The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 25, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 5
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I WtDNUDAY. JULY tft, 1*34 Veteran Congress men Lose As Votes \Are Counted In Oklahoma Primary McKeown and Jim MeClintie Are Beaten For Nomination* OKLAHOMA CITY. (SV-Oklahoma I>«mocratic voters /"x-ed" out the names of two veteran con- crecamen in Tuesday's runoff primary, unofficial returns Wednesday showed- .Tom McKeown. who first won his fourth district seat in ISIS by "Alfalfa. 8U1" Murray, now governor, "and Jim \ r . Mc- Clinlic. member of the powerful _ _ ways and means committee xwho has represented the seventh district for 20 years, were beaten, McKeown went down before the ,_5COnd onslaught of P- I*. Cassa- : way. Coalgate's colorful "cowboy" judge, whose crackling wit. high- heeled boots, ten-gallon hat and black, string: tie are always with him. McCHntic bowed to Sam Massin- veteran Cordell attorney. ;Ma*iinsale, a staunch friend of Murray, ran without the B endorsement, which in instancea. proved a boomerang. Jack Kichols. Sufaula attorney, won the second district nomination to succeed the retiring incumbent. W. W. Hastings of Tahlequaa. His opponent. Fhill K. Oldham, Mus - koyee county attorney, was first of the losing candidates to concede defeat. • "I am very much pleased at the outcome." Will Rogers, congress- jnaxL-at-large. commented on his rac* t or renomination against Henry S. Johnston, impeached and removed as governor five years ago. Returns from 1.560 of 3,354 precincts gave Rogers 91.D4S. Jolzns- Other incumbent congressmen, •W51bnm Cartwrigbt and Jed Johnton, apparently won renominatlon. 'Johnson had. a nip-asd-tuck race , tie seventh district. 194 of 3 S3 >r*clacts givins him 14.252 v~tes to 1T T 391 for Jess Larson, yor.^ •x-xnayor of Chickasha- Jtt th* eignth. where E. TV. Xarland retired in order to win -th» governor's nomination, J- M. C«tttry mad Phil Ferguson were *&gaced in a. close race for the democratic nomination. Tls* remaining coagreasional nominations, in the first And fifth district*, were won in the first primary respectively by Rep, Wesl«y IHfflsey and Jo*h Lee. TJniver- *dty Of Oklahoma speaking P^o- who defeated Rep. F- Be CHICAGO. (&}•— Coin and wheat rose late Wednesday about 2% cents above Tuesday's finish, influenced largely by prediction* that 1934 corn production would be the smallest since 1901. Corn reached new top quota- tioius for the season. Reports of irreparable damage to corn were asserted by some specialists to indicate 590.000,000 bushels less corn in prospect than the July 1 forecast by the government, ,with Missouri showing a drop of S9,~ 000.000 bushels in less than a month.. . . ,*• Com closed unsettled. 1 5-8 to 2 cents above Tuesday's finish; wheat firm. 1 3-S to 1 7-8 up; oats 1-4 to 5-8 advanced, and provisions showing S to 12 cents gain. Cotton Mart Opens Steady NEW OR3UEANS. (S 3 ?.—Cotton opened steady "Wednesday, river- pool cables were -worse than due but the local market started 3 points up-on October and' E>ecem- ber due TO short covering on" the belief that Texas rains as a result of the gulf storm had been discounted. July opened 7 points down on the issue of a few final notices for delivery, as that option expired at noon "Wednesday. The active months, after losing one to two points after the start, soon allied, October trading at 12.77 and December at 12,89, or 4 to 5 points above Tuesday's close. Futures closed barely steady at net advances of one to three points. !*ayn«v "who raced across the nation ia 132S ahead of the "Bttaion J>erby" to "win $25,090, outfooted Gus Pool, incumbent. In th* rac« for suprern* court derk- 'iteturns from.. 2.2.71 of 3.354 -pre- eincts gave Payne 132,574. Pool. More Cans Sent Here An additional 310,000 cans for the local beef canning plant have been received in the last fe«v days. Pat -Warner. Lamar county administrator for the Texas Relief commission, said Wednesday rnorninc. Beca.use the storage fa- Peris Woman Wins first Place In State Contest Held By Texas Cities Gas First prize, in th* Lone Star its description of the modem contest, ha* been awarded by the judge* to Mr*. Ann C. Delphenis. «* South Thirty-sixth street. W. B. Cities Gas company, announced /Wednesday. Mra> Delphenis 'received » Garland Insulated gas range with automatic oven heat control, an Electrolui X&M refrigerator, and a Ruud automatic gas •water heater. Presentation was made by Mayor J. M.. Crook at the Paris office of the Texa* Cities Gas company at noon Wednesday. Mr*! Delpheni** letter won first prtee over 2,700 contestants repre- senttnr a large section of Texan The subject *"Why I Like a Modern Gas Kitchen." Judges for the contest were, three home economics authorities from leading Texas colleges. * The first prize letter was written in the form of a ahort story explaining why a sum of money supposedly Inherited from an uncle was invested is equipment fox an all «as kitchen. Judges work- mariy letters, and finally concluded that Mrs. Delphenis* letter, with BRIEFS About Town kitchen and her reason* for. ferring a. tm»' kitchen, was the best of many »pl«ndid letters. The contest was first announced in the newspapers and several mdm were run in Paris newspaper* dor- lag the- campaign which began Jane 1 *oid closed Jun* SO. Kine other major prizes were offered in the contest. and 4* minor priz-ec, were also *jiven. The prizes -wer» donated by aaanufac- turers of ca* - equipment- Other prize winners were: Mrs. Byron J. Little, Belton; Mrs. W- .S. Addis. Dallas: Mrs. Henry McCoy, Cleburne; Mrs. R. "W. Madden and Mrs. Katherine . Hal! viTray. Fort "Worth; Mrs. Mildred Haney. vTaco; Mrs. C. A. Orbeck. Clifton: Mrs. A. C. Forgay. Sweetwater, and Mrs. r>. J. Wnitsitt o* El Paso. In listing ner reasons for preferring gas for a modern kitchen. Mrs. I>el«»henis wrote her essay as if it were a personal letter to a. friend and pointed to actual experiences to prove her references to the economy, th*> dependabilits- and the speed of gas as a fuel. an<a the convenience gas equipment. of modern in EUROPE LIKES ITS MODELS BEAUTIFUL Europe, too, ha* it* pr*tty mode!* and they*r« h*!plng "teach" th« p«opl* to buy the "right" *hampoe preparation*, th* correct «ho*« and hats, and th* proper beauty aid*. Andre* Lorain (left), a photofira- p*r'« mod*!, ha* on* of the meet famous face* in Franc*. She po**> for a variety of advertisement*, and her tmiie adorn* many a magazine cover. Her ambition i* to be in the movi**. Su*i Lanner (right) *tart ed out to be a te»ch*r, but ROW *h* i* Austria'* most popular mode! and on* of the nation 7 * most beautiful girl*. Her fac« and figur* are *e*n on faiMboards throughout th* nation. Sh«, too, aspire* to a fitlm career—and Hollywood. (A**oclated Pre** Photo*} "Gas is always ready to i a, split second." she wrote. heats immediately and the beat is adjustable, not pust low. medium or high, but just where you want it for the- particular pan you are f cooking in . . . _ This is not sales * talk. 1 hav-e learned the things I mention in my own years of ex- Tilden Edwards of Coleman visited in Paris the last week end. Oklahoma Gas Thieves In Hot Water As Worm Turns is house.* Liberal sprinkling is Improving the appearance of the lawns at the. Federal building and at the county! P&rience in courthouse- 1 In presenting: ] with the first place award Wednes- Itepttty Sheriff A. W. Payne \ Say- Mayor Crook said: j went to the Powderly community! "it gives me great pleasure to i Wednesday morning to investigate j present to you. in behalf of the j the reported theft of about 609 i Texas Cities Gas Company, of Par- 1 pounds of Irish potatoes. |j s . ta is paper, which .will in turn j f present to I>eputy Sheriff Jack Reeves and I your essay Miss Eugenia Dtinlap is spend-! HUGO, Okla. — .two gasoline | ins her vacation. In Galveston- thieves picked on the wrong man's' car here Tuesday night, because Mrs. Charlie Crawford under| went a minor operation at the St. { i Joseph hospital Tuesday afternoon, j anyw...y over the tiieft of his de } ] livery car Sunday afternoon while T. Rountree , left ! he iv morning for Dallas for few days stay. Dr. Will Durham, of Cbirksviile. you first prize won by ^ a . , hj? Sanitarium In the recent contest < * MARKETS At A Glance Officer 3en "White made a } put on by tht- Gas Company in trip to Terrell "Wednesday to take | Texas «n 'Why ! like a Modern Gas Mrs. Boone Hunter has sr^ne a woman to the state asylum ; Kitchen.' ! Commerce for the" "summer "'te there. James .£. Berry, Still-water banker, scored something of an upset by beating Ray O- atate are inadequate to care for this number they have to be stored temporarily in JLoeal c*>ttoo adjustment eom- mjueemen ia the various communities of the county are busy measuring land this week. 3t is expected to require several days to complete the work. have been received by Paris officers that a reward of f" you. $2,00$ is novr being: offered for "Irs bthalf of the citizens Parts and myself. 1 desire to congratulate you upon your splendid success in the contest, and fee) sure that your letter or essay was exceedingly good, atnd we are very proud indeed to have the honor placed in Paris by your essay, and to nave won over 2700 other contestants, we are justly proud <>f Of t;,. o rm . T. S. T. C. the captur/s of Robert Pringle of cans of ] who escaped front the county jail ^future in all your endeavors.™ beef processed to Monday night at I cere some time ago. 6 o'clock ^as S2.S35, a report treasurer, for the democratic notn- j Wednesday indicated. The re- iasiSon for lieutenant srovemor.. | port-i are made up each day for * f the day preceding ari<3 so are de- T>rTCtrvr 4T 1 4O 4 l*4/TC . l«ayed In reaching the relief office, FUM1MA1AJAA KA<_JL5 f ffiakin ~ u»m i^accesibi*, SETTLED TUESDAY! Mr. Warner said Wednesday I morning h« was in need of addi- Complete Returns Indicate I "<«*-e.J pasture land for the bo*f cattle be^sr shipped to Paris. Xo cattle was recovered Wednesday, though IS cars were received Monday and Tuesday. Grady James of Oklahoma City tjie re cord for the y l present the letter, and wish for you every success in the Mrs. Delphenis, in accepting the award, said to Texas Cities Gas coirs pany. officialsr Tlctory for I*bor »cd JOUJam AXTI/SBS. Okla. Returns The administrator said he would like to secure about 20 or 2S acres of'pa*- : rure land a.* near the abattoir as » »t«:o said laud ors of Highway 24 would and 1712 for W, 1^ Anderson toj^ preferred as it would eliminate 2*41 for Horace KUlian in the t he necessity of driving the cattJe county superintendent's race, vtr- acrc=y* the road to the slaughter assurtnjr Labor a.nd Killias from 31. out of 3S precincts in P^aslinoataba counry"« runoff pri- j£a*ry Tuesday showed te the i county clerk's race 130T fcr Elvin | p^ ib i"e! I>. Self to 2255 for Earl iAbor. f t |j e ^55^,,^ K. Cfctaders for district pens. b*d 29S2 votes in this coon-j| and ty as against 1733 for H*l Welch. seek- fc«d wh!l» Wllbura Cartwrlgrb ing re-electfcn its 'i'O&S'to. 1«2 for C- C. in thjss county, thotiph William* had *Jnaorrcced bJs withdrawal. ""In tise <sjnirn,!ac5j oners races, first District, reports agr IS of its 17 J. E. Thompson 120S ' IC5S; second dis- ^ 3 of 13 boxes. box«*» to H- trict. snowed 595 for W. H. Bailey and 4SS for Hal MurrelL whOe In third district Gccrsre Hard bad 6S2 to Ed Beck's -ill. at* out of 3 boxes being: rej>ort*d. ' Senator Paul Stewart, the post of statie eorpOrS-tion TtiissJoiier carrs*?d the county with 3331 over Shaw's 130T, though early reports from over the state m!?i Shaw was leading by S.OOO In j 1912 of the state's 3352 prccinctR. 370" vote? to 275? for M. W. Gross. can. sheriff. :or Henry •with S7S9 to 3752 Bryars of Bosvcell. Jenner is assist- i sLRt county attorney and 3>uncan. deputy sheriff a? present, i Tom Basktri of Sp«ncerviile. re-; celved 912 votes to 723 for Bill Sanders of Fort Towson in the I eommissiotjers race in the east j end of the county, while in the i •wrest. Welcome Wilson, Soper. had 1220 to 961 for Mark l>sui«er of BoswelL The unofficial returns In. this county showed Hal Welch leading: Childers only three votes in the district Judce'a race. the vote standing: 292S to 2925. Out of 29 boxss Paul Stewart for state corporation commissioner had 3327 to Shaw's 1901. Consrressrcan Cartvi-risht. seeking re-election, poISed 3105 to 2125 JENNEK, DUNCAN APPEAR WINNERS for th* latter nn th* rao?. how- est bass "This morning, when W. B. to be weighed in at Lindsay's this Richards, manager of the Texas month. His catch weighed five * Cities Gas company, called me and pounds, nine ounces. The fish [ asked me if I could come to the was csught near Eagietowr,. Okla,, I g^s office at 1I:SO. 1 offered every or> a dotva^iac. i alibi possible in order to get out of — | coming:, as my baby was sick and H. O. Wlutten recently weisrhed | there were other things that jusr in a white perch at Lindsay's | seemed crying for attention. But he Sporting Goods store which weigh- ' '"^as so insistent teat finally 1 -»va.& ed two pounds, two ounces. This I S-f*^d that I had done something is the largest perch to b«' weighed I that was against all rules and res:- lr. this month. It -Bras caught on! uiations and, at last consented to a. minnow at Bagwell Lake, come. When 1 entered the office. 1 found Mr. Crook, Mayor c-f Paris, Air. Richards and R- B. 3!<?n of the Chamber of Commerce engas- cd in conversation. After Mr. — I Richards presented the Mayor, and Parents Crjted to Make School Ap- { Mr. Blanton, I immediately found pllcatiocts Earty | myself standing in front of this I model gas kitchen which is on dis- Parents of t-arnar county who I Play in the gas office- And to niy wish- to transfer children from on*> ? surprise I found that the photogra.- district to another should pher was making a flashlight of do so as early as possible. Sirs, us. after which Mr. Richards made JULY 31 IS LAST Mary Jones X.indsay. county su- a short talk and presented Mayor perimendent. «Ud«day- >TO { Crook who in turn made the presentation of the model gas kitchen. transfers can b* made a.fter July 31. CbHdren who are expected to attend schoo! during- the u«t term In. districts other than !n which they were enumerated for the scholastic census must be transferred. Forms for making tlie transfers may be obtained at the county pupcrinteiident's office. Mrs. I>indsay pointed out that ft)! children mayt he transferred if they expect to attend school in other than their home districts. whether th^y attend high school or ar.y other. BOCATA PERSONAL. County an«l Arc HUGO, Oklau. — official return-* from Choc-taw J county's 31 boxes In Tuesday** j runoff election showe-* RaJph Jon-1 Fo»tmast*r Sdsrar I4;tTc of Cav- was chowsn state vice prs«i- j dpnt of thr Xational l^^agoc of District Po-ftmasters at the annual of the organization h*ld Monday and Tuesday. •» t>!ttl« returned from the meet: Wednesday, He h&j« served head of th* Fir** Consfr^ssfona! BOGATA,— A NEWS day revival n*r ele^te^ county attorney by ' Di*tH« tn the ors»Tj!zation. KEEP COOL — By Keeping Your Clothes FRESH AND CLEAN ! SHIRTS 'ly lOc Y«tj'\« a»> Uea hotv n^uch cooler ajia t>«tt«T it maktrs you ITS tt*«s hot sumw*'^ time to always b« dr«»*ed in fresh c!*--*s, «-J«'TJ?»3 — It's* economical, too! MEN'S SUITS AND LADIES' DRESSES «* 50< l'lf<»\Tf.S 93 AVf> m mff-tins: was begun Sunday at tJre Baptist church by the Rev. Porter »a.l of Clarke-sue, the Rev. Paul Minton. educational director of the Rrd River-Texarkaria association conducting: the ?wvtc« 9unday eve- nSnc Albert K>e!h of Wilcox, Arix,. accompanied by hi? datifrhter !><>arrithy. rnad« his first visit her» in e'jfht ypar* to hJs hrothfr. Tom They w^rr OTI th«ir way It was not until this instant that 1 found that I was tite winner in the essay contest, which was conduct- by the Texas Cities Ga* company. for the besst letter on "Why I like a ilodern Gas Kitchen.' "I feel confident that most any house wife would be overjoyed with this beautiful Electrolux and one could imasine the thriH that comes once a lifetime Sn being: presented with an Electrolux. tha beautifu! ?as range and this" new late model Rudd automatic hot water heater. "I want to say that I most deep- Sy appreciate the honor that h^s been shown sn« aad that 1 sincerely thank the Texas Cities Gas company for their most irecerous consideration of my essay and their marvelous prize, the model gas kitchen." BROTHER OF MRS. P. F. HER1SDON DIES Joe B. Is- Oaywood of of Automobile Word was received, here Wedy rnornincf of the death of { Jo* 15. C*ywood o from Chicsiro- Frank RU'hardson *n<S family of.] ar^ visiTing Mr. and Mrs. this city bro:hrr of Mrs, t*. F. Herndon of Death rssuUed from received in an autowobiie accident last Thursday. Mr, Csy- WaUcr MrDavid this Mr, and Mrs». Don Stireman wen to Wtchua. Kansas Ust week to ^ood ha-vlns had One leg &mr<u- br'.n? hofrte theSr *rrta*i dauichTers. j 'at»»d *fterx%-ar<3. Mr. Rr»d Mrm, C^otl Duncan h»v* t Mrs. Herndon left late Sunday mov*»d to Mt. \>rnon. Mr. Duncan ^>^ l-*xii>gton. where ftsneral Jx'insr rmpJoyciJ Jn work on the j 9*rvic«« will t>« he'd Thy;-ssdaj. Whit<> Oak bridsre on the MJ. Vern- j ^ r - Caywood is survived by his of Mr, on-Rotraia ro*<l, Me?vin. sm«U son Mrs. J. J. Jone* i* rlously JH from »n ir.fectr<i fi-tot. { H* *tut-*K a T>!*O* of copper wtr« 5n tt <i<»m mother, with whom "he made H- X. Winfrey underwent a major •..•;>'?rat:yn Wednesday morning at the Sanitarium of Paris. Karry Baker, Jr.. of at t'"-e Sanitarium of Paris treatment. at the ball ^arae. He batl jus- gor the car back. Chief of ?o- i ~ 1H-- Pitts having: located it in a; '.>ru^h pile on Hors» C^eek north ' j- f of Grant Monday afternoon, | J j So when Henry drove hcme in it i J^ from his confectioners Tuesdav j ' . - .. . _ , s r : j^-. - fine rotinc a c«>aple of men f ir. iii5 garage siphoning the g^.so- ! l : ne from his passenger car. he j j- a .,_ •^arr* <~ after thenn as they fled, f >i*.rc Re stopped si neis—t>ors to borro"?<r j j^>v ;i sruri! overtook one of riien a couple of blocks trorri horns. strik-:.|: him o-ver the head the police Hog Market Holds Steady KORT WORTH. <#), (U. S- Ayr.) — Hoc*: 2,200; mostly lop 4-40 paid i>y packer* for to choice track butcher*; U*ht rail ho*s 4.30, with light lights out at 3.25; bulk better 170-2S0 !b. track hogs 4L25-40; packing sows steady. 3-75 down. Cattle: 1,400 commercial, !.»*• government; calves, 1,000. commercial. 300 government; slaughter cattle steady to strong; cow* scarce and quality lacking in. other classes: grass slaughter «teex* 2.25-3.50; * fed steers 4,25. two loads &ood fed yearlings 5.50 and 5.60; good fat cows to 3.00; stocker values nominal; good weighty fat calves 4.00; other weighty ar- erages 3.25 down. Sheep: 700; fat lambs weak; other clashes steady; fat lamb* 4.00-5.00; fat yearlings 3.50-4.00; medium ased fat wether* 2,25; feeder lamb* 3.00. TORK COTTO>Close Hisii Ix i;.3« 13.07 i±. is.e: • is.±o V-.OS 1S.22 is si IC-.5S Stock Mart Unsettled NEW YORK. ij?%—Most financial markets continued to grope "Wednesday and trends -were generally indecisive. Stocks rallied mildly after th» opening, then encountered more offerings which unsettle^ the li»» and pushed numerous issues ta new lo^ws for the year, Activ* selling did not last long:, however, and leaders ag:ain displayed resistance. Commodities were none too enthusiastic at tiie start, although, grains recovered 1 to 2 cents a bushel later and cotton improved moderately. Bonds -were Irregular. J. L. Case got back more than 2 points of its Tuesday's 5-point" decline. Others, up fractionally to around a poist or so. included; Consolidated Gas, United Aircraft, Chrysler, Z>u ^ont, California, Packing. Bettt'elieni Steel. I>oug.!a* Aircraft, American Smelting. "U. S. Smelling. Cerro De Pasco, Sears Roebuck, American Sugar Refining and Westinghouse. American c^f j Telephone, Allied Chemical, Arcter- ia!oi j ican Commercial Alcohol. X. T- : Centra] and General Motors were about ii.S 12.5.-) 12.75 CREA3I STTPER Pf ev Close Kigh. 12.37 I3.«S 13 0-> ir.16 ISl-'T i5.12 12,50 1±.7S 13.97 IS 53 --•Steriins A. Bills, son of Mr. and 3Irs- A. K- Bills of .East Houston street, left I>aIIas Friday night for Fort Clark army trainfnc camp. Sirs. Grady Crawford of Siier- marr irho -.x-a.s here for the Craiv- fortl-Hammond •wredding. has re- mmed home. CHICAGO IS. 53 12.55 GKALS Mrs, Leo Sharp of Antlers. Ok.. as be«?n a. patient at the Sara- tarium of Paris, retiirned to her home Xaesday. H'°i i A " ?ce cream social -?rill be held i±"?s I W'ednesday evening beginning" at ir.7-41730 o'clock on the la-R-n of Our 1 —- T ! Lady of Victory charch. sponsored 1 by the Children of Mary Soladity. * The general public is invited to ai- Close | rend- Ice cones •will- also II ^ 1 ^* f or sale. SON IS BORN A son was bom to Mr. and Mrs. 65 '* 1 Norman Wilson of Detroit Tues- 44 s-. day at the ILamar hospita.1. CAK STOLEN FROM BONHAM LOCATED \ ^ ;:::::: i Horn* G-a.-^-?!-; Two Men Arrested for Theft- and. \ Feelers; ra— Held By Ti<faoniiiuro Officers ,;' £> °-= i ^ i --• ix)a.n •*,% Bonds- 121.04 Mr. anti Mrs. F. D. Ma.llor>- r.uv- from \VJnsIow. Ark., they <;pent rhe past several IS CAJLLED BY DEATH I We Buy Old Gold at HIGHEST PRICfcS *o. 12-64* BONHAM STREET JcwreIry-IVfcj*ic Store t ord amoniobile. left Wedr:esrca.y. n:orn=n2: for Tishoniinco. Okla... af- ^Irs. C. H. Dorrrxan. Jr.. oi Houston, is here for a visit with her parents, .Mr. and Mrs, Dudley Baker- Joe Sheliori. the 10 year old son of Sheriff site Mrs. Clyde Sheiton is ill at his horse or, Pine Bluff Mrs. X. T. Ls.yiie, S5 years old j ter receiving word that rwo men j died at the home of her son. O. K. j were held there it; connection "^th i Sut'o, IS !x>nsr avenue. Tuesday f ihe theft of a Chevroiet coaci i afternoon at 525 o'clock. j fre-m the agency plant aere Sun- \ The funeral •was arranged, for { day night. A small aznount of | Z o'clock vv r edrtescay afternoon at money, some tires and accessories, tee- Man'on-Pry funeral ciiapel. iv ere also taken and it was first ] coca-acted by the Rev. J. Rohy been the I Ward of Immaauel Bap^isz church j Mary Jenkins. t\-ho has beet* seriously ill for the past three i weeks at; the borne of her daughter I Mrs. John White, is reported to be j unimproved. \ thcugnt it migrht have work of tbe Kamilton gang ''•vlncis j witii burial a" Evergt^een cernete"-", I escaped Sunday afcemoon from ] ernployes of the Southland Cotton i Huntsviile. | Oil company to be pallbearers.! Iv vras said at the sheriffs office '' Mrs. IAS fee's son has been ern- > tha- ihe rnen xrili be reinj-ned h^ere ! ployed at the mill a number ot [ to ja;I. years. ELECTION RETURNS Will be posted again thim year on - complete county wide returns, tlirougrb the courtesy of The Paris News. Visit our comsr Saturday ni^ht, July 2Sib., and -svatcli the votes conre in. HUdebrantPs Mrs. A. C. D^ck and sons, A. C-. ! a^id Geae. and Mrs. W. J. Jayroe 1 of Games-vine, are visiting Mr- s.n<i | Mrs. X. A, Harty, 422 "t%"est Hous- { ton. Mr. and Mrs. John Saffoid, -^ho were in an automobile accident Tuesday morning near Greenville. are now a.t the St. Jt^seph hospital aad are reported to be ^ettir; nicely, Miss Lou Aan House, daughter of Mr, asd Mrs. Jobs D. House, Jr.. is visitins Miss Julia Ann KeTly in Mount Pleasant. Young: Miss Kelly visitea here earlier in summer as *fae sruest of G. P. Siackburr.. her aunt. Mrs. Pat IJursla.'p returned Monday from Dallas Tv-here she visited her daughter. Mrs. John Cra^tord. Her graridsor!. John Dur.lap Crs 1 "."- 1 fcrd. accompanied her home for a \ Mr. a.nd ifrs. T. A. Beard and I small son. Bobby, of Cincinnati. 1 Ohio, who have been here for the j past ateverai days visiting >tr. i Beard's parrr.t^. Mr. and Mns. W. \ I*. Seard, ar»c fariiily, have jercne to ) r>allas to visit othrr relatives. Thev will return to Part* Thursday before leaving for their horn* Friday. four and * brother. 1>AVGHTEK 15 BORN A nine j>oxjn<j daujcht^r was bom Monday eveuinsr at 5:20 o'clock to Mr. and >trs. Ernes: Ax-a.nce at their homr, 62 North Eisrhtecnth ?tr«wt, The chHd has been named t>orothy Jean. CHv Mill i* j CALL 401— Running At Capacity w, win buy or Will GurnM* dtfrd W#dn«ad*y f WOL*PK CITY.—Th« Ktmb*I2 rnornin*: *t I*wmar hospital wh*r»|MilHnf: company h*r* i* runntns: i hi had b*«pn taken from th* cown- i full cfcpacitv- h^re now. with threv } ry furhi T««»»»4ay, Burial w».» *r- f shifts » day »«v«n d*y» a week. ! >t»nse«l W«^lnejs«tM> »ft*rnovn at * C. M, Friend, th« rnan«v«r. ««y» a; \ th* county e*m«i«ry, \ m*n *r* tor If *«* trad* for tn to » ln p rUffl. your AT O'CLOCK

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