The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 25, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 4
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KCWS. -;* £ -v* JULY &&«.-?• .-, CSs, The Paris Evening News PARIS, TEXAS Jmly 1O. l»*» XOKTH TEXAS PUBLISHING COMPANY * S*cosd Class Mail Matter at tfc« Post- *£fSe* mi. Paris. Texas, under Act of March, 1ST*. * Daily Except Saturday and Sunday New York Dty by Day BY O. O. MelNTYRE SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Including Sundays) Matt One Tear , By M»^T Sir Month* By Carrier By Mail. One Month r*i» «*direa in «.bi» «*~rt»i« «.«• Without Opposition N E"VV YOKE:, July 25—Katharine Cornell has become tiie last and grandest of tbe legitimate troupers. She dared and won- \vher« others hesitated, winding up a tour of 31 states, largely one night stands, Tvith bigger box office grosses than any dramatic offering on Broadway. Miss Cornell, regarded as |most glamorous in the stellar |array, is about the only one I left who loves the companionship of trowpmg. the sleeper jumps, drafty old dressing rooms and dinky hotels that were once so essentially a part of the theatre's routine. She thrills to stepping from train in the small city, the lunch -wagon interludes after the play, penny-ante games on j the Pullman and all the chancy compromises She is the final heartbeat of a once great industry—show business. Her barn-storming proved the talkies have not taken all the customers in the out- ^ j land. For, in ihe worst period of theatrical i | history, she came back to Xew Tork^and a| j deserved rest with a snug fortune. And, what \ ; is more, revived a fine tradition. e j How To Torture Your Husband W ITH five hundred and tec candidates f or airaz w things in this lunatic! r the one hundred fifrr .places in the io-er . ^.j-^- a ?isr ^^a M a.x Baer i | house of the Tews legislature it ™ ld £*£ ^ o f fellow at the next table in a restaurant * that the voters have opportunity to nominal,. .- j hi d F ils of th hands ? for election in November a most able and ex-.;"•*". * *•*•__ .. *"- ~w , 1 • j . ~™. - -•*—.,«kV»v\ >TT» fv T l "iiT OC • 1. "•£* v ii'Ii *-*> i if ^ " £cient r body to do its pan in governing Texas : -for the follo-wiu-s two years, Never beiore, so . - - tar as The Ne^s recalls, has there been_" ' srreat a number of candidates in competiti j-e menu were lacquered a flaming SO ; on Then there ^as the dandy Bob Brinker- 1 hoff whom I saw on the Plaza steps in the I i for the seats in the house of representatives- ? natnra] sporlii:bt of a j a va!ui of noonday sun- j Is some districts there are ten, and more. ^ s » n j ne ^ e wa ^ a monotone of ash gray—from j candidates, notably In Houston and Dallas, | ^-^ ] iats _ S p at .s, shin and tie to grray walking j , and IB fact tbe five places in Houston - £V « s ,; c ir \ n his lapel was notched "a bright red' ~ tMrtv-five eanddates including several TTGmea. 'Whether this rush TO become iavv- uiakers is motivated by desire to _ ^erv e the State or in greater degree by wish fulness^ to . .— ? Tbe prototype of Oppenli mini's- bead ; waiter, -whose suavity with crooks and royalty •• Threads most his yarns, is Theodore Szarvis. j Ions: of the Kitz, but latterly of the Waldorf's j rose. Suddenly, as we gawked, he tripped | down the steps and into—IT kiss a p*g if it | :eps ST vt—a dove gray limousine- " know the candidates and their abilities. BACKWARD GLANCES IT 4. W. XEYILLE Through. living «, number o£ years, almost the proverbial threescore and ten. I find that things recur. <o and com* back In circles, u it were, and this ia true not only of fashions in women's dress and similar phenomena, boih artificial and natural, but of some of actions — the to mind by some days ago a notice, given a. newspaper by an araiy re- officer, notifying soui« men's beliefs and army, for instance. This is brought men who had been rejected for army service to come back and be re-examined with the probability that they could be enlisted The*r rejection, he stated, had been by reason of having flat feet, but he had received notice from hi* headquarters that the question of flat fe«t was determined to not be so disabling, unless In pronounced cases, as to prevent enlistment and service. It seems to , me that this is a. sensible move on the part of the army. We had *.»me men during my several months service on the draft board, who had flat feet to ah extent that the examining physician feared they would not be accepted, but most of them &o- £:h and saw service of one ed to have a wif« dependent oa him lor support but investigation showed that the wife lived in an- oilier city and had apt lirsd witH this fellow for several years— had in fact perhaps a dozen other husbands. of a sort, and that his contribution to her. was wholly imaginary. W<=» 'finally after several secured enough »vid«nce' to compel him to answer a call which we had for %isht negro men to be sent to Omaha. Nebraska, 1 think it was. One Sunday afternoon we loaded them on a train and «ent them on their way. most of them wili- ingr to go. but this negro especially still unreconciled to serving his country- About » week later n» appeared at the draft board office •with a certificate that he been rejected by- the examining: officers at the camp to which he was sent — rejected on account of flat feet. He had showed no more sign to our examiner of flat feet than hundreds of others 'and I was sore. The negro was a porter and 1 bet could Pullman and did t further in a day. up and. down the car aJs!<?. than most of the soldiers who were wnt into the army marche-d on the field- sort or another. The flnaJ exam- \ He returned to his portering job in«rs probably concluded that It j th«y stuck to th« flat feet measure of peace times th«y would never set an army, for IT is surprising how n*any men have some degree of fiat foot. This is especially true of ne- grroes. a.nd I remember one instance ox-er which I am stlH d!«pleased. There was a. negro on our list who had don«. everything s still at it so far as 1 know. Thp man who examined him apparently had little experience with negroes as we know we- all know there been a that field hand has a foot the hollow of which would make & hole in the ground, T am slad the army is revising its= standards. It is time, in this re- for as has always the possible to avoid draft. He claim- 5>p«ci, at least. HOT WEST) SWEEPS OVER CLARKSVILLE NEWS ABOUT HUGO Further Bamacc to Crop-. Results: | HUGO. Okla_—Mr and Mrs, Ptnwls an dStrcams I>ry ! Tom Saviors have returned to Ok- t Jahoma City after visiting Dr. and. CLA1UCSVI1J.E.—A hot. sear-I^ M - J\? ayl * ra h ^L „ A j Mr. and. Airs. Don McDowell and j *on are m Mexico City on * va- alt day Tuesday to add j cation. to the detriment to crops In the | .Mrs. Joe A. Wolfe, Miss Beruic* Blair. A. J. Blair. Jr.. and tVH- Blair attended the Cain fc- \Tt Paris Tuesday afternoon. in* wind from Mrs. John "VTarren and John B. county has only two candidates. SIa ff O f maitres d ? hotel. They met years ago | both QBOBpesed. One represents the county • lv - ne n Oppenbeiia was a sruest and Tlieodore aj alone and one m connection wit la t annin . captain in a Londou hotel. ^Tnenever the j eotmtv. The latter county also has a district; rjovelist conies to New York he calls on Theo- \ for nine men are asking "he Bomina- i aor^ wherever he may be. He long ago tion. It would appear that the services of A. j covered thai Theodore's outward mask of ^L Aikia of Lamar. and C. C. Canon of Fan- i obesianee h : ,d a cultured scholar, a lover of tbe xiia, who is partly our representative, have j classics and keen student of international af> been. of saeh z character that the people of the | fairs. j tiro ccuaties were satisfied to the extent that \ ^ _ I otlier possible eandidscies wer-^ discouraged. | DeTTolf Hopper, in his 'iO's, is still a ro- j sucn endorsement these two mem- I mastic Komeo. He spends most of his time { CHAPTKK THJE DINNtat |. . . a Marsha, moved to stand by hi en | la.<3r ^" ers. E'la knew, was worthy of him i so lovely, that they, too. hurt. beautiful, beautiful young I P-eople did. have family jok»s. ey-a tha- looked as if j "They really do"* she reflected while turned on) Tvonderinj?:ly. The?rs had bes e;es wncu inure TO tne e a Te^resentsiiv^ ixi ottice. Popular Appeal ti- fr«">Ta New i ork to *ne Neurs. a former Texan says that he £ other persons -who went there from tins state aine ^ratchisg with much interest tse aeve.c sn«nts in the eaispaign for the nonnnsnor! r. Persona'lly. the writer says, he hopes ar.d he &c~ leuow cinzens to ~ot* lor reason for makl^sr sucn as happy as you : CKsrles 3L Schwab"s masinficent Prencli | A hand oa her i chateau is tbe last of Riverside Drive's pri- \ vamed her to him: rate mansions with landscaped terrace, ivy Pallas I clad towers and high iron fence. Upkeep—and _ best kept r-lace in town—is reputed { wbistt«d sonr-.e- calilngr loudiy j Ella. ?h* said. "It was a delightful din- •-r. Sii&, and so bea.«ufully serv- -i." an^3 he stood, as she spoke, j ^' s ' -TP.S " sr.« answered. ; -;s hand on her arm. She wore | * -i ..f7W* v^ verr mucfc." he i the dre^s he liked best. I heard j And It *S.«ost d:d for saJ^ ^You 4 on't at aU .en^^zm ,1-nlc her ... and she says j -^y^J^ ^^/V^ m «^;;T*_ v,i ^-t —- -«*i— «-X.& e--^. 1-c: T -»i^lJi-»Vi^ SSC^ ** vi ii>, »O *J^ «.iJ-J -^V * ^ ! woat inat means -ow . - . jou *>.u 5 ^o mm. county which ar* an almost complete failure. Last rainfall in th* county on July 2 was over a spotted area with practically no bene- and Clara May Warren return fit. and for the past several we-^ks, ! Thursday to Oklahoma City after hig:h tetnperarures have prevailed- j attending- th* funeral here Sun- TuesdaVs -wind was especially I d a>" of John tTarren. harmful to com. which has al-'i :itiss rrancas Blair of Wichita, ready almost dried up. lookissgr ] Faila •*» *P«ndinp several weeks in. now as it should at harvest time, j **** A. J. Blair home, has held up remarkably -, Bobbie Warren is in TTaxahachle, in- conditions a.1- j'Texas, risitinp his erandoarents. li^htAr soil tbe I ^>^- »"^ XT*. K. P. Childs. Cotton w-51 under on the atiu H:?C- their | stock. yield wilt be very Jow. Tlse drouth leaves ponds streans* dry. fArttzers and men belnc forc-cd to naul water supply several mi jsomc cases. In th* area, farmt-rs are haa'jjrg: from tho Cta-rksvilSe water works, arid A ct>n;«ta.nt stream of reason" can be seen on any of the s-QafJ*. Thc situation in the county, while not over!v serious, presents an Mrs, .7. H. ^TcDanfelB Is in Etos- m ti-!th h<>r daugrhter, Mrs. '*y XwcJiols. '•"'':. Miss K<lna Gha?asat3 of a patient In T>oct«a^ Mi*s.s TT«*1cn BbtJr of. Fnr*s \* a tc^t of >f^-. a«3 Mrs. J. L, BrJnd- Ada. .TT. C «ft»*r . . to; a v}5it -with Mr. vorable oxittook. farmers, and ultimntely to everybody. a?= ;.he farmer in this cc-un- ir>* is sliH th* backbone of business. s«t yo-j. I PEACHES RIPENING "Rtjby Skinner of Dtsrant to Doctors hospital I Mi^ndar, S^ne was taken H! wr?jite t v:?»*-*jFjsr ?*-*'5t.~ Orarst. i Miss Konrii'' Btirrous of Ok53.- ] T>o?na City IP visiunsc her. mother. ] Mr«a. 'Jennie- Burroo?. s ?»Jr?=. Dwan "Walker is viatttirig: • re!at:v»« irs Kojte^** Arki, this she didn't' IN PALESTINE AREA t and Msiri^ of Calexico. h*^ remalr-der of for tie eleetiou of Ha^ry tiugnes -rises his former f that canaidate. And ne s^ve? a request. %vhicb is: That "he bel^T^s Mr. iiuE' csr; secure more relief fiano? from trie Fe'jera- sro ss-ent.tflan any other man., to b? used for sui- ferirs^r T-esans. • That is indeed a novel appeal but ^^rui l>e se^n at once that n has TroTS'i^rf-iI possi&iiJ- ties- Formerly we cno>= a governor for n:= ability, or ^rbst -R-« thougrst vr a s his ahi;:ty. to so conduct the affairs of -be Si-ate as to irive the people that gf»vfrns**::t -wrijcn is ]>est because t g-overns least. Then Tre slipped ^nto <3<i not T?rant the opposing- condicstes to save si3ppoTt**'3 bv rf'i'if funds, nthfr ti-ousanis es- - ; OB £ r — ~ ~^ T j «I J * p- < .• T* £» »S T"* - ^-£1 ^ i ^* ^"i "O's, tbe castle of tie copper 12 apartment coir>e. was the *--•?•?- - T> t T — -,« »-. ilii.uoiiS^re it-O'TT ^^Hen I csine to bere as a reporter and 52"w my fir; _ - elevator, self manipaiaTed bv push Hark* mansion In tbe ! '*** ?*** ^ Kd I10 ^ r " heaa«s«oR- ••d. "Ton ^-ere this morning aboa,. **r^?*-.^^. ^-w. ^rv n / i 11 ^> ^" j^ T^/^TC- . v *" r.*r^dtng of each other** ^="^^- (i '-"* |t«a nilTi-iies past eleven ^n<sn you 31gfc spot CU i raoasrh^ Tm alor.e with h!in and tO"K"H I Trent 1 I'm married to hirrs" You were a ^r:^" Dr j vate i pitiably fr::rhtened chiid— &r,£ it " • wocld kill ESS to hurt yen in arry 3y fte , by pusa _ onitons, . ay „ de ^beel whiskers and I s^e moved closer to as • 'e!i bands c!:=fcingr to his. 1 er without her s**ing 1i. thus. "I j iioiX 1 I'll never falter, following j of a -week. Marsba. I y-^u!'* 1 r*a;lze<S thai rr.arrla^?e was ^»ore 1 "Do you play the j>;ai5ot" he} = e- ; ous than she had dreamed it. j asked then. j c-r "aoythi-ns- <*>u!d be. It awed "A iittle." she answered. [ '--- and *t f!lJe<i her wiir: <!:scorn-I "And holding- out on. m*. 'f.—. -r> 0 be less tragrsc aboat this, j w-erea - i you? HU:K? Nice thins him; he ; R ^' ; .. she ^esrged once. "The 1 to do. and me, I'm tae I shoulder of his coat_ j I Ke held her clos*; "Thank you" ; TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE •vere Talking over scxias ^n a 4!is<l street, <2rag!do-"t n«? store I ic!e<3 at the clock courrter- Aud S a*ann ] Jish-i about £—" j^ drea.ditil* I find it i imslc!" on my "nerves*"" 1 " J ^^is't know whether rou'd '"Aijvthin^ "vou order or want, | like my playing/* she explamed; v dearest," he answered: but he f "Asm; Gertrude never did and T •^M not crtanse, H» was car- t feared voy nrjiarht f*el you must be, " was! j>o!'t«s and pretend to Hk« It. you! g re-lse-T" j j "I don't *e*l that your aunt's j lj ers ^5f ; rneter resristere correctly," he sa1<J with a frOTn-n. Maraha coru5id«tred th^.t Ion; pretend gaiety, j f-^^te^ed: never by him. bet by st:d. "What I j .v^ ^g^^. s?3e mattered to him. Ker 2 pare?:;TIg: out tn. ; s r*-i:er. as<i otfier ; ! - !vpincr tr.s* pres^^'Jv the-y too ^"'1": n?** o he Federal larjress. tbe N*r Vork-Texac's fr<- votes for Mr. Hughes In the News 13 Years Ago From the files &r The Pori* Merm ing News thirteen years mffo bv her; his finenesre mtist iserer b* | &s . a -; n> - ne waal«3 not e»e her as •«K5«:rs*-<I by her. His arms tighter,- ' _. ,.,*y c - b^nd of all that was n=o«t ] «d. i >.*kut1fttl in spirit and Henh. Lsf* j '" "What's your latest He" ba'Io?. -"f ,vlr auc: ressc-ns why &bal] add t«» T<»rk friend, Bat Texas is a ere or. h *' c;' o; C6 oi ba5 proffered 'e.ias Chamber $ Coi;iEerce. addressed the ' <% ca] cfcamber of ! -Are you cenatn?7 he whisper- i £ after a sharp intake of breath. | ajj r?{. his face to hers. I ^j^^- they <2ranic to th* future.!,^ i* naJ -^.ppeare4. with a;,._" b* looked caotW-«lF w«r^, ? ne door that i«<3 to the been jrlmpler if he said rj!d Geoff'-^. "You're Satan's to"- alsster. Mara ha: dor/t thtr.k I '1 tot<J Ell* that *h* looked know that. But I ha^e the charming: in caps." ah« an*-ar»re<5 * to lov* y««: And. that's {in a whiSi>*r. Bob roared. Bob. *y*5ne fjv.h. { <TO BE he s-hoTj iU i-?-. - ! s rxr-*- i<J, "I can't beiiev* !t «*-v<?r» "^^s _____^___——— having ^ooj>e<i to rn»: r j Liefat Shower Falls Th« word* di«con'-*rt<«3 h*r. b=r ^ great a* the adoration in his <?ye*. 9. 10 U. deer cnlnsir* »SO*» E^ct-e- ui ZS. No; i at oxl- Sior* Surf«c« . *tr*«t At Commerce Tuesday biamp h'.ns? : ASSCSKOT Grtsbhs announce'^ th«; final tax-r "•d IT, ba^ plight if sucb 'roils of Laroar county at $32.307,076. a <2e-j her selection of a gor- i -c-resse from the pest vear of $I.59t?."S5. - - ' COMMERCE.— A em*!:. *rhe *•»•» ^^*- I fet! in CoTRm«rce *t S:33 o'ciocfc . Sh* wa* no aroo^i. But ?sp j 7*ucj«lay Jift^rnoort. Sev«»ra.1 mtlrp thia point whe ha«J noi l'.e<J. ? »o«th o? ?fc» ctty a JTOO<S rain f«Jl " had not ha.d to. writb b«r awn:, * *nd S o'clock. first, had cliv.-I?i<MJ her n;*fc*, <5ran*1 Central Station tra;n- lotJ<!, *x "A moral ir- becsus** are smarter than "h^v are tf not k Thfr*. arc so many autrsmatic levees for home now. any bri<i< eas ?o rig-til- to bouse- }r i^ she is a.r> electrical- cngin^frr <«r nirchani*--. — Montreal Star. Street Ovromsssioser Fleam esrit \roa!<3 tak« six months to get tbe dirt 5 i-ack into ^oo<i condition an<l repair Damages | t har?k you. «>f the rains of the past month. fl <^<3n"t * -- __. j tray/* Tbe eountv clerk is«t!' v 'i marriajre license It ha« been so wh*r* I «tood in any j ^ £ to not and ;>o»« a» Today** Amusenients to lwn . Oh, Eli*, I what **» «•» ^^. r ,.,j othera. th»rir <:«./ ,?'on »n<; *-,o thoujfht nothing of »eJf. She pra>«<I- *« *>*'" manner, to b<r to E. C. Herron sn<3 Miss Winnie Finch- t1*«-\v s»ys: "Sum yur.g to dress as near lik*; guns i Capi-d took a arers«ro«» »o hurt him in any -way!" lnten ff «ly. at l*a«t * are now convrn«e<i the worM is jret- to jz^ : f him to ss!K*ot their vray. J Sring better. We ha^fi't read about a marathon | art? vrrons "'— Marsha I i Ne-wrs. !dwn<-insr' contest or & f»ajr jx>ie ^"tter m two or' the he liked uswaJJy. EH* kn*w. but j hyn<Jr*4 tim«» that f!r*t F»« hardJj* a4* anj'thiny. Hhffirr,^*^ wh«n »h« Un»w «siy happy-" m b th day i>r afi «l do not «atpect a shorter loitjgrer pav day ; tberelore [ of . Ubr«e ve&rs.—\Vax*hac!li« Lifbt. 1 " The rainbow IB t. Rtgrn of hope, but an- tt is only ha« p**«e-<i,—D»ll«* Time* Herald, Sh* rcmemberfd him *o clearly j b**a happy before an4 that h»t>- y. an dhtis bravery after hi*: pin*** <x>ul<J *ch-« »*itbtn a h*?*^t-. father <!U*<S in that "cruel, <julck j £f p K h« h»4 heard, a month **r- »ay" . . , hit in one of th#» o!<S ] he- of th* »etirjtl*» thai fin*<S that "light buffifi**** on th* raS!roa<31 w**k, *h* wo«34 fcmv« monnur«<5 < tracicn. An4 h-jw he ha4 be!p«d |-Bat how wo*f«Hy 4c«ary: hte woth*r fay M* brar^ry. j j-^t it w«* not No** ftc«r. •«« yoanc Mrx. F«w- MURDER AT THE VANITIES Witt* I*»«T Mo»C Be«ot»r«l Girl* hi lh« World AT THE GRAND TEN CKN'T DAT Now IKE PLAZA food 44. *< *» ^fo*»^ 2Z 24 35- 54- 7 ri li

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