The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 24, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1924
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

fONPAV. NOVEMBER 24. 19?4 EE HUTCHYNSON NEWS> PAGE FTV EPSOM SALTS TASTE All GONE World's finest Physic now Pleasant as Lerrionade. Pure Bpsom Sntts has no eqtml ;n medicine, for constipation, lillous- noss, sick headache. Doctors and nurses depend upon it because no other laxatlvo nets so perfectly, no harmless on tlio bowels. It nove. gripes or overacts. "Epsonnde Salts" Is pure Epsom SnlU made pleasant with fruit dorlvltlvo salts—nothing elBe, It tastes like sparkling lemonade and costs only a tew cents a package at any drugstore. Try It! "Epsonnde Salts" is guarauteed by the Amert- can Epsom Association, Have a complexion that everyone admires KTO matter bow beau- -tiful your features are, you cannot be truly attractive with a r o a g h | b I a t c h y t •ray - looking Resinol Ointments 'aided by Retinal Soap, ie what you need to overcome euch troubles. The gentle, but unusually cleansing properties of the soap, together with the soothing, healing qualities of the ointment, make the Resi» no! products ideal for any skin. All druggiata sell Resinol Soap and Ointment. Use them regularly for a few days and watch your complexion improve, RESINOL A STRONG CONSTITUTION is tlit absolute determining factor in yew career. Therefore, if you are deficient in eaergy, lacking in strong;!) or wanting in entrance, U\ FORCE TONIC fortify jrsr system so ym SSH v; fully combat the ever emoting elements of life. For Sale by Ail Druggist) REQUIRES BIG BUNCH OF MEN Six Engine Crews Required By the Santa Fe to Do the Work Here. It Is no wonder the down town section of Hutchinson, the Santa Fo portion of It at leuBt, Is rather busy at tho street crossings. This comes about because Hutchinson Is a busy city and that as much of this business Is done by the Sunta Fo, In receiving Incoming shipments and sending out outgoing goods, much switching Is required. East Yards Would Help. If the frolght yards were ea3t of town nnd away from the busiest portion of It, there would naturally be less switching down town. Also nil the freights would be made up there, the through freights would stop thoro for changing engines, Tor wnter and tor orders and tholr movement through the city would bo continuous, therefore crossings would bo more quickly cleared. This is oiie of tho things hoped for by the establishment of tho yards en st of town. Business Requires It. But there is always bound to be much switching down town it Hutchinson continues to be an Industrious business center. To bo sure a good bit of this switching comes about near tho salt works and other mills and factories away from the business part of town, but It Is a big business. There are six engine crews working dally tor tho Santa Fe hero, six crows of flva men each taking care of tho necessary buslnoss for the city and helping to make -up the carB of shipments that go out Pimples Ton will be startled how quickly •nd thoroughly you can stop skin eruptions end beautify your complexion with S.S.S. P IMPLES are the first thine onn notices In another person's face. It la too often cruel In its mis judgment. It judges from what It sees on tho outside. Pi> 'plus are oasy to get rid of. Mo— ved-cellst That is what ytrn,- wb«u you see pimples starlit;? a* yuu in thu mirror. Red-cells mem clear, pure, rich blooJ. They nam clear, ruddy, lovable remtfexiona. They mcrra servo ;.ov,-i:;-, because all your nerves crj fed by your blood, Tbcy n"'-i l'v""dom forever from pi--. i 'r..::i !i!ac!:hcatl pest, from '. i d-r.'ana and skin erup- • •i i -.a tired, exhausted, i i . Red-blood-celln a • . . important thing in tho ..;:.>... h of U3. - s.s.s. win nia i ,-c i .i luiidlu-t them for you I ,:.:.•>. l..:s '.".en Known slues 182G •.} i .t i to jjrealest blood-build.,. :'• .. :-i-lcaaaorB nnd system , ora evcr p ro( in C ed. start tcday. Its medicinal .•;!.'-. -c are purely vegetable. , S. £. S. is cold ct all gooiS '1 c.ruff srnrea in two slfci. The i -ijjj larger ills is more ccoao brhfsBest lood Medicine FOR STIFF JOINTS: Pharmacists say that when all other so-called remedies tail Jolnt- , Ease will succeed. It's for Joint ailments only—that fs why you are advised to use It for sore, painful, Inflamed, rheumatic Joints. Joint-Ease limbers up tho Joints —-Is , clean and penetrating and quick results are assured—Sixty cents a tube at A. &' \. r.-i* C;>. and druggists everywhere. Always remember, when Joint- Ease gets in Joint agony gets out —quick. Mall orders filled, cash or C. O. T>.. Pope laboratories, Hallowell, Slalue. •"Cascarets" 10c if Dizzy, Bilious, Constipated and receiving the long trains that come In. Men Who Oo the Work. Here are the engineers for these switch engines: F. Grow, J, Graybill, B. S. Cook, Fred Gibbs, A. 0. Bllnn and C. V. Broughton. These are the firemen: F. B. Coughonor, J. H. Cotubrlnk, Frank Holofelder, E. E. Moore, R. O. Wright and Ray Lockhart Below are the switchmen working with the engine crews In handling this freight tor Hutchinson: George W. North, H. P. Emlgh, Fred Ater, E. Ballard, F. O. Colder- burg, B. A. Warne, L. F. Throop, A, I). Chnmberlaln; W. H. Bnrson, J. T. Mason, G. H. Thompson, C. W. Harmony, C. W. Lake, H. H. Wallace, C. M. Robinson, C. B. Hickman and H. J. Dick. These men all draw good pay and their pay Is practically all spent In Hutchinson. They nearly all have families and are among the good citizens of Hutchinson, active every dny. Sugar Coated Cod Liver Oil Tablets For Thin Kids To clean yonr bowels without cramping o r over • acting, take "Cascar- ots." Sick headache, dizziness, biliousness, gases, Indigestion, sour upset stomach • and all such distress gone by ; morning. Nicest laxatlvo and cathartic ou earth for grown-ups nnd | children. 10c, 25c and 50c boxes— | any drugstore. Forget tlte horrible tasting Cod I.lvcr (ill and give the thlu, puny, undeveloped children McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets It you want to give them a good appetite and put pouuds of good healthy flesh on their bones. Doctors know all about them nnd so does A & A Drug Co., Weesner Drug Co., and all good pharmacists, for they are in great demand, because they are not laggards but show results In a few days. They are not expensive either— CO tablets CO couts, and children take them like candy. One skinny woman gained !)! pounds lu 24 days. "Clot McCoy's, the original and genuine Cod Liver Oil Tablet Clear Your Skin sWK Cuth cura Soap to Cleanse Ointaaeui to Ural £>> Sis', Si? Heal ' ' k! I Can You Afford To Do Your Own Family Washing? Figure the coat and see how little you obtain for your handwork, then Phone— 2255 HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY A. H. Tuttle, Prop. Fl DUMONT SMITH SPEAKS AT BAR AJSS'N. MEETING F. Dumont Smith will address tho Kansas State Bar Association on the subject of "Citizenship" at tho meeting which Is being held at Independence today nnd tomorrow. He Is a member of the executive council of the organization. Among the other local attornoys who will attend tho meeting are C. M. Williams, F. 1.. Martin, A. O. Mnlloy, Franklin Hettinger, Don Shaffer and J. S. Simmons. AUTO HIT BY TRAIN. Two Killed in the Crash Near Osage City. Osago City, Kan., Nov. 24. —Two coal miners, Joe Sennett and HJaliner Jackson, were instantly killed. by Missouri Pacific train No. 14 when they were returning from the Miners' Fuel Co. mine northwest of Osage City. The car in which they wore riding was demolished. MUSICIAN NEVER TOOK A LESSON ami walked across a cloth- stretched over an all»rwa.- *.<• neighbor's house. Reaching; other house, still sslee;., kicked out tho window gla<« fell Into the room, awakin.: ' lured. AUNT SAftAH PEABODY, LEADER OP "THE SOCIETY Fete THE SUPPRESSION OF PIPE SMOKING, FOLLOWED ABE COLTER'S -SQUEAKY BOOTS AND FOUND OUT WHY ALL THE MEN JN TOWN NNERE AROUND THE FIRE STATION- „-84-« J Member of Orchestra, But He Never Had a Music Lesson in Life. Auverue Ilarrttt, familiarly' Jiuowu around town as "Dad," and j particularly knovn to local dnncr- | fans -.8 the yn'tifhtul trumpet player! In Lloyd Ilolmlay's orchestra, has I never had a music lesson In his | life. Yet ho holds down the main spring; Job nett to the pianist In the Holaday No. 1 orchestra. The first timo he ever touched' an Instrument of any kind was about four years ago while working on a farm near Little River with a bunch of boys. One of the crow played a cornet and when pltrh- i ing bay got rath r dull this boy | wf -'d cntertnin tho others with a little concert. "Dad" asked If he miKht try "making a noise," one dny, and his first, trial produced i ..n (.' scale, then finally the Instrument was borrowed for a short time, during which sioveral popular pieces were learned. His first attempt at playing In an orchestra was In his homo town. Little River, jWhc .ro Lloyd Holaday first hoard ' him, and from then on "Dad" rltt's reputation wi . pstnh".shed. He gets the namo "Dad" nbt from his "ago" but fro . bis father who la well known around this district as "Dad" Barrltt. The young r.iu slclan has never had a Icioou oi either cornet, trumpet or plan" yet ho plays all three, and w!M great versatility. Police of Westphalia, Qerman;., fire upon speeding moiorl3i3 wh- do not heed warnings to An old barroom and Uv-rn h.. b«'-n converted Into a church «->a' lug 300 persons In lilltton, JLcii. A three-Waded rudder Is uuderg; Ing tests on a Herman ship. Pyorrhea Can Now Be Stopped Don't, suffer from ror^ and M<:e.; ing gums, broken health and ie«th, A prominent IV-ntuI «| c- iall?t has marie a most r"inarknl)'s discovery—a simple inexpensive and effectIvo treatment for I'yurr hen, called Jo-Vex. If, ^non k;]I. the i :crnis of Pyorrhea, stops hleed Ing ?uniH, promotes heaiins, pur; i'les tho mouth and breath J»nd lip.'it-., poisoning of the system. U«erl nr directed. Jo-Vex may bo relied up on tu eliminate Pyorrhea, or to prevent It. Oct. a bottle from A and A Dru^ Co and Foltz Phar niacy or other drug stores, Jo Vex Is in-'xpenslvo, easy to me and snld under a uieney lia-:k vM.xt anlco. If your dealer can't juppl;. you. send $1.00 to tho Io-Ve>: i "o Akron, Ohio. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Olive Ronerlfi Barton. A RIDDLE WITHOUT A BODY. "Vvhai's tnatr whais that?" called the Fat Man who nad oeen dozing In Mrs, Joh n's rocking chair. "'Dear me," said the Riddle Lady, "I'm sorry the Fat Man of Bombay isn't here to hear the noxt riddle, I do think ho might guess it." "What's that? What's thatT" called the Fat Man who had been dozing in Mrs. John's rocking chair on tho front porch of the House- Thnt-Jack-Bullt. "I was Just saying," said the Riddle Lady, "that you should be hero to guess my next riddle." The Fat Man straightened his turban and fixed his sash and knocked tho ashes out of his'long plpo. Then ho waddled down to the orchard where the Twine and Daddy Gander and all the Mather Gooso people were waiting. "All right! I'm hero now," said the Fat Man sitting down cross- legged on the grass. "This is the riddle," said the Rid- dlo Lady: "Peek-a-boo! I see you! Please do not mind It I staro; Whan I see a hole I must poke my head through, Like Aunt Sally Anne at tho Fair. "My neck Is so weak that It wag- glus about, And my head is tied on with a string, And I haven't a body, which Is, without doubt, A surprisingly, singular fitjig." "Hold on! Hold on!" :£ifc| he Fac .Man. "No fair' uaii4eT^saPrd words. What does that mean ? "Singular means queer," said the Riddle Lady. "Well, wiiy didn't j-ou say so?" said the Fat Man. "It wouldn't rhyme properly if I did." said the Riddle Lady. "My goodness! is this a riddle party or a grammar class?" demanded Old Lady Danberry Cross. "Why don't you go qn?" "I forget where I was, now," said the Riddle Lady looking over her r-aper. "Oh, yes, here it Is. Third verse: "I keep you as snug as a bug In a rug, I fasten your clothes and your coat, The first part of my name (now you'll have to think hard) Has something to do with a goat "Fat folk and sneezes and clothes wringers tight, Are the things I most ehrlnklng- ly dread. If I'm careleBs and don 't hold with oil of my might. Pop! I'm ruined, for off goes my head." "It sounds like the Queen In Wonderland," said Solomon Grundy. "Just exactly. She was always 'offing with people's beads.'" "W.ell." said the Fat Man of Bombay, I've thought of everything from lamps to limpets, I don't know what It Is." "Hooray!" cried Nick. "I know! It's a button." "How In the world cobld I ever gueae that?" cried the Fat Man. "I don't wear buttoms. I haven't such a thing about me." Walks Rope In Sleep. Sydney; Australia.—Leaving bed In her sloop, Mrs. Katherim Koontz climbed out ot tho window "Did you sneeze them oft?" asked Nancy. And everybody laughed so loud and so long that nobody noticed j what Nick's prizo was—and I for-1 got to ask. (To Be Continued.) (Copyright, 1924, NEA Service, Ir.c.) Better let us fix up your car to-! morrow or Wednesday so it will be all OK for Thanksgiving. Phono i 59. Ragland-Klngsley Motor Co. ! 21-lt ROYAL "Hot ' TONIGHT— Tonight—"Mind Over Motor" with Ralph Graves und Tr.-.tio Frlsanxl. Comedy - Uraniiu "Arabia's Last Alarm," comedy. si

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