The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 25, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

till PAWS NEWS* See Ifie Classified Page Every Day For Automobile Bargains CLASSIFIED AD Information jot." M 1« ta« *t ta* fttf ouTi>«rnii"-» i Tin** »« »«* «*»m. * Tiito«* *c !><" «**«* -nu»«* »« »*•* »ur<t, »«» 1** »« •«*<*• .~ *«« »** "««>* *»c. 01 •* **v *» O* Call 64S-J. thanking our many frieod* for th« kindness shown us during the ill- lies* and death, of our loved on«Especially do we thank Kev. "Ward for hi» words of comfort and Dr. f GRAPES for sale. Goolsby for his untiring effort*. also the singers and those who sent flowers. May God bless you. Mrs. Pearl Irion Mrs. Allene McDonald Mrs. Roma Lotnax - Mrs, Leora Martin. July 2 Fur i*epresenianve from tb* ***** A1KXN. JJt- ^ Y T«nxu) . , (Ite-election second term-> 'County D. JONES Card* of Ttuuik» "We to take ttol» mean* of Merchandise For Hoasenotd ML-^-ellaneou* for Sale 8* Phone 21S2-J. Nationally Rno»*n Goods lx¥st LOST—Brown coin purse lost on Bonham or Korth llth. Finder return to News office. Reward- > IX>ST—Small tan female Rat Terrier. Strayed Sunday, -wearinj: harness, CaU Frank Fuller, Jr.. !?»«. ^ Personal ft CAR going to San Antonio Thursday; want three passengers to share expenses. Phone 81J, CAX take 2 or 3 passengers to Austin. Texas, on or about August 5. Share expenses. If interested, address Box 5-A. care News. Frolessionau Cards CHARLES PRICE Phon* $96 5 West Houston 9t G*n*ral Special 10 J\>r County X Jk- M- BftASWELJu VAN For C ( Re-election, aecond t»rm. ) Lamar Co. School* JONES LINDSAY (Re-election, S«cosd Term.) , G^ BRUNSON- HAjRUUE H- DUGGJCR MAN ESS, P1EJRCE CHISM. Coonty Ocrk: ». V. CBOB> HAM HACK. tRe-elecrion- Second term) Clcrfe: JR. second BCY YOUR MLXNOWS CKOOK 13c and 25c Per Dozen We hax-e all kinds o? bait and griv« prize of 100 minnows each month for largest fish caught with our shiners. H- W. A a to Repairing and Paintinc 14 NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on iuto painting:, fender, body and wreck work. Ask about it. We make casli auto loans Morse Bee Line Station Srand at ISth St. Tel- SOS Automobile* Automobiles- for Sal*- Asepcssoir mud Collector of ••.Taxes: XK3ROTHV L-AT1MER. CL.TPE MUMPHRET Vor CXwn«itai»iocMrr Prex-mct K«- i- i JtUPEKT L- 8ALJLARD Jle-eiectiott, Second Term.) •GOf»u»faasioncr T Precinct 1: GEORGE TERKT or Commissioner Prednci 2: MSS. ROT BCNAGAK. T- L-"l>- * "V*^ 11 * ? f~\ "V t^-'i J „ f" iVJv** JFV U V? ^ C<»>-. Auburn Sedan For Sale An S cylinder, four door six wheel Auburn Sedan, practical- Barjrain For Cannot Consider Trade SPECIAL SALE «£ * limited auaifccr of Flat-cop G*o~ era! flcccric R*- frig*r*tor» at Tpeci*! lovr pric*t. t.o'w ax $4.75 Per Montk . Y Texas Power & Light Co. Wanted to Buy WILL FAY CASH for a. good used car. Nothing older than *29 raod- ei considered, and prefer light car. Must be a bargain. Say Morse, Morse Bee Line Station, comer 19th and Grand Ave. Herchtndit* Sml* Wanted to SECONT>-HAMr> Call 125. lumber wanted. WANT to bay sood second hand pianos. If you hare one to cell ca 1 ! me and let me make you a price on it- J. E. Trurable at Bonham Street ewelry Store. Phone 2S4. ._...,. Real Estate for Rent Furnished Room* TO GENTLE3IEN in. Phone 1223. bedroom clo«e TTVO ROOMS—Furnished or unfurnished. 375 E. Houston. TWO or three apartment,-20G T\VO-ROO3if famished southeast apartment- ham. BiKs paid- ?« Gra- Houses lor Rent *8 5 Rm. Fum. Hm. and "Dup.—S66J. FIVE room furnished house, close in. Phone 704 Notice OF J>lSSOJL.t'TIO>; .Kotica t» hereby given tliat tfee j>ari- lately »ubsistia* betwtxrrt W. B*a Saith and Joe Hiiihouas or Paris, f eouaJy. Texas. uader the firm of Sssith and HllJi;oa*e. -scats <iis- S i of «ai tlv*Jy AS follow*. WARD 1: C«atrml-FIr* Goaisoifi. preairtjns WARD ±: it»»cnlc b* W. H- VSTAPJO ST Court Hoaa*. A_ W. N •olved, by mutaal conxesst on" tha 23rd day of JoJy. A. JX, iSS-t. All dsbts owing to »oid pa to J>e received ant! coUecurd by saw! W. Ben »a<S aU <i«brs . by said partnership nr* to be p-aid by aacl to be pre»es.i*<l ^o Jiiin for yav- i« the 14th tfay of July. A D. W. BEN SiKTH. 1934. XOXICK: by t&o O:>- Cooacil of i&e Ctty or Pans oa tite Stis day oj Jaly 1S34 1 thereby »iv« notice iJaat aja eiftction by tii* :e<S VOJ«TS of the City of Parts own tajc&bi* prop«rty ia aaifi City " who hare duly for taxaiJon. •cweee «jod 6: fid o'clock. rendered said be bald be- ipc3s. A, Al . ii., on tb.e,Tcis day For Sale or Exchange 1O« FOB. SALE OH TRADE—Five room house near East Paris 'school, j Series" -153i,- Phone 2254-W, »• -n^ P0 jiias plac«" ar.a presides of- of A«sust. 1334. for til* purpose of de- £«risisis£ the zollstirisx proposition: "TThethsr or act ch» city oi ?a.ria aria.!! b* authorised to issue B6a<Js of til* City In ih© scsa oj Seventy Thousand <J?0,<WO.Oei <*oHajs. a.nd levy a. tax sufficient to pay tie Interest on said bonds, and create a. otnkiac fnad sufficient to redeani thesa at maturity; the «a;<i bo a da to bear Icterest frons <ia.ra at j. rate aot exceeding 4 per ce=t *jand2s, Snt^rftst p&yajbie &ez2al-%CRu<iUy. Said bauds, raaturing serially at toe re- »p«ciivcr times and la tie - respective anuoeutB. as nsa.y be tbted by the City Council; so bossi to b« issued for a period eiiee^ing thirty years from its date and all bonds to b* issued for i the purpose ot building Sewer - t>is- ! posal Plants. cocstrapUoii o" rsau-bo'es' th« present S«-wer System; acd to ba i •-» -- Siwer Coastructioa Sosda. 1 W. Cou- 4; Paris aieir School. L pr*sldi=s otficer. Th« form of ballot to b» ns«<l In said «rSection for those votiae In faror o^ ihw issviance of bonds eiali b« as "For ti* lssuaae« of Sew«r Coa- structloa Beads. Series -ISS*." Th» forca o* ballot to b« »ai<J *4'ect!osr for the*» voitias UsUioc* of bctsdm b* a« fellow*: *"Arasn«i the issaaoc* cf Se trocrJon Bonds. SerSea **S334.~ TJj& Section to b* h«l<I to aecorfianc* •with tbw Central Election I^w» of th« Si»i«. la BO far aa the sama are *p- p:tcab!ft and not fe eonfJiet *itb tb« provisions of the Ctty Charter. Every o-wn-ir Of taxable property Jt> the City of Paris, who Has duly rendered said property for taxation. and •who is •Qtta!s*!«d to vote for tn«!ab«r* o? th'a lesislatare of the state and •who has resided !u the iiir.tta of ?h« Ward In which h« offsra to vote for thirty £30i days, neit preced!aB the «!*et!on. la «atlt-ed to vote. Metropolitan Life Insurance j IT 41*l~fcV T f\f^^T AH?W* tnanv attiir n« r^ii^ |tXAKl»I LOCAL, A>D conapany, suit on policy. Bass TS. MiasDi? «uit for divorce. Luke Ford vs. j^atsey suit for divorce. Edward Moppias vs. 3Ioppin»» sTiit for divorce, Sass, Ford. Ix>uise PERSONAL ITEMS Ucen*es Issued Joe Latimer and Miss Thelma F. Buster. J>avid -TVebb and Dora Lane. T. F, Harris and Mrs. Margaret Ballard- COURT Liberty ^aclonal Bank in ParLsT^:- aciiinff Saturday evening C L A R r> T-—^Xearly bere is iaalingr w-ateK Mr. and Mrs. Buford Hammy of Golden. Okla., are T*s:tinr J. BL Parker and 'family. Juauira AIcGJ'l Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Barney VTHsoa at Pat- tcii-ille. Mr. and 3lrs. Sasa learner of Dallas visited Mrs. "Warner's par- enia, Mr. and. Mrs. J. P. "Warner. Several Ciardy people attended at.' •**^».**fT^+ I.JT •. ^*v«.^v» «J*».JK J-^«.j.a *i. AA& ^ 4b* *J* • ,-, j vs. B. 1>. Anderson, auit for debt. { cetlar Grove. i Mrs. Jennie MeGiil of Deport Oae case of disturbins the peace filed. Probate The wiH of Mrs. Molll* I. Grif- of^rcty^^^ 10 ^^ Si«SJ **» ^ !e ^ »r Proi^te. 5th day of Jaly. A- D.. 1S24 j M. caoost Mayor. City of Paris Attest: iTrs. Odous Fa-k, City secretary, city of Parls. COURTS SIXT^-SJECOND DISTRICT contr Newman Phillips, Xeiv Cases Filed Albert Sidney Johnson Parrott visited her son. Pat McGrili iier*- last xreek. Aatomoblles Registered. J>. C. Lawrence, Deport. Chevrolet coaclx F. H. Heam, Paris, Ford V-S | pickup. j C. G. Weaver, Po-wderiv, Ford | V-S tudor. j F. S. Farrell. Paris. Buick se- i dan. I A. I*. Sdaaiaston, Paris, Che~ro- ( let coacli. i H, C, Gritfin, Beport. Chevro- j lei sedan. ! For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 We are still paying NRA and ho'jrs and doing a qcality of dry cleaning Southern Cleaning Dye Works Norman Cofcer, Owner Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE Straight From the Shoulder By E. C. SEGAR Tom Hinkle At Etokle Dumber Co. BRAXI> new Ford De I-uxe coacb. equipped with Basch radio, will be sold a: a bargrain. See Harry VaJ- lier, Paris Grocer Co. Alattrtrss aad Tor OscomlssJonei" Prcctoct J^l BL, ROT C.SVIN'ESS C For Re-election. Second Term.") HARK J, H. I For Commissioner Precinn 4: XOW TOU CAN HAVE YOUR MATTRESS RENOVATED On The Easy Payment Plan* Oi*t I>ay Service P«ris M*ttrc«« A Awnjbos Co. SO W. Slwrasan Phone 3TO {Re-election Second X, II, BOOTH Public Wetsrhcr. Pl*oe I. WELJ, THOMAS CRe-elec«ort Second Term-) Cotton XVci^hcr, Farts, P!»CC "2: ' ' - CXARJENCB SECRJ-lST R. T. <BOB1 XASH- c. j.: CJA<;K> MOTS ELECTRIC FAX and motor re- wicdtog. Main Salvasre Co. 25 North Main St- Employment Help Wanted, Male , ror J«siJcc of f he Peace Frcetnct | >w i, Pla<« No. 1; ? A, W." SHEFFIEUD- STEADY VTORK—GOOI> PAT Reliable n^.ac wanted to caJi on farm era in Laasar cocaty. No or capita! needed. "Write EcXess Co.. JDcpt. S, Free- ! jx>ri., Illinois. i I'tiblk: Weichcr, Precinct 2, agency. See Mr CRoxton.) I tar hotel. J.--M. fMar%-in> COOPER. for Melton. "BOT rt*S OP ftFTER CF INTTO TRC } ttL BE GLAD TO Sc iNTftolXklED TO "FRtEHP ^>§? By HARRY J. TUTHILL HSLLJQ. SMICKER'S MARKET, f FO UP 5 OR. TO PQU>NIiS OF !i 5Gil_=3 HAM. TrSl SAME f- CARS, \ i v _ y « f) ;C NUX3ER? / ,^-- &&%! r^ : ^ •V'/^X^F^" ' ' / ' 3s*iM£ \ MS^.../£y / DIANA DANE He Has His Doubts ri» *-^-^>» ~i= t-^-c t v \^ />afei= >v«i ^ ^-i ;. j ; __",.,_" 11, ,JT" _T" yy".- . -— ^^sf^ 5*Vr*"- * •.^ .^ " ' », ii * -^ s. j ^*^"~ ' ^ *l * I Renovating iS Semce o*- Jwstfce of the Peace, Precinct l^PIacc 2. Lamar Connty. J.'A. (Arthur) JOHNSONT. For rc-elcetio'n. ^wond tcrm- Co«3*taole, Precinct I: SA» GARLAND- Clt«-Election. Second Term). JVC. <JOHN» PKIDE. Announcements An Societies, and |O*t>3ER OF KASTEHN STAK Co^ S O. iv -S ANOTHER business forces me to sell my p's; stand. Priced right for cash or will rrade for iisrfct de- U-rery trncfc. Crawford's Pis Stanfi, SS Laroar. Financial a&<t Bond* C* GALBRtATH, DEWEESE AND PROCK Gecera? Insur*nc« Tel«phon» 1ST Morscy To Ixsan 3 PA UTS t,O»OK N"O 27 A. A M. W M.. M G Br«n»Tr.*ft. S«>c. CHAPTER NTO 4» st A J. 3 H. <3 E. It. COUNCII. S M. .:: St*TetK *«»*mbJ *«ctt monts 7-J9 'Pi m psctTOfl* Wel^Awr^. J, J T I: M H <t Br<? «* O 2« R - «h Tw VSttUn* eem. f PA R Tfc COWM A N P KR Y NO » < TRM^ILAR St«fe^ <?*»nc!a** Twr *i»rt ' 3ft Wnn't»7 cv«rttni;it t*jt<rh irtortth T:JO j p m V'JsMlw* Sir KnlRht* **r«3J«t!y i *-*4<-i,m*rf n«tf yt D J^hnwor* G C . H run, r^cwr.ltr OROTTO M O V P K R ft"KuI*r m*«ttn* l **.«»» month 7-SO p inwn«*1 J U. r*r*o»»», Karri* Mon- ORf»IS1l r,*m*T -'• Trii»r«t*y nJjcH* *f -Mr*. JU J*. TK K I5ASTKRN STAR i>t*r *i>' rr>fM»t* ih* J»t tki »o«J Jh* tJv \ M. AUTOMOBILE LOANS Notf* R^nnwtwTti. <_•»-?» AiltBwrol GENERAL INSURANCE Tlttn Oliver Jt Lireglocfc Pl*nt» and Seed 73 Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sore Naff Stock Fe«d Field Seed — Gartlcn Seed Poultry rem«d!«.% Bulk Btrd Seed. BJr<3 B#medi«a and Supplies. Don and Puppy Food Chaaer. Guftranteed to K«-*p th* ChJfrsrtr* Off HARRY BOOK HOMER HOOPEE If At First You Don't Succeed— THE BECAUSE MR. 5 TO t5£T \M FOR A VvlEBK FOR H\Ki\ TO ACT V\KE l -X MtV£R ^^ ^re ) 3UST / HAS B'EHM \ TOUCH WITH ) MK. KL\MVC?F HHS A SHHM VOHY OP COUHSH / MOT; M>$- HOOPEH t / ! SCORCHY SMITH Smart Gal , AU. OF >OO. UP HALF THE OM "veus MV PUIHTY OF tonic

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