The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 8
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BOB* THE DAILY HEWS, ntlDEXXCK. M2, THUMDAY. MAY 26,1938. u. man HUITPGR/ B? MABEL McELLIOTT - BEG1 HEBE TOD At SI SAX CAREY. SB ·»« *e»»tl- fml. U t« low with BOB Dl"- 9TEST HEATH, ! tse. I should not be acting as i am. i I wish you. a* always. tee very best 'if* has to offer. Heath. ' Susan read the letter tb rough again, dazed Then she fo!Jed :t rr.echan.cally and put i'- t-es'.ie ber plate, Mrs Mi'.toc bustled in "That coffee's cold, c^ld." she «a:d cb'.dingiy ~L«t me g"t joa 'r»-sb cup ' a -hat was al! right. She would bare, wake. A rakish looking maa la » plosty of time for that later. The romantic, wide-brimmed bat swung i. 1 .! eg to do now was to catch Bob. by. carrying a brief teard the wordt as !n a She si; p«d the stesraiag ratefu! for the b u r n i n ? SL* felt t« Eft krr forairr eat r* B«b U » · DEMSE ACKHOYO. · flrt. BEN L A M P N A \ farmer a««lr-r of SajMa'a. mho»f at Heatk nad wo«4» alawll Aftrr ai» r«--eT«T7 Hntk anc" a» early wradiac- He arraa c «~ for SnMin'» «oa«. «TBO ba« krra «- ,, K .oatk. J\"K U 4 R I N G ad- «i»r« Sauaa aat to CEO «hro«h xlth Ike »jarrta«e »lre«»I»i! «»' Alfferx-aee ta Ber » K e aad Realk · At a ata«k*« ttmlt *»«aa mrrt* B*» aa4 ker I«»e tor al-- Bare* a» ag-ala. Dealwr lalerreaem. B«k »,r «.*"?lw "Ilk "I-. Healk ·wrarar*. SOW CO O WITH THE STOK* CHAPTER XL1V fpHTS was the iet?T H»3'.h ha«J ·^ wnfen to Su?an: My Dear: I tope you are going to understand what I am trying to say. It may seem at the eleventh bo'ur an absurd gesture on my part- But after s'.vinp the matter a great deal of thought 1 have decided this :narriaze o! oars is not wise. 1 am isking yeu to release me. feeing a quaint certainty that the release will actually be yo-irs Susan d-ar. you are m'-ch too young tor c:e I knew It from the star:, but 1 deluded myself :nto thinking w " couid surmount that obstacle. Now I bare 'oice to the conclusion it is too seriou* *o be taken lightly i £ -- -- -·- -- - - . ioo «enaa. c- ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ JJe gel trarellcg wlUl other people. H» -1'ra golag Jo»a town.- aha told | in th» furred co*t looked at b«r Mrs Miitoo. "I Jon"t know when' curiously. ,..j (.^ ba c fc- j Susan wandered oat to tn» i» " '"What tins '·» It yoar aunt e«* glon of the train fate« and rtrolled ..j»-· ; back and forth. The minute* lasted. "Toaisht at eight" The girl' It wa» eold and dra«hty her*. ·a-ghed aloud She had completely , Sereral well-dre«»ed couple* paaMd 'orgotten about Auat Jessie. Well,: briskly with laden port*r» ta th»Ir ·^ drea ;:quid. sensation it a^ord?'- n u m b '"ft hat's !he rca'.«: j o u f-'-e! »·*!'··" "Yes. perfectly On'y I've Just re- iccirjVrt'd 1 fcare an errand to do" She Sung en ber hat and coat and :ore out of the hou«* There was eas*. There at the station. She changed her | waa the huitle and inbdued excite- ci'.'hes and dressed with aetlculous; ment attendant to the departure of csre. The fawn-colored »ult hang- the crack train. :ng !n the closet tempted her but : Twelre - twenty. TwalT* - thirty. she ignored it. Instead abe put on '. TwelTe-tblrty-BTe. SUMB'* heart ber old blue coat with the bearer waa uk« lead In her breast- She It «as a cold, damp day and; bad lost him--ehe had loat him! WALKER ON STAND New York Mayer Acknowledge* K46,»»t { Without 'investment. York, May 23.--Mayor James J. 1= a fiery, spectacular appearance as » witness ioday before Sarauri Seaburr. acknowledged realizing $246.692.76 «lU»ut mvesunent from a brokerage account with Paul Block, the pubhsber. and denied he influenced improperly the grintisg of a bus r.-nchise. T..s tracing at :he brokerage trans- aotios came as the mayor completed a full day on the stand of the Hofstadter corcavuer. which has been engaged in a sweeping 14-month avestl- gatkin of the New York municipal gov- i eroment with Seabury ae counsel. i Thousands milled around to froat i of the county courthouse as Waiter · sat on the stand, some times mopping his forehead and Curing repartee and recriminations in c*e answers to the scholarly gray-Saired Seabury. tie moisture brought out the wariness !n her cloudy dark hair. She resiled at herself In the giasa. not ill p'.eaaed at the reflection. She ,, pay *tat:on at the corner drug', was shabby. It U true, but some *'ore' She fumbled the pafes of how it didn't «e«m to matter. She the teltpbor.9 book and caKed a was eonsclou* of a deep surge of number -Js Mr Dunbar snT' A sb-iioTT of disappointment fi;u«?d over her face "No. thanks, no mejws;*. I'll call him iater" within ber. She wax dressed and ready with time to spare, but in spite of the 'act she became horribly nerrous as the trolley Jerked and dawdled Sii c 3n paused, irresolute, at the j;s way down town. What If ehe Trainmen began to about order*. Last-minute etragglera harried through the gate*. Impatient at the delay over ticket*. Her eye* raked the crowd. No tall young man in a dark topcoat. No fair head, or »tern Jawed profile In light. The clock'* hand* crawled Inexorably ahead. Then all at once she *aw him. Re wa* striding a* rapidly aa hi* long legs would carry him through the swinging door*. A liTerled chauffeur wa* at hi* heels, a blue ticket in hi* finger*. stand where the t !· phone i!:rec:or- j should miss Bob? What If he should heels, a bine ticket in hi* finger*. us were kept and riS«-d the rases j change his plans and leave from) The girl stood frozen. Immobile. 2Ka:a Ttero «ns a change Bob another station? She paled at the! "AH aboard!" came the calL H::g!it ba at his fatber's oSSce. Again she was doomed to disappointment Youns Mr Dunbar I thought. It was not quite 12 o'clock ! Ju*t as Bob Dunbar came abr-a»t when Susan reached the station.! of the gate, intent on the bualness as wooden benches, its gloomy reaches Everything else wi'I follow i don't mean, my dear, to sound like a fatuous old dotard but perhaps you wiil forgive me for offering joe aii this adrice. There's another thing it was on my account that ou left gainful occupation. It may be difficult for you to find Interestir.g aad well paid wort jast now For that roa son 1 arn asking you to accept in good part the arrangements I have made through rny Sawyer A trust fund which will pay you a modest weekly Income has been placed in your aunt's name. You see. I have been so sure that you would try to refuse this that I have tied !t u p hard and fas'. You can do nothing about it- It is. anybow. a small favor to grant me. You may eiplain this in any way you like to those who have known our plans, t am sailing the day icimeai oun- r u All at once her errand seemed un- of getting through, he heard a *oft j in the operator said. She had , dignified and foolish. He might be i voice call his name. 1 - ·- - ' He raised his eyes la an Intimidating glare. "Susaa!" Me -vas at her side. The chauffeur. -respectfully Interested, said. "Shall I go on with these things. sir?" "No. Wait here," Bob rapped the words out. The man who was punching tickets interposed swiftly. 'The lady may go through with you. sir. if you like. Bnt you'd better get aboard. There's only a minute left." Bob took Susan's arm and swung her along beside him. "But I thought you wouldn't -thought you wouldn't go." she protested. "Why not?" The words were like pellets of ice. "Something's happened. I'm not going to marry Ernest after alL" They were at the second coach now and a white-coated, grinning raosE FADA KADIO arij«f»u BADIO EOGEE F. LIPPS rXTtBT RADIO SEKVICE. BOCSE WIK- 1SO. nXTVKKS AM KKPAIK8 Jf» J»t Too Small--H*o» Tea carae back over the wire NX Mr. Dunbar wouldn't be at the club to!ay. The operator had just learned .Mr Dunbar was leaving on t'lo Ccn tury for New York Susau thanked her an! s'urabled out of the booth So he !:aJ meant what he said jest.'rday about loav- in? town She had thought it the idle't sort of threat. Bob bad spoken recklessly about shipping on a trarap steamer for Central Araer oppressed her. She fascinated, a little group foreigners who bad alighted from an eastern train and now ' stood. Ill at ease and restless, waiting for tardy relatives. One of the women wore a yellow scarf tied aroucd ber graying hair, gypsy fashion. j Susan was Interested in them for i a few minutes but soon ber ner- ' vousness was uppermost again. She had an almost overwhelming desire to run away She had come on a fool's errand. With fast beating Oh. she must stop him before- hear: she assured herself that Bob It nrts too late! "The Twentieth Cen'ury leaves at 12.-JO from the LaSall.- Street station, doesn't it?" The clrrk behind the counter stammered, "I rn sure I don t know. Miss." i would be remote and cool to her. He would not forgive her for things Here's Higk-Potver Speed and Beauty ATM m m STOP ITCHIK SKH When itdbinr, botninr skin is ua- bearable *pply toothing, an*iseptte ZEMO. Thousands find ZEMO brines swift relief from itching dnm the neat aad Bting out 01 the kin. For tweoty years ZEMO has -i*en relief and has been dealing awa., Ringworm, Eczema. Rashes.Pinipies and other gkif» and scalp irritations. All Druggists. 35c,60c, 11.00. BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS S- C. Bac. Wilt* and Bait «·»- , awl Black MlnorcM. Beds. Cold fit Walt* and SttT«-Laced Wyandottes. W ptr 1M. J*IM; Btack Gluts. U*ht Brahma.- Buff Onia«t*u. *15 per baadnd. Aiwried SS t*t Mt. M» per ecal. deUfcxj Ucd. 1 M *-«ek-oM chicks. r«dx. Me. Dacklucv Me CalmUt Fbra* JM. Airy US BECK'S HATCHEKY Dept. L, Mt Airy. MA. P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG £ PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 -.h* had said the day before ! Porter was reaching for the bags. What was it be had said at part- j Cp ahead the whistle sounded warning? "You don't love me at all. 1 itJ Ely aad a bell began to clang. You never have. I'm through with "Never mind. Grimes." Bob vou!' p TpHE huge clock in th« corner tcs lifted to the fact it was 10 minutes past 10 shouted. "I'm not going." The chauffeur's face remained Impassive. "Where shall I put th» »hat If he had really meant it? i '"Sgage. sir?" Susan ha.! not real- The g.rl shivered, and the woman "Anywhere you like! this was the wisest course, believe j iato. She Qew back to the house. MPBMIMMMBiBBga»UJHByAi«U|nffl'ffiffly[|yi]ffi;g^l[|.ffl^ffi^ O F course he had been angry but ah!r if h« had really meant it? 3 and the woman "Anywhere you like!" Bob's arm rf who had been was linked f n Susan's. I envying and admiring the tall miss j (To Be Continued) Coma Into the store todi7 »r.d see the new Perfection Store with High-Power bursers. You fill melsirre tbe astousdg speed of tSese burners--the beauty ol the E'-US- Iite ireen. ".Tory »=! b'.sck porcelain enamel, lacquer and japan finishes. Lighten your dally tasks and brljhtfn up year kitchen *:tb one T. F. Kennedy 28 South Market St. HIGH-POWER I i PERFECTION Oil Burning COOK STOVES «nd RANGES Modernize Your Kitchen Here's a b»rgi!a--a Perfection EigS- Po»er Ra=ge. Mode! SOT. equipped «;th :oar H!gh-POTer burners ana » Js=o!ii Perfection buUt-ie "L:re-HeaV ores--lor little more th»n the price ol rt»! top store. It Is SnUhed In a chanams shrni* of piswl- grees and b'.icic porcelain e=i=:e: aae Jtpis- High-Power Raages are idex! Jor modern rarnj and city tiicaeris. A. E. FISHER Plumbing. Heating and Roofing Phone 210. Frederick. HIGH-POWER PERFECTION Oil Bnrnlni COOK STOVES and KANGES We carry only standard w coals. Their quality cannot be sur-, passed. Geo. S. Rodock Son St. at Pm. B. B. Phone 9W. BEAUTIFUL! _DUT beauty is only one of the things these new spring designs of Armstrong's Linoleum have to offer. Stop in at our floor style show, and let -us tell you all about these modern good'housekeeplng floors. THE RUG STORE MTJLLGOX BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. EMERGENCY RELIEF Plans For Next Winter Set In Motion In Baltimore. Balurcore. May 25 --iasai«diat and wide placausg to meei ; needs next winter ar.d creation , of a "temporary state emergency com- ' inittec" by GOT. R;:ch:e to co-orcur.rr.e ' all relief acti\;lies -arere ur;ed ir. report of the relief situation m "nc counties, annoiciced tonight b% the Marr^nd State Conference c: Sc:a: Wort. The 35,OOD-«orc docuniep.i f' iJrth ! that five "immediate considerations ap- I pear to favor -vstponemenr," o! state | funds being tapped far relief p-jrrrsfs | Chief anmng them uas the fir.dir.;s of , the "present atutude c-t the people of j tne state as voiced in the ;3-co-r.t~ , report is at present alinosi sol_a'. op- , posed to state ai u uris .r: .^- j TOT of the use of 13C.-.1 rcwjurcos to j meet local needs." The survey asserted that in se'.iin counties, including Fre-fricK resources are be'-e'-ed adequate by some persons in ihe anJ r.ct beUe^ed adequate by other?. vorer. making "he study bel.e-.e tiie r.eeo5 arc not fully met. generall" due to -irrox - ered territory " As to the ond.tian in ir.e 5--or. counties ^nere there 15 s. cl^-p : _ i^to the e~art s-tuatinn the «i-\ev «ajs tbai in one sn a?ency Wi" has Lvr. canng for 91 f--rr.:l;es has had to ;-i.* for lack of funds Irs another '. -e «'.r- vey says, famines ^cre found ..-.ins on noihinr bjt r.^tercress arc; r^cro farm workers c--_ld not be =?..= -r. nstances ' j Approve Coniiruttlon Plan. | I TOO of labor, according to ! Or-slructlon work appro-, exi bv the i Frederick J. Irish, genera! manager ; board of directors -f '.he Che*. V-^'- Thc Principal projects approved oy the 'anci Po'."«n:ac Telcphr-ne Company o f , board arc as follows. T^o additional JBa'.-.imors City at jl; regular month:/j-^c-.ioiis of telephone sn.tchboard tmec'ing ^.'.i: rec;u.rf .'.prjrox.rv.atcl. |*nm n pen for 145 telephones at Harrip- stead centra! office to provide facilities for telephone growth: construction of underground cable in the Cockeysville central office area: Extension of underground cable at Silver Spring and Tikoma. Park. ' Yau ac-.«rtisec ~~. ihs pap^r .'"-r s r.^r;'. « a-'chman D:i. -- -u ??: ^.rv re- "Thais r.;r.: I the «irr;e s rr;e s^h: " -- U'.k Ber'..r. How Modem Women Lose Pounds of Fat Swiftly -- Safely Phjncal Vsror -- Ttmthfolres* With Clear SJan and Ere? That Sparkle With Glorioss Health. Hsres the b and sasses -Srery rcDrr.^.? :ai« cr.* half :ES- spoanJ-ol or Si".:s ^ a g".;t^ o'. hos ·sa^r r^efore breaifas: -- :·" c-s-r on pastry and Tatty -- eats-- f-c ..rr.t · os potatoes, barter T«a.rjs ard . e -gar -- 21 4 ·sreeSs ret. or. '."-e *ca".« ar.- cote h3w rear;- pcj-is o; 'a: .-.are "er.«r Xotice also ibat 7c- ^ - e ga.r.ei ^-. i energy -- your siui s c".ear-r -- TC-JT eves ·' sprsle gjonco^ h^".;.-. -- r:a ;e*: ', younger -- IxxiT Kris:herj Trill g.T strrpnse *l a "ac::.e or K "eer.«r any *z orscn a ; *rst bott.e dc£ e»s-s^t safes' .* ycu tfcn't I hta::i! -- 51 s'.3 alive -- vo_- Bat be sure '.:· lor »sd 4 r-f · t i f f * ' . : B'.ad:- re:- -' s sa5 Irugswre tit *er;i-- Friday and Saturday! I5c Hosiery Sale! Purchase! 360 Pairs Pure Silk HOSE Picot-Top Chiffons! Service Weight! Guaranteed First Quality! Fu ll-Fas h ioned! French Heels! Cradle Soles! Every Pair Brand New! FIRST PAIR $LOO E p X A? RA I5c We i^sh to Impress upon you that «very p»ir «T iilk suciir^s r: this sale is SIAXD XEW anfi GC AR.VCTSSD TIHST QUAUTY Th» regular p-re -j s: 00 a pair, "sat daring tr-_5 sale yea rr.ay feu? a seoccd pair for ISc. 3?th styles sre nrLI.-rA5HTOXED arx; ··art tr. thas» XKXC shadns' BUT ^r.oucr; for yourself arx5 Gra*jataor: NEWEST SPRING SHADES! Moon Beige Fawn Brown Sand White Sun Beige Allegresse Matinee KEMP'S "On The Square" Guard Your Health with a High-Power Perfection Is your health worth just a few dollars? For SZ5-00 yon can enjoy the modem conveniences of the latest tjpe of oIT-btfrnint cook IRC heat--the new High-Power Model SOI foar-tmrner rmnce- Get rid of th*t old-fashloa cook stove todmj and Ixave one of the?e labor-s»Tint raajes instQed. Ton'H be delighted. N. J. Wilson Son 28 EAST PATRICK ST Frederick, Md. __ HIGH-POWER PERFECTION OH Bammr COOS STOVES »nd RANGES m-«~ PERFECTION RANGE Hillside Coal Co. still leads in low prices on best quality coal money can buy. Slimmer prices now in effect. Genuine No. 3 Vdn Washed POCAHONTAS $6.50 per ton Guaranteed Fall Wright PHONE 39 Hillside Coal Co. OflRcz tin VTiter Street. SCORE CARD New, kitchen advantages found only in High -Power burners, as reported by members of Perfection Advisory Conaol: SPEED -- GrexZ Tolaone ol urift hemt tor quick coofcint without waiting. -* BAST REGULATION-- Choice of wvfe range of beat with perfect controL SAFBTY-- Ftene remxias er»etry ** ·dilated. BoOoreTM amr ~fl«re op." ^ UNIFORM HEAT -- Even tfmtA of hot o-rer entire bottoms of p«n*. C L E A N L I N E S S -- No *oot or odor. compieces combustion. BCONOMT-- Dor»iiEtT. Low eoer- . Cooks tbe nuaote TOO light New HIGH-POWER burner approved rural leaders \Y7HO is best fitted to judge an oil stove? Who, \V but the homemaker, herself! That's why we invited sixteen outstanding farm women to act as our Advisory CounciL From die Souem tip of Texas, from Minnesota, from Massachusetts, from Alabama, and twelve other states, these sixteen homemakers traveled to Cleveland- Four days this Council worked ·with us, studying the new High-Power burner. One entire half-day they cooked . . - steak, omelet, hoe cake and dozens of odier tests... all widi marvelous results. P E R F E C T I O N A D V I S O R Y C O U N C I L These base- wumm gave their time to ace ss our Advisory Council as a service to .«*» -· rnxal boraemakeTS. Thcv have a cxsnbioed coofcrog experience of 461 ?ears. Mrs- R. C. Ble3«oe, Armstrong, Ala. * Mrs. H. A- Brace, CoiJ Sfrnng fcm, Lacx Rode, Mr»- ArtfctH- N. Calkios, QBJC VsSey , Most. * Mrs. Lottie Cridler, f R. 4, MsaSecuIc, MaA. · Mrs. Ray F. Pste Manor, WaterciJIe, Oaio * Mrs. Laautirr Foster, Kou£c I, Cmc^cnunHe, ladxsv: Mrs. B- G. Harris. Gsafcie. KT. oaJ Eri«, Test. M*»- W. D. KeemeiT, EIE Ttsfcrd, Pa. * Mrs. Loots -H. Lane, Soicc A, Bos 150, MIHSCR, Tex. Mrs. M. M. Melchert, Ocaaec, Kisns. 1 Mrs. W. F. Merrill, WeaAago, Maov * Mn. Heary M. MMJftatun. The Odo Ferns, Wcssow, N'.C * Mr*. Emmet Shnber, RoKa 2, Lsxingpn, Mo. f Mrs. 3mme» Ro* Stevenson, Coyujo Fma Fcrrc, Caj*go, ?i. Y. f Mrs. Geore T. WJno, Axtsjn, Va. r Mn. A. Robert RoWfat, R-1, Fcnmngocn, B-, CHAKM.AN*. They selected as their "First Choice" range, ideal far millions of rural homes, High-Power Perfection No. R-619 (shown above). No. 504 (ndt illustrated) is dieir "First Choice" for use with separate oven. Council reports are summed up in the Score Card- How does your stove rate? Is your kitchen a sweltering oven when warm days come? Is your stove slow? Is it smoky and inefficient? Ask your dealer for a High- Power burner demonstration this week. Fourteen High-Power Perfections . . . prices as low as * 18.00 See the new High-Pewer Perfection stoves and ranges on display at your dealer's- You will find sires for every home. . . with every burner a High-Power. Finishes: porcelain enamel, lacquer and baked enameL Colors: combinations of ivory and black, pastel green and black, white with dove gray, ivory and green, ivory, black and green. Choose the one you like best.. and let "Hi^h-Power" bring all the advantages on the Scoit Card to your kitchen. PERFECTION STROVE COMPANY n-. Saras, BrooWjn, Neii York S T O V E S \

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