Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 74
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 74

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 74
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Page 74 article text (OCR)

THURS., AUGUST 23. 1962, Loke Cherlcs Americon Press Bride Watches OBITUARIES As Husband Is Slain in Fight MISS EVELYN Funeral service? for Miss E^. lyn Arlrlison. 37. of Lake Charles. were to be held at 4 p.m. today at the Rurkc-Hammcr funeral 1 Frailer of DeQuincy: 19 grandchildren r.nd 12 prcat-grandchil- BUSINESS & MARKETS FREDDIE VERDINE ).inMr>r of Calcnsicu Tabernacle. official ina. Burial was In be in (irace'pnd cemrtcry. HOl'STON (AP- - A young mnn married only three weeks i, mr «iii, rrv tnhn F WimW-fc sl LPHUR ' S P ! •' - Freddie wa s stabbed to death a<= his hor- liornc \\ tn Rt\. .form E,. MuroocK. v«rHino 11 AinA -.1 R o m in • t • \ L -j , i i , t r ., , • *-. • i- >eraine. /3. men ,il 6 a.m. to-, rr>r-,«tncken bride watched today day in a Houston hospital. The; j n the aftermath of a drae race. body i? at the home of his sister, I Dead is Frederick "Aubrey Mrs. Jim Miner, in Starks where Stringer, 21, formerly of Jones- died Wednesday Cervices will he held a! 2:30 p.m. ; born. La. nltrrnoon in a LafavcttrIinjpital Friday wilh Rev 0. L. O'Bryan.' two men were arrested about : fl!tr-r ?. long illness' JL P astor of the Pentecostal church two hours later. Being questioned: , , , . ^fc: . "f Stark*, nffjciatrnp. in connection with the slayinj?| Survivors include her IPsients. Burial will be in the Miller were .fame 1 ! Mr. nnrl Mrs. Louis A&lison: cemetery at Starks under the di- thrce sisters, Mr?. James A. Wai- r pction of the Hixson funeral ker of Lake Charles. .Mr?. T. L. | lome O f Sulphur. Fewell of Proiissard. and Mrs C. Mr. Verdine uas born in West Lake and lived in the Sulphur area for a number of year?. He retired carpenter and a STOCK MARKET Big Gains Are Scored In Trading ! non shares, then tWred off in the seconx hour. to The auto shares ke\t generally .. „ nhc;id. Ford. GM and American Motors adding fractions while nar - StftCK AVifcAGfeS 226 1 w«v o?o ;!ii;;;3is:6 iw.o i&T m.\ . , Month ag6 3033 ]M.» 12J.2 "5 > Matthews. 25. and YMr °9° M7 ' «*-' "« IBM, having scaled the resistance level of 400 in its frictCtat Wednesday, shrugged off aft snti- trust suit and added 5 or tr»r6 points. Progress At Hospital Told To Kiwanians (Spl.) - Aft Affier- ican Legion representative detailed the progress oft the Jeti- nings American Legion hospital in an address to the Jennings Ki- wflnis club Wednesday. $• Me °L the 31st ?*?"*?, *** "'tj 0 ? 1 ! 1 / 1 ce its CCftlbC1> 15 ' Clayton. 34. 's wife. Louise, 18. said; they were driving home from a | * *.« ** *" Ap Btts!tjpss 'iDOW JONES B. of Hammond. ELI ANDRUS LAKE ARTHUR 'S[ party shortly after midnight when | NEW YORK <AP> — Heavier a compact-sized car pulled along-1 trading accompanied a rcsump- side and two men in the car chal- i lion of the stock market rally to- was a re irecl carpenter and a i cnsc(1 her husband to a drag race dav with some large gains early member of the Pentecostal church on A , r!|lw p^ ' ^ aflcrnoon . of Starks. The body "ill remain at the Mi eact funeral home here until final rites Friday morning from our Lady of the Lake Catholic church. Rev. Henry Pelous. pas American Con agreed.'she said, and! The Associated Press average: AniconSS T& !. ralls JCOtirfeiy of A. 6. 6dwor<f» ond Soin, 167 W*6*r Bldg.) THURSDAY Fourth Hour Averages: Industrials . .ilB.iB up 3 14 Rolls 124.18 up >l Utilities ....1213700 .46 Fourth Hour Sfocki: Allied Chemicals MI* American Bakeries 23 Cities Service .. Continental Oil .. , ., , , . ! Eastern Airlines Among the general run of key Firestone ALCEE VERRETT LAKE ARTHUR <S|- — Fu- who were wilh them at Ihe party Suddenly Mrs. Stringer saidL; stocks gains ran from fl - adion ; hey noticed the car her husband j , 0 armmd a jnt hul thcfe 'Dances of 3 or 4 points among tor. «,il officiate. Burial w,ll be nrra! services for Alcee Verrett. i ^^n^^'^i^ more W * ely m " ovin * is5 in St. Anthony cemetery. '<=. of Lake Arthur were to be • of Stringer's car, forcing him to A nntivp of Lake Arthur, he had hcld al 3 P m - toda >' in thc Catll °- the curb. lived HI Marrero for the past sev- !ir chllrch al wplf;h W 'M ™- Re v M Mscr. Jules 0. Daigle. pastor, of- and cars and a scuffle ensued. Ford 45'» 49'i 35 er . ' i.i i ,i iiciatine. Survivors innude his vile, the former Adele Dupont of Marrero; • Bunal was (o fix sops. K-dward. Alvin, Law- iTiice and Ervin Andrus. ail of fm ' s '""P"' home of Welsh. n\il of them, including Robert f! in Andrus Cove Meanwhile. Stringer's friends in under direction of Hix- the other cars stopped and sev- Marrero; Ralph Andrus of Atlanta. Ga. and Eli Andrus. .Jr. of Houston. Texas five daughters. General Dynamics 254 General Motors 53.1.4 General Telephone ?p| |,: R £^.:::::::::::::..:::;;:;::^; The market's ability to com- sE le feiiTr'::::::::::::: : :: ::: .l5 plele the job of erasing all loss- ' es since the "Black Monday" of May 28 brought in additional buying, brokers said. Analysts noted j P°'" that the month of August has his-i .... torically produced the best pains I S , !hur / h F *' nle » ...... "... Polaroid ..... )L£ Mrs Roland Chapman of Calves- cnioon in his home. A native of Lacr,ssine. Mr. Ver- Wagner Taylor, 25. of Victoria, rtt had lived in Lake Arthur for j'-'ined in the mclce. -. years. He died Wednesday aft- Both Stringer and Taylor were • in the stomach bv one 51 '-4 33-4 tTt 107' i Callfornlo D e s s e 11 e W. of of any month but they remarked i RCA also that in the past three years j s^ony *%*>"*. rallies have lopped out in August, southern POCU' A . . « 1 SiOnflflro of Cc growing number of small I texns Co losses or stocks showing no change ' i^'s^sS betokened precautionarx- profit I v/'ooiworm , i . " * Zcntfh i 3 \\^' 1-11 Rcnwed demand also was re- mother. Alex Verrett wounded pair to Heights Hospital, i,,, f , e uas llttle ln fleeted hy a jump of more than 5 d three sisters. Mrs. inhere Stringer was dead on ar- ! ! IV^ , ncws ln lop ; hv Crown Cork, a gain of about ; *VGCinCSu3V S «•* ««-«i"r«*••"* • 1 i • ° Survivors include one daughter, of 'he men. A 74' 71 S3'/i .fudge Miller said last year the hospital's number of patients increased to 2,500 from 1.088 (he Devious year, and patienl days increased from 8.000 to said construction was fi- ! by $500,000 from the federal government in ttill-fiurton funds; $156,00 was raised in art Association of Commerce drive; $57,500 was given by the Zigler foundation; and $15,000 awarded by the Ford foundation. Contributions totaled $'$8,000. Judge Miller showed color slides of the equipment at the hospital, and said that room charges were Very reasonable. The hospital has its own 25 kilowatt emergency powev system so that operating room procedures would not be interrupted by pow er failure during storms Animism — the belief that all things have a spirit — persists in parts of Indonesia despite ' Oi e rise of Hinduism and Islam. Ion. Mrs. J. L Opclousas, Mrs. W. M. McCraw Mrs. Clarence LeLeaux of Lake A passing motorist look the nf Crowloy. Mrs. Edward Pearson Arthur, one 1 of Germanv. and Miss Barbara °' Hayes: and ,...v.. ..,.-,..,-. ,.,,,- - - ,,,.. ..,4., v,>.<,v, „„ „,-. i«- j j • .• , ,. Andrus of New Orleans two - T - D- LeDmix. Mrs Adrian Co-: rival at I 05 a.m. ! I ,P a> s . stimulating report;., | iy Du p on t, nnd advances of s Fiu-lidc Andrus of Lake tneaux and Mrs. Ned LeDoux. all Taylor \uis transferred to Jef- i . Ocneral Motn [ s was predict-; a coup i e o[ pnints apiece hv Po . ferson Davis Hospital, where he j ™* t . .* ^evcn-milhon-car Mies; laroid atld Zenilh . Stimulated by an assortment of KENTUCKY HAS OLDEST TOWN fcy. fAfr the oldest town in Kentucky and the first permanent white settlement west of the Alleghenies, was founded June 16, 1774. Area Forests Hard Hit by Newest Fires Boot fireo/cs Up In Craft'* Woke; One Man Killed DENISON (APi -'ftalph Hu- Telslar is the first bt the spacfe objects orbited so far rthich millions of people can use directly. benthal. 20, was killed and a companion, Ross Earl, 21. injured Wednesday night in a boating accident on Lake Texoma. fcoth Phoenix, Ariz., youths were thrown into the water as their high-speed boat hit the wake of a cabin cruiser and broke in half. Earl was resetted. He and Hubenthal were visiting in Oallas and went to the lake Tuesday. Macmillan Halts Vacation So He Can Go to Meet LONDON (AP)-Prime Minister Harold Macmillan interrupted his Yorkshire shooting holiday and attended a Cabinet meeting Wednesday on Berlin and other international issues. The ministers assembled in London from vacation retreats. A full turnout of ministers is unusual in August— the government's vacation month. ftOUGfi <AJP> - State Forester Jaffies fc. Mixon said Wednesday a Surge 6f forest fires at 46 spots bumed ftSO p.m. and midnight tuesday. "Our field foresters are expecting wildfire to erupt on all fronts at any moment," Mixtm said. Mixon said Vfernoft aftd Beauregard parishes had the worst of | the onslaught Tuesday night. I "Almost 50 per cent of the total fires occurred and over over 84 per cent of the total acreage was burned in the two parishes." he said. Vernon Parish had four fires that swept 520 acres. Beauregard Parish reported 17 fires. Mixon said, which burned 211 acres. Running behind the two "hottest" areas, Mixon said, was Claiborne Parish with oiie fire that consumed 82 acres of Umberland, SIGNATURE LOANS $25 to $2000 ARRANGED ftt PHONE Arrange your loan by phone. Pick tit> the cash at your Convenience No fo-slfrtierg, Sim» day service. J«-Monfh Plan J4-Mfihlh Plftn Vpu Gjt Mo. Pm«. You Otl M«. Pmf. $ 90.00 — t S.M S11JJ.M — j«3 M S 413.00 - hfO» $14509 - MI.M J 751.00 - W.0« J js!:w - J74 M , - . . J1007.DO - $5500 $150109 $«.08 ftbove pttymtnts InMud* ALL Charges. DIAL FINANCE CO. Dial 433*9426 «15 RVAM ST. Arthur and Jules Andrus of Sui- p'ntir. two sister?. Mrs. August Gmdry and Mrs. Whitney Vincent of Lake Arthur: 2.3 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Have?. DAY INFANT Funeral services for Uie infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Day Jr. of Lake Charles were to have Youth-Led Revival Set In West Lake WEST LAKE 'Spl.) - Plans i beauty shop. lion. Stringer attended high school in Jonesboro, but did not gel his diploma until he entered the Navy. He was discharged from the Navy about two years ago and came to Houston "where his mother resides and operates a First hour volume folaled 080,- been held at 10 a.m. today at for a week-end youth-led revival! T ' le P aren(!; are divorced and ' < Hixson's funeral home. ' at Westwood Baptist church have The Rev. Ernest Walker pas- becn announced hy Rev . c , & ; (or of Sale Street Baptist. church, : ' ••(••-. i t-» -i • *-* oniciated. Burial was in Grace- Slrin ? er<S fath<?r ' Aubrey and sti » »ves land cemeterv. Rcv - Dervis c - Tippen. a Fort: . North, Texa?, evangelist, will: In addition to the parents, he is , day and at 10:40 a.m. and 6-30! survived by one brother. Donald'p.m., Sunday, August 26. ' Joseph Day. Lake Charles: grand- Mr. Tippen attends Southwest-' parent?, Mr. and Mr?. Marcus ,ern Baptist Theological seminary.' Day Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. H.D.,He is a graduate of Northeast! - -,- -.„„„.- 1-enncr, all oi Lake Charles: and Louisiana college at Monroe. He es for Nathan Otis Denny 75 lo- preat-grandmothcr. Mrs. Jane has becn a Baptist student un-! cal farmer, will be held'at 2'30 Reux of Lake Charles. " " ' N. 0. Denny, Iowa Rice Farmer Dies IOWA (Spl.) - Funeral servic- LIVESTOCK Area Sales Results MICELLE'S COMMISSION YARD Wednesday, Aug. 22 CATTLE RECEIPTS: Lnrgp. 1,275 head sold. Three horses, two sheep. MARKET CONDITIONS - Trading Action: Moderately Active. Demand: Good. new contracts, space age stocks resumed their rise. Lockheed was up more than a point. Prices: Steody. 50c to SI Lower. HOG RECEIPTS: sold. Liberal. Maplewood Driver Hits Parked Car, Knocks Down Sign : State police today filed charg- 143 head cs O f reckless driving against AVINGS Verna M. Sweeney, South Lebanon in 31. of 520 Maplewood. Troopers said she had knocked NATHAN OTIS DENNY 'See Story This Page) ALBERT MILLIARD ion evangelist in Louisiana. ; [>•»!. Friday at his son's residence Revival music will be directed, in Iowa. Burial will be in Greenby 0. J. Bourgeois with Zyra uood cemetery in Jennings in :Lynn Mitchell and Mrs. Alton charge of the* Mix son funeral i Cain as accompanists, home of Lake Charles. i Mr. Miers said that. Eddie Ste-: Masonic graveside rites will be : phens is serving as youth pastor. ' rendered. Funeral services for Albert Mil- Committee chairmen include Mr. Denny had lived in the Lard, 72, of Lake Charles, will Madeline Chisholm, visitation; ' Iowa area for the past 45 years be held at 10 a.m. Friday at. St.. Trudy Hancock, prayer; Thomas' He died at ":30 p.m. Wednesday Henry's Catholic church. Burial \Voodell, publicity; Connie in a Virior, Texas hospital, will be in Graceland cemetery in Georp", entertainment; Freda! A well-known farmer, Mr. Den- charge of the Hixson funeral W a 1 k e r. music; and Rodger ! ny has served as president of the llomr PhelpK, usher. ; American Rice Growers Associa- A former member of the Lake Young people of the church will' tion, rind was once a director of Charles city police force, Mr. Hil- serve as teachers in the adult de- Tri-Stale Rice Growers. He was a liwd lived here for the past 23 partments Sunday in connection : member of the Methodist church, HOG MARKET CONDITIONS-Trod- Ing Action: Moderofely Active. Demand: Foir. Prices: Steady. Coivei SLAUGHTER: Good to choice 7)1-25.50, ; standard 21-23, utility 18-21. i clown a mail box and stop sign STOCKERS: Good to choice (250 Ibs. I ^J i, !f „„,.!, J „, „ up) 28-30.50, common nnd medium (250 and lilt a paiKeu Car. tb^up) 23-28, S ood light (250 ibs. dowm Police ^ports showed that Mrs. steer* and Heiierj j Sweeney was traveling east on l choice 23-25, i parish road when she left ^gi road in front of 603 West Parish \ a mail i box. ' i Continuing on the shoulder of j the road, according to the reports, i ond I she hit a parked car, tearing a Good none, medium 14S-14S. common 125- j fendcr ° f£ aml Damaging the g3S j us, inferior 95-120. j tank. Fifty yards farther down! commercial i«-i?, u "u $ niiiy U.K., culler \ the shoulder, she knocked over a | 12 " M - Hog , j stop sign, troopers said. | choice barrows and aiits (150 to 1751 She then went home and sent ; Ibs.) 17-18.20, choice borrows and gilts I , , , , , , . ., ; (140 to 175 ibs.) is-16, butcher pigs (75 her husband back to the scene,! to 135 Ibs.) 13-15, medium barrows and! ffop rp n n rt<; said Slip indicated to ! gilts 12-14, sows (400 ibs. down) 13-15, r™ 3 repoiis saiu. Mie maitrfien 1.0 heavier sows (old) ii-i3, eood feeder pia.s i troopers that the lights of another 16-20, common and medium M-14. woods „. , i, i LI- j i i hogs 8-n car nad blinded her. ; STOCKER STEERS: Good 23-26, com men and medium 18-23. . ,,,,,, STOCKER HEIFERS: Good 21-23, com- ! road and knocked down mon and medium 16-20. cows SLAUGHTER: Commercial 1504, utility 14-15, cutter 12-M, canner >-12, shells down to 8. Good 16-18, Cow-and-Colf-Per-Palr Bogus Money Circulated in New Orleans NEW ORLEANS (AP)-A Baton ' Masonic Lodge No. 455 of Iowa, | Roya Arch Masons and the Or- I dcr of Eastern Star. j Survivors include one son, C. H. I Denny of Iowa; one sister. Mrs. i Bertha Hoag of Big Sir, Calif.; j and one brother. Theodore Denny : of Pomona, Calif. Artist is Killed yenrs. Hr- died at Ifl:,"5 p.m. with the youth-led revival. Wednesday at a loeal hospital. A rotary will be recited nt R p.m. today in the Hixson funeral home chapel. Survivors include his wife, the former Ruth Gremillion; two daughters, Mrs. Ruth Lohrman of Dallas, Texns, and Mrs. Dorothy Richey of Beaumont. Texas: one son. H. D. Hilliard of Lake Charles, one sister, Mrs. C. A ; Rouge man was hcld under $5,000 | j« AljtO Petterson of Monroe; and 14 bond today after he was charged] .with passing a bogus hill, and a! FARMERVILLE, La. (AP) - x JOHN L. O'BANION 1;s Secret Service agent said. Mis. Julia L. Thompson, a West \ 'here has been widespread circu- •; Monroe commercial artist was LEKSVILLE (Spl.) - Funeral, lation of counlprfcit S20 bills here: killed Wednesday when her car' services for John Loper O'Banion, and in Baton Rouge. ' failed to take a'curve and over- 75, were to be held at 10 a.m. to- i Arrested was Armand Wilfred turned, day in the Hixson funeral home Watson, 34. fhapel. John Rice, special agent in Mr O'Banion. n retired mer- ; charge of the New Orleans office chant and member of the Baptist of the U.S. Secret Service, said r dwell, died at 11 a.m. Wednes-: Watson admitted buying $900 in day in a Rosepine rest home. bogus $20 bills from a person he Rev. George Warner will offi- declined to identify. eiate at the last rites and burial Watson also admitted passing will be in the Self cemetery. about 42 of the bills in French Survivors are one son. J. L. Quarter bars and liquor stores, O'Banion of Leesvilk-; two broth-: Riep said. He was specifically ers. Lonnie O'Banion of Houston, charged with passing only one of Texas, and Major O'B a n i o n of the bills. Klamath Falls. Ore.; one sister, Rife said many counterfeit $20 Mrs. Pauline Mel n n i s of Lees- notes have been circulated in the vjlle; and four grandchildren. New Orleans and Baton Rouge F f TAYI HB 'areas for the past few weeks. t. C. I AT LUK HP said the bills are poor coun- DEQUINCY 'Spl.) - Funeral I terfei(s - A comparison with a services for Elles EJbert Taylor,; f eni 'i"e note would reveal defects 88, were to be held at 2 p.m. to- in (he Portrait of President Jack- day at the Bethel Baptist church ; son aml an overall white appear- with Rev. Riley Green official- tim ' e > Ric '* Jng. Burial was to be in the Cannon cemetery in charge of the OriP Rritnn Dine i-_:j r. l u».~_ >^IIVJ WIIIV/II I^IV3 Snider funeral home. Mr Taylor died at 6 p „,. When U.S. Plane Wednesday in Jennings at the; ft **••*• iv»ii^ borne of his son, F. M. Taylor RdmS Into He had been a resident of the! Merryville area most of his life. BURY ST. EDMUNDS, England lie was a retired blacksmith and a member of the Green Oaks Baptist church in the Franks settlement I off One and killed one Bnton. Survivors include' his wife, Mrs. The pilot boiled out and v.;js mi- Taylor of Jennings; three injured. He is Lt John E. Malonc F. M. Taylor of Jennings,; of the 49ih S<|u,-i<lron of the 48th Jat'k Tiiylor of Nederland a n d Tactical Fighter Wing His honii: F.liifi Taylor Jr., o/ Houston; was given as Tallahassee, FJa. Ujrefc daughters, Mrs. Lora Selfj The body of the Englishman was oJ Lake Charles, Mrs. T. M. Cry-1 was found hours later under the id of Lake Charles, Mrs. Riley wreckage. (AP'-A US. Super Sabre Jet fighter eiai-hed into a row of houses Wednesday, tore the roof DUGGAN SAYS: JUST ARRIVED Fresh Garden & Flower Seed for Fall. We have extra nice clustered Ivy In 3" pots and they are extra nice. CONTAINER GROWN Bottle Brush, Plumbago In Bud and Bloom, Rose de Montana Vine, Hibiscus In many colors and ever popular Ficus Elastk'a. Here you'll find wonderful planted Planters for Office, Home or Business. We also plant your own planter container with your favorite Greenery. We are your head, quarters for Weed Killer, Insecticides, Chinch Bag Killer, Rose Dust. Come out and browse, your DUGGAN'S GREENHOUSE AND NURSERY 2027 Hwy. J71 N. HE 6-S03B THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL! MODEL NUR 515 ADMIRAL UPSIDE-DOWN DUAL TEMP SELF DEFROST REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER 14.3 net cu. ft. capacity. No-defrosting refrigerator and 138 Ib. sub-zero freezer. Swing-out basket. 3¥jt shelves (2 glide-out). Twin porcelain cnspers, 2 "pantry door" shelves; 2 In Freezer. Butter, cheese and egg storage, Built-in design. 66 3/16" h., 32" w., 25« /8 " rl. EASY TERMS ADMIRAL 11.1 CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR 157 NEW LOW PRICE See Our Other Models at Reduced Prices TV AND APPLIANCE CENTER 608 E, Prion Lake Road GR 7.3230 S><5 ••-- " i "•"» VINYL JACKET for little g/r/s, 3-6X White, Blue, Black and Tan 3.97 EXTRA DISCOUNTS ON SCHOOL SUPPLIES i'S 24' REGULAR 35c 300 COUNT FILLER PAPER REGULAR 98c VALUE 57. NOTEBOOK BINDER WITH 40 SHEETS PAPER V/2" RINGS 1.59 VALUE 97 SALE! GRANT BRAND PACKAGED ANKLETS Children's/ Misses' Combed cotton, no-seam, 3 j,^ Morpul® coffs. Durene® « G ' cotton o-ews. Sizes 6 to 11. Boys' Cr«w Socks Soft cotton, nylon rein- 3Wt< forced. Striped tops.7-10 1 /^. fKGf •••i^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••••••i Proportioned to Fit All Boya! t POLISHED COTTON IVY-STYLE SLACKS Top qdaliiy wash 'n wear fabric is com. fort ait to fit dim, regular and huslky boys. Sanforized, less than 1% shrinkage. Choice of 5 popular colors. 6-18. Continental Model Available t Boys' Coffon Slacks, jtteg, Sites 6-18 2,54 New Slim took for Boys! 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