The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 29, 1956 · Page 24
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 24

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1956
Page 24
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Thursday, March 29, Page 24 <3"h r Ganders Closing The Gap Lee After La mar's Mile Relay Team By TOM MURRAY S"n Sports Editor With the ripht rfforl by nil four, Bcvorly Rockholil's (inndp.r mite-relay quartet could end the MjprpnvBtf.v of Houston's fabulous Lumar Thursday niffht. Baytovi'n and Lamar have had the best two mile-relays hi Sou'.-h Texas lo" date, the Housloimes blazing to a 3:24-fi3t at the Border Olympics. This time they meet in the Houston Relays. In the Lee Relays Lamar did 3:25 to finish 10 yards ahead of Lee. Last we«k at Fi-eeport the Ganders' Car! Young, Buddy May. Anton Smajstrla and .Terry Oapps finished five-yards behind flyinjr Lamar in 3:25.3. Capps was worn out in the Lc-e Relays and Rockhold substituted for him. possibly taking away some effectiveness. At Freeport. ihe sicnder quartor Star did his third 440 within &0 mir.uies while May end Smsjsrtrla were only hours out of bed. It all serves to give Gar.cJer followers anticipation. A desire to see them race Lamar with everything just, right. Will thf Ganders have it in them to upset the mijrhty Keil- skins in their own meet? Or will sputterin' Port Arthur finally produce AS expected and beat both? PreHminaries began el 2 p.m. with finals set at 7:30 p.m. in Hous- lon's Public School Stadium. Sayiowr. is the defending Houston Relays champion, having shocked the state with its complete dominance over even-then powerful Lamar. BABE McCOY "sd GEORGE HANSFORD CALIFORXIA investi>»tors take a look into boxing malrhmaker Babe McCoy's "little black book'' for evidence of crooked tioufs d<- npite McCoy's denial of charges he ordered fixed fights. Former boxer George Hansford testified he received orders from McCoy to throw fifrht* and former lightweight contender Tommy Campbell told prol>ers McCoy was the rnan who jjave instructions lo lose to Art Ara^on and Del Lee scored 55H points while Lamar finished third with 27. But the mile-relay is only part of Kookhold's problems. He will be \vorkinjr his team with the thought of scoring as many points as possible, even if it means substituting in the four- lap relay. Young. May, Sinajstrls and John Russell are favored to win the sprint-medley in the Houston carnival, but are in for considerable competition from Port Arthur. Russell had to turn a sub-two- minute half-mile anchor to nip the flying- Yellow Jackets at the tape during the Lee Relays. Capps, whose two stirring finishes have produced 4*0 victories at. Baytown nnd Freeport, will be sorely pressed by Lamar's Frank 1'riee nnd Freeport's Denton Farker. Sn'.njstrln, after n 51-flat in Tuesday time-trials, could be entered in the open quarter. Another expected duel will be. the grudge battle between Lee's three top milers, Jerry Mabry. Jimmy 'McLean, Bubba Hawkins and Lamar's Barnett Garrison. Garrison 'elbowed Mabry off the track in the Freeport meet and went on to win. Another great miler, Fort Arthur's Johnny Walker, won the Lee Relays With a fine 3:38.2. Bill Finch and Prentice Davis will be threats in the shot-put, expected to be "won by Lamar's powerful Jim. Allison. Finch pitched the 12-pound ball 52-9 at Freeport to fin'ish second to the Lamar giant's 54-3 H. Lamar, despite injuries nnd illness, still remains a top-heavy favorite to win its fourth consecutive major meet. • ( Bert Kivell's lads, powerful in practically every event, are early favorites to win the AA state championship. Other lop performers expected are Pasadena's Adrian Knight 12-foot nottf-vaulUT. Joe Dove a 8-3 high-jumper. Bert Conn spectacular sophomore sprinter and . Herb . W u k a s c h . enwk hurdler. Reagan's Leonard Fawcett and David Myrow in the sprints and Fawcefl "in the broad jump, are other features. Fawcett has broad- jumped past 23 feet at three straight meets and Myrow has won two 100-yard dashes around 10-1. Optimists Issue Try-Out Call Teen-Age Ball Rolling The second season of ieenasre baseball is ust around the corner in Baytovra. and work has already been started by the sponsoring Optimist club to man the. eight teams that will compete in the two leagues- Youngsters interested in '.ryouts have already been invited to sign applications," and they should be turned ovzr to Tom Fuller at 305 "West Texas or handed to their ohvsic&l education teachers 3t tuS junior hish or at Robert E. Lee. The senior league will be for who are 13 prior to Aug. 1. There were 27 youngsters graduating from the four junior teams to senior age this year, and there were *0 youngsters on the eight little League teams who a-re graduating into teenage .play. The same eight sponsors will back the teams this summer, when play starts the first week in June. The senior league sponsors are Culpepper Furniture. Scarborough Pharmacies. Bay-shore Motors and Hollaway Grocers. The junior lea- Two managerial shifts have been announced. Bob Kalbitr, who piloted the Lions Cubs to a junior title in 1935, is moiing to the senior league and will pilot the Ecarbor- ough nine. He will he aided by his son. Bobho. now a student at Sam Houston. The other htree senior managers are Al Simmons of Culpepper (aided by Ralph Maiiis). Ri'd Bigger? of Hollaway (aided by Vic Dias) and •John Savage of Bayshore Victors. Cab Cailaway, who helped Kal- bitz with'the Cubs, has been promoted to the top spot. The other three managers are J. C. Bickerstaff of the Optimists, .Britt Phillips of the Kiwanis and Cai Hartrick of the Elks. All games will be played at Oiler Park, which again has been made available to the teenagers. A Teenage Baseball Booster nsociation has been formed, nnd interested funs are asked to buy memberships with all money going into a fund to put on the program. Further announcements will be made. In Relays Af Anglefon- Deer, Eagles Clash Fourth Time By JOHX CHANDLER Sun Sports Staff Barbers Hill and Deer Park, feeders in the last three meets. match great track teams with approximately 50 others in the Southeast Texas area in the Wildcat Relays at Angieton Thursday. Shorty Hughes' Deer, depending or. the "services of talented Bubba McLean and William Henderson, won two of the track meets, with. LJoyd Kelley's Eagles copping one, and on the Deer's heels in both of the others. The Eagles will be calling on Gordon Speer for lots o* points in the Angieton meet, Speer has walked away "with high-point honors in .all three of the meets thus far. He was to be entered in the 300-yard dash, 220- yard dash, and discus, as well s.3 running anchor on the relay teams. Park's McLean runt the hurdles. broad jumps, pats the shot, sprints, and runs on the relay team. Henderson is the Deer's strong entry in the pole vault alons with his running anchor on the mile relay team, throwing the shot, and broad jumping. Donnie Myers, the Eagles' top pole vauiter, was to team up with Speer and either Hollis Xaquin, Skinny Whitner. or Dan Hooks on the sprint medlev team. No More Tip-Ins-The Stilt' Faces Problem That Russell Didn't Have CHICAGO — IIP — Wilt "the Stilt" Chamberlain is going to have a problem next year that his giant predecessors Bill Russell and Bill Uhl didn't have to contend with on the basketball court. The men who make basketball rules saw to that Sunday when they approved two new laws which Russell and Uhl have been Violating throughout their collegiate careers. \Vith the new rules in effect r.ext year, Kansas" seven-foot three- inch Chamberlain won't be able to tip-in a basket after one. of his loamjnates shoots at the basket until the ball either hits the backboard or the loop of the net. Russell led San Francisco w two NCAA championships and 55 successive victories by repeated!;.grabbing his teammates' shots anu jamming them through the allow a player to move Into the free throw lane until the ball ha* bit the back board or the rim. Uhl. seven-foot Dayton center, wasn't hindered by this handicap in leading his Flyers into the finals of the KIT. Both rules were approved by the National Basketball Committee of the United States and Canada by the aded by chairman Paul Hinkie University. <!ogs traveled to Angieton to make their bid in the Relays minus the tunning of relay man Eddie Hill. Hill, who runs the high hurdles ancf on the 440 and 880-yard relay teams, Bulled a muscle in his leg in the Liberty -Relays and will probably be out for the rest of the year. Clarke Heironimus' Crosby Buffs end Gid Campbell's Anahuac Panthers missed the Angieton meet, but will be ready for their district meet April 6 in Dayton. Three Anahuac boys. Bernie Little. Fred Euyewski. and Hillyard \Vard. are out fith 'flu. Prelims in the Wildcat Relays wore to start at 2 p.m. with the finals getting underway at 7 p.m. L By FRANK WATSON : Central Press Sports Writer QUESTIONS 1— -\\Tiat is Hurry (The Cat) Brccheen, the c.v-pltcher, doing now? 2 — What are Mickey Owen and Dave Ferriss doin? now? 3 — What is Joe Gordon, the ex- Indian, doing now? HOOMH? THIS "rugged ex-Marine is a good fly hawk and a dependable hitter. A veteran outfielder with tho Yankees, he's a pretty good man at tha plate with rr.en on. ANSWERS Jo; 150^02 B s... . „• •saqoeoo xog pan W B Miofl— Z 'S3IOUQ 3-SOUl Distributed by Central Pres* Four Horsemen Recall Rockne's Death 25 Years Have Passed By Event Still Vivid To Them ..,_ rule won't prevent Chamberlain, however, from taking a pass bv a teammate war the basket, and then dunking it in. If '.he referee decides a piayer is passing the bail to Chamberlain near the hoop, it's okay for him to take the pass arid dunk it. But if the pot-shot artist from 20 feet out shoots and Chamberlain sees i' isn't going through, he can't touch it until the ball has hit the loop or basket. Russell or Uhl could grab the ball anywhere in flight and make .sure it went in for two points. A second new rule was brought on by Ilil's specialty of tapping in a teammate's missed free, throw for two points. This rule won't By RfDV CER.VKOVIC PITTSBURGH —UP— A quarter of a century has passed since Knute Rockne of Notre Dame crashed to his death in a wheatfieid. But the event .'-till burns in the memory of the Four Horsemen. The famous backfield of the 2p's Thursday replied that precise iriOij;c:rt" on .March 3J. 193!. when they i'jii.'Tjod of RfX;ki;e'.s death. By thcr. Hairy Smhldreher. Jimmy C.'owU'y. Kirntr Layden and Don Milk-r had been out of Notre Dame five years and—H. Q coaches themselves—were disciples of one of in.- vf-nnisi.-.s of the game. Stuhidrehpr. now an executive with the U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh, recalled that Tuesday afternoon when ho learned of the "I was coaching" at VHlanova and was just rounding" out my spring training program for the day when I got n call from « Phil- adelphia paper," the former quarterback sai'i. "I way stunned by Rock's death. In a fev/ hours I was to go on the field for practice. But I couldn't 20 through with it. We called off'drills for the day." Lavden, the fullback, was in his office at Duqufsne University here when a Pittsburgh sports writer informed him there had boon a r<v "But I wouldn't believe it at first. Then a half hour later the report was confirmed—-Rockne was dead." Lavden said. PJght halfback Miller was back- fielii coach at Ohio State when the news broke. "I immediately got in touch with Rav pjicher.laub. Rockne's teammate, and Don Hamilton, quarter- back of the 1309 team, both .'iving in Columbus,' 1 'Miller said. "We drove to Notre Dame for the funeral. During that ride we recalled our association with Rockne." The telephones in the Michigan State athletic office were ringing when Crowley. the left halfback, returned from a civic club luncheon in Lansing. "I answered about 1- r > calls—all informing' me '.>! Rock's death." Crowley saiti. "I couldn't stand it any longer and fled to my home. There I got more calls, i was numb with shock. 1 ' The Kcnr Horsemen have abandoned w:\ching. Crov/ley is associated with football only as a television commentator in pro-game sizetips. Plumwood Addition OPEN FOR INSPECTION DAILY s ll,400 TO $ 16,500 100% Gl AND FHA GI's-No Down Payment! O.VLT A FEW LEFT OK THESE TERMS Baytown's Most Exclusive Addition...All Brick Homes... Paved Streets, Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters W« Are Just Storting 18 NEW HOMES Buy Now a nd Pick Your Colors COME IY AND SEE DOC RICHARDSON MOWN BUILT HOMES, INC., DEVfLOKRS I WIIDWS Dftv» North on H*y. 146 to East P«yl* -.. E«s» on Paylt to Dti« ... Norfb on D<!« Two l!<*b tc FieU OWct PMONIS M2t-^ HOUSTON -By JACK SORDS (F YOU WAMT TO GET MORE TO VOUR PL'/ ROD CASTS PRACTICE THIS ^- ' l.e»JGTW Of Li/IE MO MOLD IT WITH YOUR LEFT HAUO CLOSE TO THE STfflPP- 1M<3 G'JIDe. ATTH6 START OP THE PICK-UF; BPING DOVMTMEI LIME you ARE HOLOIMS WITH A LOMS, SMOOTH YANK. R£- L6ASE IT AT THE TOP Of TM£ BACK CACf SOT &£P YOUP- MAMD I/-I RTSlTlOH REAOV TO POLL FORWARP eSFOpe. TH£ LINE'S //OMGHTUM PI6S. AT THE START Of THE POP- WARD CAST; GPAB THE LWE AGA\H AHD OPlVe THE POD FORWARD. V/(^e^J VOO F66LTHE ROD BlTlNO IMTOTHE WEIGHT _^ Of THE LIME, 8RIMG THE (J'JE. //rffl A SMOOTH JEPK.TOlSDPlVES THE LIME FOPWARD. AS THE POP LO5i?S LC=VgR- ASE (7SLEA5E THE USE. THIS ADOS THE T" "" iJ Wr/.£>»*3 60OT5 ON P/.,:^y DA/S, yo p PAW r i,e<3s . .-01>1, vfcrea PS ws SPORTS NEWS IN BRIEF-- Hy UNITED I'KESS VACO— Toxiis li-iick-iter* brtiote lo victory <wr llu.vlor ami Southern Methodist, scoring; more points tlnui U«»rs ami JHustaiiRS combined. WACO— Baylor works out permanent football series with Texas Tech, beginning in 1958. CLEVELAND — L. C. scores unanimous, decision over NEW HAVEN, Conn. — NCAA swimming championships open with Yale and Ohio State fuvoretl as usual. IIOVSTOX — Golfers from 1« colloids t«> off '" Southwestern. InliircollcKiate tfolf tournament. GALVKSTON - Babe 'Didrlkson ZMiurhw plan* >« en re John Sealy hospital for third time. FOOD TOWN PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE I, H. (mil) WHITE, Owner CORNER 6th and ARON PHONE 5032 SPECIALS FOR THURS.. FRL AND SAT. GLADIOLA BISCUITS CAN 10 SAV12O< Snowdrift 3-N>. can wrth "Trial Offw" Coupon 67 ROSED ALE No 2/ 2 Can BAMA STRAWBERRY PRESERVES : BAM A PEANUT BUTTER ^ 2VC . 27c _- 21c LIBBY'S VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 CN 35* FROZEN FOODS Libby's STRAWBERRIES.. 'S. 25c Libby's ORANGE JUICE c,» Ik PURINA CAGE ALL WHITE EGGS Med. Site Dot. Larga Siia Dox. 50c 60c CHEER GIANT SIZE WITH 2 BARS OF IVORY SOAP FREE 69 MORRELL PRIDE BACON 2 75 VEAL ROUND STEAK *.» VEAL LOIN STEAK *49c GROUND VEAL* VEAL SHOULDER, RUMP or LEAN PORK ROAST >39 JASMINE FRANKS HOME DRESSED FRYERS - LB. EXTRA GOOD CORN FED CALVES ^ LB. The Above Price Includes Cutting, Wrappings, Etc. READY FOR YOUR HOME FREEZER CENTRAL AMERICAN BANANAS California Long White POTATOES Home Grown CABBAGE ONIONS 10 Lbs. .Lb. White No. 1 LB, 59c 5c 5

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