The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 29, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 3
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·.-/»· -iiloo'c! Social and Personal Items 0!fliers KIccU-il by Saline Co. Garden Club. On TUCMII.J ailernoon tile Sa- ')!·(· County bai den club met at I . \ r i v d a y CouitosU-s Discussed \i lltuni" Uurcaii Unit Mi'i-lin;/, Mrs. l i d l Ki't'ii, who resides at ,'i^l N o i l l i Al.iin .street, cnli'i United n u m b e r , ol I ho Candlelight llonu- r.iiH-.iu l " 111 Wednesday evening : t Ju-r homo. Sin 1 \v;r; assisted tl s ho-loss by (Mrs. Noble M i t c h e l l .-i-:d Mi"- Ui'i' H i t t e n b e r r j . ' V\u n t y - i o u r yu-mbers and oiu i MU' ]ioim"VTli : .s." C~a«T liaTfock", MH'sl. Mrs. Kiln 1 ! KaKibas. v,i-u- k()0 \ ' - « t i i Main sticel. in .ittendance, and enjoyed a most ii.U'H 1 li'i'-i discussion of "K\or.\ d .\ Cotiitosics." the major lo-son, i \ c u bv Mrs. Harry Harm.')-, liomt- .(l\ Mr. Olen l i i K i a m lold il the "Use of the Dj.U- I'.ook in i ( Home- jV.ciK('!·'.' Turn-," \\liit-li i he m i n o r topic. busini'S. mil was answered by "Gar( U n Hi'.solutions." A motion win eairied to plant trees to beautify 0111- apixoacli into llarrisbur;! I ' l i ' M i e i a l help Irom other civic o i f a m / a l i o n s ' is being solicited. A report of the itoniiiialnig com i..ittee .submitted by" Mrs. I 1 " 1 , I . . . l i i w . L ^ i . t . i , , i i n - , "" ULL V l 1 ^ . S U U I M I U f U U ,,,, )urn". :, b u M i e s . s t ss , H u ( , 0 Wt . obei . m . ol , iccrs -,'M ovi-r by lUrs. Kd L e a n , t i n i t |;t;:l who a|X , t . lcclt . t | .,· i r n r n r t i i a t i . uic i.roup \ o i - U u con .... i ,.,.,.,.,,.. ,,..,, ... i,.n,,,,.,. / - i ml l cuninnuii. the t . i b u t c ten dollars to the I n i a n - if.» paia'y.Ms l u n d . i Mis. Hrib Kanies u a s v.i'iner I i l a contest enjoyed durin.; a sol i i . i l hour, and delicious telresh 'uHMits weiv served by the lio^les-cs to tho-e to attendance. ·IMS. Clyde I'itlman rntcrtains ·\. JI. trisburg il B. Unit '[he Aorlh Ilprnsburt' u n i t of 11omi' Jiureau met .Monday eu- a'.i l a m a t i o n , are as iollows: Chairman, Mis. Adolph Smith; vice c l i a i i m a n , Mrs. S. M. Farrar; sec-ret j . i y . M i ^ Harry Gearhart; trcas- m e i , Mi*. Xelle Hetherington. 'Hie meeting \vas then turned OUM- to the program chairman, M i s . Bert Scnbncr, who intro- duii-d her .subject, 'Totted Plants," I/, t e l l i n g a story, "Little Brown Jo," and reading a poem, "For- **«·' at the h'm" ol M i s C h d e O j .Mis. Sham spoke of the value to soil, and discussed :,.u.; ai u» u-uii'- ». m'-i v i » « i , (J j \\oriiib 10 son, anu UIM.USSV.'.I . a ;*" l ' t u r v ' i v j l h 52 members present, i IJ H . sources, varieties and the care , ' . i ' - ' ' V V , i;o".'hy H i i - p n i d was a guesl ,,, Afnta.i violets, Crown of -" i M i s . i;d\,.ird H e i s k a i i ;v\e th-* Thoins, Patient Plant, Begonias,, . I - n i n o r topic on "I'sc o r i a ' e r/o'tki., 1 K j Marguerites. She closed with - · - l .i, I l o m e - n a k e r , Time." Yin- i - i a i '., memorable poem, "Grandmo- cllai] j o . - i'Tie on "Our Share m -Woild 'UKT'S Refuge," which lold of the A , . ; ' ' i K ( i e ' picjcnU-d m a v e r y l n i ; n j pbms on Grandmother'.'.' tnc : ·· r i 1-iuxMi.i". m a n n e r by Mrs L. ! , ; - lin d"o\v Mil. bers ' · i V u b b ard Mrs. Paul Wilvm. y l l s Michael Rcshctcr, upon be- char - -- -- v _ YV« r» x/« ^» Mcuts at Wesley Outer The Methodist W. S. C. S. meet- inn was held at Wesley Center on Wednesday alternoon with Mrs. A. F. Lentz, chairman, presiding. Fifty-one members were in attendance. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Harry Woolcolt, after which reports of the secretary and treasurer were given anu approved. Grateful acknowledgments of cards and flowers were read at this time. Mrs. Harry Border was appointed card chairman for the year. An increase in budget for tne society was approved, as was the local activity budget. It was mvnnf-r KI.-VIVAI voted to buy two percolators for 10 CONDLCl ItfcVHAL. Weslev Center kitchen with the gelist Wayne KOOKS. of Homosassa. mone/ which has been donated Fla .known as "The Sunshine Boy." iuvi«\*j ^ i . « · » * . · » w I , , f , l l K n r f i n · v r t i M i f . i l Qunrlfur n i t J t l for equipment. A piano solo by Mrs. Harry Reed was highly enjoyed, as was a duet "A Charge To Keep," sung by Mrs. B. G. Funkhouser and Mrs. C. L. Travis, which touched on the lesson of the day, "That Thy Way BatareiaiMrr-smuM rtur wjll ~ 0 ... a revival Sunday night at the Apostolic Tabernacle located at 1230 South Granger street. This youthful evangeist is a graduate of Apostolic College, Tulsa, Okla., and after graduation began to travel extensively, conducting revivals lesson 01 me oay, JLII«U A"/ "«.? -* ^«*%...«..»,.j, v.«..v.v.^,v... 0 .~ Be Known Upon The Earth." The I for well known pastors and asscm- lesson, taken from the Study Book hi;,.* Xm-vir.,.,- ho«m TMph Pvrnin« jof the year, was given by the ex- 1 i · : * * , - *.m\ r l n r i c i n n . eeutive committee and "Grandmo- chairmen. division .Mis Michael Reshctcr, upon be- :u introduced, gave an interest\ , - i ·.-sle L-iresliir.enls v..TO scr- I( ._._i niirouuceu, guvc «u i..v^»^^^ mcnts Ol nome-mauu tuivt «··*· v J t i e hostess who w:.s as- \ lYri talk on "Regal and Other co f foc f r o m a lovely candlelighted bv Mrs. Lome S t i K - k l m i i i i i n ' , " Shr described a variety; ( f l hin rinrim* nn oniovable fellow-1 At the conclusion of the meeting hostesses for the day, mem- ,,,-,;, of the Dorcas division, look charge, serving delicious refreshments of home-made cake and . Services begin each evening at 1 o'clock and the pastor, Rev. J. L Dunning invites the public to attend. Music will be furnished by the Tabernacle orchestra S W I N G I N T O 1 S P R I N G Lively and lovely as the new season itself, are the spring inspired fashions for 1948! With a deft touch here and there, suits acquire charming new variations of the whirling skirt theme -- others "are slim- skirted with captivating new jacket ideas. Toppers . . . wearable and lovable as ever . . . have a decided flare for backswing and sprightly new detailing. 3vs '%*y r\i z» , Vr 1 iii^ lais on jvcs"' iiiM vwv- 'conce irom a iovuiy twnuiunsm.^v. 'Lilies." She described a variety j ta |,| c Curing a n enjoyable fellow- 01 lihcs. and suggested success- )shjp p £ r j oc i. - """h-n ' P ~ ^ 0 ^ ^ P 3 , : y ·-.'.cj vo-,3 s£?ffer distress from LT-r!, T.i:i ". rt-jul irlv--rin'r-lii-ii's Com- pu-inU !/.|te bulk' vip r» slv.mcu .1 m.; I suc'i tllstnss. Il- .il-X) a · ri'il tonic' V I I Y . Or VIHI in i» i i T f t f r I.^ 1)1 V I*. 5 VEGETABLE COMPOUND ... methods toward their planting ; ud care In speaking of the t n c m i c s of lilie^, Mrs. Resheter e-u-d several ways in which to rid 'thi. plants of them. Her talk was concluded \\ith illustrations ol 'i"»oral classifications of lilies. , At the meeting, Mrs. George . was introduced as a 'rev. member of the club. A^-istmg Mrs. Ilallock in scrv- ,11:1, refreshments at the conclus sion of the program were Met, '(lames Harry Border, Artie Lent?, Tred Maiihall. Carl Come, and ' ?!ichacl Kebhetei. Birthday Party for Kenny Gale Hudnell Benny Gale Huunell was guest of honor at a birthday party given at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Milas Hudnell, last Saturday afternoon. . The children were entertained at novel games, and prizes were awarded to winners, Venita HICKS and Bonnie Given. Ketreshments ol ice cream, cake, and cokes were served to tne following: Carolyn Boyd, Venita Hicks. Phyllis Jean Basham, Oay- Glascoc-K, To relieve miser- ics, rub throat. chest and back \vitb, comforting r ir~=37r^ "WW^ '* ·*_ s^^R] -. -- -f r »*--* *"~ 9* H »· :.\ Fto %/ * 'ijAii I » ^ ^T *-- V»» ·*--' »n ·-C-..J ..*«*^ *· KENNETII HART Correspondent ^TO,/ ' f r\\ i I \-. » *'V\S 5t 1«V l\ 'W ,13 - * vis -V5 fflS Gary Walker, Mrs. Guy McCor- micK, Mrs. Leighman Walker, and the hostess, Mrs. Hudnell. High School Honor Roll For Third Term The following students at Car- i rier Mills Community high school. upon completing the third term o£ | school, have made the honor roll: g Freshmen: Ellen Dallas, Mary Phillips, Eleanor Prather, Joe Cul- brelh, Patsy Henshaw, Marlene Rann, Ronald Whiting, Carlena | Du\all, Phylis Martin, Myrna Allen. Peggy Lanlon, Betty Murrow. Laura Murphy: Sophomores: Ava Lanton, Bob Davis, ------ W|if5p » Up $ 29 Glendslli Juniors: Spring Weight Plaids or Plain. m- Chase, Bill Hawkins; --------Norma Dorris. Joyce Fulkerson, Nadme Morris, Earl Overstreet. Robert Parton, Alvin Pickering, Betty Shaw, Bonnie Simmons. Betty Jo Spears, Doris Tarranl. Mrs. II. J. Raley Entertains Class --- Thompson, Ma"nTheta"wh¥ The Young Adult class of the i wilbtirn Capcl, First Presbyterian church met| = te ,-»' 'io- "$? ?$ - '""·· .\f-j*-rj fc^*»»»*"- -- _ .ui.nucsi at the home of Mrs. H. J Kalev for a regular monthly meeting. Mrs. E. R. Perry was J U g . O V l t l V / l * ? . » » 1 * V « J . » * v-'t*t'»-»7 S" Nona Chancy, Patty Moore, John- §[ ny Tanner, Betty Nicholson, Nina Borum, Rosalie Nulty, Wilma Kin- \ W % 1*4 ney. Mary Henshaw, Kathryn Furlong, Huland Middleton. Richard Travel- assistant hostess. An inspiring devotional, tne g ^ Dinah _ theme of which was Peace ol d fi Rd Reba | Mind," w a s given by Miss D e l m a i : « » · | Jennings. "Christianity m the * g Home," the topic of the current t I V l l l ^ , f c . * « l t a . V V ^ lesson, was discussed by Mrs. Herman Boatright. During the social hour whicn followed, refreshments were ser\ed by the hostesses to the following" in attendance: Mesdames Charles Wright, Cscar Williams, S. W. Radford, John Utter, Lowell Moore, Charles Ford, Jr., Harry Richardson, Wayne Dixon, G C." Benson, W. C. Gilchrist. Jr., Gaiet-; Club Meets With 3Irs. Aline Pyle On Friday evening. Jan. 2o, the Gaiety club was entertained at ,, the home of Mrs. Aline Pyle. All j members atended the meeting. j Following the -business session, i bingo was played, and the follow- ! ing were found to be prize win-' Mesdames Peacl Field, Zel-, ma" Maynard. Fern Culbreth. Le-, '££*-*. l»4^fe---^«%sr K ^^\ 1 t W U' l I V ' i 1 \ 1 § W li nuot.. u*., -- -- -.· --- -- - - - - - . ---- -- - -»» Icnnin^s anna Austin. Elsie King, and Mrs. W. T. Parish We., S Sparks Hill Girl coffee were served to the follow- Up, to W1M 's "~ *** . T ' In Gabardines or Spring Tweeds. i * · Use Our; w*: : s -"· ^ C- f ? '*''*'?£% wi';ijja ^'^m -··! Sulphur Springs Mr. and Mrs. James H. Patton of j ng jn a( jdition to those previous- Sparks Hill are announcing the ]y ment i one d: .Mesdames Mary marriage of their daughter, Dor- y Begss Glenna Lee Jamerscn. alyce. and W. T. Parish, son of Merle Thomas. Mary E. Sweat, Mrs. Otis Hancock of Harnsburg. W anda Sweat, and the hostess. The single ring ceremony was Thc next mee ting will be held performed by the Rev. E. B. at ^ c home of Mrs. Fern Cul- Bourland. pastor of the First ore th. Christian church of Morganfield. Ky..- in the church parsonage, on :\T 0t j ce jj asons: Special meeting Friday. Jan. 16. at 2 p. m. The of Blazing Star Lodge No. 453. A. marriage vows were exchanged in p $. \ ^j a t Carrier Mills, on l the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Car- Friday, at 6:30 p. m. Work in Llos Hicks of Harrisburg, brother- lhe p £ degree. Clyde Dunn. \V. in-law and sister of the bride. jj The bride wore a wine dressmaker suit and black accessories, and Mrs. Hicks was attired in a black and beige ensemble. Mrs. Parish attended Harris- -bur« schools before moving to Sunday school was not so_\vcU Sparks Hill where she completed attended Sunday because 01 in her education. The bridegroom, ness among so many oi the pup.U a graduate of HTHS. served in the William Haney. who has ue..i Navv for two and a half years as on the sick list, is much improvCv. a radioman, third class. Those who visited M,-. and ..u, · For the present they are living George Hargravc last Sunday wen. 'with Mr. Parish's parents at 1110 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Aydclott. .^. 'South Fcazel street in this city. Hargrove's relatives irom tlarric- . !;wrg. and Jir. and Mrs. iv Chuicn ·- Mrs. Wm. 0. Sherman, of Ponli- Mr. and Mrs. Tom Haney o. ac Mich., and her three small Equality visited their son. \Mhi-:.. isons. Billy Joe, David, and Dwight. Ki'ney. Sunday have returned home after a t«o Several members were aosc:, ; : weeks' visit with Mrs. Sherman's f?.?TM^^!^? 8 ^ 1 '^ 1 ^: 1 ' stepfather and ·Mrs. Tom I the former _ ~ - .risburg. also visited her brother- vrmniished'at'thc'm-ctins. The 'in-law and Bister. Mr. and Mrs. t"«'i j »*»i«vu «ii *»- IH~I.HI«~- Clay Grace, of Marion, during her l:-eics will .^ h c r c - ' Scklin ' Tharlp.; F Clark fireman fi'st Butchering hogs has been fn- !cla C 4 USN% son of bSfciark of ^ tor another ycni- arnon, the .Galatia. RFD 2. is sen-ing aboard ^"HJ^.^Vart ?it'c« lithe aircraft carrier USS Valley ...J'T- "S^S fSR ,00^ "i * **t^5C»^' SEE OUR WINDOWS ts? *T*. *· , Brims tilt forward, sideward, upward-/. . taking their cue from; the new-'-silhouette. Dainty flower trims reflect the temiriine trend in clotncs. Latest styles in straws and straw: braids . '. . all the season's exciting colors. ^ - .3 ^^ IV* i f ' , 4' spf? ! *'~ 5rve r.3? SHEHTS dr.d r t!lo i v Cesses. «. * -t\ - - ,---·'·**. / ^ ~- ---^ '· cr^- '-^ { ~ -.*?xr - · - ^^ ; \ ·- . ^~ . ^ --v- '- t"^ ^-^ ^^ ^-./?^, ff%i' "Pacific" Firut Quality. MUSLIN SHEETS S J Si/.e 72x:):». Twin bed size 4" \ \ »'' --; : -'. ' i FOR jik/ClV - 1JJ I;- '·' ' : JLy-LV Colcrrui Woven CHAMBRAY 98c Value in P:aids. Checks ,. and Stripes. C ^ C -" 2.69 -v- ;;eV- has hoon 511 «;incc i-'is area. However, we .-hall all -v S^k^as.^en^mcc 1(ok f d lo thc scconf nvednc S in the Harrisburg rfw nig] , ,_;«^i · ljn:c Rev. \vniuuci» ««'·« ··» ««·»« hospllal - CMS will be in Sulphur Springs. ' " Mrs. S. B. Church ^ iMlod " Yard Full yard wide, fast colors, the ideal sprinsr fabric for dresses V,^ or ^ \\ BIRTHS To Mr, and Mrs. William L. Grecnrod of Harrisburg. a 7 1-2 pound boy, born Sunday. .Tan. 25. Tne baby has been named Tcrr Lcc. Calender of Meetings Attention .Knights Templar: A 'special member of the York Rite School will be present at a special conclave drill tonijjhl at 7:30 for the Order of the Temple. Members arc xirged to t?kc this valuable instruction. Mart c-.cning. . Justice last Monday Scott Field Soldier |f . . . . , A Killed When Auto Motor Scooter SCOTT FIELD. 111.. -Ian. 29-- ir?i_pfc. Robert E. Klsea. 18. o f ; Norton. Kan. died at the post hos- · pilal here yesterday of injuries. received when an automobile jinick the motor scoolcr he was riding. Thc accident occurred near the field Tuesday \vhcn a car driver- by Emery Smith, 75. of New Baden. 111., hit the scooter from the roar, when Smith was blinded by the headlights of an oncoming car., Si/.e 83x93 SHEETS Si/.e SlxlOS s Extra Lcnulh SHEETS CANNON" . d Towels Size 15x27. Kcautiful Pastel Turki.-h Towels NFWSPAPFK!

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