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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, December 30, 1931
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Last Edition VOL. LV.--HO. 64. (AT) WEATHER fOfOCAft FOB A MARYLAND: Partly cloudy tonight. Thursday Increasing cloudiness and not so cold, probalriy fol- 'owed bv rain !rt ?ft*rnooa or at l£bt. nortn xhillinc u northeast vlnds. Fall NBA Srrrfce. FREDERICK. MD, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 30, 1931- * * * .t- TEN PACKS PRICE-TWO CEHT8 IEW [0 END YULETIDE ILIDAY SEASON . W. KEISER DIES AT HOME, ILL SHORT TIME Had Just Returned From Physician's Office. ' Charies W. Keiser dted a'. 1150 o'clock this mommy at his boase on South Market street as the result of a ! stroke of apoplexy. He had no: been fueling »ell for several clays, but »ord Only Single Holiday To Mark c: ^ dea . h ^ received with surprise In MANY! HOLD MEETINGS EAST BY RODNEY DITCHER XEA Service Writer. Washington. Dec 30 --Notes from JUT nation's capital- . . Lucky for some ·.xx»?le that they can revise their testimony at congressional hearings. Same _ -*ay "members can change theirs before ·juolicaticri in ine Congressional Rec- Dr. Apple, President, Speaks At i rc i A»er-. H wissm. chairman of WlftY HPT \m\ rtUl 10 SEND LEE CASE ID ANOTHER COURT License Fund Paid In Reimbursing Farmers For Loss Of Their Sheep And Fowls ·.ear. Arrival Of 1932 Frederick. BANKS, POSTOFFICE AND STORES TO TAKE DAY OFF No Rural Mail Deliveries-- Watchnight Services Planned By Churches. a -a~c« circle oj friends. Mr. Keiser, wjio iai been employed . at, :be E. J. Wa»ftreaer s»r*, South | Market street, for :he past s^c or ser- ' en years, did ao: go to tie store Tucs- · cay, as mas his usual ·c-^stooi. because t of feeing badly. This morning h« stopped at Uie store, said he itas go^ig to the office of Dr. Charles H. Coziley. · and :a:er slopped agam at the store ' on his way Some from the physician's office. He had not beea at home long. before he ·aras stricken and died soon aftersrard. The deceased Tas 62 years of age and ·ras affiliated with a. ntucber of local organizations. Tae latter included Chippewa Tnbe of Red Men. of nrhicli ' he Vas collector of -sfampun!; several . local branches oj the Independent j Order of Odd Fellows; the- United Fire j of a - hich he ·sras financial j Most Of Gatherings Of Alumnae. tr.e Chase National Bank---world's larger.--told '.rse LaFoltie subcommittee nothing could be dorse to avert depressions. LaFollett* said: 'You thini ·here's no laffiit to the capacity for human suffering?" Wiggin laughed and Decision Would Be Voluntary On Part Of First Judicial Circuit Bench. DATES FIXED FOR COMING EYENTS AT THE COLLEGE May Day On May 14 And Commencement Program June 4, 5 And 6. A Friday which frons street appear- j ances will be very much like the hoii- sccre:a j y _ and the Francis Scon Key day preceedmg and a Saturday quite · co-j-cji. x o . 43. o. U. A. M. unUJce the one preceeding. are due to! Mr. Keiser !s survived by his -andow "r. the nrese-' ^e»k ar.d begin the ' ani one daughter. Miss Tersa Keiser. * the prese-- ^ee*. a- * ^ :his ci:j . p.j.jg.^j a-ra-jgeaieiits wi2 be new year. | announced la'.er. So fa' as Frederick and business are j · . _ concerned. New Year's day wJl be just j C U T QWN CHECKS FIRST. replica of Chris'-nias, with stores, j banks and business houses closed, i streets quiet and sidewalks almost clear Kood College as the alma mater of hundreds of graduates in many ciues ?has stretched wide her arms, figurative- ·v speaking to all · Hood's daughters." '.lie that, following W-ggm's It does no:. . . . Debating the length . »! the congressional holiday recess. Ma- I ·srity Senate Leader Wauon of Indiana I a:d: "At Christmas members want to j be near their wives and babies " Borah of "idaho saici- "We ha\e been with our and babies nine months and , they are tired of us " Has Borah any : He has r«t. Neither has , Watson. j * * * Publicly, the progressive senators say ; they did not ircpede legislative pro- ; ?ress and blocs, election of Moses of New Hampshire as president pro tern, simply because he called them "sons . of the wild jackass" while he was chair- NEW MOTION FOR VENUE CHANGE ALSO TO BE FILED cost sn avenge of a !·'.'. rcore one dollar w license Frederick ty's 3.S88 dogs daring '.be paM Ssral ana a little leas than a dollar to ·a\ ?vr 'he »h«*p. hoes and turkeys'i silled Trie auditor' report j-hjws ·.hat M c«-ato for e\«.-ry li^v:»e aoe in the ix-anty na* a»arod tor damage cla.nis. · T*ie amount jf damages paid »»s $366632 »i5h Srpteaer * the ban- · month curing the \«tr. Other vx- ;3eriiO*. including trxxse for cosuni^sions. iro-isht th» total to $5 MO 29. T!:e tJtal fJritt -*as Si.i95 4'.' si'.tr* a ;»-.crable balance as the year ended in . July. i Trie licenses were distributed as fol- Kjrl L ·lc»s Male--3507 at $'. each: !ea«ue-- iltoa i 331 at $2 each Fi!wea kw.r.el " -.0,1:-.? tu.-is.ej-s. J325C- E G G.f.irsgs 12 ··_r.«-\i. 3 xuirv*.v $4380- R.ersard Gil- .-r_-t. 3 t irfe-js 514. Jaases S Daj. :4 .-.xx-:;. $.'0. Jvl-r. C Burner, balance ^T.JL;V U o:--;.-i.-."-. $3 M-* Wil.iam D^vmwr--!'_.rry R Aha'.'.. 13 sh*ep, $:i: J A Putiiiin. 1 ;.fiVr $40. Frank M Steicns 1 e»e. 1 '..jr.b SIS. Ro'.and E::;Unc. 1 ihrc: $11. W.I.iiSi H. !·!.».:£:., : :-.-.:ers. JjO. Gv-£? E K.ntz. 8 eh.cirr-s. J7: Oscar G Le- .'hrev. S'.r. DaMd H Young. 4 l^n-.b. $5'. 50: Bell Se:.*. ^ 5:-.«xp. S50: ir-ith. 3 tMrteyJ. $1050. Hani- $39: Ix'jlie I',:'. :r'evj. $6 4"; IN FULL RETREAT BEFOREJAPANESE Latter's Forces Converging !n Drive To Capture Chin- chow. » CHANG HINTS AT MANEDYER ENSNARE APPROACHING FOE Indication Given Cognizance Might Be Taken Of Appeals Court's Ruling. : d !,-«. $::: Not$11. B V. Smith. ·nt-re issued at $10 -ach and three du- \\Ylty C tUrsiunan plicat- licenses at :5 cents each. rximdjes. approved and pa: Jjly. 1930--W. S Castle. 2C ducks. . $:080: Laura V. Denslow. 54 chickens. $25: Lavitua Gilcnst. 1 tarkej'. $«; Charlfts K. AmbUih. 1 hos. $20: Smith '. Blair. 11 iucis, $!3 7S: Nettie f. DuvaU. $:i: G:xner N*»h, 3 sheop. $30. Charles X-v T Davii 30 chL-fce:ii. $15. Jan-4a."7.'. 193'.--Daniel t-ries. $'-440; W.llians $310 irv--H»ry M Rickrfj. I. Putma D Pe- . 4 20 Provisional Government To Re- Protected By Garrison. main Snow K'.l!. Md. Dec. 30 AP -- Tht. 2 *.jrie\s. ! goose. $!5: R A Sr-.oufler. 10 sheep. $93: Paul B Rosencrantz. 13 c-'-inz *h* holiclav season which is -- - . . beiSf featured by" luncheons, dinners \ man of the RepubJican seaatorU. ^nd dances held under the auspices of Hood Clubs here and elsewhere Lan- COUZENS TELLS CONGRESS I campaign comnuuee. Privately, they iay that Moses lowers the dignity of cas-- Yo-k Harrisb-irg. Frederick, the Senate when he travels about the Wash-ipoa. Potutown. Pittsburgh, and country, recognized as present, pro tern. Philadelphia clubs have p-asaed evena ' And they are pretty specific about it. * · ------ --Moses made a big mistake Worcester county seat today again took '.is place as the center of the much-controverted Yuel Lee murder cafe with officials taking the position that the Court of Appeals decision yesterday had returned the case here. It was considered Kallman. 5 hogs. $35. Wiliwm B Wen- :.-r. 3 hies. $!S. D W Kehr.e. 4 pigs. turkeys $15: Magsie Howard. 1 turkey. $12. William J Bote'.cr. Jr.. 2 ho«s. S!: $350-" Mrs Charles T Brosliii. Jr . 15 S B Eagle. 1 oheop. S'.O; Rogt-r Brtsrk- irl(«e. 1 heifer. $40. AUreh--SanSi Valentine. 12 turkeys. r.ara V. Roderick. 1 . $24; W-jl'.er L Zinimerasar.. 2 turkeys, $8; Alien O Donohue. ! larr.b. S3: Cora chsikens. $15: Lafajctte A Main. 6 4 lamb«. $100. Edward Carey. 1 likelv that the of pedestrians. While there may be more motor travel than on Christmas Washingldb. Dec. 30 (AP).--Con- were told of the First Judicial Circuit might take voluntary ac- remotc than Cambridge, to idav Saturday morning toe great ·; mcii ^»" j*».- ."v^.=- -v-v.^ «-- ~ years on Tuesday at. Hotel Frederick, wheels of business will be turning ; the workers. , 1^, ^ft^ be^g. preceded by r^ a^d pracUcally all businesses j "This business of casting ?"««*« by other clubs. The ^eop^T xSTdowntowii jam is «- sUrong at the wrong point ' asserted . ,, a de:ightfal d ance ·wm reopen, i-c «*. «_ ,i mn CT as Couzens. "JJK, us make a 25 per cent · pected on Saturoay =^1*TM^ ! cut in the salaries of members of con- great volume as tne ^^e. p resen. . ^ ^^ menjbers when we ing a striking contrast witn the faatur- . f _ ^ ^ __.,,. t _ day night following streets and sidewalks were strangely r-ouns bull. S25. August-- Tobias E Ismb? $:): w. R Titi i C F. Main. 2 ewes. ! Zimmerman. 1 A. : sh^ep. $11: Ehisry F. 5. i Umb, $750: Sli.'cr. 3 she^D. $33; Harvey Miller. 3 $25. Charles E. :.imb^. $16 30; C. F. Main 4 sheep. S40; : Ira. F. Haines. F Lora'.nj Sappinstor.. 13 sheep, geese. $2080; $56250: Sarah C. Eylcr. 31 ( B y The Auofixted Pm* China's troops were in full retreac juthiH.ird from Chinchow toward the Gr-,at Wall of China today while two tcaier^'ng Japanese columns pressed i-*ins dov. n into the walled city u-hlcli Mars-ul Chang Hsueh-Liang had evac- Tl.e Japanese division advance* for chickens, - .-.outhv.ard from Hsinmintun and cap- turkeys. $15: $7.75: Herbert- Brooks, goat. $3; Charles · turcd the town of Tahushan this after- 1 " turkey, C Wiles, heifer killed, injury to cows, rxxm and the force moving west from old turkey. , $50: George W. Lakin. two sheep. J20; . she direction of YSr.gkow pressed on Jc- rd Adcs. attorney f,r the con- any- : V«d Mayer of the Orc.,1 Davi, 'V-^tmal when i have fcsl evidenced oar wiUingncss to Chr-stmas. wnen . ,,,,.-«_,, -...,_ ... _-n, K» rims tn The postoffice wiU foBow its regular j holiday schedule on Friday, with win- ; dow service from 7 to 9 in the morning and one morning city delivery. There will be no rural deliveries. The lobby will be open and special delivery service maintained throughout the day. Friday is a legal holiday and aQ banks win be closed. A Quiet Welcome. . make sacriaces. then it will be time to Eartmaa: and Dr. and Mrs ! discuss reductions for otners. I "I favor this especially since mem- f congress hare six to nine months v-e-nresident. dies. . . . Don t let any- t i»*«a HCSIU jj^jn «i ^»«. vj-v.». i^..-, j 35; ^.bert Grossnicsic. J snccp. »j on- fcx/ vou with the ideal that those . farm family of four, said Ui Baltimore. . J;)ha c Burrlcr . o chickens. ·Hoove'- "candal books" are making [ he would immediately file a new mo-| xv ,. :ia E j^.,., 2 sheep. $12: Alta no impression in Washington. You'd ; uon for change of icnue with the fcr j old luriec y. 14 young tur: Academy. · lot, Thev hope and pray that there ! orset counties, indicated lie and his as- Rober^--arrT-N; 'o-me- t'-aiu'mni wul be dollar editions of these books, j sociates might take cognizance of the j S7 . GO: TriC odore BolUnger. 1 ewe nooert r--j 0 -u-- i**: .«».^«.. _"--- "· . _. . . ..--,_ j;-i:i._ *,,- Trnrtvor a n d : anru-a!.: f-oii--: hnTri'nir "that a f air i i ·,,, cin- r-u-Ao. .c;»iiriki? i hoc. of Franklin" and Marshall -'ach Democratic Executive Chairman munerative enterprises." PINCHOT GREETS HIS PEOPLE FOR NEW YEAR secretarj College. ; The annual Christmas dance of the _ ' York. Pa., club was a* 1 "HotC' Yo"*«vO""Il. «i*.ii oj^utiM «w . -- -*. -- . ·^esLs-n'atwBdance. Music was furn-; Director Bob Lucas that sucn v Bob Tula's orchestra, Haiti- , "bore the earmarks o: their desire that he be not re-elected. ( j u r y could not be obtained in the cir- '· Claude B. Ahalt, 3 turkeys. $15.30; *S. il^tw L»tiiH_^r vi Li^ii- , , - . . j i - . t , held Saturdav night: Jouett Shouse successfuJ.y ndiculea the se. wwh about 400 ' s^r «arge of Republican Executive cu'-t. Further than that he would not j i discuss the case. ' ' vounc turkev. $!3: Chester E. Y0un;r. c':ark Heffner. one ewe. one lamb. «5; - -» a rd the junction at Kowpangtzc. · »**» * ^ . ... ,. - » . ,, _ _ _ V--^TM. *· t rt - I t m l ( « »T i l -- » t * _ ...... *^i f*l* (v^ n V»r***» 4jMHt*r% From there the way to Chinchow down the Pelping Mukden railway was wlda open and it appeared that the drive on Chinchow was in rull swing. A Kuomin (Chinese) news agency d':=patch from Pelping said Japanese planes had bombed Kowpacgtze, ta- fUcting heavy casualties. As the retreat progressed the govern* ment at Nanking debated the new situ-* rtioa and in Tokyo reports circulated that Char.g Hsueh-Llang had ordered the withdrawal from Chinchow "under advice of a certain country," which Hut- : lard, one sheep. $13 50: Anna H. Rosen- ·keys. , berry. 12 chickens. S!S: Raymond A. Willkrd. one sheep. $1250: Paul S. Chief Judge John R. Pattison. of the j " "sVptember--George E Kintz. 2 chick- Rudy, three turkeys. $13.50: Sarah ^B. the | First Circuit which includes Worces-| eni $3.75; John C. Burner. 35 chick- ' Clay. 17 chickens. $1750: H. S. Bales, quo'ins " t o each other and to all ; ter. Dorchester Wicomico and Son-- \ en ^' $35 - 'r.ewis J. Wachter. 40 chick- . two sheep. $20: Russell A. Dutrow. one ' ' " - ' "· ' J * -" *-' ,-j' S30: Maurice L. Bussard. 3 geese, Flook. Davis. three two hccp. SI 2 50; John C. ducks. $4.50: Edmund is the'r dislike for Hoover and : Appeals Court's holding "that a fair j ^^-.js s20" Clyde Stunkie. 1 hog. $8: i turkeys. $10.80. - - ·· · · Apri i_;corgc V. Arnold, twelve A. Wiliard. 4 old turkeys. 14 young | sheep. $120; Frank McCUine. three j i turkeys. $67.60: C. D. Bcachley. 7 i sheep. $30: George E. F. Anderson. 17 i was no! . named m the dispatches. icucki. 33 chickens. $31.27: Harry E. ! chickens, $8.75; Mrs A. M. Bcndell. flvc j Marshal Chang's headquarters at ! Reaver. 1 bull calf. $20: H. O. Ntc- j guineas, one chicken, $6.i5. ^ j books Democratic head- the Hanisburg-. Pa.. Dec. 30 (AP).--GOT- j ernor Pinchot in a New Year message more. I rcezzatune Soor. ; opportunity to repeat some things the ^ T^_ . - . ; eriiir r-in-Lrut, ui i i^cv* nx^. m 1 According to all forecasts. Frecenck p^^^^j^ to attack is preparing to give 1932 a qiuet wel- ^ ^^^ aew caonis ^ ^ ron . come, with a touch of toe aojsy to be | ^^ afeead given In the TntngUng of sirens, whis- ' The' EarrisbuW Hood Club held its i books were saying about: Hoover, givmg ,;,,,! 7^T«.r «f. f-,v«"s Tea Room, them further publicity while indignantly annual dinner at Graver's Tea Room, - t . far the Democra had ever his full energy to work: on the problem ; nae ^ that confronts him. ; 5. "If only you WTII refuse to be defeated j projects and problems being met by nothing can stop you. Tirs is my [ coilese officials. The dinner was pre- message to you for 1932. First of an cer dry." - -- - . . vmi»_ one which Ijopes for miracles but a _ the law, ana the clamorous nub- determination that nan does not of olcien days may be singularly j nsedta5rKlesto help him when he ge£s -^ ·jnissHig. . . - -- . . .. · *· " The general feeling seems to be that the passing of 1931 will not be greatly bemoaned, and that 1932 will be received as a year of uncertainty and political tunnoil- Watchnight services will be held in a number of entireties throughout the crey and county, and private social affairs are also being arranged. The ringing of the church bells, the most typical reminder of the New year's coming, will be heard far and wide. Weather Uncertain. The brand of New Year weather remained uncertain today, as temperatures fell slightly as if to block the likelihood of rain. The week's weather has been very moderate, following the high ·winds of Christmas evening and the low temperature of 18 degrees Saturday night, which was the coldest night of the season. Thus far it has been a 100 per cent, srsowless holiday. the proprietress of which. Mrs. Miriam , ^na. ,-,,,,,,,, K,- *· a Hood College graduate, ! said any sucn tmng. Snouse. by ^ Mondav night 1 way. sent out handsome Chnstmas arid Mrs- j cards^-chictJ sho-wed a4iny black donkey made ' romping toward "Victory." * * * -re guests of honor _and interesting addresses, describing the · Latest "Hoover scandal book" tries to made by ths college, the con- , . .* * ,,-«,,, of «ts alum- prove poor Herbert isn t an American OPEN ROAD THURSDAY May--George W. Thrasher, three Pciping said the retreat was a port of 3 pre . arr anEed plan of defense, «ad _ ^ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,,._,..._ _ _ - . . . S9: John W. icatherman. flve , . hat a ] though mQS t of the armed force* New Kockville Pike Ready For V' Greatly Improved. odemas. 4 chickens. $6: Maurice M. | ! Devilbsss. 65 chickens. $40.35: Raymond ) ; A Willard. 1 sheep. $12: C. F. Main. ^heep. $42; Grovcr Nash, one sheep, one : a j rcat iy v^d started south from the '. i ram * ewes. 4 lambs. $108; Gladys j iamb. $15- | Chinchow area the provisional govern- JJ_. Lak'iri. 1 turkey. $5: Dr. Charles H. j June-- Harry R Ahalt. _ten sheep.^one | mcRt ^ulA remain there protected by ' " " - --«- - garrison. n- J $20. A bank balance of $83.78 was left at t -o e c ; £ =es represented among ', cuizeu. People soon may get so sore and some of the special | « t*fc sort of thing and - ' . ^^ · V r * ington orer a brand-new RockvHJe pike; : dore-Bollinser. 1 ram r 1 ewe. $U. Min- according to Saaiuel C. McCeney. of nie V. Geimes. 7 ducks. 1 goose. $10.75; the Maryland State Roads Commission. ; EL C. Renn. 19 sheep, $116.80: Victor ( the end of the fiscal If it doesn't rain or snow before then. |p. Buhrman. 1 sheep, S10. the pike will be opened to traffic Thurs- I October--S. B. Englc. dav at noon. ' laasbs. S37; Mrs. H. E. espenditures Included a grant of $500 3 sheep. 2 i to the Frederick County Society for Reznsberg. 13 ' the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. · -- --- - ., «. thetic the President that theyTl re-elew Mm just for spite over bv Miss Rose Daniels, "23. ' pays ^* '· Jl -· _ _ . . * . _ ^ Who ail teiegrams sent oy memoers have faith in yourself and after that ; Resident and was attended by about ; of congress except those purely per- trust in the Lord and keep your pow- ! ko Hood College students .several of . sonal? You guessed it--the. taxpayers. whom have been members for many ! . . . Big. gay party tt the Mayflower to Uears. Greetings were read from Miss -watch Lawrence TiboetC. singer, sign Edith M. Thomas, this city, president^ radio contract witn Haney Rre- o' the Alumnae Association of the col- .stone. Jr. ... Reporter: .* Tib. bett. what do you think of the depres- LABOR APPEALS TO U. S. TO AID THE UNEMPLOYED SAYS HE FAILED IN EFFORT TO BRIBE POLICE CAPTAIN Baltimore, Dec. 30 CAP).--Harry R. Datis, twice convicted Baltimore bookmaker, today declared from the witness stand'in Criminal Court that he had tried to bribe Capt. Charles Sahler. commander of the eastern police district, to allow him 10 operate out had failed. . Police Commissioner Charles D. Gaither also testified at the bribe hear- , ing. declaring Capt. Kahler had turned ' over to him letters Davis admitted he j sent the capcain. containing money. No ' prosecution was attempted, he said, as '. there was no statute covering the case. ' Assistant State's Attorney Wells called attention of the court to the facs that attempting to bribe a. policeman was not , The new surface of the pike is amie site, and this will dry enough for traf- i fie by tomorrow noon do not interfere. Mr. McCeney said. : Workmen have been engaged in spread- : ete r me nt ;! Annual Meeting And Luncheon Of iey said. : -' Workmen have been engaged in spread-; __, T T ., ^y, -, TT 1J T T7* -~ J~-~2^.Z, ing the surface of the last strip of the 7\£J0 HQOU GiUUS Held lU bTeCieTlCK roadway for the past several days. The road now is 30 fee: wide, having been widened from 21 feet to 30 by the ad- FOOTBALL MONEY TO GIYE WORK TO ANNAPOLIS'IDLE Every Unemployed Man To Get Job Thursday Morning. Annapolis, Dec. 30 (AP).--Every unemployed man of Annapolis will b« put to work tomorrow through proceeds of football played at the Naval Academy during the past season, for which ad- legs. ' Dr. Apple remained ' over night and left the following day to a; of the Washington Hood Club Taes- in Harri*urg sioa?" Tibbett: "I think when stocks sell beyond their earning power, something is wrong!" . . - This writer found a clerk, a congressman and a Choctaw __ ^^ . ____ . .,,. ____ ..... __ , Attended by a large number of Fred- ; among colleges of the land, despite the , misslon was charged the first time in di-ion of concrete shoulders, and ex- ' crick county members and members j fact that larger educational institutions j ^jo^. \ tends from the Kasi-West highway in ; o: the Cumberland Valley Hood Club. ; were more heavily endowed and had i The Annapous Par k Commission to: Bethesda to the town limits of Rock- the annual meeting and luncheon of the jsrreater financial support. Reference | day issuc a Frederick County Hood Club was held , was made to the personal interest of Dr. j ed wnite an for and negrOi tTo'c£cfcPaTa,rS««dT- i Indian gossiping in the Senate Indian · ·-_ * 15 apartaieni hose;, Avenue. He Apule and Misses Miriam Connecticut w were Washington. ^^.. v~^ committee room and they an- lomed there bv Mrs. , nouncec they had solved the Indian uu «-^s Miriam and "Emily ' prclem. To wit: Pick out an perfect ^d iSST he and Mrs Aople ' specimens on the reservations and stuff * proaching traffic on t ,1L ^o^o- and addreSd i item for museums at home and abroad. , town road. All bridges l ~ s " s °* : - middle-aged Indians in cages ; ened to 50 feet. TJ __ _ Chase off all young Indians detoured over Che old Georgetown road , ca - cndar - for the jarbed-wire fences. Use the ' while the construction work was in a . {he plac?s or annual S25.000.000 Indian appropriation j progress present. The dinner " bv Miss Dorothy Thomas, ' and zoos. Tne officers of the club to sit on barbed- th C ° ld K^f° r fr ' sree* with have been wid- ' Traffic has been the courses oSered tner*. and an: nouncment was made of the commg to j Hood of Cornelia Obs Skinner, well ; known actress, on January ,a. ErtSy A^e^vice-p^iden? 1 Miss . to house an aged and mfirm Indians Washington, Dec. 30 fAP).--The American Federation of Labor appealed . j. ., _ , ,, to the federal government today to aid | ?* mdictaole offense under Maryland in the relief of unemployment. | iails Testifying before a Senate committee, | Edward S. McGrady--^representing the ; Q L J C p p f t R n WITH federation--said the government can-! it1CrrAHU " M M Dora Eugbes, secretary; Miss Tbomas, . treasurer. j The first annual meeting and lunch- ; «in of the Pottstown, Pa.. Hood Club \ in the Waldorf-Astoria NEW CAR, NO LICENSE be held .P«»a»5- «f:««S *! ! Marine Withont Driver's Permit Pays not "shirk its responsibility." Many states, cities and isolated districts "frankly admit they are tinatte to meet the demands that are being mad= j ' upon them for relief for the needy."' he | said. "It is the belief of the American Fed- , eration of Labor that the national law makers should not shirk this responsibility. Indeed it is a great opportunity i for the federal government to renew · the faith of the people in their gov- .ernment. a faith that has been badly n the last three years." IN QUITTING COMMITTEE Washington. Dec. 30 fAP).--Another ^ o'clock at "The Charles Hotel" ! and itill "^kely be attended 07 between j · 30 and 40 Hood alumnae over a wide ' terr.tory. coine frotn sections from -where , jraduates formerly attencied the aceiphia and Reac^ S15 Here, SEARCH FOR MISSING ! FLYER IS CONTINUED Elkins. W. Va.. Dec. 30 fAP).--The ' search for Lieut. E. H. BobbiU. Jr., ' missing aviator, was limited today to a ^0"TM*^ are to i Buying a new car and failing to get , rough and heavily wooded se^ion of --^··^~--^-- ^_ --^ ^ spofec bneEy ' after ^ faorne O. «.ae meiuwc-s =-^ «· , ._ .;,,,,,,,_ ,1^-,., Tit, ;* rnat ain-nvirnat^i inn janiiwp miles. ««»^. "^ -^..t, "» . .. . . driver's license along with it cost approximately 100 square United States c u has been five days since Bobbitt Sap- the over to the city today and although the total amount was not revealed it was said by officials to be » , "large sum." Reporting activities of the year. Mrs. j wnjj., tne cna rity organizations aiso from the football receipts Ad_ . ,, Hart fostered the plan to give M. Thomas, of Frederick, president of : Association of the college and SI 25 to- employment throughout the winter ^ard the tuition of a student, there this . -j.^gj ;nan ain^, year. Mention was made of $35 pre- f T ^ ris s jen^jas general manager hv M-, Ar^V i^arrf a loan Qf t}je ^^^5,,. Capital Gaze-tte-PreSS and chairman of the Park Commission, submitted the plan of hiring labor to clear the park located on Spa Creek and the navy executive approved tbo proposal. lighted candles, burning yule logs and poisettias were used about the tables, and Hood College year were places of the guests. Miss Mar- . . . celene Kefauver. president. presided. Howard, retiring secrewrj'. stated that · p ro fi t v(} and read a greeting from Miss Edith i SI 00 had been paid to the Alumnae j mlnU . , i ;he Hood College Alumnae Association, who is recuperating from an jiiness at Clifton Springs. N. Y. She plans to re- sented by turn to this city for the meeting of the scholarship Apple toward a loan projeci; payment by the Hood College council January 16. Fol- , club of S50 to the alumnae secretary; lowing the report of the nominating ' and of the special Hood events, includ- Miss Grace Neidig. chair- ing a tea. saie and card party. Mrs. from a Senate sub-committee appointed Miss Helen Moyer and the Misses · who are well kaowa here, are mern- S5 for having an inadequate bers _ no e - e - - m - he az-eed ' a. nowe.e.,^ ae a S reea , Saiur( j aT Contracts Awarded. Bids for supplies for Montevue and the jail for January. Febr-uary and March were opened at the office of the j $-- cause. Board of County Commissioners on ' Tuesday and contracts ·were awarded as follows: Garber Baking Company, bread: Felton and Kelly, flour, feed, etc.t Frederick County Products Inc_ meats: F. V. Slaub and Son. groceries; H. j. D. Hagarj. coffee, sr:gar and tobacco: J. D. Henclnckson. dry goods and notions: C. Thomas Kemp, underwear and wearing a-pparei: B. Roserjour fuilT Trith the statement vesterdav by i . . . i . , - / . - " . ' CiUbS Senator Ashurst. Democrat, Arizona, in , _^_^ ; declining to serve, taat attempts to ~ m """" modify the cr: of effort. "They can't get anywiiere." said Sheppard. a co-author of the I8th araendment and a Senate leader of the are a wast* · ._ REALIZING SALES ENTER MARKET AND ERASE GAINS the Pottstown club ig for Pittsburgh Friday r. Apple win attend the "Pittsburgh Hood Club on the Congress of Women's and there also will make the al address. From Pittsburgh, be on to Mauch chunk. Pa., whi A. on January 3. The Hood Club will be arcong :"m last to hold its annual festivity, which will be in the form of a dance. Special Hood Events. Attractive Hood College have been presented He explained to Justice Bennett that ! the hillsides whs* aviators have peered vo -n* \-.TMTc-re trat a license was re- down on the woods from aloft over cc: President. Mrs. Earl H. Howard. '26: election as : vice-president. Miss Virginia Doub. '29; Newly-elected officers were presented, secretarv. Miss Effie Moore. "31: trea- and a sola. "The Birtacay of the King." , surer. Mrs. Philip R. Wcrtheimer. '23. _ by Neidlingcr, was sung by Mrs. Charles ; The outgoing officers are: Miss Kefau- L Mullen, accompanied by Miss Miriam j he was unaware that a license was required. Before he could get his car back to Washington, however, he had it. clown on most of the mountains from Uniontown. Pa., io Hot Springs. Only the small tracts or rugged land between Klkins and Hot Springs remain to be searched. ver. president; Mrs. Earl vice-president: Mrs. Earl H, secretarv; and Mi;s Grace Lotir".. tr?a- rest. Roy K. Castle. Midcleiown. paid a fine of 510 for using dealers' tags more C~ than Sve days. State Officer y Miss cordial Kefauver. after extending Ziegler. Rhoads. The latter also played Hood j Howard. College songs, vihich »ere sang during; th? dinner. Th? c-.ent was planned by M^c V.r^.r.ii Drio. trcr.eral chairman, ar.d Miss Grace Lough, program chair- ·welcome to present, in- _ S ONE, HURTS THREE Infernal Machine Wreaks Havoc At Easton, Pa» DILL ASSERTS ROOSEVELT IS MAN FOR DEMOCRATS troduced Mrs. Mildred Bennett Mobley, . Those present were: Mrs. Apple. Miss ' of Hagerstown, who spoke in an inter- Kcfauvcr. Mrs. R S J Dutrow, Mrs. " Irving M Lar.dauer. Mrs. Russell H. calendars at Hood Club New York. Dec. 30 AP).--Realizing sal-es and further selling for income tax purposes entered the stock market after a morning of rising prices and Sons, shoes, pants, overalls, shirts. and erase d most of the earlier gains. hose, and underwear. THE WEATHER TODAY Precipitation for 24 hours ending at r a. m . today--none. PreciOitation, December to date-. 33 inch. Normal December precipitation. 3.11 :-.:hes; actual December. 1930, 3.54 Railroad stocks were again leaders during the advance, several of them rising 1 to 2 points before selling developed. The carters continued to hold better than industrials, which were subject to coi^iderable selling dunng the afternoon. Trading was light. Sterlins cables opened heavy, off 2 cents to S3.40. \ Cail money renewed at- 3 per cent. ·ffit'n their appearance of the dates of important events at tie college. The Mav Dav uragra^ w-Z be given Sat- urc'av. May :4: the commencement events -will"be held June 4, 5 and 6; Carcpus Dav next year -*-~ occur on Saturday, October 8; and tiie annual Christx-as vesper services wi-I x Sunday, Dscerrfoer ::. The annual m.d-wiriier raeeting of -he board of directors wl~ take place Januarv :5. follo-ved tie nest day \, -r.e nteeting o: 'Cx Hood College coan- c.l. Ose of the o~-slandjig offerings -·' ;"-e entire year will be the local ap- i-arance of Co--e'-a Ota SkJiner. noted actress and daughter of the celebrated Otis Siinrer now appearing for Stale? Heffner and wife, Burkitts-. ille for appearance before the Febru- uary grand jury for having butchered twelve hogs and killed nine turkeys which were under a sheriff's writ of distraint, Tne Heffners' attorney. Jacob Rohrbaci, waived a preliminary Send ~as posted by Charles ?. Main. ,,,-. _ HtLU THEFTS Washington. Dec. 30 'A? --Senator D;ll a^sr'.cc today that "the best way for the Democratic party to meet the threat and ever, the creation of a third party in 1932 will be to nomir.ate t.on. spoke in detail Franklin D. RoaseTelt for president" general arxi ursed a In a statement, the Washington senator said ' no other Drrr.ocrat appeals ;endien-. voters _n tne United States as G-XS Governor Roo.-«vclt TM eating mannner of tne Cumberland Valley Hood Club, of which her sister, Mr? Lucille Bennett Miller, is president. Mrs Moblsy then Introduced the Ha- members present. ?.lary Grace Helfcnstein. executive secretary of the Alumnae Associa- of activities in deeper personal .r.urest on the part of Hood graduates :r. ·--.'-.- A".rr.a Mater, of whorn t'ney ! Easton. Pa,. Dec. 30 {AP.--OiM cierk was killed and three ethers seriously injured today when a bomb Sa McCain. MJS Grace Ntidls. Mrs D. a rr.a'l package exploded in the parcel -.--·jxi 'bT should be very proud C".."f.ra Ralph Randolph. Colored, Admits GoiTt. Officers Say. Ralph Randolph, colored. 33. South Ber.^r, street, -ras held in jafi today for 3. preliminary liear.r.j on a charge of ;.is larceny of a turkey and sixteen chickens from the premises of Theodore H. Ale-cancer. 2'A West Patrick ?:ree:. Tr.e tl-.-ri: o-ccurred Christmas Eve. and Rarxioiph was arrested .Tuesday nieht by Chief of Pol.ce S:emer yesr's denciescy to December teir.perauire yeste.-day--49. LOT. temperature last n^.-it-- 30 S s in ^o** : tx2«iy--4.5T p m , Sun rv?c t-rrr.orroT--7 C9 a. m, Moon ££ts tomorroTv--11.43 a. m. Court Jnstiee Dead. Er.e. Pa.. D°c. 30 APi.--Emory A. Walling, Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice, was found dead in bed at his l-,rr.e h«re this morning. He was sligiit- , ly ill yesterday but his corxiit'on was not 37dcd as in triumphant tour with Maude Adams. ' and Officer Edear Cr-jm. who had in- Miss Skinner w::; appear at Hood College on the nigh; of January 15 and ! w.Z be tr.e second representative v?stigatec the ca5£ the tr.e Alexander jard ar.d taken the fowls. ,,,, _. __.on at the college th^ tne oSicers said. r.ear. t'.ie "first beia? Sir Philip Ben ! Greet M*s Skinner has attracted b . Jt _. had aot ^.,, much attcnt.on .n her current present- , :odaT wh . vhc .. sh Held. A large butchering ^as held at the . home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Burner, near Mt. Pleasant on December 28. Six hogs were slaughtered we sh- ir.s 255. 265. 283. 265. 260. 289 las A delicious dinner --as served. Those present ~ere Mr and Mrs. Wesley Burner, Mr. and Mrs Da-, id Smith. Mr. and Mrs Charles Lochn'r. Mr and Mrs. Edward Lochner. Mr*. Franfc Green, and the following fr-wn Voric. Pa.: Mr. ar.d Mrs. Ezra Beard Mrs. Charles Dinterman. Mrs. Liilie Lease. Nelson Br.cker. William, Joseph Hiram Drar-^fie'd. H.irrv Shelton. W.lliam Getzendanner. Mrs Flora Filler. Mrs. Belinda Harshnan, Iarnan- da Burner, Margaret and Lucille'ee-? of tr.e a-^oc.a^.c-n l".avebe«n :^ has been isrjcd rerilar:-. an: f.r.arires of the organiza- t.on are n ?ood conditi-on. bat cues are .Jem? paid slowly and should be sent it was stated. John Marecy. Mrs W T. Dc'.aplaine. Mr?. WJliarr, M Storm. Mrs. W. Y. Anderson. Mrs Ma-on K Gresn. Mrs. Ciiarles K. Heci:. Mrs. Floyd Main. Mrs. Katr.ennc Powell. Mrs. Charles Mullen. Mrs Ralph 3o~ers Mrs Chas. H. Reaisber;. Mrs. Cal-in SriulcU-cnccr-t, Mrs Grav.-cn E Palmer. Mrs. Irvtr^ Star. Mr? Philip Mrs. M Y.n;'r. Miss Kath- B.«r.".. Miss H-:l-;r. S Bro-wn. gin-a Cartr. V.rr-n.a D^JES. Katharine Dutry*. ?ar.h«3-a Dutro--, Mary Grace Hr".f«r.stein. Grace Loug'n. Mary C Ott Sffa Moore. Lucille Norns, S.xtr per cer.t. of the graduates of the Sarah Quir.r.. Mary Esther Tull. Muriel co'.l^e are members of the association. : Mdbsrly. Airnee Ohler. Ida Reinhart, w~.-:li is an average number compared Mary 2. Rr-.oads, Mtrtarc Rr:ads - i !ar - ·».·-.-. o' ca'.leges. but should be in- jaret R^Jer.cSi. Katrier^ie Braver. Gen- crea^'d. and the regular contributions evieve Tltomas. Caroline Wir.ebnener. ··; tr« Hood clubs in various st-at^s to- ar.d El.zabe'-h Wolf, o' ware trie salary of the alumnae sec- re ;arv should ie sent to the c-v'eee by May I. .: -sas s a.d The er.ry.'.rr^nt at '.-·:e col'.esc Tor next year is eq^al to that recorded last December for thU year. Mrs Joseph H Arjple. exter.ccci zreet- .nzs from Dr Apple, who waf attend- .1,^ t.ic Wash.nfrton Ho-'vi C'..:o e'.erit. ^r.k. then spoke of colleges v^.tfc sv Dr. ApY.e. president of Hood, and nerself. post division o' the Easton postoffice. E.dv-artJ Wcrl-cheiser died in a. hospital shortly after his adznJssJon. J'Min Houfe is in the Easton hospital with botia forearms blown off, ~e eye blown out and other injuries which may result in his death. Arlington A, Albert is also in the r.-^sp'.tal. His conitjon is reported as Clarence Keller iras ordered to hi3 hcrne. His condition was r-at considered £C71QtiS. The entire postoSce ·was thrown into confus.oa. AH ·R'ork was suspended as explosive experts and stai«. cocniy and city police began an investigaiioii. Five other packages believed to hare mailed the one witcc expl-oced are oe- ar.d rT-zabeA Wolf, of the Fnecerick fr.-Mr. Hager.-to-sn: Mrs Maiel S. Kay- Vr. Mrs Harold H^ Mrs. Mil- crod Moo'.ey. Mrs Frank Leiter. Mrs. Rot^rt G Fu'.tz, Miss Louise Fins and Mrs. Lucille Miller Bennett. Hrld For Grand Jury. C'-srk Tr.on-.psori CG'crtC. of W.r.cL=-or. was briu;ht to ja 1 here I His widow and five chJdrea survive. . ation, ' Tne SJt W'.'.as o£ Henry definitely decided j Green. Louise Lochner. Clifford Green. ·sou'.d give that ' Charles Spurrier. Harold Burner and dramatization in, I Carl Lochner. Smit'.i. follnw.ns h!' arrest on a bas-arcy ·jc.-itor« and others had praised 'he pro- charge, to appear before the February ' -harse of a traSc violation, prrferr«4 sress of Hood College and its : grand jury. i "ay OScer Layrcan. :r. New England. Califorr.ta and _ ·neck by Constable Cnaries t.-.rouchovt the West^ and said that Acto Hits Pole. Tr.e c.tTs elect--s li;ht fixtures re- ·-·c.vec anrt'rer bis-- today, this time by sn automobile rather than a boy's air rifle A light pols in the 300 olocfc "t Ei;t Church street Tras bent ^rrjen .· ·*-?_ strjck a; 3 o'cltk this inom- --.5 by the autsmAile driven by Charies Cx..r.- th_« c.-v. Tns carcase -was r f, creat t e.-hsr pol« or autojaobjie. Coliir-?. who ·R'as ur.injured. pxjsted $5 collateral for a hearing tonight on ih«

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