The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 29, 1986 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1986
Page 14
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4B THE BAYTOWN SUN Tuesday, April », £ v EVENING MO • NEWS YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVt- SPORTSCENTER MACNEfl. / LEHRER NEWSHOUR CBS NEWS ©RADIO 1990 _ (B BARNEY MILLER © ASTROS PREVIEW O (E LA TRAMPA IS GD $100,000 PYRAMID OODMONEYLINE :® BENSON ® DIFFERENT STROKES 6:30 8 WHEEL OF FORTUNE GD DANGER MOUSE © STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final, if necessary. (Live) (NOTE: Starting . time is tentative. Game is subject to blackout.) CD ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT © © WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS (Pg (F) STRONG MEDICINE A drama set in the '50s and '60s about a homemaker (Annette OToole) whose life falls short • of her expectations, and her friend (Pamela Sue Martin) who aggressively establishes a career in the male dominated pharmaceutical industry. Patrick Duffy, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Sam Neill and Dick Van Dyke also star. (Part 1 of 2) QD BASEBALL Houston Astros at Philadelphia Phillies (Live) @ CD $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME ©CD CROSSFIRE © THREE'S COMPANY S3 THAT'S MY MAMA ISO O A-TEAM © ANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS O BUSINESS REPORT © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Sixteen Candies" (1984) Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall. • MOMNtNQSTAR / EVEMNQSTAR • WHO* THE BO68? E) GE> MOVIE "God'* Quo" (1976) LM Van Ctoef Jack Ptltnc* (9 (B MOVIE "Ttw Last Dragon" (1MS) Taimak, Vanity. OS (3) MOVIE "El TettaiTwnto" (No Date) Federlco Luppl, Jutia Von Grolman. ® Off) MOVIE "Tightrope" (19»4) Clint Eastwood, G«rwvieve Bujold. 09 CD® NEWS ® CD PWMENEWS «D MATT HOUSTON 7:20 ® NBA BASKETBALL Playoff Game (Teams To Be Announced) 7:30 O BYPASS: THE STORY OF A PATIENT Professional dancer John Hyams' personal experiences of a heart attack — from initial symptoms through a successful coronary bypass operation — illustrate cardiovascular disease's warning signals and treatment. (B PERFECT STRANGERS © GD FAMILY FEUD ffl PM MAGAZINE 8:00 O HUNTER (S STAGE: INFIDELITIES Q GREAT PERFORMANCES CD MICKEY SPILLANE'S MIKE HAMMER (E) MOONLIGHTING © CD MOVIE "Luv" (1967) Peter Falk, Jack Lemmon. © CD LARRY KING LIVE ffl MOVIE "Shaft" (1971) Richard Roundlree, Moses Gunn. ffl MOVIE "Terror Out Of The Sky" (1978) Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Dan Haggerty. EQUALIZER ffiCB DICK CAVCTT <9 (E) MOVIE "C.H.U.D." (1984) John HMrd. Daniel Stern. <O CD BASEBALL Chicago Cubs at San DleaoPadres(Uve) • 32 MOVIE "El Extrano Caso De Lou Jacob!" (No Date) Wink Roberts, Rita Wilson. ® ® PHILIP MARLOWE, PRIVATE EYE ® CD NEWS 930 (B NFL DRAFT 'M: PICKS OF THE PROS m CARSON'S COMEDY CLASSICS ©CD NEWS 8:30 O STINGRAY <H CD SHOWTIME PAPER CHASE ® MOVIE "The Big Land" (1957) Alan Ladd, Virginia Mayo. 1040 O ID ID NEWS (D PRODIGY § MOVIEMAKERS CD SHOWTIME RICH HALL'S VAN• ISHING AM' iCA As he travels down a few highways, former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Rich Hall focuses his attention on the pieces of Americana that are quickly becoming prized artifacts. (SB © ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR S3 BOB NEWHART © CB) MOVIE "Act Of Vengeance" (1986) Charles Bronson, Ellen Burstyn. ® GD ID BENNY HILL @ CD MONEYLINE S3 TAXI 10:30 TONIGHT SPORTSCENTER BODYWATCH M*A*S*H NIGHTLINE (H) GD MOVIE "Night Train To Munich" (1940) Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison. 89 MAUDE ® 3D ANARQUISTAS, GRACIAS A OKM _ SPORTS TONWHT DYNASTY ASTRO WORLD'M 114ft CE ANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS CB TOP RANK BOXING Henry TWman vs. Bash Alii for the NABF cruteerwetght tltte, scheduled for 12 rounds, from Las Vegas, Nev. (R) 8 MACNEIL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Terms Of Endearment" (1983) Shirley MacLalne, Debra Winger. S SIMON & SIMON MOVIE "Promises In The Dark" (1979) Marsha Mason, Kathleen Belter. (£) EDGE OF NIGHT MARY TYLER MOORE HAWAII FIVE-O NEWSNK3HT POLICE STORY 11:30 8 LOVE CONNECTION ®(E THAT GIRL m ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS <S © MOVIE "Lo Mejor De Teresa" (No Date) Tina Romero, Jorge Martinez De Hoyas. 39 ALL IN THE FAMILY 11:40 © MOVIE "Walk East On Beacon" (1952) George Murphy, Finlay Currie. © (ED MOVIE "No Smail Affair" (1984) Jon Cryer, Demi Moore. 12:00 O LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN CD STAGE: INFIDELITIES © CB MOTORCYCLE RACING Daytona 200 Classic (R) © CD A WOMAN CALLED GOLDA Gol da Meir (Ingrid Bergman) leaves her career as an American schoolteacher to become active in the political affairs of Israel. Leonard Nimoy and Ned Beatty co-star. (Part 2 of 4) QD MOVIE "The Jazz Singer" (1953) Time Machine By Teri'sa Byrne-Dodge Award-winning Sluiri Lewis is not only a well-loved puppo- tevi ;inil vi-nii ili)i|iiisi. bin she also is the author of several rlii Idrt'n's bunks l)\Vh;ii is the name ul the puppet Lewis is pictured with a hove? 2)Name two other of Lewis's most popular puppets? 3)Who were Lewis's three cu-stars on her Saturday morning show, which aired from l9fi(HiH on NBC? ,i,\[|,) put; oi[JBi|;) pus Addn,] qsnn(2 doqj sj.msuy c i 1986 TV Spotlight THEATRE GUIDE I. THEATRES 421-2953 GUNS HO (PG) 7:30-9:40 PHCTTY IN PINK (PG-13) 7:30-9:30 BACK TO THE FUTURt(PQ 7:00-9:30 9'/2*ffEKS(R)8:00 IRPHmMI(R) 7:40-9:40 JUS! BETWEEN PRIENPS (PG-13)7:15-9:45 42T-295T LEKIWfPG) 7: 15-9:15 CUTTERS (PG- 13) 7:20-9:20 LUCAS (PG) 7:30-9:30 KIOUJS ME BIUE(PG- 13) 7:40-9:40 P STEVEN SPIELBERG p,«™, The original cost is coming to save their school 421-2123 OIT Of AFRICA (PG) 7:45 THO)lMP»PlE(PG-13r8:00 nCKY R"(PG) 7:00-9:00 TtMIY PIT (PG) 7:20-9:20 MUrmOD VICE SQUAD (R) 7:30-9:30 PtlttACAKMT 111 (PG) 7:40-9:40 WINNER 7 ACADEMY AWARDS Including BEST PICTURE OF AFRICA SISSY SPACER KEVIN KLINE violets are It's a lono way from Miami icri •• CHARLES MONSON TELE-PUZZLE ACROSS 1.5 Shown, plays Ben on 56 Across 12 "Barnaby Jones" star 14 "Blue Angel" star 15 ID lor Rooney 16 Agave plant 17 Sills solo 18 II x II 19 Penpouii 21 Peter — 23 Outback vehicle 24 "— II Now" 25 Pig's pad 26 Distant 27 Title 30 James on "Good Times" 32 ID lor Vigoda 33 Concerning 34 Aclress Plalo 36 "Star —" 39 Mr. Rather 40 "I Camera" 43 Singer Damonc 45 "Tarzan" star 46 Spencer — 48 Do wrong 49 "Alice" star: init. 50 Bedazzled 51 ID lor Alda 53 Maiden loved by Zeus 54 See 56 Across 56 With 54 Across. "Dallas" spm-ofi 58 Armand — 59 Nancy or Leon DOWN 1 Jones and Martin 2 Played Sam Benedict 3 "The Two of — " 4 With 5 Down. Don Adams' spy spoo* 6 ••— O" 7 Lake Indian 8 High note 9 "— and She" 10 Ekberg and Bryant 1 1 "— on Sunday" 13 Nothing 20 Dorothy on "Golden Girls" 22 Bone 23 Saucer, perhaps 28 "The — from U.N.C.L.E." 29 "Green Acres" co-star 30 Played Ed Norton 31 Mai de — 34 The Ewings' saga 35 "Knock on — Door" 37 Day before holiday 38 Soprano Kanawa 39 Perry's do-all 40 "— We All?" 4.1 She was Shoop 42 Kind of current: abbr. 44 Sportscaster Irv 46 Liz or Jean Sagal. e.g. 47 Jabber 50 Actress Rehan 5? Melissa on "Falcon Crest" 55 ID for a Sinatra 57 Hindu chant SOLUTION 1986 TV Spotlight DANCI Saturday, May 3rd — 8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. Knights of Columbus Hafl 2600 W. Main whh.~*byTEXASBREW *8 par coupk PvbKc WakaaM I GET SMART MILLIONAIRE MAKER It* • MOVIE "This Time Forever" (1»80) Claire Plmparo, Vincent Van Patten. (S) d) MOVIE "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984) John Saxon. Ronae Blakery. ttJO 8 CD NEWSNK3HT UPDATE NEWS 1.00 S NEWS SPORTSLOOK 8 GD MOVIE "Tickle Me" (1965) Elvis Presley, Julie Adams. S JIM AND TAMMY INDEPENDENT NEWS 1:20 © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Chained Heat" (1983) Linda Blair, John Vernon. 1:25 ® © MOVIE "Rock & Rule" (1983) Voices of Don Francks, Paul LeMat. 1-30 (S SPORTSCENTER O ID NEWS @ CD SPORTS LATENK3HT CD MOVIE "Journey From Darkness" (1975) Marc Singer, Kay Lenz. 1:45 © MOVIE "The Mad Magician" (1954) Vincent Price, Eva Gabor. ® QD MOVIE "Hopscotch" (1980) Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson. 2:00 CB PRODIGY (S) STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final, if necessary. (R) CD NIGHTWATCH (El MOVIE "Light In The Piazza" (1962) Olivia de Havilland, Rossano Brazzi © CB MOTOWORLD © (F) COMEDY BREAK » CD NEWS OVERNIGHT ' '* MOW "The Kid From Texas" V16SO) Audie Murphy. Gale Storm. •.•••. '*" INVADERS ,,,.,^. £30 ) INDEPENDENT NEWS ' "','7 MOVIE "Noches De Cabsre^" (No Date) Irma Serrano. • • ..>•' >r _ _ MO — .'i'i' (9 Cffi MOVIE "Police Academy" (1984) Steve Guttenberg, Kim CattraH. M ' £00 ' s '"''"' O CD SHOWTtME MOVIE "Thei Perils Of Gwendoline" (1984) Tawny Kttaen Brent Huff. - •,,• (2) CB WRESTLING '„ 1 ' ; & (E) MOVIE "The House Of The SeVen Hawks" (1959) Robert Taytor.'UJnda Christian. ' >«.i'. § GD JOE FRANKLIN ,, ,,,,., CD LARRY KING OVERNIGHT ( , , 3:15 . ..:.:•.' ® WORLD AT LARGE .„, CB GET SMART 89 MOVIE "California Split" (1974) George Segal, Elliott Gould. ' : " ' : CD MOVIE "Oh, Alfie" (1975) Alan Price, Jill Townsend. , . , v "i 3:35 ® CD MOVIE "The Last Dragon'.' (1985) "almak, Vanity. ^ 4:00 * 3D BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Q BONANZA (E) (5) WRESTLING NEWS CROSSFIRE ''"... 4:30 (D BEVERLY HILLBILLIES ' . ' > m (E) NOT NECESSARILY TH£ NEVyi$ @ CD SHOWBIZ TODAY " ' 4:35 © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Limelight" (1952) Charlie Chaplin, Claire Bloom; •••. TUESDAY SPENSER i - . •'("; . •: I • f ii •• Robert Urich plays Spen-., ser, the thinking man's jprii vate eye, on "Spenser:-'For.: Hire," airing Tuesday, April- 29 on ABC. (Stations reserve the right- • ••. ' to make last-minute changes,) .,,,, Buck ley pens thriller 'High Jinx' a joy for readers HIGH JINX. By William F. Buckley Jr. Doubleday. 261 Pages. $16.95. "High Jinx," William F. Buckley Jr.'s seventh novel in a series of thrillers featuring CIA operative Blackford Oakes, is set in 1954. Eisenhower is president of the United States. The Cold War is threatening to heat up. And, now that Stalin is dead, there is a power struggle going on in the Kremlin among the several hopefuls who would succeed him. But for Blackford and his group there is a pressing problem, and one that must be solved quickly. Somehow the KGB, the Russian intelligence agency, has found a way to read all of the top secret transmissions sent between the American and British intelligence agencies. The two agencies tumble to this fact when a joint British- American commando group ; .j^ sent to Albania to overthrp^js government and free the little nation from its Communist overlords. Only a privileged fe,w know of this operation, yet wh'en the commandos land at.tfrei( designated drop spots, the,AJb;a r nian army is wailing for t tliexri and wipes them out. .'!,.",i7< How this top secret information got into Communist han'risjis the problem Oakes has to~solve 1 . The search for an answer leUcIs him along a twisted^ arid dangerous route that inyolye,S British traitors, America^ traitors, Russian double age^ts^ and a machine with 'superpowers. .'.Vr " Buckley once again has -writr ten a novel designed to bring joy to the many readers of his fictions. •• •* » •••( *-« '•; «^j! Phil Thomas AP Books Editor MJ Early Bird!, Gets The Worm Interest rates are the Imnst they have ban ii 7 years. 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