The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THB NEWS. WD . THTJUSnAT. MAY 26. 1932. SEVEK j BIRDS AND BIRD LIFE ! SUBJECT OF ADDRESS vh« Rotary C ... approach to nr i Dick HaHow Speaks To Fredi erick Rotary Club. ei li« year -\ a'.a::; - he southeri. cr.\ R Ames H^l GuasU at tbe moeUng were F Moue Smith. Wtbtnuasie.. drl land Athletic Board and Dr tcr. J Slusher. tills city r: d Uv -emi'iicet th* tltl i «.h u'-l R-U:.e i. ^ t aot afford A 'au^ the k: : · to the . Ame-: . poo- T He d be inoea. (hi Miss \Iargs-c; Harbaug i c \ L H.i- - . .. ( ·",:·«:·.(. ·": ". -' cii»p" M.S.- ML._ Mrs w.ih honors, Ijoth m cjassroom *orS t: . a:.a iair.pj.- ay.i-'.ie.- After spbcd- H-.U sr.g x.erai. u ^ . - Ji Philadelphia. ·*!..'' , ··-« N .' a;:d Karrlors! Cona . :a - "~ · ;; r-'. 4vr ' i ae" aom* h«se SCORE U. S. ATTITUDE BY SISTER MABT NLA S*rri.* «»rit«r As crunch t-do.t* orarkers--or ' o.s- Search for birds. ""-*ny of ! ."'-.o'. ' x. ·-.*. I. (.x^nsjCicr ^13. shls u.crvsif-c r . % .c t-rcer. occju»or:- · be c^--.:uv d as equaliv and a* !^h".'. Harloa. football coach cf Western ·id college Weca«sca\ in in aa- on 'B-ra Life' at the -ieek'-v IB ..ncoastascauttaml*^ «, B _-a Life · a: -.he -.^ly · Mex« C:t. May 25-Toe raw* -are .ni-^nsab* tat there are num- aiett* of toe Frecerick Rcwr C.ub^-su* Gov emm-nt o»« it to :» j**?-- beriess way* in «htCh ii»ey may be used , heitj m the Francis Scou, Key hoiel as ! tc excel!*::: advantage ta ie oaily. cooc. The lecture »as :UussaMd uiti rwind of c-xxi-n: ' iaatem slides \\hich 12 sosc» cases Th* cracker is s.uays ready and *ill represented the an.? p.eture* ever fcee? ir good ccndino" al3»s: icdea- ( taken of cerair D*T£S nisei'- \*Ktra-ly. certain raneues tees Mr HarJow was mtrocuced by Jan bet:er than others bu: there Js Utlle H Gambnll So., chaincac oi ihe pro- canger o' i^:^al s:^lti:ng a=c spoiling gram ooecmtaee Trie speaker his and a sion sojourn 12 a a»xtera:« oven graihered bSrtl «ecinien5 Joe S=uth- will rto-.ore tie desired crsspness scruar: lastlfaiuon. and Zias lor years i:*.-e T=ere :s no a-aste. fa* tee Sroien ^wn regarded as ar. expert sas-l-u-.»Q o5ai and e=ds can oe '^e-d o :iw las: O n bird life. crami" tncse froai :ne jss l st«e-;erse-i va- included in Mr Harioir's acicress r» l^ce iOJa m;'.ie and bawer being especially suited for savory nseai an= |» tha sectiaa--ihe tnld turkey, hatets. Tege:aKe d.siies and those of the sweet«ne»::ng place and traits, the vrood- s var.e:as a^din^ ".ieir way snto pud-«cock and grouse He told of the search i ing and o:her iseiSer^ Either i^id of ' j cr a-jd the final daooverey of the nest- ! ~J~^V aixi the »orli 12 general :o -»hoa ;^s liarxi' and declare iis real ttissior. ~ N.cazagua, Dr Peirc' Jo« Zepecs. foreign represenM^ve of Sandlno. NlcaragMan insurgent »a:d today He had received reporit. he saSd. :ha l : more American ilarinee uTre :o be sen: :j N.caragua soon i · What is the ultisnte 53*! of this 20 ijears of futile Azaerican n«dd-ing?' ^p*^i»! t'ric* en pven- 1*1 »r ftll that M«m«rt^t D*v om.r] BRUCHEY'S vnier l»r *ifaer Emu cl f»lrjr»e tw KM! So«tk Fumt. Zepeda asSed in a statement issued J SAFE nOSK A SPECIALTY JAMES E. SOLT iu^u^vi ^ ^ * r.. -"---' j x,n e na^ reports that 1.500 Ma^ere a descnpuoa of geax. weU kaowc] r ._ es ^^ ^ ^^ C , A ,, ;o . sa?e .^; { M3 xu^aoiu Are. Phone The expense to the "n::ed : S500.000 a»i the LIGHT wrimvc. OF AU. Mrr»is » » O G K !V B!v\S. BKOSZE * ^^D «l"MMt*H % 970-J I \ The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up-To-r-»te Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERVS JEWELRY STORE M TEAH. EXPEKIKNCE var.eiiss ancuii^ ,--c*i »« iii*v *-«" COCA auaa sroi*s nc .u-ti «ji -- ;*r °^*- l ii ·-gr.,!.^ ^j^ c anothe^ 'moosed gove*^- ding and o:her iifcs*rts Either iind of ' j cr a-d the final discoverey of the nest- !;· , l±e .^ Q , pi^j^t Moncaca cracier-rrunihs are excellent for thicS- :mg p iac*of a pair of ravens !aPeBn^,-l-'.;..' wU . ^ O \e-Jsrowr »he- ·' e-»r en'^S fresh fruit pies. ^ania He said as far as it !s k=ow= r.,,-^,,,^^., Ma'rines lea^e Sola cracker cntn'ot Are e.\:*lB: for .. ^ .jje CE ;y =es -, jn. that par^ciUar ' .. Thc ^..,^.^42 people may be d^ped · people niay be ,, e Marinas yiU super no=es .: dection. b« '.be N*a; and · i approach polls " on"t care MUST REDUCE BUDGET llav 25 --Go\ Aloert ·4t_1*iti^t? WE INVITE tmckemngr soups and cho'ad-ers. Use section and search had been rnaoe I :a3jes?oon fine cr^aibs to a cup of lit years for tt. QU.:. sprlnklins in the crumbs a few i Mr Harlow's search for informal minutes otfore th? d^h ^ done A listte i a ji materiTM about bird life ha^s time rsr-tS' be al!5i\ed for the crumbs to ;ended throughout :he Unwed Sta^s e^ind a=i :h-^*r; tr-e Uqu.d prop-, a^d Canada. He is familiar »ith bjrdt | f-'.\ and water fowl of the Chesapeake Bay Crackers Actiieve Variety. region, tte Kea England States. Can-. Y^j A-.11 fine a spec^- -cracker for ada an , L th e deserts and naoiinta.ns of Ritchie. In Address, Says Expenses Have e-.«ry purpose :f jcu take the troaoie , \vesvem United Sta:« ( To g^ Pared Greatly. to study the srrs" your grower has on | Announcement was made by C. Cynl! his snel'.es. Tceir criap fresaness is Kieui of the stafcng of a ro* of tre^s Xer% Yor^. aa?e:^:ng in «arm weather aao \ery o"en carefully selected crackers can be ser.ed with fresh fruit in place of cake. I Th_s mesas a savme of both iims and i eS"or: for the cee£ I Cra;ic*rs are particularly su.table to j ser-.e w.:h so^ps. either hot or jellied, j The cr.s? texture of the cratier con- { tracts pleasan'..;. witn the liqu-Q smojthnest cf the soup. Salads gain importance when accoai- panied oy a bread-stuff of some description, and how much easier r. is to serve eriss crackers than u make sand; ·wishes o: bread and butter. Crackers themselves make damtv sandwiches If the fillircs are not too moist tney may be made sometime before wanted with- · GU: danger of drying out as cfse- hap- , oens with bread sandwiches. Suitable filings for use w.Ui unsvieet- { enec crs-kers are quite piquant and j ··snappy" Sardine or anchovy paste, cream caesse with pimcntoes and nuts. , iiar-d ccoSed egss jnashed with niuscard j and tomato catsm high!- Sarored grated cijeese v.oriea into creamed bai- ter--;JesB are z few combinations ths: are sure ti ulease.;l sweet«nsd cracSers may be | mais in:o sand-sriches. using a mixture . of cream cneeie ancl preserves or jam Chapped dates and rais-ns ccmbtaec --iti peanut butter make a good s^eet Cixjpped r.ui meats added to ie is anotner deie;^ble ccm- binatioc. Tomorrow's Henn. Breakfast: cereal.cream, ! frizzled dried beef -with scrambled! 5553. ' poporers. ""-'V coffee. Lunchson: English monisy on loast- ' ed crackers, shredded Iresli p-2*a?p:e j tnth mo:k angel cake. lailk. tea Dinner- StuCed breast of -ams. new spinach, new potatoes in creain sauce, carroi s:ra-s-=, d»;p-d^h ch-arrr p.e. milk, cofiee '· ' er. You realize that if you remarry. late huscsncVs fortune goes to ns brc'-her? Client. Of co-rse! I:"s tas o-othsr I'm -aarrjins--Humors:. Persona/ Checking Accounts JLO men and women who require the convenience of a checking account for personal and household finances, we extend a cordial invitation to come to this bank. You are assured of ever}- banking convenience, and we believe you will like the personal, friendly nature of our service. Commercial Bank of Maryland S! ! THE PARSONS 205-207 North Market St. (Doll Bros. Bldg.) ij= SMART SUMMER Cotton Fabrics C yard The se'^es; "creacaros" in 2ne cotton^-. -Printed Mssbes. Batiste. PitotM Bayoat. Broadcloth, CandlewickSpreads ^··r siupzent--gesaice Candlewick! Har-d t-uftee ir. colors by the -siounta^s g^ri of George Wash Fabrics 15 Frinied So^eue. Fasieea, and "Tzcker Bell"--Friaiecl W Crepe, Woren Madras. Plain OrgaocUes a^d Voiiss. AH gaarsnteefi fast colois Printed Celanese Eyelet Batiste and Sport Fabrics C yard A large nanibeT of differest; aad delight^ designs in interesting; pasieis anc --hite. Long Sheets siigh; ureg-Xaxs. Free frosi aH cress- 3S- Pun bleached. Wid« hen. Tare (Size 81x90, 69c) Beach or Lawn Chairs i yard (Regularly 25c to 37c Values) 45-pc. Dinner Sets $9.98 Comfori oe luxe A a^s 21 5ir Crrsta; cr Green t.TE flora! Attrac- 36x72 BAG BUGS (Chair with Canopy and Foot-rests S1.88) £ _. ^ Pottery Table Lamps | $i.i9i A f Jog base of gre*z red. black and the fc* *natc^"^ig colors .;-ar«:-r-.^s cer.:ers 3-Pc. SAUCE PAN SETS 27x54 GRASS RUGS *'-' --^---^39c "3trro A:u=u=usi." $I50Ta:ue Three UTILITY REFRIGERATOR SETS . .^ :=«. r-as- (?1 AA . . . _ . . _ OJ-«WU p.«ces or sree: 19-Pc. BEVERAGE SETS Jug arxi 18 zlass»s of 3 c.fTc-rer.t Olj AA 6 BARS AM-OND OL SOAP § ^v!?-" 59c 1 and a "Self-Ba'tinz" 'S^^r.^I for L 48 North Marfeet St. Frederick. Md. YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly -sd expertly cleaned before patting awsT for the Summer Dust aid soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt r.seli. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 i Q U A K E R CITY FKLDLK1CK S O I U L - - I t i l G G L a t *XI BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS The ever offered for GOODYEAR · · ' ' ' ~ - · · ' · I T'S GOOD NEWS that you can buy any tire for as low as $3.49. But that's only half the story. The other half is -this price buys a GOODYEAR. You can put stout new Goodyear Speedways on your car today at the lowest prices you ever paid for a Gocdyear Tire. No need to worry about c-ld, risky tires--no need to wonder whether they'll bring you home safe every time you start on a trip-when you can get Goodyear values at these bargain prices. And you can bank on it -they are bargains! Full oversize tires -- marked with the Goodyear name and house flag. Built with patented Goodyear Super- twist Cord. Lifetime guaranteed. Balanced for long, even wear. i-'i^'i-!^- iiia.iii.e-. Goodyear can give you such tremendous values because more people ride on Goodyear Tires than on any other kind. Here certainly is the chance of a lifetime! "Why buy any S£C0«*/-choice tire when T i r s f - c h o i c e c o s t s n o more?" *r %·*·'# -:* -· W;^ ' XIn pairs ' TT^TE XX on the Goodyear Program every Wednesday night orerN-B.C Red Network, \TEAF aod Associated e t i i ; Gucitanteed 29 ·*. 4.4O-21 Each la pairs Excfa In pairs Pace « C 43 per vz£qcle tzre 7 29 x 4-50-20 Ezdn la pairs Pace 28 x 4*75-19 16 Don't miss a chance Uke this SIX "PLIES"? Yoacan count six layers of cord fabric here, bcz che first two iroder dbe tread do Dot run from bead to bead- Some ore-makers count these as "phes," bat tbcy are really "breaker strips," so we call them tbat 29 x 5-00-19 Each In pairs -Cl- Ftdl oversize Ford Chevrolet Each In pairs Price per single tire Full oversaze-- 28 Ford Chevrolet 4-75 -19 Plymouth Pnce per single tire Each In pairs */!** *£ Foil oversize--30 z 5.OO-2O Essex Nash Each In pairs ^ S ^f9 5 Pnce per s:ngJc ure 6^ Chevrolet ?^tjff-tt. with iuperi'wist '^^^ofeJitJSojBilyea^ potent V^V, -NSr.^"'-^''--^;. - " $;f5);H'us1ty t ' heavy freed Price per single tire (tvery way Fall oversize -- 29 x 4-75 -2O Chrysler Plvmoath Ponriac Each In pairs Sy«70 Price pei single are *f Full oversize--31 z 5-*5 * *: Buick Dodge Nash Full oversize Chrysler --29x Dodge 5.00-19 Nash Each la pairs Price per single tire 30 f. 3 1 -: Reg. Cl. ford -- Model T Each In pairs $ Pnce per vcgie crs Sowell Tire : rv ·J, T 133 South Market St. Phone 938 Frederick, Md.

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