The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 10
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TfcM THB DAH.Y HBW8, FBEDEMOK, MB 10SENTTO OF The Great Annual Sword-Swallowing Act! Ernest Dixon, Old Offender Gets Three Months In Cut, $100 Fine Or Jail Term. NORTH CAROLINA NEGRO ALSO DRAWS FREE TRIP I One Defendant Charged With Breaking Victrola Records To Prevent Dance. holiday Frederick's record-breaking ·oil of f-rses. injptced 3J magistrate's courts since Christmas, took another · bound up»s--ti Monday night in Po-1 lire Court :o pas* the S1.2M mark. Fcur defendants round themse!\es is- £«sed s. rjrr. total of $250 and costs and two had House of Correction sentences tossed in for good measure. Councils in Middlelown, the total j fines would be veil on the way. to the SI .500 mark. A drunken driver, ar- raljrr.Ki be ."tore Justice J. Ho'din Kefau- j %er in the Valley town Monday, was , fined SI 00 and costs. $10 for reckless . drmng and S10 for permitting an un- j licensed operator to drive his machine, j In default, he left for a 90-day ja-1 sentence. When court closed Monday night $25 , of the assessed S250 had been paid. , The only defendant apparently able to escape a ;ail term was George A. Rush.; Hagesstown, chafed by State Of- \ f.cK C. R. Xeeid with exceeding forty miles an hour. The officer testified Rush was making between 45 and 58 j miles an hour near No* Market. Rush ' paid the fine without comment. { Upon Ernest Dtxon. colored, fell the j brunt of the fines and prison terms, j Officer George Layman testified briefly i that Dixon refused to obey his orders ; to get off the streets early Christmas ( mom'.ng. He said Di-\on cursed loudly and went for his pocket when he put j him in a machine. Layman then used his blackjack. Remembering a former occasion when Dixon had receded a suspended sentence of three months to the House of Correction. Justice Alton V. Bennett immediately invoked this penalty and added a fine of $100 ar.d costs "r 90 j days ta jail, to be served when the prison term was concluded. \ He Got Six Months. j Edward Sims. Durham. N. C.. negro. ' DESPERATE RELIEF PROBLEM IS MANY IL S. Chicago Can Carry On Only Until February 15, Senate T-| . I OIO. PYTHIAMS MEET Bank O* P»fe C*nfem« C»M EarfcffrMtT BM ChrictM* Farty. Onnoad. Fa.* Dec. 28.--There activity about the About 100 «ae»be» attended the reg- u3ar weekly jneetiog of Mountain City Lodge NO. 29. Kni*hs» of Pythas. Mooday nigbt to Pythian Castle. rank of page was conlerred on 14 can- torn Welcome lodge. RaadaJJs- nearly 200 guests began arriving to help John D. Rockefeller. Sr_ celebrate his annual Christmas party. The Christmas tree with its resplendent lights, the evergreens amid The ' other appropriate decorations, the hum of conversation and the laughter of children all added to tbe beauty of the winter estate of tbe 93 year anthropist. IE the center of this setting "neighbor John" himself, chatting first one group, then another, and · ing his guests the season's . This evening the Mountain City Degree team, under Cajt. J. Clark Devil' biss. *ill motor to Smithsburg, to South Central Park in the heart of York City contains nearly 1000 acres land. It was set aside in 1858. 800,000 UNEMPLOYED IN NEW YORK, REPORT Hoover Welcomes Democratic Plans To Slash Budget Be- Mn»i«e Mouse. Joseph D. Bonn. Grand Vice Chancel- ; . lor C- Thomas Summers and Supreme i j Representative Reno S. Harp. Five new ' \ candidates were elected to membership. ; ' I- was announced that a public instal- ; latam will be he5d Monday, January II. in the lodge rooms when wives and friends of the members are :nrued to . attend. '· The following were reported on see ! ssck list: N. Z. Cramer. William M Harbaugh. Harry Young. Albert Morgan. E. T. Grove. Gary OMerback. John R. Horn. Charles W. Speaks. W. S Ray, W. F. Schmidt. George W . Abrechu G. Roy Martin, J. W. Falk. ·Russell Stnne. Carl U*an, Albert L. : I Pearre. William H. K'w. A. G. Vins. . Washington. Dec. 28.-A desperate i Jacob A. Layman. Mlliard C. Hoyt, relK-f problem, which can be met only I Robert Witter. Ernest Carter. D. Gray- i by Federal appropriations was pictured ' son Burner. j ' t o a Senate committee today b y lelfare | · -- -- ; ! leaders Irom the nation's three largest ' cities. j The politically potent issue of direct ' Federal appropriation for the assist- : :.:ice to to*- jobless was placed square- . 1 iy oefore Congress by their testimony, j · It included an estimate that from' S600.000.000 to $700.000.000 wOl be | i needed in the next year. j This estimate came from Samuel A. j ADNIIITEDBY Scene Of Brooklyn Subway Tragedy j Goldsmith, executive director of the j I I Jewish Chanties of Chicago, who em-i .. , , .._,, aj_;* e ' the: Chicagoan Held Here Admits . 1 Hagerstown Thefts. = ROBBED DENTAL - OFFICES! i pnas:zea the problem by committee that city would run out of ! relief funds by February 15. 1 The welfare workers testified before a Senate manufacturers' sub-committee which opened hearings today on bills introduced by Sen. LaFollette. Re; publican. Wisconsin and Costigan, | Democrat. Colorado, to appropriate I 5250,000,000 and $375,000.000 respec- Robberies committed since Christmas i lively. 1 0ay by George Robert Clark. 48-year| Wiiliam Hodson. executive secretary old Chicago dope addict, mounted to ' of the Welfare Council of New York, I four Monday, police said as the man. testified that 800.000 are unemployed j now in the Frederick jail confessed i 3; York city and said that "the ! to breaking and entering the offices of a Hagerstown dentist and physician Buy Just One New Thing for Your Home with Your Gift Moneyl We only suggest that you add one new thing to your home. Spend as little as yon like, so long as that thing is beantiful. We can suggest End Tables, Bookcases," Secretaries, Mirrors, a comfortable Chair, Lamps, Pictures . . . the list is endless, the choice wide, and prices very modest. Choose that one new thing for your home here now. TO THINK OF FURNITURE IS TO THINK OF C.C.CARTlf ESTABLTSHED 1868 U to n PATRICK EAST FREDERICK. BID. . in New ' specter of starvation faces millions of ' people." | J. Prentice Murphy, executive direc- ' tor of the Children's Bureau of Phila, delphia. testified that 970.000 were un- j employed in Pennsylvania and asserted I that people in some states would get ' no relief unless it comes from the Fed! cral government. last Saturday. Previously, he had told Chief of Police William F. Sterner and Capt. J. J. Cassidy. the latter of the Hagerstown police, that he robbed two local dental offices on Christmas Day. In his latest admission. Clark told Chief Steiser and Capt. Cassidy that he broke into the offices of Dr. W. Howard Yeager, physician, hi the Young building, and Dr. C. E. Basehoar, dentist, in the Public Square of Hagerstown. He is believed to have used the same methods by which he I HENDRICKSON'S jj| ANNOUNCE A SHOWING OF "BRADLEY" Tackle Economy Issue Washington, Dec. 28.--Democratic congressional leaders tackled anew today the problem of slashing the federal , budget by 5300,000,000 with word from i gained entrance to the offices of Drs. j -i President Hoover that he would welcome i Noah E. Kefauver and Ralph D. i -- j reductions. Campbell, in the Rosenour bunding, | ~ | But just where the slash Is to be this city, on Christmas Day. Using a j = 1 made in the President's recommenda- a afternoon, when be , asked scmpone for a match "to burn | up an automobile" and later ran in · sr.d out of yards in that part a' the rty. T*as adjudged guilty of vagrancy ant! ssr.tcncec: to three months in the . House of Correction. He was also fined S100 costs for drjcke-.n»-s and ciicrdcrly conduct, tlw scntcno- . to mn concurrently v.ith the House of Ccrrcrt;;n term Ke aas arrested by Special Officer Chis Burras Ben Rer.ner. city. v. no en:errd b^ citrang^d wife's home and rcfusrd to lea - . P. as well as making noac c~cuO. "j be heard sr-rne distance away , br Of. ccr E^c?r Cnim Sunday aftc-- r.r,r.n. -io-v fined $25 and costs or -0 d."" v i ^i iai!. Hrnnrr blamed hi« ar- IT; cr malice He appeared in roiirt ^"itli h;- ne.:d s«.vhed :r. bandaco. dae t? an i-jti-y :r.r.;c'cc when he Dovh rxie ^rou- th., Bro^'.vn. N. Y . ,ub»-av vv Ion Crowds or .hoppers, TK tram tohrd Pas t ar.«S =00- pound wooden tic, M from a Itot -r most of them womer, crowded this city, on ------ _ ------- w ___ _____ ,,,,,. small knife, he sprang the lock on the j -- tions for next year's expenditures re- door of the offices here by inserting it i -- - the plftt.orm »hr« humanity. ai:«r the M.irc than 30 o* j - A _ v » - . _ - . d, some probably fa tally. Here you sec officers beginning an investigation soon A1ITSELECI! OF COUH1Y ROADS Sweet Secrets State Commission Tn Highways For Improvement. OTHER WORK UNDER -'is v '.o tiisrr.-.i'.'d *~:i ^^e of a-^sault. FV.- cr»y ,hc K~ci r?!"cd Pa'.:cc Koadquartcrs fcr r r «' f-;n.t:r.c that hrr bus- r.:th a r :'.c Of'ircr Mi'.lard Bnist. --h? ar-r".'r~ th- min sa:d Poscy was -'.v.-hrt "it/, jho rifl'- in h.s hands v hen he -rr.-'Cd ar.d said he ir.ti-r.dco. to clear; :t C?mmrr;t:r.c on the case. Bennett told ?Jry Posoy that if sh" exrjcrtTt; the off.ccrs tn assist her in T_-P future, sh? shr-j'.d not br ns chr.rcrs ."h- ".ctild mt'.aso Hr stich s ch.-rst :r. thf fu'ure no-i:d i ~ni B~^STT:. c~r"d. ^ hr broke v'.r- tr TSS ad;ud:ted r.ct srt:i:.y of disorderly CT.cuct ana dL«rr.issec He --as Errestcd DT Of.c~ .V.tcr. Shaff F2il~; to appear to azsticr a charsc of cLs~"-ay:r:5 marsers ^."-jec f another be israod for Lloyd W.:h ; Tcfe-e-,ro : rnrn' 7i:"=l .rrprr- ^m Mrndav s Tpcarod *- n - :n rcfrrcnr^ tr 1 Frcrl'--!r r.-: rosd Iniprtvcmrn" anrl ." H.T '-c a' th-it tin-.c t-.a- a :·_-· if C -Ti-.- ,-.c, :n a C ^ r . T-C rgr. a isrra-.t E. Harsr.. K3eT5t3-iT. Kc ^as s-;ni- ir.oned -r. br State Officer B::cS-R ort h. Drunken Dri\cr Fined. Csr - . ict^d on tr.e teftm-.^ny of h» OTT: HoiTicr Lo^i?. Hactrs- tr-rr:. ^a^ fined S10C ar.d casts or 90 cays ir. ;ail fcr cperatir.s -h.'.o ::ndrr t'ae :nfl-jerice of hcr-or by Judge Kc- JaTMer -.= M.ds!le:oTr=. He was arreet- ec Sat-^rcay by S:at« OffiCfr Neeld ar.d Cvrp. Lot^? Bloorn. An add::;-.r-»l S10 fine -sa5 .n-.poscc for reciiess dr-;T-.riC ar.d SIP f-r pcrrri-.t.rc f-. ur.:ic«-r-=«J ~z~.~ dr.vini cf ar. aut 3m-x3i"'-. ~-*- E~l5 »ho Trere ridir.s -- :.h h.rc -ST- called a? -si:r.«f£S by ::-.* d?fcruc snd bcth belK-.e-i he was too drunk to ;p- fate I~;s adrrutttd drrr.icrr.g b-t £a:d he 5:s =ot thi-k l-.e -srar too drank ts or-.Te the c^r The c-ff.ccrs tcstif.ed r-s :s iis cc-r.d.t;on. He f: f-,r 13-.; " mained a problem tonight after Sen. Harrison. Mississippi, the leading "advocate of it had pored over the government's figures all day with experts. A cut in salaries of government workers up and down the line and including members of Congress, is one of the propositions under consideration. Sen. Borah, Republican, Idaho, has asked that step. through the woodwork. From the office o£ Dr. Basehoar, he j = is said to have taken a gold watch and j ss some crowns for teeth. He pawned j -these in Hagerstown, he told police, i = receiving approximately S5. From the . ^ office of Dr. Yeager, dark said he ob- I -- tained a batch of hypodermic needles, ^ a quart of alcohol and a quart of par- -- . egoric. This latter substance, an opi- KNITTED FROCKS This bracing weather makes this type of dress quite comfortable. Prices are .90, $12.50 $16.50 A sliding scale of reduction in salar- ate, was used by the drug aadict «x · = satiate his cravings for dope. AH of = these latter articles were found in a ~ satchel he was carrying, which was = save an estimated i confiscated by police. == ! Whether he will be tried in Hagers- - = town has not been decided. Capt. Cas- ' -- 1 ies. reaching 20 per cent, on those above · S10.000 and running down to 5 per cent on those under $1.500 is being i p of sidy stated Monday evening. His trial , = HORVATT SURRENDERS By Day And Bootlegger Night, Charge. studied. It would . $150.000.000. ' In the face o* hinted Democratic opposition, a bristling championship of . Mr. Hoover's $150.000.000 home loan j there would have to await t»e result bank plan, was promised the chief j of his hearing here. Chief Sterner has executive today by Rep. Luce, Republi- | already stated that he will DC tned In . can Massachusetts i the local court for robbery. I . Whether Clark is implicated in other I petty robberies has not yet been leam- ! "ed. although from present indications ' he' entered offices in nearly every city · Banker By Day And Bootlegger By ; he -.jsj-etj. Because of the articles he took from the office of Dr. Yeager, the · == b*li»f that he was seeking drugs, in- : = · Albany. N. Y , Dec. 28--Andrew J. stead of mone y, was strengthened. Lo- ' = ' Horvatt, one-time Bmghamton banker ! cal poi^e do not believe that he is the j -by day and reputed booties chief by j ^^ ^ajjted for robbing other dental == night, surrendered to New York troop- -: offi ces in this city last spring. ! == crs today. He was hurried from Sidney, j ; ~ ui Delaware county, where he gave him- j ---- j -self up, to Albany for a conference with Attomer General John J. Bennett. Jr. Korvatt. who has played hide and ire;; with federal and state officers for more than a year, is charged with looting the state bank of Binghamton. , a wase-eamers' depository, of more than S^.OOO.OOO. The federal government, indicted him for liquor conspiracy. STICKLER SOLUTION Tliese Two Models Made by the Famous Bradley Knitting Mills Now On Display Eichty-six women hold licenses as amateur radio operators in the United States. AAAAAEEE/OOOUK "YOU CANNOT £AT AND HAVE rr. tf«e Ittta* n die t»o upper EWB, TOO cm (can tie prowib u the lower few*. » A,v.;r.-.n.-r ;"»-- -- ··" ~ i - ~ '.^ rr.^-: ·"· .r.-- -. -stated ''r-s' rfm' dr'?. ^ r- rjacs. before ;ir.~--o. I" -? --^n-- an--! a :-z'.'. rr i Courtesy of Jay-Thorpe. NCTV York' -:rc --« '.or? o^xju^ttish a.:d rr.o^t appropriate arc th? r.fx b-^udcMr dec- i;---.«rr.r; CXo"^d pins mV*e frjar'sl.n; cyo-^ frr therr. J'.'.s fliss .. .' ^' l:^.:r ~.:id ihe'.r p-.q-:\:r; c-vpr^-^-'.or. v^rr.'^ fr^rn t'r.eir c;ito little no^c-5 *?? n-.o'.i'.'." Tr.";. hs\c l?r.z. danz"..r.E :o;s. cr.c.isod '.r. rcjular mu'.cs. arj3 :.-.· rr.-.-t arr.-^-ir.c pxvs on oarth M.v: appropnatoly they -sr?.r lir.scrie ^ "J-* "·'·'«· th'vo av.v.'.ab^e :r, the ,-torr. ar:c '· b- I--T. :. half D-:n«rr. M Prisoner Escaped fsrrr, a: R=T3-jrr. WasntTigton county, c^arjpeared -.J; af'.-emoon about 2 o'clock. Ke r.zi ieer. sentenced from Baltimore ccjr.ty for frre rears ar.d his tcrrr. C3CE mt e-^p-re ur,t-l 1334. Hamilrcn ~as cmp'oyed to haul dirt :; and frcrn the penal farm Monday a::«moon -e drore ir.:-- HagersV^ri. abandor.ed TM= trucfe on a e ',re«t ?.Bi ·Jifapoeared OfScers -^cre s'.^l looking 'cr r..rr. Monday night Hamilton is the 'l"..rd pr_"T.?r to escape from the ne^v ^ ha:.' fr-rr. Crc -, tr.ivsurs ar,d ar. * ir r - ~ti ^." of ?-t:ir.c :T. -nils" a: both ·.he br.dir and b-:rcin; :TO ::trr-.T.:^ s: rach crx3 sr.d a rr.rr ^.ci".^ of tr.e 5;rcarr. Tr.e "fi'r rwi'.".- ~xie And the p.or "r.-.r ..-:'.rd t.~,-t "!.'." be c.T IT :.-..- Arr.rrtr.^r. Bndir C^rr.- 7.xr...rec: ' · · " " " TODAY * I - T H WORLD WAR v ANNIVERSARY ol s d^' MacOonald ".ir.e about cne ~. 3rcTr.;r!C5 - .i" V '". p-jbl.c rcais I" _ ; provcmcn". ct-rcr.l s :: a stretch of r^sr. t-" 1 by t'rt? Mir.t!T'rr.c*y Sub-s*mrt.uro » steel bndc? o*. or ;h a- Cer.jriiiio bv Maiwe ccr.trr.c - or- i ·. ery sai^actory ni r -r.'~-; -5.-. :TO ·..:· Frtx-.'-r-.,-iC line · ·"-. i'.-.r rfv - \I .r. -xrao R:-. or PxT·-·-.'o r;^r a-! .~ pr^src^ir.i? .:· .1 anuier. Tt-s »ors t .;:: _;er M.5eDon.vd j?-" _- rrx-- st.^'*m«-.:.. · ··· s.v-.»t .·'rs -r. Ir.cui 's; T 1 *- cnl Arable" a:id de- Tt-osar. asiwtors ;n MC.-TO-.IS ' -r ; carders -.:-. the N-rth- ; - - - -r-v;rce rod :r. Ber.ial r d r~i r.'T3tx«er.t a "baffled -.-v"d T-.,-; j ' S-iscr.ic lor Tiic Jicw*. ACTION IX PALESTTXE. Q~ IVcemrx-r 29. 1917. Brit-sh farces T-- Turs bac"c :wo miles on a :3-rr.. fr.-r.t r.onh of Jerusalem and Toarr^ cafl'.red by ihe Brit-sh w«re- Grnera". Al.cnby advanced hv Brit- i-.rncn i'^.ian ^rtci Anx-o stixi.isnes A -- ,-i.n^ t..^ .--crcAsin^ rc^^t^ricc o. b..e BetT^-r. t.-.r t.rrje of ihf ""*ss of Je- n-«.\rr. srxi *.r Turks' retreat a'.ons :.-.? J-r:c".;,- ar.,i Xaba'.la rMds. a dozen mile? beyor.d the Holy C-.t:-. the Tars 5--.fTcrt.xi h^-a~ lov-wi in .v-l'.cx: and By Doc.-rr.bc- 29. 1917 all ar.d nort.-.^rr. 5^r.'.:n-c were -inder drop row with the thermometer cons-.d^r- .ibly b'lP'K the fm-nr.s po.nt It -as .- :'.-,if a''-r th,!t :r.e »u:ter cam' pa-.sns got ur.der a ay. MERICAN BIOGRAPHIBS IN MTNIATUBE WOODROW WILSON (1856-IS33) I. ROM PRHKfTON L8W «TlftNTA M4WR Ht of VERA RUI, ANP rOO.OOO MtN i!«TO M£t»CO IN 191* HE \V« THAT Vf AR ·ft ANP rr WAS Hf \VfNT10 Et/ROPt WORfDWt OF NATIONS. m 4- TO WW ai IN HtAiTH H£ TO IN 1970 The idealHt* keep alicht thr torch which makes the world a better place lor each eeneration. Oar facilities are compSetely modern. C. E. CLINE SON FTXERAZ. DfRECTORS Frederick. Md. 42IBtXAXCE SERVICE Phone 35S | Looking forward to our an| nualJanuaryClearance...our | prices on household Sheets, | Cases, Muslins, Blankets, | Comforts, Wool Batts, Etc. | will be the lowest in many | years. Cotton Bed Spreads | will be sold for less money | than the manufacturers can | make them today. | WAIT FOR OUR PRICES I It Will Pay You! OUR DRESSES ... at $5.95 ARE "THE TALK OF THE TOWN" = /^'MERCHANDISE OF MEf^/T ONLY", ESTABLISHED /877

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