The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

DAILY KEWS, FREDERICK, MD., THURSDAY. MAY 26.1933. VTSM ·Cossrlled by CBltad TBCKSDAT. MAT t» BJBST 10~fttr -- .et Lee WJS Netwoak KcU. Kate Suit*-- WABC STASDABO TOOt SutsUrS ADD K boor tor 1TBAL. BALTIMORE--3»S w.'z s 00-8 i_j; e.«s-T:iS: t 4»-lod«: l»-K««od .j- -Ates 21 wtz4. Bonos. »» . WBZ. frPSCkCFXBLII V* *·· *SS3 i oo-4-«e. « 4S-UJB IMfeoU. Tfcls-T!l»t "^^ 0 ^Sr OW 4i^£f ^-' k 3.19-UO* n* K. f »ft--Cccle IMo e 15 Or. · 45--dm* Foroai i.30-- Te» TlneM 8 t tvIstiltkUadOE. »Jfr-B««»r»Bo-l 10:93-- D*cce Oreb. W JO-- Sloo2U«»E» WKAT. N*W XOKK-- IM-- CM k. 5 38-- work! Today * 45-^Jeae Pursril 6 W-- D»ntl« * JO-- CHIT ___ lo'b* CtJcto 10 15-- Keyd CKGW. XOKOKTO-- KS7-M* k. «rjz- «-oo-« is WKAP- » oo-i oe: tw-s-oo: i je-»-«o 5 SO-- Rxjpct 6 30 -- Mauay a oo-- Trio ·· (WESTEBN 1IAT10SS) (EST-- SOBTHACr- oo* Hour for dstrml TtB*. ADO cot Bear lot DR. FINLEY TO BE SPEAKER AT GETTYSBURG EXERCISES President Of Yale To Deliver Centennial Address. tn M i i i" 1 Ail* Tat D- Pa M«T :«. -- · 'AT ro D TO ' J^ Hop* " p*v 1 .1 e t -,l\ "· c H- · -a..o No.- -.-p or- o f -r.ecL n. i ^. Sc !·- Jrh:io b-*J! actjon la tn» eoormous decep'ioo" perpetrated av John Hughes i'.or *\as ryar tc- *jo Dr Rog*r AcUrn.' professor I 1.U1.S Cha-ie* K K '^rj;; . c*- Curt.j. b iax , e^.dc ' of G*"»ra' M f* R*««a-ca njfrt as ivsra iCpn-a".on Dr Fia* P Graces ions- ped«l toe progress of tae 'H-S6 k* f o' fdj^a* o* * T ~f st^.** o' ' f o r th«* JUCiz^appTs 3nd k^Iers of V3e \Vn Y ·" D" W f-r J Grf* p-o- Linijcwe*' babv 'ew- "* S * x: * c^-i -«t"~ a* Co- Pnjsecu'o- An'r-i» M Hau"k ras Per i-. -· "v to 'a;, C"jr.s case before the a -- ?. ."·. i P F P- " ^ ·INDICTMENT SOON 10 11 00 -- KJrterT 11 SO-- Asaew Or * 30-- Sbuteck lfl.-«-Cola=bo Or. 10 4»-- B««l Kl»!ts 11-05-- Petto Or. WJZ. 5 00-- Bi»ck Ortfeeitr* S JO-- O-d Socc« i «5-- lo«eU Tbofc*s S c*-- Assos-Assay « « 3»-- S-eM»=s Bor» 7 00-- Harrtett I** ' 7 JO-- Kolle or. t «»-- Baiie * R»!ph 1930-- Storsa Sister* I 9 ;i_Bosse s Or. .10 ^-Soh-o 10 ?-Hesd!^» , 1TKB- CUtkaXAKD-- SIS.*-- !»· k. 5 45-» 00. 8 1S-6 45. 7 IS-3.45: 5 40-- Baseban 5 »---··= l.s~- Tase» 6 ; j-- a-setb'esa H 00-- Sports 1« · _jici-Ji!l 11 IS-- WTAM P'sjers \-\\Z. OETKOIT-IILS-IIW k- S I3-« 00 S 30-6 45; 7 00-7 15 - 3 - 1 - 8 OS Sl»-1000. 1015-1030 .· 15-1! 30 5 W-- fciashtne Kz. 8 08-- Da^s Re«e» a ^5-- V"t-Ms-« 10 00 -- OiClCCO s Or. 10 2O-- EMTMT--.VCCS 10 45-- Hole's Or. WJB. DETKOIT-- «0«-- 7W k. WJZ « M - « «. V15-T-Jte t-.45-»:45. . »· i :-: « FoiJa 10 08-- Shaaber Igotia 10 3»-- =»!» Or. 11 oa-- ElE£» Or. 11JO-- Fnnk'« Or. WABC. KKW ZOKK-S4»-«M k. 5 00-- Itstl Bi- rroe- 9-15-- ReH-Do=n 6 J9-- MUJer Or. » «S-^Jo* FaJook* oe-S*yrt * M«r«» 6 SS-MI1U Bros. « 30-- SrlTix Froo» · to-- DO«a«y-Won« T-oo-- Bat Club t I*-- Lnua Or ·j jo-- s»te SenKJ ' 44-- Acgeto PatrJ 8 O»-- Columbians Story Eocr 9 00-- S»tlslTl=C Music 9 30 -- J»rrr*t 1000-BarJ« Or 10 4S-S!s»le Or. 11 OO-- Umb»rtJo Or. 11 3O-- Knwter Or. It 45-- Sptebu Or 13 00 -- Martin » Or. WCAB.rHnJUElMMA-- SS«-- 111* K. WABC. 5 «4-JO.OO 10 «5-13 08 S 00-- Slews 5 OS -- Oreesblatt: Sport» 10:00 -- Boaka Carter 10:16-- Gree»»l*ti KDKA. prrrsBCBGB-- a*» oso k. S 00-- Ne«s. Sports l.O--KDSJi Or KTW. CHICAGO--SM-t--l«» k. W.«Z. « 50-S 00 9 »-S *i « os--Ores.. Spor'-s. Orct: Air Ace* - 00--Orci. . IS--Books T »--1^« 10 00--Spcrti; S«»». FIRs. Orcb. WMAQ. CHICAGO IU n» k. WZAT 5 3O-C 00. T OO-» M W.'Z 6 **-7.00. 9 00-SJSO « W--D»ac» Master 6 z 3S--Cocc«rt Or » M--! 9 *i--Wa:er Boj» 10 0»--A=n 10 IS--CUD ST!TI» 19 30--Orchexru WEKB and WLS. CHICAGO--343--«N k. WEAT i 00-i 15. ( «A-T 00. * J3-10-«»; WJZ 7 CO-i 00. II »-» 3* 6 IS--SCPPJ S *3--O~.i»3 AanV 10-00--Aso« *a* Aadi UJO--Orc2M»U« WCFL. CHICAGO »*» »·» k. g aa cpors* »jo--wen, o^ 5 4S--£tsdie: Trtetr e ti--Qreii. T oo--Barua: UBS» S CO--Tow » t--Koch-^a *JO--WCTfc Oc. 10 O^V'^DASfcOO PJ *m*"*-*^* KOC. BAVKNPOKT. U i. DBS MOBtES U«J M« k. WAP- T 00-10 m 5 IS--Sttppr: Nrn f :«fr-OU4. Ass. m 6 so--ScoMDoard l»-«o--YtMor* MJSO--CJsb «*0--BwebmU: CMt WHAS. LOPISTTLLZ--SS5-S S3* k. WABC- 5-S S 30-6 li. 1 JO-7.«i, 8:13. S 30. 9-9 IS. 10 IS-'.O 30; i6-«»-U 5 43--Fuss;»fce*» 4 15--Brow»-IUi» ~ OO--Bucueiecn T 2S--StsebaB. T 45--StaiO ·'«--tlTi Must 10 JO--Do*ney-Wo3» 11 00--Rcicbart Oc WTMI. Mrt-WArggg tti r» k. »r Dr Nor t " Dr n- xr · ^% lor -here C Preyier. C urtis t ASF Before \r* Jury H ^^^-»'! N J . Miv 25 -i Grind -ir* Dr J^rr F Ocr^don. tbe ra- *- rerr^-rssJ sr: New Ebs- gram ·» _I - a»e aacr=^« «her. :. ed.'or o! -.-« NV* _^- a IX . 5 30-- Kusiea! M»:il« 10 oo-- Sports: J.e*» S 30 -- Loaiers 9 43--Br 10 23--Orchestra k. WBAF 5 1S-S 30: 6 45-10 OO 5 30--Se«s: Baseball s 1 S--Cfcaadu - - 19 OO--BuebaU: Clnb 1! OO--JCe*« WHAM. BOCBE5TEB--SSO--11S« k. WJZ: 5 00-5 15: 6 00-S IS. 1 00-T IS; * 06-10 00. 10 15-10 39 5:15_N«» 5-30--Talk. YJ4.C-A. g L--Se«Xcr 6*3O--CbJtadti 6 45--^ty!e« T-45--Tftiw* ef tTs 10-3O--K«BpOr;Or». WGT. 5CEDSNECTABT--MO--»· k. WXAF- 8 00-10-00: 10:45-11*0 S-IS--Crooner !·» aptains -' .r.c_*--r a-." and rrec ?-^a - - . WCAP 7 00-7 45; S OO-« 30. V. JZ 8.3C-S OO E 00-- Stsgiag Lady ( 19-- Bam 10 00-- Amoa-Acd". Sports; Orch«rtra» !0 II-- When Dar Is rwne !! 00 -- OS K'STT. MPLS-ST. WJZ. M-» 00 WEAF: 7 00-S JO s is-- Sklppy « g oo-- Suu^sc Lady 10 00-- Amoo-Aadj 10 30-- Orcie»a» WOW. OMAHA-- SO*-- 88« k. WKA? 5 00-5.15; 6 45-10 00. 10.30-10 45 11 00-11.30. 11.45-21 00 S 15-- SkJppy 11 JO-- N«M U-00-- Oreh KSD. ST. LOOS-- 5«S-- 55O k. ·7TSAF-. 5 00-5:15: S-3O-0.10: 6 45-12-00 5.15-- Sk'ppy 6.10-- Basebai: KMOX. ST. LOnS-- S75.I-- MM k. WABC 6 15-« « 7 00-9 45: 10 15-10 30 e 00-- Cac-e B.:i'e 9 45-- Ifyn-KarsT 10.00-- Joe Faiooka 10 »-- Downer-Woes E BILL IN the ajjomob-k; le-v-v inro'.visg $«.000,- j 000 revesje then wss overwh« - jiinz:T j cefeated. 52 to IS S The 5ena;« Lben lined up for tl»« jfirs: t-n^ to ar^rove an ^icrease -n ;ai«s proviced oy ;he comprtvm_5e proposal accep^-n?. « K 33. die 2 nsr cent tax on automobile parts and ac-essor- .es tis« 1 per cen- "-o-ed bv the HOJSC So 5ar the Sena'e ras c^i do-am os.r' "-v«o :-«nis in their cosspronise ot.1 Tney ^ivo.ved a :o - a: o' $15000010 I: last nignt to increase tne a^truck tax from 2 to 3 aer cent earned .r. a bil liar-ce c^3in;i ioe2 ov ·he Se.-a-.e acver-lsics pajs b ; d:-.ien Upper Body Again Turns Down Beer As Revenue-Raising Measure. RAID ON AUTO TAX LEVY CHECKED BY BILL SPONSORS Appeal For Balanced Budget To Halt Demand For American ' Gold. Mav 25--The bZLor- ar reveru= a-L sorel7 needed · oal- arce tne na*:ons 5aarca.. boojjs. g^iij rocs ^oe c-esc of tae Seaa-e bse r j a^d ^nS aeoa^e toaaj -R-;aou; cccmag i mucn closer to i^e shores of Sna" en- j i vVitn Sen Scr«^. HDJO^CSLI:. Icano. acs ng .t^s voiie aga^nsi beer as a rev- *-*i -- --" 1T "X1 C_H^ "ECSS* TM"C "^S ! "***Il a I^ -_-rea CO-RTI oeer lor tne seconc tjne Tn'-:^i a feei br re;ec^ng a proposed aacenament -o :^e reren^e oiJ. 55 to 26 Tonga; 'ce Senate took ap ee ex- c^e .cv:es ^i ihe b^I. --n-.a the House Toriea on nunDT legisls-t.on j Djr^g ~ne Sav t=e Ho'ose held a aie- j rror"a ser..:e 5cr members who nave ' T.-tb_n -ie year and tb=n oegan j coas.aerati.on of t^^ S'egall The .asi of tae asn: entergen:? prograai--tee borne i^iar; co^nt oank b--I--TSS reported by « uO.--3e 3E^- "^ co f i Borah zacie a demand ^n t^e tor a vote to-s se=s.on on 5mli??ine m- cepencence as a means of helping farriers A pr^dictfon c'. stzn a vote csn^e soon a'ter *rom Caa-nnzn B^ig- haj. of Te -«T -o^es con^n 'tee j na- o~ 3. J-=ee K. "K",jterson, Cn_-ar^ "3 T= C^rc^-- O^rt Tas Jc catec a'-er --.e ;adee no-^ed tseni a CD-J a ret :;r;p23.r for Tre H3.»se -.".·"· u "jre s:er.t fars: re .ef' _rce it as a | ar_= -.ter tj-- .a attent.Dr. t3 cor^.d- | You need a mapifying-glass to read HANES Prices YOU never saw so much underwear for so little money, as you do in HANES this summer! Yet you get all the cloth you need. It's certainly a comfort to climb into HANES ... nothing snubs or rubs! HANES Shirts are Combed Yarn, Durene, or Two- Thread Lisle. Finer than any you ever put on your back! Washing won't weaken their springy knit. Shoulders securely bound -won't fray or frizzle! Look at HANES Shorts- The rubber in the waist is the kind that put the "last" in "elastic." And HANES colors hold . . . won't bleach or blear! Any good store has laundry-fresh HANES. If you don't know a dealer, please write to P. H. Hanes K n i t t i n g Company, Winston-Salem, N. C. - j- '«e anc c:ne- a.lDj:'--^ proposals Anto Tax Schedule Retained. i;~F:;r, Ma? 25 -- Sporjsors cn"-:v«d a r?..c. ci -ts i-.-.^c^ e t-j^-Ei a'«" a frant.c ap- j ·-- =a .--^-2 ..-.-· o_-get. to ir.eet i a -x j- i. --= n A-n-e-.:3-. gold r. aid HANES Shirts and Shorts 35c and 50c ea. HANES famous SAMSONBAK Union Suit witH tfie patented belt is now 75c--Sanforized, will not shrink! Other Athletic Union Suits as low as SOc. YOU'LL BE HAPPY Iff Hanes Wonderwear S=r.3- ~.3C - -»·- S - 000 000 fr^ni c --- 3r -3-i. e - 5- -- r js.r; an jn- s? .-;-i 3 :-o 4 -~r c:r* .a -a** iai FOH MEN AND BOYS FO? EVERY SEASON CHANGE- TRY CAREER'S HEARTH BAKED BREADS French--Vienna Style and Rye. The Garber Baking Company Movies LORTTTA YOl^C-- Ftrtt *talio*el Pictttr»f Itcr DROP in at a restaurant or come back home -- and treat j ourself to a perfect late snack. It's a bowl of crKp Kellocg's Corn Flakes with milk and a bit of fruit. Deliciou-I Easy to digest. Helps you sleep sounder. Ju-t try it instead of something hea-vy! Quality guaranteed. G. L. Soda Crackers salt or plain) Cheese (GROCER) Sure Sign of Service Rich in Flavor Food Value aad Full Pounds Net Weight V ^^^ /· · 1 everywhere D. 0. Winebrener Son--Harris Filler Co., Distributors HERE'S WHEN H O L I D A Y MAY 28 29 3 HERE'S HOW E X C U R S I O N FARES Paper Napkins p k * 1 O c | Picnic Plates doz to a p k « 10 How aboirf a trip over Deco-aiion Day? TSree long days a"d remember bjs fa-ei are si ' at the - lowest. Yoj a-\ go quickly, conv*o-+ably and co^ve" enMv by Blue Ridge to a ! --osi any pci-7 "n rhe .cc-iniry. S'r'y day re---·· ' n T on t-ese e*c-~- s : o~ '-a i es : f yo« wa-f to sia/ 'o-gs-, and a i good o- e/e-y b»s with rsgulsr r^opover privileges. Look Over These Fares o. HI. S=*" V Va, . 8 V- Fairmont, W Va. . . _ « 7" Clark^nrc. \V A a. __ . °2' Baitiinore Md "01 S OUR IOCA1. AGE hindon D C. ·i orV N T. . \kron. O Canton ^ Detroit. Mich. N'OT L S'ED _ 11 "*" i: 40 BLUE RIDGE TERMINAL 22 W. 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PET MILK *"" cans BARBARA FRITCHIE Ginser Ale 3 6 -° z - bottles 25 Ballantine Malt Syrup TETLEY ORANGE PEKOE TEA (i/ 4 -lb. tia) 25 GOLD MEDAL CAKE FLOUR Evtntoally -- whr not nowl BLUE R1UGE Sliced Bacon (S-Ih. pkg) BLUE RIDGE Smoked Hams 1?-I2 Ib orhcrs Jo lull SHINOLA SHOE POLISH tin MILLER'S CRISPY orn Flakes 4 p k g § - 25 ThoroochlT 5(ram cooked, toasted irad^ to Mo-Sam Coffee "Alwavs the Sams." Ib. Country Side Coffee *· Try a pound today at this low reasonable price. Stravor Coffee Strength -- Flavor -- Economv. Ib. Barbara Fritchie Coffee * 25 A Famous Coffee named for a Famous Woman,

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