The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 15, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 9
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rr*4«rttk. SM.. Tfetmfer. July '*· * f «* Ruseians Want Southern '·'*' To Talk About Delegates All Germany 1 Walk Out London. Julv 14 'JP -- Rsi**i» i«- Convention Hall. Philadelphia. fiucd toaigbt a United States d«m- July 14 -n-- Mississippi's delegation and that it lift its blockade of Her- ' and half of Alabama's walked out llfi"« laad supply hue* as a prelude of the Democratic convention to- to negotiating the Berlin issues. r.ssbt. angry over its adoption of , A ftussian note, replied to aa r. s trong 'civil rights platform American not* of July 6 ·which plank. demanded that the blockade be Handy Ellis, chairman of the lifted, was broadcast by the Mos- Alabama delegation, announced | cow radio several hours after it the -walkout move. He said 13 of j ·was delivered to the State De- Alabama's 26 delegates -w ere leav - '· partment in Washington, ing and 23 o£ the 26 alternates j The Soviets said they do not ob- Mississippi's 30 delegates -- with 30 ! ject to negotiating the problems of t votes -- followed ihe Alabama ! four power administration in Ber- \\aiscers lin. but -will not start such talks Senator Eastland of Mic»tsippi ' ··with the fulfillment of a .y pre- to i,j reporters that " in all prob- liminary conditions." Furthermore. 3 bihty'' the protesters v. ill hold a they said, they will negotiate only ' CORV ; nt j on !n Btrmmgttarr if the talks concern the j^ e p urpoj . e would be to name tration of all Germany and not a ^ outnern Democrat as a Pre«.- Berlin aion-. d?nt:al candica'e. The Rtjsssan no.e complained of Telling ;he convention good- the recent currency reform in the fcy e ·· EUJS «a:d that Alabama Western zones of Germany and ol elector; were undT pledge *ha* Democratic Nominees Steel Company Mines Working Pittsburgh. July 14 JP--Coal J'y.ved again from steel comp*ny- iThe contract is *lso «knilar to t h e j commercial mines contract in providing a $l-p«r day pay increase j and raising from 10 to 20 cents a 1 ton the welfare fund royalty. ' The U. S. Steel Corp.. A-hich had jp Coal been losing 4.000 tons of steel daily, announced its Pennsylvania she decision ol ihe United States. i ne y would never cast th«*!r \o*". Britain F r a n c e . Belgium ihe f or 'Har:y S Truman Furthei. he ^a:ci the Alaba-i-t deieKatioii :o the conwntson \v;« v under pledge to v. aikout of a con- \erstion \\hich had adopted a IIM! t i j r r v . 'Jroinjn · ' " ji *'.. '" :. ' Car:v.: % g the standard of tne Democrat s. i'a::% .,j',o l:ie ;:a::on3l elect.on battle next Novemoer \v:ll be Pr«.*»:de:it Truman and Senator Barkle of Kentucky. The .\a\ !:om:nated a: the Demo- crat.c :.a;.oi5d! convention J" Pnsijde'ph.a la 1 -", iisgh! *5r. Truman ·Aas icscr.bel as a ' so!d«er. pat::ot a:.i -'a;«?^ma:i' v.ho has terved J-.N ctpj'itry 'A.'-'I " Runof, courage a-id pa'.esste rights piaifoin- a« «.oi- Netherlands and Luxembourg to establish partial self-go\ emmeiit in Wei'.ern Germany AH Note* Same As a result of :he*e actxoa . .^...^ ,,.,,... \\hich the Ru-ssians termed \»olat- ('en.'ia,?baj H- -aid all bui ·ons of four po-.\er agreements oa Alabanlans uere | e a \me German}, the Vnitec States Brr- ain and" France have uid'.rmjned out hatred vv , !hou . anser bus ,,,.,, the 'legal ba-is on whicn res.ed sorrow {ha . , v e a % e faced v .,. h . h( . their right to participat: in the _ ece:s , tv ,, f t . a , r% nc 0l , . Hc v ,:1 administration of Berlin ' J h o , e J/ Alabama ' Britain and France a'.so -ent .^^ ' MlM% , |pp| !c! ., £a . P c ., t Son Of Former (lutiut) Jeffe-r^on Alan K Hurt Teachrr N Killed In Autoniohiie Accident Ju!v -- lit id ii"in« Je(t-- vv!Sh- up and -«ai enhei \ \ o u l d n ! protest notes to the Kremlin July 6 but the Moscow radio noted only SSI.? pS^r^^r sLuar ·« b,d o u R o o d . b e « he ,,," e b .. H ed and tusned toward the door TO Tte Wester-, powers mtroduced As members of the _Mi«i«-ippi a new currencv ,n ,ne three West- *TM Alabama de.cKation wen. ern zones June 18 and soo: after- flown the ai«l«*. other delec.ii^ ward the Russians closed down held Truman sssns m ft ont of them, me Berlin-Helmstedt rail .vay hne delaying their exi! o-'o- -ail supply link between Ber- Some of the crowd oooed--otner hn arid the West Highway and cheered--as the Southerners fought canal travel also was raited To their way out of the hall sustain the 2.000.000 Germans in An Alabama flag u a « taken fiom the Western sectors of Berlin Brit- the bunsmc around the balconto am snd the United States began and carried out by the departing flviag food, fuel" and her sup~ delegate* plies into Berlin June 26 Despite Ellis made his announcement the handicaps of flying in all sup- \\hen Alabama was called in thc plies, a U. S. official said thi- week , roll to nominate a Presidential can- that thanks to the air lift. Western didate. Baltimore county atto: ·«.· w h e n h i v fa'he: v tai ·-',..} ie-z .i:id t u t n e d o\«.r t w i c e Tr.e ace-dent v. .«· on Yo:n ',.i'l j n t be'uv. the Mur\ !ajd-Pcnn~i !\.i:na line A drs.'/huK l a a s i w.i-- J,!!!:!!}; at :ne tni'e and the 9-pa - MMiser »t.i!ion v.cgosi «-n.idd:d off ·· - h n t p curve It wa-. demoli^hc'd T i m o t h v Held 13 another of Chailes W He-Id .·· -evtii .hil(i:ei was ei:ou-lv injinvd P h \ ' - i c i a n * opeialcd so relieve b::u:i pre^uic caused by a skull f r a c t u r e and le- pos'.ed he wa«: critical but ur.pra:- Four moie Held childieis--Dante! K. Joii.i'han 5. Vn 211113. 8. and Soi:ih. 11--and an 11-jeas-oU! plav- iisn'.e licaped w i t h abia^ion^ an'l Clurr. jitfx about »oo:i Rooe't Lve C"J^!!e^. :!Cdr Je!lf*rson, -·jferot! · " s: :njui ^ v lie-' - ^ ii: : : a culver* His daughter. Barb, r j ^capid w iiout -vr.ou M j j u r / H:s ta: was badly dam- against the United Mine Workers · in the captive contract case at Washington. Captive miners, who began a work stoppage July 6 for lack of a contract, resumed \vork upon the strength of yesterday's contract signing, obtained through the instance of Federal Judge T. Alan Golds borough. In the capital, the Judge today permitted the National Labor Relations Board to drop its injunction proceedings in vie-*- of the new contract Operators o£ the captive, or steel company-o\ ned. mines signed the agreemeHt upon the UMW's promise to modify its un- .on shop clause should later court rulings require it. Dropped Reluctantly The XLRB made it clear it was dropping the case reluctantly and still regards the contract as illegal becau»e under the Taft-Hart!ey Law a union shop clause cannot be inserted v. ithout an XLRB election. This ii not available to the UMW at present, since its presilent. John L Lewis, has no! signed a non- Cornrr.unist affidavit A union shop clause requires all miners to become union members day. Captive pits also started re-op- eaing in other states--West Virginia. Alabama. Kentucky, and Utah. Some shifts delayed --eturn- ing until union loczl meetings were held. The development* also signaled the return of commercial miners who walked out in sympathy. The dispute had idled about 80,000. cf whom 54.700 were captive miners and 25.250 were commercials. The output of commercial pits is used by householders and industry in general. CEROW SETS SCHEDULE Fort Meade July U ·--LI. Gen. Leonard T. Gero--\. commandant of the Second Army, will observe summer training o£ civilian components according to the following schedule- July 15-16 Ft Belvoir. Cainp Lee. and Tort Eu^tis. all in Virginia; July 20. Aberdeen Proving Ground and the Army Chemical Center. Maryland: July 22. Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pa : August 3, Camp Pendleton, Va.: August 7-8. Camp Ritchie, Md.- | August, 19. FWf ***«. Kf.r AufJ ust 19, Camp A1 : *rbury. Ind.: Au»-fl i ust 21-25. Indiantown Gap Military! Reservation, Pa. f JETS REACH LABRADOR ] Halifax. July 14 UP--Six RAP, Vampires landed at Goose BayJ Labrador, tonight, completing th« first Atlantic crossing by jet-pro-; peiled aircraft. A signal saying; the jets were down safely was re-^ . ceived fay the Royal Canadian Ai t I Corps here. " Most of the alcohol in the United States comes from imported black m o l a s s e s . ' THE DRUID THEATER DAMASCUS. MAIYUNO Damascus 2171 THURSDAY. JULY 15TH Johnnv Wcismullfr 4: Marcarei O'SuUnain In Tarzan'i Secret Treasure" Also Selected Short Cartoon Shows: 7:15. 9:15 I From the Beauty Bar at Bennett's Y A R D L E Y The G.i :-!t riourg Re-cue truck re'r.o'. i-d the "uurtxi "ia:i to Suburban Ho-pita! Bcthe«da. He was novtd later "i the ia\ to Mt Alto Hos; t n i .n Wa-hms'on Tht ·sji-ii'-! M'a.i l k a *-on of .Mr ;.-!i Mr- Ei!O% Carnes. near Je!fer~.jr H.s- fathei sa.d phx-i- c j-.- h:»d -lot fuS'y determined thc extent of h.s j-ijjr'e* Held w n« driving at the lirie and a in thc ho-pit:tl v. ith sever*. Berlin now has food stocks on hand for four weeks The Russian note, in refusing to Senator Lister Hill was one of the Alabaman 1 : who s-tayed He announced Alabama v. a lift the blockade except under its ( yielding its alphabet-top' place in " i r o i ca ji t o Georgia so that state could nominate Richard B own conditions, said "If necessary, the Soviet Government will not object to ensuring sufficient sup- Russell to oppose Truman ..plies for the whole of greater Ber Charles J Block of Macon hn by its own means." put U p Russell's name. Deny Any Responsibility ' It added that Prime Minister The mother of the dt-at! boy s^: the for.-ier HarneUe WnghU a forniei teacher in the Levvitovvn school Sin- taught there prioi to he: marriage .ibout f i f t e e n -.ears ago Her bioti'er Robert K Wright aKo t a u g h t in tlie old Church St:et: School heie Gn Hc said Georgia delegates in. en( j ec j to s$a y in the convention . Stalin's government is "striving for , unti! it adjourned but would never the speediest elimination of the back anyone who f avO rs the civil difficulties" that led to the block- riRht , prOKram that p rcs ident Tru- ade. man advocates The Soviets denied any respcn- B , ock told {hc COI , venUon that sibQity for the condition* uhich. when Southerner; d e m a n d e d they said, compelled them to be-, .. state «.. r ; eh , s - thev gin the blockade. They said the a ,jv ' blame rests squarely -with the Un- th it«ri States Britain and France for i "^tales' rights" they were only asking what was guaranteed to in the Constitution That document, he noted, reserves to the violating "agreed decisions adopted bv the four powers in relation to Gennanv and Berlin " ^ranted to the Federal Government. Thev contended also that "Ber(Gov - Fielding W neat and Sen- lin is "in the center of the Soxnet ? tor Jam f O Eastland of Mi«- zor.e and^s part of that roncr !? lp J? l ., ledA A*i r I el "5 atl , On , ° U !,° This directly challenged state- the na » At thc hp a d ° r the Ala- ments in the "three powers' pro- bama bolters were E1H« and Eugene test notes that ' Berlin is not a .Conner. Birmingham police com- part of the Soviet zone, but is an missioner. international zone of occupation." T ° Name Own Candidate They cited "the carrying out of "Good riddance " shouted a dele- a separate currency reform, the Sate from Wisconsin to the depart- -ntroduction of special currency ing delegation ' We'll win in Nov- r.otes for the Western sectors of ember -\-ithout you" "The hell ou will." shouted get Berlin and the policy of dismembering G^-rnany ' Eili« The note, which was broadcast S3 50 " Harrv Truman won't from the white people m in Russian and translated here by Georgia to help his campaign " the Soviet monitor said the Rus- VThen the bolter^ reached thc sians were acting in self defense front door of the hall some one of the economy of their zone and grabbed the Mis=i«iDpi banner and ;hat therefore "the Soviet Gov- tore it from the pole crnrnent must reject as altogether It \\as rainmc outside, but that unfounded" Allied claims that the made no difference to the Southern- blockade violates existing agree- let ojt rebel velU Thev on the wav to ments concerning the rule of Ber- Thev Jiri «aid thev xvere Currency reform placed Berlin Birmingham " and the entire Soviet zone in Birmincharr has been mentioned peril o£-3ei8g flooded v.ith the ^ tjlf . ,; lp nf a nimn convention old currency -which the Western zones began replacing, the note said. a-= the «ite of a of Southern Democrat* Mr. Truman. opposing When nobility husband a Tibetan heiress of the marries, she adepts ncr into her famiK and he j SMILE. 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