The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 15, 1948 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 12
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Xew*. rntctkfc. M«~ Tfcwrrtar. July 15. 1*41 THE NEWS Doctor Says: £XTIAmATIOX OF BLADDER IS XOT DISEASE. BCT A SYMPTOM Daybook Barklej Before Tmnuui Tagged Him For VIce-JTe«dent Today At The Convention Truman's Nomination May Prove Worthless; Democrats Made No Effort To Party Harmony By DAVID LAWEEXCE Philadelphia. July 15.--This may : time. Dorothy Dix Says: The following letter, which was written to a boy in his teens, is republished at the request of. a froup of motnerf: Be good. Fear God and keep His · f commandments and walk upright i- tne sight of all men. Tnere is! Side Glances By TRIS COFFIN Philadelphia. July 15--At one _ _ . _ . .b-, point in the convention, the Ad- | President was really the man the ' few pivots! states THURSDAY. JULY 15. 1S4S What Goes Up-- have ; The most The final straw was when Alben; Before the convention met a The creases prediction postwar er upward out. Each new details t rise in response to the inexorable becomes and b"-h" red -n color success as just good- 'ness. that the! Look about you and you will · both ! see that most of the naen who are sub- | avoidable and needless. If the Ad- \ going strong in their seventies and and ministration had kept its promise I eighties are good men who did j riotous' the pros- ; fair-deal- j iortunes; had i n j men are ·· ·nee. '. Somebody has ; cd up and retorted. "So far as I'm ' by adopting the civil rights pro- thoughts and had refused to per- said tha: a gentleman is a man · or chernical agents which irritate '· who use K 10 ness. .-=·- ----- ,,,,.,,, fo must pay more for coal, because - '; e ~ ovc :he cause John L- Lew.s and his Ln:tec if higher production cos.s. / wh V*he- :· i/p-odi'ced bv ch?m- cor.cerr.ed. it may never go before' gram of the very mos: of the mi- a manipulated nomination., who considers other people auu * 3.1 users and ccssuKsers ; ^ als * ^" b \.",^.i.." s tbe bes ". ;' re 3\_ the convention. Tney haven't con- · delegates had sought to ds'ch someone else more acceptable to never forgets himself. He never] use it to hest their homes. ~ mfnf f ^ r .£,,£. i.'vV«.t« .* io"attemot suited me. I have something t o ] By ignoring the warnings of the party would have been nomi- brags. He never boasts. He sever: say about it." That was whep ; the south, the northern states :.i- nated Then the delegates here ; whines. He is neither puffed up by i everyone else feSt that Barkley's . sisted on a civil rights plank thai :ea!Iy would have had the change good fortune, cor crushed by bad i cho:ce was cinched. ; may cost the regular Derr.ocra'ic they wanted " ' luck. He does not have to go about j ir's nominee upwards of 100 votes in On top of it all. the President beating on a drum and proclaiming I - ; the Electoral College. has tried a grandstand play. Kis . who he is, because the dullest rec- j ·- Rarely ever in the records of po- speech to the convention was a j ognize a gentleman at sight and j the litical conventions has a national fighting speech in the political, make way for him. j ^^ ,, , n-| convention acted with such utter " sense and the delegates applauded* Cultivate good manners. Thev { more pay. Raiiroaa rates are oe- s ] frep j e , cnee ,; ant i oss of weight a!e. he was not even tipped off in i disregard of party harmony. · the demagogery of it. i are a letter of credit that is hon- * ing increased becsuse the roacs g ome bleeding i common advance of the message. He did not f with a split : . the party led by ; The recall o£ Congress in special, ored at sight the world over. Get; pay the workers more. Otncr ex- Chronic cystiti=. n condition in have a chance to change a comma j Henry Wallace, the man who was' session \\ill not help Mr. Truman's! the best possible education vou { than the thirc. Tha. is true of vhe . surroundinR tissues including thc j Then, when Barkley's name was j ficiaries of Federal- funds. .ea ' » ' ' «_-- ; J --. - told that insurance man to come back later! What could happen guy 25 years old, as healthy as I am?" passenger fare increases gran ic ^ k;dney mus , be carr j e i ou t. This : pulled out of the hat as the choice i the eastern railroads oy the Inter- gencfany inc j udcs the use of a .. . state Commerce Commission. The cystoscope which enables thc ex struggle over the second round has p ' _ t to , ook directlv into :he just ended with a settlement be- der itse!f Almost any Preside".*, can force. Mr. Trum-n asked specifically ' Study yourself. Try to Truman had neglected to say. i ran « misuse of pcv.-cr by the Repub- thc beginr.inz and *nd of the the spec- : scope for your talents. Don't over- i t's criti- · estimate your ability or underesti- ! determine /Vf /vi»¥ /) T aid all 0 t\lTl.Ol;ieSj Place Of Home^ School., Church boosts bring price boosts. And. as , flammation of the bladder must be nr-'ces oush on uoward. workers looked upon as a symptom of ' ... , . , .. , . , :,, a that . h eir earnings buv : something wrong elsewhere rather 'beral and or.e of the most be- j may well prove wortt sga.n "«»·*' " as a disease in itself. When I lovea men m Washington - was November. It was the . · e new «·» de^ than less. So the.e are new wage ce- manes. s?reaa:ng throughoa. in- , -. Meanwmie hardsh! P s grow I the West.. | bosses capitulated and Alben Barkley--a real-for-sure j man now has the nomination thles the abolit symptoms as those mentioned j offended that he should be treated [ the two thirds rule in 1936 which . goina to be dull after all. a - .^ yhoujd not be neglect . | like a pawn -n a game worse for those who depend on ^^ serious con ' dit j O a is Dre sent fixed incomes and salaries, savings · wh ; c }, yhould be promptly diagnos- d and proper!v treated. · · * Note: Dr. Jordan is unable to i answer individual questions from ; melt away as the value of the dol- 1 lar declines, insurance policies no longer give the protection they | once did. The country is in a boom now.' readers However, each day he will j But inflation is twisting the eco- ', answer one of ihe most frequently nc-mic structure out of shape. If asked questions in this column. the process goes on much longer, -j^g DOCTOR ANSWERS: v frcouently mean that i The Barkley affair came on the | heels of a flat turn-down from i f Justice W. O. Douglas. The west- i era idealist was the number one j choice of the big citv politicians-- | Mayor BiU O'Dwyer of New York, j Colonel the old saved the day for Mr. Truman this '· (Reproduction Rights T|/"I, ^ W ilO T si 1 O j people. All your life you will have . People Mare Prosperous j io rub shoulders with your fellow | Certainly the ceoole r.ov.- - ; creatures. Find out how to give! muc h more in food. c!o:hin j learning trades, but the wage ant ... v,,.p' hour laws discourage emnloyen »· n«vc . . . ..-. _, - _ ^ | from building new plants and ex- financially b e t t e r i h a v e ~ l nomes j .Be brai-e. Don't let anything in over half the fam- Ir. long distance telephone calls to Washington and Philadelphia. Justice Douglas made his position I clear. He said. "I believe it is a readjustment will be inevitable j QUESTION: Someone told me | more important to me. as a liberal. --ana the longer it goes on the \ that snapping, cracking joints is j to serve on the Supreme Court than j life down you. The people ·who | Clarke, and John Bartgis do sup- j win out in life are the stout-heart"The Man Who Came to Dinner." I porting roles to knit the production 1 ed who can endure. Have the cour- By BETTY SULLIVAN a vulgar, uninhibited, boorish cad. i into good entertainment. WTttArmfA^T? «»Tr»nirtey elannor! n Rfar»n fiX'Al- tH*» ^rtofli Wednesday evening slapped a Mountain Theater audience around more painful that readjustment j the first stage of arthritis. Is this will be. with invective, innuendo, and pro- fective and eye rewarding. There's fanity and said audience, once it i a splashy Christmas tree and the age to dare to go after what you Seen over the footlights the j v.-ant and Sght for it until you eet broadcast scene is especially ef- it. It is the cowards in life who Training In Sports true? ANSWER: No. Snapping. crack- One very valuable feature of ; ments across the joints" surface, athletic sports is found in the train- j . ing they give people in the use of . ing joints are more or less normal j tion's desperation was a casual re! and represent the sliding of liga-' mark by Colonel Arvey early in to be .the Democratic Party's choice got over being startled and seit'ed! red cassocks of St. John's choir for Vice President." ' - . _ . . . The tip-off on the Administra ! down to being pleasantly shocked, j boys are worked into a harmon- - ! loved it. The unexpurgated so- j i'ing picture of yule cheer. Their their physical and mental powers- LICEXSE ISSUED A marriage license was issued In the sports in which, quickness of H agersto\vn to Jairus W. Staton. 34. thought and action is a leading fac- j TRTniiamsport. and Audrey B. tor, the power to do things with in- s c hultz. 26. Frederick. stantaneous speed is truly amazing. In baseball games, for instance, i Fifty Years Ago the fielder has to show a wonder- j ful quickness to sieze the bouncing i Local Items From The Columns ball and get it to the base before · Of The News July 15, 1898. the runner gets there. In football j a similar speed of thought and action is developed, as the player running with the ball has to dodge this way and that, and frequently change his course, to avoid those i who are trying io intercept him. j In games where there is no such = demand for speed, success depends largely upon the coordination the body, and a complete control, t en d ere d his relatives in this city j the convention, "The White House has decided to take a hands-off stand on the ". P. It's too hard to find a candidate." When this word leaked out. fav- orits sons peeked out from the bushes like rabbits on a moonlight night. Indiana, the breeder of Vice Presidents, pushed out its un- bashful Sam Jackson, the man whose heavy gavel stopped the Henry Wallace demonstration at the 1944 convention. j Awkward Moment--In the Main i Street of the Democrat convention _ _ OF THE SURRENDER --the lobby of the" Bellevue-Strat- of Santiago was received in Fred- : ford Hotel---Les Biffle. one of the crick with great enthusiasm, j three king-makers of the conven- Bells were rung, steam whistles ! tion. was talking to some reporters, blew and there was a demonstra- j He had just said. "My own per- tion of joy as the news reached ' sonal choice for Vice President is here vesterday afternoon. The Alben Barkley." chimes pealed forth patriotic ' At that moment. Senator Joe airs and fireworks were set off. \ O'Mahoney of Wyoming, a can- with business suspended. ! didate for the second spot, walked o £ ' COL. W E SINN. OF NEW YORK. I «P- haiicd , the smal1 'oup merrily rol, ,,,,,,,-,,--, h! = r* 3 tiv« 5n t h i , r i t v ; with, "tt ell. what are you folks Of its motions. Golf players, for; instance, show a wonderful con- ] trol over their motions, when af- j ter accurately estimating the dis- i tance they have to cover, they crop \ the a trolley ride to B r a d d o c k j Heights in a "special car last night. Tne car was with flags and had quite a supply of firsivorks. about?" The reporters Les hat pleasant weather it is for July." P. S. Mayor Dave Lawrence of *_cn jciai i ~ «. ., . decorated shifted their feet ifnsasily. a sunniv ! finally said. "We were saying w phisticated version" of the Moss I sweet caroling of a familiar Christmas number is a pretty background ilies have automobiles and most children go to h i g h s c h o o l . Whether t h e s e young people are are failures. They are defeated be- any happier than fore they never begin. xve were, is ques- Above all. don't make the fatal ! tionable. A ride ! day. mistake of marrying too young. You will think you are in love many times while you are still in your adolescence. These heart- Hart-George Kauffman comedy is chuck full of risque lines but its very unsubtle humor sent the local opening night audience home in high good spirits. Amos Harper, of Hagerstown. is "The Man" whose picturesque corn- ! Mark Hoke. Michael Kennedy and i before you burden yourself with a Almost all are depending jupon something apart from theii j own brain, thrift and energy to I support them. It may be a state I law. a labor union, a pension or ~ some stocks and bonds.--or perhap I Uncle Sam: Courage is lacking. Thi ; present habit of avoiding persona I resDonsibiliiy for one's troubles will someday cause a smash. Education Is Worse . The most dangerous change L - _ ,, , , , . : the source of education. In rm. is^no more fun toaay at 2o: boyhood our education came froni ^ a *i^* a n! j'l A n my aay - i the home, ihe school and the ^i-^^S "* *-=*' T ^- ^ese great insti on a merry-go- Roger Babsen mand of phrase and insult car- Charles Wells. ries the play and he handles a de- j The play is Amos Harper's suc- manding role with aplomb and ! cess but the able support of a good distinction. On stage virtually ' cast makes it super entertainment. wife and children. Under Heaven there is no other sight more piteous than that of a fine young man who is swamped in throughout the long three acts.; Wednesday night's audience de- j a sea of debt, whose ambitions have Harper's role of Sheridan White- ! serves a good word on its own for been blighted and who is tired of side represents a prodisious j o b } desnite heavy rain, it was hearten- of mastering lines In figure not j ingly large, and by its insistence unlike the late Alexander Wooll- j on curtsin calls indicated it was F cott of ivhorn Whitesice is an acid ; '-veil repaid 'for the effort of getting i and caricature. Harper supplements his | to the mountain. The Mountain native qualifications for the role i Theater this year has a fine com- with a talent developed by years j pany producing top drawer enter- of theatrical doings. He's a natural ! tainment and Director James Deck- ! md comics. None o te cnam stores Have aiso = £hese ^^ when t was a b goods to the people for l T f c e v must be coatrclle( i or God curse of liquo b brought less money although they are hard j hellj - Alneric2 on .ne local merchants for v.-non, - enou h but the liouor T , . , . _ , _ · i A«= we'_t cii V^ y ifl- EOrri :- Surely ' lf sorne !lem is no worse now than during of the old ume storekeepers snculd j my boyhood . O ur school commit the wife he has outgrown, all because he married too young. Follow these sugeestions. son. id trouble never will be knock- j ing at your door. meleaseti by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) come back they never would rec- ! - ognize Msia street, bordered en j tees are asleep. both sides with flashy "chains," automobiles and gas stations. Perhaps this flood of so-called · comics 'I refer to the pamphlets-- j not to the newspaper strips) areper Opportunities Are Less j haps the greatest new ctaager whict The freedom and opportunities 11 notice. Fifty years ago one coulc which we boys had fifty years ago | get the "Police Gazette" IE mosi no longer exist. Not only is it barber shops sad saloons, but thes worth the :ent of bulky audiences. ! From the theater point of view ! -! Questions And Ansicer* for Whiteside. j As a greedy, malicious, meddling egocentric Harper does a top char- j acterization to inspire a desire for ; this week's show is the season's I Q--T S there an un-^p-^rminrl «as anc.i-ai.u . v , v ,-..-,,,,,.« in - ,?.,._ v,,* ;* ;^ ^^C«;.*T *t---z i.iie.e dn un^e ts rouna pas- oa e witn vrnom you aeai. irom zne i ci inese lerrioie puoiicaiions: oa murder ana mayhem. He s aoi_. i cest to aa.e but i. 35 definitely sage from the Caoitol to the White Liirsr «-ho takescaTM of vou- bab- ' then ni°ase-hji~i th»--' You wU assisted by a large cast, the resident | adult, no proper diet for children j House? ' ! * "' ; P "" ^ dimcuii now to get a good job without belonging to a labor union. snops new "comic" magazines are everywhere snd are very much worse but almost every trade is governed I wish every reader of this coltuni by laws and regulations. Every- i v.-ou!d buy snd read a half dozer 1. from the ! of these terrible publications: ba players whose %vork all summer has j or gentle maiden aunts. Its sophis- been so pleasantlv diverting, and a i ti-ated and lines make a been so pleasantly diverting, number of local amateurs The surprise of the show is Pa- j ; droll story for mature people. underground passage. A--The White House and the Capitol are not connected by an tricia Grube. seen previously this, \ O n-SuppOrt, Traffic season in minor roles, who does tne J ^ . * " Heard Todav j Q--How old is the game of chess? j A--The origin of the game of i chess is undoubtedly Oriental, but jits date is lost in antiquitv. Terms -support cases tried ; connected with it are found in the te Magistrate Ed- | Sanscrit, as well as other Asiatic in Peoples Court languages. A game essentiallv the. ning verdicts of guilty ', same as modern chess was played to the undertaker who burns you. ! soon realize that these cursed comi must register and have a license. | magazines are responsible for mos This applies to druggists, plumbers ' of today's juvenile delinquency. ATTENDED FEEDING COUNCIL ; " Charles Holland of the Maryland } Chick Hatchery. Inc . recently at- j Situation- In making a purchase {ended a ^^^ Deeding Advis- a f - isnd °' yours is torn between _ ., , . ... _ . ' tv.-o choices. - thing to develop its powers. Such control over its motions develops; the beautiful skilled work done in so many arts. When a sirr.ilar; power is used to develop skill ic sports, the player is given great pleasure in this healthful recreation. It gives the spectators plea.*- ure to see this play cone with such ssiH. Many are thereby induced to try to develop their own power, and obtain healthful recreation these splendid sports. LONGING to the Fr . -- - - . . . . worm-like turnabout and usss a imee .i ng ana medicine show con- cho - ce nhrases on the maslcr . ! children. and the defendants j n Hindostan nearlr 5.000 vears ago make weekly pay- j ory Council sponsored by the Ralston Purina Company and held at the Francis Scott Key Hotel. Holland was one of 21 men selected , from Purina dealers' stores in minor · Marvland. Virginia and New Jer- the nearest fixed j ^ " fo ^ tfais_ training course. This Council at r reaericic was the sec- ' vrong way: After she has aer selection you say- "I'm so glad you bought the one you did. I scared to death you were going t buy the other and I thought it was Right way: Say only that you Ihink siis mads a wise choice. If you Novitiate was going out to thc ducted with all the privacy of a ,, niaht when darkness is around us. N. A. LUF3UHRO W. ult He was charged in a warrant captain. Frar.k Little. l:eu- stomping their feet rhythmically. J o { Whiteside. Always decorative nant. George Hooper. OFFICERS INSTALLED Samaritan Rsbekah Lodge No 51 aeld its regular meeting Friday Juiy 9 with Noble Grand Mildred Stitely presiding. The highlight of the evening: -was the instaliaton o: new oScefs for the ensuing term. Desuty President Katharine ZVIar- Kjor "-as :a charge c£ the inslalia- tior.. ass^ted by Deputy Marshall Sadie "wiilard and the folsowing installing stsff- Warden. Letitia .QJ Stale"-' Chatjlain. Ethc: Renn: In- , . . . sice Gi:ard:ar.. Mary Ansfieberger: STRUCK 3Y AN AUTOMOBILE w u consisico. or ma.tsr.g a s.a.e- {ro:n chas j ng as he carted across the street mcnt - thcn *TM^TMS slowly. Ah Yorrrc J eUfS Items From ins Columns News. Jnlv 15. 192S. The action brought Governor Ben hp"« a browbeaten secretary -,vho ' Lar.ey of Arkansas scurrying out F -fters nobly. to the speaker's stand. A spirit of t Brad McCall does a nicely \\ as brought to :he cau- p! aTir!e( 3 3ri ^ executer. sstire on or.e cus by a lesn. Ichabod Crane-typ- : ~ Q ; .,,,, j.. a g Xarx brothers when humorist He was introduced as as p' a ^jo '-' h:s f ° r e " v v i f e - K32el '. Carey, also of Baltimore. Upon cine divorced in 1941, it was tes- f.ed that Carey was ordered by :e Circuit Court here to pay S5 -.veek tov.-ard the support of the of London, from 1603 to 1615 _ history is a fine specimen of £.ng- ; lish stvle in that era. i - * * i Q--How did Memorial or Dec- · oration Day orignate? j A--The day was first set aside: And What A Relief _, . . . . . . . * .. TT - ***' *-"*** 'j 1 -* ** v. *«-«.» j.*.- ..i.. ---.- ..-·*.- «*^. , ,., «~-^i -T_ j j_-.ff ^a j.i_ A ·* ·* ***^ \Af* * ««ia ii*. ov j%- *· ?^i\j;^- "vVni Roscrs o:_ Mississippi His ' muwlcd a:Tairs ar:d takcs .^ c out -ai-;. The mother .es.iSed tha* n . he Southern states for fee pur . snd Outside Guardian. Katherine Fogla Miss Zlizabeta Krise was iurtalled as Noble Grand ar.d Mr? H Shook Center Frances VanFcssen as Vice Grand knocked dovrr. but In appreciation for ths v.-ork done hurt. in her term. Mrs. St.tely was J.TR. RICHARD RAMSBURG. WHO showered with gifts from the mem- has bcs - su - er:n g w: th an injur- Karold Shock. 4. son of Frank street, was not seriously bsrs. he close of fr«shmsiits -,vere served. regular meeting will July 23. lodge re- Tha next be held ed knee, is imsrovins nicely. Mr Ramsburg recently undcracr.: an Q^" .T obns ^ O n" o f" 5'." c'V tried' operation or.^h-.s Knes 3 ftcr tear- s:eal the show {rorn hjrrl br:ng down the house. The cratory was provided by Governor Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who started out slov. ly and wound up in good oic fashioned hel! raisins. But ever. then, his political rival. Senator to fenaies aoou: tr.c set to maneuver Lorraine's fortunate defeat. Barnet Biro is Beverly Carito-. the last payment was made in April r; 1945 Edwin F. Nikirk was the profsciitins attorney in both cases In a traffic case before Mas:;- : pose of decorating the graves of j Civil War veterans. On May 5. 1863.; Gen. John Logan, then Cornnaander- - *. r, - , - ^ o: th Grana Army ot tne; my i The Weather :'A11 time DST Precipitation for 24 hours ending at 3 a. m. today--10 of an inch. Precipitation. July to date -- .56 of an inch. Normal Julv precipitation. 3.97, inches: actual, July ·"' inches. Excess in 1948 precipitation to ing a cartilage while playing basketball. THERE WERE 168 Tnere ' cornstarch in his hair, dons a mus is no love lost between the two. j tache. and wins approval as the When the Governor was starting ! impo'ently stormir.c Mr Star-ley. bv BOYS AND out. Johnston made a grand en- unwilling and writhing host to ' . % .e tra:e Manuel M. Wemberg todav. " ' ;-o 5/1 triotic service during the Ameri*'Collateral forefeitures were made ,' can ^volution. C J r . Sykes- . ,, Te ^^ f -.^ 0 n a n :]] S6 ' r.ual summer picnic of the Fisk people. Jimmy Roosevelt. Most of j Frederick's own Walker JolhfFs Bicycle Club, sponsored by J. the reporters and photographers squeezes torne go xi comedy out of Paul Delphy. which was held at made a grand surge to the Senator. , the role of Dr. Bradley, the ir.ept Reich's Ford Winners of van-"The delegates craned their necks, j physician with literaiy tendencies. A -- John Adams, who lived to be 90 - July I--5.41 inches- Senator Johnston planned High temperature yesterday--80 ' High temperature a year ago--88 Low temperature last night--67 Low temperature a year ago--66 Condition of rivers: Monocacy muddy at Buckeystcwn Dam; Poto- at Knoxville. 'MISS C A T H E R I N E FOGLE. WalKersville. a high school graduate this year, has succeeded Miss Katherine Sunday as secretary of Mrs. Michael E. Pue. I (Copyright 1948. by Globe Synd.) ARIZONA'S HIGHEST Humphreys Peak is the highest executive secretary of the local' point in Arizona. It is an extinct branch of the Maryland Children's Aid Society. volcano rising to 12.611 fee^ in the San Francisco mountains. Q--What President af the United ·^-ceed- States lived the longest" inc 30. S^S.45: Normine W. Wat- 1 kins Pittsburgh. Pa., exceeding SI I 45- Wallace B. Landes. Waynes- i _ ,, ." , ,. ., . . boro. Pa . exceeding 50. SH 45: Guv ; Q-How long have liquid-fuel | rockets been known? ·The world's first successful fuel rocket was fired at Au- Martinsburg. W. Va . manasss to in- j bor ^ ' excPe dinp 50. '$6 45: Leo J. burr " :VIas5 · on M »«*, 16 ' 1926 ' still a bit of menace into Miss Stan-; wi ^ 5ski . Mt . Pleasant, Pa. reck- ^ _ . . . , . . IPV as Tirpnarafmn f^r Kolidt-i'K'irt i . . . . » ,, . . . * . - · · · . * O--T^ rhiirrn mpmDersniD IT . , . , . . , , _ as preparation for believable j less dr ; v5ne . sn 45 Troouers Mut- identification with an axe whacking i chner and A D Hasenbuhler made crime. Adele Fortin. Roger Allen. William Stultz. Irma Scverin. Gloria Gosnell. Lucy Stoner, Don Koll. the arrests. Q--Is church membership in the United States increasing or decreas- A--Statistics show that more peo- "^ Charles Trail, Jerry Ellis. Xed I million tons of dry fueL .. . Tn the United States, the supply j pie in the United States have their of i/eat is estimated to contain 12 | names on church rolls than at any itime in the ration's history. INEWSPAPERif

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