Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 22, 1972 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1972
Page 2
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t ?AWM»A i»AHt MEW* PAMPA. tfiXAS (Ah YEAR Thursday. June J2. ]»72 Program For Retarded Child To Be Inaugurated In Amarillo Man Fined Sen. McGovern Will Have J-«te* No. 1381 Elect* 1972-73 ByJANEKADINGO A "respite bed program" is a new service of the Amarillo State Center for Human Development, it was announced by Phil Bright, educational director, at a meeting on mental retardation Wednesday at the First Presbyterian Church. It is expected the service will be inaugurated by mid-July, he said. The respite bed program will make available 10 beds at the center for 24-hour care of the Stock Market Quotations i Tk< f«lt«»lt| || in CkkM* EickiMt Hi* c«ul« («t«rw tr« limit*** kt tk* Amirllta offkM «f Merrill. Lynch. pferc*. r«B«r §«« taltt. IK Prt». CMt OMB Hlfk Le« Lift Ffk MM tttt Mil MM MM Apr. UM M7> HM MM MM I<H* MM MM MM MM MM A«I IJ.B n.m ti.u mm tin Oct. M17 »U Mli Mil WO D*c. Mr M.M MI7 MM U.St Tk« Ulkwly 1 1 tm jrtln •MUIk*i arc j WbMkr Gr Gr«ti o? Piinii Wt»«t .......................... »l MB. Ml* ............................ II.Mcwl Tkt lolkwtai 4MUIIMI Ik** Ik* r»|t •Itkli okfek time wcirlim CMM *•»* ktcd t"4H u Ik* llmt of c««f Ilitkd Amir*t ................... 1% t* •II ........................... 1* I* rr»tll* LU« ................ Ut II* GlbrilUr Lift ................ l<* | Kj Oil Life ................. IH IS Nit. Old DM ................. It* 1% Rtf ok. Kill Lift ............. 14* ll>* 9»tkl»4Ule ............... 1»S MI* S* Wnl Lift ................ II II<* Slr«lf«r« .................... is is Tkt ltlle.l«| It M N Y tltcl mirlct 4>oUtl*n ir« fnrilik«4 by Ike Pirn pi office *f SekMMcr BtrMt Hkbinin. Inc. Amerttti Ttl in4 Ttl ................ U* Cik« ................................ 44% O!«n»M ............................ M% Cllfci Service ....................... U OIA ................................. II* DPA .................................. It. G»*ril Electrk ..................... M Gcieril Motori ...................... 71% GuirOil .............................. M* G*«ljrm ............................ M 1 * IBM . ............................. Mt PeiMj'i ............................ 71 PMIIIM .............................. IT* PNA ................................. II'* Seiri HMkwk ...................... I I4S Skellt ............................... 414 ilaifaN Oil *f lo4HM .............. 71 SUMirJOIItfNoJertM ........... 74V. SMtkwttleri P.klk tertkt ......... II SWC ................................. 11% Tenco .............................. lit. U.S. Steel ........................... M% SUBSCRIPTION RATES (The flampa Oaily News By carrier in Pampa and RTZ 11.75 per month 15 25 per 3 months. 110.50 per 6 months. 121.00 per year. By motor route $1 75 per month. By mail in HTZ $13 per year. By mail outside RTZ 119 50 per year and RTZ. Single copy 10 cents daily 15 cents Sunday. Published daily except Saturday by ihc Pampa Daily News Atchison and Somemlle. Pampa. Texas 79065. Phone 669-2525 all departments. Entered as second class matter under the act March 9. 1878. Mining yftuf Doily N*wi? Dial 669-7525 b«fof« 7 p.m. w««kday«, 10 a.m. Sunday* iinw 'enact FUNERAL DIRECTORS 665-2323 mentally retarded for 24 hours up to 31 days, he explained. This will allow parents who have no one with whom to leave their child a chance to take a vacation, to allow for extensive psychological-diagnostic testing of the child; to relieve the stress in the family of the care of a mentally retarded child; and to provide care in case the mother needs surgery. One requirement is the child must be ambulatory. A fee must be assessed on a sliding scale, based upon the parents' ability to pay, Bright explained. While at the Center, the child will fully participate in classes and weekend care and activities will be provided. Larry Dalton. Center psychologist, explained the trend today in programs for the mentally retarded is to keep the person in the home and in the community, to train him to be a productive member of society, On The Record Highland General Hospital WEDNESDAY Admissions Mrs. Mary Louise Lickey, 713 Deane Dr. Baby Boy Henderson. Pampa. Mrs. Leta 0. Herring, 730 Lefors. Mrs. Ehtel Melton McClure, 1121 Ned Rd. Mrs. May Z. Green, 838 E. Beryl. Clyde C. Mead. Pampa. William A. Dodd. 2123 Williston. Mrs. Betty June Beyer, 2717 Comanche. Mrs. Edna Ellen Brock, Pampa. Mrs. Jean Scott, Pampa. Benjamin F. Gates, 738 Reid. Clarence D. Pyeatt. Canadian. Mrs. Margaret S. Chancy, Skellytown. Mrs. Connie Faye Pipkin, 1032 Charles. Miss Oebra Ann Harris, 1336 N. Russell. Mrs. Nellie A. Sciber. 2124 Chestnut. Dismissals Terry Laney, Phillips. Harold Ormson, 205'/4 N. Nelson. Mrs. Mary Ramsey, Miami. Mrs. Vertie Wyckoff, 909 E. Francis. Stephen Wilson, 121 E. 26th. Mrs. Edna Lee Stephens, Panhandle. Mrs. Betty Sue Clemmons, Skellytown. Karla Ann Burnett, Miami. Mrs. Ruth Mosley, 412 Cook St. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joseph Henderson, Pampa, on the birth of a boy at 2:57 a.m., wieghing 8 Ibs., 3'/4 ozs. Bright showed slide* on the Center programs (or each level, starting with day care for the "little ones," moving on to infant-readiness classes which teach language development, self-help, and an awareness of the worth of the individual. Early childhood development classes, aimed at preparing the mentally retarded to enter special education classes in the public schools include art work, music, and meeting home-living conditions. Intermediate classes, for those unable to go into special education classes, include training in finger manipulation, eye-hand coordination, color coordination, good grooming and meeting every-day living conditions. Post-school courses work toward developing the mentally retarded person who is past school age to a point where he may do "shelter work" or enter competitive employment. The curriculum includes leisure-time skills, independent-living skills, gardening, arts and crafts, pre-vocational skills and personal hygiene. The program for adults includes shelter workshop conditions in which they fill contracts for various firms, such as making Christmas-tree balls or packaging candy. The aim of this program is to provide contract work for all post-school students, including the satellite schools, Bright told the group. Women in this program are sent to a sheltered-living home in Louisiana, where they are trained for such jobs as motel maids, returning home to work in their own communities. For Shooting Total 011,407 Delegates Inside City WASHINGTON <AP> - William Earl Chisum, », waa fined |1K in municipal court Wednesday for discharging a firearm inside the city limits. Chisum was arraigned on the charge after he and two other men were picked up following a shooting incident in the 500 Block of S. Cuyler Tuesday night. The snooting was witnessed by one police officer near the vacant lot where the men were standing beside a pickup truck. When other police units joined in converging on the scene, two of the men were arrested and a .22 caliber rifle and a spent cartridege were confiscated as evidence. According to one of the men caught fleeing down an alley, the others were shooting at a bar across the street where they had been involved in an affray earlier, according to the official report. The man was later released. John Henry Brookshire, 33, was arrested at the shooting scene with Chisum for intoxication. Kansas Youth Is Runaway A 15-year old boy was picked up by Pampa police Wednesday trying to catch a ride in the 800 block of W.Foster. He was taken to the police department where he was identified as being from Mission, Kans. A check with that city turned up the information that he was a runaway and his parents requested local police hold him until they arrived to pick him up. MUkfcilM Adiih MM* rftaM^CjI^M^Ml JM|*I nmnni aajn waa CWWOCTWI oniy M ^M^^^^M^hA ^^^^^^A^* |A *• — iHicmunaj arannow in uie 1171 pretidential iweeprtales, will KW up the Democratic nomination wKhin nine days, says hit chief deteg atecmmter . By the end of this week McGovern will have i,«*7 delegates either legally or verbally committed to vote for him, according to Rick Stearns, the 27- year-old one-time theology stu~ Fire Run Is Stubble Burning About 8:40 p.m. Wednesday, Pampa firemen sped into the face of lowering skies to a point 12 miles north of the city where wheat stubble was burning. According to a spokesman for the fire department, burning stubble is not unusual at this time of year but they are often called to make runs where there is no danger— no loss of control . This happens when someone decides to burn off some acreage without notifying the fire department of such plans. Others see the fire and turn in the alarm often resulting in a needless fire run. When the department is notified that acreage is to be seared, they will make no response to any call other than from the person doing the burning. That person will call only if the fire is out of hand while a casual witness, not knowing the fire is intentional, will turn in an alarm. Dr. Elder To Address Meet On Alcohol Abuse Dr. J. Foster Elder, Pampa physician and surgeon, will be the principal guest speaker at a public meeting at 4 p.m. Sunday in the auditorium at 511 W. Montagu St. in Pampa, where problems of alcohol abuse will be aired. Dr. Elder will voice concern of the medical profession and will tell of ways being used to cope with the problem. Other speakers will include a member of Alcoholics Anonymous who will tell how he has managed to cope with his affliction. He will point out how just one drink--the first one-can cause an alcoholic's untimely death. A member of Al-Anon will explain how she has managed to live with a loved one who is an alcoholic. Sunday's meeting will be the third in a monthly series which started in April. First guest speaker was County Judge Don Cain who expressed the concern of the judiciary over the mounting problem of alcohol abuse. He estimated that Gray County has 1,500 alcoholics or persons who badly abuse the use of alcohol. « Last month's speaker was I Judge Grainger Mcllhany of the! 31st Judicial District Court, who said the abuse of alcohol figured' in a large majority of testimony he heard in domestic cases in his court. The general public is invited. There will be no admission fee. The sponsoring organization, Pampa's Action Groups of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon are entirely self-supporting. 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Residence Ransacked Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lindsay, 312 W. Tuke, asked Pampa police to investigate a break-in at their home. \ The couple have been staying at Canadian. Upon their return, they found their residence had been entered and ransacked. According to the investigative report, the thief or thieves broke a living room window above an air conditioner and gained entry. Missing are two double sheets and a light blue colored Sunbeam hair curler. Gray County Chapter Okays 1973 March Of Dimes Budget The Gray County Chapter of the National Foundation (March of Dimes) approved a new budget during a meeting Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce office. The budget was set at $3600 for the next year, according to Al Bassett, chairman. The new budget was set during a meeting of the executive committee. In a meeting immediately following the executive session, the board of directors of the association adopted the proposed budget. Most of the money would go for research in birth defects and patient care, Bassett said. The association raised $5500 in a drive held last January. Bassett succeeded Cameron Marsh as chairman of the local chapter. Other officers are Larry Cross, vice chairman; Paula Adams, secretary, and Inga Pratt, treasurer. New Officers Top 0'TetM Mawnk Lodge No. I Jll eleetH new officer* for the ifTJ-iW year dirtng a meeting last night. Eddie Pomac is the new Worshipful Master, with David Rife as senior warden and James Jennings as junior yrarden. Other officers include Don Conley, treasurer; Hugh Shotwell, secretary; Elmer Yahne, tiler; A. W. Calvert. senior deacon; Keven Homines, junior deacon; Terry Haralson, senior steward, and Bob Keller, junior steward. Official installation of the new officers is set for 7:30 p.m. July 1 at the Lodge Hall on West Kentucky Street. Installing officer will by John Hahn, District Deputy Grand Master of the 91st Masonic District of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas. Warren Chisum will be the installing marshal). This will be an open meeting installation, with the public invited. Obituaries JESSE COMPTON Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. Friday in the First Baptist Church of Lorraine for Jesse Woodrow Compton, 54, 1828 N. Dwight, who died at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in Highland General Hospital. Rev. Billie U. Dale of Sweet Home Baptist Church of Hankamer will officiate, and burial will be in the Lorraine Cemetery. Local arrangements were under the direction of Carmichael-Whatley Funeral Directors. He is survived by his wife, Mary; one daughter, Joan, of the home; one son, Michael Compton of Hankamer; three brothers, Sidney A. Compton of Colorado City, Tex., R.E. Compton of Lafayette, La., and Eulis Compton of Lorraine; six sisters, Mrs. Vera Sikes of Clifton, Mrs. Helen Boyce of Midland, Mrs. Beulah Boyd of Clifton. Mrs. May McAdams of Lorraine, Mrs. Era Mayberry of Midland and Mrs. Treva Scown of Monahans; and two grandchildren. Mainly About People geetM fMt Lur*h«~S»r b^ beef »«ndwich plate, |l Chicken plate. * <*nti. •*••?:•• plate, ft ttAU. FWi ptite, II ami. Don't Cook Today-Call* • J,WMill!<Adv.) Gertie Me: lilt N. FauNm*, Iliur^iy until i*l!<Adfj gettrtmtelfttltle Otrige sai*l« W lllh Opens Friday 10:M a.m. through Saturday June 23rd md 24th. (Adv.) Garage Sete-Pampa Optimist Boys Club, Thursday and Friday. 1124 Christine. Antique pot-belly Move, clothes, dolli, dishes. (Adv.) .-;, Oarage Sale: 101 W Ifth. Friday through Saturday, (Adv.) •' Klrby VaCMm Sweeper Company is now selling Bison, Vacuum Cleaners. Still servicing Kirby at the same location. 512'* S. Cuylef. 6W-2990. (Adv.) Price Aide Coining To Lefors, McLean Congressman Bob Price has announced that his assistant, Charles Lanehart, will be at the American National Bank In McLean from 12 Noon to 2:30 p.m. and at Carpenters Cafe in Lefors from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Jurte 28 to assist Gray CounCy residents who may have problems with the Federal Government. Resident Reports Dumbells Stolen Curtis Metlock, MO Tignor St., reported to police the theft of two dumbells. from the front lawn of his residence. According to the police report, Metlock told them "a man in a white pickup took the dumbells." 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