The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 28, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE SIX i i More than Sa.OOO^WW'willj'be ipcnt by the Southwertern-Electric Service Co. for construction-in ..the pext «ve years in 10 Texas'coun- ties. i^--· Algebra is an ancient form of mathematics. It dates back to 1700 B. C. and traces of it base been found in Egyptian writings. Centrolio Man Lost 40 Lbs. In Short Time With Rennel i mmm w---^- _ · ',*"-. -\ ' Mr S W Ferguson. C«itralia.Illlfc?i» have recommended- Rennel,.to !S g$5*gfflgi , using ,,, 1 it. I have mnA vmir vitality increases. Juit go to 3ffifi8£i=2 nint bottle-add enough unsweetened ·aM^iit juice to fill the bottle and - ape £ke two tablespoonfuls a day '-all there is to it. If you aren t , . · .t_ _ + AOTilt* r*tl1TO ulC pap then THE DAILY REGISTER, HABRISBURG, ILL.. ___^**··''· · Congress Cheeks if Grain Returns to U. S.-ln Bottles * . i t . . . r«**,i t *\ « t * t t t f * l ' By HARMAN W "----- . United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jan. 28-~ (V£ . The question before Congress is how much, if any. of the rtufc we send abroad in bushel baskets comes back in bottles. Rep. Frederick C. Smith of Ohio said he had heard a lot of loose talk. And he asked Charles F Brannan. assistant secretary of agriculture, point blank if he: knew ' answer. Brannan .lifted an KSfv vou aeainst weakness while go- J fJ?huMrv for you WON'T be hungry. DoiVtbe switched,to another product. Insist on the genuine Rennel. YOUR BABY iS GROWING UP Changing every -day, but J. R. METCALF Photographs will keep him "as he is; for all time. Have a new-, photograph of him today. Be'.doubly sure safe lites' are used on those sensitive little eyes. THE J. R. METCALF CAMERA ROOM uses only safe silent speed lites oh all children's pictures. The new safe way that produces beautiful studies of your child. : ; . Phone 1280 for Appointment t p answe eyebrow f b b e d his bald spot and said he sure didnt. Maybe the State Department did, he suggested. The State Department it happened. wasn't represented m the e False Charges Hade Against GIs in Germany Bv ROBERT 1IAEGER d'l'ress Staff Correspondent u * * * . .*,. ,i» nt was oavins 10.000 marks ($1.000) indemnity in where frauleiiis " i m « ! . b i i » · · f i l f I I It ·*** or left-overs from the grain which goes into liquor. An example' Take 1,000 ousncis of feed gram, preferably corn. Sell 200 bushels to the distillers and turn back the rich proteins after the liquor-producing materials have been taken out of the grain. .,,, Then suggested Morton, add this n i X X K F U K T . Jan. ^----. to the 800 remaining bushels out schemms frauleiiis and other of the original 1.000 and feed it t o j u n g o f u i Germans have launched the cattle You'll get more beef, i a C ampaicn of false accusations he s-»id than if you'd dumped t h e , aw , ct American soldiers, charg- whole 1000 bushels into the feed ,,,,. them \\ith rape, manslaughter, lot in the first place. | assault and theft. Army mvestigat- And what, asked Morton, is this, 01 . s sa j ( i today, talk about wasting wheat making; T j, t . Army said many of tne or? You don't use much wheat charges made against innocent sol- '.._ u_ ,,.,:,» vr.t in «nnrf ! c j i e i s by G crma ns desiring revenge I l l l l l l i i l i i i v i" v-tuvj ····*.·- ---.were raped by American soldiers. The fraulcin immediately submitted a bill to military government officials claiming: "An American soldier raped me three times a week for six months, but he s gone home now." "winriiH it is illegal to give a During the winter according i c ,irol vour fa ilv or a (ho National Safety CouncilSj ·micm-e air-do or .shampoo, per «-nt of pedestrian dcatl* £ k l l U l U l l , luui "v u ' l l h l l l l l i r i ' O I l l l l l f u ;if(,... . member n manicure The s hibits o ha r-ilo or MKIIIIIHIV. j«.i ^..» *.. i-v..^......., uvumi beauty culture law pro- i-ur within three hours after iun pfiisteicd persons from set. « * ...14...... . i 111« t\\* * -* - · -- · · · -- i muiis uiiivsioiviw i- practicing beauty culture \uth 01 without pay. FOR SALE THURSDAY Hours: Open from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Five RobVnsof Furniture Practically new, consisting of 2 living room suites, 2 bedroom 3uite£.2 all-wool rugs, 9x12, 1 large white porcelain gasstovft 1 kitchen cabinet, dinette set, and numerous otHer. articles that go to furnish a home. .This furniture is located midway between Gaskins Lumber Company and Harrisburg Lumber Company, at 314 Mcllrath p e n e . committee room, where the House Banking and Currency group was considering measures to continue to control use of grains for spirits. No Personal Interest Smith wanted to get down to cases He looked back at the spectators in the committee room, inost of them representatives of distillers. First. Smith said he wanted to make his own position clear He said he had no personal interest in our liquor supply since he never touches the stuff himself. But the idea o£ cutting down on allotments of grain to American distillers and sending grain abroad challenges his sense of fairness_ Particularly, he said, if the rumors are true that foreign booze-makers get their hands on some of it. The gentleman from Ohio asked the gentleman from the Department of Agriculture if that made sense? Grain Goes to Dine Brannan said it didn't, if true. But he added that it was his understanding that ALL of our gram went to dine and not wine Europe. Smith said he wasn't interested in the' drinking habits of Europe- But he said he didn't like to see scotch we import from Europe coming into this country smelling like American grain. Competing in American liquor stores with stuff made in Kentucky and Tsew °Rep. Thurston Morton broke in at this point and said he would like to have a word He said he represented the 3rd district of the above-mentioned state of , Kentucky, where a lot of fine bourbon is m JJUUVH . ·*· V W uv*» * «·*·-- in liquor, he said. Not in good old Kentucky bourbon Washington Column By Peter Edson NEA-Register Correspondent U l v l *-*' vi v. »···"··-· *"» ··» .~or money were "fantastic" but that the practice was being discouraged b\ .sentences of one to three years m prison. Investigators said the tendency to Mame the Americans automat- ical'lv and unjustly for German woes always nas existed, but that recently it'has become "much more aaara\ated." ~Th\v 'nterpreted the trend as evidence" of a growing anti-American j feeling. ! Bills Military Gov't -\s an example, they reported the "case of one German girl who heard a false rumor that the Army Trmv agents said a Frankfurt | by_carrierj)oy. nurse "also joined the campaign. -She told authorities a talc of assault and overnight kidnaping by two soldiers to excuse her nightlong absence from the hospital. Investigation disclosed she had spent the night with her German boy friend. Other fantastic claims were made bv Germans \vho hoped to profit from the recent Army policy ot paving Germans who were injured by* occupation forces in accidents. Florida has one miile of paved road for each 94 Persons m its population, against the united States average of one per_*»·__ j This year's heavy rainfall j r lAuslialia has reduced pro.spccu The Daily Register. 20c a ^oek.^orj^heavy^rop. ^Latest ,, llmte 1 is 220,000.000 bushels. PAY MORE... WHY EVER ACCEPT LESS --than the assurance you get in the famous name St. Joseph Aspirin. Millions know it's aspirin at its best. ^ ^^^·^··^·^^^^·^^^^^^^·^flMDI^^H St Joseph ASPIRIN ' Morton, a freshman in the House started off by admitting that, of course, there can be. only one sensible choice between a loaf of bread and a bottle of whiskey. But he ' WASHINGTON --(NEA)-- El-j der statesman Bernard M. Baruch, in his last two appearances before congressional committees, has made | statements that must have scared the nightshirts off all the angels oi peace in heaven. In spite of his avowal that ' I do not believe that we are going to use guns or that we are going to war, everything he says ados up to preparedness lor anotner jr. i Coupled with some of the other i things that have been going on 1 around here--like the recommendations from ^resident M r u m a n s commissions on building up air ( power and establishing universal j military training--tne outlook is-. positively tngntenmg. But it that's, the way things are going, its j u s t j as well to know about them and. prepare for them. Last October, Baruch testified before Sen. Owen Brewster's w a r | Investigating Committee on moot-; hzation plans. He presented a iV-pomt program for economic, military and spiritual preparedness ^^-J-YV-V^ ^-^sij^ dllU Ct WV*.*-*-^- v * » . « . - -- -^ f added that, in his opinion,' it was' possible to have cake and eat it, too--to coin a phrase. Don't Use Much Wheat He said eyeing his fellow con- *ressmen up front, that Congress was going at it all wrong in trying to save food by shutting down the distilleries, or cutting off their grain. That way, he said, farmer 5 lose the benefits of-the by-products. JNEYVSPAPLRi il.JAJ.vCLi. jr «t*x* ^j**fc*v*--- f M. It provided lor worK-or-ngnt com pulsory service, an M-aay indus-i mal mobilization plan, taKing unfair protits out of war, stocKpiiing, intensitied scientific researcn ana intelligence work, decentralization of cities, and tne ouildmg oi underground war plants.^ Baruch properly qualified these ideas oy saying, "li tne^e tmngs] ire done "No --it's not afihl. theyrc Pepsi-Cola 'Treasure Tops 1 · Look for hidden design under the cork in every Pepsi-Cola bottle top. · EnterPepsi'sgreatS203,725"TreasureTop" Sweepstakes and Contests. · Every entry gets a Treasure Certificate for the big Family Sweepstakes Prize of $25,000.00 Cash. » Collect and swap Pepsi '.'Treasure Tops"... GET ENTRY BLA NKS ifsfunl AT YOUR STORE J Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. Y. 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He expressed uign! hopes for the United .Nations _as i the instrument tnrougn wmcn) peace migat DC attained, ultimate-{ fv But he said that, until tne U.\ I oecomes eifecuve, me U. S. snouio., not dntt along witnout a plan. , In ms testimony beiorQ tne sen-, ate Foreign Kelauons committee, j where he endorsed tne objectives i ot the Marshall nan, tfaracn spell- j ed out an li-pomt, two-year pro i gram of his own tor putting uw country on what, to many ears, j may sound like a iOo per ceiu, regimented economy. ^t»t tor use, ir time ot war, but for use no*.| Price cuibacKb ana ireezes. \\ age , stabilization. A longer worKweeh.., Continued rent controls. No ta.\| cuts, save through a return to, wartime amortization. 1ms would I be ottset. however, oy rcstoiing| at least 50 per cent oi the excess j prolits tax. Postponement pi puo- he works except on scnools. nos-i pilals and housing. . j To top this off. Baruch proposed | setting up a "Recovciy .^min-i istrator" to run both foreign and j domestic economy, suoject on! | to control by the President a n d j secretarv of btatc. in cllect. tnii new administrator would appear to be pretty much ot a second, fresident, a potential man on horseback and dictator. As if this weren't enough. Baruch even proposed tnat the 0- S acquire joint military bases overseas, with the U. b. and Marshall Flan countries making mutual defense pacts. ! Many European countries m a y ' be expected to want no part oil this latter. They v.;ll consider) it a measure to drag themjntoj a possible war between the u. i.; and Soviet Kussu. Hcnt ol Amcr . icans won't be nn\ing: anv o; tnu-.i ,S '" - W · .--.,.,.. ^ OUS up I end \vssri. '-.-,200 '^ *5T5 3^--* But wait ur.til llcr.iy "Wallace and the ViObCOA radio gel hold; of it. They won't haxc to itrain , \cry hard to make out that thcicj : I^afuch plans--all -^ pomu, o;j them are vicious \\arnionucrnig._ ^ All the qualilication^ ol ianjcn\s, statements to Xl.c scnatous will be .\crlookcd. Daruch bchcvci. thai! this, bold «nd resolute action v.illj lcal back the claunig fcar.s of in-, ila'.ion at home, and mjgically lifl j the fear of another war irorn t..Cj world's shoulders. , H U will do that. oKav. b«i| if Dr. Baruch's d:agnoM S is correct., the world is a lot sicker than rr.o-t, people have realized. And Ihcy will ha\c to swallow awiully hai. to get his prescription down If Harr' Truman had suggested this program. Republicans and business generally would accuse him of playing politics, wanting to be a dictator and run a planned economy. Since it is Banuh who is making proposals far more drastic than the President proposed in his recent message to Congress, all anyone can do is bow three times, touch forehead to the ground and say, "Allah has spoken " Herring Go Inland J CALAIS. Me. (U.R--The St. Croix ' river here--22 miles from the scai , --yielded a large school 01 herring 1 I that nad been driven up-rivor by; | preying fish. -./ SROSJ Body, \P" fc Hottest new truck line ever offered by the Leader in Trucks Built and Trucks in Use! Get the facts on Ford's first all-new poswar vehicles: Get acquainted with the extra strcncth .. the ROHM* Built construction of the new Ford Truck line for MS! Seethe hottest line of trucks in Ford history! Over 139 new models for the widest job coverage ever! Three new truck engines, a Six and two V-S's dcvclopinq up to 1 5 H.P.! New Million Dollar cab with living room comfort. New features throughout. 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