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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 1

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Friday, August 24, 1962
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MicROMui stftttet § iAits eot P*0. SOX I0SI 49U COL£ **£, fllAI COUP* Lake Charles American Press FINAL EDITION LAKE CHARLES, LA., FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1962 20 PAGES NUMBER 25,070 TEMPERS APPEAR COOLER BERLIN Soviets Offer Token Protest To Gl Escort RUSSIAN DETAINED — American military police cars and a British jeep block street at Checkpoint Charlie Thursday as a Soviet armored vehicle, one of three, stops en route back to East Berlin from the Soviet War Memorial in West Berlin. The Rus- sians were held up nearly four hours at the checkpoint before reluctantly accepting an escort on their way to the memorial. They threatened retaliation against American cars traveling in Communist-controlled territory. (AP Wirepholo). DESPITE TENSION New Reserve Call 'Remote' WASHINGTON (API—Current States. One is stationed in Ha- prospects are remote that another waii, with one battle group de- call-up of National Guardsmen ployed in Thailand. Five divisions I and reservists might result from! are in Europe and one in Korea, a new Berlin crisis, short of a | If a worsening of the situation Eastern Says Local Flights To Be Resumed After a two-month shuld o w n Eastern Air Lines will resume air service to Lake Charles beginning September 13, it \v a s announced today by Edward Lynch, local EAL station manager. Eastern suspended service to Lake Charles when the Flight Engineers International Association, •VFL-C10 struck on June 23. The last flight left Lake Charles Mu- . icinal airport at 3:20 p.m.. that requirements in Europe ov else- the first of such reinforcements ,, > where than it was a year ago. i could be landed there within 24 serious, shooting outbreak. : arising out of the new Communist Army sources, asked about this \ pressures on Berlin should bring today, said the Regular Army is j a decision to bulwark ground in far belter shape to cope with force strength in West Germany, More Tremors Are Expected In Quake Area 'WEATHER FORECAST Partly cloudy and warm today and Saturday with scattered, mostly daytime thundershowers. Winds mostly southeast 5-15 m.p.h., gusty near thundershowers. Low tonight 74, high Friday 92. ON NEW CRISIS BERLIN (AP) — Tension gripped Berlin again today but tempers tapered off. Three Soviet armored cars drove into the Western sector after putting up only token resistance to an American escort and a U.S. military convoy m o v e d I smoothly along the auto-! bahn without interference from the Communists. The Soviet guards going to the '• \ vSoviet war memorial were waved! , through Checkpoint Charlie after Reut , hcr says American school I i.. _ _•.„:_..._ • j.i_.. teachers should hpromp union Reuther Urges U.S. Teachers To Join Union DETROIT <..\P1 — Walter P. West Seeks Berlin Talks NAPLES, Italy (API — Geol-j ogists said today more slight tremors can be expected in the , only a six-minute ' delay—compared to nearly four hours Thursday. The Soviets, who had previously brandished tommy guns, wake of the earthquake that showed no arms. teachers should become union members to secure fair play for By LEWIS G CLICK WASHINGTON (AP) -Holding the Soviets responsible for tensions arising from the Berlin wall, the Western Big Three powers called on the Soviet Union today to join in a meeting to prevent further deterioration of the situation in Berlin. The call for consultation among the big-power representatives — preferably to be held in Berlin- was issued by the United States, Britain and France in similarly worded notes handed to the So- themselves and help the nation. viets jn Moscow< The United Auto Workers president exhorted an American Fed- struck with devastating force j y/est Berliners were hot with :. erat ' on of ^ Teachers (AFL-CIO) Tuesday and sent rumbles later angcr aDOU t the slaying Thursday convention Thursday night to the Adriatic. The diplomatic move was a follow-up to Thursday's stiffly worded public declaration by the three powers holding the Soviet Union over a wide area from Naples to night of a young refugce at the! bring " a million" teachers Mo still nsib , dcr lh t lltA A I.-. .. * *"* ^ ' Mi« ttittrin r * iwall by Communist East German ; the union - Lvnch said service will resume with essentially the same flight schedule as before the strike. He said the strike left nine local em- ployes including himself, a chief agent and seven agents out of work. „ An estimated $12,000 in payroll was lost locally during the strike, he said. He estimated that the parish has lost approximately $2,(100 in landing fees when the airline suspended its 10 Lake Charles flights. The Regular Army has five more combat-ready divisions than when the tension over Berlin last year resulted in the government's decision to summon reserve forces for active duty in this country. About 119,000 Army reservists and National Guardsmen were hours of a buildup decision. As of now, military leaders see nothing that requires any deployment of forces. But plans, detailed down to the smallest item, are ready for an emergency in Europe or elsewhere. The death toll rose to 17. The jguards Bllt Mayor wi n y Brandt | A "strong teachers union," he „..„ p b _ .,_ latest victim was an 87-year-old j appcaled lo his people to rema injsaid, is the only answer to teach-j yield on its Berlin rights. German occupation agreements and proclaiming the West will not lin was about to change its mind this time. The Western note, as did the public declaration Thursday, contended the responsibilities of the four-power occupation command to govern Berlin still exist despite the Soviet claim that the military governing group has gone out of business. However, the Western call did not specify that the Berlin meeting be held by military commandants. It left open the question who would talk for the four nations. Amid the wave of incidents and diplomatic activity, U.S. diplomats held out hope that the Berlin crisis will be kept under control by a combination of Western diplomatic firmness and moderation on tha scene in Berlin. Naples woman. She died of m-| ca ] 1T1 er problems of pay and working' The central theme was that the Soviets cannot one-sidedly change juries suffered in a fall down; "The welfare of the city is more; conditions. __ _ _ v _.. 0 , stairs as she sought lo llee dur-, i m p 0 ,. lan t u ian our hatred of the, Reulher charged the American the fundamenlal set-up or turn ins Tuesday's auake. . wall Tne wal[ must g0j but until jt , peop i e have [ ai i ed to do rig | lt by j their respons jbH{ t j es over to East , . , lens of thousands of Italians ;£ , oes _ the ci(v mllst live> -. Brandt! their teachers and said the nation ! Germany which the West does not still lived outdoors-many ho. e-lg aid • j musl correct this in order to meet | recognize less, others in fear of new shocks, j T , ,, , . Sl , B , . d ! Soviet Russia > s challenge. ] Th P ar-tinn cam* at the end of a . . i The United States, Britain and Jacqueline Kennedy, vacationing |France handed idenlica i notes lo! of teacher challenge. The action came at the end of a pay, Rcut'ner said week of mounting tension over the __ j, | f. , T J-l I »v*»««,v^ • >v*»v*%~«-* *u\,»ik*v-u* nut.^.*' v— v^L IVIA>- 1IV.I 1 J ^J » i*^VH,l 1^,1 OU1M »»^.\_r\ \JL 1 1 1U k411l(llg IDJOlVll V T V. I. k**Vr at Kavelo on uie irmge 01 tnc !lhe Kremlin calling for a four-! "American society has no moral! divided city, marked by Berlin quake bell, sent sympathy to the; power meeting wRh , a yiew lo victims. called up and now have been re- The Defense Department released. i cently completed the "pre-stock- Organizational strength of the ! ing" of arms, equipment and sup- Regular Army is 16 divisions. This j plies in West Germany sufficient includes two new divisions and! to outfit and maintain two divi- three former training divisions! sions, one armored and one in- Operators of businesses in the which have boon converted to j fantry. The stockpile includes terminal reported trade to be combat outfits since last year, j tanks, personnel carriers, arlil- down 25-30 per cent, he said. ; Eight of the Ifi divisions are lory, mortars, rifles, machine Jet operations in larger cities ready in the continental United guns and ammunition, were resumed yesterday, and service U all other EAL terminals will begin September 13. The station manager said that during the shutdown, a new electronic reservation system has been ins tailed. The new Lake Charles reservation system will 'be open for business September 1. The new equipment will permit 24-hour service and immediate confirmations on almost all flights, Lynch said. He said the air freight office will open when the flights are resumed. Spy Again Denied Asylum in Britain , ; preventing further deterioration of "I pray that al who have suf- the siluation in Berlin ., and dting fered may speedily be helped m| thc .. bruta , mi m the Ber]in then- great need," he American j,,., of f fee right to expect teachers to sub-1 wall incidents and the Commu- sidize the national and state school I nists' replacement of the Soviet budgets" by going without proper '. commandant in Berlin by an East President's wife said in a mcs salaries. He said education must not be German chief. Today's note repeated a call for Shortly after the notes were de-1 kept a stepchild, and said the or- a Big Four meeting on Berlin that j ,, ,._ ,. j unuiiif an <.-1 mt uuii;a \v<_ic uw | nujji. ci SI.U|JULIJ in, tiuu saiu me ui - d oif; rum iiiceiuig uu DCI mi mai. sage rean on uaiidn raaio ann ii veredi th e soviet Union protested! ganizing of teachers should be giv- has been issued by the West on State Drought Damage Is Put At $57 Million BATON ROUGE (AP) - A stir- television. As some victims were to the United Stales against the, en top prioritv ^•»»'»«- e i-«wL-s.,,.,..iB lslon . Qf Sovict soM . crs jn the i movement. " l. h , u . rsd ^.,"!!,. e "S • West Berlin. A Soviet note handed Th(l 70 onn . . . , . si -i • , • i »• tat i>ci mi. j\ ouvici iiuit: Jiuuutu shivered again. Geo ogisls said, lfl U]e us t . h d . affaircs he tremors were part of a cycle ; , u t . f lnere \ ere repcli . that started luesday. but the ; :CS sarv measures will be strength of the shocks is gradual-,^ IQ .^ gafcly Q[ Sovict ly tapering on. representatives and soldiers." The vey showed today 52 Louis,;na parishes report damages in excess of $57 million from the drought. by the labor' several occasions starling with a | The office of Agricultural Com; note June 25. j missioner Dave L. Pearce said The 70,000-membcr AFT sched- j Moscow has rejected the West-; j nformation . from P a "sh agricul. uled concluding sessions of its con- ! ern bid on previous occasions, and i' . 0 'J lc >als reflected the se- 0 • ' . . _ ; imr»ifir r\f *!,-. J 1-t vention todav. i ._ Heavy rains during the past few days added to the misery. Disrupted water and sewage systems measures were not spelled out. The Soviets have repeatedly rejected proposals for talks since also brought the threat of disease, f* lcu J««^.«"» '«« " - -"„ fa . , ., ,. ... ,„„,., the new crisis arose after West especially typhoid. Health experts I „,. _, u .. ,,.. _,.__,. rushed to the area set up special inoculation centers. I Berliners, enraged by the shoot- i ing of a young refugee at the New Cities Service Executives Named Two Possible Storms Hatch In Caribbean MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Two easterly waves — the eggs that sometimes hatch into hurricanes — developed in Ihe Caribbean follow- LONDON (AP) - The British, the Soviet Union. He jumped bail: . Aria !? 0 ,!. r PJ 10> , a , hi ! ll , op ^"bu't b^es''carryiiig^sentdes 0 ^^ h e refused again today | of $100 ,ooo and fled in late June to! "^ nf r nP V ,.' ]?* r 3 P L inKed war memorial. They shifted eculives were fugitive spy Robert A.; Tp , Aviu , 1Rin(J , lk rfpflf , hpn , hw . 8 J f^™ 1 ™ ,°X ha ; dcsl nits towns. i to ™ moi ' c <l «-ars aftecr repeated; for the combined operations Soblen so that he can seek asylum from a life sentence in the United States. Justice John Stephenson turned down Soblen's application for a writ of habeas corpus. The judge Canadian passport. The Israeli government expelled him. While flying aboard a New York-bound El Al airliner July 1, I Soblen cut his abdomen and a More than 20,000 people are living in the countryside. Many say they will not return to the town until they are sure the tremors are over. Italian army and Red Cross "'"• •"»<""•••«' -"'f ..... *" w r i wrist as (ho aii-praft innroarliprl Ha nan army and neci cross rejected the arguments of the|J'«J *• .!"Lf 1IuaU appl 0ddlCCi I trucks continued today to carry fugitive's attorneys challenging "London an poi 1 Home Secretary Henry Bmoke's That involved the British. He order lo deport Soblen to the, \\> a s removed from the plane and tents, blankets, and food to the Appointment of two more ex- announced today of of the buses. j Cities Service Petroleum c o m- The"Soviels insisted then—and | pany at Lake Charles, still do—that they want no escorts I Robert W. Woollen was named despite these attacks, which the! manager of business services. Western commandants said were i Previously he served as comp- fanned partially by Red agents, i troller in Petroleum Chemicals, Berlin traffic rules call for an es- Inc., accounting department. cort for any armored car. ' Joseph S. Brendler was named movmc111 ing Ihe __.. The Weather Bureau said the Bermuda ridge finally began slipping out of the southern reaches of the Caribbean sea, leaving the low pressure zones ready to spawn hurricanes. The easterly waves — kinks in the atmosphere — were reported today over Jamaica and east of the Windward Island. The Jamaica wave was moving westerly at 10 to 15 knots; the Windward wave still was being studied. United States. The court's mean, however, thalSoulon's ' given emergency medical treat- ruling does notiment, then transferred lo Ihe hos- enough tents to go around, and many villagersTuddled in blank- ________ _ ward of Brixlon Prison. ; c t s or under umbrellas from sun- parture is imminent. His altor- ni s attorneys said Soblen is dan-! set to dawn, ncys are certain to take the case i gei . ol , s ] y jn anf j W ould not live j — lo the Court of Appeals. If thcy|i ong if con [j ne d in a U.S. federal; lose there, as they have once be-;j,,.j son loie, ,y, ni ' J - v 'V' e . ! ,?, . Attv. C-eiv, Sir John Hobson said House of Lords, Britain s highest tribunal. BY OWNER 3 Bedroom Brick, l'/i bath Homt In University Place. Paneled Den, Air Conditioners. Must sell or leas* Immediately. Leaving town. GR 7-3424 FREE 10 LB. BAG CHARCOAL BRIQUETS Oil SIX PACK OF PEPSI COLA With purchase of 8 gallons or more of CONOCO GASOLINE SATURDAY, THE 25T11 HAZARDS CONOCO Corner Rvan & Prlen Lake Road a medical specialist found during I a recent examination that the Soblen will remain In the hos-; [ugilive is in no j mmed j a t e dan- pital of London's Brixton Prison. g cr O f deat ]i and that his condi- The judge said Ihe home secre- tion had not deteriorated, tary, nol the deportee, had the au- j thority to choose the ship or plane i on which the deportee had loj leave Britain. In this case, Brooke! has specified thai Soblen be placed i aboard a New York-bound plane, i Soblen was convicted in federal • court in New York of spying for j CHARLES' BEAUTY SALON NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS 724 Alamo HE 6-4171 CLOSE OUT OF BOYS' CLOTHING Shirts, si/es 3 to 18, values to $2.98 . . . »9c Boys' Jeans and Dress Pants .......... 99u Women's Uniforms, clacron & blends. Values to $17.98 $4.99 and $7.99 The Uniform Shop 4213 Common (Behind Uie our convenient lay away plan lor Back to School purchase*. We wish to Hiank ail of Ihe many friends and relatives for their kindness and sympathy during the Illnesi and death of Dlsca Savant, husband, father and arandfathcr. The Savant Family Hind Quarter* Cut Free ....IB. 43c Vt Calf Cd\ Fret Ib. 37c 20 Ibs. Meat Deal $7.9$ Meat Deal consists of 5 Ibs. of Sirloin, S Ibs. of Chops. S Ibs. of Chuck Steaks/ end 5 Ibs. of Ground Meat. W« make substitutions We have veal hind Quarters and Baby Beef hind Quarters. M E L V I N ' S FISH & MEAT MARKET 2702 Klrkman HE $-3457 WELCH'S Greinwich Shoooina Clly Highway 14 Phon« HE 3-5548 FINAL CLEARANCE ONE LOT SUMMER DRESSES $5.00 and $10.00 Sluo N-Short Sleeveless Blouses S? 98 and V3.98 values tor )l.50 White Slaa summer close out Rca. J8.98 values 13.00 nrthauake v ctims Durii he During a' dispute al Checkpoint manager of technical services, ea.thquake victims. Uunng ^ | charlie Thursdav a Sovicl liculen . He will be transferred to Lake I,. ,„' „„ „ i «.,j ant talked of reprisals by forcing l Charles from Bartlesville, Okla. all American cars traveling into j He has served there as head of East Berlin or anywhere in Com- the refining division technical de- munist territory to accept escorts.! partrnenl of Cities Service Pctro- But more'than 100 U.S. Army'leum. vehicles loaded with troops moved. Woollen, 44, has been with PCI through East Germany to West: since 1957. Before then he was Berlin unescorted today. connected with W. R. Grace and Contingents of U.e bill Infanlry Co - '" New 0' - '^ ns ' BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — A ; Division's 2nd Battle Group—342 Colombian DC3 airliner with 31 men in 108 vehicles, persons aboard crashed and burned on .takeoff in North Colombia Thursday. Seven persons —a steward and six passengers- survived. All aboard were Colombians. Out" nf V/UI UI Saved in Crash Woollen is a native and gradu- ii los tl v I ate of schools in Meridcn, Conn., trucks-cleared wiihout" inlerfcr-1 and attended the Bentley College ference through the Soviet check-i of Accounting and Finance in Bos- point at Marienborn. on the border i lon - "e served as a second lieu* . _. ., ;l<si^imtititli.tA »<»-»^ u f «i/\m li\ AIRPLANE RIDES $2.00 Per Person This week end take Your family on a pleasure flight. See Lake Charles from the Air. McFJLLKN AIR PARK HWY. N S. GR 7-1595 LAST DAYS OF AUGUST SALE Special Group Dark Cottons . . . 79c yd. EARLY BIRD SPECIALS 200 yards of Remnants !-2 OF J /2 V O L P E ' S — 416 Broad JUST OPENED WHITE AUTO STORE In Sulohur — next to Gulf States Headquarters for home and auto Suuolies WIN PRIZES First $50, 2nd »25, 3rd 34 month bat- First $50, second «5 and third 36 month battery Reaister through Saturday, Sept. 1st. Nothing lo buy—No obligation! Refreshments, plus tree o'lts for the kiddles. Ask about our Free Lavawov or credit. between West anil Kast tier- many. The first group of 35 vehicles arrived in Berlin aflcr 3'4 hours, and a U.S. Army spokesman said no attempt was made to escort Ihem. BEAUTY SHOP SPACE OR SMALL BUSINESS WITH RESIDENCE IN THE REAR. EXCELLENT LOCATION PRICED TO RENT IMMEDIATELY HE 3-5753 or HE C-9357 - -— •— •••'• " .-.-— AIR CONDITIONER CLOSE OUT 72,500 8TU S $299 18.000 BTU'S $27V I year guarantee on carls and labor. S vear guarantee on compressor. MONTGOMERY WARD «< Rvan HE 3-0315 tenant in the Army from 1940 lo 1945. He and his wife and two children live at 2101 21st street. Brcndler, 46, is a graduate of Marquelte university in Milwaukee. He has served in various engineering capacities with Cities Service, in Ihe marketing division and at the East Chicago and Ponca City refineries. He and h i s wife and five children will make their home in Lake Charles. The organizational function of manager of technical services for the combined plant operations here will include process engineering, mechanical engineering and laboratories. Announcement of appointments was made by H. R. Smith, ''general manager, and M. F. Wirges. assistant general manager of combined operations. there was no indication the Krem- veritv , of the drought as it concerned agriculture. Corn, hay and other livestock feeds have been damaged severely, a release from Pearce's office said, as well as cane, and in some instances, rice and cotton. The statement said a lack of pastures was causing heavy marketing of livestock which in soma instances had been reflected by lower prices. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture OrvilJe Freeman was asked last week to grant drought relief to some 20 parishes but he had not replied to the request. The statement gave this procedure for obtaining drought relief: The action must be initintod and approved by the parish disaster committee and then ap- i proved by the state disaster aim- jmittee. The latter group is com- i posed of the chairman of tha state Agricultural Stabilization Committee, the director of tha Agricultural Extension Service and the administrator of ilia Farmers Home Administration. Then the governor must petition Ihe U.S. secretary of agricul- ilure. ! GOT. Jimmie H. Davis forward- jded the disaster aid request tci secretary Freeman last week. Pearce's office said it stood ready to assist individual parishes in any manner it could in securing needed help. KOIJKKT \V. WOOLLEN , . . heads business services JOSEPH S. WtENULEtt . .heads technical services FINAL CLOSE OUT 4 DC. Bedroom Suites $69.»5 2-pc. Living Room Suites H9.95 7-oc. Dinette Sets $59.95 2-door Cedar Robes $24.95 Portable TV, Perfect ..«?.»$ FACTORY OUTLET 1900 Klrkman GUS COMEAUX'S BARBER SHOP Announces the association of a new Barber JOE MONTIE Now there are 3 Barbers to serve you: Gus Comeaux, Joe Montie and Ferrel Naauin. 2717 STREET A real hot plant sale! 2 for the price of 1 Friday through Monday Only LARGE FALL TOMATOES Greengate Garden Center 4002 Ryan lOoen Sunday) RACCA PACKING PLANT New, modern packing and slaughtering plant, five miles West ol Sulohur. Turn at Sign N. 90 ',] mile. Phone 5-J7-7025 Entire Stock Reduced I Save hundreds of S at Louisiana's Largest MOBILE HOME DEALER Alto's U-Yeor Anniversary Sale Open Every Night 'Til 10 During Sal* ALTO TRAILER SALES Hwy. 90 East, near Holiday Inn QUARTERBACK CLUB ANNUAL BENEFIT BARBECUE Served ol LoGronac Stnlor High Auditorium Between l| a.m. to $ 0-111. SATURDAY, AUG. I$TH You art cordially Invited to com* out ond eot with us and tnuta lh* ne* »*ixm»ion ol th« ,|>hv»leaT « J tlon facilities. Or call . lor dtllytry; OR 7-4571 - GR 7- CR 753W. Adults .... $125 — £t\Udr*n .... J$c

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