Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 6, 1975 · Page 16
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 16

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1975
Page 16
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10-C--LUBBOCK AVALANCHE.JOURNAL—Sunday Morning, April 6, 1975 Wide Variety By ALLAN A. SWENSON You can enjoy squash in summer, fall and winter. Actually, yhen you select the,right varic- ies, you can enjoy squash fear-round. You have a wide hoice — green, white, yellow, 'range and multicolored too. Squash bugs aside, this vege- able is easily grown. New ypes have beennTCf ATIAAJ designed to uselNrL/Vl RJN abundantly, The hill sys- :em is usually " the best culture. ' method for all squash. A hill can be merely rifirvf&HJ marked -of! VICTORY circle on your f, . r»nCM . a r d e n plot UAKJWlN from which the squash vines radiate in their growth habit. Summer squash should be planted directly in the grounr after all danger of frost is over Place five or six seeds 2 to 3 inches apart in a hill. Space hills of bush varieties 4 feet apart each way. These are best c Seventh In A Series KISS FOR LiUCK—Lead dog Kobuk King plants a kiss on mush or Red Olson who left Fairbanks to continue his 800-mile dog sled trip from Prudhoe Bay on the arctic coast to the port city of Valdez to deliver the first barrel of crude oil overland -along the trans Alaska pipeline route. (AP Wirephato) Solons Would Support Limited Marine Helps, Says Sources or small gardens. Place groups or hills o( running-vine types 6 to 8 i'eet apart. If they can wander at will over noncultivated areas, try them. Otherwise,' stick with the space-saver types. Thin to 3 or 4 plants per hill or group for bush types, 2 or 3 for runaway varieties. For winter squash, use the same planting and thinning as for bush types. For a copy of my new book, send name address and check or money order for $1.50 (plus 25 cents postage) to "Inflation Fighter's Victory Garden," c-o this newspaper, P.O. Box 489, Dept. A, Radio City Station New York, N.Y. 10019. Allow three weeks for delivery. Squash contain lots of water, so give them lots Lo drink. iMulch well around the hills, use moss, rotted manure mixed) vitli old leaves. The better you mulch, the less water will be ost, and weeds won't spi-out .lirough lo rob water and nu- .rients. We leave some areas with a permanent mulch. Every week all our available mulch material is distributed evenly. Then each spring we simply use a we or four-tinod rake to pull, away the mulch and scratch open the soil, planting hills in the space cleai-cd. This saves laws, of work. Belter yet, the mulch keeps adding valuable organic matter to the soil year after year. Caution: squash tends to bear heavily. Only a few ilills will feed you well. It is best to have two hills, each of several varieties. It varies your diet and saves space. In neighborhoods or community gardens, share seeds around or arrange to share harvest That way you can have youi squash and cat some of youi neighbor's too. Recommended: For summe squash, by all means try Early Golden Summer Crookncck Tin's curved-neck squash ha meaty fruits, bright yello\ skin, and delicious flavor. Pic \viien young and tender. True _'ou don't get as much poun clage per fruit, but the taste i \YASHINGTON IUPI) — Congress would probably support President Ford if he sent Marines to Cambodia or South Vietnam for the strictly limited purpose of protecting Amerian evacuation, .sources soirt cans during congressional Saturday. to the aircraft carrier. | Helicopter guns-hips might be called in to suppress enemy fire. The situation in South Vietnam, for the moment, seems But. the suppon would likely vanish immediately, one source *aid, it Ford tried to use such pvacuation as a pretext to unleash a coiinteroffensive against the Communist forces. ,, . ,. , ,. 'grass clippings, compost, peat specilic authorization for the ,5 —— 5 • President lo act with military force to protect American lives abroad. But such provisions were 'not included in the final version of less dire from the standpoint of! the act. evacuation plans. Evacuations j If Ford does decide to could be staged from the! cxccl ^ e contingency evacuation southern coast and. at present,| from Saigon airport. plans in Southeast Asia, he ! would be obliged first to consult Ford, in his newfi conference; . Thursday, said he believed he \ Wlltl Congress, had "limited authority tot The Act does not require him The United States has dis- protect American lives" under (to gel Congressional approval ~ patched the carrier Okinawa to i Hie provisions of the \\~ar; dm .j ni , thosc consultations, but Die Gull of Siam with 1800 Powers Act. Marines, helicopters and other This measure, passed in! followup reporting by the equipment to assist a possible August 1973, was meant to j President. evacuation of Americans from return to Congress the warmak-j \vithin '18 hours after he has Phnom Penh. Saigon, and oilier |mg power which President j dispatched the iMarines, he Lndochineso cities. {Lyndon B. .Johnson circumvent-) musL formally inform the Administration officials esti- e d by sending troops 10 South) spea ker of the House and Vietnam without a declaration, , n . csiclent of [(le s ena t e . citing itlie authority he was acting 1973 Senate debate, j under. the scope of the Negro Market Event Speakers Announced DALLAS (AP) —A Philadelphia councilwoman and the head of the nation's oldest black business group are scheduled to speak April 9 during the 10th annual Negro Market seminar at the Marriott Motor Hotel. The president of the National Business League, Dr. Berkeley j G. Burrell, is expected to speak on blacks overcoming economic obstacles in 1975. Councilwoman Ethel Allen will deliver the luncheon address. mature in 120 days. Warted cin is typical. One of the most popular, lost productive squash, Zucchi- i has many uses, from soups i salads lo fried, baked, or .earned ' meal-perker-uppers. ew varieties take little room, nd they are so heavy bearing lat only two hills will feed our entire family abundantly all season.. . Recommended: Fordhook Zucchini, which matures in 57 days, is an All America winner. The best table size is 8 to 12 inches. Its flosh is creamy white and tender. The bushlike, vigorous plants save space. (For a copy of tlie "Inflatiois Fig-liter's Victory Garden, 1 ' send uame and address ana' check or money order for $1,51) (plus 25 cents postage) to "Inflation Fighter's Victory Garden," c.-o The Avaluuclic-Jmir- nal, P.O. BOX 489, DclH. A, Ha- Ui» City Suittou, New YorU, N.Y. 10019. Allow tlirco week* for delivery.) NKXT: SHU more ivimiers) far superior, especially from young squash. It's less woody and has fewer seeds, too. True Hubbard, a popular winter squash, serves many purposes. It can be used immediately, stored in cool basements, baked, boiled, and made into pies. It has dark bronze skin with deep orange-to-yellow flesh that is fine-grained, sweet, and dry. Fruits grow 12 inches long, weigh about 12 pounds each. RECORDS A full lint of Smgln and Sftrcn tP Albums. You may listen Man you buy! U.V. BLAKE RECORD CENTER 2401.34th 79S-640* iM2 officials mate there are about 300 Americans in Phnom Penh and O f \vuv about (J.OOO in South Vietnam, i ln Phnom Penh is the locality j congressional most likely to become the site ol a major evacuation et'forl because of the \\nrelenting Communist. assault on its defense perimeter. If the Cambodian authorities "tee control of the airport, the Marines , could be used to secure a landing xone and defend it while American •citizens are i'iown by helicopter .sources .laid,;operation and its anticipated consideration was given to'duration. "WE HEAR A DIFFERENT DRUMMER" With proven success! Try our unique, pe rsonal brand of real csi3ies«-ficc. We deem ourselves worthy of ouriiite! Lfsci'mirattoraeyinsjl rpal fsiale tr;>n:wlir>p5. Serme* Turtjuetfe, Mgr. 3217-34th 792-5166 Mr i..EDWARDS & ABERNATHIE, REALTORS TRAMPOLINES bSf E TEAGUE TRAMPOLINE ^806/797-8295 SIZES C78xU E78xU F78xU G78xU G78xl5 H78xU H7Bxl5 REG. 30.21 32.21 33.21 35.21 35.21 36.21 36;21 SALE 24.88 26,88 27.88 29,88 31,88 F.E.T. 2.10 2.32 2.47 2.62 2.69 2.84 2.94 2+2 BELTED WHITEWALLS 88 PLUS F.E.T. 2.02 EACH ALL TIRES PLUS F.E.T. GUARANTEED AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR CAR SERVICE INCLUDES: 1. Balance 2 Front Wheels 2. Align Front End 3. FREE Safety Inspection AIR CONDITIONED CARS 52 MORE TORSION BARS EXTRft HEAVY-DUTY MUFFLER INSTALLED Our Reg. 20.85 66 Quality muffler is zinc coated, double wrapped, to protect against rum- out. For most U.S. cars. 16 ALIGNMENT AND WHEEL BALANCE Discount Price 88 All work is done by our trained mechanics. Prevents excess wear and (ear on tires Charge it! 8 SERVICES INCLUDE: 1. Instill from brake pads: linings on icai wheels. 2. Reiurlace rolois and turn diu.mi 3. Inspect lionl calibtis. 4. Rebuild tear wheel ctlindeis 5. Repack inner and outer hearings. 6. Bleed hydiaulic syslem. itlill. 7. Adjust bt*lts and mid m: 36-MONTH DELUXE 300 BATTERY „ .. . . . Our Reg. 26.88 Quality engineered for lasting service and dependable power in all- wealher. Fits most cars. DISC AND DRUM BRAKE SPECIAL Quality brake service for most U.S. and foreign cars. Additional parts, services extra. Save! 48 LUBBOCK - 66«h ST. ond UNIVERSITY Avf r UndeiTUiood We want to introduce our customers to the Best barbecue beef in town and to our New Bar-B-Q Sausage. We now make them ourselves! That's why we'll Give you 2 LINKS BAR-B-Q SAUSAGE KM lp?$< $5.10 Value For WITH EACH IB. BAR-B-Q BEEF 711 34th—747-27.75 / 4601 50th-795-5229

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