The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY » 1*34 FACE Society h rcnes Club s Cities Seek Centennial Big Centers In Texas Will Fight to Obtain State Exposition CORSICANA. Texas,- tion being: perfected, iu the major cities oi Texas has defini;ely. determined that the Texas Centc-n- ; nial lor 133<> is "already over." i This is the opinion of J. K. j Hughes of iXexia, independent j Texas oil operator and mei«L?er of the Centennial commission. Mr. Hughes points out. that j Houston is fintily entrenched for S it last-ditch fight for the honor of ! being the Texas Centennial city. 1 Its committee is organized and a ; bond issue is to be submitted t<> ; the voters. A s:ie a-niost \vithin j th« shadow of the Kice hot€-l is, JI-.-TM.'--!',! f.->r ihe Centennial. In• ^<nts out tlia* | where the Rice HOTV stands on---.- o« the sacred shrine of the Alamo, is orgranizins." Mr, Hughes saiu. : "With ai! South Texas behind it along: with the vast ranch terri • tory to the Tvest, Mr. Hughes as- : serted that his information was j that San Antonio already \\as in • the thick of the fight and he re- ; marked. "The people o? the Alamo City know how 10 fight." i X>al!as, he pointed out. is or- \ Kanired. A committee with Fred ; I". Florence, prominent banker at | its head, is working. The city pro- } poses to enlarge i'-s Fair Park from ; 147 acres to 200 acr^s and sub- } mit a. very substantial cash bid to the commission. P"ort Worth has called a meet- \ Ins. iMr. Hughes said, and definite '. plans there, backed by the vast empire to its tvest. are groins; to materialize Tvithln a short time. 2Tori ' fVorth, -with its fiahtinj re.:--i •utation. may be depended upon to KO alony to the last round. Mr jSCn^iifrs declared. "There are also indications that • the ca.pito! city. Austin, of which \ *il Texas is prou-3. trill set in the] iray. Down where the great sran- j lt» structure dominates a beauts- j ful enchn:it:n*r jcene in the slope j of Congress avenue to the maj^s- j •tic Colorado, patriotism Make This Model At Home Paris News Duly Pattern A FROCK WITH A CAPE IS RKAMA- TWO FROCKS PATTERN 1ST 6 By AVJVE A1>AMS When you come right down to it, it is realty a. very small cape . . but what a difference it makes in i Large Crowd i The subject of the sermon at [ the Springer-Jones revival Tues| day night, as preached by the j Rev. Springer, was "God Is Not j Discovered. God Is Revea!e<I." 3n spite of lhe ho , weather Ulc LAURA WHEELER OFFERS DAINTY LACE-TRIMMED COLONIAL FIGURES • I'iev. Springer preached to a cro\ for the street. Makes her look of ~' &0 ° more formally cJad and feel even ) of the service a census was tttken more so. Choose your fabric and! 0 * tlife var ^ us denominations ref.- color right and you can make this! rese!iled - and it was found thi* frock do double duty. For instance, »f you make it of china blue cotton | or linen or silk crepe you can wear it with a navy blue hat and ? The evangelist began h.^ mo;- j each denomination was weJ! represented- Seven preachers wer*- present. The evangelist j sage by reading from Romans, little cape a.nd so almost « tJ . -, - , ! eiepteetitli f»Hrj •",»«»>- or><i i t*.-»r- •»••- where on a warm afternoon. \Vith- U - - , ? ~\ , , ,,_ , . . ,M<rn are victimized bv phiiosoplsi- out the cap»i and hat it becomes ~ the nicest sort of an outfit in •which to play a jjanie of tennis. Pattern 2S76 is available in sizes 11'. 14. 1G. IS. 20, 3*.'. 32. 34. JS. 33, and 4<>. Size 1 *> takes 3 1-4 cal agnosticism. people are try- in?: i«_i harmonize- humanism uti'l other isn;s v.-ith the Bible when i; cannot be done. The tiivdcrr higher critics will nut ad.nil •,; t*he mira'-leif in their making. The yards 3'J inch fabric. Illustrated I preacher sasd thai if you rvui'»v-:- step-by-step sewing instructions j th e miracles you have nothing left includeh { but modernism. A man may have I a fine system of ethics. mora! Send FIFTEEN CETCTS (I5c) In i codes, etc.. but he has nothing- coins or stamps tcolnn preferred; ! «>ur a system of philosophy. X"o 'or this Anne Adams pattern ! amount of head knov.-iedse c;tn Wr»ie plainly name acdress and €ty:e number. BE SORK TO STATE CHURCH ACTIVITIES The smartest warm fashions, the newest fab tho Summer season's accessories are illustrated and s-ribed in the XEW ANXIU AD- i weather j quo ^ ^ o:1! - 1: - i-:cs. and Vlsi1 ^ thl ?5^ ^ * produce God-consciousness. The evangelist th-en showed ho-.v God fi-as revealed in nature bv 1:20. "For the in- him from the creation of the world clearly j seen, being understood by th; | things that are made, even «:> A.MS PATTiiliN BOOK FOR SUM i eternaf Power and Godhead: so. MER. OUJ3ER YOUR COP^ O= ! that they are wi ^out. excuse. ' THIS HEUPFUL NEV\- SLTMMEn| He in J ected a !ittl - bit of humor BOOK. PRICE OF EOOK'VIC-. j In "° his m^sage when he said TEEN CENTS. BOOK A.VD ^AT- '> that he couldrft understand why TEK^" TOGETHER TTVEVTV- | son ' s P«°P^ wonder why* • FIVE CE1NTS " " ~"" 1 ass talk *<3 like a man when so Address orders to Th« Part- ! mas *" of thern I£Llk like an ass Pattern JDepartmer.t. 2J3 Again Mr. Springer sh COLONIAL FIGURES v. ith ev-rythirsg that :s enjo;. ir.g su^h popularity ar-'TO-'ria-.e det-ortiiion on a great var:e:y of linens. They are espeo- though In tlie simplest of embroidery stitches, the" are mosi effective b-?-c2use of the rows of dainty Ince—actual lace sev.-n on—that is : .he cliief part of -heir decorativeness. T'h-£-y ere, of course, lovely on becroom linens, their daintiness jfjgs-??tins ail the soft colors that v/e like in bedrooms. They . i;prons a^ well as pillows. The j PATTERN 597 puff and I'hji/ui-hion doli—one built around the type 01 3. china. Cor dressing this is given. Pattern ol*7 comes to you v.-ith a transfer pattern of a. n:otif S x II :r:'.-h-is, a. -niotif 5 5-S s T Inches. tv.'c« rnct : :< 5 y-S inches hiirh, pai- : vrn pieces for the do!! v,-ita de- tuii"^ directions for making this : •:= n'lOtifs. illustrations of the stitches and yardage requirements. S^nd 10 cents in stamps or C'-fin ~o The Nev.-s. Needlecraft Dept- .j _ Eighth Avenue. New York, N. v CHURCH VACATION SCHOOL HAS I^AJRGK fiNROJLLMKNT The First Methodist church vacation school, which eonmi^necu on Monday morning, has an vn- ro!in*ent of I2S students, ivith 22 j workers and five assistants. Following is a list of the personnel of .ihe departments, indicating t;>~ work that is be±ng succeswfuilv carried on: Beginners department: ilts^ V-^r- linda. Yates. director: Miss Norene Nobles, worker; Mrs. Leonard Short, assistant. Primary department: Mis? Eleanor iJoore. director; Miss Sammy Lee Vice, worker: Miss Evelyn Blackburn' worker; Miss Katherine Staples. music. Junior- department: Miss Vjr- srinia. G*rvers. dire---tor: Mr? R *•-'- i-ajie, worke:. Miss U'jiiie MoTintcast'i?. work'-r; Mist Elc-a- nor Aden, music. 3!r?. 3-i«2 Morsan. director of music: Donald Burcham. manual training, Alfred vVilllams, manual training: M^lll-? Petty, carving-. Intermediate, department: .Mr?. Clark Estes. director: Mrs. I:es5 Mooinaw, recreational director; Miss Mary Elizabeth Simpson, tuusic: Austin Caldwel!. director of th^- harmoaica orchestra; \V=ji L.i?htfoot. art: Miss Gene Pirie. Fecretarv--, Miss Catherine Amis, art; Albert Cunningham. r«^o:n im- \Vest 17th Street, -X York Citr. D. 31. BURKETT DIES i FIVE GENERATIONS AT ROXTON TUESDAY PRESENT AT FAMILY REUNION i'onert*' Service Sot for 3 o'clock 1Vcx!nc<<lajr Afternoon has; years old. died a.i 4 o'clock Tues- Mrs. I. X. Secrest held a famiiy -•eunion at her home Sunday at honoring her &5th birthday the Slbie was scientifically correct. Only a fe~.v hundred years ago Harvey said that the life in the blood -.vhers .Moses said life of flesh '.vas in blood back in the book of Deuteronomy. Again and. in. his message, the evan- IN RENO ; £*^Et repeated the phrase, "God I is not discovered. God is revealed/' He closed his message by sho*.v- ing hov.- Jesus came to revoal Gt-d and that God is revealed in super- At The Grand natural salvation. He said tha.t since the days of Sam j <j ay afternoon at his home here I anniversar: '"- A picnic lunch xvas j cur modernists teach God is re- and Austin *vii! si"e *- s -' ter a %ve ek'= in^ess Tn- f»* e ra : l - £erved under the trees in the vard i VJ ^-^ by -doctrinal salvation.* V\Vd"p^-tvl l ° 1&3 suesis. inclt-din^ the fc-I- 1 f* d , if £ °- fc °^ Ca " a deilf and - GC - sc - a -* i, a ] blind man 1-e saved. Salvation Is Garden Partv Given j afternoon at the Baptist church i^ w --t cn:;<2reri of Mrs. Secrest: ; experimental. Salvation is to. - j:ood account r>f its On Mondav Afternoon •^vas ?*z for 3 o'clock Wednesday! 10 J ^° SUCSTS. inclt-dingr the fc-I- :ifternoon at the Baptist church i Iow -~S children of 3Irs. Secrest: here conducted, by tie pastor. :hej Mrs - S3 - ! ^fe Robinson Coppin. the Masonic Airs, J. B. Strong- entertained •with a party honoring her your.:; niece and nephew, P;i->y Cam;>bo*l of. DaJsas and Lee Aik»n. Jr., of Houston. Monday afternoon !n the rear garden of her home on L/a.~ maj- avenue. Mildred Stronc. Char-sle Flemirsg: arid Sarah Eita I^i^htfoot 3~- In a tr^asur* hunt h-,:Id during the afternoon. Houston Harrison •won. the tre-asur-?-. Fancy pa.ckii.S'^s of "candy -were river; .is fa-.-ors arsu | jrrandchsld; ice cream an3 cake were «er"^cc! ; srrancchild to th« yoiinjr jiruesis; ; Mary Mal:-*>.ry. Virgin in. Lisrh;-' Bor:: in foot, Eleanor Bell. Martha Sten-- 1 t:n.n;e r^> R art, Htrth Bi'lincyi'-y. Ma*-y Kiri^- l *:ve*5 hfr*.- MHlan. Billy Karlan. Ned Xor- tncnt. v\ T ;iJ I^::;-;".f'-Ot. - ? r.. jJOUsSon Harrison. John Robert Cunipbcll. •/T-* -2^I*« t* V rl*"^ flOr^ *;,T 1 I"*7'€ k ^» H-jv. F. Itfdge having chars:* of the burial Okia-: Mrs. F. S. Hobin Ku^o, Okl=.: J_ vr. Secrest of! Hope. Ark.: Mrs. G. L. Skidmore | Oe*si^ Secrest of K-7-no: M. F. S^-- cre^:. Mrs. Mike Freewi;h and * Fitzhush, ] ly of g-race, free ard we can 'KHO-EC an - * J «ks i-ilir.srton and his fam- iobinson of i ' ve a - re ''" sared ' because •«•-«" have ; ous orchestra provide "the screen IDABEL AIRPORT IS G COMPLETION airport is fast Hearing- completion. ICs-so jlcr'a!!. the supervisor says, a drainage ditch $00 feet long- on vnch side of the runway being 1 un- cer oCTLStruotios. contact "eriib the divine. The evangelist scored the n^od- ^•rnist ag-ain vrhen he ?aia if a. 2.rlG ; y>2-J»2/^^^T- ^tMl^* 3 ^ -^P 1 ^.T-^.T*-; ^~ T.^ —-.^-—"! T .. ^ . „ eaiertainmei.t in lavish, manner. The sl^ry deals with the or-en- DHATH AT BETHEL :snt daughter of Mr. and Jesse Battiest of Bethel, Gill & Johnson Handling HOLC Title Work An unusually large amount of title work has b*en done during the past few weeks by Gill and Johnson. local abstract o'fzce f<-»- rhose who are seeking loans from :he Home Owners L.-oan Corporation. f.tle ivork for a large number of Paris horne owners, and we are making every effort to render Doling -'r,~m to gee their loans made in 2. minimum of time, with 3. low cost for the title work," said Hoy Johnson, nranag— r. "^•"s keep on hand at all times we TV:!! be glad to help applicants fill the mo-it correctly without through the office of Judge E- !L. Myers, who is local attorney for -h-r- Kome Owners Loan Corporation, it was stated.— (Adv.i Gar— and' i,ula Williams, Mrs. rett. Mrs. Justin Xeatfcery Carter Anderson, Jr. Mrs. R. M. Hutt is general director of the schooL FJKST BAPTIST PRAYER MEETtXCf. The prayer meetic^ evening at S o'clock at the Flrsi Baptist church -rvi!! be in chars* of Paul Barnelt. He has chosen as hi$ principal speaker, Grady Fisher, one of the church's young Preacher?. The music win be un- d-r the direction of Mrs, TV. J. Chester and Mrs. K. B. Burgess. The Sunday school teachers aufi "ffl'-ers will meet J. C. Roberts at ?:1i> o'clock for a business session. IR OF IDABKLr MAN DIED SAT€RDAr year i.. Ok la.. — The funeral 'Vilnia \\v»olsey r -:>f Clarence h'-^J Sunday afternoon ".*. Ar' : ,-.. ; _--v the Rev. ilr. . <•:' Fresco: t. and. the . Roebuck of Pine Bluff. : n^iniitsrs. Mr. and Mrs. ^-Voolsey, Mrs. John Me-d- da us liter. Frances Ted an-i <. F. Dapree of .eucled the service,' V r ote for Judge John H. Sharp of Ellis County For Associate Justice o± the Supreme Court to succeed Judge Grees'wood •who is IIOL a. C22.did2±ej He is not*- a member of tae Supreme ^Conrt Commission and ^ iiilec this position with feonor and distinction, rie is well aaliSed e T>3sition. Cheatham of ••-vidow. two daughters. Mrs. E. %". c-f IXtKas and - - --- —-—. --^ -•»•—- | am a wolf and a large number of grrandchil- f ^- ant - o ., . dren. great-grandchildren and on^ L., '\-^ ",„", Jve Mae ntin— five \v. and great-great-^randchi'.d. Hani, or Blossom, re generarions, Many friends came in during the afternoon to ca-I and Mrs. Secrest received a large number of remembrances from her children 02 and hsd •etn : •huri-? f At The Lamar A f woman, :pose ~- in tn:? j gr.r.;, ,_.. your ps5:or ;s -1 ar-^ i.- 1 i wolf irs sheep's clothing ' *" ' ' going to exr*ose nirT" 1 .. T° ! 'ivhion shou*^l m^^ri n^r^^t—T ! vinlry but TOO ofter; i: ! "Dead Dog. T " Paul was ; > rated man. but he did not j must be bom sg-iin." Tl'e mot-i- FRE DELIVERY SANDWICHES BEER t srr\t»-o to any part of tin- City 1PHONK B4« LOV-MAR ST N Maiti VICTOR AT GRANT DIES ON TUESDAY HUGO. Ok;.?. r^r of Si'c. • •"re T-,:os«tn; Jors hc<:-;--i?^l helt.l "-Vevin^Kd.":" TJKTP.S: kmr-- <>f If you like mystery spiced with <--r<me-dy. peppered "n-ith thriiis, ;:~ci flavore<5 with romance, don't n;isrs "Murder on the Blackboard." at the I^arnar Theatre. tvhere l-I'iiia May Oliver and James Glea- ^•-•r; hold forth in the roles they created for '"The Penguin Pool Murder." which is surpassed by t?::s s*"cjx:c! as ac-e l^igh cnteriaiu- } T T ,^.,_,.. ^, „ i the right hand of God. Th i emist. rejoices in a tomb j but I rejoice in ars ernpiv bv the !i?htfu! role of t^ ^n in the d«- ... -' ^vn^ t-,. OT , vT-OG hc ^n^;* brins- one standing: rr.essa=:e5; or, the sicns of the" Second Connr; the I^ord Jesus Christ": TV^r r.ig-ht the evar.srelisi's^asre "'<•-" "Ho-nr May T Kr,o-n- T ^aved ?" So many T>eor"*~ ;trot:r,si saying. "I hope I an s r \ :h ' n \ T an ? ^; cd ^ ^ ? -' n lf tcache? r>;a;r;Iy that wo " :!N-*2, ' Pic 1 - 1 "^. a~^ combined the mu.^:c . ,..,_, H _.- | with th£ n^.ysiery i~ effective fash- iv r-;^;^ | ^-S ori:r:re 1 Circy W;I<.jti and his o;:t- I -JC-seph Goliomb doing the screen he "20 i Play, and San: Heliman the dia- ~o i j^icos about crime detection. Glca- ,t f;ij=i-ra3kins -Aise-cracking slouth. ; Tj'.vy arc o.xcvnent foils for each : tech--i;-i- L - -,v!:;ch :y a delight to '-. btfhOid, "'akr* th* 1 ? ;V.O5t O"f 3. Etorv The h-p sinc'nc of A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM ^h FLIT T«€ «OUS£ THAT f UT SPRAYS us:)^. thriiis and senti- ! •:::ie of "Murder on the I i." A beautiful young ; t!,i:n: b-?r be-Jy Is :!:•._• furnace: a detec:jve from behind in a dark ^v k:'3er H"c*nj'i« to he"-v •- :o!\::uT'd-c with » hatchci. ><*"*-•?. HTV'VO excittrsgiy. jn- bbounded po- '^c Jun:or K. A. ar,d Kir?t 5<ip;ist church G. A •with "f\*in:,t.rn .xr^iO''"* ' ^ I If you want efficiency ~- j and courteous service ^ 1 in your new combined ^ | office of Assessor and c - j Collector of Taxes, go j] Jto the polls Saturtlgiy rijand vote for Dorothy ^ i Latimer. i >VTHAN JOHNSON'S FUNERAL TUESDAY ohnson. J 5. x\ ho gunshot ^. IT COSTS SO LITTLE-IT DOCS SO MUCH '-i>n a: the famiiy res: Rev. J. W. Bobb of Jh !i»roh official a: the Denisor rum-in John.tor-. T. S <>r» XVj^sar.i?. Osca Vicior. l*«r,~ IVard gjiJ ^'.nj; The boy is sxinKcd by h; s n u>- { :hr-r. Mrs. R«-fU Ward, thr<;e itis- I :*-r», Lodio. Ooins. K'Jnn \Vslt^ol^. j nnd Edith Marie Johnson :tn<! six I brothers. El Ms Taylor of Srv.ith- | Fr**man tiding of St»i:U>r. I Jo* Johnson. \Vil- ] bur Juhnson, Jr., and Lso I>a!e ! Johnson of Idabel. j Thursday - Friday Wednesdav - Thursday JAMES GLEASON EDNA MAY OLIVER in MURDER ON THE BLACKBOARD K* Oomk- Th«r I^tn .Murdrr w ir i> Cool MURDER AT THE VANITIES «»t * i The Most Beautiful Girls in the World Days Wednes- dav and Thursday 10 c REOPENS FRIDAY NEW EQUIPMENT — RE-DECORATED rRIDAY -"HALF A SINNER" Tale of a M<*Joro Robin H«»iJ SAlUKOAt—"HERE COMES THE NAVY** And You'll Knjoy Its VlHt /CHARD B. LEVY For Court Of Civil Appeals We Are Asking Your Support Of Judge Levy, And Here Are The Reasons: FIRST: We know the man and the good work he has dope. It -^s conceded that he is ABLE, HONEST AND FAIR. As a judge he ranks with the best in the State, ft is true he has been on the ben-h a number of years. But that has criven him experience. THE RULE OF ROTATION HAS NEVER BEEN APPLIED TO THE JUDGES OF THE HIGHER COURTS AND THERE IS A GOOD REASON WHY IT SHOULD NOT BE. The final c?«cJsi^r> of a law suit, and writing down o-.i paper the REASONS for the decision, require special skill and training. W^t an aopellate jud^e writes eoes ir*-<> THE LAW BOOKS AND BECOME PRECEDENTS FOR THE DECISION OF OTHER CASES. To do such work well re-jui'-es experience. SECOND: It is well known that two of the judges of the Texarkana Court of Appeals are now serving the:r first terms. Wh?Ie those two new members are able lawyers and excellent mages, their efriciencv is net what it will be after they shall have beVn or? the bench several years longer. Without intending in the least to discredit his associates, we suggest that Judge ^ex^ wfi!. if retained, contribute more to maintain the efficiency of that Court than cou?d A NEW MAN WHO HAS NEVER HAD ANY APPELLATE COURT EXPERIENCE. THIRD: Judtr^ Levy's opponent is a comparatively young man, and is NOW HOLDING THE OFFICE OF DISTRICT JUDGE. HE HAS TWO AND A HALF YEARS MORE TO SERVE. HE IS DRAWING A SALARY OF $4,000.00 PER YEAR. WHY TJRN JUDGE LEVY OUT. WHEN HE 15 AT HIS BEST MERELY TO GRATIFY THE AMBITION OF HIS YOUNGER OPPONENT? IF IT IS A JOB THE YOUNGER RIVAL WANTS, WHY SHOULD HE NOT HOLD THE ONE HE NOW HAS AND SERVE OUT THE TERM FOR WHICH HE WAS ELECTED? If it is HONOR that he wants, he cau find in the office he now holds an opportunity to achieve a distinction of which any man roisrht be proud. (Political Adv.)

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