The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 15, 1948 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Battle For Jerusalem Is Taking Shape Cairo. July 14 JP--A decisive '.title for Jerusalem appeared to be shaping up tocia;- around Lat- niE where the Arabs have plugged Jewish suoply roads to the Ho:v City. The Jews are pressing an offensive from the coastal plain in an effort to pry loose the Trans-Jordan Arab Legion s grip on the Lairun bottleneck. But Legion ] artillery still dominates this area The main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv- highway meanders through Bab El Wad gorge at tins point. It is 14 miles from Jerusalem and IS from Tel Aviv. A victory here would decide the 1 success or failure of the siege of i Jerusalem. Elsewhere in the Holy Land fighting the Jews claimed military successes in the north, center and scuth. At Lake Success, the United , States gained, support for its de' mand for » cea?e-fire order \vh:eh the United Nations would enforce. if necessary. It also caHs for efforts to demilitarize Jerusalem. Canada ar.d Belgium backed it In the U. N. Security Council. Britain is supporting t^e U S. demand for forceful action. When this became known in Trans-Jordan, mass demonstrations occurred in Amman, the capital Thousands of angry Arabs hurled defiance at the British and at Present Truman. They shouted * fight to the death." "down with the British' and "do\\n with Truman." British nationals stayed at home. For the second time twin-engin- ed Syrian bombers struck Haifa. They caused no ser.ous damage The British Foreign OtSce d : s- closed ihz t Britain has" proposed H=-fa a free port to nelp ensure the success of the European Recovery Program A spokesman saiu the purpose would be to allow resumption of the flow of crude oil from the ; Middle^ ta«.r" oil fi?'|? through Palestine's largest port on its way to Western Europe. When Lives Are At Stake -- NOTHING BIT THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH -Before you start on that vacation trip let us make a check on your tires. It the casings are worthwhile w e can have them recapped-if too old and weather-beaten, don't take the chance, but put on a set of Seiberlins Safety Tires. Liberal trade-in. HOME OWNED MELVIN M. ENGLE CONVENIENT BUDGET TERMS HOME OPERATED Back of Post Office Phone SO Frederick. ML JULY CLEARANCE Rensie and Wyler Watches S39.75 Rensie Watch $42.50 Wyler Watch Special '24.75 Special S 24.75 S37.50 Rensie Watch $39.75 Wyler Watch Special '19.75 Special '24.75 ALSO OTHER WATCHES AT A SPECIAL PRICE BROADMOOR AND VANITY FAIR PATTERNS Goblets, Sherbets. Wines. Iced Tea Glasses and Salad Plates Special 29c ote KEY HOTEL BLDG- HAMILTON) 244 EAST PATRICK STREET-THONE 1370-1371 PLENTY OF sow Ta-PAfcK ; MEAT COUNTRY LARD * 23 SLICED BACON ENDS 39 LEAN SLAB BACON 49 Smoked PICNIC HAMS » 49= BACON SQUARES . . 39c LARGE BOLOGNA . . r= 39= COUNTRY BUTTER . . .75= ^SLICED LOAF CHEESE ' 59 REGULAR SMOKED HAMS WHOLE OR SHAXK END 5 9. \-FRESH SKA I Oft ft STEAM CRABS . . ^ FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT BONELESS REGCLAK CLAV/ WHITE ! LUMP MEDIUM SHRIMP . . 69 LARGE ASSORTMENT OF OTHER SEAFOOD f F VEGETABLES CANTALOUPES ea* 25c APPLES For Sauce 3 ·«. 25c S. K, LEMONS URGE SIZE dcr- 45c New SWEET POTATOES *. 19c 4,ilM EKY SFEf'fALS G. L, SODAETTES . . MTM iibby's or Del Monte PEACHES HELLMAflH'S MAYONNAISE p^ORANGE JUICE . . ^-PREPARED MUSTARD SUPER SUDS . . . . ^ CHAMPION COFFEE n Po!d Medal FLOUR 10 Boseul Tea Balls 100 to ^ - N£ WSPAPERflR C H I V E ® -- . _ 27 49 15 34 40 87 Russia Objects To Plan For Peace In Palestine Lake Success. July 14 ,--Russia toniaht suddenly objec'ed »o several key sections of ihe American proposal for end'ns the Palestine war. The Sox let stand "restored to de'ay or even kii! ! the plan for the Security Ccunc'l J ( t o isiue a cear-e-fire order to t h e ] ijev, s and Arab. I Soviet Deouty Foreign Minute- Andrei A Grorapko rais-cd hib cb- , jectious and made coun'ci-^^o- posals just as the coun~il appcarc'l t j t o be ncaring a vote The A'lien-, j can plan h ad six affirmatix e votes 1 j pledged and seven are needed an-i ; Ku=*ia thut appeared to be in a ' position to force a series of chans" land deletions 1 Council President Drrsslii Z i Mcnuilsky of she Soviet Ukraine (hurriedly adjourned trie r'c?t;:iu | after Gron-yko's vpeech and de!.?sates went private huddles s:i ,an attempt to rench son*e s-*r?*~- Th«» council will convene The Nws. Frederick. Mtf . Thursday.' J«Jr 15. IMf If accepted, the So\ .?t countcr- propo'.al^ vvouid eliminate Count Koike Ccrnadotte from the picture The L'm'.ed State 1 ", resolution pr*v ides for" the U N mediator to ^isjjei \ IM? a truce of unlimited durr'.io 1 ! and contir.vse efforts at t'-cd-at!:':- Ru\Ma moved to j;r'~~!? oat all the^e tections. GroR*\ko jvCCp.cj ihe M?c::on of She se'-olutioiss calh-is fot a council orv'er :o the Jew s a-.d Arabs to "·op; vit'hin three da\s. Fai!ur to c.^mpjy \vould ope'i the ··,:,· ·;- 'r-v't.Rs: t-ipUHvM c and i;:o s-jrictions or even th? uy? .' "*".."x. f ~*3\ :*' I'tsrv force He also agre-U to an immediate f ccv..-c-fue lu Jerusalem. j Basins his argument on the contention that the U. N. Assembly's ' decision to partition the Holy Land I !·!!" . independent Jev. ;s-h and I A - . l « ;'i joivs :·- in j-il! effect. Gromyko ^ald Bernndotte's mediation · iV.ts. had 'snored this verdict and ihee \\as no need for further attempt at mediation FOOD COSTS SOAK Currijer'.jiri. July 3} /F--Food Cf;-t^ :n Ci:::iberlard have hi* an a"-' hvh. the Climber of Co^iK'-ce reported t"dj\ Tne co'. oS a market basket of 15 items reached $9-31 the last week in June and unofficial tabu* lations indicate a further ri»e since ihen. The 89.31 figure is 191 per cent higher than^Joae 1939. Helps You Overcome FALSE TIIETH Looseness and Worry No longer be annoyed or feel ill at ease becatge of looset wabbly ««Is« »e«th FASTEETH ru improved alka. line (non-acid* powe!«r. sprjnkled on jour plates holds th=n firmer so ttoev leel tnore comfortab^ Soothiair cooling to gums made sore I - S ai*n loos * P Iat ««- Get FASTEETH at any drug store ·«·»« KILBURN TARTAN 5 S 1 UO GABY Skin Cream 75c Jar Suntan .otion -Ounces buntan Lotion ^-Ounces 49 »·--------__ 89. Su'SIPSCIALS LADY DO\ Elt. 2-SLi.Ci^ Today Thru Saturday Only! 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