The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 29, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 2
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KIMItriKK. 1UUUU8BUKU. ILL, TUUBSPAV. JANUABY 20, W*'" The Daily Register (Ectabllsbed 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrlsburg, REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrkburg, MRS. ROV L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, -Editor and Manager. * Entered as second class-.matter at the post «'««« a i*5 r ^g Illinois, under act of March 3, 187 ·Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, 85 00-per year in advance;-SL50 for three rnonths. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a-private business institution. The management reserves the right to-be sole fudge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. QLWILY MERRY If t R I W DREW PEARSON Says: Army favored over Navy at White House; ex-Congressman Jones helps lobby for power companies; Communists mad at 1-riend- ship Train. WASHINGTON. -- For thirteen long vears under Franklin Roosevelt the Navy had the inner irack at the White House. Now. under ex-Captain Harry Truman, former commander of Battery D. 129th Field Artillery, the situation is re- l u l .v..- with key contjressmen. 'in the end. he got his way. 'lhe power lobby, defeated the day before i allied enough votes to send the compromise reclamation bill power-lobby Grand Thursday, Friday and Saturday. BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY If we are not in the spirit of Russian Bear BS in U. S. Silver Fox Fur Market bai-K to committee, and his Equality Student Elected to Fraternity John C. Baker, a student at the University of Illinois, was initiated into the Morrow Chapter of Alpha Zeta January 2G. Mr. Baker, of Equality, is a senior and is graduating with a B. S. degree from the College of Agriculture in February Alpha '/.eta. the organisa- t i o n ' t o which he was elected, js an honorary whose friends' we're so strong that the reclamation program was set back even to the year 1902. at which time Teddv Roosevelt fust started in earnest" the water development of the West C(»m ! NlS TS GET MAD The Communist newspaper in p-u-is Humanite. recently published a'uolcnt diatribe against this columnist and the Friendship 1 _ _ ^ -- ,, »4t. n .. * V i i r » t f e o f * f » l l I - agricultural fratern- based on ·^···a " Recommend Wage Increase for Short Line Rail Workers WASHINGTON. Jan. 29--UK-A special emergency board today recommended to President Truman i\ wage increase of 15 1-2 j cents an hour for non-operating employes ol the short line mil- roads retroactive to Sept. 1. 1947. The recommendation for the followed the pattern Phone 126R UNION ELECTRIC 10A W. Elm St. By. BARMAN W. NICHOLS United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 29.--(U.PJ-- foxes all over the place. Aren't furs. Smith asked, kind of a luxury? The r. sian market. farmer ia ^ t ».... a ...~ ·-- --«-. -_- - t That's what the folks said in, testimony before the House Rules' committee, which is consider-in"-' thev were, versed. Political reports from various parts of the country indicate that Truman's loyalty to his personal rfootor Bris Gen. Wallace Gra-; «-- -ham? will cfst him perhaps a mil-! Tram, among otter thrn^ lion votes. The public seems to ing the people of StiasDom,, -.resent the fact that Graham, sit-1 spending more money on Hiend- ISl at the right hand of the Presi- j s h, P Tram, posters than_the^ cost . ^ » _ A i : « . * ! « * * m«oin mm** W u vi.u.v-v vi a steak or a k of fur and guess which he d Ju s t »ue.s. hit eastern al O T I E KS IN HARRtSBURG NON-UNION mmiuce, wmcn i» tuiuMwcimg, -,._,,· ,, bill to loan silver fox farmers j Important sideline S8.000.000 to keep them from " n - *---*- ---.* » »;t ing out of business. :o- Keefe said, wait a minute. 1 people in his state \\ ho raise * *T c . - n^-1* M *i*J , h t o w d n G e n . 1*2: Russia ut of business. ! people in his state \\hp raise siher e testimony followed a pattern. f oxe s also raise black and \yhite la, during" the war. - couldn't: cows--Holsteins. The fox business ,,«!, n»Hc~ to thp United States.' c ins* .1 sideline, although an im- White HouTe fo7" r sea"dutv." Ad- ophiteYr^'and' di f[ ib , utC f, ; S smiral Foskett i* the President's the homeless with a label which rpu 'former nival aide. Actually the rca d "From the Friendship Tram. The reason for his exit is not necessity T hc people of Strasbourg were so forgoing to sea. but the fact that .delighted at getting this food that he h S ad f Sw with the Army-the , lhc y themselves took the initiative n-ithhnld his blessings.--lien. K.- i Russia, during tne wai;.-wuuun.cows--noisicuis. *..- TM~ ~-~--.-- ^IvSll bless thee and make thy | sen d any pelts to the United States. · is just a sideUne although an im- nan* great, and be thou a bless- for obvious reasons. But at the portant one. And right no* not name great, ^ foxes there k ^ ^^ profna0 i e one at that. He *"»· :_,, i:i-~ « n vae -mrf nmrhipinff ..n/^riinori tha tpstimonv of earlier BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Jan. 29. To Redeem Many.-Matthew 20:20-28. X* A y JJ V i U U w *· V.**fcJV*»«J» ··«·· i~ ir ^J\J± Vfc*^* · « « -- . . same time, the foxes there kept a very profitable one ai nun. «= on acting like foxes and producing underlined the testimony of earlier _ _ if..~ *»,,, ^;/.i.-onc Sn the «;»-,=«*« -hst it costs more to 30 p- m. Business of Great Importance to Come Before This Meeting. he had a row with tne Army--me ,tney tneniM^cs iw^ ·-"- Armv in this case represented by , a nd printed these labels. Mai " rn Harrv Vaughan. I Following this, a g group Mai Gen Harrv Vaughan. I Following this, a group ui General Vaughan. a former strasboui* citizens set up a com- manufac?urer's representative m mitt ee called "P^J.^JSo ;t louis who used to tram with which has been producing lO.UUJ Ot. J^UUIO* ·» * * V V « W ^ W »"- . . . » » i . ^ _ » _ - i _ _*-.! 1 -- \ rt«1oll on acting like foxes and producing underlined the testimony o earier who used to train with w hich has been p r o u c i n e . voun" Wee the dickens. So the witnesses, that it costs more to ,**· ^ = n lhe Missour i National "Petit Pain" (white rolls) each USSR tanned hides and put 'em all , raise a silver fox-- considering tne, rf h t the p res ident into 'da from flour brought m by tne in storage. Russian coapetition-than a ^n j ^0^" of personal pickles. But Friendship Tram These rolls aic omit Stoker Coal FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BILL 1CANE -DORRIS HEIGHTS Phone 884R or 299R n lhe Missour i Natona "Petit P a n w i h t the p res ident into 'da from flour brought m by tne in storae. Russian coapetition-than a ^n j 0^" of personal pickles. But Friendship Tram These rolls aic In \merica. silver fox farmers get s for the hide on the oP en | deS p ite that fact, he continues t o . given to school children daih, to- did the best they could to keep market. ! be one of the most influential | gc ther with a small portion ot up with the demand, what with Pres. Guy Price Sec. Fern Moore ,,--n, UU VJIHI IIIC WV-lnvii**-, -' - - -- people making mone hand over ' ^ and wanting to fix up like tne . R p Reid Murra . also of Wis- white Housc hangers-on . lhat spea king of fur ' JONES sweei miik'whrch'arrived on the Friendship Train, plus soup made a. said tnat speasins yi ^ EX-COUKfc»iU.-i. jv.*^ -rriuuusiuH ^j""- *,,'-.,, ,\ r \ r( \ fist and wanting 10 iix up ».-».«: ·.««= ^ a luxury he'd like to ask the It loo ks as if ex-Congressman f r o m Friendship iram ancu Smiths and McGillicuddys. So the . gent ie m3 n " from Virginia (Rep. I Robert Jones of Ohio wanted to beans. 4mericans sold out as fast as the 5mith) a thing or two. i have his cake and eat it too. , Tins program v.m arsswre ^ n "^ra-f ssz ^^ \ ^^«% ^ «IfS? aFzsiZs- srs ^ is «- r f^s s = c s s « ssrs- J ss« r^^iE^a "f^K^^ coats ' '\nd there were the Rus-i t n a l a "* r .;" dl , , ,-..,', t t r a v e iithe power companies and also l t h e Lmted States, i s?anJ\%ith a big stockpile of pelts.; Mr. Smith said he didn t travel ^^ a dy Wow at %vestern rc . ( UBURN SLOGAN-COINER So USSR flooded our market and much in the winter , c lamation. t .\ ,| Auburn N Y.. is famous for its Ivour wife and mine found she} Re p. Christian A. Herter of Mass-1 Whe n Jones was first appointed A" Dur J^ f l k Guests at the cSSld buv a silver fox skin for achuselts, also a member rfthe ;to the FCC last summer., he con- ^j" Qn there arc at . about haff what it used to cost. .Rules eommittee. saidI he had been jtinued to sit in Congress in order ""»- ^ pract ically all the time Reo Howard Smith of Virginia, - wondering if the folks from t h e * t o {inish his work on the Appro-! nora v -, member of the Rules committee,' fur belt knew of any way to con- 'p riat ions committee where he did ? daSfed with the black ribbon thatjtrol women's fashions. He saidJE i c hftst to mea t-ax appropriations,; , u:_ «,.« rtinscoc from rrash- hp'r) iust come back : You'll cn,cv mak.rg your selections of oven-ircsh treats (rom thc xMde var.otv of taste - tcmpt.rg bakcC goods at AtfK. PLAIN SUGARED cr CINNAMON asis? Parker Boaia^s ........ D« EXCELLENT FOR TOAST Msarvel MSIISSHES Breatfl SERVE WITH ANN P/^CE BEANS ANOTHER TOAST FAVOR I 7E KE5? A SUPPLY ON "AND FOR 5.NACKS uburn allowed two of leading citizens to migrate to e a a m g c Washing- dallied vith the black ribbon thatjtrol women's fashions. He said Kis best to meat . a x appropriations,- kin°ton. D. C.. and V keeps his eve glasses from crash- he'd just come back from downj f o r western irrigation power and ,JJ^shm,torn ve in® onto the concrete He looked i vonder-where you can buy a coon | rec i amat ion. One of Jones pet {J^ 1 * k to Aubu rn. straioht at Rep. Frank Keefe.. s kin for 35 cents. J schemes was to juggle interest re- He is j oh n Taber. chah whos e e state of Wisconsin has silver I payments on western reciamation h ^ s Appro priations gg^^'^^^^Zr S Third Period Honor so as to help the private power the H^ ^JP Q£ ····mnMiii"-·"'·'" ' ,:i.,; : :?xv : ;i,,:-,.j ' .. . - ..... companies. _ . . iK,,riapf The other AUDI IDEAL FOR SNACKS OR PARTY SANDWICHES Parl Hye Bread ........... ix»f i Third Period Honor Roll at Equality i Township High School . chahman o£ Appropriations commit- of thc federal 1 ENRICHED, FRESH-DATED DAILY Msi-vei ^Islte JSrcad tfi _ QUICK or REGULAR Quaker Oats i ^ O O C A N N PACJS FARINA Mello-Wheat Cereal 1 j;£ : ' 2 ^ 3 GRAPEXbTS Wheat Meal '^T/.5C BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS- Wheaties *;,?' ? { C SUNNYFIELD CRISP Corn Flakes k this same issue came t b u d e t - resentatives aitei u vui"F»«""~~ Students at Equality Township j had been worked^ out by GOP Con-; j f on *" to "being one of - . u-ah School of -which J. D. Van-'gressman Dick Uelch of San * ran "r, 0 , t ooou iar damsels on Capi deveert principal, have recenuy' ? isco and ^^^^I'JSSJ Sf m fffsl! Aveduti also is a i completed the third MX weeks, by the^Public Lands and Surveys slogan . coiner ^ period of study. committee. Honor students, listed according, But old guard ^uuu^. tn their average grade lor the, e d by a powerful private-ut Hard term art as follows: Five-lobby, opposed the compromise., ""TM ,,"«,,;,,, RomariPttp Un- For some time the debate see- *l ill, · ai c oj *.v»-v -- « . ~ , ii uu .t -average, Bernadette Un- fiied, Reita Crest, Nancy Itost _ '. ,, -,*·; ^ T\rt.*i%«r\/\T-T' slo°an-coiner. other day. hoping to get her f i a good mood so-he would ) her from \vork early, she slogan for Tab-1 jj \JL ow*»**" *.-»---- i **7« T c lYllin OO**Ui5iHJll ttl G Xit'i-'llU"* J filed, iieua uresi, ---· --· sawed back and forth On eve^,e^ - Qn a big cardboard r.rulah Svers, Winona Davenport: vote the power lobb f 1 - f i n . I osteln wh ich she placed promi- i?5 average, Barbara Davenport,! ally. Congressman Charhe Halleck POSI ^.^ ^ wf0te . Alarv ^nn McCue: 4.50 average. O f Indiana, sympathetic to the PO»-|S^^. T BE A DOI FOOL-Martha Bohhell. Katherinc De er lobby, moved adjournment. V ^ E REPUBLICAN IN 19«" VoSsVLorene- Elliott. -Tlaymond, That night, the po^er-obbybo%s VOT^ Kt however . back f ire d. Starnes: 4.25 average, Genevieye, took advantage of the lull Tne r * ^ reminded Taber i R o e M e l v m Karns, ^arl Woods rallied their forces and had all tor tne a long letter Jane Greerr Eugene Hockemeyer l the ir congressmen on deck when Uha ne , national ."««- pFthel Koster: 4.20, Elizabeth- deba te opened next aay. Also on -o ,nc ^ Ave duti dull Greer four point, Jessie Wiltshire, deck was ex-Congressman Robert TM" e( ; h jMrt ,, if .»Pinn thous Sm BrSSev Jean Followell, La- j on es of Ohio who for years had took the J Verne Mffl'igan, and Barbara Bought the power-lobby battle . on cai.s_ed_he ' - | the Appropriations ARMOLRS PJRE Lard . . RED SOIJ P . PITTED Cherries POJNO 'JUCOA , 31 c OSeo . NO " CA-J CHED 0 BIT . 25c Cheese POUND 41c 2-LB BOX 87c ALL-PURPOSE . Bag DOWN GO SUGAR PRICES PURE CANE Sugar 94 C Bag n o- !'!· R PILLSECRY S APPI-C Pie Quick P! . r VANILLA or C1IOCOL \TE Sparkie Pudding 3 pkr CAMPBELLS Tomato Soup '££' VAN CAMPS Prepared Spaghetti ^ LIBBY'S-WITH BE,\NS Chili Con Game ^:° ARMOURS Tamales · fan SULTANA Pesnut Butter LIBBY'S Corned Beef 5Qc ! Starnes. corn- Miss Aveduti dutifully g dictation, though it Vipi- fo niisc; a dinner en- i | IlCi *-w Spectacles Spectacle Repairing Chas. S. Boitourl Optometrist 110 N. Vine Harrisburg Phone 459-R Qiir LJc4^^*'»*** »·«·-- ^ i...^ .. r r-- r J ^"·u""~knHin« she rcallv hit the ceiling. now is supposed to be spendm 0 sn * * - h j ked at her slogan Ull his time on the Federal Com- W^^red that some mis- rnunications Commission. chievous visitor had inserted "and ' Jones appeared on the liopr 01 j- . rh vor d "vote." ' the House and held whispered con-__oetorc_t»^_^^;__ UroTITDefSiie^School Dist, Community Areos 1^5 Texas New URBAXA . CHAMPAIGN". 1 1 L. ! Jan. 29.-Confus.on is resulting from thc term "community unit ^ h ° n ? jO* 1 »ar school district." used in connection , gjh J a »JJ. « Thlis {isurc a i so with school district reorganization. Bureau inoica fun(Js , activities throughout the state the takes mio ace ^ ^ ' Fresh Frmts ciwcl Vegetables California Navel 200-220 Si/e--Uoz. ORANGES 29c Texas Seedless 80 Si7C--10 For i f t A D E S B m T 29c \ a a · · · · · f» *%* Bunch lOc Lb. · 6c 10 Lbs. IS 53c 8 Lb. Bag I y f £ Uk 11 AUSTEX Beef Stew GREAT NORTHERN Dried Beans ~ : ; : BABY Lima Beans P PY-O-MV Cookia Mix ... P PRIORITY LIGHT MEAT Tuna Fish 'c NO. sec 9 Can -' Maine White ?| Florida Juice Cookie Iris Sandwich. 6-oz- pkg. Asstd. Sandwich, 6-oz. pkg. Orange Dainties. 5 r ;i oz. pkg Butter Cookies, 6-oz. pkg. Coconut Wafers. 6-oz. ?kg- Scotch Squarss. 7'/4-oz. pkg Bureau of l«trvv^? ««««.v «---. ; cover 15 per cent of the . which is the average of state su?- , 39c I *%£ (Products o: tfurch S munity is actually "just a ncim hood." thc Bureau explains: "Sociologists define a community ' as an area \\hich is able to sustain for so-cafied KIDNEY SSJFFE8ESS RONALDS SAVE UP TO 12c A POUND Eight O'CIock Coffee 4Gc BORDO Grapefruit and Orange Juice Blend 46-oz. Can 19c AP Grapefruit Juice 46-oz. Can 15c Candidate for Republican Nomination For State's Attorney Member House of Representatives -Hlh General Assembly of Illinois 1905. County Judge of Saline County 1910 to 1911. Member House of Representatives 51* General Assembly of Illinois 1919. Member House of Representatives o3rd General Assembly of Hhnois 1923. Assistant Stale's Attorney under Colonel Charles T. Flote. Assistant Site's Attorney under Supreme Court .Justice Charles H. Thompson. Elected State's Attorney of Saline County December 1911. Your Support Will Be Sincerely Appreciated K. C. Ronalds a center and all the surrounding rural area from \\ people come to seek scmccs at thc urban center. "A neighborhood may resemble , a community, but U is not able to *« ;.(?-. supply all the necessary unices. M If residents, \\hethcr urban or rural. ha\e to lea\c thc area for some service, such as basins .a cilitics. medical scmccs and rcc- rca'ion. Then thc area '; probably a neighborhood and not a community." 1,600 Pupils Needed Pointing out that a true community should form thc basis of an ideal school administrative district, thc Bureau state. that a neighborhood is usually of sufficient size to support an elementary school or junior high school attendance «irca. but it is seldom. if ever, large enough for an administrative district. Fxi.Jcational research has snovui. the Bureau indicates tha: a total school population of at least 1.600 pupils is needed in an administrative district if schools arc U meet modem educational standards at reasonable cost. Th:s would mean a total district population of approximately 3.000 considering 20 per cent of the total population as school children If thc co s l per pupil of an efficient school svstcrn i a^meo to be S150. the minimum as^sed j valuation of a district this sue r. !«,«r-i«t.i.8 , . . At ixar «== coughs and colds increasing here Extr.1 T.rcc.v. , to protect :-c«r"-U an*! y 1- "'^ ,lv. AvoM larce K.w«l=. .ct plcnt. T-Vi'v of tsntor. tot' r if foriu!a«f . 3. B- j o . v frocly. N"« 5" create**. / c - ina-Td of then 100-y«Th^tor. . . one for%-eur 'x- '«n*^ strike. Help co jr'i s . Meat Market At Your AP Store Telephone 984R Sujrar Cured Squares POUND MEATY mi porxu SONES .. 1 -.T?clh*oV. Pl'RE PORK SAUSAGE POUND _ FRESH SLICED Perk Liver POUND Hunter's Sliced BACON POUND . ,, SMALL Spore Ribs POUND Boston Butt Pork ROAST , POUND Breakfast Link SAUSAGE. POUND - SPAPLRl WSPAPfcRI

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