii rffrcstiments. All for only J2.'W l"' r < l! '. v - Jllclt nn(l Ji " I.tnv Nur.irrv. '.MK.« :i'O\'\ WA.NT,. PIRKCTOR and the judge agreed that night doesn't start until Jin hour after 805 Pearl Ph. 3-2400 | sunset - PAPKRllAX«iNO—AHo small rfraodtl- \nr. Jub.«. Hy thr hour or job. For in- fonnntlon l»hon» S731. 63. Lost and Found I.OKT DOflS—-2 Bf..i|!lr.'. bru«C.,'li i mill -uliitp ?piiilcil. nioihir iinil 9-wn-lui ohl puppy. Rtravnl from Wi-lsln imnif In i:v»rioc-n T!-.nj(!*y mfirrins. i~h;M'' i>»t«. '">. on ,-oli'it ' . '-nil 'HIS. 64. Special Notices Al.rolIOI.ICS AN'ONVMOrs— Tri-Cli:,'» Crrmn - I'h. 2(9S. 9S.12. W».«l ftnydiwn C'.roup --- I'll fiOTn. Ulchlimil's KxrhaiiK' Pll. 2-1622 or 2.Z731. RKKPONSini.V^ tor dfhts rnivir bv anyone t^tlirr myself, S. K. Kflrl. "INCOME TAX SERVICE" Pny nr n'ght tn vitur hnmf or my officf, 8 'Tone's Knd. P\\. W31. Donic W«ix*r, SI .95 SKWJNO MACHINE SKRVICK Anj mnk* or rnodrl - oltsnfrt ollfd - adjusted - 'n your hom«. WOBK Ct;Al'.ANTKKn SHF.ftMAN SKWING CENTKR 102 W TKXAS PH. 3004 Expet On Fireworks Rejects Kelly Display EALLAS —UP— Art Briese. fife- works expert for the Stnte F:>ir of Texas, had to turn down an offer to put on n fireworks display during the Grace Kelly - Prince Rainier wedding in Monaco. He .?;iid the budget, two million francs i$. r >,"SOl. was too low to stage the display on Monaco's royal pier. At that price. Briese said, he would wind up in the red. The jury worked four hours nnd 48 minutes Into Wednesday, hut did not agree on n veror"" Hnd was dismissed for the night at its own reotiest. Mrs. Walters, the final rebuttal witness, denied statements made by four defense witnesses. They said that as fur as they knew Rockwell had never proposed marriage Io her. Mrs. Walters asked SI million actual damages and SiiOO.OOO ex- cm plan," damages. Dsflas Firm Is Low On St. Lawrence Job BUFFALO. N.V. — TIP - The Tecon Corp. of Dallas was the apparent low bidder Thursday on the first dredging contract to be let for the St. Lawrence Seaway. The firm's offer of S4.7-15..SS7 was one of three bids opened by Lt. Col. James B. Holeombe. executive officer of the Buffalo district, Army Corps of F.ncineers. which acts ns the construction agency for the St. Lawrence Seaway development corp. Tlie government estimate for the dredging was S3,fi1-l,GOO. Dirty Thieves m-;s MOINKS, Iowa — rr— Thieves stole $125 \vorih of Bursts' elotliing at a slieriff's ball sponsored by Sheriff Wilbur Hildretli. IT'S NO PISORACE To Hnve Roaches But U U to kt«p thfm: .10 in us x ft t rid of ihfm for you. All Work (?iiar.intrr<l Ph. a-iuoi 65. Monuments-Burial Lots !V.i'AttrlU:sT <". K M V. T K K V. INC— r\<"\ i;<>;i.l. (>d«r Rayon. A bcuiu'ful ftiinj-icltly ••PKl'.l'KTl'Al. OATtK" ftmt- itrv N!!\V',\XI> SAVK!'n. V.'"»isriiis.'.n; , M'iri:ixor. K 11, Hays, 5tai«Kmnn. I'll, ! ft.lni nr n-2S,"i7. | ' murker;, ftvnrKMy wor!:. KAsy terms No farrvirit: cmrpc'n. Tri-Hiy Monument Co.. MnrliM St. nt Vl>«t Main. Ph. -(70S. HCY r»IRKOT From MW!>! rfJMl rrinn- ^mfm mnrmf.T'lurer In the world. Mnvk- Wo OouM "I spilled a few cigar «h«s on the mg." Contest Winners Named Winners have been announced in an attendance contest conducted among members of Bethany class of Highlands First Baptist church during the past six months. Group captain Mrs. J. A. Hollis and the winning team will be feted with a luncheon at the regu/- lar class meeting in April, The losing team, led by Mrs. E. H. Bennett, will host the luncheon affair at the Bennett home April 30. Mrs. C. R. King presided .over the business session ci the class held Mondav in the home of Mrs. J. V. Hill. The 100th Psalm was used as scriptural background for the class devotional. Reports were made on progress of class projects and the Annie Armstrong mission offering. Rainbow Girls Go To Church In Crosby The Crosby Assembly of Rainbow Girls will attend worship services together at Crosby . Methodist church Sunday. April S. This will bo done in observance of the founding of the order of Rainbow for Girls. Plans for this annual occasion were announced Monday night during a. regular meeting of the Assembly at Sampson lodge hall in Highlands. A number of distinguished guests attended the Monday mooting. Among them wore Mrs. Ammefises Masscy of Baytown. grand visitor of iDstrict 4, and Mrs. Grace McGuire of Liberty, mother advisor of the Liberty Rainbow Girls. Mrs. Sybil "Orr of Highlands is mother advisor for the. Crosby Assembly which lias an enrollment of 70 members. Wallis Hunts Have New Baby Daughter Ruth Lois Hunt was born March 21 at San Jacinto Memorial hospital. Daughter of ^ r - and Mrs. Wallis Hunt, 111 Avenue E. Highlands, the baby weighed 5 pounds, 7 ounces. Grandparents of the new arrival ore Mr. and Mrs 1 . W. G. Hunt of Highlands, and Mr. aiuf Mrs. W. F. See fold of Houston. The Hunts have another daughter, MBTV, and a son, John. Notary Club Votes To Support Softball Highlands Rotary club has voted to underwrite the cost of equipping and supporting a Softball leaguv: among cub scouts of the area, according to E. P. Hooper, president. Bob Martin. 103 Begonia, and Al Simmons. lOOG Clear Lake, will manage and direct eub league play. A film on credit buying was shown by Bill Stricklcr of Baytown. Other Baytonians present were Dan Stallworth, Sam Stassi and Bryan Slratton. Highlands WMU Has Royal Service Program "Make Me a Channel of Blessing" was the theme used for n Royal Service program for members of the- Women's Missionary union of Highlands Second Baptist church Tuesday morning. This program was directed by Mrs. R. M. Marshal!. Other parts wore presented by Mrs. Jeff Tanner, Mrs. A. C. Tanner and Mrs. J. E. Owens. A Bible study led by Mrs. H. G. Tcvus will be "taught this \VMU Tuesday, l «»mniiu i «\>i Mrs, ,S. Son- iiier, publicity chairman. Woman Undercuts State Berber Board OKLAHOMA CITY —IM— The state barber board filed in district con: t Tmirsilay a motion to slop a beauty operator from cutting men's hair for 50 cents. Tlie board set a minimum of St on haircuts last July. It didn't take to it kindly when Mrs. Covilelm O-impboil started cutting into bar- her shop trade with her half-price trims. Mrs. Ausley Attends Workshop Mrs. N. D. Ausley of Highlands attended a Home Demonstration zone workshop in Houston Wednesday where the making of favorite yeast breads was demonstrated. Types of bread, including sponge, non-sponge, and ice box varieties were listed with essential ingredients noter!. Methods of kneading, shaping, covering and rising received special attention. The instruction which Mrs. Ausley received will be passed on to the Highlands HD club April 5 when it convenes in the Ausiey home. . : A reporter's and council meeting cil delegates will be conducted of T. M- Wolverton grocery store Apr , :! , at the civil cour tj. build. . '. Highlands bank fans draw ; n g j n Houston. Highlands delegates red circles around April 4 ... Lois will a ttend this informative ses- Helen and Travis Craig begin to s ; on _ convert their dreamhome into a real one. The site is on East Wallis- _. • villa. Try San Classified Ads to Aubin Fairbanks of that city. A member of the wedding party. Barrow escorted the bride to' th# altar. Accompanying him t were A2C and Mrs. Vernon Searcy. EASTER PARTIES planned around outdoor picnics and egg hunts are the order of the day as public .-schools get ready to dismiss classes at noon Thursday until Monday . . . The C. O.'Gilbert family cruises merrily along . . . Mrs. Orby Chaplin and Mrs. B G. Ridens discuss when they came to Highlands and it turned out to be the same year—1942. Just about everybody making preparations to .join-the Easter parade, including a number of students home for the holidays from universities and colleges around the state . . . Lush-blooming wisteria pushed around by strong Brick walls be- the future home ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH! We carry a complete selection of Dottie Dan Infant's a n d Children's Wear up to 6x and broken, sizes up to 14. OUR CERAMICS ARE BY BILLIc HARRIS ROSARIES FOR ALL ... EVEN THE BOYS YACKEL - MEADOR GIFT SHOPPE 21 IS. MAIN HIGHLANDS < 2-2432 Yes, thank you for your tremendous response to our Anniversary Sale and m token of our appreciation we are offering these values. JOE'S FOOD MARKET HIGHLANDS JOE, TOMMIE, CANDIE, AND EMPLOYEES, SAVE 20 THE LUCKY WINNERS OF OUR ANNIVERSARY GIFTS LAST WEEK WERE: (1) $50 Bill—MRS. CLARENCE BENOIT, 304 N. Magnolia (2) Steam Iron—MRS LORANE TURNER, 717 Oak Street (3) Deep Fry—MRS. CLEO C. SMITH Snowdrift FRESH DRESSED FRYERS 49 C HORMEL Wieners or Bologna * 39 HORMEL POLISH STYLE SMOKED SAUSAGE = U. S. GOOD BEEF S T E A tf SIRLOIN Or rr,, I C A I\ T-BONE LB 3DC BONELESS ROLL ROAST 49c FRESH GROUND BEEF JASMINE SUGAR CURED HICKORY SMOKED SLAB BACON 1.00 SLICED FREE LB. 39 3-lb. con with "Trial Offer'* Covpon on 69 WHITE DEER FLOUR 5 BASS 45C 12 BOTTLE CARTON COKES 39c Phis Deposit N. B. C. YAKiLLA WAFERS 2 BAGS 25c PET or CARNATION MILK 2 Tail Cans. 27c IMPERIAL PURE CANE SUGAR 10 & 89c UNCLE WILLIAM BLACKEYE or PURPLE HULL PEAS 2 cans FOLSERS SlIEDD'S Cucumber Wafers 13 ?« 19c BLUE PLATK SALAD DRESSING Size 45c COFFEE LB 95c LE GRANDE CREAM STYLE CORK 2c../25c CANNON 20" x 40" BATH TOWELS v w L WALDORF TOILET TISSUE 4 29< Tf Rnll, fcW DEL MONTP FRUIT COCKTAIL DEL MONTE SLICED or CRUSHED PINEAPPLE DEL MONTE SPINACH 4 2 303 Cans 1. Cans 2/C 2 c-« s 25c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CELLO CARROTS •i Rartc Winesap or Delicious APPLES ,. 15c Firm Crisp Calif. LETTUCE 2 „. 19c Long Whine Cdif. POTATOES

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