The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 25, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 6
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1 WBDMIOAY, JULY tt. 1«M 12,301 PAY TO SEE DALLAS TRIM FORT WORTH • 7 so f03 fee fa: fo: ca St or as TO ka bo ai< €Q- f02 tlC 3L nis be Be be In sit flu to ad eo: f° fe: Vance Hurls Hugo Beats Paris, 4-2; Teams Meet Wednesday At Hugo Victory For ° Steer Entry Crowd Biggest Since Open- ] ing Day In Steer Sta- | diuni In 1929 I Br BHX PARKER ! Associated Press Sports Writer/ j Tt* record heat temperature [ Jbaul' tsothirs^ on the feverish en- ! iltcsiasm of 12.501 cash customers i TncscLav sisrht at Steer sts.fii»im r wfeo sot a wallop out of the Steers j liaurd-fousht S TO ! decision over j Fort Worth. It was the largest I paid crowd at the r*a!!as park j since opening- day. 2?2?. ^ ; Joe Vance, versatile utility Da'- ; las star, took a turn on the mound • mnol held the Cats to sis hits with a. speedy cross-fire. Jonnard, ta',1 . Fort Worth right-hander, allowed ; gir hits the seven innings h« pitch- j ed but the intense heat weakened ' •HITQ to where he had very little j t?a zhe ball. I>ick TThiiworth fin- \ ished for 5 the Cats. ; Ttusa stepped home with a 5 to ] 1 victory over Beaumont. After j ruslsss for six straight irs- ; the Oilers clicked with a ; 3>air of tallies in th-e seventh and j snore in the eighth to ever- j Beaumont's 3 to 0 lead caine-d ; in the earlier innings. | The veteran Mike Cvengrros. | •otrthpa-w, strrled Houston to a 4 to 3 victory over the last place j Cklaioma City Indians. Things \ looked gloomy for Mike until the; «g:lith inning; TVhen the Buffaloes j ^jTO^LS iOOSft • £.— — SCOIT>?G -OLUT I~LlI;s- •' to overtake Oklahoma City's lead, i arid San Antonio did not \ Heat 'Gets' Babe Ruth tc' ab to th re vi •wi br ia; sri th r« sh Leader, Ace Tiger Hufler Stops Locals Paris Entrant Hope* to Square Count As Invades Oklahoma F AN ByDub F ARE Furey Tt Burns Wins Main Event j Mat Joust Jack Spnrgeon Proves to Be Roughsteri Harben Takes Graham *e. Tuesday Eight =-" Paris Athletic -srheret Fre-5 Greser of:erec It isn't often that Babe Ruth is forced to watch the Yankees from the sidelines find that fact combined with Ch!cago r s heat wave gsve him anything but a complacent appesr- ance as he sst in th* dugout. still too crippled to p5sy. {Associated In a fast, well played Hugo defeated Paris here Tuesday | giac, afternoon by a score of 4 to 2, the locals giving their more experienced opponents a real battle an \ the way. Harper. Bogata ieft- | hander, pitched on even terms | with Paul I^eader. Hugo ace. for j } five innings, with the score at ! one and one. both clubs scoring j ir. the *irst stanza. \ I Hugo scored. ir> the initial inning; i • of a two base hit by Bryanz ars<i s. \ • single by Grayson. The locals { came right back in their half Terry le<i off with a single. sacrificed to second and scored I • when Perry Spears walloped a. ? I two-bagger over the left field pal- j i isades, j i Both ch^nkers then settled down ; f and it was a real pitching duel | [ tip to the sixth when the visitors i ; bunched three hits, which coupled j : ,,-ii,, „ drc-pped bail at the plate. J ^^ the weather man, -with the help of Old Sol. boils mercury ia our thermometers, the fish continue to bite. Maybe they are so mad because of the heat they snap at anything tltey see, same [ up to and including a. fly or dowa- At any rate some nice specimens have been wieghed in at the Linsday's Sporting Goods Store, sponsors of their -annual summer fishing contest- The biggest bass specimen dragged from the lake at Bagwell by H. O. TVhitten. Fishing Sunday at lAke Crook. Mrs. "VY. H- Thompson landed three white perch, the total weight of which was five pounds, which are nice sized perch in case- you wonder. Generally speaking white perch in streams around Paris average from a pound and three- quarters to two and one-half pounds. The largest "white perch on record around Paris—and the man U. S. TEAM FIGHTS FOR DAVIS CUP for the month i \vho landed it never has said he belongs to Grady j thought it was a white perch— James of Okla- j weighed eight pounds and eight horna City, who | ounces. The fisherman brought weighed, in one | his catch to Paris and showed It | that brought the ; Io h!s friends, all of whom pro- indicator around j nounced it a white perch. But to five pounds, j t ^ e angler hinise'f has never been nine ounces. He t satisfied and probably never will j also brought in H e l > iat j t vras a white perch he I two others, 1 landed. f w e i s hang- re- j spectively four counted three runs, threatened in the 3eJI. first up T hit The Battlers when 1 pounds eight ounces and four seven ounces after they were dressed, indicating they probably would liave been as big ' as his l he had weighed field fence for two bases, advanced , th-£a He- o ^ e tfaev urer-e dressed to third on a wild throw and scor- j ^ 1 ^ st oer< : h ye t weighed in ed when Pee ^Vee Simpson. Hurn J . " - . third sacker, let the ball gei two pound and two ounce- Flashes Of Life i locals frequently had run- ; - j ners on the sacks and s. timely hit ; — i would have changed the couples- j j | ion of the game, but Leader al- ! : | ways managed to tighten up when i JI danger threatened and was given j -1 greaz support by his mates, Sirap- \ j ] son especially being a stone wall | • I on t.hs defense. This lad. a full! {I blood Choctaw, pulled a great play j J | in the ninth that helped Leader. \ This month Lindsay's is offering a Shakespeare reel for the largest bass weighed at their store in accordance with rules -of their contest and a Shakespeare minnow 1 bucket for the largest white percb- j weighed. Meantime anglers have j seven days, including "Wednesday. ; in which to better the catches of r James and \Vhitten in this month's j contests. | TUESDAY'S RESULTS TEXAS JCJEAGtE Dallas 3, Fort T^Torth By the Associated Press BIBLE-BANGERS BEWARE: PHILADELPHIA.—There is Reece. urst up in that inning, al- j ~ _„ m-rst tore Leader's leg off frith . ^,^ lir>^ drive. The ball caromed off t s^- 4 -*-p ,,^- .„ •.„_ „.* CT,- I Houston 4. Oiuahoir.a nigiit night RST round tennis matches ia ! thy toiirnament sponsored by j the sportlas goods department: of j the Johnson-Billing^sley Company i have resulted tiius far in victo- I ] ries for Tra\-is Reeves. Billy i I Stringfellow. Perry Spears and ! | Sam Johnson. Reeves won from j j B, L Jordan. Stringfellow defeated { f Bill Anils, Spears eliminated Doug- \ \ las Hendricks and Johnson trim- | •-rank X. Shleida (left), Lester Stoefen, Geors= M. Lett. Jr» and Sidney B. Wood (right, top to bottom), comprise the L*n:t±d States team which meets Australia at London in tfie interrone final* of Davis cup competition. (Associated Pr*s* Readers' Views the crowd- The table-ttzm- -came in .the mair. ev?nt, where * tjne asseznblsd. fans :ia.-3 ex- to jsee Silly Sums eixsagins all ris rctigh. tactics of th-e tcher's leg and Simpson. .. .,.___ > a diving stab, got the ball j n - 1 5'—*- Magistrate Costello ^ says a _per- | ^ d MoVris Bailey"is-ere easily the \ gam-e, postponed son *vho bangs a Bible is d:sor- I cefeasive stars, aithous^h Terrv \ derly. Attorney Francis M. Smith \ and ~? Bone McDonald pulled a' disagrees and has appealed his $20 • fine for losing: his temper at hearing and banging the Sir •^5*^ to swear witnesses, on : TO THE N At one time the ! at their annual meetinsr at the [Jefferson Hotel. July 20. 134—in ! r>aHas—shows how ilr. Tom Con- 1 nally ,tiiea a. member of the tsouse I voted: United Tiger Team Gives Owner BigThrHl More Pennant Hopes Rai«* ed This Year Than For Many Seasons DETROIT. (5 s ) —Frank J. Xavia saiC "Wednesday his 1934 I>e- troit Tigers are "the biggest tfcrill a.nd the greatest satisfaction I have had since I entered baseball in 1904." The reason The team has raised more American I>eagtie pennant hopes than almost, any other since the days of Hughie Jennings, The- oivner of the Detroit club, who has sat through many lean years in his special box at Navtn Field, admitted that the Jucfc curves were breaking over th«, plate at last. NavLn said that he is getting an added thrill out of the spirited outfit because 15 of the . 22 players are Tiger-trained ail the •way from fH±ad!ots and college diamonds, He called off their names: Hank Goldberg, Eldon Aaker. Tommy Bridges, "Flea Clifton. Frajsk I>ol- jack, Pete Fox, Charley Gehrinfeer. Luke Hanilin. Ray Hay-worth, Elon Hogsett. Schoolboy Uo^re, Bic SorrelL Gerald Walker. Jo Jo \Vhite. and the newest recruit, Clarence "Red" Phillips, -who won his first major league game .Tires- r day. over th« Red Sox. "No. I'm not forgetting Hughl* Jennings =ajid his teams," said Xt- vin. "But it was easier to get ball players in those days. T^ejre were 50 or SO minor leagues and. players developed easier." farmers f \ Connaliy. ~ - the house ta.tes Senator. Tom j ^^ ptii! a men: Washington, vote-d tation policies of a. large ;area.-ia the United States asid thousand* of toas of freight -which: naturally to Gall ports would hav» -B-as bis oppwr-er.t y Jack Sptirgeon. •n'ho "went i32. ±or TQsiS'2, operations on an en- scale, From the tnoment lasdec s- reverse need- locfc on Bums -until Burns- was .left groveling on the mat from au blow to ihe groin Spurr^eon chok- efi. slsggefi. anc greserally r^sgied Tip the scpposec'y rough Brrns- Mostly Btin^ didn't nave mucn to r-et rotig'n himself, CUP TO LIP BUDAPEST.—As he vras liftin his third schooner of beer to his lios, lightning knocked tlie gia^s out cf th-e hand of Jacob Weiss, He was unhurt- ! ccupie 01 fie:c:ng gen: Tiis 3a.nlers go to .^^ ': nesday for s. game and return j '"*" ; home for s, game w^ith Mount j .; Vemon Thursday to be played at j 5 League park. Thursday's game I j Ls to be started at 4:SO. when Man- j ;_^ ; ager L-ogsdon hopes, to have his j full playing strength on the field.. | In Tuesday's garce Btirke and. I and offense, were out of i City 3, | Other first round, matches i have not yet been played include? — — -;- ~~~~i:~~ v " \ the house at Washington, voted } rs- a . erw - av a-. d our Gulf w -.« G ^o, ^M^^,^^™JJ^^^S^J S ----—r^ ^=£5~5ss? W. B. Richards an<J Joe } 01 Lamar County secured res^Us ; wocld no , be , 0 t - ne « ntere5ts O f the cspecsally the f com- I (high -wind). port. of AMERICAN JLEAGt'K Cleveland 10, Philadelphia. I>etroit ? r Bo-stoa 3- Cnic-aso 4. Washington. 15~, Ix»u!s 4, New- Tork 1. over NAITOXAJU OfLlGCE Xew York *. St. Louis 0. Boston i, Cincinnau 3. Chicago 5, Brooklyn 3- Phi^adelphia 9. Pittsburgh ! Caldwell: and Connar Spears vs- j which not only spread all " l ^- 5 people of ! Norris Sharp. I Texas, and in spite of great oppo- I f arrners f Or tne i \ BHIEr" chat the other" 'day']"district farmers unions,"" and the | ar ' !• ^"^ with Henry E. Wishard. new } success gained was «o beneficial j vc-o^ig COIJ fer. Our | head coach cf the Paris Higrh | that the Farmers' Unions of Okla- j proveR t j, a t Mr. I "vVildcat football team. Wishard \ homa. Arkansas and Louisiana | T^J;-^*^ i says he will have his b-oys our I joined hands -svith the Farmers | i Monday, August 27, putting them j Union of Texas and gained such 1 f I through their paces. Evidently he i a s-cccess is the marketing of cer- act experience has ,, ••._. realizes that means business aud The farmers named above ers. bankers, merchants railroad e3rectit:ves frw Texas L (AUTOMOTIVE) TRL\>TGLE PITTSBURGH-—The family au.- I snaonile was named as co-re- ; ; Mount Vemon boasts s. strong I array of semi-prO' talent, being on a rjar "wzih Sulphur Springs, ^fotmt Pleasanz and other fast clubs over this section. ilauager Logsdon's EAST DIXIE LEAGUE Greenwood -S. Jackson. ~. El Dorado 12. Clarksdale T. Greenville S. Pine Bhiff -i. night to j tain farm products that it -befeg- zoo busy dodging Spuree^n's : ^" f ^'~ ^.K^V- " ~ " i *'- strange- to eac^ otner. is rapid- Ssts. strangle boMs and one-fir:- " ~ ~ ~ *" ' 7"^ ^^ | -r rot:r:d:r-g :nto playmg: condinon, • fvr pucishers, B« he did have the > . ^ uc - e -^-—J »- ; 4 , icor *,.* r t"^ - a " d ^^ -" e a =>' cl - b a re ^ ba - ! ffS^%S^"SS° ^e i t^fSd™ t^hT ^ ^_tus- j c SereTTr^l S S te Ser"" siiorifist -ir^e'cr: record whe- ^ ' ^f^^L^:^^ ^^^l.J'^*** \ £ccre °* T -« 5 ^' s ^^*- | pinsed Sptirgeon in l^f :3 ; " J ,~ v ^" s£ .- ( , v, r . "aI-.-£-.- s devoted i -Ktzgo ........106 003 t'O-^—4 S 1 ^E*rf*<^-TT> 5 ft C T~ ^ = -i*. «;c..«o^r • e '?'' : ; i e^«*"_ ^ -* -— — . --. : I>^ —TC Ifj-rt Ts ^ 0 ^ 0 ^ ^ T ? * *«concs ill v—e E.- o—-^ *.«;-.. ^i. s_- ^^^ -^--^-^ - o •- than .~e <Iid to.- - 1 5 ~~ * — * i that was helped ry z. full : * \ and 3-osweII. | Team.— 5,^-3 rr-<« ' j . i San Antonio WEST DIXIE LEAGUE riencerso*" €• i-tifliiii 5. Tyler ~. Jacksonville 4. Ixjn^Tie-w II. Palestine 3. certain farm prodac purchase of certain STANDINGS TEXAS LEAGLE was helped ry z. ful . scissors &.ccorr.p3«:hed this tear. n, v.-ho had the fa.n= m "he very first. xfc-e first fall ir? II m:r ; u:es the simple procecirr^. of chok- r Sums In trie roT-fe5. then s;""ir:~'- Pet. .559 SUX TAX OS—FROM THE >'ECK OP , od income farmers . n the j some of their products. farm ; j Ri.pht h*Te it Is pertinent to state I that there is no competition today, r \ and has not been Tor roany years, 1 in the sale Q£ certain 'arm pro- <JECES for the farmers,, and coai- petitioa ca.n not poasJfelT be s«n;r- ] mder the notr existing xdjust- j TT'-+^» TTAnrlAi-cn-n Tn<>.i7<».-ri ! ris0 "' Kiornatia; E. H. Buchanan, t "~ ~~}~ °" *55 e _ rav * S " > • \Vlta Jtl^naerSOll-Jbieven i * Since Mr. Co:-ina,I!y occame a > Davenport, and many otner farm- ' ^ _^ZH . j. i ers In Red River co^ntv can COMOMERCE. — According to „,,_ annourscercent made by J. L. Long, j *~^- '• ers. The locals ~?rlll have a lot i ! of revenge-setting to do this fall | i and tiie sooner they start the se- | \ riotis business >-=f getting into con- j ! dition the better off they ar* goinsr i ! to l>e -when, the lid flies off. ' =• it "won't be long now.. Commerce Lists Game I In Red River county Todd j son. Arizona; B. M. Sport, J. M j McGuire. L. A- Maiiaii (present I commissioner}, a.11 of Bag- * — m-w-» ^a | land: John TV. Peterson, R. A. Gar- j ^ H. Buchanan. «s. He has cd to pay his dues to the Fann- ers" Uaion and attends oar ra«et- Ittgrs. •w = h*a possible and he la th« only comnilssiOiier of asricttltar* Texas ever had Twh* has main.- h.fs membership in tha Ear- UTEioa and urged that th» Tiers join hands and co-operat* th«y did •when th« Fatrmer* f&cb. success to tit« farmers and bsusluess luter^sta cC Tesas alike. The above a.r» cold facts i can not be controverted- I some personal knowicdgre of facts as I was chairmaui ot tli# rtec of tite Farmers* Uallon achlered those r«snlts. Tosrs Trnty. It. D. BOXTS?f. _ S ^ ator " CROPS BLUMNG UP AT FORD ? S ACADOfY b-r no sun-tanned backs displayed j ; s«>auniont ^"• J ?"V^: V : ^ -^a^. 1 """' "" "" ' I FORD'S ACADEMY — Crops j ^ orl V> orl •-T^Q^_ : lire burning fast tinder the svrel- [ azid faliing- on Burn-- ir. a r-ody spread am!<3 a chorus o* boos. The third fall had rocked. a.Ionc: wits fcosors about even xinti; Surns 1 be- gaa Spurgeon about :n a series of fly:r;{j^. S-Jdce:::-" Spargjeoc's flicked cut. Burns fell .to the mat :~ a hpap ana n tried to p-'r. Burr.s' Kefer^t M. O. Rike this. r;0" - ev*r. and lifted Bttras" hanc in victor:.- w-h.-i-i- Spurgeo^i strutted of:" to Jus cr«-s^- Ing room, a.ppar-er:ily be He '••;-.£• lf to be tfc^ re Harr-er< rr----"'^ far too — and roush — for Frark ; FORB'S ACADEMY Cal-insr backless dress"" rer-~," he threatens to arrest all i tering hc-t stin. Com will tre Zis'ht. | •Bremen wearing there on the ] and other crops are beginning to; jc 1 ^ j*-jr--^- ^*c. j Sr^ O iJ *t" S-^i^O^S Oi. vC^ «Z"O -LI —?1, ' L:k-5Tv:.«r all rjncn snc^ fcoys in j Women of this section have ; .-•"—•*-'- v. n ....^. •-.^ ^..*.. -^* -. - — -*- . r>e^rn p^itt^r^g '—P com 3>eiOre -t ... ;.ect to arr*rt. ^became too hard. Some are be-i ''-tricing to can up yearHngs before j they oecomf, poor, sisce the pas- •• T^ire-5 have ^"sven wsy. s : LK»C»C Ker.rre<!y in spending a! •— Mmes.. Kred ; fe^isr da;-"E visltirifc his father at T-ex- ; 53 of the great success grained i , , _ - . . . . j ^jr che Farmers' Union for tiiem. principal of Commerce nigh school. ' ' _ , ,.. .« i Ti>ticctie iio'wers &s & oantccr he-tes arrraed a s»me *4th : je j c£>ur Henderson Hi^h Oilers with the f other members of have been called tjporx timea by committees of tb« to act In favor of the farra- PERSONAL ITEMS FROM WOLFE -::;:-;'^-^;-' and Albert Horn of a;r::^ community havv re:'- rom I>a.reno, Ti-riere they eer, <x-nva.!eEc:nsr at a ssarit was r^p-'-rt'-c serious- j Jii ^ ..In straigrr.* ployed a. bit c-f tile first •w-kh es an.<5 .E body In San Antonio GUNTER «^a,s" of tow ir iM early tis 3Irs. Dick King:, of I>aUas. is vi«:t:n?r Mr. srid "rs. R, TT. John- F-OT: rh:s year. Mr. and Mrs. Carlo? G. Bradfor<5 of ti:is plsce. -S-re tJse pa. rentes !:«-;. flash *o<:cajs.;ona! &bJJ m v-ith a body '.oiir.^-ed ifcenses •would be s*rrurf«d vr*•*.!hnp. It is pja.nsj*d to h«.ve a ; • u rta i H ra. js*r arkatia, ; Misses 01*5*3, Love ar;-d LetSia. • Kropp of Paris spect Stirnlay J wjth Miss Leona Jenkins- i ^-. The %VHJ> club- •wit; meet with"' £-• Mrs. 3u«i JBrandor. n«x* ilon<f.ay | -.. ; -veek. • g ot * on AMERICAN LEAGUE VF, L"De trait 5T 33 Xe™' York ., 54 34 Cleveland 4* 4 f - XAT1ONAL LEAGUE .633 .514 551 -322 .4S2 i,**. fo.- ™. r S.p««b.r ^-j^^LSSrB^L,^, > The first contest of the season -was ] ; previously s*t for September 28. j Tigers "will jourrvey To Henderson ; for tlie contest, •which is doped to f !>s oae of the b«st of the season <ts J both, teams are altars strong con- , ^ recall oor • Mcces8 , The ; tenders for nonors in th«lr resi-c- | R F ^^^^ ^ banker a{ded tbe ' trve districts each year. i ,.,,. parlg . x A Crawford, Post Oak; R y Q In Sir. Connaliy'* vote asratnst the St. La•arreuce-Canadlstn-British "XVaterway treaty, he serv*<i not only th* farmers but th« entire baseness of the West. Midd arj<3 Sot! th west. Had that b^^n , ratified a forfjjm natloa t would hav*- dictated tfc<- transpor- This Stops Laxative "Dread" r««fi a mrnr. it. tits* <ii* or dirt, i»»cfc ««» y as <Std "James • in Cooper and i Henley. In Fanntn county. Al "K an<l Jack "Woods, Wfndom; Pearson. Dod4 City: and J. B. many Team— v.- Tork w. "olfe Gty Suffers « Damage From Drouth \ Brooklyn Philadelphia Only t^ro more open dates "*-i^^sSh both rnain oii the Commerce high school j 4- 3 • schedule. Octobers, and Xove -^i ; S. The TJgvsrs have scheduled f «-^i night contests for th« season. "*" 1 Gajnes "scill also be played frith jtwo strong: Class A teams^ Sulphur ?; t ^--; F«^ a %oont^*l S o krTo^ j i Sprlnsrs and Paris, Coach Happy i o , oyr succ ^ fa , i ? _ * -iF5LCi£ 3t*O*ViJS» A ^.^^r" tSld5*OIT» "Wti* t * T">*»*ti> /'rt'tT**** TV T T.*»r?" ^'i probably besia work with-htefoot-, Job * n R^H, ^ n Boyd an<4 ""••*> K»I7 *»r»-iy»?/f«r<v5j nn A aSTUSt 27. •»- * . *• v oun» an<S others wero o«r co- >rk»rs and h-slpc^ to sraln otsr cc^esa. They knerw of our success ! as <2o thousand of oth<?r farmer* .555 4 ^; Creamery Wins 5-2 Tilf .42? \ From Sontherlaud Supply 533 WOLFE CITY. — The drouth j oontinues throughout this »ection} v.-|sh. ad<JitJou.aJ darrssge 3aJlT. ! p., <Jorn, 3i is said -w-oui^ no longer j ^j Cfen^f.":. by rairs. Cotton crop* ar^r' j.-t The Lainisr Creamsry Southerland Supply. S tc TeaiTO __ n(r? B , uf{ afternoon on th* South defeatedi 2, In a. TaesrJa> { Thirty- ! It >r the farmeri" to hav» scored th« i ers* Union have th*"y not receiv- } •*o-or*era»{on of the railroad* In ^7 T i first street diamond. R«nfro, ^hoj Bran t!RC Proper adjustment of the! .-? 00.[pitched a t^o-hSt wame Monday j freight r^te-. an<3 t>y organization I •n c-ir baek Paris .\> and Meeting Held At Broken Bow Snndav 23 ». cam- j amons *h«; farmers »h<-m«.*ives «nd whiffed j ^o^j^rs tfnsr with ».^<i- hank,*Tw and ciS-h? Supply team bjj*tprs to hang; ! rasi roads and Jnd««trJesi which ex- r;p hss e^cond vector;-- in a* many M«?nd»<! co-opTatHo-n bv pwrchasJns: _ Ok la.. —C. K- 1' ^> j . £n'^;i?<3 2tiiv St^'V~ r sr* JrJ^.r'rsi.i of 'I<3abe! took part In the program ivman E'--angtji»ni" 'at ?'h/=- coanty !r.rerdenowi*na- i r,*et;r:g: at Brok-; Jackeonvfrtc 17 1 3 •\VhiW took the *5*t4;ns of Ihfe day. with ar^ <2oa<>!« piay. H*:- hasj'iJe.d wtshout a bobl-I^, for thr Crea.mery| nors ] 'rlf^s.. At. that tsrn«* fh«s «!3c|b«<'7 and fnd«*avorpd fo i Jh *~ farmer* spsdn'ns: K«ch . « »" *^« future and tr!*?d to The Air Roof G*rden S BANJOS James L**. ace&sn? Barn-A-eJi of Broken , vtosin solo. If you -want efficiency] :; hcrcn In your new combined j « --, » j. « ' jo •&* named later.- Officers of OrflCC Ol A^SeSSOr aHOi flu* --or«anizs..ti«»n are W. J, March, wO.ICCtOr Ol i&XeS y ffOi^j,^; Herbert Flower*, secretarj- to the polls Saturday j a;i - 3 A1 ^ x Tohksbi - chorister. and vote for Dorothy Latimer, 'ro an*4 Miinefte; Tori d Tat« an«3 .Ta.ckson. } »-> team' is; to play Barn** Gro<*r>'i "*• 5 VKGROES TO ] TAL.JHJNA. Ok!», ling of i>i* aasoc-iafion J j-jvairy b*t*t-«*n t-wo :h<- J-'VH«IJ Thirty-first street dlu- Adr. WEST' PAK1« STORY HOtR Paris P, T. A.. held. Tfe.ur*cS*.>» | noon trorn * until f o',clqs]iu The F&rniers" I*nSon ar.<5 the following cutrsx-T from the annwsl report, of C*. f. Steves. •~hMrraan of th* execiittv*? cornTWlt- t«* of th* T*xa* Farmers* Union. A Road* h^ re*ulr-d m the of a warn* at TaiJhln* Sunday which ha* crated wide | gan<l?ot f^ftratton and interest. The road carap d*f*at«d j g 3U i a b^rrr. *«<rretaiT, *od *port« th* BlJMjk Cau» & u> 4 at t«**r la«t i <<t j to r of the Oklahoma City TJnwa» but on Ts«utr*I ground* [ v tn attend th« Hugo- Antl*m Okj.-Local b «el»ll Jt mnBWBCe th&t Ap!o Scrojr . ^ prffsjdent <, f th ^ Oklahoma »ev*r*I C«.U mr« certain *C ths Black J in'Hviro on AUJTUIK *, during th« Heal Those Sore Gum* Even after Pyorrh** h»« affected your stomach, VJdnej** and your Pyorrh** yotr. l>«ntt«t» recommend It. Drujf* r«t«rn your wwmty tf n fail*. VOTE FOR R. L. Ballar d For Second Term Commissioner Precinct 1 He has made us a number one Commissioner, and graded more miles of road for less money. His record is an open book and unexcelled. He gave us value received for our money.

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