The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 6
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TfflB DAItT NEWS. FP-RDMtlCK. MO. THURSDAY. MAY 26.1932. Coirt\ Loop Season Now is just Around The Corner, PLAY EXHIBITION FRAYS ot*r-inr of the fr«*;- ; * ar? £*'·- e---* on -v^l b* p^ve.; Sa-.ur- r. o: Kssor^l Day Monday -"-' »-l ^ - - - r ;r!i c: -re .ea;-f. »-'· «=4eavor » j--.*-. '-·-? s. r» *:"-r. noonsboro Satur- dav aft»rr;^:r. s'. 2 3 3 c'cloci 13 E- W Sc'-c'r S:si.-~ Boonsboro :r^sn:*d "reHa-lrc-aicrj us tie r.istis inning two -j-e^is si?. 3-- Bxnn*?oro aga:r. ir.- . - c ^- ccur.ty Monday aft*r- ·-c«" -~ "" r^ M-.-ersv...* »t 3 o'clock !r '-'-.? Me=:or.»l Dsy feature ^-. that -.-.-.-- Mvcr.r-'_. "*or. "« ir i start last 15-1 .--^ ^.-s- -.irr.» Saturdiv aft'rr.oor. ai-.rJi Adams l-jwn in Woxis*-r- a"- 3 o'clo.fc Manner Stc-ncr Soiitn ha* a Sites a cha.r.r? to shr» their wares ir. .-_.* , - ,f--. "7 at Thurrr.tmt last v«ars C--r.r? L*a?ue raasers-up will esces-.or t-- =ta!f up for las", *-eis lacing, at ;he expense of th* Hagrrs- town Sail's This same *ili star; at 3 o'clock and Shaffer. Weller and Fleas* nil' tsSc f:rn« pitching Roaaerrllle of'thV ?irr.? between Efcrcltsbtirg and the Salt.s-.ore Foremen ir. Enaiitsburs Saturday af;«rr.or. The celebration will be cone or. i large scale tt observ Memorial Dav. Play will commence at 3 o'clock.' The Baltimore Rreaser. will travel to Cn.oa Bridge for a joust with t*« Carroll county entry Monday after- -oon at 3 o'cl;'s Midd'otowr. runs afoul of one of Frederick's best teams in Jaci Gardner's All-Stars The ccn- iror. ir. M.r'dletowr. it 3 o'c-ock Games Here Sunday, iacct of the action so far as Frecer- Till take place Sun- A preliminary boy «·. 'Jtit T^tn City Arena the otter mgnt came up to ; ohafc« the hJJsd of M«»te Roenblootc. j ,tbc »orttf Ugct-neaYjiTrrtgfct champion.' "Mr Rowr.biooiB." b* said. "I've *1, w»;,s wanted to s*e you fl«ht ever .:«W I TS that high." he told '.-"-£ Twenty Year-Old Hurler Pitches Sensational Bail. " ira* the r*ply. Max.*. -rm omy "Pretty 25 a»- GRIMES DEFEATS CARDS "Boz:e" B»rsper. MarySajid's star athlete, ends a brilliant career shortly. He ha« been repeatedly selected !for AU-AnKrtoan basketball honore. BPIDGE at the EXPERTS PLAY IT BV YVM. E. McKENNEY Secretary American Bridie Leapu WHlard S Kara cf New York, holder of th* mclvidjLal bridge chmpiocshlp i of the United States, is the bridge pitf-1 *r I am pleased to jjresent v you today. J He Ton this tit from a fleld of 25 : «-"^j^i -Civers. all of whom had Ton 3. naUocal --1. and iraa awaried the. custody of th* gold trophy which he! had presented to the Ant-erlcan Brtdte! Lea^u* for this event. I He is a member of tie famous Four j Horsemen team and at the present ti \r \m Olr~I STADS pSaq it a^a j» e national challenge Boston May 25--Booby Brorm, the;He has been an All-Ooalerenoe se!*c-" CO-y-sr-old hurr. if~o started ! t!on in football and baseball. Four rjj n.ay-r a?-e career a rr.octh ago by rr^jor leigwe clubs, the Athletics, the oeati:.; Dazr:- Vance and the Brooklyn Indians, the Nationals and the Tigers .., addition to the individual title, holds j Ooaj-rs turned the trick again today !have made overtures or inntatsons. Hej : 3 e riatioaal contract ?»"· champion-; Kii. Boston held flrsi place :n th* Na- ! w ^; icaie no definite move unil t.onal Leaj'j* with a 4-2 victory ia the; has a parchment signed by Governor , of-four championship. final zaae of th series. Brown g»re | Ritchie and the Old Line facultv T, e foUowmg hand was p5»yed by j onlv fo^r hit*, one ** than he allo^red jj r _ Kam la the Individual Masters' j :he" first iisi* he faced the Dodsers. »cd , Does Haserswwn iifc* it* rat ins? Contest and as he received sop score on " ·tri-i ·».:'. fi'.f Yaiic* all-owed seven · Futures don't lie ar.d a contpiU'ton of ..v^ hand. it played a »ost important! .r. seven before he was taien ; them at the close of the Kve-day spring · oar: ^ bringing him h^ victory. The i ./it for a and three of them jmeetir.!? at the Fairgrounds '.here says : -a^ci contains a very instructive feature. f r t aunched nith a Bnxi;lyn error tn j -.hat they k--emphatically. During ·ne -v-".-.i :or three runs ar.d ' the five days cf racing that began last, ·lie ball farce ·Tuesday and concluded Sv.arday. a Tne score' R- H S. . utal of $328.779 n-as -x-asered ir. the P.r -.kl'-n . .-- - * ^ ; ntutuel machines, a far srf«t?r i'-.n: . B-^stan - - 4 7 0 ^53... passed through the machir.'es cu.- Vance. Qulr.n and Lo.ooz: · :r , s . h . n-,^. 13^ Spring On Satur-. Broun ar.d S-xhrer I day. the closing day. a. total of S77.S32 'v.-as handled Each day of the .-r.*et Philadelphia. May 25.--Bill Terr;." hi" ' ijvvwec! a gain r.ver thf jarr.» (lay ··! is ···:.·..'. home run of the .·reason ar.C; ^^ y«.ar and projp~:iE f^r the Fa!! modern contract bidding and again %-· nnd an erpert giving us a hand -A herein the opponents are given an i I "LEST I WE FORGET" opportune v to make a mistake. meet:n? ED FLANAGAN When :· coni-s :j t..;-A^.i tr.e Jiirr.- ChucS: K'.eln h^. ninth today as the i Ne-A Ycri O.ants ;rjndei "lit a 1--B; ^ iccis.on over the Phillies Hurst ar.c! j ' Koenecke also hit i xiie bean'oa-n of Boston is The score. R H. E ma( j anc i : he fssctnatinK Boston \VA Yors. '-'-' ^ - ·! E".iy.'. GrabcwskU Har.rfr. ar.'J Mc- Curdv. dav."" MsCurdV Field will be occupied ' pionships lor the bv" th* Saslcs v,ho entertain the Mt. Airv A. C . which wss pushed over by -he lca". iodgemen Ir. Mt Airy last SundsT Saaday afternoon also Sr.di throw of 1930 a hca-.e cf 153 ;h« Frrierick A C s^-iRpns ba:s aea^tst the Gran'.:o A C. ir. the H3W- sr= CMir.ty Sir-stop T^" Terminal Xir.e tackles DiC£fr- scn "or. "the Potomac Edisc-n diamor-.a here Sunday afternoon at C 30 o'clock Thile tr.e Fredcr.cS Cardinals clash with the s::3dletown Indeperid-entj: tn Mlddieto'*r. The Y M E 3. wUl cavort on the d.nciond at Schisys-rtl'rf. a jcn?th of v,"ire with a pair of handle? srn one end--You can": bfW the Irish This !i: itself, is as good an rxplar.a- t.or. * any for the fact Uiat six oat of i seven Olympic titles ir» thf hammer. 'throw ha-.-e s---r." f .h" Irish---r-.a'.l'-cor Aryway. :::»re's ar. Ed Flanagi.i · tip sor sli» Olyrnp.c h.-.tr_T.:r · hr"'- '-!"--" --'in'.nirr us a nfn-.bcr of the Los Ar-S'-les Ath'ytic C!;;D By going back f.*.r (-nc-u=:-. it probably could J J Flar.aE.'.-.-. vho was fllr.s-.riK h?ni- rr-:r^. al! -'.u cc-:n'rv SO \».ir:- aco That Flir.JEan v.nn Olvmr.c rhsir.- Stat^ in 13CM. 1904 and 190S Ed is a IfwmT Holy Cross atlilctc He wx-n the Pcr.n Relays iiamincr "eel 2 7-8 inches. In August the s-Tiic year hr competed fnr the Boston A. A and wor. th? Junior N:.t!orjil A. A U corci throw of 16^ feet 5 inches. A mat: May 25--Led by Paul aim four hits in fhe trips. ;ij- s pirates defeated the Cm- j S; Reds today. *-4. core. R. H E _ _ gh 9 13 Cincinnati 4 9 - Battcr.cs- Kremer. Chafrr.or.. S^'lft and Grace: Carroll. Br.'.on. RLs-^. Os- dcn ar.d Lombard!. cinniti Trie are the eaure of it all. Always a great baseoall r;ty. as far as attendance ft -otf^ Boston thj year 13 outdoing itself. More ·han 51.000 people s^w a double-hcati- or there Sunday S-ntimer;t is v.-. t h the Tr:be and the Cincirmau Red-le^:because ihe fans see in their early ri-- iiis monopoly Cincinnati bisc-- ball foilowcrs are tnf rcost rabid rucl- ers tn the coun'rj' So ivroucht ap are they over the Recis that they recently jxipbotlied ar. umpire v.t. 1 -lie score .-tandinR 9 to 0 in favor "! "::e VA-Q-1 0-7-6-5 *J-10-3 AK-7-2 V9-3 4J-7-6 AK-Q-87-6 NORTH 1-- m W i* LU W ^ H Dealer SOUTH AA-Q- 10-95 VJ 4A-K-9- 4-3 A 4-2 A 8-6-3 VK-8-4-2 ^ G-8-2 *A-9-5 3 j One of -laog Jlme"' th«or.e_- · i* that the clubhead should be traiei- ! ing at its greatest speed just as it comes tnx i This speed is acquired by gradualiy acceieraticg the dOTrssx-iag. and is aid- led by a forward snap of the wrists in j the path the hacds are traveling ;ust; · before the clubheaU tceets tise ball. '· Attempt to attain the mgx--n:ini speed j with t.he clubhead at a spot A few inch: e= in front of v.-here the ball is teed. Let us not forget that many thousands of Americans have fought and died to make this a nation of which all of its citizens could be justly proud. * It is up to us, today, "to carry on" and keep fighting to reach that goal. | THE FREDERICKTOWN I SAVINGS INSTITUTION = - Bankers for Over 100 Years 1828 1932 . ; Use stars. ol jiuiHJiiHiiiiiitiiiiiiHlilHlllHJilililliiiiUlliiliiUiilillilinilHillllHllilllHlUIIl Louis. May 25.--Eurleish Grimes. · ^..j W idmyer. Ur.ivcmty m the river by St Louis as be- ir.z thro-;h. came bar-: today -Aith a '·rm--r :r.stes bv 3 soc-re of 3-0 The score R. K E. Cr.i:aso - 3 7 0 St L3U1S .... -. 0 7 C Batter;"*: Gnaies and Hartnett; Dcr- r-.r.^er ar.d Wilson. of iRC , 5-.^^,, sprinter. v,ha '12^5 from as bc;i; -he of The Bidding. Mr Kam and h.5 ;earnrcates -j;e the oii;-o».r-;r.e system of contract bid- c.n; with 'heir f"^" variations In this Mr llxm sat in the East p-csi- i.or.. South was the dealer and passed. ?5 did \Voit £.r.d North. Mr. Kam opened the blccin; fourth liar.d "Rith ona .p^ac Scutn pissed and W«st bid tiro ! j;:2de ?r-, r th passed { Whit would you co wi:h Mr. Sam's ; TEAM WINS ITS . ccti3n ;h^; yc-r. Widnsyer. ?. . turd laci with - fine pair of less ba: \--ho v.oiRh-. !";S thin 160 prunes. ha.s run in 14 racrr. for the Old Liners durin; tho 1931-32 term and hru; ·a-cn them ill. He captured both the 1C-0 and C-0-yard dashes in all the cu?.! riiee's in which the MaryU!?H frt;hTMi^r. figured this Spring and iii the 0-sir.ct 01 CohmbU A A U charr.p.Dnship^. iieid recently, he took *oth the 100 uicter open ar.d invitailnn f. cri^ List ^ U t^ ! ^T^ ri B^U he ES^ Demolay Alumni Defeated By | ^^th, c^c x.^^ «- Demolay. \ya-A open and inv.-^t;-.n rac:s L?^ : fall V.'.drn\cr t'.-ES the ! fc-- the Old Line yearling f:o.- Do You Remember delegation at Chicic^ Kl? best effort '.here measured 155 feet 9 3-4 inches Kanaca:i got ofT a toss of 153 feet . 8 inches to »^i the Senior A. A U . ' championship at L-r.coln. Xeb. last !''surr.rr."r Ar.'J thSs ye^r he's pcrrlorm- ! ing better ti:an e'.cr. In a recent ir.- · vltationa: rnc-t or. the cnas - . the Holy Cross hr.4-y r:ea l '(xi the ball anci wire i'C fprt 10 ir.chej. Tho hmlir.K of Moxi-y end the time- ,^: : ;^ ° l '" :y hit'.tr.c of h^ mates combined w baL team give the Fredericl-t t.~ry of ihc seavo Iron ar.d tcmm Its ft in tc» St«i , _. VIC . , me ^-ssir.! ,,-j i dear. of E,-:2TJian Biilccr. ~D:\^jc-~ of '.he Cuy Speedba'.I League |; from jj.t" i!r Kam aid n:-t,--he ataly went to fctir spatii? Hu pet theory is iliai contract ii^s deSnitaly improved d3fnsi-e play, as the hands of declarer and partner are usually sho'an to the opponents through excessive itddins. such as mentioning the dia- mor:ds wyald be in this case. Mr Kam further states that approach c.dclir.g is often overdone and it L- h-5 practice no: to follow any set rule of bidding, but to bid the hand s« r.3 feels it v -11 wort out test when n ar-ses. W.iy bid four diamonds when jc ; and your partner have discovered i suit tl-.s; is satLsfact-ory to both. The Ylay. South had a difficult, hand to open j Trom. ar.c finally decided t-o play a ! tr-rap H; led the six and when North -lived tie JacS. Mr Karri in the East ..c.-. ;'.is trick ».ta th3 qu^er.. He then led the four of clubs. S^uth refused to One Tear Ago Today--Irene s Bob. 5-«~a--,·»;--;: and Ur.l'.srse ran in that oraer"^i"ti-; 55th r ir.r.i.i; of the S5.000 acdcc Jt»V7-^s S'-akcs, oi five furiongs st "irk Tne victory was --oni S14 5?: to Jaraei E- Ga2o«y, 3-1-^5- :-: irer.js So s and rormcr C'srr.- er rf th-- S::tjr. Braves NATIONAL LEAGUE Tetterday's Results. Bastor. 4 3r"x«'-..·--.·. _" X"w Y t .- ".; ?.*i.ic;-l;ihn. Pitvsourgh. 9: Cir.clnr.-»ti. 4 Ct:-aeo 3. S: L-IIF. ^ Five Years \co Today-- Tr.» Pll'J- currh P-rate* «.:.-. V.r A.dnoses throe- rut 3.:-cr.:r.r b-3it the ncrld champior. Carc-insls 2 ;c 1 to w^i tr=«- «:gcih straight. 1-nrej; ^^ir.J^g streai: of the Ssttona: a:ue seisor. T'r.e S' Lcuis defeat n v J^- Haji'-r' first .r. sever. starts GairiM Today. '."s»ir;ri a" C.r., .r.r.-.t. Bvtc-r. at P"r:l,-iCl'"lrr.-3 Ero-£lyr. a: Nc'S Yors Standin:: Of Thr GearhKcr sir.g.ed to ccr.ter. i f-'-iil lin" featured the carr.e. Ten Years Asro Todaj -- Brx- Chirssc- j on rr rar.- -..,, v .-·-" i-c r."- .---sp-rr-d t.oe Sate INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE SrEtDBVLL LEAGVE ,Fraterc3l D n U H n ) j pitch yesterday's Alurr.r.!. ? Garac Toda. .v VA IVM-l.v.- Al Games Today. t.-.t- " "13^ r.ot srjte Game Friday. A ·-- ,'- O " Of The CJohs A M Masa^rr Of The Clabs. W - Y :,: c A p I jt S --Crc-nr. shorjK»p: Mr- C?-r f.rst base: Ho;ick. third base. Karsis c*r.terf:?'.c. Handley. leftficld: _ ^ _ G GeanrErr. se^cnd bi?r Moxley. · '_·' ''. n:tcher. Mx«5c. catcher: Rrd^ond. , ;r ' !fs - rjrhtfk-ld Marc Tatars--James. 1-eit-· _ 3rf! ^ f.X:l K'lrs*- riichrc: Xirsrhmar.. Hj --_ r: ra:rh-r Free, th.rd base. Cron\rr-iv:. · j;r!S ..,, fir^- t-a^r GriniK 1 . second 1^^?°. Cc*c'!C- r--f. fh--r- T And'?rs.-r.. Irftf.Sd. Sell. ripht field DeMolay Alumni Lose* First. The DcMo-l^y firfstnted the DeMolay Al-.--r.i --ith its first defeat pf -hp sra- J.-IP. ^-. 'he Frsf--.r-: Divisor, c-f tr.e I5-C After tskins the .cad ir. the f.vur-i- 'he DeMolay continued to pile ur» a rr.a^rity that a cie-eTTr^n**d rally .r. :l-- list two trr.-r.cs failed to p-."r- cor.-- Tho »ir.nfro real.y clinched th- earr.--- jr. t;-.? seirn'.- ?-"iss started 'he scr^irr. ry flytnc :-ut to center, tut "·:-l.-=^cr.'s single McLarrr. ac- -···· '·- seccnd iir.d scored rr. suc- two te'Tmrr.s from Ner. York rep.r ' C-^nsntiiistioii? ."a your of · diarj' cr the ace of hearts, and he j rr?r?rred to conceal from South which j ace he held Mr. Karr. then led h^ ace j of spades ati5 then the deuce of clubs, j vhich Sou'h ·sjn n-th the ace ; Xc-rth had Seen unable to echo and. i ..-- --~. -- j The o'her read. Aii^br the firs", sports writer ".' e'.rr ret a -ft:' .r. t: i^!srr.= fly to :«ft anc r.r.d E. X.--r Fclar.d r---rr.ped hnrr.c or. Buyer's" Hod'-'ruc's st.irte.-i f £ » - ! frDin i "sing. South had to g^ess which ace was held by Mr. Sarr. and .-e cuessed uicorrectly He led the ;.r^t of ciaoicr.dE. Mr. Sam played tr.e -ac"? from dumrr.y. whxrh held the ·-.« ar.S then the 1-or.z of stjaces. ?~s- .r.r j- the ·cutstandini: trump Mr ' Karr. .r. this rnarner rr.ade six ?dd-- ~TV% o--er r.^ csntrac- Though superior in anti-knock to some premium fuels, ihe new Sinclair Regular COSTS YOU NOTHING EXTRA! sn,1 5 scorir.c crcetec hj. wfh ir.c S-.yer Cr;*-?rr str.cle rc--* . Dsvid Burst ^ie. ar^oiner j of the "Four Kcrsemer." and j ·ne r'.aver --ho. -vr.::i ha= rarmer. ·h* National Mif'.ers Pair title. D^: v _iv -- E Nusr. r.'.chcr. Fc-land. f.rst ^sr. B,--yrr shc-r."c?. M.-S.-. "hird Ssf Crcreer. sror.d r;asD ar.i rj;ht- field: Mclarrr.. -atch^: Hamr.^;'cc. scmr.c ^^sr:"rd ccr.'e~f.-l- Df- VcC-" A'urr.r.i-- Shir'-ci- . c.'.t^ CT X-.isr *h ' 'Atcc. K N isr. cer.f. ..·-.-. ·What made y-j -- ^c.r~ ;·- a p.^e Tush No. of try fr.encls stntsfces ; a D.r«e-- ~k Scrim j \dTrrtSsraecf Ker:' bur;. richti'icld: B-it--hcr. l-f M.charl. scccnd bv=r. K-nderurS. Harr.ns-.--. " A X 56S 3?.? rrrr SPEEDB%I.I. LEAGCE AMERICAS LEAGUE i s K TODAY ' ^ ' ISTH N ' WORLD WAP ANNIVERSARY i-O - J---ZU BADS Or Testeriiy's Results. G»nx- H?rr.l--rk Sri r.vrs ' Srch. L- Rheumatism Goes Swollen Joints Vanish How- To Stop Rhfcmatic Safferini: In Irs* Th»n a Of The Case? Today. ·roit -.t Scv. r. Ox Fl= C -:- -'.-- . £· L'_.- c.--. .-- of the Clabs. W I. :* 9 18 li 18 15 13 18 " S * u 13 21 . C 27 Pet. Defrat« Monnt. .3S2 X .182 , --,« psys ^.£ d.\idencf. rv d.-p." v c-r. th- ..-.«·- S.clneys Here's what bargain-hunting Chicago motorists think of the new Sinclair Regular Gasoline--the gasoline which Sinclair stepped up 70% in antiknock at a cost of $18,000,000 in refinery improvements -- a gasoline which is actually superior in antiknock to some premium gasolines selling at three cents more per gallon! Sales on the new Sinclair Regular in 55 representative Sinclair stations :^;;-7je*i :9}2 rj Sxciff in Chicago have increased 59.4% And Chicago is a city where high-test, anti-knock motor fuel is absolute.!/ indispensable for good traffic driving! Try the new Sinclair Regular for 30 days. The results are bound to convince you! NOTE: For oest results r use Sinclair Opaline or Sinclair Pennsy/van/a Motor Oil. Both hsve oeen t/e-waxeJ, ancf also freed fron petroleum jelly at as low as 60° F. below zero. cj C^fffXj (Iff-) - a new Gaso/ine s . * " v -·-" REGULAR

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