The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 14, 1918 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Saturday, September 14, 1918
Page 13
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Viy.'fl. W>r""."-UM •'"''T,'." 1 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER14,1918. rBE HU^OH'IKBON NEWS. PAOF, TTTTRTEKN. "CLARA WILLIAMS" Doe* Wonderful Work In "Carmen of the Kldddlke." Ono ot the big and intensely dramatic scenes In "Carmen of the Klondike," tho new .Seloxaft production starring Clara Williams, which Is the first picture to bo offered by the Btnte-Righta IMstrlbutors and which •will be shown at the Iloyal theatro for thrco days, commencing next Tuesday Is a great fight which coraes as a'cllmax in the latter part of the production. The combatants are Edward Coxon, who Is playing the part of "Cameron Stewart," tho hero of the story and 1 Hcrschei Mnyali;por- trylhg tho role of thn vllllan, "Silk 'McDonald." The battle of flats by far surpascoH any fight -which has over been enacted beforo a motion picture Camera. It covers hundreds of feet of film and ploys an important part In the development ot .the plot. Two men, fighting viciously, dash from a burning building and stagger "The Biggest Show On Earth" • Enid Dennett. Do you like to take in the circus? Yes! Then you'll want to see life "behind the scenes," ns portrayed by Knid"Behlictt in'"five' wonderful story of circus life. DeLuxe Theatre Today Regular Admission BRING THE KIDS COMING You who have thrilled and responded to the heart throbs of a\wondcrful woman—subjected to every humiliation, every insult at tho.hands of tho man she loves and after all goes on loving until he tries to rob her of her greatest and most treasured possession, HER BOY, will find decpest'and most heart compelling interest in AND THE LAW and based on the Famous De Saulles Case.' . DE LUXE—MONDAY AND TUESDAY Douglas Fairbanks WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY Into the street Of the town, forgetful of all eise they struggle In knee-deep mud, amid a downpour of rain and In the teeth of an Arctic gale. They hat tie until blood and mud disguise their features and make them, seem what they are—no longer humans but raging beasts. Clothes torn off, bodies with mere rags still clinging to thorny sodden with mud, they fight on, taking real knock-down blows and scrambling to their Tect for more. Meanwhile, the crowd, as crar.ed and bestial as the fighters, wntches and urges them .on regardless of the rain and tho whipping gale of the storm. Danco hall girls In flimsy cos- tumos and miners In raacklnaws and oil skins bravo tho wrath of the elements to observe tho greater wrath of their fellow-beings, until at last when thtrcombatants are nearlng the end ot their endurance and are floundering from exhaustion, there comes a startling and unexpected end—-Ihe end of the fight and the end of tho story. '^Carmen of tho Klondike" is truly a great picture. It Is !J'c kind of story that will appeal to everyono who admires red-blooded, wholesome acllon without the stupid over-acted mela- drama. It Is doubtless tho most gripping production which has shown at the Itoyal theater In a long time. "WOMAN AND THE LAW." Picture Based on Famous De Saulles Case at De Luxe. The struggle of a woman for her child and the lengths to which she will go for its protection are pictur- Ized with tremendous dramatic Intensity In tho William Pox photoplay, "Woman and tho Law," which will be Ihu attraction at the Do Luxe theatre' on Monday and Tuesday. Written and staged by It. A. Walsh, the brilliant young director of the Vox forces, It presents a plcttiro.'of timely and pertinent interest to everyone. -Uascd on the Internationally .sensational Do Saulles case, which so Shocked the United States and South America and which was discussed In every home in tho country, it'is said, the thrilling moment when the woman who has slain for the salee of her child faces tho jury which is lo de-, eide her late, depicts a situation to hold the most hardened play-goer spellbound. . • : Meeting a beautiful heiress. In South America, a young American college man marries her 1 and bring* her to New York. For u time all goes well with them. Tho bride Is happy in the home, which her husband hns made for her in the great city and she is slow to realize how he Is bored at her company and longs for hln old companions of tho gay .life of tho city. After a child Is born to them, he soon wearies and makes life hideous for her with his escapades with notorious women. She bears with him until he takes her child from her. Then the elemental passions leap to tho-surface, sho kills him, and is forced to jfaco the. law, It, is left to the Jury 16 decide her ' fate. The question placed squarely before them is the question that this play places squarely before every person who sees it thrown on the screen: Are I hero provocations which justify a woman to kill? And the jury decides In a scone that will live long in tho memory of everyone who sees it. "WHICH WOMAN." TDTC All seats r IKlO Always DC TODAY' NEAL' HART in •TheTrail of No Return" - An absorbingly Interesting Western Story. The famous L-KO Beauties In "The Belles of liberty" Comedy. MONDAY —Mario Wafcomp In "THE VION'S CLAWS." Nestor comedy and Current Event** TUESDAY—Ella Hall In "WHICH WOMAN"? It'e a "Bluebird"—S reeli. Tueiday only. _ WEDNESDAY—Charlie Chaplin In "THE RINK." Mli» Billy Rhodes In "Her Spooney Affair" and the Irli Screen Telegram. THURSDAY-!-*! a ry Charleston In "SATAN'S PRIVATE DOOR." Thl» picture failed to come laet Thursday but we have a positive promise that It will be sent next Thursday. Don't miss v FRIOAY—Pearl White In «THE HOUSE OF HATE." Harold Ll?yd comedy and Hear»tp»the News. v ' „ 8ATURDAY-rNe»l Hart In "ROPED ANO TIED." Also t-KO comedy, "A CLEAN SWEEP," Beatunlruj Tue»U*y pornlne the IRIS will 1>» open, ftt i»,», .<a .WW ryij uuty the Henrst-Pnthe Nows will be attractions oh Friday. Neal Hart in "Hoped and "Tied" wili come on Saturday. "A Clean Sw'ep" is the title of the comedy that will be shown, v ROyat Friday-Saturday. "Tnslde tho Lines," a war play, dealing with the German spy system throughout the world, which scored a sensational stags hit in New York City, haS lmen plcturlzed and will he shown on Friday and Saturday at tho Hoyal theatre. Lowls S..Stone, tho great actor who played tho original leading role when the play was presented on the stage, playa the same part on the screen. As many of tho original cast ns could b-.' secured were obtained by World t'lc- turefTTor this enormous production. "Inside the Unes" scored "such a crashing hit In New York that It ran for n full season. Afterwards It was presented In various cities throughout the country and easily won the approval and plaudits of those who wrre fortunate enough to see It, It Is the tale of a German secret agent who Is not a secret' agent, but an agent of the tlriUsh government. The Wllholmslrasso sends the spy, whose number is 1932, to blow up the fortress of Gibraltar and' the llrltlsh Grand Fleet while It Is assembled. In the course of his adventures through Germany ho meeta an American girl and a romance eulminntes. During this lime the girl thinks that he Is a Ciernian agent, but ho later discloses himself as none other than Cavendish, the best spy In the service of the British secret service, ' At the Pearl Today. Jeanelte Gontreau, a charming Utile stenographic miss, entered the headquarters of the Hod Cross and asked for the names of three Allied prisoners In Germany.-, Her peculiar request excited the curiosity of the secretary of the branch who naked for her reftson. Miss Gontreau replied that sho was nations to "do her bit," and. she thought a very good way to send messages of cheer to three of the Imprisoned boys. Her request was granted. How Jennette Is made Ui(j unwitting tool of her employer, a spy In the pay of the German btiroauracy; and how the plot is exposed, Involving .lenn- ello" in serious difficulties with the government forms a thrilling tale ot suspense and adventurq.ns told In Trl- angle's new photoplay, "The Flames, of Chance." This picture will be shown at the Pearl theater today. It-should' be noted that "The Flames of Chance" ia an adaptation of "The Three Godsons ot Jeanelte Gontreau,"" by Francis W. Sullivan, which appeared In tho Ladles' Home Journal.' Ella Hall in Bluebird Feature at the Iris Tuea lay. Dora Standlsh Is being forced to n.arry an aged millionaire. Mary liut ler, posing Hs Dora's maid is head at the gang of crooks who are plann'n; to steal the jewels at Dora's wedding. Miry promlseB to supp'v a chauffeur to drlvo the car in which they are to escape. Jimmy Newton-''agrees to diivo the car, though It is his firs', association with crime, for he wishes (o rnenge himself .upon the brldeg"oom, Ilnyltlns, who mined his father. The n'ght of the wedding Dov realized she can't go through with It and runs away, Jimmy seeing her with' 'he sult- cato believes It Is Mary and hurries her into the car. Jimmy dlseeveis his mistake and takes Uoru lo jhe gang's,dive, where he It- confronted by Mp.ry imd Morgan who bellevo him to It n quitter. •. Dora escapes. Cyrus Hoskins Is lold he must pay for Infbr- mellon concerning the. girl. At the d ve Dora surprisingly returns end pi.''Is the jewels out from under the bed'where sho had hidden them. A ffht ensues which Is Interrupted, by tho police whom Dora had informed beforo she returned. Tho 1 crooks nro airpsted while Dora and Jimmy realize that they are to \m mora than friends. De L.uxe-'-Wednesday and Thursday. Distinctive scenery serves as the background for exterior scenes in "Heading South," Douglas Fairbanks' latnBt Artcraft picture which will bo slfown at the DeLuxe theater on Wednesday and Thursday. Some of the scenes were staged in the forest of giant cactus, twenty miles from Tucson, AH?,., where tho cactus ranges from ten to fifty feet In height and have been described as "sentinels pf the desert/.',.....^ u;... Despite the fact* that the cactus is covered with piercing 'thorns,' Fairbanks lassood a projecting branch and elimhed up the side of one of the trees, jumping to the ground as he neared the top. Practically all the natives of Tucson turned out to witness the taking of the Fairbanks scenes. It required twelve men lo uproot one of these cactus trees, which was crated and shipped to Los Angeles to bo transplanted on |the large Fair-, hanks estate, where there Is a collection of trees of all .species. "Hcadln' South" Is a sensational story of Mexican raiders. Wiui the liu«s tui.t bileen Percy Is to be seen In the future as lending woman with Uert Lytell In "Making Oood" cames a press notice which tells us. what Eileen thinks of jaw, music. Miss Percy you will remember wnS lending woman for Douglas Fairbanks In several ot his pictures. In fact sho played In what we consider one of Doug's best pictures, "Down To Earth." ' , Notwithstanding the fnct- tlint Miss Percy was a Zlegfeld "Follies" girl before she entered pictures she absolutely taboos raglime and syncopated music. "And jazz," says Miss I'erey with a decided tone of scorn, "rhould not even bo spoken in the same breath with music." Think of It, this from a girl who danced on the boards to foxtrot and one-step melodies until ' the pictures claimed her. •Miss Percy Is devoted to classical muBic and claims that it "inspires her. Whenever Miss Percy is missed from a,"set' 'on the studio stage she enn invariably be found close to the phonograph'or tho baby grand piano, listening. or playing, iteeently the Lytell company "shot" some wedding scenes In Christ Bpiscop:il church In Los Angeles and every once in a while the little leading woman would slip away to a quiet nook In the organ loft to indulge in real music. It Is a safe guest, however, that Robert Lytell would rather dance Willi this little Belfast girl who is ?o nimble of toe than listen to organ music with her, who wouldn't. Hale Hamilton Is the proud possessor or a scarf pin presented him by King George beforo whom he appeared In "Uet-Rlch-Qtiick Walling - ford" at Windsor Castle. Hale also appeared before tho kai­ ser once. ' "I'd like lo again," says Hale, "with a bayonet In one hand >'ind a bomb in the other." When someone asked ITnrloo Caruso the other day why he did not announce his engagement before he surprised the world with his marriage, he Innocently replied: "Hut 1 didn't know It myself until it happened." '''"_-• Eileen Percy. Charles Kay, Paramount star, received a letter from V. A. Vandorlip, chairman of Iho National War Saving Committee, thanking him for his novel plan lo help boost the sale of War Savings Stamps. Charlie recently conceived the Idea that for every Thrif'. Stamp that was sent lo him by a film fan he would send an autographed photo with the Thrift Stamp they sent to Iilm pasted on it. Since he started this scheme lie has received hundreds of letters from film fans enclosing a Thrift iHlutnp for a photo. There Is no expense attached to tho fan, as he gets his stamp back, but It serves to'increase the -sale of them. Mr. Vnnderllp enclosed four Thrift Stamps in his letter to Churllo for one of his autographed photos. , De Luxe—Today Miss Bennett's role in "The Biggest Show on Earth - ' is that of a young girl who tames lions and who performs- - dally In a cage filled with Hons in her father's circus. Sho Is sent to school to be educated and meets a young man belonging to an aristocratic family and whom sho learns to love. She one day saves the circus from wreck at the hands of rioters when sho takes the place of a woman lion trainer who is filled with superstitious terror and does tho act at the risk of her life. She is recognized by the mother of her sweetheart who scorns her until this woman's husband admits he himself Is part owner of the circus and Insists that his aristocratic wife's scorn of circus folk Is unjustified. Through his support the circus girl and her fiance ultimately find happiness. v Program at the Iris. "The Trail of No Return" is the title of today's attraction at the Iris. Neal Hart" and Eileen Sedgwick are feature^- This is a five reel story boiled "down, to .two reels of fast, dramatic action. The famous L-Ko beau. HCB will also be seen In a jingling comedy entitled 'The,-Belles of Liberty." .' Monday-will bring" Mario Wulcamp in the J5th episode of "The Lion's Claws," a Nestor comedy and Current Events. "Which Woman" will bo the Blue bird Feature attraction on Tuesday JSIla Hall Is starred and PrJsciJJa Dean plays a very Important role. Adapted from the story, "Nobody's Bride," which appeared in "All Story Magazine." Five reels. Tuesday only. Charlie Chaplain In "The Itrlnk" will be Wednesday's offering. Added attractions will be another comedy, entitled "iHer Spooney Affair," featuring the popular Miss' Billy Rhodes, and also the *Irla screen Telegram which shows official war news. . "Satan's Private Door" has been promised us for Thursday.' This big feature failed >o arrlvo laBt Thursday and so many 0 f 0 ur patrons were dls appointed that we at once called up the Kansas city exchange arid go( a positive promise that the Picture would surely bo sent us for Thursday, One day only. Don't miss It. Heart Whtte to ."Tlie House Q( I Hat*," <*• WfeJf 4 - Hwi* <#m&- mi will not. drlvo the Germans to rebel against their'military leaders, neither are tho Germans on tin? verge of starvation, according to a statement of Ira Nelson Morris, American minister to Sweden, which was received at the food administration today. The. minister Is in Washington in conference. He expressed surprise when lie learned that the opinion hail gained ground in America that. Germany might give up because of hunger, which would drivo desperate people to revolt. "There can be no question that there Is a shortage of most of the essentials of life-in Germany," said Mr. Morris, "but to state that this borders on the verge of starvation, is erroneous..Tho |«lvlllnn»'p6pnhttlon has bebo' - -'reduced- to the minimum 'ration but still receives sufficient for existence. Conditions are better in the"rural districts even in the northern part of, Germany where tho scarcity is most felt. In tho southern part conditions Improve still more,-and resorts'.. and hotels there still serve meals, at Inoderato prices. "It IB - a mistake to believo that lack of fpod has provoked a strong current toward revolution or any general lessening of -loyally of the people. They still posses faith in the Invincibility of the military power, being purposely kept in ignorance of the real condition on the western front, not only as regards German reverses but also Iho full significance of America's entry into the war. 'The United Stales should realize its entire 1 energy must be put Into tho struggle and must not be relaxed for a single instant." Conn., has been offered by his daughter, Madame Clara Clemens tluhrllo- wllsch, for the use of artist-soldiers as a convalescent home, and President Wilson given his approval of the pliin. One of the principal aims of the League is to help artists to regain positions lost, through vicissitudes of tho war. and for that, purpose an office will be, established In New York City. flu* initial membership committee is composed of such artists as Rudyard Kipling, representing literature lOn'rlco Caruso, roprestning music; Daniel C. French, representing sculpture; and John Drew, representing tlio drama. | -Membership In the 'AVtlsta.' War Service - League will be ojipn not onlv to professional people but to all lovers of the arts. There wilt also he founders and charter members. The Paramount picture, "Mile-a- Minute-Kendall," starring Jack PicK- ford and Louise Huff, will bo tho Tea. turn at the De Luxe theater next Friday. The great success recently scored by Jack Pickford In "Tom Sawyer" and "Huck and Tom," two Paramount rtleases soen hero some weoks ago, seems certsllu to be duplicated by this new vehicle which Is said to tye n picture of unusual strength and beauty, i'oung Pickford portrays the role of the idle son, of a rich man, reckleqp and dtSBipated, who, after being repudiated by his father, Invents a motor engine, sells it with profit and Incidentally finds happiness In the lovo of a pure minded girl who befriended him In the days of adversity. As the girl, the niece of an Innkeeper, Louise Huff has a congenial, role of which she makes the most. The supporting cast 1 B exceptionally adequate. RIVERSIDE HARK Has Return Engagement of Milton Schuster for Fair Week. Out of town visitors who have not seen Hilton Schuster and his musical pomedy company will be pleased to learn that this show has been secured for a return engagement ot Riverside Park for next week, the week of the Kansas State Fair. The park show Is always one of the big attractions to people coming to Hutchinson and Milton Schuster and his flock of comedians and girls present a musical show that Is always enjoyable. QERMANY NOT STARVING. » And Starvation I* to Have Nothing to Po Toward. End ef the War, Wichita, Ka*- «*y> J*,—Hunger KEEPS MARRIAGE TO OFFICER A SECRET MEN WANTED. For work In ' beet sugar factories and beet harvest .fields. Previous experience not required. Good wages. Congenial employment. Work will open September 15th to October 1st and will last about three months. One-way transportation will bo refunded if employe romuins the lull campaign. 'Stick to your job if now engaged In essential work. For further information, address The U. S. Employment Service, Sugar Industry Division, 200 Barclay Block, Denver, Colorado. M-U "The Greatest Detective in the World," evening subject at First Christian church Sunday. Hear it. H-lt Three good points for a winter coat are a high soft collar; deep, set- in sleeves, and, most Important, long, Unbelted lines. Modern Bread —Is a— True Wheat Saver For our Boys Over There Think It Over! Amusements Fair Week Yon have a slight veneer of rlvlllzntlon gleaned through the aires of man BUT it the man you married and to uiioni you were all that loving, faithful wife could be, and he in turn subjected you lo every huntiii.itlon. every Insult his mlriii could conceive, and then when the courts had given you back your name, your freedom and tho right to look the whole world In the face HE TRIED TO STEAL VOUR BABY would (lie veneer of civilization stand the strain? oman and the Based on the famous De Saulles caHe, tells In vivid, burning dramatic moments the wonderful, gripping heart pulling story of tile most Interesting domestic tragedy this great metropolis has ever known. ARE WIVES HUMAN? ARE W&/ES EQUAL? Am -women but the scum to be scraped off on the edge of man's unfaithfulness? FIND YOUR ANSWER COMMENCING De Luxe Theatre MONDAY AND TUESDAY-Fair Week Dc Luxe Pride Program for Our City Visitors— DE LUXE—WEDNESDAY-AND THURSDAY Douglas Fairbanks IN "Headin' South" FRIDAY AND SATURDAY—DE LUXE . Jack Pickford IN "MILE-A-M1NUTE KENDALL" Be sure and visit the Dc Luxe Fair Week. A special two-reel comedy in - addition to each feature. We pride ourselves on our FAIR WEEK Programs. AOA/NST(WS. REMT YOUR HOUSE. FLAT OR STORE THROUGH A WANT AO 1M THE NEWS Mr», Stanley B. WslcpU Mrs. Stanley II. Wolcott, formerly Miss Margaret Van N. DenyB, recently surprised her friends with the announcement of her marriage ta lieutenant Wolcott, ordnance corps, Juno 7. Mrs. Wolcott Is now In Washington, where she Is actively engaged in war work. For Benefit of ArtUU. Now York,—An organization called tbo Artiste War Service-League 18 toeing founded here for the benefit U trflgts ot all professions, who have been wounded or incapacitated during Uxe Wftjf. Mark Twain's bone is Ke4dipg, ROYAL Theatre MONDAY ONLY Jack Gardner, in The Range Boss Friday and Saturday 'INSIDE THE LINES" With Marguarlte Clayton Directed by David M. IJartlord. Produced by Pyromid Pilm Corporation, Spies—love—intrigue—adventure- German plots—all are in u part of "inside the tines." In it you will see how German spies are outwitted and how the great British fleet was saved. -COMEDY OR PATHS NEWS EVERY PAY-

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