The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 10, 1975 · Page 23
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 23

Provo, Utah
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Thursday, April 10, 1975
Page 23
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Operation Babylift Ends Today; First Orphans Out of Cambodia 'No Thursday, April 10. 1975. THE HERALD. Provo, Utah-Page 28 CLARK AFB, Philippines (UPI) - A. U.S. Air Force C141 Starlifter aircraft arrived at this American base today with the first group of 52 Cambodian war orphans for adoption in the United States. An Air Force spokesman said the Cambodian children were ferried to Clark, 50 miles north of Manila, from the U.S. Air Base in Utapao, Thailand. So far the United States has taken in slightly more than 1,600 Vietnamese orphans, and another 300 or so have been sent to Australia, Canada and England. President Ford's Operation Babylift ends today and apparently will be short of the 2,000 quota approved by the Attorney General. State Department officials said Wednesday that administrator Daniel Parker of the Agency for International Development erred in leaving an impression this week that 3,000 to 4,000 more South Vietnamese orphans might be brought to the United States soon. No details on the airlift of Cambodian orphans, aged between 3 months to 12 years, were given. Spokesmen said Clark is only a processing center and is picking up refugees authorized to leave the war zone. Forty of the orphans were brought to the base gymnasium and 12 were sent to Clark Hospital for treatment of minor skin ailments, dehydration and malnutrition. The spokesman said some of the Cambodian orphans would be put aboard a 747 World Airways plane leaving Friday for the United States with refugees and the 12 Vietnam war orphans who had remained at Clark for medical treatment. Five C141 flights were made today from Saigon to Clark. These carried 34 refugees, mostly Americans, including 14 children. There were no orphans aboard the flights, one of which flew here without a passenger. Two additional flights from Saigon arrived at Clark tonight carrying 97 passengers, including 20 Air Force officers investigating the crash in Saigon Friday of a giant C5 Galaxy carrying the first group of Vietnamese orphans. The crash killed nearly 200 persons, most of them infants. The rest of the passengers coming into Clark were civilian refugees, mostly Americans from the U.S. defense attache's office. The spokesman said there still was no indication when the babylift operation would resume. In Canberra, Australia said it will not accept an unlimited number of Vietnamese war orphans and that the Saigon government misinterpreted its statements on the matter. A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam did assure Saigon government officials that Australia would accept more orphans, although how many was not specified. Commons Urges Stay In Market LONDON (UPI) - The House of Commons has overhwelming- ly endorsed Prime Minister Harold Wilson's bid to keep Britain in the Common Market, but a majority of his own Labor party defied him and voted to pull out. At the end of a three-day debate, the House of Commons voted 396-170 Wednesday night to support Wilson's call for a "yes" vote in next summer's national referendum on market membership. But Wilson only won with the help of the Conservative and Liberal opposition parties. His governing Labor party voted 144 to 133 in favor of withdrawing. Labor party members voting against Wilson included 38 top government officials. Wilson fired Eric Heffer, minister of state in the Department of Industry, only 45 minutes after Heffer defied a government order and delivered a stinging speech opposing market membership. Political sources said Labor party leftists'were likely to use the firing of Heffer to cause political embarrasment to Wilson. Heffer will retain his seat in Parliament. PLAYBOY BUNNIES help carry Vietnamese orphans off "bunny" jet at LaGuardia Airport "Wednesday. "Operation Babylift" became "Operation Bunnyllft" as 41 Vietnamese orphas arrived at LaGuardia aboard a specially chartered jet, owned by Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. UPI Telephoto Europeans Pledge Vast Amounts For Emergency Indo Refugee Aid BRUSSELS (UPI) - Europeans and their governments have pledged millions of dollars in emergency aid to Indochina refugees. Much of the aid will go direct to Communist-held areas, the rest to non-Communist areas. The aid ranges from gifts of $8.4 million by West Germany and $6 million by Sweden to a request by the Norwegian Federation of Labor that its 600,000 workers each give one hour's salary —a potential $3 million donation. Much of this aid is going directly to refugees in Communist-held areas, either through Hanoi or the Viet Cong. The French consulate in Da Nang has remained open and its vice consul, Xavier Dilleman, was appointed liaison officer with the Viet Cong to handle aid. Part of the aid is in money. But more is going as medicine, food, tents, hospital equipment, clothing —even mosquito nets. The Arab oil nations plan no aid. Neither does the Vatican, although national Catholic relief organizations and the Protestant-dominated World Council of Churches are active. U.N. aid has been slow getting started, with only three planeloads of foods and medi- cine to Hanoi and Vientiane, capital of Laos,so far. In addition, the International Red Cross, which has collected $12 million for Indochina relief and appealed for $30 million more, has been blocked from Viet Cong territory. But it is sending supplies anyway to Hanoi, where they are loaded onto trucks for needy areas. There have been few attempts to bring orphans to Europe. The British government specifically earmarked $2.4 million in special aid to help children on the spot in Vietnam and Cambodia because "it would be best for them eventually to be reunited with their families in villages and towns, wherever this is humanly possible." A survey showed this country-by-country aid picture: France —The government has announced extra aid of food clothing and medicine, some of it going by plane via Hanoi to Viet Cong-controlled areas. A five- man government medical team has gone to Saigon to reopen a special 100-bed section of Grail Hospital, closed since France . pulled out of Indochina. West Germany —Bonn claims to be the largest aid contributor to Vietnam after the United Make them all smoother with Canadian Club. Manhattans. Sours. Old-Fashioneds. Highballs. Almost any of your favorite drinks give you an extra measure of pleasure with Canadian Club. And for a very good reason. Wherever you go, people with taste agree C. C. is the only Canadian. For them, it has a unique smoothness, mellowness and lightness no other Canadian whisky can match. For 116 years, it's been in a class by itself. "The Best In The House"" in 87 lands. I s a I Violenee in Schools Called National Crisis States. The government aid is going to both government-held and Viet Cong territories. Britain —Britain said it will give another $1.4 million to UNICEF for children in Vietnam and Cambodia. Sweden —The government appropriated $6 million —half in wheat and medicine for Saigon, the rest in meat and milk powder for North Vietnam. Norway —The government has split $2 million between the Red Cross and other relief organizations. Denmark —Apart from several planeloads of supplies, Danish official aid to Vietnam is a series of low-interest loans expected to total $30 million by 1980. Austria —An Austrian committee banding 45 relief organizations and aided by government donations totaling $2.75 million has financed hospitals, orphanages and clinics in Cambodia, Laos and both Vietnams. Finland —The government has announced $425,000 in special aid channeled through UNICEF, the Finnish Red Cross and the U.N. Refugee office. Italy and Spain say thay are studying requests for aid. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Five of the nation's airlines will begin offering Monday a "no frills" 35 per cent discount for passengers willing to fly without food and free drink service. The Civil Aeronautics Board Wednesday told American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Eastern Air Lines and Delta Airlines they may start offering the bargain fares along with National Airlines, which received permission earlier. National will provide no-frills service on wide-bodied jet flights linking Miami with New York and California. The CAB told the other airlines they could offer the same type discount on competitive routes served by smaller jets. But the board also held the four airlines to the same restrictions imposed on National's no-frills service—ticket purchase a week in advance, flights only from Monday through Thursday, a cancellation charge of either $10 or 10 per cent of the ticket cost and blackouts from July 1 through Sept. 2 and during Thanksgiving week. The CAB stressed that the no- frills discount, 35 per cent below day coach rates, was being allowed simply as an experiment. Auto Sales Results Not Good DETROIT (UPI) - Financial reports due from the automotive "Big Three" later this month will show first quarter losses of about $225 million for Ford and Chrysler—the worst performance since the Great Depression, Wall Street analysts say. Chrysler Corp. will report a $95 million loss, even greater than the record $73.5 million deficit in the final three months of 1974; Ford Motor is expected to show a $130 million loss, worst for any quarter in its history; and General Motors will report a modest $57 million profit, lowest since 1944. David Eisenberg, an analyst for Sanford Bernstein & Co. of New York, predicted that only Chrysler will show any further losses this year and even the third largest automaker would be profitable in the fourth quarter but still turn in a loss for the entire year. The January-March financial reports will be the latest indication of the industry's sharp sales slump that has idled more than 200,000 workers, many of them permanently. WASHINGTON (UPI) - A Senate report says violence in the nation's public schools — including murders, rapes, attacks on teachers, vandalism and prostitution —has become a national crisis requiring legislative action. Sen. Birch Bavh, D-Ind., said Wednesday the report revealed a "ledger of violence confronting our schools that reads like a casualty list from a war zone or a vice squad annual report.'' He said the survey disclosed hundreds of thousands of assaults on students, including 100 murders in 1973; about 70,000 serious physical assaults on teachers each year; and extortion, drug and prostitution rings in suburban and urban schools. The survey, prepared by the Viet War Issue Causes Academy AwardHassle LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Injecting the Vietnam war into the Academy Awards brought on a wrangle between Hollywood's hawks and doves, with old friends Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine pitted against each other. Miss MacLaine continued to protest Wednesday against Sinatra's using the name of the Motion Picture Academy in rebuking an Oscar winner for reading a Viet Cong telegram during the nationally televised ceremony Tuesday night. The Academy stood behind Sinatra's right to speak for it afterward. But Miss MacLaine criticized Sinatra for taking a public stand without the prior consent of Academy members, many of whom she said did not agree. She said the Oscar winner, Bert Schneider, had a right to say what he wanted in his thank you speech. Miss Ma- cLaine argued that it was not out of place for Schneider to make a political comment, because he won his Oscar for making a political movie. Schneider won the best feature length documentary award for "Hearts and Minds," a critical and controversial reprise of U.S. involvement in Vietnam. In his acceptance speech he referred to the possible fall of the Saigon government as the "liberation" of the country, and then read a wire from a Viet Cong official. Miss MacLaine, author of a recently published book and documentary film favorable to Communist China, reportedly got into a backstage quarrel with Sinatra, a dose friend of 10 years or more, after he read the statement. Miss MacLaine, Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., emcees of the show, were backstage at the time, along with John Wayne and Bob Hope, two of the best known hawks in Hollywood, and Miss MacLaine's brother, actor Warren Beatty, who sides with his sister politically. The Academy Wednesday stood behind Sinatra's statement, saying that although Academy President Walter Mirisch could not be consulted because he was in the audience, it was approved by the show's producer, Howard W. Koch, as "the Academy's authorized representative during the telecast." Senate Juvenile Delinquency Subcommittee, covered 757 public elementary and public schools and showed dramatic increases in all forms of violence and vandalism. The report said "there is clear and compelling evidence that violence and. vandalism in the schools has reached a level of crisis that demands immediate legislative action." Bayh, the subcommittee chairman who made the report public, said he would sponsor legislation to provide funds for alternative educational programs and security measures. "These hallways and playgrounds of fear and terror also account for an estimated $500 million annual bill for vandalism," Bayh said. "This astonishing sum, which is actually a vandalism surtax on the cost of education, is comparable to the entire investment for textbooks for our nation's schools in 1972." The report said student misbehavior is no longer confined to fist fights or isolated incidents. "Instead our schools are experiencing serious crimes of a felonious nature including brutal assaults on teachers and students, as well as rapes, extortions, burglaries, thefts, and an unprecedented wave of wanton destruction and vandalism," the report said. It disclosed that between 1970 and 1973, homicides increased by 18.5 per cent; rapes and attempted rapes by 40.1 per cent; robberies by 36.7 per cent; assaults on students by 85.3 per cent; assaults on teachers by 77.4 per cent; burglaries of school buildings by 11.8 per cent; drug and alcohol offenses on school property by 37.5 per cent; and dropouts by 11.7 per cent. The report said the number of weapons confiscated by school authorities increased by 54.4 per cent by the end of the 1973 school year. "These weapons," the report said, "include knives, clubs, pistols, and even sawed- off shotguns." In Poland it was once believed that on Christmas Eve the heavens part to reveal Jacob's ladder! INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS (IRA) HARRY N. RISING JR. 35 NO. UNIV., PROVO 374-6502 The place to borrow a thousand right here in Provo... is from the people who lend millions. Commercial Credit d&* PERSONAL LOANS 236 N. 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