The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 29, 1951 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1951
Page 16
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Vets 9 And drafted Guide IAJOE THOMAS M. NIAL .SHINGTON, Nov. 26--One iy important item/ of business ,rcss will take up when it gets } to Washington in January is - «y increase for servicemen, ie bill the House Armed Ser- o.s Committee voted out would /e a 10 per cent hike in basic . .y and subsistence and approximately 10 per cent in quarters al- owance. Everybody, from~a lowly draftee right up to Generals Eisenhower ind MacArthur, can figure what .heir new basic pay would be by lust adding 10 per cent. k A brand new draftee now draws ¥15 a month; he would draw $82 50 if the new bill is enacted as writ,en. All 1hose drawing retired pay from the services also would get ihe 10 per cent increase, whether it be reserve or regular retirement Day, or for disability or length of service. However, if you're a de- Dendent drawing a Class Q allotment from an enlisted man in service, the check you yourself would get would NOT be increased 10 ^oer cent. That increase would apply only to that part contributed by the government. For example an Anny PFC with two dependents now may have $40 deducted from his pay each month for the Class Q allotment The government adds $67.50 and his de- pendents now got * monthly check for $107.50. If the new bill Is enacted. Uncle Sam's part of the check would be increased from $67.50 to $74.10. His dependents would get $114.10 instead of their present $107.50. When the Defense Department firs* pioposed the bill to Congress it asked that the pay increase be made retroactive to last July 1, But the bill which came out of committee would put the increase into effect the first day of the month following the day the President signs it. Another bill Congress will take up is the Armed Forces Reserve Bill. One item in it has to dp with uniform allowances for officers, which presently vary greatly among the different services. The new reserve bill, among all the other tilings it would do to revamp the reserves, would make officers' uniform gratuities the same in all services. If the House version is enacted, newly appointed officers will get $200 uniform allowance when they first report for active duty and $50 33-35 SOUTH MARKET ST. SAM MILLER'S Army Shoes and Slippers 52.98 Army Fatigue Pants §1.50-52.98 New Work Shoes $1.98 Army Khaki Pants Shirts $1.98 Dress Work Slippers $4.98 New Army Khaki Pants $3.45 T-Shirts *9« House Paint gal. $1.98 There's relaxation and contentment in a cup of good coffee. And this fine coffee is really good. · ·i7A;«CfS^^^%!?^^·:':-:»»..S^-?·T.:J;v.^^v:^··:.*·ffl//feN^?^ J i ; -.? - r PRICES EFFECTIVE NOV. 29 30, DEC- 1 MEAT SPECIALS NEW LOW PRICES Ib. Ib. Ib. FRESH PORK SHOULDERS » 39 LEAN GROUND FRESH FROZEN; COUNTRY LARD . . 2«»39 SK 12-oz. B C CAN HF^C DURKEE'S IVIARGARIfiE Q ^ss. 2^-57* DORSET'S BACKBONE i°.39c Ib. LEAK SMOKED SHOULDERS »b 39c OCEAN FRESH SEAFOOD OYSTERS In The Shell *«.5a STANDARDS PINT H.G. FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT cuw « SALTY LAKE WHITE FISH » 25 FRUIT AND VEGETABLES " LOCAL KALE STAYMAN APPLES * LOCAL TURNIPS . . 3ib LARGE CHESTNUTS ORANGES FOR JUICE 2 ' FREE and EASY PARKING GROCERY SPECIALS GILL'S COFFEE with COUP on 79 Coupons Are Available At Our Store JELLO PUDDING Early June PEAS 2»° MOTHER'S OATS»«ora., WATKINSSALT ^b,,55c 50-lb. LARD CANS . IMITATION PEPPER Yellow Corn MEAL s-H,.b.,39c SEEDLESS RAISINS ASST. GUM DROPS 3 pM- 23 c 303 cans 23 C O 7 ]. box O « c . bag 99 C each 59 C rb 69c b.bag /5 C - pkg. 19c ib. 19c after completing every four years "satisfactory reserv* service". Furthermore, $100 would be paid officers who have gone, or will KO, on active duty since June 27. 1950, i-nless they tl) returned within two years after a previous active tour or C2) had iccewed a uniform allowance of $200 or more within two years prior to going on active duty this time. Another item which comes under the heading of pay has to do with taxes. As you may know, taxes were raised on Nov. 1, and servicemen like civilians now have more withheld from their pay. Where the new draftee claiming just himself as a withholding tax exemption used to have $3.30 with- held by the government each month, he now has $3.70 withheld. None of a s.erviceman's quarters or subsistence allowances is withheld. (You may write Mujor Null care of this newspaper about your own service-connected question. En- a sell-addressed stamped envelope ) Women's Clubs Gaiubrill Park Iloiurtnakcrs Club Lighting the study center was the subject of Home Demonstration Agent Miss Beatrice Fehr to the Gambrill Park Horuemakers club Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Roy Wltmer. There were eighteen memberi «nrf »nw visitor present. The meeting was opened with Mrs. John Harris, Sr., president, presiding. Scripture was rend and prayer was offered by Mrs. Leslie Masser. The director's repoit wns rflvon by Mrs. William R. Uio'.s Twenty-five dollars wns the profit at a food sale held Nov. 21 in Frederick, A committee was appointed to make arrangements for the Christmas party to be held Deo. 10 at the home ot Mrs. Alma Punk. The committee consists of Mrs. Richard Masser, Mrs. Pauline Stitcly. Mrs Christ Schmitt and Mrs. George Shafer. Committees were named for 1952. The door prk* wai won by Mri. Jennie Masser. Buekeystown HoiiifmuUcrs Club Mrs, Jesse S. Flfer, foods chairman, gave an interesting demonstration on "Teasers From The Freem s 1 ' before the Buckeystown Women's Club at the November meeting. Mrs. J. C. White was hostess. Mrs Wm. 11. Zimmerman, president, opened tne meeting by having all repeat the American Creed followed by "Saluto to the Flag." Mrs-. G. L. Thomas, Jr., gave a director's report. Roll call was answered by 18 The Ncwtt, Frederick, Md., ThuraiUjr, November 29, 19Si THJUEB members with Miss Marie Hick- mnn as Mrs. E. l\. Nlcodemus, historian, gave her report for 1951. Mrs. Wm. Uuteler wus appointed Civil Defense leader and Mrs. Geo. Hllderbrand assistant secretary. The following officers were elected for 1952. Mrs. E. Earl Reinsbcrg, president: Mrs, Jesse S. Fifer, vice president; Sirs. Uusscll 2. Horman. seereinry; Mrs. Ned Zciler, treasurer, and Mrs. Wm. H. Zimmerman, director. Donations were*, made to the Children's Aid and the Hospital. Mrs-. Willis stated that about ten of the Buckeystown boyi bad Joined the Adatnstown 4-K Club. Mrs. Rodney Kelley is taking names of those who wish to attend the luncheon on Jan. 22 at the Fran, els Scott Key Hotel in observance of the club's 30th anniversary. Emergency Hospital white gifts will be received at the next meeting which will be the Christmac party on Friday, Dec, 21, at 2 p, m. at the home of Mrs. Harry Renuc berg. The number of persons per household has declined in the United States from 5.6 in 1850 to 3.5 In 1930. ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! B R O M O S E L T Z E R (t-Ounco Bottle $1.40 Valuo . ,. While Quantity Lasts **OM NEW CHRISTMAS TOYS SERVICE DRUG STORES] INC SMALL CIRCUS ZOO PLASTIC COX T - CRE1) A N I M A L S that are cotton filled, washable and snnltury Assoitmcnt includes D O R . Horse, Zebra or G u a f f c ior you to CHOOM: from. Each one is gaily colored and appropriately dozened. CLIMBING TRACTOR of briRlitt.v colored lithoKruphcd stci-l thai s so durable. Rubbi'i tiends \ \ o n l surlaces, Lone-running m e c hnnk'nl motor Has v e r y po\veltul s n o w % plow thnt reqlly « pushes loads. Will t!o up on incline, too '.29 ' PHONE 1218 100 N. MARKET ST. PHONE 605 18 W. PATRICK ST ATTENTION: Certain Toilet Preparations, LuRKaptc, Billfolds, etc., and Jewelry subject to 20% tax under Federal Internal Revenue Act effective April 1, 1944. Alarm Clocks retailing at not more than $5.00 and -watches retailing at not more than SGS.OO subject to 10% tax; all others taxed 20%. Right Reserved To Limit Quantltici SMALL TUV 9-PIFCi; KITCHEN SET with everything you need in the kitchen Metnl with wooden handles Set include:, slotted spoon, mixing hpoon p e e l e r , spatula, masher. eRg bent- ff* tiffifa cr, grinder, flat |u| 3*9? n blade knife nnd mm SjB ^* .slotted spatula ^^ ^"^ 1 LYING SAUCOt GUN v.Hh liner llyiiiRtops. As you shoot the tops from the nun. thov l!y bif.h and land spinning G n i 1 y toloix-d plastic Lots ol i u n foi c h i l d i c n i n d Crown-lips Imri it h n i d to le- sist K T Y i ; V K N . . . x v , - (i i i... n icnl "diemviy" sot oC silver and blue in which Is iH-stk'cl f u l l slKC-s ot Perfume. Ban do Cologne. Talcum, Lipstick mid Hougc Compact ,.00 K V K N I N G IN PARIS f J H ' T Sl'T In n suucy Sniloi .s lint with i cd uoiiipon on lop, ii which there nrr f u l l t,lrci o f Up'-tick, K « c c Powder. Jai of Talcum, Enu tl e CoIORni'. Perfume line) Perfume Falcon. 8.50 CAR WITH MECHANICAL MOTOR TOY BY MARX itnvi.oN "111011 FLYI:R" KI/ rtltli every thing you need for oompletc tnnnicurc IncludinR 2' ,h:iJi-s of Nail Enamel, Adheron Cuticle nnd Pol-, ish R c m o v c r p l u s RevlonV o w n i m p 1 c- ( mcnts. 5.95' r. v r N i N G I N PAtllS SET con- liilns PIIIBC M7«" o f Perfume nnd Cologne iiiui InrKo j«r ot Talcum in n linndsotni 1 B l f l box $ 2.50 TEK HAIR BRUSHES Assorted Colors Jewelite Clothes Brushes Assorted Colors $ 1.95 _--~^^l^^^l^^^_ ^^^i^^^^^B SENTINEL PAL Alarm Clocks 1'l.iln Dial '3.95 J'lus Tax Chic Jr. Electric HAIR Dryers $ 498 i l k SPECIAL THRU SATURDAY Mammy Lou Milk Chocolate Covered BRAZIL NUTS or 4 '^-Ounces C Each Thru Saturday Only! See Your Savings Grow! G L A S S C O I N iHorehoundL--il DRUGGISTS EXTRA STRENGTH D R O P S Pound Cellophane Bag 20 By 40 Inch Size T O W E L S Assorted colors in the heavy woven hlvlc. 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NASAL SPRAY 2-Ounces 'with Dropper SHARPE DOHME SUCRETS For the throat, package of 24 65c MISTOL NOSE DROPS Plain or with Ephedrinc, 2-OuWnccs FOUR-WAY COLD TABLETS Box of 12, At Peoples MILBURN COLD CAPSULES Box of 12 SCOTFS EMULSION »tmt «ut«»'Wi cmuvtH on SooniK of n Nationally Advertised 15c Brand. FACTORY SMOKERS DUKES SIGARS SMOKERS Box Of 50 $Q.59 30 TIFFANY Queens C I G A R S KONSON POCKET LIGHTERS A blend of c h o i c e t o - baccos f o r your smoking pleasure Special thru S a t u r d a y only! . Box of 50 V a r i e t y ol smart, easy t o l i g h t .styles to select from. $0,60 6 To $1.59 · $ Thur Saturday 10 .00 PLASTI- LINERS Kefit and tighten false t e e t h with Bnmm's Plasti-Liner. Ends the mess and bother of temp o r a r y applications. Lets you eat and talk comfortably without the embarrassment and disc o m f o r t of slipping, chaffing plates. PUSH-LINER W i L D R O O T CREAM OIL HAIR TONIC WILDROOT CREAM OIL H A I P T O N I C S C O T T ' S EMULSION 4 times easier to digest than ordinary cod liver oil. Very rich in Vitamins A and D, 6'.t-Ounce Bottle Peerless Ironing: Board PADS ^BARGAINS DOROTHY GRAY, LOTIONS WEATti LOTIf An Opportunity to Save .$3.98 On These 22-Inch SAYCO MAMA DOLLS I N o n-AlcoholiC. | Lanolin. 8-Ounce Bottle Contains ?S?affBOU aVT.hocT ll^ft^c and '^*. ·^F-^L^VUCOi^ Her soft hair may be washed and curled. S h e is completely dressed with slip, pan- hair ribbon SPECWTl DRY? lOTlC .95 VALUE SA.99 is jflan ... One for One Plate . S MOD Sanitary Napkins Box of 48 $ 1.49 UOUII CRIAM WILDROOT LIQUID CREAM SHAMPOO Gives abundant lather. Rinses o u t readily, l e a v i n g your hair "squeekie clean." g-Ounc* Bottle BICYCLE PLAYING CARDS r CANASTA TURN-N-PLAY, TRAYS KMMC B LtJSTERY W E A T HER for skin that is rough. S P E C I A L D R Y S K I N for sensitive, f 1 a ky skins. E S T R O- GENIC HORMONE contains special i ngredients $2.00 Bottle $' Each The amount of year purchase at any Peopies Drug Store will be punched on a card. When it is completely punched, a total of $5.00. you may secure this adorable doll for only $4.99. WILLIAMS AQUA VELVA, for After Shaving 5-Ouncci FASTEETH Dental Plate POWDE To help kee_ p l a t e s from rocking a n c slipping. Nc u n p 1 e n san taste. 2-Ounc« Size SFASTEETH DOROTHY GRAY CELLOGEN CREAM Contains natural hormones that your skin can absorb. Excellent f o r a night cream. Helps correct that faded, sallow loolt. $1.75 JAB RWSPA.PERI

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