The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 6, 1967 · Page 19
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 19

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1967
Page 19
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No Draft For FCC Students Despite Ruling Busy Bees Plan Club Campout until the candlesticks were returned. A call fi 11 Los Angeles informed them that the candl- The Shookstown Busy Bees st i c k s we re in a public locker ir. held their August meeting at the ' a note i basement. Then in th United Civic Center, with Beck- .. k ie Sampsell, club president, pre- mal1 came a Key siding. business was discussed THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Wednesday. September I. 1M7 Page 19 Old and the girls attending the style revue gave a report of what they won. Mrs. Sampsell con- Junior and community college gratulated all of the girls and students are not being drafted also Jackie Long for placing in Frederick County, a spokes-. in the top ten. man for the local draft boards ; Under new business plans said Monday. · were discussed for a camping Mrs Helen Plunkard, clerk to tri P for 4 , ni 8 h ts and15 days a, draft board 46, said that to her Echonl ^ H ^ I H° C L Cam i£TM knowledge the two local boards was ptamjd with *e Boys were not taking advantage of a ahoofc»town *-** as guests, directive from the selective Ricky Wisner, will serve as chief service system permitting the ^ t w ° b °y s - Rand y Wlsnte . r drafting of student at two year and Douglas Sampsell as he colleges i bovs leaders. A water melon _ B ' TM . ,. ,, ' party will complete the camp- Congressman Char les McC. % ' d u t f ^8 and Mathias Jr.. (R-Oth) last ween · irU were ^ nvited . T he gir i s described as ; arbi rary and un- were then told that the u h . just the action by Gen. Lewis bil , for the United civic Center B. Hershey, Selective Service was id for the f u U year for Director, which could deny un- the dusk and dawn lignt by dergraduate draft deferments to j ne 4 jj ^y^ full - time students at junior Talks were made on what and community colleges. ; Family Life means to me by Mathias said he was "shock- Cheryl Hann, Beckie c ampseli, ed" to learn that Hershey had Patty Kinseyi Jackie Long, and told local draft boards in a bul- N ancy Free, and Gail Lantz. letin issued August 9 that they G ames were played and songs could temporarily classify stu- ^^ under our Jr leader Beck- dents at two year colleges in ie Sampsell. Refreshments were the same category as appren- ser ved by Kathy Norris and tices and other job trainees. Nancy Free. The congressman called the ' order "totally unfair and inade- Stolen Loot Returned quate," pointing out that since the directive is only advisory SAN FRANCISCO (AP)--The it is not binding on local boards, underworld came through--an He added that the order is on- a $500 pair of crystal and gold ly temporary pending the Octo- candlesticks stolen last April ber meeting of the National Se- from the Episcopal Grace Ca- curity Council which will draw thedral on Nob Hill are back on up a new list of critical occu- the altar. pations for deferment of ap- Police Inspectors Eugene Osu- prantices. na and Eugene Fogarty said i Finally, Mathias said the or- they sent word through the un, . der is contrary to congressional derworld grapevine that the girl, Miss Arkansas, Sharon Ann Evans, who intent and Presidential order case would never be dropn d is six feet tall. which make no distinction in - the new draft law between un- young woman in the lobby. De- television viewers will be hav- dergraduates seeking baccalau- lighted recognition dawned and ing the same schizophrenic reate degrees and those enroll- she turned to her companion reactions to Burr in the immedi- ed full - time in two years and cried: It's-yes, it's the cte future. ^Ge'neral Hershey's directiv °°A nrP« aapn t for the show ' Over * nin *- yeaT P 6 TM?' ****' has thrown administrators at By CYNTHIA LOWRY * P r ^f: ° £ b ° s fitting the inf? in the 1956 57 television sea- two year colleges i nto confusion AP Television-Radio Writer '-^tor--'one the orototype of the son Burr starred in more tnan and tossed male students at HOLLYWOOD ( A P ) - Actor unbeatable criminal lawyer- 250 espisodes of "Perry Mason," these institutions into limbo," Raymond Burr recently was on into a new character of dedicat- based on the Earle Stanley Mathjass^ during a speech location in San Francisco mak- ed detective, beamed with satis- r iar d ner hero of almost two FEATURING TONITE THE ROGUES AT THE GOLD DUST INN NIGHT CLUB DANCING TILL 1Z P.M. Maytag Dryer FREE Delivery Std. Wiring vent Kit venting Sept.--Oct.--Nov. We Service Everything We tell Arrange for a low cost Farmers and Mechanics National Bank Auto Loan when you purchase that brand new car. We'll save you money! FARMERS AND MECHANICS NATIONAL BANK Member F. D. I. C. THE SHORT AND THE LONG AND LONGEST -- Mal Dodson, who has guided Miss America contests for 34 years in Atlantic City, N.J. stands between the shortest and tallest contestants in this year's competition. AP Wirephoto Mal, who is six feet, seven inches tall, stretches ovar Miss Vermont, Kathleen Rowley, who is five feet one half inch tall, with the tallest Washington -WRC-TV S--WTTG-TV 7--WMAl-TV 9--WTOP-TV Baltimore 2--WHAK-TV 11--WBAL-TV 13--WJZ-TV rancatter 8--WGAUTV Radio» TV Highlights ALSO THE BIGGEST tMDEHSUIDVf«*!!9f OF ULI DAMASCUS Wednesday. September 6 BOB HOPE, In Eight On The Lam Show Times 7:27. 9:25 ing outdoor shots for his new :action. but briefly, series." Ironside." The fan continued: Returning to his hotel one eve- COD, Perry Mason!" ning, Burr was spotted by a Presumably large numbers of r TIVOLI Starts TODAY Shows At 1 - 3 - 7 9 metro-goBwyn -mayer yen a martin ransorott production ton curtis Claudia cardinale at the annual meeting of the Garrett County School Bus Driv- It's the score books - while Perr y never ers' Association in Accident, lost a case, time and sheer Md. Mathias urged the President to clarify the situation at once, , . . . , . , , ,, "" adding that "only a tortured us toll. And the show came to interp % tation of ( be law cou i d a halt at the end of the 1965-66 deny s t u dent deferments to the season. A lot of viewers never thousands of young men" who knew it ended because it went are studying at junior colleges, directly into syndication, and re- when yotfve got it made shafrmtate BRADDOCK DRIVE-IN OPEN FRIDAY. SATURDAY SUNDAY NOTICE! Special classes for all residents of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania interested in a career in hairstyling and beauty culture will begin at West Virginia College of Beauty Culture on Tuesday, September 12 Any man or woman interested in beginning education in this exciting and rewarding career should contact the school immediately. The cost is surprissingly low. The time required to complete your education is short, compared to mzny other professions. You can even pay for your education after graduation, when you are earning ycu own money. W. Va. College of Beauty Culture ..nd cash. clothes, jewelry 329 So. Queen St. Martmshurjr, W. Va. Phone 267-6231 runs on local stations currently Girl Wins Title arp HeinE? seen bv almost as A i w nr^ *i d i e ueuig seen uy aiuiuoL a^ Atirf I rmPS I O f l S l l s many people who used to watch -^-«" »;«»" » wnsun the new shows. DALLAS, Tex. (AP) - Clau- During the last few years of dia Reynolds, the new Miss Tan "Perry Mason," Burr grew in- America, plans to have her ton- creasingly unhappy with his Slls out veil-paid lot Each season, he After Miss Reynolds, 20, of would announce, would be his fi- Mamou. La., was crowned Fn- nal one When the series finally aay night at the chmax of the died, Burr was certain he never third annual Negro beauty pa- would become involved in a ueant, she said her tonsils "are television series again--not un- due out when I go home today. less it was something along an She said the operation was de- cducational line. '"Ved for the pageant. He signed a contract with a She entered the pageant as large Hollywood studio and Miss Tan Monroe, La., and is a made a quickie film. "Iron- ^cmor math major at Gram- Mde." in which he played a San lHng College, in Gramblmg, La. Francisco detective paralyzed Her 36-24V36 measurements by the bullet of a killer. It was helped her win swimsuit and shown as one of NBC's iwo-ho-'r evening gown competitions and movies-made-for-television last ^ placed in the talent catego- season and was a hit in the Niel- ' ' W I t h a whimsical flute solo, sen ratings Now it is an NBC Her prizes include a four-year series, starting next Thursday itn1ola j; s ,!? lp- night. Perry Mason was a suave, smooth, kind, c'ever fellow vhose sole problem seemed to be a mqrked tendency to pick up a little more weight with each passing television season. Detective Ironside will be a d : a- mond in the rough whose sharp tongue hides a heart of gold; a crippled crime fighter who en- pvs a frequent belt of booze. Burr, who has b?en plav'n" Mason for so long that peoole leally have fused the two dienti- lies, is himself quite unlike either Mason or Ironside. The Canada-born actor is a bi? alfec ionate man with a nas^h" fnr art and gardening. During his "Mason" years, he b - · aTM owner of a Los Angeles art gal- 'ery and part owner of two others. His beach home, high on thf North Malibu cliffs, had c'aborate, rare nlantines wtr ^ were his special joy. as was his small, private zoo. Everything for your Education Requirements from Kindergarten thru College. HAPPY ZIPPER RING BINDERS BRIEF CASES LOOSE LEAF FILLERS TYPING PAPER ATTACHE CASES · P R I M A R Y TABLETS · COMPOSITION BOOKS · MUSIC BOOKS · BOOK BAGS · TOTE BAGS · THEME TABLETS LOOSE LEAF BINDERS ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS -- WORLD GLOBES MAPS - SCHOOL CALENDARS -- TEACHER'S PLAN BOOKS --CHILDREN'S DESK UTILITY TABLES -- DESK PADS SETS -- PEN PENCIL SETS -- FELT MARKERS -- ART SUPPLIES -- ROLL BOOKS -- FREF BOOK COVERS with every purchase. STORM and SHIPLEY "THE HI SY CORNER" 2nd Market Sts. MO 3-5222 WEDNESDAY 3:00--2,9--(C) To Tell the Truth 4,8--(C) Another I World ! 5--(C) Countdown Carnival 7--General Hospital 3:30--2,9--(C) Edge of Night 4,8,11--(C) You Don't Say! 5--Superman 7--(C) Dark Shadows 20--Little Rascals 4:00--2,9--Secret Storm 4,8,11--(C) Match Game 5--Dennis the Menace 7 13_(C) Dating Game 20--Patty Duke 4-30--2--(C) Flintstones 4--(C) Movie--"The Gambler from Natchez" 5--(C) Super Heroes 7--(C) Mike Douglas, i 8--(C) Bugs Bunny 9--Movie--"Man on a String" 11--(C) Krazy Kartoons 13--(C) Merv Griffin 20--Wing Ding! 26--Hinshaw Plays Ives 5:00-- 2--Movie--"Helen of Troy" £-- (C) Flintstones 8--(C) Yogi Bear 11--Cheyenne 26--Friendly Giant 5:30_s--(C) News 8--(C) Merv Griffin 20--Timmy and Lassie 26--What's New 6:00--4,7,8,9,11,13-- (C) News 5--Mister Ed 20--Little Rascals 26--Film Feature 6:30--2,9--(C) News 4.8,11--(C) News 5--My Favorite Martian 7,13--(C) News 20--(C) Rocky and His Friends 26--Sculpture THURSDAY | 9 : 30_2--News i 5--Movie--"Man in the l Vault" 11--Learning To Do 20--Jack La Lanne 10:00-- 2-- (C) Truth or Conse! quences ! 4,8--(C) Snap Judgment 7--Virginia Graham I »--Candid Camera i 11--Sparetime Bowling 13--(C) Newly wed Game 20--Cartoon Carnival ! 10:30--2--(C) Divorce Court | 4,8,11--(C) Concentra- i tion : 7--(C) Here's Barbara i »--Beverly Hillbillies 13--Dateline: Hollywood 20--Romper Room RKGULAR CLASSES BEGIN OCTOBER 3. 1967 DRESS THE KIDS FOR SCHOOL THIS FALL... the American Way! 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PHONE AGE LIST 3 PLACES WHERE YOU HAVE USED CREDIT: 125.00 23.07 410740 38.00 504.16 32.00 444.64 22.00 CASH fATMTt 300.00 55.38 1? 1.380.00 125.00 :U"l.334.96 "8333 24 T.290.00 62.50 Sch«dul« ihiiM incM« duifK on loini M WOO MMtat HM MWT lind Smtll Loin U« an4 Itom J300 te tl.MO undtr th* MirylMHl l-dullrnl Ftflinc* Act. AMERICAN FINANCE IMCMBC*! 7:00--2,4,9,11--(C) News 5--McHale's Navy 7 -- ( C ) Of Lands and Seas 8 -- ( C ) Branded 13--Leave It To Beaver 20--Marshal Dillon 26--U.S.A. 7:30--2,9--(C) Lost In Space 4 , 8 -- ( C ) Virginian 5 -- ( C ) Truth Or Consequences 7,13--(C) Custer 11--Mayoralty Forum 20--Wanted--Dead or Alive 26--Playing the Guitar 8:00-- 5 -- ( C ) Hazel 20--12 O'Clock High 2fi--Ix)cal Issue 8:30--2,9-.-(C Beverly Hillbillies 5 -- C Woody Woodb'.i/v 7 . 1 3 -- ( C ) Second Hundred Years 26--Fred Friendly ( '):()(--L'.9--'Ci Green Acres 4,8,11 -- ( C Bob Hope 7 . 1 3 -- ( C i Movie--"Take Her, She's Mine" 20--Movie --"Outcast of Ihp Islands" 2H--News in Perspective · . : : ; o - 9 - ( C ) He She 10:00- 2,9 (C) Dundee and t h · Culhane 1.8.11-...(Ci I Spy f -- C News 2V- CKssirs F"st ; veal ""· 0 -- 5 - -Alfred Hitchcock ':00--2 4.7.8,9.11,1 · O News 20- Movie -"Tho Sign of the Ram" VO--2 ( ' ' Movie--"Gun f r a Coward" 1 0 - « " Movif-"The C:i- g"arded Moment" P- M'n io "",rf-»» Hay in th? Morning" 11:00--2,9--Andy Griffith 4,8,11--(C) Personality 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 7,13--(C) Honeymoon Race 11:30--2,9--Dick Van Dyke 4,8,11--(C) Hollywood Squares 5--(C) True Adventure 7,13--Family Game 20--Loretta Young 12:00--2,9--(C) Love of Life 4,8,11--(C) Eye Guess 5-(C) News 7,13--Everybody's Talking 5-- (C) Noonday on 8 20--Movie--"The Man Between" 12:30--2,9--(C) Search for Tomorrow 4,11--(C) Eye Guess 5--(C) Panorama 7,13--Donna Reed 12:45--2,9--(C) Guiding Light 1:00--2--(C) Woman's Angle 4--(C) PDQ 7--Fugitive 8--(C) Truth or Consequences 9--(C) News 11--Virginia Graham 13--Movie--"Confirm or Deny" 1:30--2,9--(C) As The World Turns 4,8--(C) Let's Make A Deal 11--(C) Tell Me, Dr. Brothers 2:00--2,9--(O Password 4 , 8 . 1 1 -- ( C ) Days of Our Lives 7 (C) Newlywed Game 20--Movie--""They All Kised the Bride" 2:30--2,9--(C iHouse Party 4 , 8 , 1 1 -- ( C ) Doctors 7 -- ( C ) Dream Girl 1 3 -- C Mike Douglas CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING All Colors Matting Non-Glare Glass Belt in · he Arta' 1 RICE'S COLOR CENTER ~th and Market St. Phone 662-3220 M O M 'f ·o O f rr b 18 S. 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