The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 14, 1918 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1918
Page 11
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SATURDAY,'^PTEAIBER 14,1918. THIS fitrrtiHmStfN NEWB. PA OR ELEVEN. HP THE EPOOT Changes Prom Civilidrt loMilitary Life Told of UY PKIVATI: 'LAWSON MAY Of Provisional Ambulance Co., I). • S\, 0. T. C. at l : t. Riley. In gun. abcdn at old For,t Riley. Then I wo wsftt to iMl* sheds- *hero the I fbtjrtb open slclo^ot in moti sir and | tiiist than the other lli'ree Bides kept j out, Then part of us cattle to Ihei'O , : if a 1 liui;riiclrn with flood pprJiijiy bcils. j and -Hi row ,, lick*". . Have cilntilug hut, u!c>r ill tli:' Uhtli' liotlMe Vint (.o far; ll'n run raster limn t have broiiine , 1'vo used cold walor iu my Hunting. ] When ) KO home, I'm coin;; I i a bai'b*r nliop ana when . : lhe . tartar : ptartB to apply tnther .to my fa«S«>-1*11 i Ml hint to go on and hoc '< ni off 1 without" the. tee of snap. 1 won't need ' 11. '• - ! l"ied Ho'tinojrmny talk ult he wi«b>'» j to about not',•getting (u wash over! there, hue htrhnab't a ihing-oii us. We ] have time to waidi just on«io during • Ihn day and that al bed time when i thorp's ha one. to know whether we] have or not. But when we do nil to | It—Hoy. . i Kilt Cent la (Tueno. K LAWSON MAY, Provisional Ambulance Co. D. M. O. T~ t'., Ft. itiley, '(annua. It lalifs a newspaper reporter to find ihe real news nt a training camp. The eats don't t'other him so much hut the human interest whli-h ahoundfi must be told about in Ihe letters home' and HO lo the •Krti'nri.l force of the News the follow. In« leiier from the laifiM. recruit from their nlldfit, 10.' Luwiton May, tells many Interesting points of life (it t'nmp l'unslnn nut (;lven i'l other letters: • Tiiendnv, Wcdiioday, Tluiriday. .. •' Sept.- IU Kept. 11 Scl't. 1- i Dear Ni'«>!es: j Sure, 1 know the diiy and the dale— bonrin n newrtpaper O'.o <!;.y.s ;»j;o and • have kept track slave th.;n. And | lime- t.ot tali on tint:, too. I look at! my'»rlsj; watch—111'" as!; aemrono I else the ilim* anil my watth Is always j just ten minutes slow, .lust hasn't; licc-n refiiilnted quite iorreeily ami as, 1 siBiU'd up nt the pcr .-'L -nal office ihali 1 wn..; an expert Kurd op'-ralur ant j could IIIMI dabble with a Iypewfiler | i-nd liueivisc had a walking laiott'iedB? I of lio.v in d(» lours riiju r.nd i:i''! without. coiiiK the oilier «ay, 1 haven't j Hilly KIII the watch to rii.n:iv, ill exact, | vonronttailon !o the time a., set forth by father Time, lint I' is a "ureal comfort and salisl'a-iim) \i, me ill | hiphi when I Wake to look at the II- 1 luminalcd dial. (But I've never taken' time lo wake up before rising time.i Folks can talk' about the enrly rising hours of Hie army hul il o'clock is the hour at the present'' lime and It's no worse than at home. And I'ncle gets us oul of bed far quicker than mother ever did nt home. No cold waler or pulling. When thu whistle, toots, we're out. This l't, "lllley camp ar far as we've pone into It is run with whistles instead of the time-honored bugle. The only time a huglo Is used is at retreat, tiensloiially one blows. Search mo whether there's one al leu o'clock at niKht or not. h'vo never stuck around to hear it. it used to lie mighty hard for nie to crt up to the feather bed heforo 11 or 11:;I0 at nielli. Now I fall right Into n hard cot without a straw tick and It doesn't disturb me iu the I"ast. ~ , Some Permanently AGCigned. Yesterday most of the men of Kansas taken to Hlley In the draft, were put. into permanent eomjanles. Krncat Murphy and I are ihe only Hutchinson men in this Ambulance Company. The other men are from Western and Central Kansas mostly. The rest of Ihe Hutchinson men are in other coui- luinies or still await their assignment. Paul Klrkpatrick and Ray Angus are both waiting .lor Bourm kind of shipment. They don't Show what or where. And don't worry. A man fresh In the army has to get onto many economies of space. For instnneo: Our Djess kit composed 0 r a knife, spoon and fork, plato and 'platter and large: cp.p- isn't always used in au eating iftppUQn/w,,. 2uuS») •the bonch was contiuod to the. bar- i.icks waitlnK a call that never catrm We couldn't go lo the shaving place so wo filled our cups with water. These operations look plaee: 1. Washed teeth.wilh the water. 2. Used water as shaving water. -3. (tinned off razor In water. . Washed rest of face with water. 3. Washed towel In water. 0. Kmptied water and got a drink from cup. If wo get crowded the boys figure that the bdwl-liko plate will serve as bath tub. Hat next: 1. Its wide brim does duty as good ruin .protector. 2. Shelters us from sun. 'j. With no \vrittng pad we put the paper on (ho brim and have a good table, i. On kitchen police where tlio main Idea is to peel as ninny potatoes as possible, thu hat makes a basket. A -Cots: 1. Sleeping place, 2. Chair. 3. Table for homely game of pIMi. 4. Lounging sofa. What Ambulance Duty Is, .lout because your son Is in the Medical Corps don't think that ho will be one of these nlco hoys who.sets back of the lines In a base hospital and tells ihe other men where-ftp put tills and that wounded man unci gets away from the bullets. The members of thu- Ambulance Corps go Ju/|t a few steps further into the real'fight than do the men of the trenches. Should some fighter get wgunded while going over the top In a charge, ' It's the duty of tho first division men of tho Ambulance Corps to bcut it over the mound and gather in this wounded mall before lie goes west. Ambulance, company men have to diagnose the ease before tho woundfl man Is sent back to tho field hospital. If the man is badly wounded he's carried back; if only slightly hurt he's walked hack. The second division of an ambulance company, we leai'n, is the field hospital work, while the third part ofsavlng Hid wounded ijiau's life is to carry him to the base, hospital in un amliilauce. Before wo leave this camp we'll probably get our complete ontfUa. H weighs some fifty pound.! wilh the half tent, slicker mess kit and bag and surgical Implements. Our only Implement of warfare is a hulelie*. such as ileoigo Washington used iu chopping the cherry tree. We clear underbrush with It and are not supposed to ihrowj it at the kaiser, Oosh, bow we hate him. Been Moved Three Times, The motto of one of the transfer companies of Hutchinson, "The world moves, so 4°. we" has nothing on the army. AVe'ye teen hero a week and a halt. In that time we've been moved thmt tl«ea. Ai U «t we slept | OFFICE HELP WANTED. Qttsrlermastcr'ii Department of the Army Send) Out S. 0. S. Call. Camp I'liiision, Sept. 14.—The'MUnr- tcrmasior's department has sent out an .S. (I. call for office help. The office or the iiuartennnster general In the business and supply department or the afmy, nnd just al present that division, of the service appears ti) he about as busy us the pro- \erblal cranberry merchant in Yule tide. lie bus senl u notice to Ibis camp- and probably lo other camps as well — 'requesting each soldier to act I\B a committee of one lo hustle office help for (lie (piarl('master's department, either soldier or civilian, especially stenographers and typists. An\ soldier who knows of I>»rsons lir.cli home who might help fill up the itinlis of (lie Q. M.'s force is requested lo tiotlly Lieut. W. L. lUickcr, suli depot quartermaster do- Pai'iincm, Camp I'unplon. The lieu- Uennt will advise and assist, applicants in every possible manner. ONieers of the quai'lcnmistor's department here evidently are believers In the old adage--"An apple a day will keep the doctor away. 1 ' I'uiiher- nioie, apparently they intend lo keep him nway-vin the apple route. The camp has just received six big* carloads of apples —in Xo. 10 cans. Knch can weighs 1)4 ounctM. There were 8,000 cans In the shipment and another shipment of 24,000 cans Is due In a few days. So the soldiers in camp can count, on al. least 112,000 cans of apples-enough lo keep the M. 11. elsewhere for "quite a spell." As to who started the canned apple order—it. happened, something like this, perhaps. According lo the correspondence received by the sub- depot quartermaster's c. ."pai'linenl here, the chief quartermaster of the American Expeditionary Forces now- engaged In chasing tho Hermans, lound it more advisable to ship dried or evaporated apples across the Atlantic and to use the canned product in the United States camps. The evaporated apples are more compact, weigh less and take up less shipping space ti,an the. canned ones. So all the I'orees al home camps are going to cat. oahae-tl apples,'"e*ve previous lonnagu spare—and -keep - the doctor away. ••••;"• Now don't imagine for a minute that the quartermaster's force' hits overlooked figuring on Just how long the apple'Supply will last. The Q. M. boys figure the apple supply this way: ,A No. 10 can contains enough apples for 7;!,187 rations. This means that for every seventy-lour days a soldier Is rationed at Funslon, he must consume one can of No. 10 apples, under the new order. Mote may be purchased for each ration, but that figure in set for a minimum. ' Homy C. Butts, of the,subsistence ! division, now In France, tout formelry stationed, here . where hie had many friends. Is frank" tb^*nit-thtiril»-i»-: peeved at the I'Toneh girls. They i cannot understand:his 'French.' Butts ' writes in a letter to Corjioral .McDonald: "Mac, I wouldn't trade one of those Kansas girls for a whole drove of the girla here. They are stupid here, for they cunnoi understand my French." FAI JL XJLJL Hutchinson, September 14th to 21st Great Lake Naval Band Tho International Harvester Company Builders of .Mogul and Tiiau Tractors. Seventy-five years knowing build farm machines. Twolve years experience building tractors, Au absolute guarantee of a satisfactory tractor. See them today at the Harvester Company's exhibit at the Fair. 14-iit Fourth Class Graduated, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 14.— The Training School for chaplains and Approved Cbnplaln Candidates at Camp Zachary Taylor hero has just graduated Its fourth class, 194 minis- lei's of . fifteen denominations receiving their commissions. Tho school is the only one of its kind connected with the nation's military establishment and wus called into being by tho enormous expansion ot tho army. No attempt 1 B made to leach Iho theological duties of a chaplain, but a short course is given in military courtesy and military law so that the new chaplain will fit into tho military organlza'- lion. A replacement depot for chaplains has been established In connection with the school. From. the chaplains hold In reserve here sudden vacancies in Iho chaplaju's office In any unit will be filled. Hear Rev. Harvey Baker Smith •Sunduy evening at First Christian church, i-'ubject, "The Greatest Oetec- tlve in tho World." 14-lt Among tho now turbans is one of cinnamon velvet smocked in yellow in tho center of tho crown. Paris makers are emphasizing the long suit jacket with slender hips. The Human Body Requires fresh air and uourisbing food. Modern Bread Supplies the latter. , TRY IT. This groat Hand ul' :'•"> liitVi's will DOOM at 2:30 in n (ii'iind Kncreil J'atii of this Band have hem with their I'M his concert tours of America. They director of music at the Clrcitt Lakes rected by a musician of his selection, -band will render another program. ' An address will he delivered by s Major-*leneral Wood who will he uu duties at (.'amp Kiinston. This will he ;t most inspiring day men and women and children of all e under the Stars and Stripes Cor this open tho State Fair Sunday after- otic Concert. Many of the personnel moils director, .John Philip Sousa, on are out now under his supervision as Naval Training Station, and are di- Simdiiy evening at 8:00 -the same tune prominent speaker in place of able to' attend on account of his Admission Snudav will be patriotically. It is hoped that all reeds and nationalities will turn out occasion. ' s - ")c at Ihe gate, grandstand, free. Admissions SltifiiV tickets to Uio Kair <[rounds sliall \w. r.O cimtH. Children undor ton years fre<\ when neconijmnlrd by a paid admission. Children under 35 yeara of age and over 10 years, 25 cent*. ADMISSION FOR NIGHT KNTIiRTAINMKNT: Adults, 2f> rents; children under 15 years of ape free. No charge tor vehicle?*. Gates open at 5:30 p. ni. Kvory horse, team or vrhich' ad- mil.ted to tin 1 Fair C!rounds will require a LTi -ccnt tieket. General admission to the grandstand, bleachers and stand in u room 25 cents; seat in gnmdstund pruper, 50c; reserved numbered Rents. T'i cents. Children under 1J y»;u\s, I .'i cent:-; it' occupying nserwd senl, GO cents. No war lax. Monday s Racing Program 2:00 p. m.—Concert by Hprb's Official Hand in Grand Stand. 2:30 p. m.—3-year-old pace, K. * O. Futurity, 5*00.00. Uelrnc Trio, Anriullsts. 3-ycur-old Trotting, t'300.00. Military Knockaboulp. 2 RunnlnK TtucoH. dlKtance as per tho "Daily Program."' John Uoblnnon's Klcphanls.; Educated Al tho,conclusion of the horno'raccs and fro'S 1 attractlunit';'.Barney Old- field, the most famous automobile racing driver lii th^ world, will drive a •• • . ' . ' ^ 3' raco, pest 2 in 3 heats of 5 miles cavil,hrlth Prcd llorey, the present holder of the world's record. PROGRAM MONDAY, SEPT. 16TH Food Administration, Better Babies,and Barney Oldfielcl Day. Monday afternoon after the horse racing Harney Oldl'ield will race l-'rcd Horey for the world's championship. This will he a race of f> mile, heats, best 2 in 3. This track now holds the world's record,made, on a half- mile dirt track in a 5-mile race and Harney is going to go to beat it in his Oolden Submarine racing ear. The free attractions of the'Slate .Kair will give their first performance between heats of the horse-racing this afternoon. The Great Lakes Naval Band will also give a concert. The Grand .Pyrotechnic SpectacIe will give its first, performance at» S::!0 p. m. after the Band Concerts and the first performance of the Jtus- -siaii Dancers and other free attractions. Tho Official Band under the direction of Bi'of. Herb will give their first concerts. The Government Exhibition will be in place and opportunity to visit it before the great crowds gather later in the week should not be overlooked. TUESDAY, SEPT. 17TH Cattlem&ii'p, Hutchinson and La\ior Day H.OO-A. ?&^j4«rgilig,iiJi«ti (1* paYtmem.-L This }« t,hs clay to sen the Jivosto'ek out by eTasses.~^iivoiT^^J£ini^h^ujcl see this'show. Martial music. • * 2:00 P. M.—Herb's Band will open the afternoon's entertainment. Harness, horse and thoroughbred racing program will be published later. One of the best, of the week. 2:30 P. M.—Great Lakes Naval Band. Free acts including the Robinson Elephants will intersperse racing heatsr First appearance of the-show horses -saddlers and drivers. Also Alladin, the Marvelous Trick 1 lorse. 5:00 P. M.—Speaking by man of national reputation, selected by the Labor Unions followed by picnic supper. 7:30 P. M.—Last appearance of the Great Lakes Naval Band in a Grand Concert. Russian Ballet Dancers. 8 : 30 P. M.—Grand Pyrotechnic spectacle,' '.The World at War." The Big Government Exhibit open and free all day. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 18TH National Agricultural Day At 9:00 a. m. judging in all unfinished departments will continue, Tho Livestock Divisions are all well rilled and some of them far bigger than ever before. These shows by classes are the great features of every good fair. Racing will start at 2:00 p. m., heats iuteKspersed with free acts. A great program of 7 races. Concert and Martial bands. Speaking on Patriotic subject in the big speakers' tent. Government Exhibit open and admission free. Also free admission to government moving pictures. Open all day. 7:30—Baud Concert. Russian Ballet Dancers and other free attractions. 8:30—The "World at War "—This is one of the most gigantic pyrotechnic spectatcles ever presented for public approval. » THURSDAY, SEPT. 19TH State Day The forenoon will be spent by the crowds seeing the lair. Martial music .Judging in all departments will be concluded. 11:00, A. M.—Concert by the «.{real; Bend Band. Government Exhibit and Government Moving Pictures open free to 4be-#ublie all day. 2:00 P." 51.—Bund Concert. Seveu harness horse and thoroughbred races! iIf^tS'W.tet*sv)('rscd with free acts. Speech by Gov. Arthur Capper. ' i* v t Patriotic Day. ' i-'tytMMM- 7:30 P. M.— Hand Concert. Russian Dancers, Robinson's Elephants and other free acts. 8:30—The "World at War"—the big entertaining feature of the State Fair. FRIDAY, SEPT, 20TH l Liberty and Wichita Day 9:30 A. M. —Band Concert. • '30:00 A. M.—Grand Parade of Prize Winners. Grandstand free for this event. .1:30 P. M-Hantl Concert. 2:00 P.M.— Harness horse ! and thoroughbred racing- Free acts. 3 : 00 P. M.—Show Horses out for exhibition. At the conclusion of the horse racing, the great race between Glen Breed •—driving a super-six - and one of .1. Alex Sloan's professional drivel's with his greatest ear, will occur. This is a race best 2 in 3 heats of 5 miles each. Government Exhibits and Moving Pictures all day. Speaking for the Liberty Loan. 7:30—Band Concert. 8:30—The "World at War." This will be the concluding show of the grand night spectacle. SATURDAY, SEPT. 21ST Red Cross Day Government Exhibits and Moving Pictures. Admission frfle. The Fair to close yith the most, thrilling automobile raeeK under the management of J. Alex Sloan of Chicago. Conducted for the Benefit of Agriculture and Increased Food Production H. 8. THpMPSQN, President A. L. PONSLER, Secretary.

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