Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 21, 1953 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1953
Page 18
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\ •'• MOft 8TOHTKSN ALTON t&VKNINO TKLfcORAPH TUESDAY, APRIL ai, list ...BUT *i6ltf LIU* (?OiN6 TO TAKE TAL6KT! 6UN HE* THE TAIL,BUT THAT* ACWTCLOUt? BUNKED OUT I... IT, HI* PAPlO CONKED OUT! NOT vecy PESP IN THE TAIL COMET PV$T. DONALD DUCK 1 (b\VVt, V 600O \ ONAX ,OgAT IT.' SHOW ME WELL,. MODEI •• '.4 5TANPARD.' OK) V\f\N>X. WfcKDl IN ^HE GUEST ROOM, JUST SIX COLLARS, SIR.. COR.H HUSKS WITH,PERHAPS A FESV COBS.. RNE.I'LU -OUCH TAKE ' %*•'•/ 6URELY, AMOS, / ACCORDING TO YOU'RE NOT 6COTTI6H H15- 9ERIOU5 ABOUT \ TORIA>NS,SUCH 6HAXE6PEARK'S \ AN EPISODE DID MACBETH BEING > TAKE PV.&CE A TRUE STORY? ( - ABOUT IOVO. A, KINS,HAUNTED BY SHOSTS OF / WELL, MEN HE'D HAD MURDERED? AVAUNT! AND QUIT MY SIGHT/ LET THE EARTH HIDE THEELTHY BLOOD IS COLD'. THOU HAST NO SPECULATION IN THO6E EYE5 WHICH THOU DOST GLARE WITH; TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS ^^,^^^^^^^^l^^ ! VOO KMOW, * 6Sw^^r,Tc^^oF)A ^g^^&S 6 !?^ YOUR TIM PUZZLt, HAVF- YOU ANY <& cpcirv^- T-WP ^i vr ,/ PLANS, RESIDE* PRODUCE 6PRIMG M rln^fVuXL°^ V L «?A\M A N\EM-WAITED \\ 6KOV ^ M THOSE OLD); [ OVERALL'S -~«~ r OM A <->EV\l&R 3O& ->- AMD YOU DECEIVE THE gO6t> R?C A /-•;- FfrW CVxy^ vMiTH OVERALLS A LOMCH PAIL/ HAS THAT WOOMDED RHIKJO HER EV£- . A&A1NO.' '6 ALLBRSIC to gUT THE LUMCH PAIL THAT TAIL HALF STUCK BETWEEM HIS LEGS AN)' HALF OF IT OUT ' LOOKS. HE'P SHUT \ UP AM' LET ME TELL \ TM' STORIES.' HE 7 UNFIT f TO LIVE WITH } BEFORE I KlKI «T EVEM THIM< UP MY STORY.' THERE'S-A STORY THERE SOME- THE \W5BRV WART 9:00 P. M. 8:15 P. M. 6:30 P. M— 5:45 P. M.- B:00 P. M. 8:13 P. M. 6:30 P. M. 6:45 P. M 7:00 P. M. 8:00 P M.- H:30 P. 9:00 P. M.- 9::tO P M.- 10:00 P M. 11:00 P. M. 11 :iO P. M. 12:00— Vic to M.—i TUESDAY •Wrangler'! Club •Buckeye Four Bob Ingham •1. N. S. Teienews -Jane Froman •Dottye Bennett .— Dinah Short •New* Caravan CiVeus Hour Ki reside 1'hcatre •Circle Theater •Two lor Money -Favorite Story -Toast of the Town •-Ken Murray Show -The Web ir.v at Sea. WEDNESDAY 7:00 P M.—Dave Garrownj 9:00 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore 10:30 A. M. —StriKe It Rich 11.00 A. M.—Bride and Groom 11:15 A. M.—Love ot Lit* 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 A. M.—Guiding Light 12:00 Nooiv—Charui School 12:15 P. M.—To The Ladiei 1:15 P M.—Humernaking 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P M.—House Party 2:43 P M.—Welcome Traveleri ;):00 P M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P. M.-—Hawkins Falls 4.15 P M.—Buckeye Four 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Doodi Televlsion Actress Answer to Previous HORIZONTAL 1 Television actress, ——— Burch 6 She appears on programs 11 She is a of New York 13 Turkic tribesmen 14 Ate sparingly 15 Spots 16 British money of account 17 Feminine appellation 19 Body of water 20 Dressed 24 Idolizes 27 Welt 31 Native of Rome 32 Arabian gulf 33 Always 34 Rate of motion 35 Legislative body 38 Cutting instruments 39 Enticed 41 Mineral spring 44 Fish 45 Frozen water 48 Occupant 81 Expunged 54 Eats away, as land 55 Ridicule 56 Excavated 57 German city VERTICAL 1 Within (comb, form) 2 Low haunt 3 Genus of willows 4 Perch 5 Night before an event 8 Large cistern 7 Eskimo group 8 Speaker's platform 9 Sea eagle 10 Larissan mountain 12 Redacts 13 Former Russian 28 Notion 29 Equal rulers30 Termini 18 The gods 34 has 20 Biblical appeared on mountain many" 21 Number television 22 And (Latin) programs 23 Hung in folds 36 Symbol for 24 Greek god of tellurium war 37 Kxudes 25 Bird of peace 38 Charger 26 Presage 40 Paid (ab.) 41 Plant part 42 Persian falrf > 43 Presently 45 Egyptian , goddess 46 Surrender 47 Paradise v 49 Fruit drink 50 Diminutive of Edgar 52 Scottish sheepfold 53 Art (Latin) n H6 5M St. W/, 38 55 H5 M7 II Read Classified Ads Daily The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Tuesday KSD (NBC) 590 KC KXOK (ABO) 680 KC WEW 770 KG KFUO 850 KO KA1OX (CBS) 1120 KC KWK (MBS) ISM KC Wli 14SO KO WOKZ 1570 KO 5 •0 :30 News; Sports rieddy Mania New. Songs ot Today News; Boruicr News wonderland Sports Reel Reading,Circle Allan Jackson News; HInes Curt Masscjr News, fhomas News-Haywu-d Pint Fly* News; Record* .Sports Extra George MartiB News Sports V1*W News 6 00 News, Spts. R. HarknMs Morgan Beatry Jne Man » Family Laux News Silver Eagl* Concert Hr. Jr. Miss Stan Daughtery Jo Staffora Murrow; New* First riT« New* Mews Exclusive Supper Serenade 7 8 9 Paris Stars Red SkeltOD Front Row Center Harry Fender Whispering Reeds People Are Funny KM Only family Worship Mr. & Mrs. North uonrton Column Preston oi Yukon Chuck Norman Sky King o« :IS :30 Martin & Lewis Fibber & Molly .«U Two for Money First Nighter Onp Dav'.t Play Edwin Canham Tomorrow's News Harry Fender Concert Hall News Melody Pattern Yours Truly My Friend Irma Gabriel Heatter 1'itus Moody Hammer Ouy Sports Quiz Dugout Interview Cards vs. Reds 10 00 :IS :30 News Morgan Beatry News Platter Parade News Beautiful Music Cve Blessing New* Open Bible l.ouella Parsons. Doris Day Show Music Unlimited frank Edward* Newsreel Dance Orch. Musio Master* World News : Dance Orch. New* Time to Uream Abide With Me Dwight Cooke Sport* Crosby Show Sports 11 News; Sports Vern King Platter Parade News Bj Mis*. New* Concert Favorite* News; Murrow Kecorda Dance Orch. Merrymaker* Mtniral Score* Dawn Patrol Wednesday A. 6 «» 15 .'« 14 New* Melodies Gospel Hymn* News Farm New* Market* New* Farm News New* ami Weather Concert New* and Weather Call Farm Journal New* Co. Jr.. Market Sunrae Salute fora Daily spot* 1 COULD BE: WROM& ABOUf THIS NEW CRAZE / LCX3KS ITiS HERETO STAY/ STOMP- BOLA MARATHON CONTEST TOMITi- AT DRBAMLANt BAllRQOM M* •'! ty?n OU, I SAY MOW/ \e=^^»Esa AMAZIW6/ JUSf WHAT t'VF BPEM k ( W4 *.fr«t. H«. T. M. ««. U. %. to. 06. U- 2/ 7 8 9 .00 .1.1 :>t Alex Drier Weather rtmt Timetable New* News, Bkf. Club Concert B. Barnngtou Breakfast Club Sacred Heart 0* .lit 11 World New* «port* New* Sancy at. Jama* , Breakfast Club New* Melody Mlfle New* Meditation World New* Ring Croeby Hymn* News, Weather New* Navy Band Ozarlc Variette* Ed WllWM Kamlly Worship New* "News; Salute World New*. Davtl Cd WIUo*) " Jiocii Watchar News. Marktl Rep. Jonsole VaneUe* New* New*; B'fMt Club New*; Clock New», a ta*t Club New*; Cloec News; B'laat Club New* Musical Clock Cnapm fraveiert Double or Nothtni rrue Story iVhitpertng Street* Kitchen Club *>rtl*t'« Showcaa* Song* It NtWt Research Vet'* New* Devotion* Theme* ot ASM) Oodlrai Bandstand New* iunihlne rnader* Hi Neighbor WIL Present* Show Cat* 10 .«* strike It Rich ::<o :4t phrase that Pay Bob Hop* A Girl MarriM New* Friend in Need Symphony Musis Matter* Grain; Serenade Qnnd Newt Homemaken Chat Roaemam News WIL Present* Meet The B*n4 Brraart ot Marcy Bargain Countar 11 •M U .4* New*, Weather Victor Undlator Get Acquainted (be Menjoua lion Gardner Rhythm Moodi Martha Lana Melody Just tor Wome*) St. Louis New* Open Bibl* New* voncert W. Warren, Naw* ftacallit Aur,i jenny Helen Trent Our Gal 8unae» New* WIL Present* watt New* Serenade in Blua) Woman'* View 12 tu New* flaynouat Newt *'redenck* Concert New* Music Repoat Weather 3r«m 4 MarkaU New* M* ferkint Dr Ma'one Road ot Curt Jap CotniMAtary Queen for On News; Luncheon John Carr Luncheon Date Lt*TT&e«, EaVf V, BAP WU PUaJW ttipTii HJ1U! 1 2 .li Store New* :3« Dave U«rrow*> i. Judy and Jan* tti .14 Road ot New* It Market* Hal Frederick* Newi, H. fender Common Qaot MutM tv*ieyD Pi4oo. Maw* ind Mr*, aurta* ferry Mason Nora Orak* fern Uaila* Bnghlef Qa> News; Bandstand Bandstand Newt Market New* 4 H Varieties Music Roundup Record Shop i» Sight to raaU> iacred *iu*w Snowcat* Projraji taf Vw Mtf**ina Grain. Uvattack New* Mutia Hilltop Houtt ttou»* fart* Aunt Jeiwma Tog* Otiltw M WUfM yoika Party Score*; Bandstand Guest St«r WMtM« 3 4 44 B«ck«ta«e Vila Stella, {feu** Wddor Browt) woman In " New*; Fender Id cioaner llMtwi Oaod Coat* New* Travelog Haacn Reciul Curt MJ.B. \. Sa»* M*m» M VUMW New* Footu«bt w tt. Plain gui Farrtll Lprtozo Joatt) Doctor'* Vi|| News; Bonner MeaV* Soot Shop Child* Album Your 8oJo*rt Q. ^** Ad*\aw litw*. run B*»or<i Score* VaiiMl • W"^FV ttauikli *3*Up Hufo* A fire official said the 3.895-ton | of «VJ had gone ashore and there permission to wear the shamrock . - - - [ship, even though half-submerged.' were no passengers aluoard. on . Sl Patrick's Uay to all Irish HARWICH. England A 1 - The might go on burning for two or! The fire was believed caused by regiments and to irishmen serving an electrical fault. Danish luxury passenger ship Kron- j three days, pi-ins Frederik rolled over on its I The Kronpi ins Frederik was dis- side today after beui£ wept by j i-harging a cargo when it caught Ike. ifire Sunday wght. Most c>f iU crew nf tlM Gteeu" Queen Victoria, io 1900, in the British Army. When no heat is present the temperature is 459.6 degrees below

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