The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 17, 1955 · Page 11
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 11

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1955
Page 11
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Bricker Candidacy Is Legal Technicality, Ohio For Ike I COLUMBUS, Dec. M (UP' — Sen. Joh W. Bricker <R-Ohio) ibecai " thj first actual candJdate McCarthy Asks Security Talks To Repair Harm .1 —,1 WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 (INS) —Sen, Joseph R. McCarthy (R- Win.), today proposed new hearings to "repair" what he called the "damate" done to ihf security program hy two Senate rommttlees. McCarthy said liie hearings should be comlucled by a thirdj riscnhower in'rveni the Prcrsi- sroup - the Senate Investigating dent onnoiinces he will be a can .«ubcommittee, of which he is a didate. mrmbor. i The Ohio Republican Stale 'I'he V\'isconsin senator made pub- Central aid FJxocutiv. Commiltee lie hi.<? proposal in which he outlin- nai.ied Brici<er a.s its "favorite f(i (he hearings to Chairman John son" and named H. Chapman 1,. McClellan <D-Ark.i wlio sue-'Rose. Under ecrctary ot Iho ccedcd him as (he unit's cliiel when : Treasury, as i<s second choice the Democrats won control of Con- at a meeting here Frida>. girss. Rrickcr said, in consenting to McCarthy charged that (he units run. that he was "privileged lo headed by Sens. Thomas C. Hen- Join with Ohio Republicans ning.s iD-Mo..! and Olin Johnston iD-S. C..» "Are deliberately por- ira.\Jng the securi(,\ program as a THE THREE WISHES THCCC WAS Ml5eRY WITH A CAPITAL m * IM tWe Bl<& MOOSE THAT MI^MT A Christmas Story Bricker and Rose were selected. .BrJcker 's entrance put two of the Stat *s best vote-getters m the BY WALT SCOTT "^MlSMTASWEU (blVC UP/ \tu MUSH AOAIN! I'M 50HUNJSRY I COULD 6AT , p1iZYDRAI<Ef for tht ]93e Republican presi-'May 8 primaries as favorite son dentlal nomination Frida.v. but candidates. i his cand'dacy wa.s only to satist> i Earlier this week. Gov. Frank legal technicality. Ohios delegation to the GOP national eon ention in San Fra el next .Viigust actually was lined solidly hind President J. Lauschc Democratic said he delegates. will seek NEI6HB0RIN6 DEATHS AND FUNERALS in Milhles.s, bimgling. Ge.stapo-like operation. . ." The letter was his third attack nn the Hennlngs subcommittee on conslitutional rights. This time he included the Johnston subcommii- lee in hi.s blast. The Hennlngs committee was set i up lo spotlight any in the security program. The Johnston unit held hearings on the number of person.s fired as security risks. .MRS. ( I.ARKNCK RROWNEM. BLHLIN HEIGHTS, Dec. 17- iMrs. Ida G. Brownell. 69. wile of Clarence, died unexpectedly Frida,\ afternoon in their home on restating our lovaltv lo President l^'^"^"*'-^^- «'""P'e operated a Eisenhower and our desire thai >"«iket, here for 30 years he .stand lor re-election ... •• 't'lir'ng in 1»47. Mr.s., Bricker explained (hat he \\as Biownell was a member of the to satisfy primary election Ladies Benevolent Society here, laws here "in a way that is Surviving besides her husband! K- sistent with loyalty to tl>c are a daughter, Mrs. Wernerl President and that still does nol Swanger. VVakeman: l\\o grand-: weaken Ohio's voice In he con-idaughters; three biothers.' Around Buckeye State Tuesday Deadline In Bellevue Contest expected to announce his plan.-- by that date. Since candid^ites I'un with permission of their lirst and RKLLEVUE. Dec. 17 — Fred second choices foi' nomiiint inn. .Seaman, .hmior Chamber of Com-' — ~- mcrce chairman for the event, said today that the deadline for venlion nor enibarrnss the Presi- (Jeorge Gerber, Wakcman; Wal- denl with demands for an un-':er. El.xria and Charles. Florence ! timely decision," and a sister. Mrs. Mary Grenze- I The Ohio CiOP will name ifi hach. Birmingnam. delegates to its convention, Can-, Friends may call after 7 p. m. ididates must file by Feb. H, But (od^v al Hinman Funeral I President Ei.senlitnver. endorsed; u here services will be hy the Ohio party before su'-;,,^.|^ 2 p, .siondas. the Rev, lering his heart attack, was not Colwell. officiating. COIA .MBt S. Drr. 17 (INSi .Manipulations were underway today to "sa\r" 4 I ord Motor Co. plant for Columbus despite the cit> coumil rejection of a plea by Ford to rezone a fO.'!-acrr tract on the north .side for industrial use Piinic ob 10(1 ion to localina the plant at that site came I I-I)1TI Riu'ial is to Cenieterv. be in Riverside 1 north side residents «lio claimed that it would lower proportv ' \aluc and ciente ,T slum area I'l the T10W ,scnii-|)lus|i area Frida.v iii«'.t. ihnu','h, lu^^t 24 •hours altci the council iiiurowiy ICf-^i blockcfl llic rc/.oiiinj;. Councilman Down Iv Canif-r oitcrcd •a plan lo t;i\(' Forrl Ihr '•ilc it wants aiifl ,slill mecl rc.vidcnl.^' ! com|ilanit,s. „„ , Legion Council Of fihng entries in the Bellevue Christ-! mas lighting contest is to be Tues-; HUfOn-CO HdS Mcct <tay at midnight. 1 Entries are being received from, Af HrAonu/'l/*ll Pftcf anywhere in Bellevue or the vicini- /^^ UrCCnWIWH T 051 ty «nd should be made on the en-i try forms which were placed in MO.\'ROE\Tf..LE loca" papers or bv simply sendingi Eight out of th« ftntrants name and address to j Legion posts were representee Seaman at 225 E. Main -st, Belle' president of llic New York Central Railroiul died Friday in Cincinnati, Jlc WHS (_'hailcs 'J'od' ! Bi'istcr. viie. p:ighteen awards are being offered. No outside home display will he eligible unless an entry has been received^— (he Council meeting of (he -held Willi Mil-Bow-Mar FRED \V. KROCK ' rf\( IWATI (INS)—An Rft- HURO.N, I3cc. 17— Fred \V, .'^f"«''-old lornicr csi -cutivT vue- Krock, 8.T .a lifelong resident M Union, died Friday evening in Ciood Samaritan Hospital. Sandusky, alter a lengthy illness. For a number of years he made his home witha nephew, John Krock :21a Main-st. Mr. Krock wa.s empJo.ved for many years as a Postal Telegraph Co. operator al Lorain snd Huron. He was member of the Huron-cn Huron Evangelical United Breth- survived H.^MILTOV (INS)—^Irs. Edward Deister, died in llamii- ton Frida.v after beinc' stiiick In a truck. « « * B ELLE FONT AIN i, (| N ,s )_| ,0- ean-co Sheriff Fred Foosici plans an automobile liip to S:u) Bernardino, Cal,. over the holidays where he'll pick ,ip an extra Christmas "package'a fuaitive from a .$1.H)0 robbery, Foer.ster reported todav that Horace' "Bud" Caviiulcr. oi 1 jikevicw. O,. long-sought in tin- robbery from an Indian Lake residence, was picked up in San Bernardino shortly after lie I I;K I lieon released i.n n hunting v io- latio charge in Orcuon. The l.ogaii sheriff said Oreaon officials were unaware Cavinilci- was wanted until the.v reieax-ii him. iS A' E 7 (] 11 E S —'^^ ^^-^ BURROl GHS II MY (i(H)' I 'iich 01 rxi 'ivonc . . I r.iic , t.irc .. IIIL; I I>I m.ikcs lliiii . . , will i)a-,'^ the 1 fUii-'iM'-i 1(1 shun the Lord . ami \ cl ;)•= I'oi- iiic. I'd I'allirr have . m and somcluiw deep wilhin m\ i-ighl ., , . hcciUs" \'. Ith (Jod niv in peace each 111.',ht •WW WxWwu liic irach ol r\one . . Is pcftcc ,iiui comfort , , . 1^ It wc will open nn . . our hcaits to (Jodly .. . . (1(1(1 Im (-^ ip.uikiiKi cicinall.^ , aiici alwavs i- on , til answiM lh(iv(> -v 1\(> iii'.^d His hcl)) , . . \Oiilc hcad- , , . (lod ntwcr Ml!' liM-akc ;i soul . . . who i('(|uc>t . , .ind these w hn pl.icc their trust in Ihc I rni!.'i'('-i lest some people seem me -;nilin-i lliroiieh , . . hut! Cod ^liare all 1 do . , . I ,'i II M'arl hc.irl and know soul . that 1 . will am lesl ' REO!RTEIl-«TAt» MfWR f! I »an4n«lty. O.. Ml. 9m. t«, 10$* More Than Usui Rain, Snow Dos In Great Lakas WASHING rO .N 'IN9>- TfM ^fR iai weather outlook for mid-M (•ember to mid-Jan«Mry eaUs f<n i above normal temperaturts IB the ' outh^vest and near nornwl readings on the Gulf coast and In norllh crn New FIngland, Other areas may get colder weather than u.sual, especially tfca porthern plains. Mere s the Weather Bureau 's mil- look for rain and snow: More than usual for Ihc northafn thin I of the US, from the Great l/ikes west to the Pacific, and along the Pacific coast; subnormal .'.mcunts in the epsl ami over the sontbcrn half of the country except in tlic Tennessee valley and RlOBg Ihf CrUlf ('Oast, Always Good Ltataolno on WLEC Sandusky ... 1450 on Tour Dial 1 luco-couni\. The I wo Wi when one ol plained lliat ht^cn piltei'cd :i!)-biir'> i< can dil iMula; lludi iMt'iu;- cditi MS \^vx-iy hank liai ior L!-! I'l'llt'- In llu NEW PHILADELPHIA T\^•n teenaged brothers ha\'e admitted to .N'ew Philadelphi.i authorities that thev went on a yo\m.L;i'r lirnthcr The oldc \ iiiil h ' ,as .Norman Oir .li W 'ashinuton, lii> lirotlKM \ears old. ShcriU" dcpulH 's said ili inillod burglaries in 'I'list ai aw a-. (IN .S) thicrnscN- and Coshocloii-co- riic older bo\ wa. an antnaii, ii(Mw.> on leave from a Chc >('iitU'. Wxo, \\Y Fo'ce i5asr. .pr,.,. , TOI.KIM) (CP) — Theodore • iKoijppaii. '1\. walked into counti' jail I KMC Ki-idii\ nd announced he had will) wliiih to free •'soiijc' prisoners," (^lU'sl idiicd, he said he'd free "aHxliody" because he'd oner tie.'i) i.dlcd al Christin;ts time and didn't want an.\one else to spend the in a cell. .\ cht'ck of the hooks sl)ow;-u two prisoncis \iorkiim out tines ,\t ,sa a day. Roupiian's S.")!) will licc liotli b\ Christmas, idcu li led mi 1;- W.NM ADS BRING RESULTS Gift Certificates A Gift Certificate from BARNES ROSES Inc. for any occasion Is a xift that is appreciated, now It for future years. Available hi any amount, Barnes Roses, Inc. Rt. 3 & 6 .Midway Between Huron & Sandusky Ph. Huron 8951 Dec. 17 nine .Nnierican Wildcats Choose Aro Porseghian EVANSTON. ILL., Dec. 17 f INS)—Northwestern University, determined to raise its football stature, has .signed Ara Parseghian as head football coach. Parseghian, 32, was head coach at Miami University of Ohio where he complied an impressive record of 39 victories, «ix defeats \ and one tie over a five year span, i ren Church and is survived by a number of nieces «iid nephews. Friends may call after 7 p. m, today at the Dutt Funeral Home, where services will be held' at 2 p, m, Monday, the Re\-. William Palterson, officiating. Burial is to be in Scott Cemetery. BOWLING • TATK KECREATIONAl. r.AOIES LBAOUB (SUte All«y»» C .r.v> Cr.n« «•» ^" Gen Kay . , 7B6 7oa 788 Voltz Sheet Metal 719 804 781 Russell Flowers 777 674_63o 648 744 ! Post 280 in Greenwich. : .\ report of the Fifth Distric! , e-eeutive committee meeting al . Lodi wa.s presented b\ Nelson V. Lonz. .Monroeville. third division commander. The winter conference for the Fifth Distiiit will he held at Lodi on .Inn. Li. I Charles Coultrip, Wakeman. ^ ^— county commander, who con- EDU'.\RD U', KELLER ducted the meeting of the conn- FREMONT, Dec. 17—Funeral icil, discussed the essay contest Mass will be conducted at 9 a. m. I now In progress in se\eral of the'Monday in SI. Ann's Church for I high schools in the county and jEdward VV. Keller. 37. Everett-rd, expressed gratification for prog-1 who died Thursday in Memorial ress made to date in the mem-j Hospital. ber.ship contest. Sch-Loe-Man | Friends may call at the Och.s Post 547. Monroeville and VVake-^ puneral Home. Burial will be in man Post 689 have exceeded calvarv Cemeterv. their membership quotas and I ^ shipping clerk at National several other posts should reach; ^.a,t,„„ 4,,^ p^,,, ,4 ..^^..^ quotas in the near future. j, survived by his widow, Eu- The Rev. .lohn R. Dully, New London, and Paul A. Sackett, Filchvillc, both of whom along with Amo.s T. Hill. VVillard. were delegates from the Fifth District and represented Huron-co at the National Lepion convention held in Miami, Fla., ga\p comments of their observations on the P OIIVSJEXTIA S Grown in our ^iw%\ tjlreenliouises nice Egan Keller, whom he married in St. .^nn•s Church Max 1 1940; a daughter, Susan; son. .Joseph: hi.» mother. Mrs. Leland Raths. Fremont, (wo half-bro(hers. Herman and Ponald Raths Entsminger, all Brgdner. FERDINAND A. ZELLER PORT CLINTON. Dec. 17 S'^*'",'!'"'" ••• "1 wo''k done at the convention. Cassidy Fine Foods • ,:J»9«_768_719, 4,^^ ^^^^^^^.^ will be held on the evening offerdinand \. Zeller, ."iS. 217'2 Jan. 16 with Firelaiids Meinor-i E. Fourth-st, died iaI Post 706 at North Fairfield. Arrangements are being completed to have a speaker from Department of Ohio headquarters and to have film.s of the 1955 national convention. The Bijou 683 687 620 Kaufman Chips 500 6.6 660 ,Jane Ann Weigel 947 (high series), Sally Hoelzer 214 (high singlt). LADIES' ClXy LEAGUE (Bocert Alleys) Mark's Market 734 713 690 Ken Oldsmobile 691 967 804 Behnke's Service «31 680 670, Able Rooting 696 662 739| GrilT Meats 633 673 839 J Philco S33 986 584 Reii's" Osed ^C^rV ~r,T.""6 "20 ''(563 661 Wolf's Men'»_Stor» ^702 663 706 Kay iruVon . 704"737 773 '''TurHlp'"\remper .'iSB, "2y ^^hi^h , ChurCll 111 BeilCVUC ««?rie« and higli sinelci. Set Yule Program Sunday Night At " k ^^r" BELLEVUE: Dec. 17 An^l Neuman Boats 734 887 (I7« (ji,|.jstmas program lor St, ,lohn s wassner Tires J.^J'**—'—iLutheran Sunday school will be in the parish house Fleetwing 839 808 882|i,ei(i Kline Auto'Wash evening. There will be songs. Friday in Ma- griider Memorial Hospital after a brief illness. He was born Dec. 1, 1897 in Port Clinton and was a mail carrier heie for the past L"* years. \ veteran ot World War 1, Mr. Zeller was a member of the Colonial Club ;md St. .John's Lutheran Brotherhood. Surx'ivins aie a hi-othei, .Mton. Cleveland: a nephew. John and .Viece, ,\|aiy .\nn. both Cle\elau(i, Friends ma.\ call after 7 p. m, t-lav al the Neidecker-Eberle- l.e\'eck Funeral Home, where services will be held al 2 p. iii. Mondax, the Rev. .lohn E. Brauu, officiating. Burial is to be in Sunday i..akeview Cemetery. Quick Funeral Home Boos Plumbers , , . , , 913 846 840 747 772 769 lecitalions, and singing by the beginners and nursery department us well as the .junior and primary EAGI.rCS LE.AUVE Nutrilite 799 824 794 Koch Ins 83S 895 826 Kutrz Printinx R45 788 772} flccitatioiis will be tji\cn h\ : Thomas .lolin .i66, 217 (high series, .lau Tcr\ocn, Su.san »n<\ hi?h .singleI. 1,, ', • . , ,. .. - — Aleacliam. David Kruinni. Susan Billy Wesuer, Paul Schaaf. Lee Williams. ,Mar\ Ann "°^3L ^'^?''I -inf|P". Donald Aldrich. Claudia Homniel's Wonders 725 710 (iij] Bode.\'. Kim .Mav, Linda Bowers. Kubach A Buderer 801 683 lO'i <a\,n Has.selbach. Linda .Middles- Tavern Ml 808 832 v.'arth, Chris Wri;,'ht, .Martha .Slroh'i Beer 832 830 826 r. -1 -m MI <I Rejgle Ihomas Meachani. Gloria Meachain. Tail* P'anell.Cheek (llogerl Alle.vs) 667 TIT, 7ii;\ehel B\ington Con, T,,vinan Outboard Fish and ChipST Wings , Chet Nath .^50, • nd high singllei. "pHOiiuCKRS LKAGIJE" (Bonnie Laaeij) ?32 ???73?'''''^"'^f"^"^'' .'i^JlV-^.' \nne Crecclius, Paula Swan, .lane ?q2 §M 5^2 Beilor. Paul Engelhari. Robert 738 7B» ^^^^ Bioxton. Mary 307 (high B^,,ke, Jean Dotlefsen. Carol —'TUilleen, Betty Fought. Patty Baker's .Mack Iron Carol Zimmerman Crolcher, and Stout, 730 828 741 .lames 766 734 621; j3j,.p^,lo ,.>j of production arc: Didion Bros Borsick Plasterers 644 673 7151,., 77-. 77« 7 -oi'*l "'S William Billings. .Miss .Mildred J"1""J!:° Krdman. Mrs. Robert Folk, Mrs. No Name 742 704 781 Ko Name 673 737 660i*-'>"^ Aloha B & W Texaco Vogue Lounge Gundlacb's BechteT-McLaugiiii i< Koehler's Men's Wear^ BerlscfT'Funerai Home Hanson's Restaurant Carling's Black Label Bower's Home Spe ,1 Holmes 634, 277 • nd high single I H ARP LE.tOl'K (Kioinie Lanrs) Crotcher. .Mrs. Robert An- 731 eelTtsY ^^^^ narrator will be Mrs 730 830 709 T, Rene Mejer. Taking Narious 'SOB ' 849"'93B parts will be: David Stedman, 8tii 836 931 Douslas .Meyer, Roger Paul, Shir- '752 767''78<i le>' Swartz, Eric Zclmer. Dean .''^.L^^'?J^° Hire, Edward Mat/., "Scotty" Bill- 813 780 78ij ings .lenn\' \ ingling and .Ann 789 874 963 sH.licht. BO.-) 770 7.13 839 8ii7 812 (high series Wards Body Shop Apt'.v Cleaners 71j 820 8J1 703 674 6iJ4 Others arc; ludv Kruinin, Carol .sue .Andrews, Su.san Folk, Piiitli .\nii Mook. Beverly Riie,v>, Beck,^ Ifulteen. Dennis Mesnard, Ken- •leth Kriiinm, Barbara Mat/ Toni Hassclbach and .lances Kues.s .^pex Motors JoJo Towing 743 80.-, 724 732 763 711 i Sandusky Rollerdrome Apex Washers 733 813 687 743 726 732 '^ifir*o Qneraior NatM for Taxes Taily-Ho ., " $J5'70!{ 657; CLEVELAND, Dec. Russell Truckmg 687 609 601 J ^ federal grand jury today Ward's Wrecking 659 773"779; dieted Eddje Sindelar. a bingo Carling's Red Cap Ale 732 613 691 ; g^cj ^ight dub operator, for fail- MRS. AS\A OBRINGER ; MONROEVILLE, Dec. 17—.Mrs, i .Anna Kramer Obringcr, 86, widow or :\Iichael. died Friday night after a year's illness at the home of her son-in-lau and daughter. Mr, and Mi's. Edward Slall- kiimp. Sr.. rural Xorwalk, She WHS born .lul.\ 7. Ifififl in Canton and WHS married Ma.v "iti. 1891 in mioville. where she resided iinlil mo\iiit; here se\ en xeai's ago, .Surviving are three daughters. Airs, Stallkamp; .Mrs, Frank Friedman. Canton and .Mrs, .\lHrtin Holacker, ,Moiiroe\'illc two sons. Carl, Piqua and .lohn, rural Monroeville; 35 graiidcliil- dren, ,")3 greal-grandcliildren and a brother Mathias Kramer, \'an Wert, Besides her liusbaiid. wno died Dec, 18. 1950, she was preceded in death by a son, Orville who was killed in 1952 and two (lai g'llers. .Mrs. Mildred Laue.' and .MLbs Emma Obringer. Friends may call after 10 H. m. Suuda,^ at Ilje Gross Funeral Home, where the .Altar and Rosary Society will recite the Roaar.v al 8 p, m, Sunda.v. Services will be ' eld at 9 a in. .Mondav m St. .loacph'.'* Catholic Church, the Re\ Paul .J Bri .sscl officiating Burilil is lo be in St Mai'.v's Cemeten, OH OM II C. French Sweep Up Algerian Terrorists ALGIERS. Dec 17 'UP' More than LiO sui-pected terrorists were taken into custody today in a cleanup sweep by French se- icurity forces. 17 (L'pi i A quanUty of arms also was i„. confiscated in the raids carried out in the regions of Tusef. Laverdure and Conde-Smendou. Elmer Winland 581 thigh seriesi, «fil non in iiwome Gordon Hughes 223 (high single. n\g to pay ?b4.0U0 in income PI FK I Kxri K vaN QltEN HOBNOBS AT P.*BU (Bonmi'Lan 'e 'r'" The indictment ,a.d Sindelar, ,,'P .^-'^O^""'Fr '^'^ti'^'n Russell Truckmg 493 49,". :vs> Rerea failed ir. rpnnif in 'LP'—Queeii Eluabeth 11 danced fh.pper 410 4.37 404 ^' ^^'^f' if '° 'f^°'' with a footniaii and the Duke 01 Mia. Cigareucs ~i87 46Y 392 ig'.T rh ",' Edinburgh with a hou.emaui at Bonnie Lanes 418 442 42.^ ^'^^ =o\ ernnici.t nied ihe ^.nmial ChriMmas hall o( the nrvnna Kauima., .^91, 155 migh « 52(2 000 tax lien on hit p(op- >urf ot Windsor Castis Fndav (•frie« «nd high »in»l«>, lerty. (01^1)1. CYCLAMEN • AZALEAS 7^ BRASS PLANTERS CEMETERY POTS BOXES & WREATHS ^ BEGONIAS ¥ DISH GARDENS ^ CHRISTMAS NOVELTIES & CENTER PIECES ^ WHITE PINE ROPING Open Evenings Till 9 P.M. & All Day Sunday Select Your Holiday Plants Now For Delivery Later MEMBER OF FLORAL TELEGRAPH DELIVERY AUGUST CORSO SONS MILAN ROAD PHONE 3875 •A

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