The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 10, 1975 · Page 24
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 24

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1975
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

Page 24-THE HERALD, Prove. Utah. Thursday. April 10. 1975 Leffers fo Editor Halt Aid fo Any Communist-Leaning Regime Opposes Four Seasons Plan, Prefers the Area 'As It Is' Editor Herald: I am categorically opposed to the Four Seasons Project proposed to be built on the eastern boundaries of this city, for the following reasons: I agree with Dr. Bertrand Harrison when he says that the soil in the area is thin and slow to be replaced in order to maintain sufficient ground cover to prevent flooding. I am not an expert in this field, but when a man of his understanding and training says so, I will support his views. If this project is achieved it will cause a great deal of unnecessary erosion, and will destory the beauty of the canyon. Secondly, from the news reports which I have read in the Herald, recently, this proposed project will be a large undertaking requiring 'many outside business interests' to be involved. One report told of companies wanting to rent space at the airport to gain accommodation for space for stores and the traffic expected. I ask just what kind of a social environment will a project of this type present to our community? What about the Sunday activities? Our young people may be hired to serve in the stores and in various ways at all times of the day and seven days a week. Haven t we been trying to have stores dosed on Sundays so that our people can be free to attend their church duties, if they so desire? What about the drinking and sexual immorality habits of many of the people whom we would expect to patronize the project? We cannot, but expect people of all persuasions to come here as they do to other ski resorts of the size proposed. These certainly should pose a problem to our law enforcement officers, and our City Fathers. I think that what concerns me most is that the matter has not been brought into the open before it was reported to be on the status of "when it would be built" before "if it would be built" was decided. Whose property is it that the city proposes to sell? Does it not belong to the city if the state will sell it to the city? And who is the city? Are not the taxpayers of the city and owners in general? Shouldn't the citizens of Provo have a right to say whether they want to sell this land for their particular purpose? There is an economic environment to be considered, and "money talks" in this case as in any other. I believe that if we allow the pollution of our eastern foothills and mountain valley we would be selling our birthright for a "mess" that we Orem Citizen Concerned Over Gun-Bullet Issue Editor Herald: According to a recent article in the March 20, edition of the Orem Geneva Times, now is the time for citizens concerned with preserving our rights as American citizens to speak up. The article deals with the petition of the Chicago-based committee on handgun control to ban the sale of handgun ammunition. The writer points out that this is merely the first basic step to total ban of firearm ammunition and eventually all forms of hunting. I feel that is it is the first step to a disarmed country. This commission states that ammunition for handguns falls under the category of hazardous substances This commission states that ammunition for handguns falls under the category of hazardous substances under the provision of the hazardous substances act of 1960. If this petition passes because handgun ammunition is considered hazardous what will be next! Housewives had better buy their vegetables pre-peeled and their meat already cut because butcher knives could very well be next on the list. This is of course ridiculous example but is it any more far fetched than some of the reasons this group gives for banning handgun ammunition. Crimes will be committed as long as we have human beings with or without weapons. Right now it is illegal to purchase weapons if you intend to commit a crime or have been convicted of one. This deosn't seem to be any great deterrent. If someone wants guns or ammunition for these purposes they are not going to worry about the legality of obtaining these items. Banning the sale of these items are not going to make them unobtainable to these people. The only thing this committee would accomplish is the taking away of one more right of the honest citizen. We are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms by the constitution of the United States. What good is this constitutional right if we are not allowed to purchase the ammunition to use these arms? Is this going to be another case of the majority paying for the mistakes of the few? All interested persons are urged to express their opinion before April 14. Write to: Handgun Bullets, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of the Secretary 1750 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20207 If you don't want to become a disarmed nation please write and let your views on this issue be known. Sherrie Rhoades Orem, Utah Urges Citizens Exercise Their Right To Be Heard Editor Herald: Just recently I have visited our community's t Provo) four media; namely, KOVO, KIXX, KEYY, (radio stations) and The Daily Herald. The citizens of this community are fortunate in that they have seemly adequate opportunities to express their opinions, especially differing points of view. Probably the best way they can do this is through the editorial section of The Daily Herald. KEYY radio offers to its listeners opportunities to air their views through the "KEYY-line". "Carolyn's Show" is another talk show which is'aired on KIXX radio. KOVO doesn't seem to have a call in show, but they do interview certain people on issues pertinent in the community. I also noted the different ownerships under which each media operates. Each media is following under the FCC Ownership Rules for Broadcasting; specifically, duopoly, which staes an owner may have only one faculity (TV, radio) of a kind per market area. From this information 1 feel we are adequately given the opportunity to voice our thoughts and views, and the media in this community are operating under the right conditions. Now the important thing is that we should become more concerned as citizens, and do use these resources that are available to us. Catherine Page H-2210Helaman Halls Provo, Utah Thoughts To Inspire Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor especially those who labor in preaching and teaching: for the scripture says, "You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain." And, "The laborer deserves his wages." — I Timothy 5:17,18. "Every man should make up his mind that if he expects to succeed, he must give an honest return for the other man's dollar." - Edward H. Harriman, American in- dustralist. As it is, I rejoice, not because you were grieved, but because you were grieved into repenting; for you felt a godly grief, so that you suffered no loss through us. For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation and brings no regret, but worldly grief produces death. — II Cor. 7:9,10. "Calamity, war, famine, death, adversity, disease, injury do not necessarily produce repentance. The essence of repentance is that we cannot be repentant until we confront our own self-righteousness with God's righteous ness." — Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. may not want. There are many who live here who love this area 'as is' without more pollution than we already have. Lastly there are many ski lifts and businesses catering to every whim of a skier's desire. They are all within fifty or less miles of our city. Why pollute our environment? Sincerely, Lorine Lee H74 N 5W) F. Prnvn Editor Herald: As I sit here, unable to sleep, thinking about what is happening to our fellow human beings in South Vietnam, I can hardly stand it. The slaughter and torture that occurs when the Communists take over a country is almost too overwhelming to think about. Well, here is our "peace with honor" Nixon told us about when we quit in Vietnam. Believe me, Watergate was just an innocent diversion compared to what has and is taking place inside our government in "cooperation" with the past, present, and future butchers of the world. Ask yourself these questions: Why do we supply the Communist leaders with food and all sorts of technical equipment which they, in turn, use to build up their armies all over the world? Why was it our governmental policy that helped set up Ho Chi Minn in the first place? Why did we purposely not bomb Haiphong Harbor where these supplies were coming into North Vietnam? Why are we now helping the Communist leaders more than ever? Why has more than half of South Vietnam fallen to the Communists when top military leaders told us we could have won the whole thing in three months? Interestingly enough, Robert Welch and other leaders of the John Birch Society predicted what is now happening in Vietnam. While Nixon and cohorts were contemplating giving us "peace with honor" there, Robert Welch predicted that "insiders" of our government would soon get us entangled in another foreign war, "probably in the middle east." Remeber, folks, one of the strategem used to subvert a nation is to become involved in foreign wars, bleeding it of prime manpower and wealth, thus establishing more total control over the lives of its citizens. In my opinion, it may be a matter of life and death to all of us to remember that what is happening in South Vietnam is the purpose for all the "peacetalks," handshakes, smiles, and back patting going on between Kissinger and other well placed insiders of our government. Yes, I said purpose. The sooner we let our leaders and government representatives know we want it stopped, the better. Not one more dime's worth of anything should be given to any communist or Communist - leaning government! No More! Remember, even though it is our government which is largely responsible, we will not have Hood on our hands if we do all we can to protest and stop what is happening. Please join with me in a "storm of protest" to our governmental leaders. Mrs. Sharon Ferwerda 3309 E. Clarendon, Phoenix, Ariz. (Formerly of Provo) Low-Cost Cruise MANILA iL'PIi - A Philippine shipping company, the Sweet Lines, has begun a weekly low-cost holiday cruise aboard one of its luxury passenger liners, with stopovers in the major southern Philippine seaports of Ceu and Zamboanga. RETURN TO SPRING EFFECTIVE] APRIL 11,12,14 SHEET ROCK Open Weekdays 9 to 8 Saturday 9 to 5 Closed Sunday vi"x4"x8' Sheet Rock. And if you're worried about getting short sheeted, Answer Man will help you figure how much you need. Just bring In your dimensions. REDWOOD SLAT CHAISE Sale Merchandise Subject to Stock on Hand. 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