Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 3, 1998 · Page 9
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 9

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1998
Page 9
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Comics /Features THE DAILY GLOBE. Ironwood. Ml —Thursday. Sept. 3,1998 Page 18 7 7 years a long time to wait FOR BETTER OR WORSE Dear ABB Ljusderc "Judy 1 and 1 have been going together for 17 years. Our time together consists of one or two dales • week. We started seeing one another when she was separated from her husband and continued through the divorce. I've asked her to marry me tevenl times. At first, she kept saving she wanted to watt until her daughter was grown and out of the house. That happened three years ago. Now. she lays she needs more time to get to know me better. It is like pulling teeth to get Judy to spend more lime with me. She comes to my apartment once or twice a year, I haven't been invited to her place in so long, I cant remember what year k was. She says she w»nt$ the right «et of circumstances before coming to my place for the night. Although she's toid me she cares about me, she rarely is able to say." I love you." I believe Judy b afraid to make a commitment because of her bitter divorce. She swears this isn't true. I need someone u help me with this situation because I'm becoming impatient and frustrated. -- LOS ANGELES READER DEAR LOS ANGELES: You say you have been going with Judy for 17 years and she wants the "right set of circumstances* before she comes to your place for the night? Do you have any idea what 'circumstances' she might be talking about? And what's with you that you have been wilting to remain in this strange relationship for so long? If Judy will agree to go with you for counseling, it would be helpful. If not, go alone. If you allow things to rock along indefinitely and do nothing, you will miss out on the possibility of meeting some other woman who could be a wonderful partner. Dear ABB Landers: You recently printed • letter about a pastor who was stiffed by a couple for whom he performed a marriage ceremony. I am a priest at a large Roman Catholic church and would appreciate it if you would remind young couples and their parents of some basic fundamentals of etiquette. We ask couples who belong to the parish for a $75 donation for charitable works of the church. (For non-parishioners, the fee is $100.) The priests and pastors spend at least six hours with every couple in preparation for their wedding. We do not charge for the hours spent while the couples use the church for pictures, rehearsals and pre-wedding preparations, nor do we chatge for the lights, the changing rooms or the air conditioning and heating. After the ceremony, we invariably must contend with the thoughtlessness of those who leave the church a mess with their boxes, dry- cleaning bags, flowers and leftover food. We are happy to provide a traditional wedding, but, oh. how we would appreciate some traditional etiquette to go with it Ann, of the many wedding ceremonies at which I have officiated, I remember only once receiving a card of thanks for all the church and the priest did la help make the day beautiful. Maybe you could remind your readers of some things they might do when having a church wedding. Please don't use my came. I don't need the hate mail - MAN OF THE CLOTH IN WISCONSIN DEAR MAN OF THE CLOTH: Couples who can afford a church wedding should plan on at least $ 100 for the clergyman or church, and this is a modest estimate. Stiffing the clergyman is more a sign of ignorance than cheapness. Some people don't know any beoec And RS.: The bridal party should have the decency to clean .up after themselves before they leave the church. This comes under the heading of good manners. When planning a wedding, who pays for what? Who stands wheie? The Ann Landers Guide for Brides" has all ike answers. Send a self- addressed. long, business-size en velope and a check or money otder for $3.75 (this includes postage and handling) to: Brides, do Ann Landers. P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, III. 60611-0562. (In Canada, send $435.) To find out more about Ann Landers and read her past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate web page at Your Horoscope Friday, Sept. 4, 1996 Something you just wrote off the books may show new life In the year ahead. You might not get afl you hoped for, bol gain* are probable VWGO (Aug. 23-Sept 22) Ifs imperatrve not to exceed physical or mental Mmrta- tions in your endeavors. If you get to a Bridge North * A Q 104 » K J 10 9 0»-03 9* » K J 10 9 « West 4, ... . East * 9 7 6 * K 8 V 8 8 4 • A 7 • A * J 10 South 1 » Pass • 2 8532 * K 9 Sooth * J » Q 3 » Q 8 7 5 4 * A Q 6 4 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: South West North Pass 1 v 2 * 6 « Opening lead: * J 532 5 2 7 3 East 1 * All pass rough spot, seek out strong, energetic assistance. Get a jump on lite by understanding the influence* that'l govern you in the year ahead. Send for your Astro- Graph predictions by mailing J2 to Astro- Graph, c/o this newspaper. P.O. Box 1758. Murray Hi* Station, New York. NY 10156. Be sure to state your zodiac sign. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) If you get involved in something your companions find enjoyable but you dont, donl let your attitude spoil the fun for your friends. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Mov. 22) If* best not to shirk rMponcibiMbM today. Youl feet giiHty about things you should have, done when they catch up with you at a later dale. SAOrfTARtUS (Nov. 23-Oec. 21} Don't invite criticism from a friend who tells rt like It » today. You may not be prepared to deal with his/her candor and code of ethics. CAPRICORN (Dee. 22-Jan. 19) Try to reduce your expenditures at this time instead of assuming new long-term obligations. You must not let what you owe lake too big a bite out of your financial resources. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-feb. 10) Today you might erroneously feel that nothing can be achieved without the assistance of strong allies. Actually, you're likely to more productive as a loner. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Don't assume responsibilities (or others today which they can take care of themselves. You're the one who will be held accountable if what you promise isn't finished. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Social engagements could turn out to be burdensome today. What you thought wouid be fun could turn into a task. Select your participations more carefully. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Personal objectives might have to be temporarily put on tfw beck burner today, because of things you'll have to go out of your way to do for others. Try not to fall too far behind. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) If anyone opposes your views or opinions today, you're not apt to give any ground. This lack of flexibility could invite an angry retort. CANCER (June 21-July 22) A couple of old obligations might clamor tor payment today. Get them off the ledger, even rf it takes some maneuvenng. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Every situation has alternatives, even those which seem problematic. However, you might have difficulty seeing beyond the negative side today. OIW8byNEA.Inc. Crossword A war of attrition By Phillip Alder This is the 59th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. Nearly five years later, when the Allies were planning the invasion of Europe, there was a concerted effort to persuade the Germans that the troops would arrive near Calais, not farther south in Norma-ndy. Well, on today's deal, a French in- •tematJonal, Patrick Sussel. had to find a bluff to make his apparently impossible six-diamond contract. What would you have done in his place? West leads the club jack, Agreed, many Americans would not open one diamond with Sussel's hand. East's overcall is hardly classic either, but everyone strains to bid spades. Then North, unsure what to rebid, went for the slam bonus. ; West led the club jack because he judged that North was prepared for a spade lead. Sussel found a great ruse: He ruffed in the dummy and called for the spade four. Thinking South had to be void in spades to do this, East played low. After winning with his jack, Sussel ruffed a club in the dummy, cashed the spade ace, discarding his heart three, and continued with the spade queen, covered and ruffed. Back to dummy by trumping the club queen, Sussel threw the heart queen on dummy's spade 10. His luck held when West had to ruff this with the diamond ace. Sussel trumped the next club in the dummy, pulled East's remaining trump, and claimed. Wonderful! Could East have seen through declarer's smokescreen? Back then, perhaps not; now, yes. With four spades, a modern tournament player sitting West would jump to three spades (unless 4-3-3-3, which is impossible here). ACROSS 1 Might 8 Type of cherry 10 Fake 12 Biblical hero 14 Type of pig 15 L»*s attractive 18 JFK plane 17 TV co. 19 She wss Born Free 20 Weaker 23 Prods 26 Comedian W»l!y — 27 Bandleader Brown 30 Troubled condition 32 Dince step 34 One who lifts 35 Hard-handed defense 36 Printer's measures 37 Type of wit? 39 Soda purchase 40 Charged with gas 42 — oxide 45 Goof 46 Gym feat 49 Vinegar 51 Kampala's country 54 Examine carefully S3 More like pie? 5fl Blockhead 57 Actor GraVes Aniww to Prwvlou* Purrte DOWN 1 Snub-nosed dogs 2 Burden 3 L*g«l document 4 Poetic time 5 Actress Charlotte — 6 Huge 7 Lazybones 8 Astronaut Arm strong 9 L**ves Decorative trim 11 12 Firearm part 13 Gun grp. 18 Frasler s network 20 Charges 21 Ancient Jewish ^ aJifof AnSWefS * Touctv t« w RotKy Ptwn« K«p«rT«**1-90r>e604500ex1. code 100 ascetic . 22 Breathe out 23 Unadulteratsv) 24 • even keel 25 Actor Kristoffarson 27 Future Lt.Bs.' exam 28 Anc>ent Italian family 29 Clairvoyant 31 Ancient Roman warship 33 Desertllke 38 Paving goo 40 Misbehave (2 wds.) 41 Not fslse 42 Irradiate with VJMflT DO FUVJEK3 DO? 0UGS/W BIRDS FRANK & ERNEST POOF DOESN'T UAK AN? , JW t$ "I WISH I HAP A MOTTO" I Wr5H I HAP A MOTTO BEETLE BAILEY NOW JUST SWIMS' NATURALLY YE*, YOUlL LOVE IT X LJNPERSTAKIP HAVE A MEW TRAINING MACHINE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE THE GRtZZWELLS , I tCHT TMIHK AH AFTER ALL .' 1 TWHK *U REAU.V TWTSA REUIFI THE BORN LOSER lUiCDTO MA HOUK.GOSS ALLEY OOP , THC PALACC we COOK. THE. ^AKYTHING F!SH CVEft ) YOU SAY, WELL, AU-EY. IT TYEAH..: UX)kS LJKE YOU ( ISN'T HAVE FALLEN \ \T HANDSOME.' >. OUT OF FAVOR f CHEAT.'? C'MON, NEMMY.' j 'WITH AODY.' >OU SAID VDU'RE STAY1N& WITH CUZ. AND UMPA, DIDN'T \OO A LOT CLOSER THAN MY PLACE... 43 Cooled 44 Roman •mperor 46 Make • sweater 47 — fixe (obsession) 48 Young salmon 50 Consume 52 Breach 53 Gnomical ending KIT 'N' CARLYLE HERMAN O 1998 by NEA. Inc "You getting athlete's foot i* about as ridiculous as a coal miner with sunstroke!'

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