Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 12, 1965 · Page 14
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 14

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1965
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

rnal YOtJB FREEDOM NEWSPAPEB _ Wi bilttvt lhat alJ men a» equally emtaWd b» B»if Gwitte, ind B8Tw any govamnem, with the gift o! freedom and tint it it «verj S^SJ^OLP 011 to Pm«r^« hi* own utwrty and twpwi ffif Ubntr W whew. Freedom fa self-control, no enow, BO int. _Jre OiMharge this responsibility, fret man. to ft« Mft of ttalf fttfflto, must understand and apply to daily living the great motaJ futdoi expressed la the Ten Comraaadmenu, the Golden Rule and the Deelwation of Independence. Tnit ntwspapw U dedicated to fttmtthifi? totormatton to oat Men 10 that they can better promote and mterve their own SSdffi and encourage others to see itt blesslna, For only when man understands Freedom and is free to control nuntaU and all ht tffedtHMS, can he develop to his utmost capabilities la %armony with toajjbgve moral pfindplei. , CLOVIS NEWS^OUSNAL, Wed., May 12, 1965 "" SIXTH AMP MLB - PUOtiB ?M4tli Tax Protests man Tax-protests are becoming the rule-rather than the exception— and no wonder. The difficulty created* by the federal individual -Wcome tax collection for 1964.'has really hurt. The severity of r "the problem it imposed on m6St families should stimu of the land area and 20 percent of the industrial capacity of the nation have been taken over by federal agencies, without any constitutional authority for so doing. Getting these vast tax- free empires back under state jurisdiction, and on the tax rolls, V*li illUab Idlllili^O OI1WUIY1 Okiiaiu JM* liJV*i\-V1U»I« UltVt \Jl\ 1,11C ICIA lUllfi, late, our serious study of the j would cut the costs of the fed- situation. Its logical solution is!eral government more than half the LIBERTY AMENDMENT. -MORE THAN ENOUGH TO A procedure of restoring Ameri- ACCOMMODATE REPEAL OF can concepts, with repeal of in- FEDERAL INDIVIDUAL IN- come-taxes included. Bef6re we can resolve our COME TAXES. This well constructed, fully MJVLVl. C WC V.CU1 1V-OW4T\- VM* ±1110 fTCll 1. Vila 11 UV-LCU, IUL1J problem and successfully repeal; documented LIBERTY AMEND- the,Te"deral personal income tax.iMENT is now pending in Con- we, must realize this is a univer- 1 gress as H.J. Res. 23. It has sal quandry. Even those in th- jalready been approved by seven low income brackets are the tar- i States. It will be approved by a get ot those who would transf' ilot more when the people dis- the "product of toil to bureau- 1 cover what it means to them. cralio hands. jit provides that: s « c - government of ,. the United sta [ e s shall not en- in any business, profes- Bureaucratic avarice was concealed by the "withhold 5 " device designed to make the . , employer responsible for the ex-;? 3 * 6 , in any business, profes- traction of wealth from the pro-' si ° na - .commercial, financial or ducers. Most people thought the: lndu ?J. nal . ente n»rise except as employer was to blame - he! s P e ^ ied »> the Constitution. withheld the money from thej Sec - 4 - • -And thereafter collector withholding funds he ; Congress shall not levy taxes on had. promised to pay in wages!'individual incomes, estates and Eiiflain it any way you will. |or gifts." the tqy collector is hated, even ; , when fce is the employer, com- 1 OFFICE CAT pelledlo do the ugly job without **r» IWK W/4 I compensation, at great cost to Truth often h}nges on >iim««4r and with the threat of c-iir,v,t«,-» *._i—: m.. He's Been Shooting Chickens! 54D VW.MS tV nRPAlR $3.50 Service call I ' LESTEK DAVIS TV R Cpfl , r unert TV., e ° r rent ' We lrlnl 122u w - 9lh MUSICAL GOODS" 55 I ITANOS .«r,nVi.rt"n i ' j Strntton Sclinnl nf MUSH- S;il'r«. Ppmc» ' iil'.") Cn-mclly — 7':.'-..T ],'-,] I TED RAVK.N MlTsic SIIOPPR .PIANO'S OIKIVVS. r»\ND INSI UU.MENTS! 41* HAST fill) JUST ARRIVKIV Kni-Mry mithnrtzert once n year s,-il.--Wui III/.H S|,|,,P| Pi., nil «,-_ fully R-iiarnmci-ii. IViuilirui li>nr--m i,,-- 1 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 59 men n. \\ Ir you v»|;i« \,,iir hf-ii:h ih»n h' I'lm foxl'-. CnM 7hii,;-;i ,,'-r1 , prove to vim l.h«f ,i,n- f, :1 i', ,. •; ve(jolal.!os <l-i r.ivr m ,v <• M'-im. SEWING MACHINES " SINGER REPOSSESSED i'E TO !•' 'ttr •>r *.s. r;,:! -,•..-.'.• ill'. _WANTED_TO_BUY' HKillK-'T CASH |-T1r,.« ;' ;"',';', rf " r(i " i - Len.l. Halt-Tips. fiffiiin'ti i 1111(1 «>«! Si-Trnih. <-|,, «'»nl«1 IIM f.iln. * (\, tn r..H,.<-|l.,n," ' III I., llrif _FEEDTSEED~^_" rn!! -\i ' ~">f~TT"Y~ ;: M.... -, V.. .- n . ' . I'll. .-M : n:-y. M.-.I i „>.* n 68A Legal Publication •,',.I.rm«~ .; ..:;.,„,,,..;J.™......,,,.;.,..M,..,™,.,.,,,., LEO At, ... April 2J. 28. Mny 5, 13. 1HB5 IN THE DISTRICT COfKT OF CCKRT FEDERAL NATIONAL MORT-" ? - GAGK ASSOaATION, a corporation, Plaintiff. THOMAS J. SJTELL ad ) EL'DELL E. SNELL. his w«e. ) No 16473 SOLTHWESTERN HOME ) BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. ) GLENN WARD and BILUE ^- . CITY OF CLOVIS. NEW MEXICO. AND UNKNOWN INTEREST him»e*F. and with the threat of slightest technicality utter destruction silencing his; u was on M ea s " VERSE TO PLAINTIFF I ! Dffendani«. ) , __ ... east - bound « NOTICE or SAI.K protests. !steamer and when he came up^aTo? !w. f *&3? v m ™U eB n'm*hi* In former years, government on deck in the morning he was : cbJnty.'Vw* M«^ lctS MeTWderaPN' appeared mighty nice about the accosted by several fellow pas- tlonal j*"??**'' Association, » corpormio' •whole thing. The employer re- sengers who asked in chorus, E lam sn"i!. VS hi7'' l «"ff: 1 som?wUi*"r'n F I'I'- ported what was withheld from F'ellow Passengers — Where f utl c rs ? upp - v - Inc ;, G V" n Wari1 "••"' '-the ' employe* and government did you get that eye. old man? N'*"Mexico. ^(T^ki^^r^,™^' DRESSMAKING 16 ! MONEY TO LOAN 44 ALTKRAT1ON WORK Wantwl. ACT. l.(>\\ PAWN SMDP WK i.o.*> .Moiir UN tui ii 11.1 K. filh—UK lltAlir-ril DRESSMAKING A Alteration* of nil kinds. \ PAWN LOANS LIVESTOCK 71 PAINTING RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL r»li^ Inr contractor. Lloenwd A Ininrod. Kinv M»rtn PO 3-.1W8. rKKE KSIIMAIKs, -.• ON A.NVTHIM) OK VM.l"K 2Q Al Haiti Oktc-WK Ml A Or.-Pit SI 4-110 MORTGAGES ~" 47 REFRIGERATION 22 Ht::. SALES A SERVICE on all UnUi of R»- frtseraBon. KesldenUal A Coinm<-fc;a, L«t us make you an eitlmate on vcvir « - o.mdltlorap« needs. St»r Rtfrlgarallor Inc. 118 Sheldon JHX5S » CATS - PETS" ] I'.r '•• '••:'.: ".-...",:•.. ~ 50 BABY SITTING" 36 LICENSED BABY Hoar • P.v. nr CLOSE IN. rellatili." renew! yard" diet, h- dflv or tiojr STORY BOOK M'KSERY I.HI s I |l It cort no more to >n\c the b»»t for • ,l,.n f',,. Ho-.:-- 7i,.(*r7 the employe* and government did you get that eye. old man? woujd 21 ve some of it back — Man — That's a berthmark ^ " yti illillol ft,. , t . t u^iciiurt;.^, n j •jci£rn< v :!l VAH« ri*niU-rf' «l«l MD and-who hates Santa Ciaus" Fellow Passengers — Birth- f '"A 01 " rt ,i n '.. ,C lar; '- ff in "><• * :rn " ; * na »« »"'"•• But this year things were dif- mark be blowed. It's a black, *<m '^M 49 » i aJ' !l fri,^r t^'dl^'Tf Mi« t: .'-*i -^ n ~" f -~ ' .ferent. On making out tax form eye! JP££ ™* «p, P *", oT^i^'^rV^a^ T^MwutS."'"^.:?* 1 ""' rr - N1TK H(MO, most folks discovered the Man — I tell you it's a berth-' ture of " ld «VtJMi 0 i**m e 'r«.A..J h '/'\ ta »« * w««* ET.<II.' RE.\L tax collector. He was ] mark. jceruin prommor s bacfc tor more after taking the Then they gathered around i i cream right off the top of the Wni, and in one voice shouted: I pay check all year long. Tens Fellow Passengers — Birth- •»f thousands of people went to ( mark? We don't think! the bank to arrange a loan on j Man — Well, it happened this next year's takehome pay in or-j w ay, boys. I tried to get into der to pay last year's taxes.; the wrong berth last night! even after the withholding tax.; • took all the cream off the top One small boy came np with gK^i^t the ^^n, ^ fl of every pay check all year ^is defense of his report card:!"* C!ov »- N«* Mex7r5"»i < long". " ' Small Boy - I was the highest ? " m * 17Ul - <Ui ' °' May 'of all the kids who failed. \AMHV I'M ( Illiir Mil r» > t i'. • • j' "BOATS-MOTORS 52 LIVESTOCK WANTED SLEEPING ROOMS 72 Pier« Marine- and In Mid action It «-a« ordered aird d«cre«I that laid re«) «tate rnongag* h» Torecio»*d and lh« real ?«ta!e herttr.afttr dncnbcd and all th« lmprov»m«nti th*r»- sold to satisfy nu<j judgmer:'« After after ta Oe herein. of priority a* dftennuiM on prt-.s**»« «rn o-'. r . , J^«uji<l'ry *' Dry' rv«iip-i :"i M" ; WANTED: Car'Hop"~AppiV in P«r»on to Mr. Keim KnlihL __5°? '•"* S< -' !| | WANTED: Slngl* latiy f> h».; p with •nd cnokl.T for f« K*lr« JC VTTl f.**\ Trmit Jl*» M»bry Or h- of is coor> Cnvyr'r. trifled f.-. |'»-)ta It ft hoped that this brought a great many Americans to a A Real Concession..."My lit- ^> r «">••" w^-me de,rrth,,i| at the "t f^nl of W» Curry County Court Hou*«. ooor en u« carry u>i;r.ty court Hou*«. | dovlj. New Mexico, will offer for ulrj MR P W tell al public vendue to tft* hl«hi>»t llt4 -' " full realization that something tie woman claims she's the per^^ «^" S'^.^'^'^M^i r r r:o r : - v J;"' ng v"M Amer ^ a ' fect Wlfe becausc she lets me *'™™ m &'™ a *u^£™-™w~vA Every one of us snouid wonder out with the bovs one nicht a SIX <ail OF " ^^ NOKTH f ' AHK; «-,.« K >-- whM -happened to the pay we week. Big Deal - I'm a Sit* N^"^^.™ 1 OTY ° F CU)Vla -iJl=±^.J:.:-: did not set. More than wonder- master" & *" :1 " ! * lf>trTh v b^nz «««i>« to iai!«r- ! jn.r we \hould demand and get. | W^^^SrVprteniy^ t^^ an answer. i L uc ]r j s wnat h appens In many localities, on April P re r >a 15 and several days preceding rnee j: !t,-r f T resenta ' ;vpi? °f -he LIB- 'i BERTV AMENDMENT Com- \£\ mu!p«s were busilv trying to supp'v ev^rvone w;th the Lo?i-*i. 47 ca! Ar =-A-*T. M<> ' v " ThiP I.IBERn' A.'.fE.NTAfENT • T ''\' will r fi> .jrn the federal govern- ^••'•'.•.* m*n: : ^ :•.; f:;r.ct:on;r.? of gov- .,' ;> ., err,Tr.2 jnd re.' It -A::: a!- : - »•>' so ,"*:•• "/re State sover«-i^ntv .. .""'f , J /\ !•,. over fe '.-ind.- and activities " ^' P 'f' .,'. witr-,.i :t> borders. It wii! re- •-•••' f -' ••'• *stab':-n equi'y and justice for ,'','- : -.!'!-"' legally responsible, tax- . T "..'" ,.'.'„ . .... -r* RED'S BOAT SHOP .*»»« tn. »if t 1 ::*. l J TRAILER ~SPACES~'~ • r • * -* " > i*'•*« 14 -,i I- -: - . «:-, , , ; ,. .. k •', •'% t ' ' , '- Y««r ' HA f;!.,* 1 -;-, ; | M'- 1 - r T-t. ,,' ,V $r.' I'll 7., t<.'. MISCELLANEOUS W> Hf't in- 53 r»i>« l-« Main APARTMENTS 77 r>rrRA s ration ana opportunity pal Publication 47 IMIT \TION TO »m - j ;' j V \! - r V.v, 1n( ^. u '. M .v UJMI 3 • 7 1 1J 13 14 SPECIAL MASTER CLASSIFIED 7 Uay» t fMyt j o», 3-57 2-^ ,o£ 4.7S Us v. 7. IK 4 '"'< • -' *« 559 Ii •. M a j< 10 n 7 m ;"', 11 S7 7.*! Us U IV H /« H. ae ».jg 2.74 16.71 1<47 iU HELP WAHTED-MALE FEMALE 39 EMI'LOYMK.VT C i» VI A«ii^ cr ' Mi:NT "' nr *° ^•Hii'.v,.'.- '•'/'• : ; ; .v. *;-••'•' v- M » V ' f ?.' f ''- KK --''- ; "- '••'.."'-•• •::::.: [;/'.'•; JTLLER BRI'SII CO. tf.'.V.'i". ' '.-.""v'ji:"";; ; v-%^r 11 ' <t M ii I N i r > II I I \ I R SPECIAL NOTICES ,, WANTED TA.I .Sn^cwiiv k-t!r.-» SIVi f Tr' '"i',*' 11 . '"'? fol 7 1 ]"i 1 " t *- r R. *•*" for X. DR a •.n-.J'i N-A NVxi.f.'.' ' SFENCtR GlKUUrlS *~Bra«~T3% dl§-' Gfalt* RCAL €STAT€ CO Building A Hotter Clovis Is Belt's Business 1HU8 W. 21st t08-444l NO\\"S VOI'll C1IANCK In o\vn UK- liomr you've nlwnvs drcam- i.'il ol l;ir:;<- '.', In- ii (mm. I '-. baih \\ ilh a lieauliful family room & kiirlK-n coiniiiiKilinn, all of this can ho your for ONLY $18,200. < 'all i l.-irv I!HI ur I inn I'i'll TIll-.l;!-; S NO sri.S'nTrTI-, KOFI CJPAUTY, and there's qual- i'V IMIJ!) tin -i ii r -IIMIII ihK liivclv -1 hfflrn'ini. '2 1'alh, home on \\ csi(-hc-tci-. piiimiiod fm- \\-;i>hrr .V- di-yor, carpplod tliroiij^h- out. ilrapc-. cci amir nlc. hlnck Icnic, L 1 car t;ara(jo, fireplace, l)'.iill-in (i\i<r,, laiici', tINmaslii'r, (ii^pixal, all hrirk, hpatiliful- Iv landsi .i[K>,i || \,,,, ;,,-<, looking |,, r (! iialily, Call Churk An- (UM'snll n;- |Jn\- ( Ji-ntl-v. ONLY Sis..'HHI. hrii-k hninr>. 3 bedroom, 1 ".i oalh, living room, \MKid iianri d(-ri \\iih Imam rnilink'. fireplace, built-in oven, ram;r \- iii-pnv,-,) ; ,i r mud,, paiio \- pliinler, plus many extras. f .'ill I>mi,k.ii>: in- Harrell Kulclvr. I>l. <'f).\si-:i;\'..\-nvi-; ; s<<e ihi- i; bodrmm, 1 hath home, per- (Irrtlv Im-.-iK-d. IM--I | Mock lr«im Hilltop Shopping Center, pay- men'-; f)\LY Si:s ;MI cm (.-.(.-dili-ilicd loan Can't be.-ii thi<i'lor'a i-mall l;,mi!\-. Call \\'illi. Hai rdl ,,i- Viirinia Williams Hli\M\YS AM) A KITH ()l'l''t<;r IIUtJKS — CALL ' ?!' ^V.," 1 ''"'''' BpU 7BS-B28B Don Bell 7BS-S05S l|on Ihomtikin* 703-7114 Mnrvln Hii(rii1ey 762-2185 »irmnia \\lllhunii 7f«-lK'H2 Tom Hudson 78S'6)WO 7n;-n7r,5 H. i,. Tlrtenherf 7B2-17S2 7«2-l«37 Hlchnrd Koster 7fi3-96'i7 7n?-S«07 Jako Itronkft 7fi2-C''«t , ~<i:t-SIIH« ll<iv (lenlrv 7fi.1-410l 7f;3.3fio| Uillis MarrplI "O3.(13t0 Amlrrsinn Nrtrnro Hall (i;irv Bell HarrHI nilrhrr mn THORNTON 702-4501 "The firm behind the SOLD signs." : r_A Ii')!'SK!!>-\M.> A WHAT IW) YOC X-PFCT '"'.' There's a pica- \. i: -- - i! p r j;. e i' < 'i 'V i> \'. MM this "rifan- •I " ."n!- !•' -i';}|" ? liP.'-l - !••••! ,: r it:-', ffnce, H\V i i-r>'; i; /n'.'i!. ittr r«n- •:::.'. ::i,::,'hiy p.iy- '- \'- i!V NO'l' INiPl.CT ;'i!.LINi, STA!•.">,'-(•-. r-r licre i< n I- •••• I !r> f.iniily wii! ' !>• '•' f. IKI- r/irji*", -'- • ':kicr - ,-. ,- i i -n- v ; --.:,'i f . 'T, ft \\ < •".' ^ 7t'i Hav .J("ihn«.nn TK-1^JU) " "• W H ••Hill" Snrdrr 5 «;i* """' ^I rrlin.l ^l;trt!n * 9'U>»; 'The Firw Diat Sells Cloth" I '7 — K»'ll/i ( e-nl'T T« « \M 70 CLOVIS REAL ESTATE HYMAH BROS. - TUCKER - SA5SER x-n:i rm yorr: norsr DOIJ.AH? Y--M I!: A M.I 1 1 1 I KIM MM I'.KK K rmin ? ia NT\( \l.t ^ I! ifn h. |>f '•V- I 'H \flrr « (Xi J- >l^ fUl. I ' ^! I' I,' I'll '• H s,s " " • ' I <> !;•'» I! l/ If S 7«SI .f,1 fi'«m 76.'< i,:-,4 7(^1 ii;« WANl'KiJ WATK1.N-S l>KA APARTMENTS 77 HOUSES FOR RENT 78 ~^ SCHOOLS-IMSTRUCTIOM It i.s reported that 40 percent 1 Football i '"• —— -»^r.'.WM. *vmf Jf rftlfit w...f»> Now Otxn For Builneu lioo L Brady . .n now. iiiy Manager Turn South WO Yd», SAMJHfcZ KOI! -UK ACBOSS I Forward—— 4('tair S Ttraju potrtloa 5Kiid-ofpbrf (iowl 13 K value VWj 'IS Ancii- capiUi J6( ypnnoid 17(ibUirui W .Native for iUly 10 HlayiTi rtalt* 7 Viuuos BUtursicrf rtrrrmuiuct 9 Aprriure* (romp U West rx»«i|>l« 21Partule (Bib.) X Knergy aidt 87 Twirl 28 >U Hu (var i S3 Firurb wist* 34 More compact 85 1'ir'JiQ cuai 97 Bitur veldi donate «-'»y ZSArmof 41Cea» 19 Kutiopua, kr MeditemMM JlCrsnd U0* division K Cues astny _ Zeaioad 34 la proper Conft (Bib) lUWl 86 flimhing plfffa Jfi pyrtll _ 20 Ctmcealen Q< 39 Auctions •aeocc of f r«§ goodi lUw) 40Saaynu (if t^fM (rowing r ' ~ 8U K |I Wbuie ZONA'S C«T«Jnlc Shop. TtruittM* * JHrit [ T FACED WITH A DRINKINO PROBLEM' <».>iu ( . " AicOJICi Anonymou* can utlo Sew nil SL or P O. Box 'J-)l mi i : •• t I' i LOST S FOUND jlX-WEEK-(^LJ> parl vn :r,!ly .if Hli k« WARD. C»|] 763-«7 WSWKSTsamas 10 i SITUATION WANTED b ^;^ E ,y K l ; u , )t , pkirt i) »--'--^'jr,d-i. J .t in. W11X CAHE - H , WARD" c'Li 7O47« "«'« 6 U PM. ' 11 E. l*U T«il Uwrpcolnf Kwvlr* ••»• — Uvwua — l»ol» — Dura taw E. uu ru YARD fallen tr,. M oilur -'I U r" of nai.jwa S'ephcn? k", -:,1\7 ;».- >if r«'i «' . Ki\rr«.iil«- I ui (. or u Apts. a in »u rt *« '• i. . -.1 -I -I ^ l l pi' «:.,1 Mr Fariaer. to control we«d» In your I Surghura »pr«y prypazme tur custom i •"'••- -OB call Tfc-j'UA Ch*rlt'« HUJCIJ:. MAN' Wll.i, ;io II. J'n.-iUna & l..^.| i n « I. - I H \ K.. 1111 ,p • I I i '*"! •* '• i h I • .1, ( l<< » AJ.I ( ,Hiii<i>-UI) liri>.iMi-l< I K. ull ,,,rr~! HOUSEHOLD GOODS SALE' MIRiDOR APARTMENTS r. n « w f^lij? to . n1oy . b j BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES •ommtr living. Suxkirte Tyix our iixr- oJ4lty Other typn also av<iu!>» K..r :$365 MOVTHI.Y !••<., lr .,- , i tr*« ejUmatt call Bill ."...we, 762-f*:: »P*''"r..--.!.N !m!jii,.,i ,, „ , ; ,. 43 •' 'i-i • <• i- • » . -; ,. .,. ALfCim.N f .er\ l'j»ni«y M^rii W * J A.fl.,n 1* I .!• i1.iv.. N M»x. " CAIX 7V3-12M (or top quality cabinet 4 repair work. T. £. Slmpaon U1S tUplt. MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE n wU^ MIlCIWll^MA.IOH OIL r, K.-.i Hi- a I M Ii | I ItMl I >'.1:,. i -,, |. . • '.-:'. h i •..•!; '.f j;:- _ !'"••;_ i.j.., A Bl MNt^> (i{r )O III N \|. %S's M ll.-iul.iuiirl.Tt l A Siil»« al l«irt fiiiii-. (»,,) (un.i lui« k *i.|.li»n'.» Kill l, III 4 Sol.ll IJI H (>ruid i'liouc T«3 un:i;. , , APPLIANCES II<I\T i . . .f I ".eri-.-r needi-i) Wn!e 't/i iij Sta. fc. A:bj.iJrlM-.i- .itrr'\ Ad Mm. i M«> l M|I, H«.iu,| 1 b..uMi~«i»" t:\ i .•; v I.M;I;I o: . :.- .' i. Jii-'l.- d!aKJ . CURRY HOUSE illMI Mil! hill HOUSES FOR RENT I I!' :!'.,... i (11.1 I,. ,u-,. |.1,JI;.I I. -i . .1 I V « .'J. , I1..I.I..1.J / . t- i a -i... h .u^< . aM-i I . J fc^f 78 «-'•'.->.! baby. '•1 ..nfiirnii:^ f-. > - ur •;.. . .OH KELVIN PAVTON « SONS Vviiwork. All Work •KBViCC 04U. mat wu/t rfW Si- ivi>-t S'd-: Oil t"o. l'»J .Sanu KV A\'c MAJOR OIL COMPANY Tiai ,,.e tfro*. O il Co. bus E. i,!. ™ — --TO VU4.AOE _ _ OJAJXKttd WedUuitf Sets i»* vui*c« r»i» l.uud I .i-iJ !>•> «««{» |M«6 .\J' F liutMl UM4 iiuikbhie >ellui* «u" tlocl/U ir. K*(i»« at • b»rs»li, Kv.j . _...... Tup JfcueiU!/ .. lll.ltt L NKi J(.\LSUE!> I Hi.:.'iuj< U "*' vtjri':'!* •nd l*U.r wi »e.t - MHV rt « 3 i ( . •*"•• »" """'• ""' VO(». "tt^UWl uf 7b.l b lyman rentals. i/K. 6!', M f ,,, ,;.: 1 !.! <J I'll- ^ tt USED WE PAY JOF PUICKS FUIi FIEMTUBE Jru. ixl. 3 ) Jlit.'lllUjNi ll'.l'.-^i. {,,. |«;l j. jjj^ J.-...-1 J , . :, »• *a (v' K 0( i i, "•'<> > '-\'il TOWN 4 Kl M. II IH ThufiiUtu. T«» 44M l'k.H^...A! !/.,,.> Kt-'.-fAL Ab.^*iA.\fJ,« t-v » i-ji;..ii.:f cunceri^d tun. r«4d>. * '- ' >; *• L '<-' >•> f "-v y-u n.-id n..:!»>;.« !'•> -I-..*' . i-Ktr, . . .V Yu • >.. li.v . a: i tt,,«- 1, Mil 1 IK ill Sl.AJ llrt .III* Nvflil »•,„„ \1> 1111 I fAIJU. 1-Uedio..!!-... c.i^ic Ui Kfc-UJ t'LASSULLU ADS V-lStliKijL)M~houa«' ADS

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