The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD, TU1SDAT. DEOBMBER 29, MUTE AUTO TAGS IS ON pi Unnecessary, Says Commissioner Baughman. MS TO MAIL ADVANTAGE Baltimore. Dec. 25--The ai^-al rash ·i air-om-jile l_^rni? plates -" 32 began in tame?; tJC^v at tbe tee of tie CamE^s-cner o:" M^:or Vedes. at Guill^rd svenue and Tienty- coad street, wits a line of appl:eantt at ai tiaes Tias -pprrx^Ea-.elv tarj ocks Iocs Scores of ap?l:car."j were :s ^ne irJieri e doors of the conurussiorier's office re opened at 9 o c.^ci* t^-5 niorr^ r*s d arrangements «ad bren nis?£ to rre a'J t£e applicants urho joined the agtijening line un::l 4 o'cioci tius af- raoon. Rush Annually Decreases Although tee comn^ssioner's office ex- jieaces a tag rusii curing the closing ijsof December every year the inten- y of each succeeding rush decreases more and more motorists acquire e habit of applying for tne tags before sirsas. By far the isaror.ty of the are distributed by mail. Many of those in today's line ·tfere raons ·sho had failed to receive their S by mail because of near addresses other slip-ups called human factors. All Needless, Baughman Says JXHnmissioaer Bavighman looked over e long line at noon--it then stretched Calvert street over Gailford avenue :d "Pwenty-second street--and then Id that all those in line and ail those ill probably be there tomorrow ed only go to the nearest mail box d post" their applications to get their 55 within twenty-four hotirs. "It is all needless." he said. "We can e shesn twenty-Iour-hour service by ill If they wil! only take advantage It." At that time the average trait of the mdees Tas an hoar. KITCHEN BST SISTEK MARY ·v£A Scrncc Writer Those IirJe Joshes is Use reJ .cr :^a: are £^e£ «::h ir-s of io^ ana or :iac lei: oier -- xa tbe tinner iab:e -- iriia: :o do ».Oi ibeas;? Tie irjgai -ousrttiSe c'.V:Xes so . :^ro?r :he:n avsy and TC: is sooveuaies . is a; 2. -oss as to bow liiej may b« used ·: advantage. Here are a fe»' sugges- :.sns ·-?-· n^r prove ol iielp. la :nv £r=: place. :h« car* o! food :s.a: is stored icr use 12 a refrserawr . or "arusio'ir beat" or ar^r otier cold -jlsre :s an ^cp^r^aB-. lacwr. Se fur* :na: all iooi ^s adequaiely co\«re. ireoi iasitary reasons, prolonged xps-jr«? to sr causes most vegeiiKes :o lose 2avr asa Jnes '"sesa. :o vary^i? ce?re«6 ol uspa^asleriess- Meat aio bsccjaes hard aad dry if a^onec :o s-arid uncovered. Do no; *"m and remove boce from roasts or ionr: antJ ready w use. Trie fa; arid si^i and ixmc help to preserve ;r.e flavor and procec: a£ci keep xo:r. tie m-ore delicate lean meal. These precautions irill keep l-eft,-orers ie "sest poesiKe coni;t:ori. ; Suggested Combinations. ! Wises .'. comes to 'JLJ^M; leftovers re' niea'oer t^at :n clever ooajbinatian ol I foods and Savors lies ihe secret of *ac' cessf ul cuies. ' All kmds o! fowl make delicious sal- ' ads if como^fid w:ti fruit. We usually ' -.hirik of celery as a needed Sngrefiient iz. a meat salad, bu: t--x often forget tr:at tart fr.ii: adds J'Jst the piquant : touch, so intrigues. Corcbine oranges with, cold roast diici. pineapple f.i's. turkey and cbidc- - en. grapefruit sections, -Kith, goose, and -hite grapes and tangeries -xi'.'a guinea iec. " Wsite grapes are good ·with too. Oelerr can be included also. The following proportions can. of course, be varied to suit taste and conveniences, but form a good working i bas: one cup diced Joul, 1-2 cupd-ced , celery, 1-2 cup cjcei fn;t. L*t the ingredients marinate an hoar In French creasing before iiith mayonnaise to serve I,ie't-CTer vepftables ire attractive sewed ia rBcifcns *iti a creamed sauce. Oa* »drjKag* of the individual service is that it enables one to use up a variety of small arcounts of legetables and j:ves each person his fs - .or;» vegetable. Cornish Pasties. Oa* arid one-half -ups flour. 1 tablespoon buwer, 3 tailospoons baking poider, 1-4 teaspoon sslt. later. 11-2 cups r^Iaced foil, 1-2 rup chopped o-.s- *?rs. 2-3 cup cream sauce, 1-2 cup rol.ed cracker crumbs, mili. salt and pepper suaced parsley. Ills and sJt fiour. salt arxi bakins poTrder and r^b in butter. Cut in water to make a soft dough Roll on a floured board to about 3-8 Inch thlck- neii. Cut into six square* with a sharp knife. Confine meat, oysters. crumbs and cream ra-.tce Season ^ita salt and ?e??cr and spaced parsley and acd enough aiore ciuk to make mixture quite moist. Place a spoonful of the mixture .'ust to one s.le of t.T* cv".'.er of each square of coiisn FVIi o'.er dough to make a tr.aiis Pjich edses Sraily together and baie 30 ismutes in a hot o\en. Tr.e c-o-gh prptects the meat mixture tr.c_ia '3 preiirnt o - .«r-cx^ku;g Tomorrow '* Meno. Breakfas: Sti»ed prunes, cereal t?a*t milk coffee uncnroit Based r^ci? and tomatoes \ n tre-sc caramel custard, milk _ _·'. t.ast »· ,i^, C^n-.i^h pastr^s. ," isparagus and p-aento salad. vrai.Vrr.- »h;p. r--ld ^at^. raacarooss. Taneytown Taneytowt!. Dec 29 --The annua' ( roceUtsg for the election ol officers of tlie Taueyto»u Branch. Ameri.-an Red Cross. -Bill be hf!d in the Fireriu-:-^ Biiildiag. Saturday. Jan. 2. at S so p. zn. --The George Henze property on tr.t- Ke%-mar road has been purchased b% James A. Blair from Baltimore cou:-.:v The Herxre family have remo\ed to O alt's Station. --Mrs. Rebecca Brown. »ho is IIMT.*: her daughter. Mrs. Janie^ R.xi Kers. Oeorge street, is reported as ix.- :::« critically ill * January Clearance Sale A church in Cornwall. a cocw fcui"' especial'y for tr.e ce'.-.l t j s:.rak out MUh dovtT.cast «\ts ·*:-·· 'renounced by corj\erts The 'deul ! c,x?r" ts an old custom harkenii'-s ^i^-^ a \ j of the "v AT THE -- J TO-DAY TO-NIGHT J LIKES HIS SINGING SB- Torfe Columnist Lauds Work Of · Richard Baumgardner. ; Sichard Saurngardner, son of Mr. . id. Mrs. William D. Baumgardner. ' ciCT-, and known to radio fans as ck Gardner, continues to gam favor tough his vocalizing -K-ith George Oil's orchestra, no^" £--in:; an engage- tnt at toe Clua R-chman, Ne-r Yori irld Bratton. Xe^r YorS colummst. i d the lolloinng to say about, the lo- ! L youth last ~eek: *Tve ha-.e become quite entil'JS jsrding- ihe sing-ng of Card- ' T, heard in the late eve^-ngs with , sorge O^en and his boys over WABC. 1 ircner hails from Maryland, or there- i loots, and Has more personality in his ! fee- than three-quarters of the singers | -preseni on sustaining- programs. Of ; E, Oisen and his lads are always | pd, but such soio5ts as Gardner, j L Simtta and Frank Prey make I ».entertainiGens doubly good. I. iriil i y you to sit up anc listen to this i p, and remember its,- TS told you ' at Gardner -sras a radio find." ( Mr. and Mrs. Baumgardner, ILss argaret Brunner and Mrs. Alice · ice, resumed Monday afternoon from j sw York after spending the holidays j th young Baudgardner. i A\ARYLAND The House of -High-Class PhotopUjs 11--Bishop's Big I Vaudeville · j Show J The favorites of Maryland i return to the Maryland Thea- *tre with an entire change of J program. Many new specialties introdnced. If yon want to laugh, don't miss this treat. .. _i»SOWs 7:15 and 9:0* Admission: CiOdreix Under 12 Years--lOc Adults.--15c THtRSDAY FRIDAY-NORMA SHEARER in "STKAXGERS MAY KISS" TOMORROW And Now a Talking Picture--Made from the Hilarious Stage Hit that Stunned New York. STRICTLY DISHONORABLE" *. LAST TIMES NOW WALLACE BEEEY JACKIE COOPER DAH.T 1.15-3.0O 7.15-9.0O Children lOc Ai All Times ss Tnth PATJLLUKAS (Courtesy Paramount Pictures) as the great lover SIDXET FOX as Ibe ^wcrt Tonxi£ thine LEWIS STONE is tbe kindly GEORGE MEEKEK is tbe bo; from WILLIAM EICCIAEDI as the waiter SIDVET TOLEK as tbe Irish c»j OTHER SHORT HITS --S ^^i^^^^g^aj^ i i i i mmmfasumma^im^mmmm City Opera House TONIGHT AT 7.30-3.00 IRENE DUNNE - - In a jay drama of amonc the Pat O'Brien. John Wyma Ley. *btt Woorv in Bril- liarrt Supportins Cast R-K-O fUUHO PKTU8E ADBED--COMEBT HIT GHOST' ON THE STAGE *IX COLORED) "AMATEUR NIGHT" SINGERS--DANCERS S--CASH PRIZES--S --COME JUDGE THE WI.VXERS-- 200 N. Market St. 10 W. Patrick St. These Prices Prevail In Frederick Pure Lard Granulated Sugar 3 ,, OCC 1 S\iv lbs - O c L \J *»· Nucoa «. 19c I 5 ^^ basg Htf Standard Tomatoes 4 NO. 2 can, Blue Ridge Corn 3 NO. 2 cans Blue Ridge Cut Beans 3 NO. 2 ca» s Peas 3 N ° 2 can » Sealect Milk .............. 3 cans 2Qc rt ,, Pamous Green Bag Coffee 25c Ib. Carnation Milk ........... 3 cans 23c , Sanitary Special Coffee 17c Ib. Borden'sMilk ..... 3 cans 23c Sanico Vacuum Packed Coffee 35c Ib. j .A. v, p - - iJ Over Sanico Flour _ j 121bs. 35c 241bs. 65c ', Safe Home Matches ! 3 boxes lOc . i Oc a can Beans -with Pork Prepared Spaghetti Black-Eyed Peas Gilt Edge Flour 12 Ibs. 27c 24 Ibs. 52c Safety Matches 3 doz. pkgs. 25c cans Heart of Maine Apple Sauce Musselman's Apple Butter ^ Dole's No. 1 Sliced Pineapple N ° 2 12 can 25 10 Maximum Peaches 2 N ° 2 1-2 cans 29 c 101 NORTH MARKET STREET COK CHI El'H AXU MAKKOT STS. BARGAIN BALCONY SPECIAL Regularly $1.95 On Sale at SILK LIKE PONGEENE Sizes 16 to 50 HALF-PRICE SALE OF COATS! Women's. Misses' Half and Extra Sizes in the greatest collection of Handsome Coats we've ever seen for their Low Price ALL COATS 'ig^Coats NOW Now Now - - - Now $n.50 PRICE L a v i s h T r i m s of Pointed Manchurian Wolf, Caracul, Mar- mink*, Light Wolves, Lapin*, French Beaver 11 ! Now SPECIAL LOT OF LADIES *10^ COATS at $5 OUR Greatest AFTER-XMAS SANICO NOODLES MACARONI SPAGHETTI Eeg. 3 for 25c 3 p^s. \ y Medium Prunes 4 »»· 25* Tripoli Chicken Noodle Dinner Fruits and Vegetables Received Fresh Daily at Moderate Prices Lean Smoked Hams ^ Small Lean Fresh Hams u- Loin or Rib Pork Roast **-12% Smoked Shoulders n. 11 Lean Chuck Roast Meaty Veal Chops Boiling Beef DRESS SALE Made Possible only by the Frederick Cloak Suit Price Specialists ib. ib. 19 3 iks. 25 NEW SILK Dresses Smart crepe*;, knitted. wool* boucle knits nnd prints. Sizes 11 to 20. 3S to 44. WORTH DOLBLE LOVELY HOLIDAY FROCKS SUNDAY NIGHT AND PARTY MODES Greet the holidays with a new wardrobe! -- for in this special sale event is a frock for every holiday f^-iivity on your social calendar. All sizes. Children's ZIPPER $ A 95 SETS ^ = Coat Leggins, Tarn LADIES' CHILDREN'S LEATHERETTE, Jackets $1.1 SUEDE ZIPPER Jackets $2.95 WOMEN'S STREET AND HOUSE DRESSES 2 For- Camel Pile Sets COATS AND TAMS SIZES 3 TO 14 GIRL'S FANCY KKTT Jersey Dresses BOYS' ALT. WOOL Overcoats SIZES 3 TO 12 CHILDREN'S ALL WOOL Sweaters

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